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Big Brother 17 – Nominations and Battle Blogging



It is nomination day, and things are not looking too good for my fellow Masshole, Jason. Even though he didn’t give me any shoutouts, it’s hard not to pull for the local guy, so it’s kind of sad to see him being a target. That said, it isn’t much of a shocker. Until the power group turns on itself, the Da’Vonne side of the house is slowly being picked off on by one, and Jason just falls next in line apparently.

Now, let me just point this out before talking about the competition today. Big Brother seriously needs to change up the battle of the block. I don’t remember a time it has been ever used as intended, unless it was designed to see who can be the worst at competitions. What was it designed for at all?  To target the strong? Definite fail. To target the floaters? If so, it hasn’t worked out well for that.  Most of the strongest and/or entertaining players have been booted early the past two seasons of this twist.

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Ok, here we go….

  • 9:40am – Austin, Vanessa and Clay are deciding who to put on the block. That isn’t a typo. The actual HoH (Shelli) is just freaking out and saying things like “I am hearing voices but I cannot understand what you guys are saying. I’ve had no sleep, etc”. Liz is just off in Liz World, so Austin is basically coaching her through her pick.
  • Either way, it sounds like they’re making far too big a deal out of it. They have multiple options to safely pick. Literally 95% of the strongest players in the house are in the same alliance. It almost makes no difference which ‘other side’ goes home this week (from their point of view). Jason, Meg, Steve, James, or even Becky. 5 super easy options, but they’re so confused.
  • Yet, Clay is asking John to be nominated and throw the battle of the block AGAIN. STOP! Argh.
  • Just after I posted that, feeds went down for nominations.
  • 10:30am – I am heading  out for an errand, shouldn’t take too long. Will update when I return
  • 12:30pm – Ok, I’m back. Nominations are complete. Here they are:
    • Liz: James, Jackie
    • Shelli: Jason, John
  • There you have it. Local boy Jason is clearly the target as he sits there with Pawn, err I mean John. James and Jackie will be pushed to win the Botb and be safe this week, but you never know if that will happen. I don’t think Jason is going to throw it in like James did last week, so maybe he’ll pull a Frankie and win it by himself.
  • Shelli is talking about how frustrating it is taking to Audrey lately. She feels she has to keep repeating herself
  • Shelli is telling Clay that she told Johnny to win the botb if he can.
  • 1:11pm – Shelli has been venting to Clay about Audrey for awhile now. I don’t understand, if Audrey is such a big deal, why not get her out?  Is Da’Vonne on to something?
  • 1:22pm – Headache, need power nap. Be back shortly. Botb should be coming up soon anyway
  • 3:30pm – I left, Clay and Shelli were in bed talking to Jason. I came back, Clay and Shelli are in bed talking about random stuff.  Are they going to move this week if she keeps power?
  • Scrolling back at the twitter feed,  it looks like the afternoon was spent on Shelli or Liz.  I guess the rest of the house may have been sleeping.
  • 4:25pm – The pawn is up talking to Clay and Shelli in their HoH room, while the HoH (Vanessa) is advising the puppet HoH (Liz) on moves.
  • 5:15pm – Just got back from getting a coffee, feeds on Jeff loops meaning likely BOTB competition going on. Should take at least an hour, maybe 3
  • 6:45pm – Feeds still on Jeff loops. Competition still going on.
  • 7:15pm – Feeds back, results:
    • James and Jackie won the battle.
    • Liz de-throned.
    • Jason and John remain on block
    • Shelli Remains as HoH
  • 7:30pm – Apparently the losing trio got pagers and have to do some type of performance when it goes off. This prompts John to talk about his residency at the hospital with Becky (who tells him he has her vote)
  • 8:00pm – James is upstairs in the HoH room telling Shelli that Audrey is pissed at her for using Jason as a scapegoat or something (his words)
  • They continue talking, and Shelli says Audrey is forcing her to use the backdoor on her if the situation comes up. I guess Shelli told Jason something at some point.
  • Right before the BotB competition, Audrey went up to the HoH room and told Shelli she had a dream about her doing something but couldn’t get into it because the competition begins.  It’s funny because Audrey has a lot of dreams, but this is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Audrey is driving Shelli crazy worrying about being put on the block that it may end up with her going on the block.
  • Shelli is now re-telling Audrey’s dream to Vanessa
  • 9:30pm – The Big Brother house’s friday night is about as exciting as mine. Everyone is just kind of laying around. Shelli and a few others napping in HoH room, Vanessa and Liz on the other feed
  • 10:15pm – The nap hour is over I guess.  They’re awake in the HoH room and Meg/James are chatting in the bathroom
  • 11:00pm – Houseguests roaming around kitchen, many trying on one of the wigs they got from the competition today. I guess it was a 90’s theme and Clay was ‘Clay Cobain’

