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Well, that was a pretty interesting episode on CBS. Austin gets evicted, leaves the house barefoot, and still tries to play the ‘you won’t win’ card to Vanessa. Needless to say, he was taken by surprise when his game ended abruptly like it did, and he certainly gave John the death stare when it happened. I guess that’s what happens when you give someone false hope and then go back on your word, but that’s John’s game apparently. Even though he pissed off Austin and won’t have 3 votes (unless he’s sitting next to Liz), he certainly has a lot of friends in the jury to possibly win.

Meanwhile, Steve is channeling his inner Ian Terry and doing what everyone expected – win competitions late in the season. Steve is basically using Ian’s exact playbook, and the entire house knew he was doing it, yet he is guaranteed final 3. Unlike Ian, Steve is incredibly weak physically, and he may actually struggle through the first 2 rounds of the final HoH, but if he makes it through one of those rounds, he’ll likely win the final round and choose who sits next to him.

Enough rambling, I know you’re waiting to see who is what, well as of 9:00pm bbt, nobody knows. The feeds went up, and they aren’t talking about it yet. Until then, be sure to do this…


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  • 9:15pm – Everyone is around the kitchen. Steve is cooking some eggs. They are about to play pop ball I believe.
    • Vanessa has decided to be anti-social and go lay down. When she does this, she’s usually in trouble. I bet she’s on the block. No confirmation yet
    • Liz is in a shockingly good mood. She is play fighting with Steve. I am thinking either she’s nominated and kissing ass, or she won veto and is relaxed
  • 9:30pm – Vanessa comes out of the DR and spills the beans, here we are:
    • Vanessa and John are nominated
    • Vanessa won PoV
    • Veto meeting will likely happen tomorrow during live show. John or Liz will leave the house.
    • Vanessa and Steve are 2 of the final 3
  • 9:45pm – Ok, listening to them play the slingshot game is already boring.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Well well well. So you all wanTed a big move huh. Even though big moves have happened all season by 1 person VANNESA. So are you happy now. Not only has she crushed just about everyone in the game. And now she took out Austin
    Oh ya

    • Avatar

      This was so predictable, the house did not bounce Van when they had the chance and she will probably win it all. She will likely vote out John and then win the final HOH comp. For weeks everyone has marveled at how she had been able to manipulate her way around and the responded by keeping her in the house!

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  2. Avatar

    She stands 0 chance Austin says
    Let’s hope he is bitter in the jury house. His attitude will work against him. James and crew will vote on Merrits. If Vanessa is in the final 2. Bye bye austin. Nice try (;

    • Elaine

      No matter how wonderful Austin thinks he is and how he thinks his split personality with Judas works for him…..he still only has one vote. And guess what, so do the rest of them. Each of them can decide for his/herself who they want to win…no more dopey house votes (or else) necessary.

  3. Avatar

    So who votes out Liz or John, is it Vansnesa? I am still hoping for a Steve and John final two. Ugh!

  4. Avatar

    You wanted to be entertained
    How ironic it was by the person most of you like the least. Hehehehe

  5. Avatar

    Vanessa is going to win this whole thing because she is a poker player and she knows how to play both sides of the house very good. Everyone should have caught on to that earlier but they did not.

    • Colby

      Actually we do get that Jesse, but we hope with numbers being so small at this point that the others can overcome them. Yes, Vanessa is probably going to win, but we just want to have a little fun with thinking how the odds might be different. It could happen……………..

    • Avatar

      Actually Jesse, several of us if not all at one time or another have said Vanessa is probably going to win this because my opinion is they were all afraid of her & then they fell for all of her bull-shit bullying, threatening & interrogating them so they made idiot moves. They were scared. The fact that she might win still doesn’t make me like her or the way she played the game. The clock hasn’t quite run out yet so there’s still a little hope she won’t win it. I’ll tell you this much, if I was on that jury she sure as hell wouldn’t get my vote.

