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Big Brother 17 – HoH Round 1 Live



Well, now that the reality has set in that our boy John is out of the house, it’s time to focus on the final 3. Vanessa, Steve, and Liz.  Hmm.. yay?  To be fair, most final 3 are pretty boring, and this is certainly better than Spencer/GinaMarie.

Anyway, the final HoH competition is going to go like this…

Round 1 – All 3 compete in an endurance competition
Round 2 – The losers of the endurance competition compete in a physical comp (usually wall climbing)
Round 3 – The winner of Round 1 and Round 2 face off in a mental comp at the live show next Wednesday


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Here are the updates:

  • 8:45pm – Feeds up. They are sitting on bobbing apples and then slammed into the wall.  Doesn’t seem too stressful, so this one could be awhile – assuming Vanessa doesn’t talk them both into dropping

While we’re waiting, I added my final poll of the season…

[poll id=”7″]
  • 9:00pm – All 3 holding strong so far.
  • 9:15pm – Aside from Steve nonstop talking, all 3 hanging in (literally). I’ll update every 15 minutes unless someone drops
  • 9:30pm – Well, guess I should play some Xbox while I wait
  • 9:45pm – The houseguests look very bored. No drops yet
  • 10:00pm – I’m at the point of playing demos on Xbox.  Still nadda
  • 10:20pm – If I stop updating, that means I’m sitting on my couch zonked. I’ll try to stay awake.
  • 10:50pm – No updates so far. Liz talked about how she’ll never have kids, and can only imagine what it would be like to have balls
  • 11:15pm – I cannot believe nobody is off yet.  I know it’s an easy comp, but wow. Definitely one of the longest endurance comps I’ve blogged
  • 11:50pm – I’m still hanging in there, as are the houseguests.  Vanessa has decided to go into Vanessa mode and talk and talk and talk, while Steve is shutting down.
  • 12:18pm – Steve down.   I have a feeling Vanessa will cut a deal with Liz soon
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa is trying to tell Liz that she should drop because she has a better chance at the second round.  Umm, that’s more of a reason for Liz to stay.
  • 12:32pm – And it worked. Vanessa told Liz she was going to stay for 10 hours and Liz is just ruining her body for the second round (a clear bluff). Liz drops. Sad way to end it for Liz, but she does actually have a shot at beating Steve in r2. She just has no shot at beating Vanessa if she faces her again in r3
  • And with that, it’s bedtime

Check back for updates


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  1. Jannie

    Kind of surprised they are letting us watch this on BBAD

    I think they have have been up there about 20 minutes. Steve is chatting away and all still look good. It is a circus theme and there is a pit of what I assume is suppose to be caramel to dip the apples in.

    This is way better than Pot Ball!!

  2. Colby

    Sorry. Stevebeans. Can’t answer your poll, because at this point I don’t care, except that I hope it isn’t that snotty twin. I could have answered ‘who do you think will win?’. That would be the obvious answer, Vanessa.

  3. danmtruth

    I miss Johny Mack one interesting thing the last few comps. It seem John would find a way to better his odds the magnet board aseem le off the board than when he had it with fI’ll time put it together. He did that on most puzzle comps.
    Nice to see Austin in the jury house still bitter and still not influencing anybody .
    Funny to watch Vanessa AND Steve trying to plant seeds to influence Liz or each other to take them to final 2 Still feel Vanessa will have a big advantage with her ability to persuade the people already on jury Sorry Austin better than you

  4. Avatar

    It was a nobrainer that Vanessa was going to evict jMac. Vanessa can talk a person into wearing a insulated double fur coat in the heat of the summer in 105° heat.
    Lets see who she tries to talk into throwin this comp. Im sure she’ll get around to it before this comp is over. Both Steve & Liz are gullible & believes anything Vanessa tells them.

    • Colby

      The mind control she is able to achieve over people is scary. IMO she could be ranked right up there with Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc. (as she reads her Bible). She is dangerously crazy. They all drink her kool-aid.
      She would fit in well with politicians. LOL
      Hopefully she will use this power for the good person she claims to be.
      Personally, I have my doubts……………..