With that, I am off to bed. Updates tomorrow


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  1. Avatar

    I will be so happy when the 6 sense turns on each other!!! They expect others to be pawns and trust them.

  2. Jannie

    Thanks for having this site, stevebeans. Your insight in always most in line with my thinking and I like to see a lot of us returning year after year. I sent you a little something for your trip – have fun in LA!
    Hope this season isn’t going to be run by the “Sixth Dense” (not a typo) alliance. Would like to see Jason stay as he is more entertaining and perceptive.
    The wild cards are JMac and Steve – although they tend to go with the power, what they are really thinking is still a mystery. Please let at least one of them win HOH next week.
    If Dizz allows Brutus(Judas) to pick her noms and continues to flirt, things will get worse for her. Will Julia go along with the Brutus dominance?? I can’t keep the twins straight – neither one seems to be able to make a clear decision on their own.

    • danmtruth

      Power flirt of Liz is getting annoying . The brain power is not the greatest with the sixth sense Vanasa has been very concistent in getting everyone of her reads of people WRONG Austin is clueless to things happening around him. All he is interested in is promoting himself. He was so proud of fooling and playing Jeff that he failed to see how others seem to see thru him Just how long can the sixth sense put up with each other

  3. Avatar

    John throwing the competition is going to come back and bite him in the butt eventually. I would ask, “If this is supposed to be a pawn/safe position, why don’t you put up one of your buddies?” I know he feels like he has to do it, but man….. Shelli and Liz need to throw everyone out of the HOH and choose their own nomination. Wish they would do away with the stupid double HOH and Botb.

    • Renee

      I agree Mouse. I would like to see them change it up so the HOH only has one hour to make their decision and during that hour have no communication with the other houseguests and not allowed to talk to 2nd HOH. Really make a decision on their own and accept any consequences that come with it. I’m tired of hearing how much “blood they have on their hands”. I really wish they would stick to the rules too and not allow them to tell someone they are nominating them. We are once again let down another season with the promised twistiest season ever. Years ago I wouldn’t miss an episode for anything and paid for feeds. Now I rely so much more on this blog and one other one and if something sparks my interest, I go back and watch it on my dvr.

    • Avatar

      I agree this whole battle of the block is ruining the game. it used to be when someone was crowned head of household they stayed at his house hold but now I have no idea who is going to be head of household so every week its frustrating. when it was just 1 head of household you pretty much knew how the week was going to go but now I have no idea how the week is going to go. I also feel like they are choosing the head of household between themselves so even if Audrey was to become one of the HOHs her team will throw the BotB. not. I want Audrey to win HOH but come on it would make for a very interesting week. I am a super fan of Johnny’s and I am afraid that says throwing the competition is going to bite him and the butt too. One of the biggest rules of Big Brother is the ponds go home. I think it’s a matter of time before the pond goes home and that would suck it it was Johnny because he is the only one I actually like in the house right now.

  4. AIO_7

    Just a question, and I don’t mean to offend; but did anyone else hear Meg fart on live TV when Jeff bear hugged her after he was evicted?

  5. Jannie

    Hoping that Jason and JMac can win the BOB. JMac had better not throw it this time – it would not be in his best interest. As mouse said earlier, it will come back to bite him eventually. With Shelli dethrowned, it would fall on Dizzy Liz to be the HOH. I don’t know if her brain could handle all of the others throwng ideas and info at her and on top of that, creepy stalker Austin trying to make the moves.
    Please win Jason and JMac!!

