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Oh Meg, oh Meg.. I mean, oh Shelli, oh Sh*t

Big Brother 17 – What Will Happen Tonight?

Oh Meg, oh Meg.. I mean, oh Shelli, oh Sh*t
Oh Meg, oh Meg.. I mean, oh Shelli, oh Sh*t

First, let me talk about the CBS episode last night. Wow. I knew something strange was up when they aired the guy calling Shelli to the DR. I thought they were just going to show Shelli’s costume reveal, but it didn’t quite fit the flow. I will say, I did not see the Meg / Clay interaction on the feeds. So, I was taken back about as much as everyone else during that awkward scene. I can easily say if Clay and Shelli remotely had a chance before, it’s pretty much gone now. There is no chance she can trust him after this, can she?  Even though he didn’t actually do anything (except stuff his face in her chest), I am pretty sure he did keep it a secret. Will Shelli believe him when he tells her it was just a game move so she didn’t freak out and blow up the house?  Doubtful.


Moving on with the actually eviction that will happen tonight. Surprisingly, there still isn’t a house consensus on who is going home. Early this morning, James got to learn that the house is leaning on keeping Shelli which is something they don’t want. Jackie, James and not surprisingly Meg want Shelli out of the house. Meanwhile, the rest of the house is leaning towards keeping Shelli, and at this point I can honestly see a 7-2 vote to evict Clay tonight with J/J/M completely surprised by the result.

As I post every Thursday, there isn’t a lot of game talk available as the feeds go up and down as they prep for the live show, but I’ll do my best to get you the latest spoilers if they come out.  I’ll likely create a new thread if anything major develops, but if not, just assume it will be 7-2.

But again, how about Clay and Meg?  Wow.


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  1. Jannie

    The show last night also showed Meg repeatedly drinking wine from a large cup during the Veto comp. She really embarrassed herself with Clay in the bathroom, but I’m also sure she was also pretty buzzed. Clay is an absolute IDIOT for giving up his game for Shelli. It is a perfect example of why the show does not work with “recruits” instead of all applicants who know and love the show. Clay has admitted that he didn’t even know what BB was before he was approached to be in the house.
    I don’t think that James and Co. will be all that surprised if Shelli stays – they know Vanessa is running the votes and are on to her schemes. I am so tired of the way Vanessa plays the game – make a promise, make up a lie, and do whatever you want.
    At least James is straightforward in his decision making – and not afraid to get – well, you know the line (shot). Not counting on Meg for the next HOH, maybe Jackie. Anyone but Vanessa, Shelli, or the evil triad.

    Finally, last night during bowling, I was so sick of Austin’s “commercials” Lame, lame, lame. And what was even worse was Liz’s constant “OK, Austin, it’s time for a commercial!!” She will get everything she deserves in the jury house. Such a “(you know what) tease.”

    As for Steve?? He is insulted that it has been insinuated that he’s a floater. Here’s some news Steve – YOU ARE A FLOATER!! You, JMac, and Becky…pick a side and quit floating to whoever is in power. Would not be upset to see any of them leave. They may seem nice and possibly funny, but they add nothing to the game.

  2. Avatar

    I will probably be bald & need a wig or some of Shelli’s hair extensions by tonight. The suspension is killing me. Things change down to the very last second so I am doing some serious wishing for Shelli’s eviction.
    Danmtruth, does it seem like I’m as obsessed with Shelli being evicted as Austin is with Liz? Nevermind, don’t answer that because I already know the answer. I am. I’ll even carry her bags out for her if she goes home. Doesn’t she miss her dogs poopy & snoopy or whatever their names are. Oh, poopy is Clay but I could care less cause his name is going to be mud when Shelli sees poopyhead with his face in Meg’s boosom. Just go home.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m right there with you Annie. By the time the show gets down to the vote, I’ll have plucked out so many hairs I’ll be bald as an egg. And my poor nails….chewed down to the knuckles. I’ll have to change my name from NKogNeeTow to either Bald Eagle or Nubby 🙂

  3. Avatar

    I, too was totally shocked at the scene with Clay & Meg!! And from their conversation it sounded like this wasn’t the first time! Of course, Meg was a little tipsy from the wine, but still. Clay welcomed her right into his open arms! As much as these house guests make me scream at my TV, I just can’t pull myself away! Guess I’ll stick it out for the remainder of the season and hope that next year will get better. I wish there was an after-season viewing, or something to where we can sit back and watch all of these people watch themselves once it’s all over with! Wonder what Shelli will think when she views the scene from last night!

    • Avatar

      Shelli is going tothrow a tantrum, that’s what Shelli is going to do.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Me either Dobi. I keep trying to go to bed, but just can’t. I’ll be glad when BBAD is over so my life can get back to normal.

