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Big Brother 17 – Dog Days Of Summer Live Blogging

bb17-w9-megHappy Monday, everyone!  It’s the power of veto meeting day, which means Vanessa’s brief reign of power will mercifully come to an end this afternoon. You see, throughout the day yesterday, Vanessa made sure to have one-on-one’s with so many people, my head started spinning. She said she wanted to know if she should use the PoV, but the reality is she was just digging for a reason to be able to use it and have James be the replacement nominee.


Vanessa suggested to Austin that he put James up numerous times, but Austin wants to stick to the alliance he made about a week ago. He completely ruled out nominating Meg or James in the first place, and now doesn’t want to put either of them up as a replacement nominee. I don’t really understand the move, but then again, I don’t really understand Austin’s game to begin with. He is, and has been, playing for the worst possible place to finish: 3rd place.

Why is that the worst?  Well, the first few evicted members get to go home and enjoy their summer. They can do the publicity tour while the season is still going on, and get on different BB talk shows to promote the crap out of themselves. Each jury member means they’re guaranteed about 1k/week for the rest of the summer while they relax in a beautiful big house in LA. While they don’t get to enjoy their summer with family, I’m sure early jury members are enjoying being able to watch movies and relax all day instead of going back to work.

Then,  you have 3rd place. The person who gets to enjoy the full amount of stress from the Big Brother house all summer with the same financial reward as someone lounging by a pool. Sure, BB members lounge by a pool, but they’re also being watched 24/7 and are constantly paranoid about other members figuratively slicing their throats. They don’t get to step foot in the jury house, and are often forgotten by any non super BB fan. At least second place gets a decent sized reward for all of that stress.


Wow, I’m rambling. I’ll start with the feed updates:

  • 9:30am – Wakeup call
  • 10:45am – The house is awake. Sorry for the delay between updates. Battery died in my car.  Anyway, time to see what’s going on….
    • The twins and Austin are getting ready for the ceremony, while Vanessa is alone in another room thinking.
    • The girls are really pissed at Steve. Last night, he went and told Meg/James about how he is worried about the Twins, Austin and Vanessa. BBN wrote up a good recap of exactly what happened, so I’m not going to re-invent the wheel and explain it. They did a wonderful job, read it here.
  • 10:55am – Steve, Meg, James, and Vanessa were sitting around the bedroom.  Steve says ‘Vanessa?’ getting her attention, and she said ‘Don’t talk to me’ and walked away real quick.  Wow.. tension.   Anyway, remember when Vanessa was upset when Becky did that to her?
  • 11:00am – Austin, Liz and Vanessa are in the side room alone. Steve comes in to try to talk. Vanessa kicks him out.  Wow
    • Meanwhile, Meg and James are happy because it’s unlikely the veto will be used
    • Austin talks to Vanessa for a bit, then she leaves and Steve comes in. I guess Austin called out Steve in front of James and Meg today
  • 11:15am – Vanessa to DR. Veto meeting
  • 12:15pm – Feeds back. John heads outside while a few sit around kitchen. I’ll tell you if the veto was used (it likely wasn’t) shortly
    • Nominations remained the same
    • Johnny stirred up some crap before the meeting. He told Vanessa about the 5-person alliance. Liz asks him why he did it. He figured may as well since he feels he was leaving the house soon
  • 12:30pm – Austin and twins are in the HoH room…
    • Austin is saying how Vanessa really wants Steve out. Liz is talking about she is pushing for John. The funny part of this week is most of the drama will come from people voting, rather than people campaigning.
    • Austin goes outside to talk to John
    • He is saying he isn’t really as mad as people think
    • John is saying he has to do something, like win an HoH. Yes, you do, John.
  • 1:00pm – Vanessa and a twin (I still can’t tell them apart, unless they’re with Austin) are outside having a good bash session on John and Steve
  • 5:00pm – Took a little break. Feeds consist of Austin/Liz sleeping, and Steve putting together a candy bar pyramid.
  • 6:30pm – John and Steve playing pool. Everyone else pretty much sleeping

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Don’t forget…early jury members also have the hope of coming back into the game. At 3rd place you are guaranteed to be going to the jury house after any type of contest to get back in the house.

