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Big Brother 14 – Big Brother Veto Show Thread

Wake up, it’s time for Big Brother on CBS!

It’s Wednesday night, so that means a new episode of Big Brother 14 is on tonight!   While the house went into some weird mode today where the bags were placed in the storage room, and houseguests were put on HoH lockdown for a little bit, it seems everything is normal.  Typically when they do that routine, it’s on a Thursday, so the entire day everyone was expecting an eviction tonight, but apparently it’s not happening.   One thing is for sure, even if an eviction does happen, it won’t be part of a live show because I’m pretty sure they would have given us advanced notice on that.

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Anyway, I know a lot of people are reading this right now because they just watched the action on the show and are searching for more information.  Let me tell you, the week has been absolutely wild.  I have tried to cover a lot of it on this blog, and some on twitter, but nothing beats watching the live feeds for action to spring up at a moments notice.   If you sign up, you get the first 3 days free, and it’s quite exciting at times!  In addition, you can watch any moment from this season or recent past seasons using the “Flashback” feature.

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I’m writing this before the show, but I know they are not going to cover most of the wild stuff that has happened, especially after the veto ceremony, and you will probably only get snippets of it tomorrow due to time issues.  Check out this thread for the wild confrontations that happened in the house last night, and just scroll through some recent posts on the front page for more information.  It has been the most exciting week in the house since Willie was around, and possibly moreso because this is all game and less headbutting.

While right now things are not looking good for Boogie, I can tell you that he and Frank are still pushing as hard as they can to remain in the house. Granted what they are doing is basically the definition of the “Hail Mary Pass”, but it’s very cool to at least see them try.  Last week, Wil and Joe decided to play dead after the veto competition, but for what we lost there, Boogie/Jenn/Frank definitely made up for this week.

It will be a big day in the house tomorrow, possibly some more fireworks tonight, so be sure to keep checking this blog, twitter or facebook for updates.  Of course, you can always just watch the feeds too!

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  1. Comments (28)

    I was a little embarrassed for Ian when he inferred that he was physically intimidated by Boogie, when he mentioned that he hopes that he isn’t around when he finds out that he was crossed.

  2. Comments (102)

    Probably the funniest part of the episode was the end after Jenn got nominated and she’s in the DR room going on about they don’t know who they’re messing with. God, I wish by some miracle she’d get the boot, instead of Boogie.

    I cringed when Boogie called Shane an idiot, but it’s true. I mean, that nomination speech was ridiculous. I get he didn’t want to out his alliance, but he also needed to come up with some intelligent reason for why he’s nominating them.

  3. Comments (126)

    Ian the ‘Idiot’, what is your game, but to cowardly back stab, the man who has had your back and who genuinely trusted and confided with you.

    It takes no intelligences, no skill or expertise, to be a Traitor Ian, it just takes a spineless dupe used by other players to spy on someone they made an allegiance with, who were too afraid to answer Boogie and Frank why they betrayed the original deal.

    You have no idea what you are doing Ian, you are just a lost puppy who is not as smart as everybody thought, who can’t even win a simple brain challenge.

    • Comments (102)

      That’s why I call him The Rat. The little rodent think he’s oh so clever and that he’s this big villain in the line of Evel Dick. Sorry, Rat, you aren’t even the spit rag that shines his shoes. You’re just the scurrying little rodent someone will smash with a broom.

    • Comments (5)

      He had to backstab Boogie and Frank eventually…after all, he was the third wheel…but why do it so soon? He was sitting pretty as a member of the Quack Pack AND an honorary member of Chilltown 2, and the smallest target in each alliance. Now, Chilltown 2 is gone and a smarter alliance is in it’s place, Ian’s eliminated his only tie to the Quack Pack, and he’s made himself the #1 target for the two best players still in the house. The only thing sitting between the new Frank/Dan/Danielle/Jenn alliance and the final four is Frank’s two-week HoH ban punishment. If Frank and Dan can somehow survive the next two weeks, they should roll to the finish with ease.

      Ian wants to be the Snake. He’s a self-confessed superfan who idolized Chilltown’s gameplay. That’s all you need to know about the reasoning behind his decision. He masterminded the Boogie/Frank betrayal because he wanted to prove to the other HouseGuests, and possibly the world, that he is worthy of being in the “Evil” half of the Big Brother All-Stars 2 cast he had proposed. He might meets the “Evil” qualification, but he’s not an “All-Star”.

  4. Comments (2)

    Joe is such a puppet and floats to the power, I can’t wait till they scumbag him and Ian is a fool. Frank and Boogie take care of him and this is how they repay him.

  5. Comments (1)

    The show is going to be soooo boring when Boogie leaves tomorrow!!! Frank made the biggest mistake by not backs poring Dan!!! And don’t let me get started on Ian, he is a waste of space on the game and such a fool. He has been riding on boogie and franks back the whole game and then he goes and stabbed them in the back. I hate him. I hope they know that they will loose a lot of ratings when boogie leaves. To bad there was no pandoras box to open that would bring the coaches back! Don’t want boogie to leave!!!

