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Big Brother 17 – Nomination Results



Good morning, Junkies.  As most of you know, the feeds were supposed to be down for 14 hours yesterday, but they were actually down for 16! Weee. I’m glad I didn’t stay awake until 3am to find out the results, because I would have been extremely disappointed.  Not just because the feeds did not come back up for 2  hours later, but because nothing really seemed to happen.

When they announced the feeds being down for so long, most people expected they were simply going to rush the house through a week of stuff to prepare for Monday’s taped eviction (which will air on Tuesday).  I thought the feeds were going to come back up with Vanessa freaking out about something, the nominations set for the week and madness going on (haha, who am I kidding? That stuff only happened the first 3-4 weeks of the season).

Instead, I am putting the pieces together that the only thing that took place were nominations (Steve and John), and Liz took Vanessa out of the house for her reward (or punishment, depending on how you look at it). Apparently the ‘luxury comp’ was a trip to the Ariana Grande concert with none other than Frankie Grande.  I seriously think if I won that reward, I would instantly play sick and see if someone else could go in my place. An evening hanging out with Frankie is bad enough, but to see Ariana?  No thanks. (Sorry, Ariana fans)


Back to the game.  Why Steve and John?  I haven’t quite put that together yet, but I assume it means Vanessa took Liz and Austin’s word seriously that they’d throw the first round of the final 3 should they make it. I actually think getting Steve out is probably the better game move for Vanessa anyway, seeing as he’s really her biggest competition right now, but if she can actually lock away a deal in the process, she may as well. While Austin and Liz say they won’t actually honor that deal, I don’t buy it. Liz may not, but Austin would, and I am pretty sure Vanessa knows that. I took her ability to read people for granted once, I’m not doing it again.  If she thinks going with the caveman and the dimwit is a good choice, she’s probably right.

John apparently is trying to make his own side deals with the lovebirds, as he offered to throw the PoV competition if they vote to keep him. Pretty tempting offer, and I’d be surprised if they don’t take him up on it.  So, between Steve being Van’s biggest competition, and John offering deals to stay, I’d say right now the only thing keeping Steve in the house this week is if he wins the PoV.   Again, this is all too early to tell considering the feeds only came up a few hours ago, and I was sleeping through that period, but I’ll get a better feel of the house throughout the day, and especially after the veto competition.

I’ll be starting a live feed thread in a few hours


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    Vanessa is going to win it all. She is stealthy and she is very smart she has played both sides of the house and the house can’t seem to catch on and get her out if they don’t get her out by Wednesday she will take it all.

  2. Avatar

    When do we get to vote on America’s Favorite?

  3. Elaine

    I agree with a comment on a previous thread. If the ratings are good and people subscribe to the feeds there is no incentive for production to ramp up their game. They will continue to cast the same “types” of people, which have been similar for several seasons, toss in a few non-twists here and there, then sit back and rest on their laurels. Is really a shame though.

    • Avatar

      @Elaine, and others…YOU can do something! Go to CBS.COM, and at the bottom of the website page there is a Button that says: Broadcast Feedback, CLICK IT! And write to CBS I have, and so have lots of other folks who are fans of Big Brother, and sick & tired of the same old, same old!

  4. AIO_7

    I wonder if Vanessa and Liz got to meet the Frankie’s mumbling half sister after the show.

  5. Avatar

    I’m confused. If Vanessa was so worried about pissing off people and losing potential jury votes, why would she turn on Steve and JohnnyMac like that? With AusTwins she’s guaranteed to be on the bottom but with John and Steve I thought it was less of a risk. I guess we’ll see how this plays out. Maybe she’s thinking John/Steve will respect her gameplay more than AusTwins would.

    • leafhopper

      Josh, I was thinking that her best move would have been putting up one from each alliance. But, with the feeds down yesterday we really don’t know what she said to Johnny and/or Steve before she put them up. Im thinking that she probably told them that she is predicting a mental POV and they have a better chance to win and she will throw it (thus keeping blood off of her hands). When either Steve or Johnny wins she will put up either Liz or Austin and tell them that one of them are her real targets.

  6. Jannie

    Of course Johnny will make a deal to throw the POV – throwing comps is the only game move this guy has…

    JMac may be a fan favorite because of his laugh, but this guy has no business going to the final four. Sorry, but I can’t respect a player who does nothing but throw comps. Seems to be the guys only strategy.

    And Austin and Liz can’t promise to keep him – they made the deal with Vanessa that SHE gets to decide who leaves…right?? That’s why Liz got to stay. If they go back on that, they will be facing the wrath of Vanessa. She will manipulate them until they cave and vote her way.

    I hope that Steve wins the POV.

  7. Avatar

    I honestly hope that John is not stupid enough to even OFFER to throw the POV or even throw it at all period because if he throws it honestly he can say hello to jury house and heck if Steve wins POV it’s still game over for John. I want to see Austin squirm a little or better yet even leave. Vanessa is taking the coward way out as I thought she would; for her to win she needs to get rid of the ring leader aka Austin out because Liz is already off her game now that Julia is gone kick her while she’s down or even better get rid of Liz. Basically in the jury house both the twins are a throwaway vote except for maybe Austin.

  8. Avatar

    I would rather eat tainted &/or somewhat mildewed & fetid SLOP for a week, than leave the house with Frankie to see his lip-syncing, doughnut-licking trollop of a sister ‘perform’.

  9. Avatar

    Its sad to say & I gag as I say it but Vanessa has this season won. Everybody is scared to go against her. They all talk a boat load of crap behind her back & say what they will do but then smile in her face & kiss her ass because they’re affraid of her. Too bad because if they all had enough sense they could all band together & get rid of her. That should’ve been done a long ago.

  10. Avatar

    I would use Vanessa’s own tactics on her to get rid of her. Lie, cry, manipulate, backbite, backstab & then just when Vanessa thinks she’s safe, put her ass on the block & vote her out. It won’t happen though because they’re all a bunch of idiots.
    Spending an evening with Frankie would be llike nails scratching across a chaulkboard. I wouldn’t want to go to Arianna’s concert even if it were free. Why didn’t Liz take Fingers (Austin) with her instead of boss lady Vanessa? Did Vanessa threaten her or did Liz think it was safer to keep her enemy right by her side so she (Vanessa) couldn’t scheme & make plans if she had taken someone else?

    • Avatar

      BettyBoop: Ohhhhh girl snap…Fingers Austin! That is too funny. I was thinking the same thing as to why she took Vanessa but I think you nailed it. Liztin decided it was safer to keep her in their sights.

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