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Big Brother 17 – Finale Update Thread



Well, here’s to the end of another season of Big Brother. There are many different opinions on how this season went. Some felt it was great. Some felt it was awful. I felt it was just weird. Almost like they forgot they had a show halfway through the season and just kind of let things play out.  I mean seriously, the Big Brother Takeover? That had so much potential, but ended up with one good twist (that could have been done w/o the takeover), one decent twist which was badly mishandled by Da’Vonne, and … a party.

I do believe this cast was solid, and also had a lot of potential for a very fun summer. As I’ve said for weeks now, the biggest issue was that all the fun and/or interesting people were gone way too early. Jace, Da’Vonne, Audrey, and Jason sticking around for a few more weeks could have changed the season. Instead, we had Becky. While she seems like an extreme sweetheart, she’s not really reality show material.  The sad part about her is that despite the boring persona, she was the only player who had the courage to really go after Vanessa.  What does that say about the rest of the cast?

Anyway, it took longer than I expected to boot my laptop (it’s getting old. Maybe I’ll get a new one next season), so I should wrap this up and get ready to do some live updates…


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Alright, here we go….

  • 6:25pm – Survivor is just about to end. I DVR’d it, so I have no clue who is going to be evicted. Despite not watching the last few seasons, I always like the concept of losers returning for a second shot. Even though every other season of Survivor seems to be returning players, it’s still always fun.
  • 6:30pm – Here we go!!!
    • They begin with a recap of the season
    • Showing the clip of Meg and Clay makes me wish they went deeper with that. Would have been fun TV to see him play both Shelli and Meg
  • 6:35pm – Ugh, I saw Frankie’s pink hair in the audience. Why wasn’t I invited to this show?  I’m far more important than he is.
    • Anyway, Julie comes on to lead us into the endurance competition which seemed to happen 3 months ago. I almost forgot about this comp
    • This would have been an epic endurance competition if not for.. well, the final 3.
    • And then they show Vanessa easily convincing Liz to drop.
  • 6:45pm – HoH Part 2. It’s a climbing / puzzle thing, as expected.
    • Steve is narrating how crossword puzzles work.  Thanks, buddy.
    • Scores: Steve: 28:27.  Liz: 31:11.  Surprisingly close considering how absolutely amazing Steve said he was at crossword puzzles
  • 6:50pm – Jury discussion….
    • Austin is still butthurt about being evicted by Vanessa
    • Will asks ‘how many are here because of Vanessa’s influence’.. most raise their arm. Austin says ‘I’m here because of Vanessa’… umm, yea.
    • Shelli and James praise Vanessa’s game
    • Meg thinks Vanessa wasn’t fooling people, she was just winning… umm, yea, she was fooling people.
    • Becky is upset that Vanessa was swearing on anything and everything to get people to believe
    • James said Steve made it so far because everyone took each other out.
    • Shelli said as soon as Steve needed to get blood on his hands, he threw it. When he needed to win, he won (that’s good gameplay).  John comes out and calls Steve a rat
    • Julia jumps in and backs that up. She said Steve lost himself after the double eviction.
    • Jackie praises Liz for having the bulls eye.
    • John comes straight out and said Liz shouldn’t win the game. Austin is shocked, but John said she didn’t do anything for herself. She made moves others said.
    • Interview over. I wish it was longer
  • 7:02pm – Time to crown the final HoH….
    • Steve versus Vanessa for all the marbles. I believe the winner of this wins BB17.
    • Most points at the end of 8 rounds.. 1 point per round
    • Round 1 – Steve 1-0
    • Round 2 – Steve 1-0 still
    • Round 3 – Steve 2-1
    • Round 4 – Steve 3-2
    • Round 5 – Steve 3-2
    • Round 6 – Steve 4-3
    • Round 7 – Tie 4-4
    • Round 8 – Steve wins!
  • (Note: Can people please drop the ‘fix’ rumor that happens to every season. There is no fix)
  • 7:14pm – Eviction time….
    • (Vanessa does not look happy. Liz does)
    • Steve said Vanessa is the strongest female player the game has ever seen. He can’t justify taking the strongest player. He has to evict her.
    • Vanessa is evicted from the Big Brother 17 house
    • Liz thanks Steve
    • Vanessa’s brief interview, she said she wouldn’t have taken Steve to the finals, so she doesn’t blame him.
    • Kudos to Vanessa – Brilliant season.  Sucks it came down to a guessing competition.
  • 7:22pm – We’re back. Time to bring in the jury
    • Austin cheers that Vanessa got evicted.
    • Questions for the finalists…..
      • John – Why did you rely on him or Vanessa for moves?
      • Steve said he wasn’t tailing off either of them. He also took credit for breaking up the twins
      • Becky – Liz, when it came to game talk, people thought it was all Austin.
      • Liz said she came in with a huge target on her back. She held her own and did her own campaigning… basically not answering the question
      • James – Steve, you floated through half the game, why do you deserve to win
      • Steve said he didn’t float through the game. He built layers of protection.
      • Julia – Other than winning comps, what was your biggest game move?
      • Liz said her biggest move was aligning with strong players – duh
      • Jackie – People on jury feel your biggest function was votes… prove us wrong
      • Steve keeps mentioning the scamper squad
      • Austin – Liz, why do you deserve to win the money?
      • Liz said she deserves to win because she came in with a huge disadvantage
  • Commercial break then final statement before votes
  • 7:34pm – We’re back….
    • Speech time
    • Liz – I came in with a twin, we survived 85 days and now I’m here. I won a bunch of comps, great attitude, etc
    • Steve – Zingbot insulted me. Liz spent a bunch of weeks in a hotel while he played the game. I just got out Vanessa. I made my own moves, and won more competitions
  • Votes: We won’t know ….. just comments
    • Shelli – Voting with her heart
    • Jackie – Vote going to person who dreamed of this (Steve)
    • Becky – May the best man or woman win
    • Meg – Credit to big moves
    • James – He is letting Jesus take the wheel like Carrie Underwood…
    • Julia – My vote is obvious (Liz)
    • Austin – Liz I love you. Steve I’m proud of you. Voting with the heart (Liz)
    • John – Choose between the worst alliance member ever or Liz
    • Vanessa – Votes for the person who represented the season the most
  • Up next, evicted people. Hopefully there is a bucket under Shelli for when Clay comes out
  • 7:45pm – Non jury members are out. Audrey is not in her blanket
    • Da’Vonne asks where Judas was. He was supposed to take over the season.
    • Vanessa reveals that she’s actually a pro poker player
    • Jason said Vanessa ‘Dr. Will’d it, Dan’d it, Derrick’d it’. But, she didn’t own it.
    • Audrey is having the time of her life. She feels like a winner because she changed lives
  • Back to commercial break. Up next is the winner….
  • 7:52pm – And we’re back… here are the votes.
    • Vanessa – Liz
    • John – Steve
    • Austin – Liz
    • Julia – Liz
    • James – Steve
    • Meg – Steve
    • Becky – Steve
    • Jackie – Steve (Steve wins Big Brother 17)
    • Shelli – Steve
  • America’s Favorite – JAMES

