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Big Brother 17 – Pre Veto Discussion



I just realized today that I haven’t done a good breakdown of the show in awhile. It’s been more of just live feed updates, which are good, but don’t give you an overall picture of the house.

The big theme of the house for the past few weeks has been ‘let’s get rid of Vanessa’, except for there being one problem: Only one person has been willing to deal with the wrath that comes with said move, and she’s sitting in jury. You see, Vanessa is neurotic, and will talk your ear off until you just give in to what she’s saying, but she’s also incredibly intelligent. It’s one thing to talk someone’s ear off, but she is smart enough to know exactly what to say, and to whom. The only person she’s had difficulty doing that with this season is Becky, who really handled Vanessa like a pro.

After being nominated, Vanessa tried to talk to Becky who basically just cut her off and walked away. She was not going to sit there for an hour listening to 15 different reasons why nominating her was a bad idea. Of course, this pissed off Vanessa, but what did it matter? She was going home, right? Wrong. Despite Becky’s strong will, the rest of the house isn’t so tough, and they easily caved to Vanessa’s pressure throughout the week. Even her own newly formed alliance of James, Becky and Meg quickly flipped and decided to vote out Shelli for whatever reason.


This move obviously instantly backfired and two of those alliance members – including Becky – were the next two out the door. Vanessa regained complete control over the house, and no longer has to worry about someone like Becky having the strong enough will to deal with her wrath.

We witnessed that wrath last night as Austin essentially had 3 options for nominations. He obviously wasn’t going to nominate the twins, and he wanted to completely hold true to his alliance with James and Meg.  This left John, Steve and Vanessa as the only people left to put up.  After talking with Vanessa, he was convinced that putting Steve up versus John was the best idea.. until he spoke with Steve and promised him the complete opposite.  As Steve left the room, he told Austin he’s ok with being a pawn, but the only rule is he can’t be sitting next to John. Austin promised, and it seemed set.. Steve vs Vanessa.  Until Austin had one more talk with Vanessa who flipped the script once again and when nominations were revealed, Austin broke his promise to Steve and put him up next to John.

Now, Austin is hoping his side of the house wins PoV today and keeps nominations the same. This means his end goal is to evict John over Vanessa. Why?  Well, he said it’s stupid to evict someone who can turn around and come right back in, but playing the game for that 25% chance is equally stupid. Lawon learned that a few seasons ago when he volunteered to be evicted so he can win the competition and come right back in.  He lost. Seeing as Austin has deals with pretty much the entire house, anyone he evicts this week will be pissed and have a chance to come back in.  Not evicting Vanessa out when they can is like punting to a great QB with plenty of time remaining and just hoping things work out in your favor.

Only two people will sit out of the competition today. This means Vanessa has a very strong chance at not only playing, but winning. Although, from the sounds of it, Austin would be OK with that as he’s fine sending John home.  With only a few weeks left in the season, time is running out on getting rid of the sure winner of BB17 (should she be sitting in the final 2 chair). If anyone else wants a chance to win, they have to make a move, and they need to do it quick.

I don’t think that move will be this week.

I am heading out to a bbq today for a few hours. Zingbot is coming into the BB house, and then the veto competition will probably follow. This means there are quite a few hours before we have any actual results. I will start a new thread when I’m home, and the results are in.


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  1. NKogNeeTow

    I will have to disagree with you on 1 point Steve. You have done a PHENOMENAL job of breaking down the show and keeping us informed. Without YOU, there would be no US. And we ALL appreciate you for what you do and the time you put into this board. Please don’t ever stop! This is my second year on this board and I so enjoy you and the other commentators here, whether I agree with them or not 🙂

    The 1 thing that disappointed me in Becky’s exit interview with Julie is that she said if she came back she would target Liz. I think this is a big mistake. It would seem like a revenge move. I still think she should keep her eye on her original target. The other house guest are ready for Vanessa to go, they’re just all to afraid to be the one to make it happen. That might make it easier for her the next time around.

    I said it in a previous comment, unless they get Vanessa out and as soon as possible, it’s her game to lose.

    I also said this isn’t the Big Brother House but The Safe House. These slackers are so busy trying to keep each other safe, they’re all taking turns sliding into the next week. The remaining house guest have been lucky. Only 1 problem with luck. Sooner or later it runs out. Vanessa is playing that house like a Stratavarous(sp). They all know it, only she doesn’t know they know it. What she does know is that she knows just how to manipulate them to do her bidding. They have given her a false sense of security, but secure enough to know she’s not going anywhere because she has the house in a choke hold. Power is not taken, it’s given. And they have all given their power over to Vanessa, whether they admit it or not.

    These people act more like they are playing for $50,000 instead of $500,000. Who ever aimed at being second best? BB17 players, that’s who. They scramble around trying to think of clever names for their groups. I have one. How about The Scaredy Cats! How about you get off your asses and play or self evict and put us all out of our misery!

    That said, have fun at the BBQ 🙂

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      you have summed up what has happened this summer very well. some of these people don’t even seem to care if they’re playing for the $50,000, though. Austin just keeps mentioning he just wants to get the Jury House to spend time with Liz. he doesn’t talk about winning the game, that’s his goal, to be with Liz. (yuck, gross, nauseating) this entire season sucks!

