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Big Brother 17 – Could Re-Nom Day Lead To Excitement?



Well, this could be a fun week inside the Big Brother house. Vanessa is going off-course from her standard “try to avoid blood on her hands at the end of the day” routine (her two favorite sayings), and is apparently just going to go for the throat this week.

Typically, Vanessa has tried to play it extremely safe with the exiting houseguests. Well, I should re-phrase that. She has played it safe with the remaining houseguests. She shits all over the exiting houseguests, but that is to make them look bad, and not her. It happened to Jeff. It happened to Audrey.  It was going to happen to Austin, until he went up in the HoH room and made an extremely embarrassing plea to remain in the house. He kept repeating how he met the love of his life in the house and needs to at least be in the jury house with her. Get a grip, buddy. She’s not into you.

Well, Vanessa softened up on the stance, and her allies agreed that sending Austin home now is probably not the best of ideas. He is still a big target, so it’s actually quite stupid to break up their alliance over pride (Vanessa was hurt that Austin lied). After that, the possible re-nominees were discussed and they had to walk a fine line. They want to put someone up who will go home, as Van doesn’t want to hurt her standing in the house. Nobody will trust to be pawn again if Becky goes home. That will be done. Gone. Poof.


So, they can automatically throw out Meg or John (James, Liz, and Clay are safe). Jackie is an option, but again, Vanessa promised her safety this week, so that’s not happening. This pretty much leaves Steve and Jason. As of right now (7:30am), Jason is the current target because they feel they can work with Steve over Jason, but at this point, anything can happen over the next few hours.

Unlike the previous weeks, Vanessa isn’t going to make Jason look like a complete shithead to the house before putting him on the block, which is interesting because it could actually cause some trouble for Becky. If Jason is sitting on the block next to Becky, there could be a fairly close vote, especially as the week progresses and Jason campaigns.

I will be starting a live thread in an  hour or two when the house is awake, but needless to say, this could be an interesting week. I was originally going to just BBtakeover Wednesday because I’ll be touring LA, but I may have to pretend that day exists and find someone to write about what happens.

(if you missed it, BBtakeover now has a new meaning. It means to simply forget something exists, like Big Brother did with that twist)


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    Did I miss something because vanessa also promised jason safety when he was in the hoh room with meg, james, and jackie? No matter what v does this week she is breaking her word to someone, which can only lead to trouble for her down the line. If people can’t trust you, your game will eventually fall a part.

    • Jannie

      Yes, she shook hands with him when he named the “Dark Moon” alliance.
      I think this will come back to bite Vanessa – she promised Becky she was safe on the block , also.
      I really like Jason, but I also want Liz and Austin in the Jury House together. I really can’t stand Liz. She sits there with that nasally voice saying things like “I hate everyone…naaah!” She has said more than once to her sister that she is just using Austin and leading him along. And the way she jumped into his arms last night after the BOB?? She deserves to be harassed for weeks in the jury house. Normally I would not say something like that, but she is such a tease and just not a nice person.

      Yup, this is the decision that could really put a big old target squarely on Vanessa’s back.
      But…only if Meg, James, Becky(or Jason whoever survives) or Jackie can win HOH. if it once again goes to Shelli, Clay, Liz, Austin or Steve – the minions are screwed again.
      No idea what JMac would do…

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    LOL…I love the use of BBtakeover. I might start using that one! I’m hoping that Jason and John are both safe. It’s quite creepy the way Austin is with Liz. I hope he somehow manages to make Van mad again and she puts him up next to Becky. After all, isn’t that “what the house wants?”

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    It is making for an interesting week. Hope it is a double eviction and the house can flip a bit.

    Having said that, I wont mind seeing Jason go, even if he is a vote to help turn the table.

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