    • Avatar

      You’re so right. This time it was Liz.

  5. Avatar

    Judas will influence the jury to make sure Vanessa doesn’t win. I am the best big brother player of all time. Vanessa messed up by sending me to jury. All the jury will follow me…………..Hello? Is anybody listing to me!! Hello………anyone……..hello………
    Meanwhile. James, Shelli, Becky and staff say, ” What’s that smell? Yuk. Has anyone seen Austin? Who cares. They all laugh. Damm Vanessa has played a great game. We hope she comes in third or we will have to vote for her to win.”
    BAREFOOT BITTER GORILLA: Judas will make sure that Vanessa doesn’t win. Noone gets over on Judas. If only I could find everyone in this house. They all love me. Everyone loves me.And they will all be jealous when I win America’s favorite player. Then I’m going to appear with Liz on the Bold and the Beautiful. And I’m going to be the WWE champion with in three months. I’m so loved. I’m gonna be rich. And Liz loves me. Vanessa never should have screwed me over. I’m going to throw a huge party in Vegas with my new big brother afp check and she is not invited. Don’t mess with Judas.

  6. Avatar

    If Vanessa becomes bored with poker and its challenge perhaps she should try to be accepted at the FBI Academy in Quantico,VA. Maybe she could work for the BAU!!!!!But in the meantime, use the majority of her money to help with the all of the immigrants fleeing Syria homeless trying to enter any European country and the only things they have is what their wearing and some even lost family members. Now that would be a humanitarian gesture . Give from the heart.

  7. Avatar

    Hey anybody fall off yet does anyone know? I think Liz will bite it first. She looked miserable. Vanessa and Steve were spending their time alternating the BS between them they were fine. Just fine. Piece of cake. Yeah right. I don’t like any of the ones left but I don’t want Vanessa in the F2. Hated to see Johnny Mac go. This next week on BBAD will be very boring.

  8. g8trgirl

    Stevebeans, I wish you had given us a “none of the above ‘ choice. I think people would have been all over that. Lol
    I can’t believe Liz fell (pun intended) fell for it. They never learn.

  9. Elaine

    Once again Austin took his Austin/Judas on the Road tour to the jury house. He is such a jerk to sit there and act like he can control what others do. Quit being bitter and take it like a man….for once. Since the houseguests tended to take a poll, ask for volunteers, or tell someone he/she is being evicted, it was good to see a blindside with Austin….good choice.

  10. Avatar

    If Vanessa and Steve end up in F2..what if after putting so much blood and sweat if Vanessa doesn’t win Big Brother in the end??..that will be a disaster..atleast I as a audience will be very upset…she has played very well mind games and deserves the win..

  11. Avatar

    I do love big brother. But it is so obviously rigged it is almost an insult to the viewers’ that watch it. Vanessa is going to win. She also has a show called “Poker Face” that is going to be coming on cbs soon. The same company that runs Big Brother. They have it set up for her to win to gain more attention for her upcoming new show. Watch and see.

    • ChiKelz

      Lynn, I was hoping the show “Poker Face” was a RUMOR. I did look on the internet and there are several articles discussing “Poker Face, Vanessa, and Big Brother. If this show launches and Vanessa is a part of the show to some capacity I will really be disappointed. I won’t watch it by any means! I can’t stand her! CBS is doing the same thing to the viewers as Vanessa is doing to the house guests “playing them” and taking them/us to be stupid. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth especially after having Arianna Grande shoved down my throat last year. I get it! Business is business and money is money but don’t call it a reality show when it was obviously scripted with a “cast” to ultimately promote another show. I’m really not liking that at all!

    • Avatar

      ChiKelz your absolutely right. They shouldnt label it as a reality show. Because it is beginning to be very obvious that it isnt. Why in the world would Vanessa even be on the show whenever she is already a multimillionaire? I am almost positive it is to promote her and her new show. It takes away the true game and meaning of big brother! But then again we are talking about CBS.

    • Avatar

      I will not watch “Poker Face” either. Not only because I am not a fan of Vanessa. But also because that show will be just as rigged as big brother is proving itself to be.