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      I could not have said it better,,,

  2. danmtruth

    Great to hear from NKogneeTow and Franko. Always enjoy your insight. I will not be able to look at a cat wall clock with the big eyes and not think of Vanessa! With her eyes darting back and forth. I had mention earlier that it seems many people are playing for America fan favorite. Instead of trying to win .
    So when it comes time do you put Austin up against Liz as they did to sheli and Clay

  3. Avatar

    I think everyone should just hand over the 500,000 to Vanessa. I’m so tired of all the week players this year. A lot of followers this season. I really, I mean really can not stand watching the Show any more because of Vanessa. Vanessa makes me sick to my stomach with her talks. Omg enough already. She is one paranoid person who. Needs to know everything that’s going on or she will break. She’s the kind that you call psychotic. If you can tell, I’m not rooting for Vanessa. I do hope James steps up his game. Looking forward to the veto comp. enjoy your beautiful day at the b-que

  4. Avatar

    Being a poker player Vanessa is VERY good at reading people, finding their weaknesses, and using those same weaknesses against them.

    She has done it brilliantly so far.

    Time is running out for them to get her out. And it’s really pretty simple at this point. Whoever may get her out will have a good chance of winning if they make final 2. If they don’t get her out and she makes final 2, she is the winner.

    Too bad they didn’t listen to Becky. The one thing that has been missing from what I have watched and read is even the slightest hint of anyone saying “Man, we should have listened to her.” And that’s why I honestly believe Vanessa will be the winner.

    Making big moves takes intelligence, courage, and conviction. Frankly nobody left in the house has enough of these attributes along with life experiences to allow them to take someone like Vanessa on and shut her down.

    I do take solace in two thoughts however:

    1. When the game is over and they all go back to their “normal lives”, I cannot help but wonder if those who know them will be honest and tell them how stupid and blind they were to how the game could and should have been played.

    2. Next time Vanessa is sitting at a poker table she is going to catch some serious ribbing about the crying thing. Watch her at the table – she comes across as a strong and fierce competitor. Now she has shown a weakness to those who are her equal in reading others and capitalizing on their faults. So win or lose BB, her professional life will have been altered. And at that I laugh a bit because I don’t think that this was her intention.

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      Very good thoughts, Jim. I’d add one thing. BB is generally a cast of young people who are generally growing in their self-awareness, so this is definitely a factor in how the game is played — or not played.

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      Good thought about BB changing Vanessa’s professional life afterwards. I think you’re right.

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      Your assment about Vanessa poker being altered is aooooooooooo laughable. I won’t even get into it. Wait I have too. Lmfao…. I’ll give ya a hint friend. Even though you wont get it and its a waist of my time frankly.Everyone that’s on the top 100 poker players are already aware that Vanessa is emotional. Lmfao dude. We all respect her. Y I had to post this IDK. We have all heard way worse. On a million poker feeds. For many years. Just can’t help it. Maybe it’s because I just got home from a 15 hr session on the felt. And I’m feeling nice now. Bahahahahahahaahaha

    • danmtruth

      Very good breakdown Jim . Interesting about her and her poker playing future. I also agree with debmouse on the age difference. This will be the second year in a row that an older player manipulate the younger players. Interesting Austin is also an older player. In the early seasons the age difference were vast . You had people in there 30’s and 40’s . Less chance of showmance but better game playing. One of the complaints back than was the younger players would gang up to evict the older players early. Think of the better players in the past . So many were 30 and older. Not just winners but people who made an impact in the game dooring there season

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    canadian redhead

    This season is so boring I’m not even watching the regular CBS shows on Wed.,Thurs., and Sun. After seeing who gets evicted on Thurs. I’m off to better things. BB after dark is like watching paint dry. I really thought after the last 2 years it couldn’t get worse but at least those guests had some personal conversations, some personality. I ‘d even take the bigots from 2 years ago over this bunch.

  6. Avatar

    This has been my least favorite season of bb. All of the interesting game players were evicted and now we are left with people that allow Vanessa to manipulate them. I hope jmac wins the veto so we can flip the script on an otherwise boring show. But even then they will probably vote out James or Steve rather than vanessa

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      That’s what everyone says every season. How it’s the worst players ever, how it’s the worst season, the most boring, the worst this and that blah blah blah. This board is 100x more whiny than any one on BB in any season.

  7. Avatar

    can somebody please post some statistics on recruits over all these seasons? I read that 10 of this cast were recruits. How does this compare to other seasons? This is , in my mind, the worst cast, ever. Why do they even need to recruit? It makes me think it is rigged, beyond the norm. Numbers. Please.

  8. Avatar

    I am curious what the ratings are compared to other years.

  9. Alda

    I’m so glad I have dvr to watch BBAD.I go through it in about a quarter of regular time.It is so boring especially when they play potball or bowling.You never hear any game talk or arguing like other seasons.They cook,eat and play!!They are almost like robots.They all smile and laugh together.It is no annoying!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I DVR it too. And I also hate when they waste my time playing those stupid games. I know it gets boring in there but I want to hear some game talk! Or at least some trash talk. I had been watching the entire BBAD, just in case someone talked game. But this group…they love those silly games so much that they spend the entire 2 hours playing them. I’ve been running back and forth to the hospital to visit my Mother for the past 2 weeks, so when I do get a chance to sit down and watch, my nerves are so frazzled, I don’t have patience for the idiocy.

      Time to start playing the game they are there for!

  10. Avatar

    So playing for veto will be: Austin, Steve, JMac, Vanessa, Julia, Meg,,, Liz hosting…

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