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Big Brother 17 – Clay And Shelli Make Final Push



As expected, Clay and Shelli made their final push to stay in the house together last night when they pulled James and Meg into the HoH room. That is exactly why they have been cordial with James and pretending not to be upset because they knew they needed to make this play. The question is, will it work?

Around 10:00pm (flashback here), the talk began and it went pretty much as I expected. Clay and Shelli pledged their loyalty to James and would even go as far as letting him know if his name is being discussed as a nominee potential (woooo, big move!). For the most part, James humored them for the better part of an hour and made sure if he does replace one of them, both he and Meg would be safe. Of course they said yes, final 4, etc, etc, but I could tell just from watching it that it was a very hollow talk.

Neither side can trust each other, and most of the distrust from James stems from Clay and Shelli trying to ride the middle while Jason got evicted. They played innocent, and have been casually throwing Vanessa under the bus. They haven’t name-dropped, but we all know who they’re referring to when they say they had nothing to do with Jason going home. Vanessa was HoH, so there aren’t many other people they can be talking about. That side of the house tried far too hard to avoid any ‘blood on their hands’, but sometimes in games like this you get messy.  You either own up to it, or you play dumb when someone asks why you’re covered in blood (metaphorically of course, although it would be an interesting game otherwise).


I zonk out, expecting to wake up with a decision already made by James, but at 6am, he, Jackie and Meg were still awake discussing the situation. They laughed about Clay and Shelli trying to get Steve as a replacement option, and just about finished up with saying ‘Yup, we’re sticking with the plan’ (of getting either out, but likely Shelli if they can). Then, just before the conversation ends, James makes a weird statement about cutting the head off the snake, and the girls ask who the head is, and he randomly chimes in Vanessa. This leaves them wondering what James is actually going to do at the meeting, and they’re not alone. James wouldn’t confirm nor deny putting Vanessa up, but him tossing out her name like that definitely threw them off.

Getting Vanessa out is probably the best move (while having a fake few week deal with Clay and Shelli), but I don’t think enough of the house understands just how much Vanessa has her hands in everything. If James does replace one of them with her, the person sitting next to Vanessa will probably go home. It takes 5 votes, and even if they can convince Shay (I like that better than Clelli) to vote with them, they’d still need to convince 2 more people that Vanessa is the bigger threat.  Possible, but very difficult.

We will see what happens this afternoon as we have a few hours before the ceremony. I’m sure once James/Meg/Jackie wake up from their naps, they’ll discuss it a bit more, but as of right now there is nothing certain on what will happen today.  Just the way I like it!


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  1. Avatar

    Last night’s show was good in that it showed how pissed Vanessa is at Clay and Shelli for throwing her under the bus.

    James seems really determined to get rid of at least one of the two, so I am doubting he will change his mind.

    What I would like to see though, is an even longer and better deal with Vanessa. She only committed herself to keep James off the block until there are 7 hgs left. That pretty much secures her along with 3 or 4 members of the 6th sense. I think James should be filling her in on how much Clay and Shelli are going after Vanessa, and try and quietly bring her into the havenots.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Dmc: “I am doubting he will change his mind.”…..From your lips to God’s ears! I’m hoping the same thing too.

      I also agree with you about James should fill Crazy Eyes(Vanessa) in on what Heckle and Jeckle(Clay and Shelli) have been up to. Crazy Eyes already has her doubts about them. And if she sides with James’ side of the house and goes after them, that would keep a target off her back for at least 2 weeks. And 2 weeks can be a lifetime on the BB Ship(floater’s reference here). It would give her more time to build relationships with Tyrone Horneigh(James), Rainbow Brite (Meg), and Woody Woodpecker(Jackie).

      ** See Sunday Feed Updates for my name assignments 🙂

    • Avatar

      @ nkogneetow:

      Good call…you aren’t just a pretty face !