    • Avatar


      That’s how I fealt last year with Frankie. It seemed he was there more to promote her sister, who I think I read somewhere that she had ties with CBS on some sort of promotional level.

      However, Frankie didn’t win. And so even though Vanessa might have this show coming up, and CBS might be using BB to promote her & therefore her show, I doubt if BB17 has been rigged for her to win.

      Hoping I’m right- it would suck if I’m not.

  12. Avatar

    Colby, I totally agree with you. Vanessa’s mind control over these hg is just unreal. I think she knew exactly what she was doing from day one when was a blubbering idiot crying over missing her girlfriend & it was only the first day. This was all in her master plan. She’s been strategizing since she walked in the BB doors, probably before she even got there. When she ran into her little snags here & there she managed to get passed it.
    She got cast with a bunch of spineless, weak minded people & those who’s minds she controlled best is who she took to the end.
    It made me gag saying all of that but it’s true. I STILL DON’T LIKE HER OR HER GAMEPLAY!!!!

    I would not be a bit surprised if this is the same type of person she is in her everyday life.

    • Avatar

      I can’t believe that anyone thinks the game Van played was set up
      I guess that is what someone like Austy would say. I have watched Big Brother since the beginning and I feel they have too many kids watching now??

  13. Avatar

    I also love Big Brother – for years I looked forward to watching during the summer – and even have my family hooked!! BUT – I am very disappointed in the Poker Face show on CBS starring Vanessa. I have the horrible feeling that we’ve all been had…this has all been a totally scripted season with Vanessa going into the house as the winner. I can’t shake the idea now that I think of how everyone just gave in to Vanessa without so much as a whimper…starting to make perfect sense. So disheartening CBS….I’m outta here!!

    • Avatar

      ReadyHeady, that makes more sense than anything else I’ve heard or thought, as to WHY people have bowed down to Vanessa without any resistance. Except for Becky, who tried to do something about that. This alone is why I think Becky deserves America’s Favorite.

  14. AIO_7

    At this point, I guess I have to be for Steve. He better win the final HoH, though, because ( I think) Vanessa or Liz will take each other.

  15. leafhopper

    I am still hoping that for Van’s “celebrity” or for her own self “promotion” that she ends up throwing the final vote to Steve – if they are the ones in the final 2. I would hate to see her do it for Liz, but Steve yes. I would love to see her tell/ask the jury to vote for Steve because she “has all that she needs and almost everything she wants” – I think this would be the best way for her to promote herself – much better than just winning the game.

    • Avatar

      I would fall over & pass out if Vanessa did that as I’m sure most of us would. I would bet my last dollar that there is no way in hell she would do that. Vanessa steamrolled right over every single person that’s been evicted & did not think twice about it. She lied on people, lied to people, manipulated, bullied, threatened & threw people under the bus & drove it right over them.

      Vanessa, ,, ask the jury to vote for Steve??? YEAH RIGHT!!!

    • AIO_7

      Agreed, Betty; why else would Vanessa have played so hard this whole time.

  16. Elaine

    So if it is rigged by CBS for Vanessa to win, then production will tell each jury member how to vote?

  17. ChiKelz

    I had a thought. Last night when Steevah announced that his balls weren’t hurting him; I told my mother it because he didn’t have any since he can’t seem to stand up to Vanessa!

  18. Avatar

    Do we know who won the second part yet??

  19. Avatar

    I’ve never believed this show was rigged in any way until now. Keep count of your votes while voting for AFP. Today I got 17, two others got 18 each. I had to go to a friend’s to vote because I voted Tuesday night and have not been able to vote on my computer since.

  20. Avatar

    Vanessa is dominating. One of the most dominant BB players in the history of the show. Only chance for Steve and Liz is if the majority of the jury are bitter enough that they would not vote for Vanessa. I don’t see that happening, though.

    • Jannie

      Colby said it earlier…
      It is absolutely amazing the control Vanessa has had in the house.