  6. Avatar

    Ya. Gonna rub it in a little. All in good fun. (:
    How ironic is it that the thing most of you wanted the most. Came from the person you like the least. Blind side big time. Dude wasn’t even wearing shoes. Epic! The commet section was going bonkers. And noone said thank you Vanessa for giving us what we wanted the most. Is it suprising that the best player all season won POV when needed? It’s called clutch.
    Weeeeeeeeeeee. Too Damm funny

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  7. Avatar

    Who do you all think Vanessa will choose to send out the door? I’m guessing John… That would probably be her best move. Sad 🙁

    • Colby

      Why do you think that would be her best move? Liz has won more HOH’s and veto’s than JMac, not to mention she has Julia and Austin voting for Liz in jury?

    • Avatar

      Vanessa’s obvious choice now is to vote out John. Liz would take Vanessa to final two because she still wants revenge against Steve, and Steve would take Vanessa to final two because he’s still her little puppy. And Vanessa knows that if she votes out John now she gets back on Liz’s good side. I was rooting for John, but he had to win that HOH and he blew it. Unfortunately Vanessa now has this game wrapped up, I don’t think there’s going to be enough bitter jury members for her not to win it after how many comp wins she has.

  8. Avatar

    It’s the best move because Jmac is the guy you cant kill. The jury would have to concierge that. Been on the block 8 times. Been evectided and still around. Then you have the voting factor. It’s better to take Liz than jmac. It’s 2 votes for liz. Not 3 against Vanessa. Vanessa has won more comps than anyone. And has had a hand in almost every evection
    Including the epic blindside. The austwits may be bitter
    But the rest of the house, led by James and Becky will vote on merrits. It’s really not that complicated.. Of corse she has to win HOH for this to happen. And if she does. It’s yet another comp victory. 3 or 4 more than anyone else. With a nice resume.

    • Avatar

      I am just worried if she chooses to bring Liz to the final she will lose steve and Jmacs votes and Jury against her will be steve, Jmac, Julia and Austin. Liz would only need 1 more person to vote for her,

  9. Avatar

    Concider* opps typo (: not concierge

  10. Avatar

    Vanessa is one of the best players BB has had for a long time. Like her or hate her she has played a great game. Having said this, Steve is my favorite. Glad Austin is gone, Liz will be next if my prayers are answered.

  11. Avatar

    For the same reason that Vanessa had to split up the showmance, she has to split up John and Steve.

    However, John did a pretty good job saying that him and Steve were not working together when he said he would vote him out.

    I hope she keeps John, but it would be a mistake for her to do so.

    • Avatar

      I don’t know. She needs to bring the person most likely to bring her to the F2. If Liz is still mad at her, then she might as well take her chances with her two F2 deals.

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      And in a final 2, Liz would beat Steve on merit.

      Tough choice all around. I am sure that all three believe that Vanessa deserves the win at this point, so she knows her back is against the wall.

    • Avatar

      If she thinks no one will take her to the F2 because they believe (maybe correctly) that she will win against any of them in the F2, then she should forget about loyalty and knock out the strongest competitor left. Between Liz and JMac, I hate to say it, but it’s clearly JMac. Also, if she’s next to Liz, then the Autwins collectively have only 2 votes. The can’t turn them into 4 just because they really hate Vanessa or really love Liz. If she sends Liz home, then the Austwins have three votes and she may think that they will hate her the most because of her perceived betrayal.

      I want JMac to win, but it’s hard to see why it’s better for Vanessa to keep him over Liz. Even though I threw up a little in my mouth thinking that thought.

  12. Avatar

    I’ve been watching this site & the comments here all season but this is the 1st time I have ever posted here. I know there are some people who like her, some people who respect her game play, some people who hate her & some people who are annoyed by her. It’s no secret her game play has involved a lot of manipulation & I don’t think the level of manipulation she’s shown us developed overnight. Sadly, I personally think she’s probably just as manipulative outside the house as she is inside the house. I know it’s been said but I’m going to say it again, her interrogation tactics are very agressive.
    With that said, I really hate to say it but I honestly believe Vanessa will win BB17. Not because of her game play. The contestants know she’s been manipulating the game. Why would they choose to keep someone who has the proven ability to manipulate the game so much in a direction that is not in their favor & who is so untrustworthy? She’ll win because it’s what CBS wants. Think about it. If the rumors are true that she’s going to have her own CBS show, Poker Face, isn’t it better to say BB17 winner than BB17 3rd place or runner-up? Especially if her show is about strategy. Also, keep in mind no woman have ever beaten a man in the final 2.

