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Big Brother 17 – Sunday Blogging; Austin Campaigning



Good afternoon, Junkies!  Sunday afternoon, and Austin’s personal operation of ‘Get to jury with the love of my life’ is well underway. This week is taking a turn just like last week. Around Friday, there was a specific target, and by Sunday a completely new target. This week it was Austin, but now it’s apparently going to be Becky – maybe.

Vanessa is likely going to do it in a way that gets ‘no blood on her hands’, so I’d expect another set-up situation that turns the entire house against whatever target they choose. Jackie’s name was also floated around, but because Shelli wants Becky out, I think Becky will be out.

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Here are the updates:

  • 11:15am – Liz and Vanessa are in the HoH room. Liz says she is going to distance herself from Austin to lower the target (and because he’s losing his shit).
  • Meanwhile, Shelli and Clay are talking to Steve in the HN room. Steve is suggesting to keep Austin, and Shelli agrees.  He is too big of a target to go home now, and he’s right.  Honestly, Austin is a perfect target.  Big Brother competitions are generally more about luck or memory, so the big strong dudes are almost irrelevant, yet are always perceived threats.
  • 12:00pm – It sounds like Clay and Shelli have Steve firmly on board, and sounds like he is excited to finally work with someone. Too bad he is easily disposable, but this should buy him some time
  • Shelli is telling Steve how weird he acts, like when he comes in a room and stands there. Not in a bitchy way, but telling him why people think he is threatening.
  • 12:30pm – Clay and Shelli are in the HN room chatting, Steve is in the kitchen cooking
  • Had to change feeds when Shelli started gushing over Clay’s side profile.
  • 1:30pm – Liz is talking to Austin in the kitchen. So much for distancing herself.  Also, the house is on lockdown because they’re building something outside. They are guessing it has something to do with the Outback Steakhouse thing people got during BotB, but it is weird they’re building a huge thing for it.  Maybe Outback paid a lot for advertising.  It is pretty damn good place to eat.  There you go Outback, free plug.
  • I just watched Liz spend 5 minutes trying to take the trash bag out of the bucket. The little things that entertain me
  • 1:45pm – Vanessa is now talking to Steve about his personality. He is starting to understand how hovering around people is kind of weird.  Steve said he even heard James say the cameras give more privacy than Steve. I like Steve, he’s so socially awkward. I can relate.  I’d be the Steve in the house.
  • Vanessa speculates Johnny Mack got the phone call (from the twist).

Speaking of twist. I just thought of this last night. I have an idea for a twist that Julie should introduce this week while I’m there.  Opposite Week!

  • It starts off with battle of the block.  The winning team does get safety, but the losing HoH gets to keep power
  • For power of veto – The last person to finish gets the ability to pick one person from the contest to be winner.
  • Eviction – Whoever you vote to evict, you’re actually voting to keep.  Now, they’ll have some phonebooth type of thing mid-week that will reveal this secret to one person who can do what they want with it.  They can hide it and cause chaos on Thursday, or share it and nullify the twist.

Ok, that was my idea for a takeover twist, but it won’t happen. Back to feeds…

  • 2:20pm – Vanessa and Liz are telling Steve that Jason and Meg think he’s annoying.  Vanessa says Jason is just threatened because he sees Steve as the biggest threat because he’s smarter with BB knowledge.
  • 2:50pm – One thing Vanessa us certain abouis that Da’Vonne wasn’t the phone call person (she was). She is also getting fairly certain about the Jeff votes, but she’s wrong about that as well. However, Becky may be safe because Van will realize nobody will trust her as a pawn. However, if Becky stays, she’ll be pissed Van didn’t backdoor Austin. Vanessa is tangling herself a little web
  • 4:30pm – Took a nap break. Shelli is on the feeds with Clay, and Jackie is in the kitchen. Not much happening obviously. I’ll check twitter to see if anything happened in the past hour.
  • 4:50pm – Vanessa is REALLY busy when she’s HoH. John is up in the room now, she’s chatting with him about some ‘information’ she learned.
  • Oh boy, sounds like this information is how she figured out Jeff was the phone call guy, and apparently he removed his own vote. Vanessa’s been in the house too long
  • 5:15pm – Time to go watch the CBS episode. Nothing going on in the house anyway.
  • 6:50pm – The feeds are currently down for the Outback Steakhouse dinner
  • 8:15pm – Jason is complaining about not being able to smoke
  • Jason and Meg are talking about how they don’t like the way Austin looks. He said Austin makes his d*ck shrivel.  They then talk about whether or not Liz likes him.
  • Note: People are still outside eating, but they’re not showing that. It appears a few more went than just the winners. Clay is outside, so perhaps the losers were able to go as well (though Jackie is inside as well)
  • I am going to take a break for a little to rest. I may be back on if something happens, so I’ll keep this open for now!

