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Big Brother 17 Power Rankings Week 2

After a week of watching the feeds and getting to know those in the Big Brother house, I think I have a better feel for the season.


James took a big hit to his position because of the mini power trip he had after 15 days as the HoH. In fact, he very well could go home next week if someone like Austin wins the HoH this Thursday. Meanwhile, Austin and Liz climbed quite a bit after the mess that was Jace. While he will still be a big threat due to his size, he is playing a pretty solid game, and is far more intelligent than he seems. Austin is very aware of his surroundings, and I believe he will be tough to get out.

Meanwhile, at the top, Meg is just playing a fantastic social game. When you combine that with her absolutely non threatening vibe for competitions, I would put her as a lock for jury, and possibly final 5.  Clay and Shelli are in a difficult position, as they could shoot near the top and near the bottom just as quick depending on who wins HoH this week. Shelli made herself a pretty big target this week by going against the house, but I believe she still has the numbers, so odds are in her favor.

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What do you think of the rankings this week?


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  1. stevebeans, thanks for the Meg love! Let’s not put her too high or people will target her. 😉

    I think she’ll definitely get to Jury and should be in the final two. She’s got a whole lot of mess in front of her in the house that should draw enough attention away from her. If she gets through the big personalities, I’m afraid people will say that she floated by. Should be fun to watch!

  2. Rita

    Meg – “I am good friend’s with Frankie’s best friend.”

    Meg has to GO!!

    • You can’t let a little name dropping throw you off.

      Unfortunately Frankie exists whether we like it or not, and BB obviously thinks he’s good for ratings, so I am sure he’ll continue to be front and center during some of the live shows, and probably end up joining the current hg’s for some event, or a concert by his sister or something equally painfull.

      But Meg is looking like a good player, with great social skills.

      I hope she goes far !

  3. After tonights DR’s with John, I kinda like that guy. He’s funny and blunt. lol…

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