That’s it for the season, everyone.  Thanks for the the wonderful summer.  Anyone have a warm place I can hibernate this winter?


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  1. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)

    So, the jury no likey Steve and they no likey Liz, either.

  2. Jannie


    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)


    • Elaine
      Elaine (1768 comments)

      Jannie~ I have enjoyed your posts so much this season. Your boy did it! It has been fun and hopefully we can all reconvene next summer.

    • Jannie

      dmc and Elaine,

      Love reading your posts, too! Can’t wait until next summer – you better both be back 🙂
      Steve was my boy the minute James left the house – Wow, Vanessa was a bitter little biotch, right?? Voting for Liz when she knows darn well that Steve played a better game. Nothing better than seeing her head onto the stage with the rest of the jury!
      Could NOT have turned out better. I was a little worried about James and JMac’s votes. From what James said, I thought he just pulled a random key out of the bag, and for some reason, JMac sounded a little bitter. But they both came through in the end.

      So, so happy James won the Favorite Player!
      We should have all known that – everyone here was frantically trying to get their votes in for him.

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      Will definitely be back next summer, Jannie.

      Am going to miss reading your latenight recaps over breakfast !

      Happy for James as well – but I was jammed for voting after the first day. Oh well.

      You have a good safe winter !

      Best wishes always,

    • Jannie

      And you as well…
      Will try and stay safe and warm up here in the tundra that is Minnesota.
      Until next summer…

  3. Avatar
    Beast mode ninja (13 comments)

    Steve won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now all he needs to do is get rid of van

  4. Avatar

    Yaaay Steve,,, now do the smart thing & kick Vanessa’s ass out.

  5. Avatar
    dunes (8 comments)

    Yes Steve wins….Now it’s time to get rid of Vanessa! Please, please and pretty please 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Rob (768 comments)

    Steve just grew some balls! 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Whoooohoooooo yaaaay Steve.

  8. Avatar

    See, Vanessa had no intention of taking Steve to f2. KARMA BIT HER DEAD SQUARE IN THE MIDDLE OF HER ASS.

    • Avatar
      Faust (216 comments)

      That didn’t bother me because she can count votes, and Liz is weaker in the F2. What bothered me is pretending that Steve was supposed to be bound by some moral code that she never played with. Look, it’s not immoral to lie if lying is part of the game (I hate to bring up poker, but it’s the classic example). Just don’t act like it’s immoral when someone flips the script on you.

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      So true Faust. Well said.

  9. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    He’s untrustworthy? Really? You had a F2 deal with half the house. It’s not untrustworthy. It’s the game. You played it.

    Don’t hate the player.

  10. Avatar

    OMG y’all!!!!!!! I’m pacing my floors, shaking and freaking out!!!! I can’t believe that just happened!!!!!! WOW!!!

  11. Avatar
    Jillian (12 comments)

    Wasn’t really a fan of any of the 3. But I just can’t ignore the justice of Vanessa getting the boot in the final eviction after having been behind every person going to jury.
    So I hope Steve wins it… But mostly because I think Liz and Julia are disgusting, snarky and mean people.

  12. Avatar
    dmc (1092 comments)

    He just Big Brothered the best player of season.

