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Big Brother 17 – We Have Our Round 3 Match-up Set



“It’s 6pm est, why is there still no update on round 2?”  Because I’m a slacker who decided to wait until the weekend to begin my reading homework for the week. I was pretty sure they were going to have the competition today and I’ve be able to reveal tonight, but apparently they had the competition last night and I should have had this post hours ago.  My apologizes!

Alright, so the inevitable happened and Steve won round 2 of the HoH competition, which means he will be facing off against Vanessa live Wednesday night to see who wins the final round.

Liz?  She just gets to sit there and look pretty.  Everything is out of her hands now as it’s guaranteed she has no chance of winning the final HoH. Does this mean she’s out of it?  No. In fact, she may be in a good spot for a $50k check come Wednesday night. Both Steve and Vanessa are considering taking her to the final 2 because the other person would be too hard to beat. In fact, if I was in that spot and had to choose between the house, I would probably stand up and say “Look, Austin made it very clear as he was leaving the house that he was going to be a sore loser. I am now forced to take Liz simply to prevent her from voting with her bitter boyfriend. If you want to be upset at anyone for missing out on the final 2, blame the shoeless baby”


Ok, I probably wouldn’t actually say that, but I would think it. Winning competition games like this are hit or miss depending on the jury. Some respect cutthroat moves, some cry about it. Ian won Big Brother 14 because Dan was an absolutely ruthless player who backstabbed his way (brilliantly) to the finals. Rachel nearly lost to Porsche in Big Brother 13 despite winning 4 HoH’s, 1 veto and surviving the massive target on her back since day 1. Porsche basically sat around in sweatpants all summer and did nothing.  A bitter jury can completely screw a person, and it may screw Vanessa this season.

While Steve started doing well toward the end of the season, let’s be real here. If Vanessa is sitting next to him and she loses, it’s because there is a bitter jury.  Vanessa has had complete control over the house and has done some amazing things, like convincing people they should target others, or throw competitions. She convinced Julia to pick Austin in the veto competition, and then managed to convince all 3 of them she was merely doing it as a ‘neutral’ person giving advice.

There may be some issues in the house this week as everyone seems to have a f2 deal with everyone else, so if/when it comes out which deals are the accurate ones, there may be a little drama to cover. I will keep you updated on it, and I will try not to be hours late on the news next time!


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    That’s OK, Steve Beans, you are forgiven! No harm, no foul!

  2. Avatar

    Lets go Steve, I don’t mind having to wait till the last episode of the season to finally see Vanessa get the boot.

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    thank you Steve Beans for another summer of your blog. I’ve enjoyed it very much. I commented quite a bit last summer but I haven’t said a whole lot this summer. I have not enjoyed this crew that has been on very much plus there’s been a lot going on with me. I’ve barely been able to keep up with the show but I have been reading your blogs. I spent the last week and a half in the hospital for a simple operation on my carotid artery which turned out to not be so simple because it was much much worse than the doctors had anticipated.and I had complications and spent much more time in the hospital yeah I was supposed to. I’m still on the mend but not doing too great but I will be reading your blog till the end. love your insights on the whole game. at this moment for me it’s a toss up as to who I would like to see win. it’s kind of one of those things where at this point who cares, lets just let this season be over and hope for better players next year. well just be glad not to have to watch Vanessa and her crazy eyes any longer. would love to see her get evicted on the last show but just hoping that whiny twit Liz doesn’t pull off a win.

  4. Jannie

    So tonight the HG’s got a deck of cards and Steve and Liz have spent the entire two hours playing Rummy.
    Vanessa stopped in long enough to do a card trick on Liz. She silently picked a card and, based on her skill of reading people, Van was able to determine Liz’s card just by showing her various cards and reading her reaction…and she was right!!
    Then the BBAD fans sent in goodies, a bag containing everything needed for S’mores. The interesting thing about that was, when Steve was called to the DR to be told about the treat, it seems that Liz may have cheated in the Rummy game by checking out the deck and “rearranging things”. Did anyone else see that?

