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I miss Liz

Big Brother 17 – Nomination Day Live Updates

I miss Liz
I miss Liz

Another Friday in the Big Brother house, more nominations who will likely still be in the house come Thursday evening after eviction. 3 out of the 4 evictions so far have been backdoors, so I would not be surprised to see another this week. Who will it be?  Right now, my money is on Austin, but at this time last week, I felt Audrey was 100% safe. The period between nominations and PoV is usually a while one where anything can happen.


The house had an early wakeup call today, so I expect nominations sometime pretty soon (it’s 9:30am in the house), so I’ll get right into it…

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  • 9:30am – Jackie and Vanessa have been talking quite a bit this morning. Vanessa is still trying to reinforce her decision to get rid of Jeff was more of a last minute and personal thing.
  • 9:40am – Well, feeds down for Jeff loops. Nomination time already?
  • 12:00pm – Sorry for the delay, had to bring the wife somewhere and it took a lot longer than expected.  Anyway, nomination results:
    • Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay
    • Jackie nominated Liz and James
  • So, the plan to get Austin is well underway, and he still doesn’t realize it. He pretty much expected Liz to be in trouble at some point, so he probably thinks he needs to win the veto to save her.  The funny part is, if they are both in the finals for the veto, he’d likely throw it to her even though it’s much smarter to win it so they both have safety.
  • The plan to put Becky and Clay up is they’re both pretty strong and smart, so they have a better chance at beating Liz and James. Why James went up and not John is probably because they didn’t want to make it obvious that Liz/Austin is the actual target.  I did find it odd that Vanessa asked again now that the dust settled whether or not James threw that veto comp (the fashion one).  He still denied it which I think sealed his spot as just a weak player who should be up next to Liz.  Pretty smart moves overall
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa and Jackie are in the HoH going over strategy.
  • Vanessa is telling Shelli that Austin voted for Audrey to frame Clay
  • Vanessa and Shelli have figured out that Austin is the saboteur this season!  Well done, ladies.  Who knows, based on the how they BBTakeovered the BBTakeover (yes, it’s a verb now), maybe Julie forgot to tell us about this twist.
  • 1:15pm – Shelli is done her bash session with Austin. Vanessa is doing a really good job making him out to be the bad guy already. She’s even talking about his weirdass alter ego ‘Judas’ and how she should have figured he was a villain from the start. She’s good.
  • People are now quiet and some are napping before the botb
  • 3:15pm – John is sitting alone, while Austin is roaming the house. Most still sleeping. Botb shouldn’t be very long now
  • 3:30pm – Liz and Austin are taking. She realizes Clay is on the block to win botb. Liz came back in the house, so he’s catching her up on the situation. Austin thinks people believe Steve was the kinky vote, but Vanessa is certain that vote was Austin
  • Liz’s face when Austin told her what he told Jason
  • 4:30pm – Jackie and Vanessa are in the HoH room chatting. Guess what the other feeds are on…… yes, Austin and Liz!
  • Austin “Why was Julia hitting on Johnny Mack? She’s spending so much time with him, it’s weird!” – Yea, bro. It is weird. Like you and Liz.
  • Austin “The target is Steve. It’s no big deal. Why would they want me to be mad going for HoH next week?” – He’s in for a shock when he won’t be there to compete
  • Meg is called into DR. Botb likely starting shortly
  • 4:49pm – Feeds down for botb
  • 6:23pm – Feeds still down
  • 6:56pm – Feeds back up
    • James and Liz won the Botb.  Liz is safe and Julia will enter the house this Thursday
  • Vanessa and Shelli need to tell Liz at some point about Austin’s plan on trying to get Julia out, but they want to wait a few days
  • Vanessa said Austin is suspicious because James tried to throw it, and is acting pissed
  • 7:45pm – Vanessa is re-telling the Austin being pissed to Meg and Jason
  • I guess Austin made a big reaction when Liz won, so the three of them are chatting about their showmance.
  • 8:45pm – A few people are having a steak dinner outside tonight, I guess part of the botb competition. It sounds like both teams will be there because they are telling James he may be asked why he seemed so sad about winning.  I am going to go away for a bit, be back later!
  • 10:45pm – Took a small break, Clay, Vanessa, and Jackie are talking about the botb competition. I forgot to report that Jackie is not wearing a bra, and the camera guy clearly enjoyed that.
  • 11:30pm – Off to bed, PoV tomorrow!



