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Big Brother 17 – Post HoH Feed Updates



Well, well, well. This should be an interesting week in the Big Brother house, or it could actually end up being a Becky type of week (aka dull). She was given the power this week as she completely dominated the endurance competition by scooping up all 3 prizes with plenty of time to spare. For those wondering, Becky is no joke when it comes to physical activity, so this wasn’t a surprise. It’s why she went up with Clay because they were supposed to win.  She lives in Colorado and does a lot of hiking, so endurance is her thing.

I don’t know how much this will be updated, as most of the house is resting right now, but I wanted to start a new post so people didn’t have to scroll through the page to see who won…

Becky won HoH


Alright, here are some updates:

  • 10:15pm – Jackie is in bed and asks Vanessa to clear up what happened this afternoon. Vanessa was happy to oblige and gave her side of the story. I doubt Jackie actually believed her, but Vanessa tried.
  • Meg joins, Vanessa is trying to play extremely innocent.  ‘Why am I always caught up in this?’
  • 10:30pm – Vanessa is gone, Meg, Austin and Jackie are chatting and now Becky joined. She is waiting for the room still
  • 10:45pm – Steve and Vanessa are talking and she let him know that she screwed up and said he named the alliance ‘freaks and geeks’, so he has to play along that he made it up
  • Shelli is going off on how much one of her brothers looks like Clay … creepy
  • 11:25pm – Alright, the house is super dead, and I am tired. Off to bed

Check back for more


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  1. Jannie

    Hey, Stevebens, looks like Vanessa will be taking a dive in the Power Rankings this week!

    Her lame attempt to tell the story of the fight to Jackie and Meg is so frenetic. She is babbling and talking so fast that I swear her head is going to stay spinning.

    Pretty sure she has a huge target on her back this week. Let’s see if Shelli works as hard for Van as Van worked for Shelli last week.

  2. danmtruth

    Stevebeans late late night for you I’m in Chicago area and it’s almost 1 in the morning You’er pushing 2AM and still posting for us . What a trooper thanks.
    Jannie this is working out nice. Vanessa is dishing it out and Jackie just ain’t buying! I just hope Becky keeps her sight set on her targets Vanessa and Shelli . Without getting distracted by what ever bullshit Crazy Eyes Vanessa pitches out

  3. Clangley

    Idk even know what happened. Who was fighting? Why was she clearing something up? Lost on this one.

  4. Avatar

    I feel bad for shelli, but mostly for the other hg’s. They are going to pretend to have to care about shelli’s non stop clay lovey dovey chat. Uhgggg. And lucky us! We are going to get to hear it too! Yay.

  5. Clangley

    Ok after a long day and missing the other updates I went back and found what the fight was from lol. It’s been hectic to say the least.

    • Avatar

      Lol I had to do that too, Clang. Wow, right? Anyways, what do you guys think becky is going to do? Be a wuss or get blood on her hands? Someone commented that backdooring is so overdone. I agree. Backdooring is like the whole zombie thing…it was fun 8 years ago, but now im bored of it.

    • Avatar

      I don’t know about the fight either! Can someone fill me in? My internet service has been up and down so can’t hunt for anything.

  6. Avatar

    Mannn becky ,really lol hope she gets shelli up & vanessa ones got to go !!!!!!! We will see

  7. Avatar

    Because you brought it up….her is a pic I saw on Twitter of Clay and Shelli’s twin brother Lance


  8. Avatar

    It does not matter one way or the other who Becky says she’s going to put up or actually does put up because none of them can be trusted to follow through like James did. Plus its going to be whoever Queen crazy eyes (Vanessa) & Princess seahag (Shelli) tells Dumb Becky to put up because they are all afraid of them except for James. They talk about each behind their backs & smile in each others faces. I dont even care anymore.

  9. Avatar

    That’s Big Brother though!!!

  10. Avatar

    NEWS ALERT!!! NEWS ALERT!!! NEWS ALERT,,, Clay is now out of the big brother house. All older ladies (grandma’s, great grandma’s) head down to your local stores & buy yourselves some big white chicklets for teeth, orange spray tan, any old cheap hair extensions & about 30-40 pounds of bronzer & makeup & just glob it all on. Hurry & get ready because you might get lucky enough to run into dumbass Clay. You see, he likes much older ladies & it won’t matter that he’ll be just meeting u. He might just give you his bank cards, credit cards, pin numbers & all of his personal info if he falls in love with you. No worries that he doesn’t even know you. The idiot just gave up a chance to win $500,000 because he fell for an old seahag called Shelli that he knew all of 5 minutes.
    Oh, snapping your fingers at him, tossing doggy treats to him & bossing him around treating him like a dog is a plus. Oh yeah, he likes being called Poopyhead.

