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Big Brother 17 – Sunday Feed Updates



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Sunday afternoon after what was a very slow day in the house yesterday. Up until I left, the entire house was waiting for veto, and later in the evening, the feeds finally went down for some zingbot.  I haven’t dug for any zings yesterday, but when they come up, I’ll post them.

As far as the house, Vanessa won PoV which guarantees her safety this week, and it also guarantees she won’t be running around like a crazy person. The nominations will likely remain the same, unless she decides to remove someone, but I think she’s fine with John leaving this Thursday, so don’t expect anything to happen tomorrow.

Here are the updates for today:

  • 2:50pm – Scratch what I said above. Vanessa is talking to Steve, and she is saying Meg is leaving this week, so perhaps she plans on using the veto on Steve?  I doubt she’ll use it on John.
    • Vanessa tells Steve her f2 deal with him is the only f2 deal she has
    • Apparently the talk originated because Austin told Vanessa how Steve wanted to go up against her rather than John
  • Steve and Vanessa broke up, now she’s talking to Austin
    • Vanessa is upset because Meg didn’t congratulate her last night on the PoV win.
    • Vanessa has been pushing Austin to put up Meg or James if she does use the veto. If he does, he has 0 chance of winning. Not because of bad moves, but because he keeps breaking promises left and right. That’s how you lose jury votes
    • That was a long boring conversation that essentially resulted in nothing but Vanessa hammering the point that she’s in charge of Austin. They break up and people all go their own ways
  • 4:11pm – Vanessa is up in the HoH with the twins doing her thing.  She is pretending she is confused about what to do about the POV, but the reality is, she knows, she just wants to hear their opinion and vent
    • Steve joins the conversation and they talk about Johnny Mack. They’re still talking about John’s speech on eviction night.  It was a joke. Jeez
    • The twins want James to go home this week
  • 7:00pm – Back from watching the CBS episode. Austin is outside chatting with Liz/Julia
    • A lot of ‘scampering’ going on with team Austin because Vanessa doesn’t know what to do with the veto.  She wants James to go on the block, but Austin doesn’t want that to happen
  • 8:00pm – Vanessa is doing her role as HoH (even though she’s PoV) and interviewing James
  • 8:30pm – Vanessa really loves her power. She is doing the rounds now with Meg.  To be fair, she should be doing this stuff, and it’s why she’s going to win the game, but maybe it’s just so out there because of how little everyone else actually tries.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    You mean Vanessa won POV not HOH.

  2. stevebeans

    Oops, tired today. fixed, thanks

  3. AIO_7

    Poor Lipstick Meg; but Vanessa is schizoid so anything can happen.

  4. Jannie

    I read that Zingbot zinged Vanessa about her constant crying in the house and she can’t understand why and is mad.

  5. danmtruth

    Vanessa doing what Vanessa does best. Cause confusion and mistrust. . Looking for someone to get Meg in a fight to discredit her. Gee where have we seen this before? It’s always interesting when crazy eyes starts her pot stirring . After all this watch nothing happen . To bad I would like to see both Steve and John stay in the game.

  6. Avatar
    canadian redhead

    I’d be quite ok with Meg going home this week. Rather her than Jon.

  7. Avatar

    I would love to see her totally shock the house and take John down hoping to get on his good side.:) I like Meg but ok if she leaves over John lol. I would prob be like Meg myself failing at all comps hehe.

  8. g8trgirl

    AIO, there’s never a ‘reply ‘ under your comments but if I could I agree with you most of the time. Van has been HOH most of the season. Will they ever learn?

    • Boo

      Maybe if you were smart, you would realize AIO replied to Jen’s comment, therefore to reply to AIO’s comment you’d have to hit reply on Jen’s comment. But apparently you’re not all that smart.

      “I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but at least I’m in the box.” -Caleb BB16

      Too bad that doesn’t even apply to you. Boo bitches.

  9. Elaine

    Since Vanessa has always needed a “reason” to target someone, I guess Meg not congratulating her on her win is the reason.

  10. Avatar

    Vanessa is just a flat out unlikeable person in this game. Not judging her on anything else, but what I see on the CBS show and what I read here, she’s just flat out unlikeable. The sad thing is how the people in the house just keep going along with her. There was no reason for them to save her over Shelli, there’s no reason for people not to put her up every single week. The whole “I don’t want to get blood on my hands” is the most ridiculous thing, because the jury is looking for people who have made big moves, actually going after a big target and getting them out will work in your favour not against you when people decide who to vote for.

    Every one of these people have had multiple chances to call her out on her lies, or put her up, and they all just continue to wait for someone else to do it. I hope none of these house guests win, because none of them will actually do the hard work. Except for Becky, she tried and all of these people let her down.

    • Avatar

      So funny all the Vanessa haters out there. Just like the house guests. Complain, complain, complain about Vanessa. And say Vanessa is the beast. Seems to me. And anyone with a rational brain she is playing the game. The Austintwins have had a cakewalk so far. 2 of em never even been on the block. Vanessa has had to fight, yes cry (uhhhh Meg and most of ya’ll too. Waaaaaaa) and game play. If she pulls this off it’s brilliant. I’ve heard so many times on this site that it’s Vanessa’s fault. Lol. Yup. That’s y she is a pro. Deal with it. (:

    • Avatar

      Oh I fully agree that she’s playing the game. What I can’t understand is why everyone else is just sitting by and allowing her to dominate the game? During tonight’s episode for instance, she made a big production with Steve about how he shows no loyalty by not allowing himself to go up as a pawn. They talked about it after she left the room, but no one will call her out on it to her face.

      She’s always coming up with new “details” right when it suits her purpose, they all talk about it, yet no one calls her out on it, and no one is willing to stand up to her.