    There, my recap…just for you, dmc. Enjoy your breakfast. ?

  5. Avatar

    I might not even watch tonights episode (the first time I will ever skip one) just can’t watch these three gushing over past HGs. It will be so phony, especially on Liz’s part, such a mean, nasty girl. Don’t even care who wins. I will be watching the finale just to see who wins Americas Favorite and see Austins face. Do you think it will be like Frankies last year when he didn’t win?

  6. AIO_7

    I remember the days when second place got zip, zero, nada. That’s exactly what I want to see Liz get.

  7. Elaine

    Looks like all is well so far on the “Island of Misfit Toys”. I am slowly accepting that Liz (and thus Juliaaaaah) will receive at least 50K. Though Vanessa has looked out for Steve (in a back-handed compliment sort of way), the relationship is not a solid f2 (like Cody-Derrick). Vanessa knows that taking Liz is her best shot, and I do think she is more than okay with the “girl power” f2! It is more a coin toss for me regarding Steve. Though he has been Vanessa’s errand boy for most of the latter half of the game, he should realize that taking Liz is more of a shot for him to win. As for Steve, he may have more of a loyalty to Vanessa than he should. In that case he could be bull-dozed into taking her to f2. And as for Liz…..well I hope if she and her twin do win money, they can get personality augmentation, since their boobs were a present for graduation.

  8. Avatar

    $500,000 question-will Steve actually have the balls to do what he tells himself he’s going to do (evict Vanessa)?

    • g8trgirl

      He’s screwed it up the last 2 times. Why on earth would we have any reason to believe this time is different? Because there’s $500,000 on the line? The same was true the first 2 times. Personally, I think he does it to taunt the feedsters. He knows we’re out here. Gives us something to chat about.

    • Avatar

      Steve needs to evict Vanessa if for no other reason then to have the biggest target on his resume.

  9. Elaine

    If he wins HOH, there is an immediate decision to evict, correct? If that is so, then there will be no time for Vanessa to pull strings regarding what he is to do (for her, of course!) He definitely shouldn’t pull a Cody and take Vanessa. I am hoping a bit that Vanessa does go to f2, and wins…..just to screw up Austin’s day!! lol

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    Did you guys see that scumbag Austin sneeze in his hand, get a clean towel off of a stack that was folded, wipe his nasty snotty hands on it, sit it back on the clean towels then take the 3rd clean towel out of the pile to shower with? That filthy beast sat that snotty towel back with clean ones so someone else could come in and use that dirty towel with his boogers on it. Big Brother should have called his trifling gross ass out on that. This was just before he was blindsided.
    I can only imagine where else his scummy hands have been before he would cook for everybody. BB did call him out one time for not washing his hands after using the bathroom so he ran his fingertips under the water all of 1/2 a second. They just laughed at him. I would’ve been pissed.

  11. Avatar

    g8trgirl, I understand what you’re saying & I would not be a bit surprised if Steve did take Vanessa but I have to hope Steve will evict her if he wins HOH. If he really wants that money, he had better evict her.
    Do you think he’s really that weak or is he putting on a show for us?

  12. Avatar

    AIO7, you are BADUUHH!!! LMAO.
    Who knows what Liz has growing in her freaking crotch now!!! That’s just NASTY & the thing is, Liz knows he’s gross because she’s said it herself. But what does that make her cause she knows his habits. She’s nasty too.

  13. Avatar

    Are we going to see part 1 & 2 of the f3 comps tonight?

  14. Avatar

    Just when I thought there was a possibility of ever liking Vanessa again, they showed all the Vanessa-ism moments and it all got wiped out.

  15. Avatar

    I completely disagree Vanessa played the worst game of all she got to the final 3 by lieing backstabbing and manipulation otherwise playing the game and doingd that unfortunately peoples feelings are bruised James Austin Julia to name a few you need to take that into consideration team Steve

  16. Avatar

    Tonight was a total waste of time. If I had known that the show was going to be past highlights, I would not have wasted that hour on this BS.