  13. Elaine

    So glad Austin got bounced and was surprised as well……….wheeee! It is always funny when houseguests realized that others go back on their word….ahem….this is BB and ahem…..it is a game! At least he left wearing a shirt……..sans shoes this time.

    • Avatar

      The no shoes part was kind of funny…if he got up to go get some, then he was showing he didn’t trust Vanessa to not vote him out. If he stayed shoeless then he was showing his trust in her. The fact that he had a shirt on for once showed that he didn’t trust her fully!

  14. Renee

    Of course Austin had to throw out another “See you on Bold and Beautiful” in his speech. His arrogance sickens me. Hopefully a dose of after-show reality humbles him.

  15. Jannie

    Good morning all…

    Even though BBAD started out boring with a rousing game of sling band, it ended on an interesting note with a conversation between Vanessa and Steve.

    A few weeks ago I said that a cool scenario would be that Vanessa is playing for 2nd and she wants to take her favorite to the finals and let them win…I may be getting my wish and it looks like her favorite is Steve!!

    She stated at one point that she was a “professional gambler” she also said that she “has everything she needs and most of what she wants.” She told Steve that she knows she is playing for 2nd place and that he is a nice guy who deserves to win it all. And then they discussed how to make that happen. It looks, although I can’t be sure, that they may be leaning towards having Vanessa vote out Liz. They went over the pros and cons of both(Liz had to overcome the whole twin thing and has won more comps VS JMac who has more friends on the jury and was with the goblins for awhile).

    And speaking of Liz…
    She seemed really nice last night without Julia and, especially Austin. She admitted to Steve that it will be hard to have a long distance relationship and she doesn’t know if it will last. She also kind of mothered him when he couldn’t get to sleep by talking to him(nicely) and tucking him in, to which he replied “Thanks, Mommy.” I started thinking she would not have been so bad if she hadn’t been part of a “three-headed monster.”

    Yeah, so last night was pretty weird.
    It would be so great if Vanessa does take Steve and let him win. It may have been her plan all along, I had a feeling about it a few weeks ago. Blah, blah, blah yes – Vanessa is a good person and has a heart.
    But…I still think she used some awfully sketchy tactics to get to the end. I didn’t like the fact that she would make up lies about people(Jeff and Jason) to use as an excuse to get them out. I didn’t like the fact that she used her HOH’s to relentlessly grill the other HG’s to get info. And I also read, in more than a few places, that she had offered to stake Austin in a poker game in Vegas if he voted her way…also promised lavish vacation to Vegas to the twins. Not sure if that is true, but I also heard that CBS production had to call her out on that.

    So here we are – by tonight we will know who is in the final three. After that, I don’t care who goes to the final two – as long as Steve is one of them. You could argue for either – JMac, because he was funny and didn’t rub anyone the wrong way, or Vanessa, because she played until her head spun.

    We will have all of the answers after tonight’s live show.
    And we all thought last night was stressful?? Well buckle your seat belts cuz here we go again…
    Wheeeee!! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thanks, Jannie,

      have a good day !

    • Avatar

      Vanessa offered to give Julia $10,000 if she got evicted after being asked to be a pawn and production scolded her for it.

      I hope one day that I can be a fan of Vanessa the poker player again. She lost it for me at the Jeff eviction…not that I was a fan of Jeff, but if you want to evict someone, you can do it in a nicer way. You don’t have to make them out to be the sleaziest person in the house by embellishing their negative points and catching them in a lie. Who doesn’t lie in this game? It’s Big Brother! She dug up dirt on people and used it to punish them by evicting them. I’ll still be surprised if the jury rewards her game play.

    • leafhopper

      Think of what that would do for Van’s popularity – if she helped Steve win? I would think that it would carry her – or promote her – so much further, and help her win, or win back more fans than just winning the $500K. If she were to promote Steve as the winner of BB, it would in turn promote her in such a better light, thus help to promote her after BB career, and if the rumors about her having a show in the works, think about how much more a “nice person” persona would bring to the table.