      I’d like to get them all in a room together after the show ends, and have them watch all the shows together. Just to see how they react to the things don’t see and hear when they are not around each other. I would loooove to watch the expressions on their faces…lol.

  4. Clangley

    The clay and Megscapade!!!! I was floored!!! I didn’t see that one coming at all. Lol

  5. Avatar

    Too bad they can’t evict both Clay and Shelli tonight. I’m sick of the both of them. GO JAMES……

  6. Avatar

    Meg loves her some Clay. I just dont want to see her get hurt so she had better back up off the drinking & slow her roll on Clay. He’s a young college man & has so much left to do & thats why Shelli is not going to be able to hold on to that young buck after the show.

  7. Avatar

    Am I the only who thinks this cast cries WAY more than any other cast? Seriously they cry nonstop, please stop with the water works already its a game… that being said, I was shocked to see Clay molesting Meg in the bathroom. Wtf was that? he totally smashed his face into her chest. Just didn’t seem right at all

  8. Avatar

    Please, please send Shelli home tonight! I love you site Steve, but I hope your wrong about the 7-2 vote!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I hope so too, but I doubt it. But as my Grandmother use to say, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

      Let’s just keep fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms and whatever else we can find, crossed….hoping that by some divine intervention, the 7 Deadly Sins wake up and see the light when they get in the DR to vote.

    • Jannie

      Anyone else notice that since Shelli and Clay’s nomination and the POV it’s the first time we actuallyl saw Shelli shed a REAL tear?? She’s done a lot of crying with others on the block, but it wasn’t until her butt was up there that we actually saw the salt water roll down her cheeks.

    • danmtruth

      Motor boat city for Clay if he stays

  9. Avatar

    Did anyone notice that James actually put the “veto” back in the box. I have not seen anyone of the others do that. Kudos to James. Hoping he doesn’t get voted out next week.

    • Avatar

      It sure depends on who wins HOH. Anyone of the power group and James is gone next week imo. I would like to see Jmack win and see what he would do with the HOH power now that BOTB is gone and I hope for future seasons as well……

  10. Avatar

    Those tears were not genuine. It took a whole lot of eye squinting & face grimacing to get those couple of drops we saw. Shelli is FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.

  11. danmtruth

    Jannie nailed it perfectly !! So people who don’t understand why scouted contestants hurt the show. This is why
    Ann & NKogNeeTow please no hair pulling Unless it’s pulling Shellis hair extensions
    Ann it’s a thin line between love and madness or love and hate. Me I just love to hate Austin
    Dobi it would be great if Shelli was evicted and in Meg’s goodbye speech she tells Shelli she kiss Clay . And that Clay kiss her back . But It will be Clay going home and Meg breaking down and crying .
    Clangly I almost died laughing at the Megscapade line you hit it on the head!
    Can’t wait for the show tonight . I can always hope Sasquatch Austin turns on Shelli and brings the twins along for a 5- 4 vote . I can always dream . Here’s giving hope to you Lisa Shontz

  12. Avatar

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Shelli will be evicted by a 5-4 vote.

    Voting to evict Clay: Vanessa, Steve, Liz, Julia

    Voting to evict Shelli: Johnny Mack, Becky, Jackie, Meg, Judas

    If they vote the way Vanessa wants them to vote and evict Clay, then they may as well just write her the cheque for $500,000 to add to her millions. And I still can’t figure out how no one in that house didn’t recognize her. I’ve seen her on TV playing Texas Holdem dozens of times.

    • Avatar

      One of them did recognize her but kept it to themselves. I dont remember which houseguest it is though.

    • Avatar

      I’ll go out on that limb with you as long as there’s no water under it if & when it breaks because I cant swim & if you promise we’re going to land on Shelli when we fall, Im all in with you my friend.

    • Avatar

      I know why nobody recognizes Vanessa, the do not seem like the poker player types and watch tournaments. Even tho D was a dealer does not mean she was a player so to speak or participated in any event which Vanessa was in, plus the tournaments are huge, loads of people. I had no idea who Vanessa was either but my brother did as he is interested in Poker and visits Vegas several times a year, if not for him, Id had no idea who Vanessa was or what she had accomplished.

    • Jannie

      I knew who she was right away – she is a big deal in the Poker world, but she is also known as kind of a brat who doesn’t like to lose.
      It is why I have tried to like her this season, but she just keeps pulling crap and acting like she’s playing such an honest game.
      She’s good, but she could be even better if she didn’t let the crazy get the best of her.

  13. Avatar

    I am not surprised by Meg at all as she had made a comment about how hot Clay was at the beginning. She has just stayed away due to Shellie having her hooks in Clay. I would like to see Shellie go just to see what develops between Meg or maybe one of the twins. I think Austin would like to see Clay leave leaving him the dominant male and no threat to his women. Remember he went after Jeff when he caught him under the covers with Liz so he does not want that to happen again if Shellie leaves the house and frees up Clay to play the field again….