  2. Jannie

    It’s pretty amazing the loyalty Austin has for James and Meg. And the only reason I can figure out that he has that loyalty is because”they have the most fun together in the house.” Not thinking that James would take the money from him or the twits in a final two with no problem.
    Austin has convinced himself that he is some kind of evil genius, but I think he has just been lucky that A). He aligned with Vanessa early. B). He will always have Vanessa as a target in front of he and the twits.

    I would like to see Becky come back and go after Liz. I know everyone here wants Vanessa out. But if they don’t break up those three, it’s going to be too late. Last night Liz said about Steve” Geeeeeezzzzzah..why doesn’t he just go up on the fu*#ing block and shut up already!!” God I want to see her butt up on the block so bad. She is such a snotty whiner.

    • Elaine

      Jannie, as I read your Liz quote, I could just hear that whiny, foul-mouth voice…..spot on!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I swear I have never been a violent person Jannie….honest I haven’t. But these people bring out the worst in me. I sit here either during the CBS broadcast or BBAD and the main things going through my mind are the words “throat-punch” and “kick-box to the head”. I use to have favorites to win, but now, as much as I hate to say it, Crazy Eyes is the only who deserves to win it but I really don’t care who ends up with the money at this point. That daggone Vanessa is the only one playing for first place.

      And did you see on BBAD last night, when Asstin and Tweedle Dum had their dinner date? He asked her to be his girlfriend and she said yes. He admitted to her that he really didn’t have a girlfriend (no big surprise there), and had only said it to make his interview interesting. Then they started kissing and holding hands (insert gagging sound here). Julia wanted to know all the details of how he asked her and how she answered. She’s been so disapproving of them for so long (have you ever noticed how she hisses at “Luz-aahhh” when she says something stupid (which is quite often), but this news she took very well…..eeeeyuckkk-ahhhh.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Elaine…And it was JUST as you had imagined.

  3. Avatar

    Really disappointed in Austin’s lack of balls. He just listens to one of the moron twins, Liz. He gets a piece of ass and he’s her slave. A rotten season of wicked players. Vanessa is a real bitch. And playing her best poker hand on the house. Last year everyone loved Donny. This year no one loves anybody. The twins ruined the game. Austin is a scary looking caveman who could seriously be a serial killer. This week Steve is gone. Next week Meg They want everyone out except the twins and Austin.

    • Avatar

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Georgie. (:

    • Jannie

      I have been reading Joker’s off and on this afternoon…so right that the twins are ruling Austin’s game this week. And the best part is, first they “haaaaateuhhh Johnny Mac” and an hour later, for no apparent reason, they “haaaaateuhhhh Steve.” I swear the Austwits have changed back and forth between who to send to jury at least a dozen times in the last 24 hours.
      Austin’s new brilliant idea is to make a deal with JMac to promise to throw the HOH on Thursday and them they will keep him and send Steve home. Hope it backfires, JMac somehow wins HOH, and puts The two snotty brats on the block with a backdoor option for Austin.

      I know a lot of us here have said this, but CBS really needs to cut the crap of “recruiting” these idiot players and stick with HG’s who apply and know the game. And having a few more of them be over 30 might make it easier to watch, too.

    • Avatar

      haters out there. Just like the house guests. Complain, complain, complain about Vanessa. And say Vanessa is the beast. Seems to me. And anyone with a rational brain she is playing the game. The Austintwins have had a cakewalk so far. 2 of em never even been on the block. Vanessa has had to fight, yes cry (uhhhh Meg and most of ya’ll too. Waaaaaaa) and game play. If she pulls this off it’s brilliant. I’ve heard so many times on this site that it’s Vanessa’s fault. Lol. Yup. That’s y she is a pro. Deal with it. (:

    • NKogNeeTow

      @WoW: Vanessa IS a beast. But no one said she isn’t playing the game. In fact, just the opposite. We all KNOW she’s playing the game. We just don’t like the way she plays. That being said, she’s there for the $500,000, which is SUPPOSE to be what ALL of them are there for. It’s just unfortunate that the rest of them forgot that somewhere along the way. They have become complacent with either making it to second place or just getting to Jury. This is no longer a Big Brother game but a Big Losers game 🙂