  16. Avatar

    Austin was carried this entire game, he was not the great game player he claims to be. I wonder if his wrestling was as shitty as his BB gameplay? I guess that explains why he’s an ex wrestler, he probably got his ass handed to him. The only thing Austin was good at was laying up with Liz getting his willy whacked & putting his nasty fingers up Liz’s crotch.


  17. Avatar

    Rub it in racecar. Rub the salt in our wounds. Lol
    It’s ok, we still got rid of Austin/Judas & it was well worth the teasing you’re going to continue to give us. He got what was coming to him.
    I still won’t be thanking Vanessa. Ha Ha !!!!!

    • Avatar

      All in good fun BettyBoop. And ya. It was Van who got rid of Austin.#best blindside ever in BB history. No shoes. Toooooooo funny.Thats something noone can forget
      Sooooo poetic. Sooooo happpy. By the person that made us soon angry. Then sooooooo sad by the person that made us sooooo happy. Palidromish. HuH

  18. Elaine

    Every houseguest made choices about how to be in the BB house each day when they woke up. Liz made her bed (pun intended) and I don’t think, based on game play, she should go any further. Of the ones left after I would like to see John and Steve in f2. Then no one has to worry about whether or not Vanessa should win.

  19. Avatar

    I want Vanessa to win it all..I say that because this is a game and I’ve watched this show from the very first show…Yes you have ppl use sketchy tactics to win…Remember when Matt told ppl his wife had cancer yes he lied but it was for the game….Yes he didn’t win.

    Boggie, Dan and Will were sketchy but one of BB best players and Vanessa could be added on that list.
    Yes last season Derrick was the good standing cop and he won it but Vanessa went to college and has obtain a degree in game theory….Yes she manipulated her way and was over dramatic but it a game…Others are in jury because of her but at the end of the day who played the best game? She did and I’m all for Steve/ Vanessa ar F2..

    She should totally vote JMac…He will probably win America’s vote but it would be funny if he tied with James….

    Liz has to go…She could get a job for a lifestyle tv show correspondent….. Austin could go on WWE and walk barefoot….

    Vanessa could do PSA on saving the rain forrest, wildlife or better yet she can come on The Bold & The Beautiful and could cry on cue…

  20. Avatar

    If Steve did actually throw the POV to Vanessa like he said last night, he doesn’t deserve to win anything. Of course a lot of them claim to have thrown it afterwards—-saving face, but it doesn’t look good to viewers. Last night’s little convo between Liz and Steve may give Vanessa ammunition to get rid of Liz. I don’t care how anyone feels Vanessa played the best, I still detest her.
    Still giving James my 20 votes per day. He’s been my favorite since the beginning.

    • Jannie

      Ok, I see you are talking about the POV from Monday.
      What we don’t know is of Steve threw it on his own, or if Vanessa asked him to, so she could get the “blood on her hands.”
      Steve is really upset about his decision. There is still a chance for him to get rid of Vanessa if he wins the final HOH and I don’t think he would mess it up again.

      I know you think I am crazy, but maybe it wasn’t a mistake.
      I think that Steve has a better chance of beating Vanessa than beating Johnny Mac in the F2.
      Austin is pi$$ed at Vanessa for throwing him out. I think the Austwits would give Steve the money over Vanessa. And Austin already knows she has lots of $$. And now that he is bitter and in jury, he is telling them all. Everyone in the jury has been accused of everything by Van – they know how she treated people and the nasty tactics she used to get her way. They may have been scared of her in the house, but not now. On the other hand, Becky and Shelli love Johnny Mac and he was on the outer ring of the goblins, much more so than Steve.

      Think Ian Terry/Dan Gheesling
      Who won that one? Oh yeah, Ian 8-1.

  21. Jannie

    mouse –
    When did Steve say he threw an HOH to Vanessa?? Which one was that?
    I know he said he tried to throw the “Getting Loopy” comp when he was up against Austin and JMac but he accidentally won when he thought he answered wrong.
    I don’t like it when people throw comps either. But it is not as bad if it is for strategic reasons.
    If you do it because another HG asks you to – then I think it’s pretty crappy.

