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Big Brother 17 Overnight Highlights – Audrey’s Game Is Gone

Audrey yelling at Jace

I’m not going to lie, there was a brief point where I felt Audrey had a legitimate shot at winning Big Brother 17. After watching the feeds for a few days, I don’t think she’ll be in the house to see week 3. It is too bad, because between her and Jace, there is endless hours of entertainment available on the feeds. Here is to hoping a new person will spark the action when they’re both gone


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Like most recent seasons, the house was generally tame until I went to bed – at 3am. For some reason, recent houseguests have decided to save all the action for 3am their time, and it happened again last night with Jace and Audrey screaming at each other in the back yard.

The thing is, Jace has been walking around the house all week thinking James had this different veto plan, and moments before the ceremony, he was  pulled aside by some mystery person who told him to put up Jace. The reality is, Jace was the replacement name even before Steve won the PoV. He is loud, obnoxious, but worst of all, has the chance to pull of some serious HoH combo strings with Austin (winning back to back to back). Seeing as Austin was saved by the twist this week, this meant Jace was the likely replacement by anyone with a brain.

Naturally, Jace was upset by being nominated, and he’s been spending all week searching for the ‘mole’ who got in James’ ear “moments before the PoV meeting”. He even prayed before bed and apparently had a dream who it was, and said god put it in his dream and told him the truth. I had a feeling his dream was about Austin, but that never really materialized. Not like it matters because we know Austin was not any mole, and it wouldn’t have gone very far had Jace confronted him.


Throughout Jace’s search, pretty much anyone in the house came up as a possible suspect, and someone like Audrey more times than others. Audrey has been playing the game very hard and very fast, so that’s understandable. Well, every time Audrey heard her name come up, she decided to pull the person aside, confront them about it and try to get to the bottom of it. That strategy has left Audrey in a pretty shitty position to the point of Jeff openly walking around last night telling people they need to gun for Audrey next eviction.

This all ended up with Jace and Audrey sitting outside last night around 3:25am when Audrey finally told him the truth that he was the target all along, but due to Audrey’s pretty piss poor gameplay this season, he still didn’t believe it.  Yes, ironically, the time Audrey tells the truth, Jace can’t believe it.

It has been a very confusing week so far with the massive amount of he said / she said, but I am finally starting to piece it all together. I fully expect a lot more drama as the week progresses as Jace continues to threaten house meetings, and he is not going to go out quietly. Shit, he’s even trying to work Jeff to vote out Jackie. I don’t think a miracle will happen for Jace, but it will certainly be far more entertaining watching him try than a few season back when that Dave guy quietly faded away in week 1.

As of 8:45am BBT, the house is still sleeping.  They’ll probably have a wakeup call in a hour or two, so I’ll put up a live blogging thread then.


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  1. Avatar

    I think Jace will go pretty quietly. He was making up a rap yesterday at 1:54pm cam 2 then saying he’s not going to go like Zach and be loud. I wish he would go kicking and screaming lol

    • Avatar

      I bet he’ll do something loud. That’s how he’s been in the house since the first night…..annoying! Wrestler boy is creepy also. And eww put a shirt on….you’re not Fabio.

  2. Avatar

    Yeah I agree Audrey is done with. I’m actually really surprised with how well Meg is doing. I took her as the Paola type but Meg is someone who can actually talk game and make sense. Jeff is also starting to become a big strategist – I wonder how far he’ll take Jackie (because she seems that she doesn’t care about the game). I also like Da’Vonne but when Audrey goes I think that people may start to realize that she’s also a leader then she’ll get targeted.

  3. Avatar

    Get rid of Audrey, I can stand her face. The way she talks, act, she gives transexuals a bad name. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority hate her being a defacto representative. Shes ugly and her personality is shit yet she acts like shes some kinda star lmao delusional. She tries way to hard to say and do things that she belives a woman would do… maybe she grew up thinking Kardashians were how all real women act, its not… most have class and modesty and don’t need constant reassurance that every likes them. Its sad and not entertaining, byeeeee.

    • Avatar

      ? …. wait… tranNys had a good name?? Lmao
      koolaid drinkers crack mE up ?

    • Rita

      Wow! Are you watching the feeds? I am and I don’t see what you see at all. I see someone playing too hard and getting busted (no pun intended).

      And Jace may have had a chance if he wasn’t so intense. He tells people “If you keep me I WILL win HOH and take control of this house!”. Uh, has he ever watched BB?

    • Avatar

      I agree. If Audrey is so confident why all the needy attention grabbing whingeing? “What did they say” is so uber annoying & obvious that Audrey has no self confidence to speak of.

  4. Avatar

    I hope Audrey stays longer, not that I like her, but she stirs up the house. If this boils down one or two folks running the house like Derrick did last year will be a very boring season.

  5. Avatar

    I just read DaVonne and Audrey just went after one another on the Live Feeds or more like DaVonne going after Audrey with most backing her up…..

  6. Avatar

    I LIKE DAY. I hope when Audrey leaves, Day plays a cool game because she appears to be feisty if someone eggs her on. Most of these players came to play this season. I hope it persists throughout the season. You know, many seasons they get chickenshit and that sucks for the audience. I haven’t seen a season with a lot of alpha players in a while. Maybe since Rachel’s season and seasons before?

  7. Avatar

    Too bad…I was really rooting for Audrey. She turned out to be the football player from last season. Seemed like he had a chance…the one who started an alliance with Donny and they lost his mind inviting everyone into the 8 person alliance. What was his name? Played too hard, too fast, too paranoid ….

  8. Avatar

    That Dave guy? Are you talking about David from season 15? Girton or whatever….the one that was with Aaryn. Wasnt he blindsided? They all thought Elissa was going or something, right?

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