  4. danmtruth

    Jannie & Elaine to try to journey into the deep dark carven that is Austins mind is dangerous. It seems now that Austin wants to keep offer targets. He sees Vanessa as a target for everyone. He sees James and Meg as target because they are a couple. That’s nice but who is left to care if Meg & James are a couple With Steve or Jamck going Thursday the only other person is Vanessa so just who are you trying to fool into thinking Meg and James are a power couple to fear. Oh I forgot the person re entry . One more person who will target Vanessa and the Austwins . It seems that Austin is playing for post BB. Winning the game is not important . Instead his image to try to land deals after the show . It was funny how when Austin brought up putting the hat in and letting Judas out to choise the moms. Liz rolled her eats and just sad Ahh noooo. If anyone had any doubt about how shallow Austin is . Just listen to his rambling nom speech. Talk about OVER ACTING. How did people not laugh during it. Or for Steve and john not stand up and shout What The Fuck are you SAYING IDIOT!! . This was his audition for WWE . He wants to be the next undertaker or some other character on the big wrestling circuit Insted he just look like a bigger fool . Pompous , pontification, filled with self importance

  5. Avatar

    Each year this game of survival of the fittest becomes take the weakest players along for the ride so the strong player wins the vote. It may be a good strategy for the winner but becomes boring for us at home. It’s the same old predictable end game every year. What happened to Expect the Unexpected? Why do they fizzle out just when the audience becomes bored? This made me think of some things I would love to see incorporated as a viewer.
    1. Switch up HOH, veto winner and nominee. HOH and Veto winner become the nominees. Have nominees compete to determine which will be a tie breaker if needed. If a nominee won Veto…oh well, looks like you’re still on the block.
    2. For some veto competitions the winner MUST use the veto.
    3. Incorporate more prizes along the way rather than just in random veto competitions. People will make different decisions when motivated by $. And we all like to see our favorites take something away. But please don’t bring back America’s Team. And why bother with Have Nots anymore? It used to be a big deal but it’s a nonissue and not motivating.
    4. I am thankful they did away with America’s choice. I don’t care about voting for the house guests to have olives or oysters for the week. But if they did want to incorporate viewer choice they could have the audience vote on which BB take over to use.

    I’m not a producer and I don’t have logistics worked out but for crying out loud, spice things up a little and live up to the hype of expect the unexpected.

  6. danmtruth

    Miss Guided you are correct the game is way to predictable . There is to much down time . Make the house guest compete for money to buy food. Than have them shop for it. Rule infraction lose money . Do poorly in the food comp only 1/2 the money you need so the house will do without for a week. Each player has a BB account and can earn money wining comp . Than you can buy advantages during the game . Money spent goes into a pool to be won by the big winner. Before the POV meeting a secret silent auction to bid on being taken off the block. Tie no one wins Every HOH comp a choice HOH or money. If you are evicted you keep what ever money you have in your account . So every HOH comes with cash prizes also for how many house guest production wants that week . Let’s get these people moving during the week

  7. Alda

    Remember when they used to play for clothing?That was cool.Do something.

  8. danmtruth

    Damamma I also enjoyed Aus BB yet they had a bit of a scandle. It seemed a few of the house guest were plants. Radio personalitys with large following. In there version with fans voting they had a big advantage. Along with getting special perks during the game. Comps rigged for certain people to win to add to the drama. There was a complaint that it was becoming a scripted reality show. Contestants given lines to say It always is a question when someone is called to the DR and emerge with strange question for people. last week or this week it happend with Austin. He went in the DR and came out wondering who was lying to him. . Now it’s always on the back of your mind but he took it like he was being made a fool of ( he does that very well on his own) because of the question he was being ask. Things like should he trust this player or not
    A question they should ask Austin ,the twins, and Vanessa is do you know what the word hypocrisy means. All they talk about is how other people lie to them Yet they have made deals with all sides of the house. Than they get made because someone else made an alliance without telling them ? Vanessa gets made at Steve for not VOLUNTERING to go on the block . Yet she started CRYING when it was suggested she go up . Don’t even start me on the two self appointed queens of every thing mean Zluz & Julia. As a father of 3 girls I do not like throwing this word out but what BITCHES they are . Rude self center with an inflated Sence of self and how they look. The way they must constantly insult and trash other people is sticking . It goes beyond a game it show who they are . Grab your 15 min of fame and crawl back into insignificance

    • Avatar

      The insulting/trashing, that goes on way to much in general society, schools, workplace etc…It will be funny when the twins get put up together. The house guest will go crazy with all the whinning they will do that week, its coming soon, imo.