    So I am assuming you are not rooting for JMac – he threw a lot of comps during the season. And so I guess he doesn’t deserve to win either. If you follow the formula that throwing comps means you don’t deserve to win.

    Then you are left with Liz winning it all…not my choice. I think she played with three people, which gave her an unfair advantage.

    However, we agree that James should win America’s favorite. He is getting my votes, too.

  22. Avatar

    I do NOT want Johnnymac to win…He’s a dam dentist, he does not need or deserve to win…I want Steve to win. I imagine he has a ton of student loans to pay…not VANESSA,she will just gamble it away!!! go steve!!!

  23. Avatar
    What's not to love! (minus the crack)

    Songify This – Winning – a Song by Charlie Sheen: http://youtu.be/9QS0q3mGPGg

  24. Avatar

    Oh yea, JAMES should win Americas favorite…What a tremendous personality & funny too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Avatar

    One thing noone had mentioned here. And I’m about 88 perecent sure that most will agree. Is that the so called”boy” who I prefer to call Steve. That is his name. Was all over the big bad Judases girlfriend on BBAD. And not suprisingly, Liz being who she is.Loved it. Poor poor Judas. He got punked by Vanessa. Now his girlfriend is playing footsies with Steve. That’s wonderful.

    • Avatar

      Wow, racecar, I saw that too and am so glad someone else saw it and brought it up on here. She really is whoring herself out to whomever she thinks will help her along. Next thing we know, she’ll be cozying up to Vanessa. (or should I say trying to, because Vanessa’s actually playing the game, not there for any nonsense)

      If someone would be to ask Liz what she was thinking when she was being all flirty with Steve, what do you think her response would be?

    • Avatar

      I would say Liz is just being Liz, a BIMBO. Too bad there wont be enough time to see just how far she would actually go teasing Steve & whoring herself out to him. Steve might have gotten bedded down if there was more time, Liz might have broke him off a little something proper. Lol

  26. Avatar

    To racecar,
    I think I have unlocked the riddle. I’ve seen the same type riddles on several websites. And if I am correct. I’ll have to hand it to ya. That’s awesome. The only way it can happen though is if Vanessa wins.

  27. Elaine

    I haven’t commented much on Vanessa because everyone else has done so much of it. She played a dedicated, intense game, but I am not sure if she should be rewarded for it. She has done too much of the “honesty and integrity” speeches, which gets old quickly in a game of deception. She has been way too concerned about hurting other’s feelings, or pretending to care, with the crocodile tears. I have not appreciated her “needing a reason” to nominate or evict someone. I think she often stirred up things too much and unnecessarily to out someone on a lie when she didn’t need to. It is a game and if you are HOH you can nominate who you want and houseguests can keep or evict who they want. One more is that she has been too frequent with the “I am a good person” or “I am not an evil person”. At the end of it all, she has over-played this season and I think sweet revenge from the others might be to get her out at that last jury position. That way she has endured all the agony in the BB house, didn’t get any relaxation in the jury, and will walk away with similar amounts as the others.

  28. Avatar

    racecar.What made me think I have unlocked it. Wasn’t only the things I’ve seen on all the sites. I had a clue. Just thought that cant be. But what I saw on BBAD lastnight. That question then the answer was voted ifinitti. All tied in to palindrome things. And few other hints lastnight. Made me go no way! If I’m right. That is awesome.

  29. Avatar

    Mouse, do you mean Steve threw the POV that’s giving Vanessa the power to evict someone tonight?
    Please say it ain’t so.

  30. Avatar

    How many times have I said Steve talks a good game when he’s talking to himself when he’s alone but he never follows through when the time comes? If he really did throw that comp to Vanessa then his ass does not deserve to win anything.

  31. Avatar

    I sent an email to CBS to ask about the voting. I assumed the votes were per day. In other words, all votes cast yesterday counted then and a new voting time would resume at midnight each night. That isn’t the case. There is a 24 hour time span between each individual person’s vote. For example, I voted around 9:30 pm Tuesday, so MY time span will be through 9:30 pm tonight, Wednesday. Rather confusing to me, but that is the reply I received.

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