  14. Avatar

    Anyone catch Shelli’s comments in AD while speaking to Clay. She was telling him as soon as she saw him she knew they would have something in common, it was not about looks at all she just knew from looking across the room. Ok, if thats true and its not about looks she could have easily connected with Steve or James, Jeff, etc…but no it was the Hottest guy in the house…Shelli, please we can see right through you…its ALL about Clays looks or maybe his mumbling is a turn on……

  15. Jannie

    So the HG’s have been told to put on “athletic wear” for the HOH tonight.
    Who do you think that will favor??

    Becky?? One of the evil twins? Shelli? Clay(if he stays)?
    You would think Austin with all of the working out, but I doubt it.
    Meg is horrible at everything, but maybe Jackie(as a trained dancer) could pull it out.

  16. danmtruth

    It could be a dive into a ball pit and look for items. Or the run thru the Houston breaking balloons to win the HOH. People keep talking about Double Eviction so the game needs to be quick . Along with the POV needing to be over in less than an hour

  17. Avatar

    Meg and Clay was a shocker. If I were Shelli as Clay walks out the door I would Slap the SOB because u know Meg will spill it all. I hope Shelli stays and beats Meg whenever possible. That wouldn’t be to hard Meg is not to bright. JohnyMac was a witness I wonder if he opened his mouth and told anyone about what he saw. James has had the hots for Meg from the beginning. He will not be to happy how she drinks and plays around. James deserves better then her. I know most wont agree with me but the fight to win should be great along with a good old fashion “cat fight”.Take your seats ladies and gentlemen. The night is young

    • Jannie

      Sorry, but I think you are taking these relationships waaaay to seriously.
      Not a fan of either Shelli or Meg, but Shelli has known Clay for all of 6 weeks, she bosses him around like she’s his mommy, and I would bet the farm that they are NOT together for more than 30 days after the game ends.
      And Meg has never given a hint to James that she wants to be more than friends, unlike Liz who has been leading Austin around by his you know what when she knows that she has no feelings for him. If James is offended by Meg’s behavior(I don’t think he is even if he knew) that’s his problem.

  18. Avatar

    If Shelli stays & there’s no post from me tonight, it will most likely be because Im sedated & strapped down to a hospital bed or in a straight jacket on the psych ward in a padded room. Clay is a real certified, bonified fool for wanting to give up his game for Shelli the chipmunk. I am beside myself & past the pulling out of the hair stage. Just let talk to Clay for a minute & tell him “HEY FOOL,,, SHE IS LAYING A GUILT TRIP ON YOU SO YOU WON’T CAMPAIGN AGAINST HER & YOU’RE FALLING FOR IT, HOOK, LINE & SINKER.”

  19. Avatar

    TURN ON THE FEEDS!!!!!!!!! FIGHT!!!!!!!!

  20. Avatar

    I would love for this to be a jump up and down, fist pumping, yahoo kind of night, but I’m sure it’s going to be a slumped shoulder, head shaking, bring on the booze kind when Shelli stays. So depressing.

    • Avatar

      mouse, IF big IFFFF but even IF Shelli stays and anyone other than one of the power group gets HOH could still be good, like Johnny Mac to get it and put up those that kept putting him up or would we see him play to the strong side…could be interesting.

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    Basically vanessa confronted james about clay saying that james said van was in john head. james said he never said it. he ask vanessa if she wanted john to come up so they can resolve it. clay came in and james called him a liar and clay told him t shut the f*** up. then james said whatare you gonna do hit me? clay got in his face. big blow up right now…..

  23. Avatar

    now clay and vanessa is fighting… clay is laughing in her face and she is crying about loyalty

  24. danmtruth

    Vanessa is setting up for the HOH tonight . She once more is playing the victim. Getting people to fight and slip up telling the house things they did not want out. The more people fight each other the less they will watch her. Gets the other players off there game and let’s her direct things. Clay is gone so Vanessa is using him to turn on Johny Mack . This will help solidify Vanessa and Shelli bond

    • Avatar

      That is dead on. Vanessa pulls that same crap right before HOH comp every week & yet not one of them is noticing. WTF is up with these people?
      Im watching last nights show again & Im beginning to think sh*thead, oh, I mean poopyhead (Clay) & the seahag (Shelli) deserve each other.

  25. Avatar

    I have a question. Does any real man want or mind being called poopyhead by his girlfriend? That just does not sound right to me. Maybe Clay wont mind getting doggy treats tossed at him or being told to go fetch. She already snaps her fingers at him.

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