    • danmtruth

      Ann you must learn to let go of your anger. Don’t hide behind social niceties . Be honest and say how you truly feel ,,,,,,,, Is your ander for Clay I think not Is your anger for Shelli ,,,, ohhhhh yeh!!
      We can only hope she sets her sites on Steve . Some sick twisted part of me wants to see that mix. Her whoring her self out to him to try to stay in the game Than again that’s awfully cruel to Steve. Falls in there with clubbing a baby seal.

    • Avatar

      It’s fine to have your opinion, but no reason to be so mean.

    • Avatar

      I don’t post often… But wow… Take a chill pill. It’s a game.

  11. Avatar

    I just cant stand the way that they bullied, mistreated & lied to people. I knew from day one the type of person shelli was. I just didnt fall for all of the fake crap. I must admit I was wrong about clay at first & he turned out to be an idiot. Anyway, I promise to let go of the clay thing since he is gone now but my grip around shelli’s neck is even tighter. I cant back off of her til she is gone.
    Im really worried about James though. I just want him to be ok.
    Shelli is going to sink those evil, poisonous claws in someone else, mark my words.
    Ok, Im backing off for now. I’ll go brush those couple of strands of hair I have left after I let those people get to me.

  12. Avatar

    Danmtruth, my anger is for Clay & Shelli. They are not nice people & if I had the chance I would tell them both to their faces exactly what is on my mind. Not that it would mean anything but I most certainly would not hide behind anything.

  13. Avatar

    Danmtruth, I’ll bet u these last few strands of hair I have left that Becky is not going to make good use of this HOH.

  14. NKogNeeTow

    My New Name Reassignments:

    “The 7 Deadly Sins” (formally The Sixth Sense):
    Vanessa (Crazy Eyes)
    Shelli (The Jackal, formally Jeckle)
    Austin (Asstin or Dirty Hairy Asstin)
    Liz/Julia (Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee) or
    Julia/Liz (Dumb and Dumber)
    Liz/Julia/Asstin (The 3 Stooges or/aka Larry, Moe and Curly)
    Steve (RainMan)
    The 7 Deadly Sins are: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy and Gluttony. I won’t assign names to the sins because the players are all interchangeable. I’ll let you guys decide who is who.

    Becky (Harriett the Spy)….Token member

    “The Plucky Ducks” (formally The HaveNots)”:
    James (James the LionHearted…or LionHeart)
    Meg (Rainbow Brite)
    Jackie (Woody Woodpecker)
    I kind of like that group name for them because they are small but they are fearless. But if anyone has a better suggestion for a name, I’m always open to suggestions 🙂

    “The Lone Ranger” (Wild card)
    Johnny Mack (Goofy)

    Okay, on to business…

    Living Room: The 3 Stooges are lounging around. Asstin is trying to show off for Tweedle Dee, doing exercises (preening). She’s not really paying attention though.

    Bedroom: Crazy Eyes and Woody are talking. CE is saying that Clay pulled her aside and said James told her that Goofy was coming after her. She ask Lionheart about it. He said he didn’t say it, she believes him. She says she talked to John privately, he denied it and she believed him also. She says she then confronted Clay and he turned and accused Goofy, who finally admitted it but said it came from James. She doesn’t understand why she was pulled into it. She said it came out later that Clay actually said it. Crazy Eyes is rambling on and on. I’m so pissed that The Jackal is still there and Harriett the Spy is HOH, that I don’t even care tonight.

    Back to the bedroom….Crazy Eyes says she has no idea what was going on and she got her period (TMI). she felt that Clay was trying to use her as a “puppet” (physician heal thy self). She is talking faster than a locomotive….eyes moving equally as fast. It’s a wonder why that fool hasn’t burned out her eye sockets.