  9. Avatar

    I loved that Ryan won…his Naked Chicken was awesomely funny…every time …hope he was not part of the scandal ..I liked you could hear a convo between HG and Big Brother, great voice…..

  10. Avatar

    I find this so funny. The Austwins have proven that their “alliance” with Steve and John was a big load. So John decided to go ahead and blow it up (which I’ve been trying to figure out why no one else has done) and they are mad???? Really? Are you mad he called you all out? Or are you mad he decided to try something, ANYTHING to stay in the house? Or are you just mad that he didn’t lay down and die when told to?
    They are all about to drive me nuts. The ONLY good game play for Liz last week would have been to put up Vanessa. The ONLY good game play for Austin this week would have been to put up Vanessa. They are lucky enough to be in a 3 person alliance, if not for that… and others protecting them earlier in the game, they would not be there. They are terrible at this game. They should have gone on a dating show, at least then Liz would be going after guys she is interested in, instead of settling for whatever is lying around the house. (Sorry, I don’t see anything wrong with Austin, except the weird, needy, Caleb like crush, but she made it pretty clear she wasn’t into him and was using him earlier).
    I honestly thing Vanessa, and the Austwins all think they are better than everyone else in the house (and out). They honestly think everyone should kiss the ground they walk on, and be happy settling for whatever they dish out, like making a deal them slamming them on the block. Also, how DUMB are they? Their No. 1 goal this week is to not break the deal they made with James???? So they break every other deal made, to keep the one they made with the guy who literally stood in front of the house, quoted Mike Boogie, and said that in Big Brother you can write bad checks, while putting up the only other couple in the house Clay and Shelly???? Come on, I like James, but do they actually think he’s loyal in any way shape or form to them??? Idiots!

    ok, rant over. I think that is the first one this year 😉

    • danmtruth

      Your rant pretty much sum up the way theses people have acted all season Christina you have nothing to be ashamed of . It is funny to see righteous indignation on the twins and Vanessa . Austin is not to much further behind in his disbelief on people not being totally hones with him. The fake fight with John was once more pathetic. With all his people hiding behind the sliding door he goes to confront John out of earshot he act like he is yelling at John but really he is having a friendly conversation . How week . All show no substance

    • Avatar

      It amazes me that the biggest guy in the house is the biggest push over/baby. It is also dring me nuts how Meg is, she made such a fool of herself over Clay, I can’t wait until the others see her all over him, then talking bad about him the rest of the time. She so hungry for attention, I’m actually shocked she hasn’t started messing around with James, just to make herself feel good.
      I honestly miss Shelly. while watching her with Clay was, well, boring, at least she seems like she may actually be a good person. Her, John, and Steve and even James seem to be the best of the Bunch. I kinda hope it’s Shelly that gets back in just to see if she can change up the power, since everyone in th house seems to be sharing Vanessas brain.

  11. Avatar

    If i knew i was going home I would just start blowing up folks games and lying about Vanessa making stuff up mixed with truth…she would go nuts trying to run around and put out fires, but it would leave doubt in everyones mind. I guess it matters not tho, for the past 3 weeks everyone had the goods on Vanessa and the only person to do anything was Becky…THEN the house voted for Shelley, LOL…They ALL get what they deserve and I hope its Vanessa that gives it to them, everyone so we can see their shocked faces while up on the block and thinking if only i voted her out when i had the chance….

  12. Avatar

    Every season, at some point….I throw this idea out. Late at night, go in & FILL that place with cockroaches & other assorted pests. I think there are some kinds….that are attracted to light….& FLY. And leave ’em in there for the remainder of the season. It would certainly liven things up.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    I use to like Meg, but now the very thought of that clown smile drives me crazy. And Julia-ahhhh makes me want to stab my eardrums with an ice pick. If they don’t hurry up and get the 2 of them out of the house I’m going to aim a heat seeking missile, an exploding drone, a sniper, a sherman tank and a tribe of Pygmies with poison blow darts straight at the BB House.

    Does ANYBODY have any Thorazine, Haldol, Clorazil, Xanax, Ritalin or Valium to spare???? I’m losing itttt-aahhhh!