    Those are big bonus points.

    Hope he wins.

  13. Avatar

    Mixed emotions right now… Vanessa was the best player this season and deserved to win based on how hard she played. I am glad Steve won over her though because he probably needs the money more than her. Wish Liz was not final two though!

  14. Avatar

    Sounds like they’re trying to come down hard on Steve.

  15. Avatar
    dmc (1092 comments)

    Boy, Vanessa is sitting there in the jury.

    It looks like her face is melting.

    She looks devastated.

  16. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    Shorter Austin’s question: Why would anyone vote for that loser

  17. Avatar

    Austin’s nasty ass keeps calling Steve a boy. When it’s over Steve should tell him to STFU & go wash his nasty ass hands. Austin still looks gross.

  18. Avatar

    Steve rocked his speech ..BIG TIME

    • Colby

      He did. An Julia knew it. Did you see her face after the questions? Liz couldn’t hold a candle to Steve.

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      Even Austin looked disapointed in Liz after one if her answers. He knew she was blowing it.

      And it’s her own fault. When Steve evicted Vanessa, she said she didn’t have a speach prepared. She must have thought that Vanessa was going to keep Steve as well. But we know Vanessa would have gone to the end with Liz.

      Liz blew any chance by not having a speech ready. It was going to be 50/50 that she stayed or not. Great odds.

      Steve probably would have beat her no matter what, but, if she had been prepared she might have swayed a player or 2.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Well this is it Boys and Girls! HOLY SCHITT! Did THAT just happen?!? I missed just about all of last week up until last night. And after what Steve just did, it was well worth it! Our little boy has grown up!

    Now for the sentimental stuff:

    SteveBeans: You are one of the BEST bloggers on the internet and the glue that holds us BBJunkies together. Everyday I looked forward to reading your blog and getting your perspective on things. You have an incredible grasp of the game and you’re so fair about it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you on BB one day. And I do so look forward to being here again next year 🙂

    jannie and Danmtruth: This board wouldn’t be anything without the 2 of you! You were so, so, so much fun and I’ll miss you both terribly. I’m already looking forward to having fun with you again next year 🙂

    Rob/Mouse/Damama: Your comments were lots of fun to read too. Hope to see you guys again next year also.

    BettyBoop: Try not to hate anyone else you meet named Vanessa 🙂

    To everyone else I didn’t mention, it’s not because I didn’t enjoy you, it’s because there are to many of you to name. Hope we all meet here again next year….Same Time, Same Place 🙂

    Racecar/WoW/Tony/and all your other personalities: I’m even going to miss YOU! I’m a big fan of comic relief and you kept me amused all summer. Won’t even mind seeing all of you back again next year…LOL.

    “Whew”! Nine long months….whatever will we do with ourselves? I for one, will finally get to catch up on some sleep since no more BBAD…lol.

    Love you guys to pieces “muah” 😉

    • Avatar
      Rob (768 comments)

      Thank you NKogNeeTow! I’ve enjoyed your comments as well and also want to thank you for urging me to hang in there when I was ready to bail on the season!!

    • Avatar

      I will be looking forward to talking to you all again next season.
      NKogNeeTow, I hope I dont come across another Vanessa any time soon. Lol

      YAAAAAY JAMES !!!!!!!

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      Thanks for making me laugh with your creative recaps !

      Have a great winter & hope to see you back here next summer.

    • Avatar
      racecar (65 comments)

      LOL. You got it wrong agian. Spelling errors etc. Means I’m Tony and whom ever else. Lol. It was tooooo easy. Find anything and you wil go with it. Then sell it to you. And you would all follow. By one persons statement.You have no idea. We did it!!!!!!!!!!Colby, Rob your not even close. It was too easy.Thank you sooooooo very much. I won my bet. Was worth the pointless posts for 3 months. (You know who you are.I told you i’ll just do similar things and they would all gravitate to it. Saying its amusing and easy.And you didn’t believe me)Weeeeeeeeeeee. Thank you agian sooooo very much rob and colby. Had to thank you twice.I’ll be in Vegas for the party. See us on utube. You cant miss it.So much for your conspiracy theories about the game being fixed. It’s just to easy. Hahahahahaha. Thanks(:
      POP. Yessssssssss

    • Avatar

      Back atcha, NKogNeeTow! Think I’ve worn away half my teeth from grinding them this year. So happy that two faced “V” person got voted out! Safe and warm winter to you all.

    • Avatar
      racecar (65 comments)

      The Beatles – I Am The Walrus: http://youtu.be/HwSSEKzDn1Q
      2:42 LoL
      Thank you. You know who (: Sooooo happy. And I’ll never let you 4 get it. (:
      Best reguards, The Joker

    • Avatar

      THX NK ….you rocked the recaps 4 me ….. and 2 racecar FU and all the splinters of your brain..

  20. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    What the season stands for? This isn’t Trees for America. You know that. YOU LIVED BY THAT. If you fold when someone bluffed, do you pray for their mortal soul?

  21. Avatar

    Well, I would have liked to have heard a little more than ” I’ve been a great competitor” , “I had a twin” and “oh my god” from Liz’s speech. Go Steve! I’m so happy for him! He has had a dream come true!