    Rainbow Brite has joined and they are talking about Have Nots. She says today has been like a movie. Crazy Eyes is still talking about the “incident”. She says Clay didn’t think she would go to James. She said the Shelli was as shocked as she was (doubtful). CE says she thinks Clay wanted her to go after Lionheart (which she will, the first chance she gets…it’s called biding one’s time). Rainbow says the incident happened before they changed their mind about getting him out. CE just had an epiphany, she thinks Clay did that because he knew he was staying and wanted to make sure they voted him out and went after James next week. CE is whining “Why, why, why, do they keep putting me in this”?….yada, yada, yada….

    Kitchen: Asstin is fixing something to feed that nasty chin-tail. Tweedle Dum and Dee are still in the living room, talking about body wash (who cares).

    Bedroom: Rainbow, Woody and Crazy Eyes are discussing the comp and how they did. They agree Becky killed it. They are happy for her (or so they say). Rainbow and Woody want to nap. CE isn’t budging…she’s feeling kind of chatty.

    Living Room: Tweedle Dum and Dee discuss whether or not RainMan changed his sheets. They wonder if he showered before he got in bed. They say that’s 1 bed they wouldn’t sleep in and that’s disgusting. They say they need to make him wash the sheets.

    Bedroom: Jackie and Meg discussing they have to win next time (yeah right). Woody says they have been treated like rejects. They talk about what comps they would be good at (ummm…NONE). Asstin breezes through and Rainbow whispers to Woody that she’s so pissed about today. Woody whispers something back (I think it was something about Asstin and Becky, but you have to practically be a lip reader to follow these people). He comes back and sits down (he’s beginning to act like Steve). Asstin is talking about how he wasn’t ready for that comp (he’s not ready for ANY of them). Becky comes back from the DR and joins them. They’re talking about her HOH room. They also discuss Woody being a Have-Not.

    Bathroom: The Jackal tells Crazy Eyes they ran the show for 4 weeks and now it’s their turn. “They” (The Plucky Ducks)” ran it last week and now they are in there squealing because Becky’s got it and they won again this week”. The Jackal says she’s pretty sure Becky flipped and that it was pretty obvious. CE says, not necessarily with them (not sure what that meant). She says something about if 1 of them goes on the block (she’s talking so fast, I can’t make out what she’s saying)…Somebody PLEASE hide the sugar from that child. She then tells the Jackal that RainMan and The 3 Stooges came up with the name The Freaks and The Geeks. CE tells her that she has so much to catch her up on (and so it begins….). She tells The Jackal that The 3 Stooges and RainMan (the after-thought), totally has their back. She makes the zip it sign to The Jackal and they both give each other devious smiles. She then ask The Jackal if she knows how much blood she(CE) got on her hands. Shelli says “It’s me, you (and sounds like she said Leo, but since there is no Leo in the house, I don’t know who the heck she said)”. CE says ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get there” (Get where, Hell? Because that’s where they’re going…with a 1 way ticket and no luggage). CE leaves and the Jackal continues touching up her makeup, after just doing her hair. Funny, she doesn’t seem to be to broken hearted that Love Bone is gone. In fact, she doesn’t seem upset at all…Things that make you go hmmm. She’s almost finished primping…Ahhh, picture perfect now.

    Bedroom: Rainbow Brite is preparing to go to the DR. Harriett is trying to sleep. Woody is trying to get Rainbow out of there so she an sleep. Woody tells Rainbow that the underdog always wins (If they’re going on the “Meek shall inherit the earth” theory, they need to at least do something to help out the universe). Woody says they should use this week to “buy them back some time. she closes her eyes and pretends to be asleep (that fast?).

    Kitchen/Living Room: The Jackal is fixing coffee and discusses making cookies with CE and The 3 Stooges. Tweedle Dum and Dee are talking to CE about putting Crisco in something. RainMan wanders in and sits on the sofa. The 3 Stooges get on him about getting into bed without showering. He says he “rinsed” himself off. Asstin thinks it’s okay, but Dum and Dee are appalled. They tell him that’s “foul”. He’s forced to defend himself by saying he changed his clothes and rinsed himself off. He looks annoyed. Julia tells him she can’t sleep in that bed now. He says “Okay, yea for me”. They laugh at him. Liz says “go feel him, is he oily” (kind of insulting). The Jackal ask him if his tooth is bothering him. She says she knows it’s going to get annoying but she’s going to keep asking him about it because she’s worried about him (uh huh). They discuss his wisdom tooth coming in and tell him they have a dentist (In da house…woot woot (raising hands in the air).

