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Big Brother 17 – Call Me Audrey



If you did not hear the news yet, Big Brother 17 will have it’s first ever transgender contestant! Audrey Middleton was born Adam, and honestly it’s pretty damn hard to tell. Apparently CBS is trying to make some news of their own now that Caitlyn Jenner is a big thing, and you know what?  Good for them, and good for Audrey.

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Big Brother has long been pushing gay cast members, so it is good to see them breaking another barrier with Audrey. For selfish reasons, I wish they beat Caitlyn to the punch, only because I like Big Brother far more than the Kardashians, but any time the community can be represented properly, that’s a good thing.  Based on the reaction to Jenner, I am sure Audrey will have her fair share of haters, but one won’t be here.  Heck, she’s one of the hottest girls in the house, and it will  be funny to see the reaction of people when they realize being transgender is not an awful thing.


Be sure to sign up to the live feeds through this link in order to support Big Brother Junkies, and watch along with me this summer to see how Audrey does. I’m already rooting for her!


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  1. “Pushing gay cast members”? Rather poor choice of words.

  2. I wish there were more people of color. The cast is NEVER diverse in that aspect. They always use stereotypes to cast there black people, ugh.

    There is always 1 black person. 2, if one of them is mixed. And then they either have to be gay, or a bible thumper, or loud. or big and violent like. They never when bc the odds are alwats stacked against them every.single.season….

    • Everything is only about race when people like you keep thumping the drums to make it so. They have a transgender person, an African American and one Asian. There’s also a lesbian woman coming in. How much diverse do you want it?

  3. Audrey is no doubt a good looking guy, and that is why he was chosen by BB, but he is a guy will always be a guy no matter how good the surgery and makeup, his chromosomes are genetically infused within the DNA that say I am a male not female. He has chosen this life and so what, its his chose; live and let live right?

    And for anyone to say this fact is hate then is a measure of mind control they have slipped into.

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