  22. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)


  23. Avatar

    Why is Steve the worst alliance member ever?

  24. Avatar
    Biden (6 comments)

    So much for all your conspiracy theories about the game being fixed. We could sell all of you anything. And you would buy it everytime. If it’s on the Internet or in a article it must be true. Sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    CBS kept you all year. And you’ll be back agian next year. SUCKERS

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      Too funny !

    • NKogNeeTow

      Bet youll be back next year too Biden…along with all those other people in your head. Oh, and you and the others should take this winter to learn how to spell a little better. It’s A-G-A-I-N, not “agian”. All those people stuffed into that one body and none of you can spell….lol.

      *Smooches* …. See you next year 😉

    • Avatar
      racecar (65 comments)

      Google aGian genius.ol and to dramamanansn. Bernie Sanders. Lolololol. You are a true shhep. Bernie feel the burn. U should. That’s Y we rule the world. Always have and there is nothing you can do about it.Ncogneto. U still don’t get it. And you never will. I was here to win. And boy did i. Lolol. And I love it. Tooooo easy (: spelling errors and you have it all figured out. C-mon now it’s not that easy kiddo.^
      Runnnnnnnn nnnnn nn. 2:42
      The Joker

    • NKogNeeTow

      Why thanks Racecar! I AM a genius. How did you know? Guess you had plenty of time to figure it out while waiting under that bridge for some poor unsuspecting baby goats to cross. But since it must get lonely under there for you and “the gang”, I forgive you. After all, trolls need love too 🙂 Please do come back for BB18. We can’t WAIT to see how many more personas you come up with. You have more personalities than Sybil…lol. I know some here might not like you but I for one, find you VERY entertaining. You cute little devil you 😉

  25. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    Poor dear bitter Vanessa.

  26. Avatar
    dmc (1092 comments)

    How Vanessa voted for Liz is ridiculous.

  27. Avatar
    Jillian (12 comments)

    Okay, Steve won me over in his speeches. And I found his reaction to winning completely adorable. Lol. Good for him!
    (Would be great if he asked Austin how it feels to know “the boy” is $500,000 richer than he is!!)

  28. Avatar

    Yay for James!!!! All that voting paid off!!! So happy for him and his beautiful little girl!!!

  29. Avatar

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! Yay Steve!!! This kind of drama is what I live for each summer! Thanks for another great year Stevebeans!

  30. Avatar

    I’m happy. James got Favorite player and Vanessa got her behind handed to her. Vanessa voting for Liz shows what a sore loser she is.
    Everyone have a safe and comfortable rest until next time!

  31. Avatar

    This season couldn’t have ended any better! 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      It sure couldn’t Rob. I got so excited and so not use to getting any sleep at night (I DVD’d BBAD then played it back to skip through commercials and pause to write recaps), that I couldn’t sleep that much last night and woke up at 5 this morning. Now I have to readjust to a whole NEW normal for the next 9 months. My sleep pattern is SO off….LOL. Have a safe winter Sweetie!

    • Avatar

      Thanks NKog! You too! 🙂

  32. Avatar

    Vanessa’s big reveal went over like a lead balloon. Talk about a bunch of people being unimpressed and underwhelmed. lol

  33. Avatar

    I’m so happy for James. He so deserved that 25k.

  34. Alda

    This was a perfect night.Plus James winning the $25,000,Yahoo!.This season was not my favorite .But,I was just thinking about after all Vanessa’s gameplay,and serious attitude throughout the whole season she goes home without anything.She really never relaxed or acted silly or let her hair out all summer.Her mind never took a break to really enjoy herself and just let loose for awhile.Kind of sad,isn’t it.Well,hope everyone has a great winter and God willing we’ll be back for Big Brother 18.

  35. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)

    Breaking news! Secret coups d eta power used! Vanessa wins!

  36. Avatar
    racecar (65 comments)

    The Beatles – I Am The Walrus: http://youtu.be/HwSSEKzDn1Q
    twice because it’s sooooooooo Damm funny
    2:42 another palindrome just for you. You know who. Told you they’don’t squeel.oink oink oink Hahahaha.
    Reguards, The Joker

  37. Avatar

    I can’t wait to find out in a few weeks if Liz & Austin stay together.

    • Colby

      Seriously doubt it. Especially once the money is gone. Not thinking her family will support that at all.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That would probably be a big fat NO! Jeff Schroder (sp) asked the Twits what they plan to do with the money. They are planning on going on a vacation to Bora Bora, sans Asstin. And when asked, he said he planned on spending time with Liz. Wish we could be there to see his face when she told him he wasn’t invited on the trip. I imagine him sitting on the pier, playing with that top hat while whistling “Sitting On The Dock of the Bay” while waiting for their ship to come back…lol.

    • Avatar

      I was wondering about that, too, and reminding myself to look that up in a few weeks.

