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Big Brother 17 No Action Thursday Afternoon Blogging

Da’Vonne putting Nair Lotion on John’s back

As I posted in my morning thread, I planned on doing a live feed update post today, but that was hard to do considering the Big Brother feeds were down for most of the afternoon. Seeing as Austin mentioned his position in the HoH competition tonight, I assume they not only went through the live show practice, but also got their order for how they’ll handle the HoH competition tonight.


From the pictures of them practicing last night, it is the ‘carnival game’ style where they’ll be rolling a ball down a ramp and flicking it up into some sort of bucket. My guess, into random score buckets.  These games are almost always luck-based, so the HoH can literally go to almost anyone playing tonight. I say ‘almost’ simply because as random as those games are, there are some people who absolutely blow it and end up getting 0’s. So, to re-phrase, anyone close enough to get a score has a pretty equal shot at winning.

On a semi-related note about the live show, I have some news….

CBS is hooking me up with tickets to the live eviction show on July 30th! 


Because they’re awesome, they will also be flying me down to LA and putting me up in a hotel for two nights.  However, two problems…

a) I have never flown before and I am getting nervous even thinking about it now

My reaction to the nerves
My reaction to the nerves

b) I will have nobody to cover the live show because they won’t allow me to live tweet or blog.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate missing live blogging on Thursday nights.  I have done it while sick, and I skipped out on tickets to a comedy show last year, and I usually plan my vacations around Thursday nights.

So, I’m in a bind. I don’t have any backup writers, I don’t want to miss blogging, but I also don’t want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity to be 10 feet away from Julie Chen.  I will be looking for a backup writer to handle that 3 day stretch, so if you know anyone who obsessively watches the feeds and knows WordPress real well, have them contact me. I have no money, so I won’t be able to pay, but if they do a good enough job, I may be able to give them a little by the end of the summer (depending on how my donations do).

note – after re-reading  my post, I can tell  how nervous I am based on the amount of times I wrote ‘so’.  Ugh. 

See you in 3 hours for the live show!


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  1. Avatar

    Awesome that CBS is giving you that. Awesome. I am not a good writer and also do not have live feeds this year, trying to control my tv watching. so I am not the person to help, but very awesome you get to go. You will have a blast !

  2. Avatar
    Willie Jones jr

    Awesome news about the trip!
    Sorry I can’t fill in as writer. I haven’t been following too closely this season, yet, and don’t even know everyone’s names!

  3. Avatar

    CBS rocks! Is that how they fill their audience each week? They find super fans all over and fly them in?! I’ve always thought that would be a cool thing to experience. Soak it up and enjoy it!

  4. AIO_7

    Go for it Steve; just give us an open thread and we will keep each other in the loop.

    On another note; Austin is tight with JuLiz, he helped keep “them” off the block this week with deception.
    He must be thrilled that his alliance has another person.

    House guests that I don’t want to win HoH tonight: Audrey, Clay or either of those Amazing Race flunkies.

  5. Avatar

    I like Meg, but sure would luv to see DaV get enough votes to stay thereby putting a target on Shellie and Clay…would make for a nice battle this coming week. Instead we just keep getting the two HOH kinda teaming up or at least not going after one another. The botblock is kinda boring, the good ole BB where there were sides and huge strategic moves was great, wanna see some of that come back.

  6. Avatar

    Once two people win HOH they should keep them isolated until the nominations are made. That would make it more interesting! Congrats! You are so lucky! GO and have a great time 🙂

  7. Bonnie D

    Amazing news Steve. Take a Valium or two before your flight and you’ll sleep like a baby. Can’t wait to hear all about your LA adventures when you return.

  8. Avatar

    thats awesome! We can get by without any updates for a few days! We look forward to reading about your experience. Where can we donate to your site??

  9. Avatar


    Congradulations its well deserved for all your dedication to BB. Have a great time, hope ya meet some amazing people.

  10. Avatar

    Wow !

    Amazing news. Congrats Steve.

    Sorry – don’t watch the feeds, so no can do.

  11. Avatar

    Congrats, well deserved after your years of blogging!! Worse case scenario… watch it in your hotel after you experience it live and do a late blog. I think your readers can make an exception for one night… seriously! I hope your wife gets to go with you for everything she has to sacrifice for big brother as well 🙂

  12. Avatar

    We need the live eviction blog feeds Steve, so send me the tickets I will help you out, I will even send you a postcard signed by Julie :). What do you think?

  13. Avatar

    Go for the trip, Steve Beans! There are medications you can take to ease anxiety. Hit every after party possible and have fun. Even if you don’t find someone to fill in for you, we will survive. We can always post on the last blog you make.

  14. Avatar

    Steve, I went to the live show last week and it was fun. I got sit behind Jeff and Jordan and next to Daniele. Frankie was there as well. Just be prepared to sit outside and wait for at least an hour (unless you get something special). Hopefully since the are flying you in, you can actually meet some people.

    To answer Smouse’s questions, you typically need to know someone in CBS to get tickets, and then I think you can be put on a list however it’s not guaranteed seating. My coworkers’s husband is a producer, so he got me in with guaranteed seating. It’s actually a small set of only about 80 seats, which i wasn’t expecting.

    Enjoy the hot SoCal weather!

  15. leafhopper

    awesome opportunity for you!!! I like AIO 7’s idea of just keeping an open thread and letting us all fill in for each other while you are gone – it will really only be for the few hours that you are actually be at the show.

  16. Avatar

    COOL BEANS Steve , go for it , we will help you here finale night , but we will need more than 1 open thread I think ….set one up for each of the finialist… Team Van ….and Team Jason …hopefully

  17. Avatar

    steve beans congrats this is so cool. Go and have a blast and don’t worry about the blog we will all survive.

  18. Avatar

    The flying thing can be scary but dont let it stop you. This is an a chance of a lifetime and you will have a blast. Like I tell my son face your fears and you will be ok. Heck you might even enjoy flying.

  19. g8trgirl

    Congratulations Steve! So happy for you and totally jealous. Don’t worry about the live feed that night. I’ll be looking forward the blog after the show where you tell us in detail every little thing that goes on during the live show. Have fun!

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