  6. Avatar

    Everyone is really underestimating Jackie. She’s one of the strongest if not THE strongest in the game. She’s not playing with anyone.. She’s not teamed up with anyone. She doesn’t trust a single person and she’s extremely smart. She needs to be the number one target this week! After watching her be fake with everyone then tell Jeff she doesn’t trust anyone really shows her true intentions in this game. And that’s to win. Get her out before it’s too late!
    Jason is extremely smart too. While I like him.. I think he needs to go. The closer we get to the top, the more unbeatable he will be.
    I love Johnnie Mac and I’m rooting for him. I love Audrey but she needs to shut her mouth. She’s such a female lol!
    Vanessa is awesome but I think she’s stumbling over her own feet. She’s so wrong about what she’s guessing and she really thinks she’s right. It’s crazy to watch.
    I think clay and shelli are going to make it to at least the top 5. Shelli is extremely smart and will carry clay to the end. He’s not exactly bright.

  7. Avatar

    I’m really anxious to see how this alliance gets broken because we all know it will. I think Vanessa and Austin will break off from clay and shelli. Austin is actually really smart and hasn’t gotten caught in a single lie. But tells lies all the time. He’s a master manipulator and I wouldn’t mind seeing him take this home. He’s weird but he’s good at this game.
    Liz and Julia are only fun to watch because of the twin twist. Other than that, they’re dumb and flat. Not intelligent at all and isn’t entertaining until they switch. Maybe it’ll spice things up when they’re both playing at the same time.

    • Jannie

      Jason is onto Austin’s lies, unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to win anything to do anything about it. Jeff was also aware that Austin was deceptive and told both Jackie and Dizzy Liz to watch out for him.
      Because the alliance of 6 has been able to control the game so far, there’s not much that anyone else has been able to do. Just hoping someone else can get some kind of power or HOH next week to send one of the six packing. If not, they are all just sitting ducks.
      Austin is going to crack because he can’t keep his emotions in check when it comes to Dizzy Liz.
      And all of the 6 are so paranoid! As Stevebeans pointed out, they just sit up there are create scenarios and guess at other alliances and votes and most of the time they are dead wrong.

  8. Avatar

    I HATE btob! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!! You basically just throw up 3 floaters and ask one of them to throw it, which they do because hello, floaters! Meanwhile your actual target has basically no hope of winning it cuz they are stuck with side thrower. To me, it takes away from the strategy instead of adding to it. I really hope Jason manages to win this one!! Johnny mac, please be the cool dude I know you can be and help him win it! And for the love of god just go with the house and get rid of audrey! She isn’t helping anyone’s game, and she obviously isn’t even a vote! If you let her get to jury, you are crazy! She is gonna be a bitter Betty in the jury house I guarantee it!

  9. Avatar

    I am so bored this season…I’m not even kidding. I used to look forward to watching Big Brother – now it’s just the same season over and over and over again. I miss the Evil Dicks and the Janells and Chilltown. No one else has captivated me like that!! CBS you are losing me…and I’m sure I’m not alone!! I wish these houseguests would play the game they came to play and quit playing and voting as a group. Take chances and make the big moves without worrying if you get blood on your hands. Fight to win comps and strategize!! Ughh.. rant over 🙂

    • Avatar

      The BOTB is screwing up making big moves imo. How can someone attempt to make a big move only to be put right up on the block themselves? Therefore, we are left with the HOH’s working together, still hard to believe cbs brought that back this season.

  10. Avatar

    oh no BB is starting to get in that lame phase like it did last year. The same folks keep getting put up by the same folks, lol…no shift in power over the next 2 weeks and it will be a hum drum summer, with Clay, Shellie, Vanessa, Austin running the show. I thought Meg was weak and her voting for Jeff proved it and solidified with this weeks nominations, she just going along with those named above, can’t rock the boat, oh heaven forbid we have some excitement and try to form some new alliances.

  11. Avatar

    This is turning into ‘Bully Brother’, picking on all nerds, for what, to feel better? Liz/Shelli, should go after the big fish now before the sardines are no longer.