  38. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    Well after a hard BB season it payed off in the end when Steve said ” I’m sorry Vanessa “. Never were there better words spoken than those. Vanessa didn’t care if she had to kick her dead grandma to the curb. Well Vanessa you got got!! Plus she made herself look even worse by being sour about it. When she first came out and Julie was asking her questions she started to cry and Julie ignored her and went to commercial. Was she expecting that she’d be able to talk herself back into the house like all the times she had fake cried in the house until someone would forgive her? Not this time Vanessa Your done, toast, fine’ , over. Now go back to your corner. I have to say I was really reluctant to watch the finale. I did not want to watch Vanessa win again but I decided to trust that Steve would pull this one out and he did. I’m so glad James won for AFP. I saw Austins face twitch a little at that. Wait till he finds out him and the twins weren’t popular.

    • Colby

      I agree with you Sandra. I didn’t really plan on watching the finale. But because it came on at an odd time (8:30 c) there wasn’t anything else I wanted to watch.
      But not sorry I did. It turned out to be the best outcome of who was left in the season.

    • Avatar
      dunes (8 comments)

      I also was reluctant to watch the final but I am glad I did. Vanessa was without a doubt classless when she was evicted. I guess she just expected to continue to bully herself into a BB win. Well, she got beat! I am proud of Steve. He did what he needed to do to win. He wasn’t my first pick but he did a good job so I am happy. I wonder what Austin will do when he looks back at this season and realize not only were he and the twins not popular but that Liz early on openly said she was using him and constantly criticized his smell, his kissing, etc. Obviously not my problem! I am also happy James won America’s favorite player. I will miss this until next Summer!

  39. Jannie

    dmc. damamma, Rob, Elaine, Colby, mouse, Betty Boop, Amber8, Renee, AIO 7, Monica21, Faust, and whover else I may be missing…
    Sandra, franko, and Willie – check in more next year, OK?? We missed you 🙂
    What a fun summer with all of you! Thanks for all of the laughs, insights, and chatter this season. July 2016 is only 9 months away…see you then!

    To my girl, NKogNeeTow – my late night BBAD buddy. Can’t wait to hook up again next summer. You really cracked me up!
    Wasn’t it just the best when DaVonne called BS on A$$tin’s whole “Judas” personality?? I knew you would love that one! I think he secretlly wanted to vote for Steve – the look on his face when Liz answered questions was priceless!! I give it two weeks. She coudn’t talk about anything but the “twin twist.” Duhhhh… 😀

    And finally stevebeans,
    Thanks for having this blog. This is the one and only blog I ever comment on – love this site! Stay warm in Mass this winter – not so much snow this year, OK??
    I will say though, that the final comp that Steve won was not just a “guessing competition.” It really shows who took the time to get to know the jury members. Steve, for all of his lack of social skills, did take more time than Vanessa to get to know his fellow HG’s

    Cheers to Steve!!

    Oh, and Go Vikings 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Avatar

      Ditto to you and all the people you mentioned too. I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and opinions. Stay warm this winter! I’m off to Florida next week. 🙂

    • Avatar

      LUV ya Jannie agree with everything …except GO Pack GO…wishing everyone a mild winter..the minus 30 weather sucks …..howdy neighbor Jannie …….the north breeds tough girls

    • Colby

      Jannie, so agree with you on everything and everyone, and also will miss those that only post occasionally.
      Rob, so envious. I love Florida!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie I LOVED Da’Vonne calling Asstin/Judas out! And did you see him trying to play it off? Make light of it? His azz was just embarrassed that someone jumped on it out front.

      Oh and the look on his face when TweedleDum was answering the questions WAS priceless. It reminded me of one night in the kitchen. The group was sitting around talking (can’t remember what it was about) and Liz said something completely DUMB. Asstin just sat there with his mouth open and this WTF look on his face like he couldn’t believe she said it. I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of the chair. As bad as I hate to admit it, I’m going to miss that band of misfits. But at least I can finally go to bed at night…lol.

      See you in 9 months Sweetie!

    • Colby

      But, can’t agree with the ‘Go Packers’ comment either. Have to Say ‘Go Cowboys!’ But unfortunately due to injuries we probably won’t do well this year.
      And I have to add that Eagles fans are assholes. Really, thy cheer when an injured player is taken to the locker room because they know it is probably a serious injury? This year isn’t the first time, it’s history.
      Do they only do that with the Cowboys, or do they do that with other teams as well? (I only watch the Cowboy gamers)

    • Colby

      So hate the spelling mistakes! That should be ‘they’, not thy.
      And ‘games’, not gamers.

    • Jannie

      Still on a Steve high…

      da mamma, Packers always have a good season…cut a Vikes fan some slack ?
      Heading to the Adela’s in a few weeks…hope Wisconsin shows some beautiful fall colors!

      NKogNeeTow, think it was the whole Seigfried and Roy thing…priceless!

      Colby, not a Cowboys fan, but I did have a cousin who played football for TCU a few years back…Go Frogs!

    • Jannie

      Oops, meant heading to “the Dells.”

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      It’s nice to see you Jannie. I’ll be back on the blog next year. I missed the comaderie of being on this blog. You guys are fantastic. I read other blogs but I never post on anything but Junkies. It feels like home here. I missed you guys but in the words of the terminator ” I’ll be back “.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Rob, if you run into The Twits while in Flordia….RUNNNNNNN!

