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Big Brother 17 Gronk Party Blogging

Becky reprising her role from Million Dollar Baby

I guess it’s time for some fun in the Big Brother house, even if it is extremely forced and painful to watch. I don’t think I went into detail very much about it, but the Gronk Twist was revealed last night. Every so often, they will tell the house a theme of a party, and they must do it.  Anyone who doesn’t participate becomes a have-not.


This is more of a draining event as they seem to be called every few hours, regardless of sleep.  This morning at 7:30am, they were to have a hot tub party, and most of the house (if not all) were sleeping. I guess this is one way to keep them from sleeping all day.  I expect these parties to continue at least until Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday depending on when they plan on cutting the film into the show. Hopefully they’re all nice and grumpy to Julie on Thursday night.

Alright, time for some updates:  (I may scroll back on twitter / flashbacks to see if anything else cool happened)

  • 1:30pm – The house is currently doing a costume dance party in the living room. I gotta say, forcing people to dance in costumes on demand with no music leads to quite a riveting party.  Audrey was off in the back just twisting her hips.  It reminded me of a Charlie Brown party.
  • 1:45pm – Party is over, house is back to normal. The camera keeps creeping on Meg because she’s wearing a bikini top. Meanwhile, Jason in a few others are outside
  • Clay is in the bathroom talking bad about Vanessa to Jackie and Meg. Of course, he’s lying, but he is pretending how bad Van is acting.
  • Jeff and Jackie are talking alone about what Vanessa is doing. They think it’s stupid to alienate 9 people to save 1 (Audrey)
  • Jackie is giving Jeff crap because he has really distanced himself from her, even saying he’d vote her out. She said she’s been nothing but nice about him and it’s making her look stupid
  • 2:15pm – Shelli and Vanessa are upstairs with Clay talking about some things Jeff has said. Jeff has managed to put a little doubt in Shelli’s mind about Clay, so she’s asking him about it
  • 2:30pm – Jeff is upstairs trying to apologize, and Vanessa is having none of it.
  • 3:20pm – Nearly an hour in, and nothing really accomplished.  Such a long, boring conversation between Jeff and Vanessa
  • The talk finally breaks up, nothing accomplished. Jeff is going home
  • 3:50pm – Austin and Shelli join Vanessa to get the re-tell, and now Shelli is off to get Becky to confirm she’d vote for Jeff to go home
  • 3:55pm – Gronk pool party

Check back for more updates


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  1. AIO_7

    I can live with Jeff leaving this week.
    Buh bye, Jeff.

  2. Rita

    Vanessa is going to feel real stupid when she goes back and watches the show and sees she is wrong about Audrey.

  3. danmtruth

    Must give Audrey credit for playing a game that keeps herself a target but always finds a way to get people to turn on someone else Good game

  4. CLangley

    Freaking great!!!!! CBS is out on direct tv!!!!! Ughhhhhhhh

  5. CLangley

    Apparently it was a local channel issue and not necessarily a direct tv issue bc they mentioned it on the news at 10:00 lol. I went to and watched it.

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