      I would love for Liz and Steve to compare notes. If they would actually discuss Vanessa and her plans they would learn that she has promised her undying loyalty and a F2 deal with each of them.

      When Vanessa is alone with each of them, she talks game until their heads spin.
      When Liz and Steve are alone…no game talk at all.

      They are so scared $hitless that the other one will tell her that they just keep their mouth’s shut.

      Mind numbing and unbelievable…

  21. Avatar

    Even though this season is rigged(thanks to CBS) I am still going to miss big brother.

  22. Avatar

    Even if Liz & Steve compare notes & find out Vanessa has made the same promise to the both of them, it won’t matter because neither one of them have the balls to do anything about it. Steve would go talk to himself & say what he’s going to do & when it’s time all he’ll do is whatever his master Vanessa tells him to do.
    Now Liz would run right back & tell Vanessa whatever Steve tells her & Vanessa would light into Steve with one of her interrogations & “don’t you lie to me” threats & scare the living shit out of Steve. Then he’ll do whatever she says.

  23. Avatar

    Vanessa is just dominating these people. Not only mentally but physically as well. She mentally breaks them down then lately has been crushing them in competitions. The Vanessa competition beast started when they brought the house guest back and did that swinging game and she just toughed it out. Last night was watching and while Steve was babbling on and on Vanessa was just focused, had better posture and could tell mentally prepared to win. Liz and Steve do not act like they are playing for 500K its more like they are on at grade school having a competition among friends. At this point nothing can stop Vanessa, only Jmac could have by winning the POV and she just blew Jmac outta the water.

  24. Avatar

    Liz and Steve should have worked as a team in these competitions. Liz should have stayed on for 10+ hours making Vanessa either beat her or even possible lose, just exhaust her for the next round and see if Steve could pull it through. These two goofballs not even trying its pitiful to watch, liz coulda started singing huming anything to break vanessa concentration, just talk to here about non sense something other than giving up, fake it say she is weak and tired let vanessa let her guard down a little bit…ahhhhh

  25. Avatar

    Liz and Steve are CLOWNS. Vanessa was smart enough to evict anyone that was mentally and/or physically strong and this is what is left, mentally and physically weak players, who really think they have a chance…dumb and dumber against mad max, lol

  26. Avatar

    Loyd Christmas off Dumb and Dumber…what are my chances. 1Million to 1…. So your telling me I have a chance, LOL………

  27. Avatar

    Well it has been fun, Steve Beans Thanks for everything, really great place to come and chat and catch up on the latest. Thanks for all your time watching the Feeds to fill us in on what has happened and your take on the game. Looking forward to Survivor and Amazing Race….we need a Junkies for those tv shows as well…lol…

  28. Alda

    Just wanted to comment about the voting problem many of us are experiencing for America’s favorite player.Tuesday,no problems.Wednesday and today thousands of people can’t vote!I got through to a guy at CBS BB trouble-hotline at 1-877-211-4367.He said they were well aware of the glitch in the voting process,and are working on it.Here’s the thing a lot of votes are going through but many more are not.Seems unfair and a little fishy to me.So,I said that the only fair thing to do is give each Houseguest $25,000.He agreed,but said it wasn’t his call.I’m just wondering if after Tuesday’s votes CBS didn’t like the outcome the votes were favoring so Bam!now there’s a glitch???HMMMM

    • Avatar

      Alda, I’m one of those people and keep getting email messages that “they are working on it.” Went to a friend’s today and didn’t have a problem voting except it did NOT let me vote 20 times. I’m going to go use the same computer tomorrow and see if it will allow me to vote. That is TWO days of no voting for thousands—-that’s a lot of votes.
      The show has declined, the HG are horrible, and all their so-called twists and turns never materialize. It’s not worth watching anymore. I was so mad last year when they had freaky Frankie on The Talk along with Derrick, that I haven’t watched it again.

