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big brother 14 silent 6

Big Brother 14 – The Silent 6 Has Been Formed

big brother 14 silent 6


Round and round we go, ahh that’s life in the Big Brother 14 house.  Every hour something changes and by the time I’m done with this post, there will probably be a new alliance formed somewhere.

Last night was both entertaining and pretty big on the live feeds (watch here for 3 days free).  First, as I reported before I went to bed, it appeared The Avengers project was simply going to be Captain America standing alone, but something big happened last night at around 10:25bbt (use the flashback feature here).  Janelle and Britney entered the HoH room to talk with Dan and Boogie as what started out a “coaches meeting”, but it turned into a Boogie lecturing Janelle meeting that set the wheels in motion for an alliance to be born.

When Boogie called out Janelle and said he simply didn’t trust her and wasn’t going to give up his player and hope next week the coaches can work together, something clicked in Dan that Boogie may have been telling the truth.  Boogie was very honest in the meeting and by doing that gained the trust needed to convince Dan to backdoor Janelle.  Yes, that’s right, the queen may be backdoored today on the live feeds.


Watch the results of the huge PoV meeting today
First 3 days are free!

Dan had to work on Britney a little, but it wasn’t very hard.  Everyone appeared to be in on the backdoor Janelle train, and it was set.  Today, unless people change their minds, the PoV will be used and Janelle will be put on the block with the intention of going home this week.  The reaction and scrambling this week will be wild, and I’ll be tuned into the live feeds to see if the new alliance remains strong or someone flips.   I know Janelle will not go down without a fight, that much is guaranteed.

A funny part of the night, flashback to 11:35pm bbt on the feeds and watch Janelle look around the house realizing a bunch of people were missing.  They were all up in the HoH room, but when she went knocking, they went scrambling…

Run Boogie, Run!

Poor Janelle knocked on the door for a bit but they never even answered.   Nobody ignores the queen, nobody!


And in a sad moment, the group decided on an alliance name, but instead of The Avengers, they went with The Silent 6.  I had so many photoshop ideas for The Avengers, but now I have to think of new stuff for The Silent 6?  Come on, you guys are killing me… at least help make it easy.   Oh, and their signal?  A shhhh motion.  Come on….

big brother 14 silent 6Oh well.   This should make the house extremely entertaining this week and we may be looking at the final 6 in that image above.  Britney is kind of a wildcard in terms of waffling, but if she remains true, the house will be picked off one by one starting with the queen this week.

I will make another post after the PoV meeting to confirm whether or not it was actually used.  It should happen in a few hours.


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  1. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    See, this is why going to bed is just not a good idea during BB season. The last time I pulled up the feeds, it was a few minutes after 9 BB time (I’m out of town and stuck without Showtime, woah is me) and today I got on here, but haven’t had time to go to the flashback or even live feeds. As soon as I get this baby down for nap, I’m glued to flashback to catch up. I can’t wait to see her knocking, and them just silent.
    What did she do when the all showed back up? This is going to be too funny to watch.

  2. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (191 comments)

    I didn’t like the idea of the coaches entering the game but the exit of one should be fun.

  3. Avatar
    Tina (8 comments)

    BIG Mistake!!!- Dan, Shane and Danielle, BIG MIstake!

    • Avatar
      Michy (11 comments)

      I couldn’t have agreed with you more! They are going to get played by Boogie the same way they played him and Frank and they are all next in line to be evicted. HUGE MISTAKE LEAVING FRANK IN THE GAME….These ppl need a tutorial on how to play the game bcuz they are in dark #RealTalk

  4. Avatar
    Michy (11 comments)

    First of all, Shane is easily swayed…doesn’t know the game and lacks intellect; Britney is calling the kettle black (Janelle – saying that she is a liar) bcuz she is the biggest liar in the house; Danielle is too emotional – thus plays like a dummy; Dan is just Dan….a back-stabber; Boogie should be working with “The Outcasts” to get Shane, Dan, Brit and Danielle out!!

    I can’t believe that these ppl didn’t ask themselves key questions like, “We tried to get Frank out 2 times already, wat makes me think that he trusts me completely to even work with me….isn’t he trying to use me to get off the block and turn on me?”

    These house guests are just going off the fact that Janelle lied to them (WHICH THEY DID ALSO), instead of REALIZING THAT BOOGIE AND FRANK ARE OUT TO GET THEM….BOOGIE IS CHILL TOWN FOLKS – CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!!!

  5. Avatar
    Amber (22 comments)

    I love it! I wanted the 6 of them to team up the night the coaches entered the game! Janelle is sooooooooo manipulative and fake, I used to really like her but I don’t know, something about her game play has really rubbed me the wrong way this season…. just my humble opinion of course…LOL

  6. Avatar
    mellisa (17 comments)

    haha , i couldn’t be more Happier the queen is GONE !
    whatever you say Boogie is and always will be a good manipulative and good player ” professional way ” if he pulled is way to this one Big brother gonna have alot coming on !
    TEAM BOOGIE ! – Chill town never goes down <3

  7. Avatar
    laura (29 comments)

    I evict frank… I want him out.. seriously why is he still in the game??? Danielle is clueless.. she has no backbone, Dan and Shane’s little puppet
    boogie and frank cant not be trusted… Britney is playing for herself from the start.. I Hope Janelle doesn’t go… everyone lies in this game… she isn’t the only one
    I hope boogie wins HOH and puts up Dan and Danielle.. lesson learned.. I think boogie and Frank will make it to the end.. hope not

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