    Crazy Eyes is now in the room, talking about her sister and how she (CE), has been on her own since she was 18. Julia ask Shelli if she ever fights with her brother Wes (her twin). The Jackal starts out by gushing about how good Julia is with names….Seems like sine Ms.Shelli has been spared, she’s become syrupy sweet…Still no sign of a broken heart. She can’t believe that Julia remembers her dogs and brother’s names. She says her twin’s name is Lance and he looks a lot like Clay (strange, the other night in the bathroom, she told Clay he looked like her brother Wes…hmmm). She tells them that he(Lance) looks so much like Clay that she told him that it might freak her out a little bit (apparently not enough). She compares Clay to Lance and describes Wes, her Dad and Mom. She tells them that both of her brothers are unbelievably good looking,, beautiful. CE is looking at her strangely. RainMan is walking back and forth between the kitchen/living room (probably pondering on the fact that The 3 Stooges insinuated that he’s stinky).

    Back from commercial….Oh God, The Jackal is STILL talking. Now it’s about the dogs and a baby kitten an ex gave to her (QUICK

    • Avatar

      Of course she’s talking about her animals. Clay is not there anymore for her to snap her claws at.

    • Avatar

      You’re good. I hope you keep posting. I look forward to it. Thanks!!!

    • Avatar

      When Steve was in the living room he mentioned how he likes to sleep on the floor. Then he said something about doing that in prison. Does anyone know what he meant by that? Maybe I missed something somewhere…….was he really in prison??

    • Avatar

      Your posts are unreadable. Please use the contestants real names, it makes you come off as a petty, envious, hateful person. I

    • Avatar

      Nicknames are fine for HG and most usually end up with one, but your posts are difficult if not impossible to understand. Way too much information included. The majority of us watch BBAD and/or have live feeds and also catch up on other posts. Maybe you might want to get your own blog if you feel the need to go into so much detail. No, this is not a hate post. It’s a tired of your cutesy, ridiculous names that no one else understands and your endless posts.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @ Bob and Mouse: Then don’t read them. You ALWAYS have the option to skip over a comment 🙂 I can ease up on the Nicknames and not use them as much, not a problem.

      As for me being petty, envious and hateful, check the mirror then get back to me 🙂

      As for a majority watching BBAD and/or having the live feeds, a majority doesn’t mean everyone. If Steve has a problem with my “endless” post, we’ve talked in email, he can tell me himself and I’ll respect his wishes.

      This is also not a hate response. Just tired of self-righteous control freaks who like to control free speech.

      Let’s just agree to disagee and call it even. Hope you are having a GREAT day 🙂

  15. Avatar

    So far they have a plan to put up someone and Steve, take Steve down and backdoor Vanessa. That’s what I understood anyway. Becky told the ‘group’ not to tell anyone the plan then she told Shelli. These people blab way too much. Sounds as if Steve may be switching sides, but you never know.

  16. Avatar

    Just read on Jokers that Becky will attempt to back-door Van. Becky may nominate Meg/Steve or Steve/JMac. I also read that she is working w/JMac and the two agreed that they should avoid each other until after the POV comp. Smart, since it will throw off the scent to the rest of the house. Hmmm, if BEcky pulls this off, I’d really see her in a different light.

    Beck’s downfall may be confiding in Shelli, who can manipulate the others.

  17. Colby

    OMG! Please don’t be stupid Becky. BOB is over. No need to continue to plan to back door people. If the other side wins veto and doesn’t use it you are going to send a potential ally to jury. Do you really think you would get their vote in the end? Stupid! Put up Shelli and Van. If one does get vetoed, put up Liz.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    DAMMIT…It cut me off again….

    (QUICK, somebody call the ASPCA). The twins are hungry. Julia is talking about BB giving them “masceerah” (mascara). They get a warning from Production…”You are NOT allowed to talk about Production”…How ’bout every time someone says something about production, they get zapped with a few jolts of electricity…nothing fatal, just enough to keep it interesting. Julia wonder if the feeds are back up. The Jackal explains how it’s been up since they finished the comp and how Julie tells everyone to watch the live feed to see who won. The talk turns to whether or not they will be called to the DR to talk about the comp. Another warning from Production (Oh just zap them already!).

    Crazy Eyes is back in the bedroom, sleeping with that damn hat pulled over her eyes…Okay, so why am I complaining about that?

    The group is now discussing how well Rainbow did with a bad knee. Dum and Dee said they were so tired. Julia says that during the comp, she was “Like Becky, can you just win. I’m so over this”. They discuss who did and didn’t fall.