  6. Comments (1)

    so at the end of tonights show Ian said in the DR ” i learn from the best, like father like son” i think Ian’s father was on a past season

  7. Comments (44)

    Is anyone else irritated with the level of ignorance of BB14 HGs, they are either stupid or delusional,, Dan is no Dr Will, but this is to eazsy for him. Shane , Ian, are stupid, – defination: They dont know any better, but probably the most irriating are the Delusional HGs such as Joe, Danielle and Jen- like these people have no idea they are getting played and they think they are actually effect. and then dere’s ashley, lool, I honestly dont know what to make of her.. she’s ‘special’ and Bitney’s mediocre at best ..

    • Comments (102)

      I watched both The Glass House and Big Brother and at the beginning of the season I said Big Brother was better. But you know what? The Glass House picked better players. Anyone of them could eat these people in the Big Brother House alive, and that includes the so-called pros Dan and Britney.

      I don’t know. Maybe if they hadn’t done the Coach Twist things would be different. Different alliances would have been built. The sad truth is if Willie hadn’t self-destructed, he would have tried to rally all the new players to get all the coaches out of the house. He tried to do that his first week. Unfortunately, at that point BB gave them blanket immunity and they couldn’t be given the boot. Which is why it isn’t fair that they were allowed to play, because they never faced the danger of eviction like the new players did.

  8. Comments (4)

    The HUGE thing is that it’s 2 different conversations they’re all talking about: Ian revealed his pre-HOH conversation with Boogie to the Quack Pack, and Boogie assumed Dan told them about ANOTHER conversation he had with Dan and Frank about “let’s get Shane and Britney out!”. Therefore, this whole witchhunt from Boogie and Frank led Britney to realize that Dan had hidden from the Quack Pack that Froogie had talked with Dan to go after her and Shane!
    Dan was keeping all his options open, effectively betraying the Quack Pack since the others shared this kind of information with each other. Watch the awkward reaction of Dan when Britney asks him why he didn’t tell her about that conversation. “What’s the point?” was a bullshit answer from Dan, and they both knew that. She understood that his option of betraying her and Shane was gone, and therefore decided not to tell him how betrayed she felt.

  9. Comments (29)

    I have to agree…. Ian is trusting the wrong alliance. He rated out Boogie and he would have brought him to the final 3 at least. Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit will stick together until the end. It’s obvious Dan will bring Danielle Vice versa. Even with Will, I’m glad he is out, he voted Janelle off and went home the week after, he trusted the wrong pple.

  10. Comments (1276)

    I don’t know that Ian is trusting the wrong people. As much as Boogie and Frank have looked out for Ian, they also have said some pretty mean stuff about him. They have said that they are the solid 2, and basically Ian and Jenn were just votes. Sure they wanted to keep him close, but at the same time, neither of them were planning on taking him to the finals.
    But, Dan on the other hand has been crucified for telling his alliance about the back door plan of Frank and Boogie, and he isn’t the one that told them. Ian is, but he’s willing to take the heat to protect Ian. Same for the rest of the “Quack Pack” (I so hate that name), they are all willing to take the heat just to protect Ian. Which, in all honesty, isn’t helping their games at this point.
    Dan really did want to work with Boogie, he just didn’t want to work with Frank. But I don’t think he wanted Boogie in the final 2 with him. I think he’d prefer to have Dani or Ian with him in the end. At first boogie didn’t really buy that it was Dan, but Franks constant Witch Hunt at Dan got him to believe it. Boogie’s going to feel like a real ass when he gets to watch what really happened.
    Ashley is a real piece of work. Everyone is up in arms about the “lies” being told, but Ashley is maybe the worst one. She keeps crying about feeling bad about the “thought” of voting out Jenn, but she’s still planning on voting her out. She’s playing with Ian’s heart (which is just wrong) and is really more into Frank, be it actually into him, or just wanting his protection is beyond me.
    Either way, I think what she’s doing is way worse then what everyone says Shane is doing. She knows that she cares more from Frank then Ian, and has even hinted that has some kind of feelings for Jenn, so she’s using Ian, and she knows how hard it will be for him to realize that.
    I could be proven wrong in the end, but I think Shane actually does like Danielle, he just really, REALLY isn’t comfortable with anything happening on TV, plus he doesn’t want the extra target from a Showmance. Again, I could be wrong, but watching live feeds and such, it looks like he does.

  11. Comments (1276)

    Also, for all of the “Boogie played a clean game” people, I’m guessing you don’t have the live feeds, or even Showtime After Dark. Boogie can be so nasty. Last night he was talking to Ashley and Frank (you know, super nice good guy Frank) about how he has had to try hard not to break things down to Brit. How she’s a bad person, who quit he job, she’s a newlywed, who left her husband to be on tv, and how her husbands friends were taking him out drinking for his birthday, and how he was banging some othe chick. You know, just so he could make her cry (even though she had just cried to Ashley about feeling bad for not being with him on his birthday).
    He has said some of the most horrible things about a lot of the people in the house. Things that aren’t game play, like the above, just nasty. I did want Boogie to stay, but now, now that he’s opting out of even playing games because he’s going home, good riddens. He’s a terrible winner and a terrible looser. I’m not saying he’s like this outside of the house, I don’t know the dude, and won’t pretend to know. But the personal game he plays, well, I can’t imagine him being all that nice.

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