    • Avatar

      mouse, I am a relative newcomer to BB having started watching in Season 15. My brother is a Season one viewer and kept asking me to watch but just never did instead watched from Season 1, AR and Survivor. Anyway I was chatting with him and asking him were is all the action. He said these past two season have been rather boring compared to seasons past. I have watched a few of the other seasons on youtube and I agree, compared to some of those wild and crazy seasons, these past 2 are no comparison. I know lots of folks are watching BB due to their ratings but CBS better ramp it up and throw in something great because another season or two like these past 2 seasons and it could be curtains for BB.

    • Avatar

      Well said Monica. I’ve watched Survivor from the beginning and always enjoy how they change things up from season to season. You can never predict what’s going to happen. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for BB. It’s become sooooooo predictable. The producers are just going through the motions of putting out a TV show with minimal expense and effort. How many twists and surprises did we see this year? As I’ve said before, once they lose their diehard fan base, they will be hard pressed to try to get us back. They should hire the producers of BB Canada for a season to shake things up and show the true potential of the show!

  29. Avatar

    I know a lot of people don’t want Vanessa to win. Neither do I! But does she deserve to win ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Sure I don’t like her, don’t like some of her tactics (the constant crying, sobbing, mania, strong arming and bullying) but she has by far played the best game from a purely strategic point of view. Personally I couldn’t stand to listen to her for very long because she rambled on and on and looked like a raccoon on crack. But she is an expert strategist and that’s why she is such a successful and rich poker player. She needs to win to feed her personal need to succeed to win at whatever she chooses to compete in. It’s her nature. I doubt it if she accepts failure very well within herself. I don’t think she is playing so much for the money, cause we all know she has the money, it’s purely for the satisfaction of the win. I wish someone else that I liked like JMac or James would have played a better strategic game than her and sent her home but they didn’t. I always believe that the best player should win not my favorite, not the nicest, not the funniest, and not the one who needs the money the most. It should be be a win for the sole purity of best played game. IMHO

    • Avatar

      You are rite BB Bopper. The win should be on merrits. Not who needs the money the most or who is nicest. If that were the case then Donnie should have won last year BB16. Rite?

  30. Avatar

    What’s wrong with a personal drive to succeed? That’s what this country great. Drive to win! And this is why this country is in decline. Because personal drive to succeed is scoffed upon. Laziness is rewarded with excuses. And handouts. Nothing is free people. Someone has to pay for it. This woman went to Duke and graduated. She went to Miami to study law and GAME THEORY. She has been very successful playing poker in the mostly all boys club. Maybe just maybe she wants it more. And how is it possible that the game is rigged? It would take all 17 players in the house to vote week after week a certain way everytime. And we all know these people can’t keep a secret for more than two minutes. Not to mention the entire production team. A 100 people in production to keep a secret.On top off all of what I mentioned. Give me a fregin break. As for comps. Some comps have been a game of CHANCE. Most on ability. Mental and physical. So you’re saying Vanessa is a scyborge that can’t be beat. Maybe just maybe your saying the game is fixed because it’s not going the way you want. She has dominated every single aspect of the game. Mental, physical and drive to never quit. As for America’s favorite player rigged too. It will be James or Jonny just as every polls says. So there goes that theory.Vanessa has probably played the best game in BB HISTORY. The blindside of Austin was an instant classic. I’d say the best blindside in ever. The monkey wasn’t even wearing shoes he was so confident. Slamming the door on the way out. I know he is an out of work wrestler. But that was not acting. He is not that good. That was genuine disbelief. Everyone loved it because Austin is an over cofident idiot. Was the fix in there too? The people saying this game is fixed this year wouldnt pass a lie detector test. And you know it. The moon landing never happened also rite.

    • Avatar

      Tony: I totally agree with you . There is no way this whole game is fixed. Most of these hg’s would have a hard enough time walking and chewing gum at the same time let alone pull off a long term conspiracy. Do I think it might be possible that production might throw a subtle hint out to a houseguest maybe during a DR session by perhaps asking a question which might lead an hg to think about or question certain things….sure it’s possible. It wouldn’t totally surprise me that they might try to add drama or might even juggle some of the comps around to perhaps build up or spread out the wins. I’m not saying that they do that, but it’s possible. But there is no way that I believe they would risk the public backlash and very probable lawsuits, not to mention loss of sponser revenue if it was determined that CBS was scamming EVERYONE!