Check back for more


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  1. Shari Lehman

    If we were playing a perpetual drinking game that we drank every time Van says “at the end of the day” we’d all be drunk from June-Sept! I’m about to hit mute every time Van is on.

  2. Avatar

    Is the communication( or maybe even alliance) between Vanessa and Steve stronger than the alliances she (Vanessa) has with others? or is the contact with Steve just to keep her friendly with all?

  3. Avatar

    This is why all of the fans HATED Battle of the Block. It was not a “fan favorite” as Julie Chen put it. It allows for one side of the house to control the entire game. If Jackie had been the sole HOH this week – things would’ve gone so differently. Clay just said himself if, “their side” gets at least one of the HOH’s per week then they can just throw BOB and control the rest of the week. It’s not fun, it predictable and boring. I hope they don’t keep BOB as long as they did last year (until the final 8) AND I hope they never bring this back…

    • Avatar

      I agree 100%!!! The minute jackie got dethroned I knew austin was going to stay. They will keep their 6 over someone disposable to them at least until jury. And with 6 members starting on Thursday they have such a huge chance of one person winning hoh that it doesn’t matter what the other side of the house does.

  4. danmtruth

    Connie Sue you are correct that the BB tackovers this season have been duds. Funny how the house guest have brought up Americas player, not being done The wack street boys was no big thing Make them play for there food add some pressure to it
    Steve is now onboard with this new alliance of 8 . Easier to say who isn’t in . So many people are just trying to float to jury . No game play no end game With the power 3 never having a clear target week to week You would think any one who could scrape a alliance together could take them on. Won’t not putting Austin up just be a repeat of what these 3 did with Audrey? The house is happy that Austin is targeted but Van, spShelli, and Clay don’t follow thru. Hello house how many times do you need to be fooled/ lied to

  5. Alda

    I don’t understand why Shelli gets to make all the decisions.She is not HOH.Becky did nothing wrong.Austin is a stalker and nut job!The “others”have no one to blame but themselves for not playing the game.They don’t try to form a strong alliance.They just wait to see who The Sixth Sense dictates them to vote for .They are so lame!

    • Avatar

      I agree Alda. It seems like half the HGs are there to play the game and the rest is just trying to prolong their vacations. It’s a shame BB can’t find another Will or Dan. As much as I hated last season, at least there was some drama and humor. Something better happen soon because I’m losing interest really fast.

  6. Jannie

    Liz deserves every creepy “petting” that she gets from Austin.
    I would have thought that she would be willing to get rid of him, but even after being told that he has proposed the idea of getting Julia out, but she still sticks up for him. Is she really falling for him?? Or she so desperate for his protection that she is willing to be groped. Ewww….

    If Vanessa gets rid of Jackie or Becky rather than Austin, she may as well fill that HOH bathtub with blood and dive right in. But, of course, chances are Shelli will win HOH next week and will get more of the same.

    • Avatar

      There is no question, I would love to see Austin go. But, we have to look at it through the alliance’s eyes: It is better for them to nominate. a player from outside their alliance.

      It is frustrating from the viewer’s point of view, but it is what it is.

      I am sure once the numbers are in the 6th sense’s favour, Austin will go, and it will be enjoyable to see.

      Until then, we will have to wait and see how it plays out. We will also have to see how Austin trys to secure his safety, and who in the alliance ( Vanessa ) he will target.

