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Big Brother 17 Post HoH Feeds – Austin/Vanessa Decide

big brother Austin


In a kind of shocking twist of fate, we went 48 hours (or so) of Da’Vonne finding out Liz’s secret twin, winning the Kathy Griffin twist and having a pretty solid footing in the house with all these gifts, and now we sit with Da’Vonne out, and Liz feeling comfortable for another week (and possibly beyond). I honestly thought Liz was screwed as soon as everyone found out about her twin, but now it appears very likely we’ll see both Liz and Julia (or as Jason calls them, ‘skinny’ and ‘fatty’) in the house together.

Speaking of, how did he come up with that? The fat one? What? No wonder girls have esteem issues when they’re called fat for looking like Liz. Sorry for my mini rant, but that was stupid. (if you didn’t watch the episode, I’m referring to Jason describing Liz and Julie as the fat one and skinny one)

While we’re on the subject of Liz, may as well jump right into feed updates because it’s relevant…

  • 9:00pm – Austin and Vanessa are in the bathroom chatting about who they want to send home. For those who want Audrey to go, I have bad news. Both agree it would be stupid to send her home this week. Their early target is Jeff, but I’m sure Jason or James will be backup options.
  • Meanwhile, as they were talking, Liz joins the conversation, and Vanessa starts talking about how they can work on making Liz and Julia look more alike (her birthmark for example). Stop. The whole house knows. Are we really going to go around pretending there isn’t a twin in the house? While it will be uncomfortably funny to see, it will still be weird.
  • Scratch what I just said. Apparently all the clues aren’t enough. Jeff, Clay and James are in a room right now talking about Liz and her possible twin
  • 9:30pm – HoH room time
  • 10:00pm – The house still hanging around general chat. No game talk.
  • Meg and Jeff are laying on the couch pretty close and he is getting worried he may be a target (he is)
  • Vanessa assures Audrey she is safe, but to take this opportunity to chill out


Vanessa was sitting down and making an alliance chart with gummy bears and my head started spinning.  Time for sleep. Recap tomorrow



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  1. jimbo

    The twin twist doesn’t seem to much of a twist, atleast not in how the players are playing it so far. It is like nothing more than Jeff and Jackie being a “team” from the start in people’s minds because they were on the Amazing Race together. So, now Julie is just Liz’s “race partner,” in a sense, coupled together no different than, say, everyone knows Clay and Shelli are. It makes sense to keep Liz for Austin if he knows he immediately has another person loyal to him.

  2. Avatar

    I thought the twin could only enter the game if no one found out??? Isn’t the cat out of the bag?

    • stevebeans

      I think if they survive. Doesn’t matter if they’re found out or not (although being found out greatly increases their chance at being evicted because they’ll have an ally join)

    • Avatar

      In season 5, I believe Julie said Adria and her twin sister had to go undetected for 4 evictions, then they would both enter and play as separate HGs. This time, Julie just said they had to make it past 5 evictions, saying nothing about what would happen if others found out. So, it has created a little confusion on the issue. However, the fact that Julia confirmed the twist to Vanessa, then later to Shelli & Clay almost 24 hours ago coupled with the package on tonight’s episode, I imagine peopke knowing has no effect on the twist. If I had to guess, I would also say that Julia asked production what would happen if her or Liz confided in someone about it during her 30 minute DR crying session.

  3. Avatar

    Steve I love how you pointed out that it is wrong of them to call her the fat one. That was ridiculous and so insulting.

  4. Avatar

    When he started calling her the fat 1 I read a lot of excuses online but for me there is no excuse. He said it in a rude way if you ask me plus what girl wants to be referred to as the fat one? He could have used any number of ways to differentiate and chose not to. I don’t know if Liz/Julia will make it. I am sure they all know that if they keep going the other twin enters. That is once they all catch on for sure that twins are in fact there. Vanessa is helping so maybe they can keep it as a guessing game. 3 more vote outs is a long way and a lot can happen.

  5. Avatar

    I know when Day found out she was calling one Thickums and the other one Skinny Minnie. She sometimes also referred to one as, “the fat one”. But she clarified multiple times that she doesn’t actually think one is fat, and was aware that she was bigger than both twins. She was just talking comparatively and needed an obvious identifier to differentiate who she was talking about.

    Jason took it and ran.

  6. Avatar

    At first I was upset that no one will be going after the Twins, but the more I think about it, the more excited I am to see other players use the twist. What if Liz/Julia both enter and have different feelings on people and who they want to work with? What if they start winning comps and become a force to be dealt with? The anticipation of having them both in the house is getting me excited. I think its a new dynamic that BB can build on.

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