      They wouldn’t need to worry about making a show with Vanessa (Poker Face) because it would never happen if there was a scandal of that magnitude around her winning. But that’s just my opinion what do I know 🙂

  31. Avatar

    So where are we on the comps? Has there been another one after last night when Vanessa won? Do we know for sure who is f2 with Vanessa?

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Gang! Didn’t have a chance to watch the show the other night so I had to binge watch Tues/Wed CBS shows and BBAD, today. Watching Asstin get das boot was priceless!

    Watching BBAD now. They are answering live questions from the audience. And it seems that Ms.Vanessa has won HOH (at least that’s what Liz just said at the beginning of the show). So I guess it’s just a matter of who she decides which one goes to the winner’s circle with her huh?

  33. Avatar

    This morning I googled Poker Face and there she was,”Squirrel Eyes” as I refer to her. I’m sorry but she is NOT a humble woman! The more I researched and read the more upset I became. Maybe once upon a time BB was honest but it has become a program that reels you in to watch just like the candidates who give up their jobs,school,etc with no backup with hopes of winning a prize and meeting people. Obviously they were all psychologically tested and discussed many fears hopes and desires. After signing off on a binding contract off they went. BUT little did they know that when Squirrel Eyes was in the DR little hints about the other houseguests were revealed.such phobias,fears,strong suits,lack of strength for endurance purposes,intelligence and the probability to retain information Talk about a set up. No Big Brother for me next year or anytime soon.What we have is a mixture of the average American minus Van whose sole purpose since day 1 was to cry and lie and cry and lie and drive each person crazy by playing on all their weaknesses which she was privey too. So here we are…she will win, collect a big check, and have her own show and if you Van fans wish you can continue to listen to that non-stop voice that is so annoying on Poker Face! Just wait to the jury finds out “after the fact” everything that’s been happening and what fools they looked like to family,friends,and America.I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them had to be sequested for a long period of time in order to accept the fact that they are all fools and just wasted the last 3 months of their life which they’ll never get back.The show has changed too much and the competition is weak and has become less EXCITING. I just don’t understand a person’s morals and don’t tell me its “just a game” BS!!!!! I often wonder what type of producer and staff members can live with them selves knowing what they are doing effects people differently today and forever. How can they live with themselves? AMEN!

  34. Avatar

    Oh Big Brother is still on? I thought the game was over when Austin got evicted.

  35. Avatar

    Dear Tony: are you saying that because she went to Duke she is highly intelligent and attended law school in Miami that makes her more superior than others?Did she pass the bar. If so where. I believe Notre Dame, Un.of NC, Harvard,Yale,Cornell are just as superior maybe even more so. Don’t be so gullible that she and she alone had the capability to overthrow each person on her own. Help from well wishers is always helpful including those behind the scenes. Lie detector test results are not valid for some time. Also anyone could win with help from all those angels surrounding her. She will never go down in BB History as the best player every BUT as the weakest. “Evil Dick” and Dan most certainly.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Guys, why are you letting TONY/RACECAR/WOW (and all his other alias’) upset you? Its the SAME person people. Just read all the comments posted by the others….they all spell ‘right’ as ‘rite’….they all put a period in the middle of sentences…they all spell ‘merit’ as ‘merritt’…they all defend Vanessa to the death…they all repeat themselves in each post…and they all can’t spell worth spit. He suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder…but he amuses me so I give him a pass. I don’t even bother to give him a thumbs down on any of his post under all of his personas….LOL.

  37. Avatar

    There is much hate towards Vanessa, but she did play the game. A good poker player learns quickly how to read people and adjust. The conspiracy theories that people on this site are throwing out are pretty out there. My caveat to that statement is that if CBS already has a show dialed in for Vanessa, I am not happy. Just like I never want to see another Grande in my life; or to give Rachel any airtime (The amazing race with that couple was just too painful…I am racing for money for a baby). So to continue with my diatribe, I don’t want Steve winning because he hasn’t been a power player, just as Liz hasn’t.