    • Avatar

      Jannie cya next season….its been fun…now on to Survivor and Amazing Race….

    • Avatar

      NKog the twins are headed to Bora Bora. I’m sure I’d hear them before I could see them anyway.

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)


      As I am up here in Canada, and Montreal would be destroyed if they played in the NFL, I’ll wish the Vikings well instead. Under normal conditions, I’d say GO COWBOYS, but with cookie crumble Romo going down yet again, they don’t stand a prayer.

    • Avatar

      I made a facebook page …4 reality junkie show watchers subbar damamma if you want to bitch and or cheer for survivors or amazing racers …check it out …..if you waant

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Thank you!! I really enjoyed reading what most people had to say on here. Hopefully I will still be around next year to join in!! I’m gonna fight like crazy to stay healthy. I appreciate the well wishes of the people on here and the prayers……they DO work!!! I’m still very very weak but hoping this will be the LAST big health issue for a long time, I just have to take better care of myself.
      Glad the season ended as it did, was sooooo glad sour puss Vanessa got the boot and REALLY showed her true colors with her attitude in the end. What a sore loser.
      Have a great winter. Hoping the winter here isn’t as rough as our last one.

  40. Avatar
    Debbie (2 comments)

    How can Vanessa ever justify not voting for Steve what a sore loser …You rock STEVE!!!!!

    • Avatar

      Debbie I thought the same thing. When Steve came out he hugged Vanessa first, and at least she reciprocated but it was quick and she moved over to the Austwins. But yeah kinda a low blow to Steve saying she was voting for the person that best represented the season. I would have liked to have seen to Vanessa when he was going to evict her, its a strategic move, not personal, vanessa I vote you out…kinda the cold way she did to Austin and others…but he did it his way which was a better sport…so Bravo to Steve. I think this has to be one of the best Finally I have ever seen on any of my favs, Survivor, Amazing Race….

  41. Avatar
    Debbie (2 comments)

    And James rocks too!!!!!!! wish cbs would have shown Steve hug his mother ….He was looking in the crowd for her..

    • Avatar

      Debbie I saw Steve hug his mother it was on the show. I think it took me 3 hours to get through the entire show with all my freeze frames to catch faces, like when Vanessa walked out, rewinds to watch the shock and awe of Steves move…I kept it on my DVR cuz Ill probably watch it again, LOL…yep i am goofy that way…..

  42. Avatar

    I love this site so much! Stevebeans, you are so on point and hilarious! I look forward to reading everyday of the summer! I love all the comments too…I love seeing all the people who agree with my feelings and also the ones who don’t! I love the game of Big Brother! I am counting the days til next year! I wish they would do a winter version also! I’m going to be so bored now, at least I have some Kentucky basketball to look forward to now! Hope to see all y’all back next year!

  43. Avatar

    I found it hilarious that Liz made so little comments about Austin during her speech and answers. She rarely mentioned him by name. He will probably NEVER see her again after tonight. What a chump Austin is.!!! He will be ALL ALONE as he limps back home with his head held low and an empty bed.

    • Avatar

      I think she did not want the jurors to think he carried her through the game. Well if so it did not work, Steve went from getting a big fat Zero cash if Van won to 500K..Finally someone made the move needed to win.

  44. Elaine
    Elaine (1768 comments)

    I have had so much fun as a “virgin commenter”…..I have enjoyed checking on the comments regularly, reading the blog from Stevebeans, and just being able to share my highs and lows with BB. As someone mentioned, we are hooked and good, bad, or indifferent…many of us will return to the next installment. Wherever you all live, your circumstances, and those that care for you in your lives……best wishes for the coming year!

  45. Painter1
    Painter1 (499 comments)

    Thanks for another year Steve enjoyed this site since season 6 and enjoy reading everyone’s opinions. Till next year everyone.

  46. Colby

    To Ann, if you have been ‘scampering’ out there, we have missed your comments. Hope to see you next year.

  47. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    Sorry guys that I didn’t post much this year. I was so disappointed in BBs choice for cast members. I watched the shows and AD but I just didn’t find it as fun as last year. It’s hard to watch your whole side of the house being annihilated one by one. I felt the show was overproduced. But I loved the finale tonight. I’d given up hope that anyone besides Vanessa would win. I knew Steve was smart enough but I also know how scared he gets. Matter of fact at the first commercial break after he evicted Vanessa you could see him kinda running towards the bathroom area. I shouted at the tv ” Go throw-up Steve “. You know that’s what he was doing. I hate to revel in anyone’s disappointment but Vanessa was an easy person to dislike. When it got down to final three she was pretty vicious with Steve. You could just see the utter contempt she had for him. The more he talked to Liz the matter she got. Her total entitlement attitude just sucked. Yes if she went to the finale she would’ve won but man I’m glad she didn’t. I’ll see all you good folks next year. I don’t have room for all your names but you who you are.

  48. Avatar
    dmc (1092 comments)

    One last shout out to the one and only. STEVE BEANS !

    Thanks again for this geeat site. If you read through this last thread, take a look at the relationships that have been formed with the posters on this site.

    Not only have you put great recaps together, you’ve created a family like setting for us. Thank you !