    At this point Ladies and Gentlemen, let me interject that if I had a gun, I don’t know if I’d shoot the TV or myself….But I digress….

    Now they are discussing how easy the comp looked but it’s really hard. The Jackal tells them that she thought it would be more slippery. Liz says that maybe it wasn’t because BB was afraid someone might get hurt (holding my tongue here…literally). Now Liz wants to know if anyone stopped to drink water (Help me Lord, please help me). RainMan says something and The 3 Stooges tell him he’s mumbling so badly they can’t tell what he’s saying. The Jackal chimes in “I know, we can’t understand the first few words of what you’re saying”…..Really Shelli??? After you’ve spent most of your time in the house under Mush Mouth? RainMan clarifies what he said. I would have been insulted.

    Julia says they are going to sleep good tonight. Both Dum and Dee says that they(BB) better not wake them up early. RainMan thinks nominations will be later in the day. Julia wants to know when people watch the live feeds, if there are any captions..(You can’t caption a live feed Dumbass, you never know what someone is going to say). The Jackal ask RainMan “So when you’re whispering, the just have to catch what you’re saying”? RainMan says “yep”. Julia ask if their mics link up to the live feeds. RainMan confirms. The Jackal ask what about when they go to the bathroom. He says yes, but they control which cameras and mics are on and where and which 1 follows them. He explains how they can turn their battery packs off. The girls say that’s good to know. RainMan seems to know a lot about Production. Julia says that if someone is creepy enough to want to listen to her pee, then fine. RainMan tells her there are people who would love to do that (umm, yuck).
    The twins say that’s “foul”.

    RainMan belches and The Jackal tells him he needs antibiotics and pain meds. He says he’s on prescription strength Advil. The Jackal ask if that’s what BB gave him. Julia ask what is prescription strength Advil… another production warning…..ZAPP!

    Bedroom: Jackie is trying to sleep. The voices from the LR are rather loud….eyes opened, eyes closed.

    LR: Cookie talk again. RainMan says he thinks that because Audrey cheated (food), might be the reason she got less applause than everyone else. Julia says, at least she didn’t get booed (according to Steve Beans, they’re not allowed to boo anyway). Apparently they can’t eat just yet because Julia said she’s about to get a penalty vote, she’s so hungry. The Jackal says don’t do that. They discuss how a lot of people would have given anything to be in Audrey’s spot in the house. The Jackal says people take that stuff seriously. RainMan says when you break rules, people don’t respect that. The Jackal parrots the end of the sentence with him (I am SO resisting temptation right now).

    Now the talk is about Audrey sleeping on the floor. RainMan says he’d rather sleep on the floor than the dentist chair. Julia tells him that’s because he’s homeless (this girl has been taking shots at him all night). The Jackal tells Julia that RainMan slept on the floor at the hotel. Julia ask him why. He says he doesn’t know and that he can’t remember sleeping on the floor before prison (wait, what?). He said he was laying in bed his “FIRST” time in prison and thought “I want to sleep on the floor”…(Again…what?…Who knew that Baby Face Nelson was in the house). He said it was just a random urge (he also just stuck his finger up his nose then slid it from to the back of his head then to his mouth). Guess that’s a new way to treat a toothache…Can we all say Ewww Boys and Girls?

    The Jackal ask Julia which 1 of them was there for the prom. Julia says Liz. Shelli ask if Liz went with Asstin. Julia says that’s a sore subject. The Jackal ask why. They talk about Prom and who went with who (whom?).

    The Jackal says she and Clay love their sweets and that that’s why they are perfect . Her other boyfriends never liked sweets. RainMan tells her she will always be beautiful (pass the barf bag please).

    BR: Lionheart is in bed with Jackie. Rainbow Brite returns from the DR and tells him to get out of her bed. She tells him he can lay elsewhere. She says she’s weird about that and just likes her spot (she didn’t seem to mind last week when she was in his HOH bed every time you looked at her…maybe Clay was on to something). He gets up and she jumps in. He goes in the dentist room. Asstin is in there. Asstin is telling him the comp sucked and his back is a mess. Allow me this observation…everyone is always saying that it’s hard for Asstin to win comps because of his girth. didn’t Bruce Jenner win the Triathelon(sp), Diathelon(sp) or whatever the heck uyou call it, and they’re pretty much the same size?…Okay, moving on….