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  1. danmtruth

    Karma would be served if Jackie went along with Vavessa and plan to back door Austin.Play along with her . Listen and do all the moms as Vanessa thinks Than blow things up and backdoor Vanessa

  2. Avatar

    SO confused! As of now, Vanessa’s nominations, Becky and Clay, are supposed to ‘win’ the BOB and Jackie’s nominations, James and Liz, are supposed to throw the BOB so either Steve or Austin can be back doored. I thought Steve was Vanessa’s rat? Vanessa does/does not want to remain HOH—depends on who she is talking to I guess. Not a good move for James to agree to being on the block! I don’t trust these people at all. It depends on the real Liz and what she thinks/wants to do. I think James could be in real trouble this week, especially if Austin wins POV!

    • Jannie

      I think if the noms remained the same(if, by chance Austin won POV) it may be a tie, with Jason, Becky, Meg, and JMac voting to keep James. Clay, Shelli, Austin and Steve( who knows?) voting to keep Lix. In that scenario it would fall on Jackie, who would for sure keep James.
      It would draw a line in the sand as to where the allegiances lie…may be a good thing! Would love to see the twins leave.

    • Avatar

      It would never end in a tie vote because there will be 9 people voting if Jackie stays HOH, dethroning Vanessa. And Vanessa, clay and shelli are on board to get rid of liz. I like that the 6th sense are trimming there own fat.

    • Jannie

      Oh yeah, I forgot about the dethroned HOH. Wow things change fast I the house. Last night Vanelli wanted to turn Liz against Austin and use the twins. Glad they are willing to dump her.
      I heard Liz is now back in the house(right before BOB) and Julia is out. Of course, Austin was pacing around the DR and started pawing at her as soon as she came out – geez, he’s going to ruin any chance she had to win BOB.

  3. jimbo

    Im not so sure I but that Vanessa will slip to the final two, ala Derrick, as you suggested. The thing with Derrick was that you never really saw him pull the strings, yet he pulled all of them. That’s why I rank him second all-time to Dr. Will. Vanessa, if anyone has a brain, is constantly pulling strings (and talking!), so I can’t believe no one catches on. Unless they are stupid — and that’s possible.

    • Jannie

      Not only possible, Jimbo, but probable.

      Sadly, the secret six are the only ones in the house who really talk game. Yes, Vanessa does talk and scheme too much, but she always manages to deflect her own decisions onto everyone in the group.

      The rest are just hoping to make it to jury…not win $500K

  4. jimbo

    *Im not so sure I believe that Vanessa….. (I gotta start reading my posts before hitting POST!)

  5. Clangley

    Finally things are getting exciting!!!!!!

  6. Jannie

    Not to take anyone away from stevebeans but…
    The Big Brother Network just posted an excellent exit interview with Audrey. She seems to be rational, sane and explains her behavior as well as thoughts on the other HG’s

  7. Avatar

    And here we all dreaded the idea of the 6th Sense slowly picking off the others for complete domination of the house. This really really helps my pick for BB17 winner of Meg. #hideuntilyouwin

  8. Jannie

    I have also thought for awhile that Vanessa will take it. I enjoy Becky more than Meg, at least she cleans the house.
    I did like Meg, but her constant flirting and giggling is getting on my nerves.
    Vanessa, Jason, and Becky for final three.

  9. Avatar

    I’ll only believe it when I see it, but if it happens, it will really be enjoyable to watch such a confident player get backdoored. And better still, imagine if it is one of the vote with the house votes ? He will be devastated that Liz votes with the house, and not him.

  10. Avatar

    I hate when people (like austin) act like they are some sort of huge comp threat when they have won no comps. No one is worried about you winning hoh. I would be more worried about the wrath of shelli if clay went home! She has actually won comps!

    • Avatar

      Well actually he is quite good in competitions, he won the 3rd HOH and he would have won the 3rd veto if he didn’t throw the competition so johnny mac would win the veto so vanessa had to nominate jeff because he didnt want the nominations to stay the same. So I don’t know what show you’ve been watching but he is a competition threat!

    • Avatar

      Yeah, he flung a ball into a random cup. What skill that was.