    Vanessa she is a wreck of a woman causing unnecessary stress in the group, and Audrey who doesn’t know who he is, but may be the smartest HG and surviving by playing ‘Dumb as a Fox’ staying under radar convincing those in power, it be best to save her for later, very risky

    They are the major threat; for next time around either one will have to go after the main players, for the smalls fries are few but their votes are the same

  12. Painter1

    K I know they are looking for the 4th vote. Does Liz not know she voted to keep Jeff or is it a planed vote?

  13. Avatar

    Where do the twins go when they switch? Are they in the house but confined to a room no one has access to? They obviously can’t watch the show while they’re not in. Have they said where the other goes and I’ve just missed it?

  14. Avatar

    Hoping Jason wins POV, but afraid they (don’t really know who is the actual HOH making decisions LOL) will put up Meg as a replacement.

  15. Avatar

    Clay and Shelli have both talked about not being sure of Austin. Since Julia is in she would be all for it. It would be SO awesome if they put him up. Aw…I can always hope.

  16. Avatar

    I agree with everyone that the show is really getting lame. These so called twists are just a way of promoting stars and athletes and have no real effect on the game whatsoever. At this point John and Steve are the only guests I have a rooting interest for. I miss the days where players weren’t so easily influenced by others and made gutsy decisions despite what the majority thought. This game needs a Dan or Will and enough of the stupid BOTB and twists that have no effect on the game.

  17. danmtruth

    So Johnny Mack most once more win his old pal POV once MORE! That is the only way to make this interesting If not one of the the two better players will be out in John or Jason It would be sweet justice if John or Jasson win than see Austin be put up Lets see him get out of that

  18. Avatar

    Here’s a new twisty twist big bro…..punish all who throw the botb. Maybe by losing & handing this pager thing to the losers is a start? YAWN! SO bored this year!

  19. jimbo

    Random thoughts: BB is pretty boring so far, and I think the double HOH has shown to be a bad idea for a second year in a row. Originally, I think it was envisioned that each HOHs would battle each other to win so that their nominations would hold, that it would be a battle of power between the two. Instead, it has always been a big collusion between the two HOHs, and it allows them MUCH more power to control the whole house, and, thus, less drama. I cant recall one time where the two HOHs were not pairing up and strategizing. Get rid of it. Next thought, this would be the time to backdoor Liz, if these people were smart enough to know the dingy twins get too much power as the house numbers dwindle in the next few weeks. Why they don’t care is beyond me, unless they ALL think they can use them (Wake up: you ALL can’t, it will work against some people.) Last thought, yes, there seems to be political reasons people won’t target Audrey, which is lame. It’s a game, not PCBB, Political Cause Big Brother.

    • danmtruth

      Great call Jimbo on all accounts . As most have said make the HOH name the nominated house guest as soon as they win no stratagiseing This backdoor has work this season because John has won POV and taken himself off . If this does not happen I’m afraid he will be gone. So much for Van & Austin promis to keep him safe Once more Audery slips by dreams and all yawn

  20. Avatar

    I have great respect for steve beans and all others who hang in there through live feeds. I can barely get through BBAD! I fast forward any time Vanessa/Austin are on and sometimes just shut it down. NO idea how you guys stand to watch all the time, but a huge thank you for doing it. I hate double HOH, Botb, and the idiotic twists. You are losing your viewers BB!!!

  21. Avatar

    Shelli told Vanessa about not being sure of Austin. Vanessa of course ran straight to Austin and relayed that information! LOL Sensing the first crack in the 6th (non) sense. Austin can’t keep his mouth shut so I’m betting he’s going to ‘blow up’ to Liz/Julia, who I hope relays the info back to Shelli. Things switch so fast in this game, it’s never a sure thing until they are actually on the block. Especially with this crew!

    • Avatar

      That’s great news ! NOW This week’s botb has meaning, and next week’s hoh comp will be huge.

      Shelli and Clay could now be in Austin’s target list sooner than later . We saw with Jeff that once he starts obsessing he can’t stop.

      Hope John & Jason win. I want to see John get an hoh soon, and see if he has his own strategies, or if he will be a puppet hoh.

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