  14. Elaine

    Austin and Vanessa were talking about getting out immediately the person who returns from jury. Austin can’t play. Smart move by whoever wins HOH…put up Liz and Julia. If one comes off, then Austin goes up….someone from the trio sent packing. Ideally Liz….but at this point, I think any one of them is a good move. And just to get “in synch” with Liz and Julia……”Steeeeevaaaah, Jamesaaaaaaaaah. The casting of these twins….two thumbs down!!!

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Monday Night BBAD:

    Some game talk going on in the bathroom between Crazy Eyes and Asstin. He is telling her that Jmac/Steve should know that she and Tweedle Dum and Dee are voting together, so that they won’t try to go and make deals with Meg/James. Van tells him that if they want to keep JM, she’s not going to throw a big fit (how gracious of her). He says Meg/James votes are meaningless, but Steve can throw them (Asstin, Van, Luzzahhh and Julia) under the bus because he has a lot of info. Meg comes in and they change the subject…(that damn girl is always in the wrong place at the wrong time…GIT OUTTA HERE!)…..Game talk is over 🙁

    Asstin is telling Van/Meg that he got his blog and he has a lot of things to say. He says it’s going to be twisted and a lot of it might not make air because he has a lot to say about the world (will any of it involve a comb, a washcloth, deodorant and scissors?). He wants to know if there are any ground rules about what he’s allowed to say about existance (the mere fact that he exist proves that there are no rules). He wants to also address some things about wrestling (proving Danmtruth’s theory about being a fame whore) and his personal life (who gives a ….). He says he has a lot of things to say and it’s going to be interesting and he’s “just going to let it fly”.

    Meg leaves and as soon as she does, Van ask Asstin if he has talked to her and James about how they want to vote. He says they’re open to whatever. She tells him good, then just tell them that everyone decides together (here we go with the “house votes” again). Van says she has to fake make up with Steve because he has a lot of info on here and the girls and she doesn’t want him trying to sway Meg/James with it. They discuss Steve calling them a “Fortress” and how when Asstin eluded to it, he denied it. They both say he’s a liar (now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black). Vanessa says that just the excuse they need as to why he’s on the block (only problem with that logic is he said it AFTER he was put on the block). Van says the weirdest thing about Steve is that he was “sitting pretty” with them “but he just got greedy”. Asstin tells her that JM is back peddling and that JM says he really likes them but would come after them if he left and came back (glad somebody told Asstin to his face but not sure telling him while they are trying to decide whether or not to keep him, was the right time….right now there is no guarantee he would come back into the house if voted out, but Fool, at least you’re there NOW….smh).

    Van says that if Steve stays and Jackie comes back, he is a shield from Jackie, but if Shelli comes back, she thinks she can pull Shelli back in with them. Now they are counting up Jury votes for their side. Again, it is confusing as to who they are voting out. They keep talking about taking Steve out this week, then keeping him and if Van wins, she takes him out next week…..(Come on…Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe; Rock, Paper, Scissors; draw straws…just make a decision dammit!). Now Van is wondering what is Steve’s incentive for next week if he won HOH. Assstin tells her they need to plant something in his mind that he can’t win the game if he betrays them.

    At the Pool Table: Meg/James are discussing that “if any of the 3 of them win, they’re going to split that money”…(Asstin is so dumb he would probably split it with the girls, but my money is on that if either of the girls win, they will only split it with each other).

    Back in the Bathroom: Asstin, Van and one of the twins (I’m as bad as SteveBeans, unless someone calls their name or I memorize what they are wearing, I can hardly tell them apart either), bashing either Steve or JM pretty badly. Van says anything he says is bullsh*t. Asstin says he’s got to go because that’s scary. Since the came jumped from the pool table to the bathroom, it’s hard to tell which one they’re talking about…..sorry.