    Lionheart leaves the room and goes back in the room with Woody, Rainbow and CE and just walks around in circles (he’s as bored as I am). They discuss how he would have done in the comp. They think he would have been even with Rainbow. Woody says she’s hot (yet still she lays there UNDER the covers, wearing a long sleeve metallic suit…smh). James is so bored he’s doing push ups.

    LR: RainMan is telling them that Clay will probably be interviewed by Jeff. Julia ask when does he think Clay will go back home…Production warning…Zappp! (I can dream, can’t I?). Steve doesn’t know. The Jackal wants to know if RainMan ever watched the Jeff’s interviews with the evicted house guest. Julia wants to know if Clay will be recognized when walking through LAX on his way home. RainMan thinks yes. Asstin says Clay will be like the Beatles…..Camera cut to The Jackal, who is sitting in Clay’s eviction chair with a stupid dreamy look on her face (That’s 1 piece of meat you won’t pounce on anytime soon sister). Julia says she can’t fathom anyone recognizing them. Asstin tells her they are on TV 3x a week, every night and commercials all day. She ask what other shows are on CBS. They name different shows and tell her CBS is a major network. She says she really doesn’t want to say this but she doesn’t watch CBS (whaaat?). She then ask if CBS does sporting events (I swear they should pass out Cyanide pills to each house guest as they enter the house, with instructions that read “In case of Emergency”. She then starts to ask another question, then changes her mind and says “I don’t know, I don’t want to sound stupid” (TO LATE!).

    Production warning for Jackie about DR sessions….ZAPPPP!

    Julia ask the Jackal if she thinks her parents watches every night. She answers, 100%. Julia said Liz told her their Mom watches athough she’s never seen BB before. The Jackal says not only does her Mom watch, she subscribes to all the feeds and searches everything she can find online (poor woman must be in tears by now). She says her Mom is probably so worried about her right now, seeing her just sitting there. She and Julia give a shout out to Mrs. Poole and the dog.

    BR: Rainbow says she wants to take a nap (again). Lionheart wants them to call him to the DR and ask about Meg. He is laying on the floor on his stomach, kicking his feet like a little kid. Crazy Eyes is laying in the bed staring at him like she’s trying to decide whether she should let him live or not (I’m betting on the latter of the 2).

    Announcement: The storage room is now available.

    Liz and Asstin are cooking. Crazy Eyes is waling around eating candy. Harriett comes in with her HOH key. They clap and cheer. Harriett makes a remark that no one comes up to the HOH room for the rest of the week, then laughs (she more than likely is not kidding). Everyone wants James to carry them up the stairs. Becky says in a somewhat demanding tone, for everyone to come up the stairs (they have been waiting to eat all night and just got the go ahead). Becky tells RainMan to ‘get up and come upstairs, he’s been laying around all day’ (judging by the tone, she’s not really kidding, the saucy little minx). Once everyone is upstairs, they enter and everyone pretends to be interested i the pictures when all they really care about is what’s in the food basket and the mini fridge (do I sound cynical?). Lionheart looks unimpressed with the entire scenario.

    Letter Time! It’s from her best friend/roommate, Lindsey (Wait, Shelli got a letter from her dog. Lindsey isn’t Becky’s cat is she?). They start finding reasons to drift out of the room. Not Lionheart, he RUNS out (gotta love that little nugget). Out of those left in the room, the women are going through the toiletries and the men are eating the candy…even John. Jackie has that “anywhere but here ook on her face”. Julia remarks that the necklace Harriett got, must be new because there is “no hair stuff in it” (Oh WHERE are those damn Cyanide pills?!?!?).

    “Whew”, that was the longest 2 hours of my life!

  19. Avatar

    Maria, that’s exactly right, I do & can have my own opinion. If u dont like it you dont have to read it. When you see my name on the screen you can just scroll right on past it.
    I apologize to those that I have offended. I may have just let the game get to me a little too much. Although I still cant stand Shelli, Clay or Vanessa. My opinion is those 3 people are not nice people outside of this game. The way they are & treat people goes beyond playing a game.

  20. Clangley

    Omg that pic is shelli’s twin brother looks just like clay!!!!! Super freaking creeper out seeing that!! Lolololololololol

  21. Clangley

    I was so creeped out by the Clay/Lance pic I apparently couldn’t spell or type or form complete sentences in my last comment. Lol

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