  2. danmtruth

    It is a bit insulting that Shelli & Clay would after all this suggest Steve as a replacement. Shelli and Clay saying how James word means nothing at the nomination meeting is laughable . How many people have they pledge final 4 to . Let’s go back to last week . The p,an was all set to Backdoor Austin A plan Vanessa had every reason to go thru on . Austin put her in a bad spot by giving Johny Mack the POV in the tumbling dice. Leaving Vanessa to put someone new up. Austin pulled the Judas stunt and did not vote with the house Austin got Jeff eliminated because he felt threaten that Jeff might win over Liz Thinking with the small head once more. Austin told James about Julia and the twin twist Also telling him no hard feelings if he took her out of the game Every reason to send him packing but no she says for Austin if he can sway Shelli & Clay she would think of it Austin bitch begs to stay confusing the two with math saying he is a vote. Remember Julia is coming in so the numbers stay the same So history says sorry Shellie & Clay you two were stirring the shit pot Now it’s time to lick the spoon

    • Avatar

      very true they should have eliminated Austin last week as planned. It’s funny that Shelli and Clay are saying James isn’t true to his word when they aren’t good on their word to get rid of Austin. Jason wasn’t going after anyone. because now Austin is closer to getting what he wants Jury House with Liz whereas if he had been eliminated last week as planned he wouldn’t be closer to getting Jury House.

  3. ShoeLover

    I am happy to see one of them gone this week! I would even be satisfied if it could be an immediate double eviction and Shelli and Clay walking out together!!
    Dreaming I know, BUT it’s a good one!!

  4. Jannie

    No way that getting Vanessa out right now would be the best move – yes, she needs to go, but right now James has to stick to his decision and not change the noms. Don’t trust Shelli and Clay for a second on anything they say, and I just can’t watch them canoodling for one more week…

    James is so fun to watch as HOH – wow, I never would have guessed he was so smart and perceptive. He was just playing nice and dumb until he got the power and them WAM!! They have just about everyone in the house figured out – even Becky.

    But with all of the attention on Clelli/Vanessa, it looks like the Austwins are going to skate by, and I really can’t stand them. So Austin spends all this time in the BY working out and then can’t deal with an endurance comp?? He’s quite the Judas….not.

    • g8trgirl

      I had that thought too. For all his working out and walking around like a pompous ass, telling everyone how great he is at wrestling, you would think he would have lasted a little longer on that comp.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jannie, although I agree with most of what you said, I’m not sure they have Harriett the Spy(Becky) figured out yet. Did you notice that when James first decided to put up Heckle and Jeckle, he was in the HOH room telling Rainbow Brite (Meg), Woody Woodpecker (Jackie) and Harriet (Becky), what he planned to do. Then he followed it up by saying “This has to remain between just us, not a word leaves out of this room”. No sooner had the words fallen from his lips, Harriett bounced downstairs and found Heckle and Jeckle and immediately told them what the plan was and told them to act happy, like they had no idea what was about to happen. Imagine that…Harriett, with her clueless self, advising someone else…smh.

      As for ASStin, he’s a walking joke…and a bad one at that….without a punchline.

      And as for TweedleDum and TweedleDee (Liz and Julia), would they like cheese to go with that whine?

    • Avatar

      Austin is going to get what he wanted last week Jury House with Liz. We’re in final 12 now 9 go to jury house so basically Shay 1 will be in jury one will not. So basically unless someone not from 6 sense alliance steps up and win some competitions or choose a side then 6 sense alliance will rule the house and basically decimate everyone that is not in the majority. So James needed to get rid of Austin so he doesn’t get what he wants and complete the job Vanessa failed to do then target Shay.

  5. danmtruth

    Austin is all useless bulk muscle. Looks impressive but weighs so much that it’s hard to carey all that bulk. It is Shelli that needs to go first than Banessa with Vlay whimpering behind. What happen to Clays big talk after the nut challenge. Mister big time Texas ass whooping
    You broke my heart Allfrado ( Beckey) why keep going to Shelli and being a snitch on the other people in the house

  6. Elaine

    Though I initially wanted Shelli to stay, her acting so innocent with regard to the vote for Jason to go has worn thin. If she truly thought that Vanessa’s move to backdoor Jason was so poor, she and Clay could have voted for him to stay. Though Jackie voted with the house, I think she would have been on board to keep him. That would have given him five votes. The “whole house” votes have become old. Houseguests should realize that votes are powerful and can change the course of the game if used with courage.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Elaine, it wasn’t so much that Heckle and Jeckle thought Crazy Eyes move to backdoor Jason was poor. They were the ones who thought it up and brought the idea to her…but of course they made it seem like it was her idea. They’re Heckle and Jeckle separately, but together, they are The Decepticons…lol.

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