    Back from commercial: Van is asking Asstin could he convince James to throw it (I think she’s talking about the HOH comp next week). He says that’s why they have to make sure the 6 Brass Tacks alliance is feeling as good as possible going into next Thurs because the idea is that the returning HG and Steve are going up (so I guess they finally decided to put some skates on John and roll him on out the door)….BUT WAIT!…Now Asstin is saying that what if he lets JM think he’s going home then pulls him aside at the last minute and make him agree to be the pawn this week to send home the person who comes back, and he’d better throw the HOH. Van/Asstin are trying to come up with “ways to manipulate him”. Even Asstin says its a bully douchy move, but….. Asstin’s not even sure someone is really coming back (that top hat is starting to resemble a dunce cap). Vanessa had to remind him that it’s pretty much going to happen. Crazy Eyes is again telling him not to trust Steve. Oh, and guess what??? She has more info about Steve (ever notice how whenever she wants someone gone, she SUDDENLY remembers some “information” on them). She tells him that she has SO much info on him but she’s just going to keep her mouth shut for now but do no trust him. Asstin thinks JM is a “vigilant….nuts, like Taxi Driver”….(I sure do hope he’s right). Asstin says Steve is Rainman and JM is Taxi Driver. Vanessa loves that…..(and she’s Crazy Eyes and he’s Sasquatch, so……).

    Back at the pool table, Meg/James want to start Pot Ball. They says association brings on assimilation…she’s turning him into becoming as useless as she is.

    Food Room or Pantry or whatever it is: Tweedle Dum and Dee are talking. One is whining about being a bully and the other is whining about her tuna is on the grill so she can’t talk right now.

    In the Kitchen: Everyone is present except for Van/Steve. The twins, Asstin and Jamesssaahhhh are cooking before the Pot Ball game. Jamessaaahhh is mashing up candy to look like cocaine and putting it in plastic baggies (and he’s so skillful at it too!).

    Cam is on in the bathroom….Van taking a shower….and we need to see this, why??????

    Cam keeps boucning from the kitchen to the shower…(whoever is operating the kitchen cam is jut trying to make us suffer, whoever is operating the bathroom cam is just a perv).

    Back to the kitchen….just trivial talk….<side bar….anyone else notice that Meg never cooks or washes dishes but is ALWAYS at the counter waiting for the food….and the FIRST

  16. NKogNeeTow


    one to dive iin>,

    Bedroom: Van is talking to JM, who again has that “anywhere but here” look on his face. He’s lying in bed so he probably feels trapped. She tells him “needless to say I respect you”. He follows with “I have ideas”. He tells her that “I have to stay, I have to work with you. You’re my #1, if I’m not your #1 then there is no point in me staying, just send me home”…(this is music to her ears…he gave it up without her having to ask for it). He tells he she’s the devil he knows. She says she’s really a very kind hearted person (I shall refrain…). He agrees and says in the game they kind of go at it “but you’re what I’ve got”…(@#&#@^$ (me, cursing). She’s telling him something but she’s moving her mic around so much I can’t make it out. He tells her that if he stays, he’ll do all the dirty work because he’s lost everything and no one is on his side (sounds like he’s talking about getting rid of the “2 on the other side”). She tells him that he really has no loyalty to her “but Steve did but the way he acted and the things he did to me”…… She said Steve hurt her feelings (aww, poor puddy cat). JM tells her again that he’ll stay “as long as it’s just me and you, but if it’s not, I’ll just go”… (another one handing the game over to someone else….sheesh!). Van says she thinks it’s better if Shelli or Becky comes back because she can pull Shelli and he can pull Becky. He says then if it’s just the 2 of them together (Van/JM), then they should act like they don’t like each other, they won’t be targeted. She leaves the room and he rolls over with a semi-contented smile on his face. The poor boy actually thinks he’s accomplished something. Only problem with his plan is that he presented it to her, when she was already ahead of him. Now if anything happens, she has no “blood on her hands” because it was all his idea.

    Back in the Kitchen: They’re passing around the “cocaine” bag. Now everybody is in the kitchen. James tells them his other job is a gynecologist….ummmm, ewwwwww. Pot Ball is about to start.

    Pot Ball just started and they are all playing so there will be no more game talk tonight. I refuse to watch another minute of Pot Ball ever again!

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Over and Out.