    And I can’t say enough about some of your humorous recounts of various situations. Ladt night’s was a classic: Shelli needing a bucket under her seat when she sees Clay. It’s for comments like these that, in the words of Carly Simon:

    ” Nobody does it better. Makes me sad for the rest. Nobody does it half as good as you. Baby you’re the best !”

    • Renee

      I posted my good-bye message to everyone yesterday but just wanted to once again say how much I have enjoyed everyone’s perspective. I comment when I can and even enjoy when I see one of the trolls give me a thumbs down. I don’t get to comment as often as I wish I could but when I am on this site, I am also at work trying not to get caught by my supervisor doing something other than work, lol! Thank you all for an entertaining season.

      Did anyone else notice that Clay seemed to be avoiding eye contact with Shelli while they were on the stage. Shelli sat there with this teenager grin on her face desperately trying to get him to look her way and he kept looking at everyone but her. He did go and hug her but I did not see the reunion that she was anticipating. I will be shocked and amazed if they actually get together and stay together for any length of time.

    • Avatar

      Renee I just finished watching the show again. Did you notice Meg got to Clay before Shelli did?

    • Avatar

      Rob, I noticed that and saw the “reunion” with Shelli after Meg’s interception.

  49. Avatar

    Vanessa was very bitter. She said that she was voting for someone who represented the ENTIRE season and voted for Liz. LOL… Maybe she thought her vote would be enough to swing Liz to a victory, but it was the Fab 3 only that voted for Liz, Luvin It!!!! See ya next season.

  50. Jannie

    Hey, and if you have enjoyed this site all summer and haven’t done so yet…

    Don’t forget to tip($$) our fearless leader on the way out


  51. Renee

    I did notice that Rob. I was laughing the whole time. Meg definitely had her eyes set Clay last night. I had mentioned last week that Clay has been partying with Audrey ever since they left the house. They have posted a bunch of pictures together on Twitter. Audrey probably made him realize what a mistake it was pairing with Shelli. He definitely seemed to be squirming on the chairs last night and was trying to avoid eye contact. I wish he would have had a showmance with Meg. That would have been so much easier to watch.

    • Avatar

      I’m still loving the look on Vanessa’s face when Steve evicted her. Vanessa couldn’t even fake a smile even when she ran out of the door onto the stage. It was so obvious that she was just so out done. That was the first time all season I didn’t hear her fast talking a mile a minute when Julie Chen was talking to her on stage. Vanessa could not believe she got got. I loved it just as much if not more as when Austin got blindsided in his barefeet.

    • Renee

      Yes, Vanessa’s inability to fake a smile was entertaining BB. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Austin’s face when they named AFP. He was mumbling something and he had a look of disbelieve. His eyes keep shifting back and forth looking at everyone like he was shocked. I also liked when he said at the round table that he couldn’t believe that Vanessa didn’t have the decency to tell him he was being evicted so he could put some shoes on. Over confident! Disillusioned!!

    • Rita

      If you have ever watched the World Series of Poker you will see the loser usually bows out quickly and with no emotion. They are off to play another game and don’t try to steal the spot light off the winner.
      I’m happy Steve one. It was Vanessa’s game to lose and unlike Derrick last year it was obvious she had a hand in every eviction so she was the easy winner if she was in final 2.

      Good job Steve Moses and Steve Beans!

  52. Avatar

    After being rather dissatisfied for a good portion of this season (and especially lately), I am highly satisfied at the finale. I’m glad the band geek won and FINALLY got out Vanessa! I didn’t know if Steve had it in him, but I’m glad he did. I was a band geek, too, so I understand Steve on some level. I applaud his ability to know when to lay low; you actually learn that in band, especially playing an inner voice in the ensemble. 🙂

  53. Renee

    I didn’t get to see any of the post season interviews that CBS was talking about. I heard some people say they would be on BBAD. Our area didn’t show BBAD last night. Were there interviews done and did anyone see them?

  54. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)

    Does Vanessa regret voting out Austin instead of Steve? She should. I said at the time that was a big mistake. Austin/Liz were not a threat to win final HoH or siphon any jury votes. Steve was the one person in the house who posed a threat to Vanessa in the

  55. Avatar
    canadian redhead (11 comments)

    Vanessa made a critical mistake in her game play, in my opinion. She manipulated, she bullied, she won challenges. However she had no real social game, she made no friends and no one felt a bond with her. Vanessa ruled with iron, strong will and brains but her heart was not involved. Therefore the jury felt no real empathy toward her. I know I certainly didn’t.

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      That’s a great point. I think Shelli said something similar when they were doing their chat. She said that even though Steve was shy, he still took the time to talk one on one with everybody in the house, and formed bonds with them.

      When I listened to his speech last night, and how he summarized the season, even though he came across as that awkward shy nerdy guy, he was still there to play and compete on the level that best suited him.

      Like you said, maybe Vanessa strategized and bullied, but Steve strategized and made friends.

      Have a great winter, red. I am near Montreal. Hope the forecast is right that it is supposed to be a mild one. The last couple winters have been brutal near me !