  7. Jannie

    OK, so I just read elsewhere that Liz told Vanessa that she has no feelings for Austin and that she is afraid that if they end up in jury together that he will “try and creep into my room and have sex with me.” Well then what is her problem?? She is willing to play along for protection rather than insist that Vanessa get rid of him?? I would want a creepy stalker gone ASAP. She really is “whoring herself out”(as she told her sister).
    I hope it’s worth it honey when you’re at the Jury house together.
    I had more respect for Amber last season for not playing along with Caleb’s feelings. Liz is playing with fire and will get what she deserves in the end.

  8. Avatar

    Vanessa needs to get rid of the person that isn’t good for her game and right now that is Austin, he can’t be trusted and right now he is the only one that has the potential to blow up her game up.

  9. Avatar

    Austin, for the love of all things holy, woman up. You are being ridiculous.

  10. Avatar

    I really thought Vanessa was a smarter player than this! She is digging herself so deep that she will never climb out! They keep saying they have to win and stay safe but, the others can win, look at Jackie! She’s in a mess and I seriously doubt she will do what she needs to do now. She worrying and talking about things that don’t even matter at this point! Unbelievable.

  11. Jannie

    I am officially sick and tired of the way Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are playing the game.
    It’s pretty crappy play when your strategy is to target someone, grill them until you can find a hint of a lie, and them use that to turn the entire house against your target.
    They have done this EVERY time they get in power(which is always).
    Looks like they now have a plan to use it on Jason. Vanessa will call him up to the HOH room, grill him, decide he has lied and then use that to put him on the block and out the door.

  12. danmtruth

    Liz has admitted that flitting comes natural to her. Even her sister complains that Liz flirting leads to problems. So yes unlike Amber who did not lead Caleb on the same cannot be said about Liz.
    Poor Steve is being played by Shelli/ Clay . They are pretending to be his friend all the time just using him for a week or two. If he wins HOH the evil triad of Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay will have him do there bidding.
    With Julia coming in you will have that as a solid Two no matter who you evict first the other will be coming after you.

  13. g8trgirl

    I’m confused. Vanessa and Shelli are telling Steve that Jason and Meg find him annoying. Is that true or just fuel for the fire?

  14. Avatar

    At times I think Vanessa has the potential to be a good player, then she comes to the conclusion that Jeff received the special phone call and cancelled his own vote out. Um… those kinda conclusions make you look very stupid Vanessa.

  15. Avatar

    just for you Steve… since u enjoyed it so much, lol … 🙂


  16. Clangley

    They should realize anytime Van or Shelly is in charge the target changes EVERY single time. It’s been that way since Day got sent packing.

  17. Avatar

    I’m beginning to think Vanessa just loves drama. All this questioning other HG, getting to the bottom of things, switching targets, keeps all the attention on her. Name a target and everyone goes about their business. Keep switching targets and they all have to keep running to her to get confirmation.

  18. Avatar

    Their plan backfired when Vanessa made Juila NOT tell Liz about the Austin backdoor plan.

    Had the twins shared this information with one another, then Liz would have been down with the backdoor plan.

    Now, what is the point of keeping Austin after pulling in the whole house (sixth sense and the dark moon alliance both know about Austin being the backdoor).

    I am rooting for Vanessa because she is the only person really playing at this point without being a suspect by the others, but I don’t agree with her verbal diarrhea.

  19. danmtruth

    As crazy as it might sound I think Van will nominate Austin. I have nothing to justify except how unexpected Van can be Just to keep everyone off balance

    • Renee

      I’m hoping the same thing Dan. Otherwise, she is not as smart at this game as she is at poker. She would be at the bottom of the pecking order I their alliance as all others are paired with someone (i.e. Clay/Shellie and Austin/twins)

    • Avatar

      It would be exciting, especially after all of the buildup. And I think it is in Liz’s best interest for him to go. He is obsessing bigtime.

      At the moment though, it looks like Jason is the one. Vanessa talks an interesting game, but doesn’t want to be pulling the trigger.

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