  17. danmtruth

    NKog you are absolutely one thousand percent correct dead on perfect hit the bull’s eye knocked the biscuit in the basket . Did this run on sentence convoy how much I agreed with you?
    While Austin and the other house guest eat and distract themselves from boredom. Vanessa is making plans and strategies for the renom player. She is planing an alliance with JMack and the new house guest. Hay James Yhooohoo Meg do you think maybe you might want to think of who might be coming back and how you can work with them !!
    Next time Vanessa or Austin bring up how hurt they are that someone has wrong them . How that person needs to apologize for lying to them . Just maybe be reminded that this is how they have played all season.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dan, as much as Jamesssaaahhh amuses me and Clown Mouth Meg annoys me, neither one of them have sense enough to think about what happens when the new player re-enters. They are perfectly comfortable knowing that Asshat and the Twits are protecting them. While at the pool table, when they should have been planning some sort of strategy as to what moves they might make next, they were just worried about how if 1 of the 3 won, they’re going to split the money. And that’s EXACTLY why neither one of them (James/Meg) deserve to win. I keep telling everybody, the only person playing for first place is Vanessa (sigh).

  18. Jannie

    Nkog – After BBAD I stayed up a little to read Joker’s and apparently Vanessa spent the better part of an hour berating Steve in the backyard. He just sat there and took it and apologized. I am really starting to hate her – that behavior makes her look like a bully – she knows that he has social issues and yet she sat there and humiliated him(in front of the Austwit). After Steve walked away, Julia said – “He better not be throwing us under the bus, I let him put his arm around me sometimes.”

    Oh, and you’ll like this one – on Joker’s there is a copy of a letter that A$$tin sent to his girlfriend Jen, just before he went to BB. In it he professes his undying love, how they will use the money to build a life together, and that he will be sending her signs of love from inside of the house. I guess they got the letter from Jen’s sister. Can’t wait for shallow Liz to break A$$tin’s heart immediately after the show ends – he deserves it.

    Please dear God, on all that is Holy, let someone take out one of the Austwits next week.

    • NKogNeeTow

      “she knows that he has social issues and yet she sat there and humiliated him (in front of the Austwit).

      And that’s exactly what she intended to do. She knew what she was doing. As a professional poker player, she was using her bluffing skills to play on his psyche(sp?)…to rattle his confidence…make him second guess himself….make him feel more inferior. She knows he’s smart, so she has to break him before or in case he regains his self composure and tries to think his way out of his predicament. She needs to keep him off his toes and on the ropes until she can get him out of there.

      My guess is that she will continue to work on him to keep him paranoid so he won’t start spilling the beans on all the conversations he was privy to when he was running back reporting to her. He now realizes that he painted himself into a corner by aligning himself only with her. Now he has to deal with it. But being the kind of person she is, she’s not going to give him time to think. She’ll keep attacking until it the very minute he goes out the door. You never give your enemy time to breathe…

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh, and as for that letter….I can’t WAIT for that to get out! Thanks for that info! As I said, on their “date”, he told her he really didn’t have a girlfriend, it was all made up for the show. Oh to be a fly on the wall when the show is over and she finds out THAT information…muahahahahahaha…..

  19. Avatar

    This guy Steve is not doing a very good job with this blog. He was doing fine when he was asking for money for his LA trip but now it’s like he doesn’t even care. He barely posts anything these days. He’s now resorted to putting links on his own blog to other BB blogs for us to get the details about the house. I suppose things will get better when he starts asking for donations again?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Brad, Steve does a very good job with his blog. You can’t expect the man to post 24/7. He has a life as well as the rest of us. He lets us know when he won’t be able to post and why (which he’s really not obligated to do). And asking for support isn’t a crime. If you choose to donate, it’s voluntary, not mandatory.

      We’re a small close knit community(BB Junkies) here, without him, there would be no us 🙂 I think some of the bloggers work in conjunction with each other, as a lot of the commentors cross-post on different boards. If you look under the subject heading, you will see how many people read the post, but only a regular group of us post. This is a pretty popular blog. Sorry you don’t enjoy it as much as the rest of us do, but I do hope you’ll stick around and become one of the “family”. We might not always agree with each other, but new faces and fresh views are always welcome 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Brad, be kind. Stevebeans got the unforeseen opportunity to attend a live BB taping! I don’t see YOU putting up your own blog, maintaining it, monitoring the live feeds, and offering your insight!! Put up or shut up.

  21. Avatar

    Steve, you do a great job. Don’t worry about it! When the house is slow and there are no new developments to report, what do they want you to do? Continue to update when there is nothing new to say? Nope…you do a great job and keep up the good work! Enjoy your summer and tell the mean people to read a different blog.

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