  56. ChiKelz

    I said my Goodbye’s a couple of weeks ago because I knew it would be difficult for me to stomach the tail end of this season and as I suspected, I didn’t watch BBAD or Last week’s episodes. Last night made up for an annoying season!!! I picked Steve as the winner episode 1, but lost faith him in when I felt he was controlled by Vanessa. The best episodes of the season were yesterday and the one when Austin was blindsided. As I stated a couple weeks ago; your posts on this site are the “cherries” on the BB Sundae! I enjoyed all of you. Enjoy the winter wherever you may be: warm or cold. I’m in Southern Georgia and today we are still in the 80’s! Aunt Millie I’ll see you in the next couple of months in Pittsburgh! Take Care EVERYONE! Toodles!! 🙂

  57. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)

    Interesting that Steve said that Vanessa is “the strongest female player the game has ever seen”. That seems a tad misogynistic. Why not just say she was one of the best players in BB history and leave her gender out of it?

    Also, I would not rank Vanessa ahead of other great female players like Janelle, Danni Donato, Rachel Reilly. In my opinion, Danni Donato was the best.

    • ChiKelz

      Hi Brett, I’m NOT disagreeing with you. I did not see either season with Janelle or Danni. I did however see them play in the Allstars, but I don’t think either of them got very far to know for sure. Based on what I have heard in the past -they were better players than Vanessa and I bet they had more competitive house guests. Now, as much as Rachel’s voice really got on my nerves, I liked that she owned her game and mistakes. If she wanted you out she let you know that and put you out. She did not play a cowardly game like Vanessa!! I’m sooooo glad Vanessa lost!!!

  58. AIO_7

    That sour puss look on Vanessa’s face after eviction will keep me warm and amused until BB 18.
    Steve, thank you for your excellent blog; and many thank to all the regular commenters.

    Steve Beans’ willing, I will see you all back here next June.


  59. Avatar
    TitaniumTotem (61 comments)

    Steve, thanks for some entertainment in a season mostly lacking that quality.
    Personally, I believe the best player this season, perhaps ever, has been the Vanatics. Time after time, Vanatics have been able to take mediocre game play, combine it with theatrics, some luck and the incredible stupidity of other players (particularly Julia!) and make it a brilliant move.
    For instance, the poker player decides to target James, after fabricated a tortured excuse to justify her move; James wins POV and take himself off the block; the poker player runs to the HoH room crying and bemoaning how her plan went awry; poker player puts Liz up (which would have been a fairly decent move); poker play pushes to evict…a human bookend, Meg.

    So what do we have? An fabricated excuse to target James which blew up in her face, crying and hysterics, a nomination that could have broken up a power alliance and the ultimate eviction of the least threatening player; all of which morphed into a brilliant move.

    Being the least bad in a platoon of bad, doesn’t make you the best…or even good. But, she had a final opportunity for some redemption but instead voted for Liz.

  60. Avatar

    I have watched the show 3 times today just because I wanted to see that sour puss look on Vanessa’s face while sitting with Julie Chen. I’ll bet Vanessa couldn’t wait to be by herself so she could throw a major tantrum. This is going to be on her mind for a long long time to come because it’s obviously clear that she is not used to losing, especially to someone like Steve who she thought she had complete control over. Liz without a doubt would have taken Vanessa.

  61. Avatar

    Rita, sorry but I don’t agree with you. That very well may be the way they do it in the poker world but Vanessa was pissed, she could not believe that she actually didn’t have her bluff in on Steve like she thought. Vanessa knew she wasn’t running off to the next game last night when she ran out out of the BB house & she knew o so well she wasn’t at a casino playing poker. Vanessa was bitter & is a sore loser. That was why she voted for Liz.

  62. Avatar

    Thanks for a great season of reporting on the goofballs, stevebeans. Enjoyed your new site format, and the comments were more interesting to read this year. I completely agree with the comments about all the eating that goes on during BBAD. I quit watching because of that.

    And, Mexico is my favorite hibernation spot – Yucatan peninsula. Cheers!

  63. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)

    So, I read Vanessa’s wikipedia page. Some interesting info on there. Did not know that she used to be married… to a man.

    • Avatar

      She said that her ex-husband died of cancer 3 weeks after she divorc ed him & how bad she felt about it. Don’t know if it’s true or if it was one of her sympathy lies on BB. I knew she was in law school.

  64. Avatar
    Brett (253 comments)

    Also learned that she graduated from Duke in 2.5 years. She is one smart cookie.

  65. Avatar

    No one ever said V was not smart …she is amazing , but ruthless,,,the mental abuse on Steve was not nice …SO glad he won, hope he follows his dream and is a happy camper .hopefully he will find the right girl for him.
    The way V played impressed me …but also made me sad ….she lost me when Clay , for some unknown reason to me included James name ..when Jmac said to Clay …. V is in Shellies head …she was SO certain ..after Jmac said NO,,,,,,,,,,,,, I said that….she said NO you couldnt have come up with that on your own …how insulting 2 Jmac…

    ….anyways a few if us chat about Survivor , n Amazing Race
    …Facebook SuBBAR damamma

    …Utoipia did NOT work
    …Big Brother
    …Amazing Race

  66. Avatar
    Carol in SC (1 comments)

    Will you be covering this BB18 year

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