  38. Elaine

    Boy the Vanessa chatter keeps going. Folks it is a game and one of those three will be awarded the grand prize. Thank goodness I don’t have to cast a vote…..it would be hard, because I don’t want any of them to win. I don’t want Liz to win, mostly cause I don’t want her to have any money to split with her whiny sister Juuuliaaaahhhh. When I look back at the header of pictures, I imagine what the season might have been like if earlier decisions had been played out. Will look forward to next summer. I have never been in the comment section on this site or any other. I have enjoyed it!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Please come back again next year Elaine. We may be dysfunctional, but we sure have fun 🙂

    • Elaine

      Thx NCog…I enjoyed reading yours and others’ perspectives and insights….good, bad, or otherwise. I live alone, so it was nice for me to share my comments here with others who were watching….and not just yell at the houseguests on TV lol. I vented a lot about the trio….hope the twin twist is done forever…I have had my fill.

    • Avatar

      NKogNeeTow is right, we do tend to let the dysfunction kick in on us but we have a lot of fun. This was my first year posting & I promise I’ll be back next year.
      I’ve made wonderful friends on here & so hate that I won’t be able to talk to you ladies & men til next BB 18 season.
      Is there a site like this for Survivor & The Amazing Race? If so, please let me know cause I’d really love to talk to my new postin friends. If not, I will miss you all so much (Ann, NKogNeeTow, Colby, Mouse, g8trir,l, danmtruth & any of our favorite posters that I may have forgotten.
      Love you all guys & Thanks for having me here with you. Please let me know if we can gather again for Survivor &Amazing Race.

  39. Avatar

    So, I haven’t posted much this season but I’ve just got to tell y’all this…I was watching the live feeds Wednesday and the camera was on Van and Steve. He was sitting on one bed and she was laying in the other bed talking about how she didn’t know who she was going to evict. She said that she may make them play rock, paper, scissors, and she would keep the winner. Then she says to Steve, “Would you kill me if I stood up there and made you chose who to evict.” Steve got up and started pacing, and was completely stressed at the thought of it. Of course he said that yes, he would kill her. She laughed at him with a very cold, mean-girl laugh. I’ve thought all season that she is a bully but this sealed the deal for me. Steve is so much younger than she is and he doesn’t have the people skills to know how to handle someone like Van and she completely took advantage of him (obviously few people in the house knew how to handle her). This is a perfect example of scenarios she presents to people to force them to do what she wants…therefore, I am not a fan of her as a person.

  40. Avatar

    It’s Friday and I haven’t been allowed to vote since Tuesday night. Voted at a friend’s house yesterday, went back this morning, and guess what? Not allowed to vote there either. Yes, I waited the 24 hrs. I’m thinking only the ones voting for certain people are being blocked.
    Sent a nasty email to CBS, which will not be read. Will receive the ‘stock’ reply—we are aware of the problem and working on it. Yea, right.

  41. Avatar

    Quit watching when Jessie & Frankie showed up,
    had already lost interest when nobody was smart or strong enough to get rid of 1. running the show Vanessa 2. Whinny bitchy Liz
    Casting this year was soooo obvious…..represented all sexual orientations, all races, throw in a nerd or two, couple mean girls, couple people who don’t need the money; (dentist, love him, gambler V), 2-3 hard-core fans, fame whore Austin ( at least not as obnoxious as Frankie)….and then for good measure….bring back fame whores Jessie and Frankie for us to endure AGAIN and AGAIN!
    Austin may be a sweet man but his body was so repulsive undressed all the time and fawning over Liz, touching her with those puppy-dog pitiful gazes…..I tried hard to not shudder and gag at every encounter but finally had to hit mute and record each program so I could fast-forward through the puke sessions….

  42. Alda

    I just called CBS again and it was the same bull as yesterday.They are working on it.I do speak to someone each time but it doesn’t matter.As far as this season goes,it’s like having a room full of English speaking people compete against one Lithuanian,in Lithuania,and all the directions are in Lithuanian.I wonder who wouid win in the end???Come on now!

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