  11. Avatar

    OMG I can’t believe Liz and James won the BOB, maybe Liz won by herself like Frankie did before.

    Now this makes things super interesting, I hope so bad that Becky wins the veto. Then Vanessa will have to nominate Austin because the house could vote out Clay if she nominates a floater.

    This week just became incredible. I’m gonna be reading the blogs with excitement everyday haha

  12. Avatar

    How many HG have Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa told/asked to go on the block and be pawns? Now poor little Clay is on the block and it’s the end of the world. Blaming James because he didn’t do a good enough job acting? Somehow it’s always someone else’s fault when things don’t go as they planned. Big deal. They should have gotten Liz the moment she came out of DR and filled her in. They can still pull one HG down and put up Austin unless Liz somehow messes it up.

    • Avatar

      I agree Liz would be the only one to mess it up since the whole house seems onboard. And they couldn’t have been first to get to her since Austin was sitting outside the door. I’m not sure what to think about Liz and Austin’s relationship at this point. I think Steve’s picture of them in bed says it all, but she jumped in his arms after she won today. The others don’t think Julia told her anything, but I suspect that she does know the plan, and why, and is doing a really good acting job so he doesn’t catch on. But since they have opted not to tell her until after POV, I think she is going to have to tell them that she knows first. Then again, I did think Julia telling them that ‘they’ needed to fill Liz in on things was odd because they have all done a very good job of doing that. Maybe production isn’t allowing them to share info upon switching anymore. Or, I could be very wrong, lol. Just thinking out loud. This is Big Brother (and Vanessa) so things can change in a heartbeat. Guess we will see. I would be very happy if Austin left. I have never liked him.

  13. danmtruth

    Could be a bad week for Becky unless someone wins and uses the POV. That could open up a good backdoor . Austin would probably pull to target John. Once more his Liz blindness will have him try to make a dumb move thinking he is still a power broker. Than Vanessa has some decisions . Does she eliminate an unstable ally in Austin Knowing they will have Liz twin Julia join the group. Or has happen too many times . Someone upset her and she goes after them instead My vote goes for the Austin / judas eviction

  14. danmtruth

    It seems the true Liz is coming out. She is getting very manipulative with Austin . This cannot sit well with Vanessa. With the way things change so fast with who the sixth spence targets not many are safe. As someone pointed out the sixth sense specifically Vanessa, Shelli, And Clay have ask people to go up as pawns. You would think people would start to worry as numbers go down . Sooner or latter a pawn will be sacrificed . How many people can be promise safety to the jury house?
    As one of the house guest mention . The double eviction should be happening soon. Stevebeans might you be lucky enough to see that when you go out this week? Do they do that just before jury starts . Or a week after. I also hope they bring a jury member back and let them be safe for a week

    • Avatar

      I forgot about the double eviction.

      Imagine if Austin goes this week, and then a have not nominates Shelli and Clay, or both the twins the same night ? That would be fantastic !

  15. Avatar

    Today’s Veto comp is so big. Either Steve or Austin will be the replacement nominee, by the sound of things.

    And it seems the majority of the house will go for Austin leaving. Liz has Austin so convinced that she is with him, but I am sure as soon as Vanessa tells Liz about Austin’s plan to get rid of Julia, that she will be really happy to have the excuse to get rid of him, and bring her sister in to the house fulltime.

    It may have been quiet leading up to now, but this is getting very exciting. It’s like a good book or movie. Introduction of characters. A little bit of story, then introduce some conflict to stir things up.

    This week is perfect timing, as Austin can leave, and Julia will enter. Liz used Austin as a puppet to keep her and Julia safe. In my opinion, the twin twist has been a success. It just needed some time to play itself out.

  16. Avatar

    Hoping POV is used on Becky! Vanessa switches victims way too easily and she doesn’t like Becky. Good plan to back door Austin, BUT the best laid plans often don’t work out. What is up with Liz?

    • Avatar

      She is playing it like a poker player.

      Go after some of the weaker players first, and if along the way you can trap a good player when they make a little mistake, then you destroy them. After that, get back on track to getting rid of another couple weak players.

      Having said that, I am really really surprised that she has Austin on her radar. I truly believed she was using Jackie to eliminate a have not this week.

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