  17. Avatar

    Rob, when is the HOH comp? Will we have to wait to see who wins or will we get to find out early on the feeds?

    • Avatar

      Look up at the top of the page where all the players are shown. Vanessa won the first competition and Steve won the second. The final one between Steve and Vanessa will happen on Wednesday night’s show. They’ll probably show them on Wednesday’s show.

  18. Avatar

    Tonight’s show really was a waste of time, but it was a reminder of why I have Vanessa so much. The whole episode with Jeff was when I first started hating her, but even back with the confrontation with Audrey you can see why she was so despicable. It actually changed my opinion of Audrey, she had actually caught on to Vanessa., just went about exposing her the wrong way.

  19. Alda

    Watching tonight’s episode brought all of Vanessa’s evilness to a head all over again!She’d make a great politician.I truly believe if Steve wins HOH ,she is gone!!If Vanessa wins ,Steve is gone.

  20. Avatar

    Did y’all see that scum sucking slug Austin call Liz a bitch because she didn’t like the chicken he cooked & then he threw food at her? Hell, that chicken probably tasted like boiled ass & fish seeing as how he never washes his crusty ass hands.
    But then Liz should be used to that smell.
    If that had been me he threw that food at after calling me a bitch, I would’ve fought his big musty ass like a man. I know I would’ve got my ass kicked but I’ll bet he would remember he was in a fight afterwards cause I would’ve clawed his face up real good & tried to snatch that pubic ponytail off of his chin.

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    Vote up to 20 times per day. Voting closes Monday, Sept. 21st at 10am PT.


    last chance to vote

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    Willie, hey!! I tried to send you an email but I got a reply saying the email address wasn’t valid. Was hoping to keep in touch!!

  23. Avatar

    I didn’t watch Sunday’s show because the recap of such a one sided season would be boring.

    But from reading your comments it’s pretty obvious what it was all about.

    I am hoping Steve can pull off the final hoh and evict Vanessa.

    However, I still think she is the one that deserves to win based on who was the best player. Even though Austin thinks he can sway the jury, Thursday’s show revealed the jurors recognise that she played them all, and therefore she was the better player.

    Additionally, Vanessa is Mother Theresa compared to Evil Dick, who was a maniac at times, and ended up winning. Sure Vanessa played hard, was confrontational, and at times a real bitch. But she did what had to be done to put herself in the position to win.

  24. Avatar

    Sunday night BB was a total waste. Vanessa is still doing her mind games with “Oh I’m so sore I can’t move. My neck is too stiff to move—-didn’t have any trouble tilting her head back to put on pounds of make up though.

  25. Jannie

    I actually didn’t mind last nights show.
    It was nice to see Jason and Day again and realize what a flawed game they played – should have kept the twin secret to themselves instead of blabbing it to everyone.
    And it was funny to see Audrey in the DR with the blanket and sunglasses.
    Vanessa’s ruthless game play was summed up nicely.
    And Liz’s line to Julia during the twin twist change out…”I think I’m the prettiest girl in the house.” Yikes.
    My favorite was the montage of James and all of his pranks. He deserves AFP.

    Poor Steve is an emotional wreck. While the girls sit back and wait for the end, he is constantly pacing, counting and chattering. I hope it doesn’t affect his performance in the HOH part 3 comp.

    Geez…last night Liz made dinner, then ate 1/2 bag of popcorn, then needed a bowl of ice cream and still managed to scarf down the fondue that was delivered at midnight from the BBAD fans. Where does that girl put it??
    I will say that she does seem to be not quite as obnoxious now that Julia and Austin are gone. She isn’t as loud and whiny anymore and has calmed down a bit. But I think she tried to cheat at Gin Rummy again when Vanessa got up to go to the bathroom. Whenever she is left alone with the cards it looks like she is trying to fix the deck.

    Finally, after the girls went to bed, Steve again was telling cameras outside that if he wins…Vanessa is gone. He thinks she will not only beat him in the F2, but that getting rid of her will win him votes on the jury.

  26. Avatar

    Steve practicing his evict V speech… from Morty’s ……..