      There’s absolutely no doubt that she’s playing the game, and fully deserves to win at this point. What’s baffling to me is just how everyone else is unwilling to play the game and everyone else is waiting for “someone else to get blood on their hands” it’s too bad they don’t all realize that they’re all just people that she’s dragging along and she’s getting rid of each one when they’re no longer of use to her.

    • pkcable

      They had their shot at her but she masterfully played James like a fiddle and got Shelli evicted instead. Everyone is gonna save getting Vanessa later until the end of the game and she wins, LOL

  11. Avatar

    will someone please get austin up already geez!
    Julia for the win!

  12. Boo

    I couldn’t be happier. This week is playing out exactly how I hoped it would. All my girls are safe and that rude, cookie monster sounding dentist will be sent packing.
    I can’t believe no one is talking about how rude John was to Julie last time he talked to her at the DE,
    he said, “what do you what; yeah, whatever.” not funny or cute. Just plain rude. And you all got all pissy over liz telling Jason have fun watching from your mother’s basement. Which is where he lived, he openly talked about that. But you want a disrespectful ass like John to win. Yeah, right. That’s why he’s leaving. Boo bitches.

    • Avatar

      Not only that, explain to me, everyone, about how john deserves to win? The idiot thought he was in an alliance with shelli and clay! Yeah, he won a few comps, but not the ones that matter. Johnny mack sucks. He isnt even funny. He is lame. He is a terrible big brother player. Name me one big move that he did.

    • Avatar

      Good grief, learn how to understand humor.

    • Avatar

      First off I’d like to say I really enjoy reading everyone’s comments on this blog. I especially enjoy NKogNeeTow, Damtruth, Jannie and of course Ann who always cracks me up! I watch what I can on CBS and then get updates here and elsewhere. I respect that everyone is opinionated and says what they like or dislike about the show and houseguests. I’ve never felt compel to comment until now and this is for #BOO….this is second comment of yours that I’ve read that truly is despicable! Where do u get off calling ppl bitches just cuz u don’t agree with them. Good or bad they are entitled to their opinions and from what I’ve seen I can’t blame them. Vanessa, Austin and those twins are truly awful ppl! This season by far the worst…just a bunch of idiots who thinks they’re on vacation and not playing a game lmao! Your comment is disgusting and disrespectful!!!

    • Sweet Bee

      I honestly didn’t find that remark to Julie humorous at all.

  13. Avatar

    I cant take it anymore. I stopped watching BBAD and I may stop reading this blog. Its very depressing all the way around. Not the commentators BUT what has happened this Season. This has not been a normal season in comparison to past ones. Other players were sharp, on their mark,played their hearts out in some very difficult competitions {physical},more challenging mental competitions, what happened to the good old fashion SLOP that the Have Nots had to endure and couldn’t cheat and paid the price. I understand these people are passing the time away play a knockoff game similar to bowling????? Do you remember when they really had to get creative and tear up pieces of paper to play bingo. That’s all they were allowed to do but then the group was getting smaller.There is no strategy not really. Nothing that holds your interest if your an intelligent viewer. The only similarity that I’ve noticed is that Liz will do some cooking and definitely cleaning but I shutter to think what the shower stall must feel like and all the house guests are slobs as in every season. I am so disappointed this season and if this continues into next year count me out. There are many other programs I could enjoy or just catch up on some sleep…I’ll check back from time to time since the season is almost over. I’ld rather watch the AMAZING RACE AND SURVIVOR instead and looking forward to the fall seasons. Till then folks enjoy your Labor Day Holiday and thanks t to everyone for keeping me informed since I didn’t get the feeds this year and turned off BBAD I appreciated all of your critiques
    Ms. ARL from Buffalo,NY

    • Avatar

      Every year, there are people like you who say they quit watching. Then quit watching! And leave the comment space for the rest of us. I wasted my time skimming through your comment. Also, quit reading this website then! Nobody cares.

    • Avatar

      Jaclyn, get over yourself. Your time is just not that precious.

    • Avatar

      Geez Jacklyn aren’t we harsh??? You’ve had your say so allow others theirs…LMAO!!!

    • Avatar


      In order to make the show a little more interesting, you should stop watching the feeds and stop checking online for updates. It makes a huge difference when you watch the shows not knowing everything that has happened.

      Every once in a while I stay away from the updates, and really enjoy the show more because of it.

  14. Avatar

    Austin showed what a weak player he is this week as HOH. Right before moms, asking Vanessa what he should do! He should of had balls, knocked out the queen bee in a major play this week. I know she ended up winning POV but who’s to say being on the block wouldn’t of rattled her and made her weaker during POV. Vanessa is controlling this game and I guess that means she deserves to win. With the numbers dwindling, will anyone have the chance to send her to jury. I do see final 2 being 2 of the Austin/twins alliance. Meg is a floater and needs to go. I am rooting for Johnny (not for too long as it seems) & James. They both really add entertainment to the show.

    • Avatar

      I think after this eeek, things will change. Only because we will get a returning hg, and after that, everyone evicted is permanent.

      I think they are so scared of Vanessa, that they have waited to evict her until they are certain she can’t come back in.

  15. danmtruth

    With how much targets change . How can anyone think they can figure out who people on the jury will vote for. At the end of the game . Will guest listen too and believe wha Vanessa says? Is it me or is it a bit early to be thinking of and trying to count jury votes.

  16. Alda

    Why do these houseguests never mention getting rid of Austin and the twins?They are a threesome people!That means three votes sticking together.They will definitely make it to the final four with Vanessa.It is sad they don’t see that coming.They were so worried about Clay and Shelli being a pair,Jackie and Jeff,but not the three?I don’t get it.

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