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Big Brother 17 Friday Night Blog Party



So, what are you doing on your Friday night?  Watching the live feeds?  Hell yea, join the club!  Here we are at the Friday night blog party, where we will try to figure out what the hell is going on inside this crazy house.  This first week is always extremely tough because apparently Audrey is in like 300 alliances, and we don’t really know her actual loyalty yet. James made 2 alliances today named “High Rollers”, all with different people. And I’m not even sure Vanessa knows where she is at this point.

  • 9:40pm – Audrey has been playing the game at 120%, and she’s still going right now. She’s in the HoH room working Jason and James, while Jeff, Jackie, Becky and Clay are roaming around on the other feed talking about who they can trust.
  • Austin just pieced together Day’s real job as a card dealer. It is because of the things she talks about, what she knows and doesn’t know. I guess that is why Da’Vonne is a dealer and not a player.

  • 10:00pm – Austin, Jace, Jackie and Becky are on one feed chatting about random stuff while Jason, Day and Audrey are up in the HoH room.
  • Audrey says she wants to be completely quiet and invisible, like Vanessa.  Hah, that will last 10 minutes tops.
  • The second Jason leaves the room, Day starts telling her concerns to Audrey about how left out she’s feeling basically.
  • 10:24pm – Da’Vonne and Audrey and still talking about nonsense. They have the least trusting relationship in the house.
  • Audrey is in the HoH giving Becky the re-tell, and still talking about Liz.  Something tells me Liz and her twin won’t last to double team the house
  • Austin is chatting with Liz right now.  If she is indeed the twin, I bet he’ll figure it out first. He seems like a bright guy
  • 11:15pm – Feeds are a bit slow tonight compared to last night, so I’m going to bed. Have a headache. Haven’t broken my brain in to watching feeds all day yet
  • 11:22pm – I didn’t go to bed yet, they finally got outside access!  Finally.
  • 11:45pm – Audrey is giving a re-tell to Steve.  He is worried that Day is pissed at him





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