    2:04AM BBT: “About five or six weeks ago, Johnny Mac told me a very simple line, which seemed very absurd to me, but when I stopped and thought about it, I agreed, Vanessa is Derrick. Vanessa, you have played the most brilliant game that as a student of this game, you are almost the most brilliant female player that this game has every seen. You are Derrick which makes me Cody. Cody made a 450,000 mistake and I can’t afford to make that mistake. Cody took Derrick and lost the game, I can’t do that.”

    Steve: “I do not know how you got Austin into putting me and Johnny Mac up, how you talked Liz how to drop out of this first part of HoH competition. When James when HoH, I have no idea how you convinced him to go after Shelli and Clay instead of you, you have repeatedly amazed me with your game play. I have been trying to get you out of the game, but you flabbergast me with how you manage to stay. Unfortunately. so you are Derrick and we are in final two, that makes me Cody, so if you are Derrick and we have had a final two all season that makes me Cody.” Steve repeats this four or five times.

    Steve continues: “OK, I like this speech, I am not going to have to do this again. If you are Derrick, I’m Cody, I can’t make the same mistake as Cody, I can’t take you to final two. Five years in a row the winner of part three, won the game, until Derrick and Cody. Winner of the game wins part three, except for last year. I am genuinely convinced that you are potentially the most brilliant female player that BB has seen over the past 17 seasons, but if I am Cody to your Derrick, I can’t take you to final two.” He starts to sing and stops.

  27. Elaine

    There have been previous players that have gone to the end, some of them winning, that have played shady games, complete with manipulation and deception. I have been a bit confused why there is so much hatred towards Vanessa. Is it because the person doing the above actions is a woman and the others were men?

  28. Jannie

    I don’t think so. I think James said it right last night when he told Vanessa that she was playing the game too hard. And remember her reaction? She yelled at him that he was insulting her and told him to get out of her HOH room. She had an attitude that she could interrogate everyone, for any reason, but if someone asked her for the truth, she was insulted. That’s why people don’t like her. Earlier this week Steve(as HOH) asked her if she had a F2 with Liz. She acted all pissed that he would even dare ask the question…”none of your business” she told him. Now if that would have been her as HOH asking Steve, it would have been WWIII if he had not answered the question.
    And she actually made up lies about people(Jeff and Jason) to convince the house to get rid of them.
    Most who play the game in a shady and deceptive way do it behind the scenes. But Vanessa was so out there with it that she turned off a lot of the viewers.
    She made it to the end because she played a good game…yes. I would say that she is in the top 5 of brilliant BB players. But that doesn’t mean we have to like HOW she did it.
    Instead of doing it quietly, like Derrick, she was all over the place with her emotions and accusations.
    And another thing about Vanessa – she was pretty humorless. While some, like Evel Dick, Dr. Will or Dan Gheesling, also played a pretty shady game, their DR’s and antics were funny. I don’t really remember Vanessa having funny DR sessions – she seemed pretty serious all the time. She ruled by intimidation and her social game sucked. She was not nearly as enjoyable to watch.

    • Avatar

      Her diary room sessions almost make me wince.

    • Elaine

      Those houseguests had opportunities to take her out and they didn’t. Vanessa was overly intense and very confrontational, which makes the fact that she got this far, even more of a feat. So many were subjects of her tirades, yet the votes (and stars) never aligned to take her out. I agree with many of the observations about Vanessa.

  29. Avatar

    This is from jokers and I hope he was being sarcastic.
    Since the 2014 announcement from CBS confirming both BB17 and BB18 we’ve seen another strong season with a fantastic cast, despite contrary statements from the CBS president. This group of Houseguests delivered strong ratings and a satisfying season while overcoming the initial attempt of the “fan favorite” Battle of the Block and a “season long” BB Takeover.

  30. Avatar

    Derrick was not ruthless nor did he threaten or bully anybody. I don’t like that snake Vanessa even being compared to Derrick.

  31. Elaine

    She hasn’t made it to f2 yet. For all the Vanessa haters, it is now in Steve’s hands to end her reign.

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