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Big Brother 17 – Thursday Afternoon Madness



What in the hell happened on the feeds this afternoon?  I’ve been sitting around waiting all week for something major to happen, think I can finally step outside, and the house blows up.

I tried to follow the best I could via twitter, but I think I put some of the pieces together…

It sounds like Vanessa said she heard Clay telling John to vote for him to stay, but in reality I’m pretty sure he was telling him opposite. Anyway, I’m going to flashback to 2:19pm and watch it from there and give you guys who are stuck at work a detailed recap of what the hell happened in the house this afternoon.

  • 2:19pm – Vanessa is in the bathroom with Jackie getting ready for tonight and James walks in….  (sounds like the beginning of a joke)
  • Vanessa pulls James aside….
    (I’m paraphrasing below, not directly quoting)
  • “Do you have something against me personally?  It’s gotten back to me that you’ve been throwing my name out there and I really don’t know why”
  • James “I just wanted to split the two up (Shay)”
  • Vanessa “Well, why are you talking bad about me to J-Mack”
  • James “I didn’t, swear on my girl”… “Pull him in, I’m ready”
  • Vanessa “Clay told me”
    James “You call Clay in right now”
    ….You’re pissed, I’m pissed, we’re all pissed….  Time to get Clay
  • 2:23pm – James approaches Clay “Clay, I don’t know how much time you have left in this house, but I’d advise you to keep my name out of your mouth”
    Clay “Shut up”
    James “You shut up!”
    Clay “Get the hell out of here”
    James “Fucking coward”
    (James is out of the room, Clay says “little man syndrome)

Side note – I rarely transcribe, but that’s the only way this will get justice done to this afternoon… resuming….

  • Vanessa pulls J-Mack into the other room while James re-approaches Clay to start yelling
    James “You and freakin Shelli thought I told Austin some shit”
    (Clay gets out of bed)
    “But, she’s the one who told on herself”
    Clay “Better fucking walk away from me, dude”
    James “What, you gonna hit me or something?”
    Clay “I will”
    (Clay gets in James’ face, mumbles something, probably about furbats and feeds cut)

Note: There will be an endurance competition again tonight.  Get your live feeds here, cheap. Real cheap. Real worth it.

  • 2:25pm – Feeds return with James saying “I mean…. I’m sorry”
  • Vanessa is in the room with Clay, James, and Jmack
    Vanessa to JMack – “Was it Clay who said it”?
    John – “No, I said it”
    Van – “You actually think I’m gunning for you and that I’m in Shelli’s head? Based on what”
    John – “I have no idea”
    Van – “You and I both know you didn’t come up with that on your own. It’s not possible”
    John – “I did” (John is a bad liar)
  • Meanwhile, Becky, Shelli and Twins are at the HN door listening lol
  • Shelli joins the group
  • Van to Clay – “You told me it came from James”
    Clay – “I’m out of this” (He has checked out of the game)
    Clay – “I’m not going to plead that I’m not lying when I’m not lying”
    Shelli to Vanessa – “Wait, me and you are gunning for John? No, that’s not happening”
    Vanessa – “I believe James. I think Clay said it to Johnny and now he’s lying about it. It doesn’t make any sense for John to think Shelli and I are gunning for him”
    Vanessa to John “Why would you ever think I’m coming after you?”
    John – “I don’t know” lol
  • 2:30pm – James to John “Did I ever tell you to vote one way or another?”  No
    to Vanessa “Did I ever tell you?” No
    Shelli jumps in “Wait, you told me he did (to Vanessa)
  • James – “People have said I’m bullying them into votes. I want to know who”
    Clay – “You’re not bullying me” (no shit, furbat. You’re on the block)
  • They then talk about how Shelli told Austin who told James who told Shelli who told the wall who told the fence about Judas. Seriously, this he-said/she-said game is crazy. Austin leaves the HN room to join.
  • Becky’s reaction to it all (maybe it’s a good thing she’s floating)
  • Shelli – “There are guilties and innocents on both sides”
  • 2:33pm – Clay jumps in “I made it all up, I lied” (he is just saying it because he’s going home and doesn’t care)
  • 2:35pm – Vanessa is having a meltdown at this point nearing tears because Clay is now saying he is the one who said it and J-Mack was just backing him up, so she’s questioning Johnny ‘Did you say it… did you say it’.  She is losing it.
  • 2:41pm – Now Vanessa is approaching Clay about how she believed she heard Clay beg for John’s vote

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Looks like Vanessa is already working on her pretext as to having to put James up and break her vow to him.

    • Jannie

      The house is in an uproar, fingers are pointing and people are lying.

      And in the middle of it all, once again, is VANESSA.

      She needs to go ASAP- I think her paranoia is finally making her crack.

      An endurance comp tonight?? So no DE?
      Crap, that means Shelli will be the new HOH.
      CBS hasn’t fixed this or anything, right?? I mean, they just had an endurance last week – what’s up with that???

  2. Jd

    She’s just getting ready to do what she does with everyone else. She kept herself safe. She knows James can’t go for HOH and halfbof Shay will be left. She wants to look innocent have a reason to go after James after she said he’d be safe with her. Then she will go in victim mode and say it’s what the house wanted she had no choice blah blah blah.

  3. Avatar

    Becky was scared because she was the one that told Johnny Mac that Vanessa is playing Shelli, and they are going after him. J-Mac talk with clay about it, and the only mistake clay did was assuming the source of the info was James (he see them talking) but in reality was Becky.
    I think Vanessa was forcing the game to make Johnny talk, (but Clay take the blame for him) and obviously to secure Shelli stay,even if she has no need is pretty obvious at this point, considering even James know that she is staying.

    Hope my English is fine

  4. Avatar

    Now apparently JMac is pissed at Vanessa and intends to take her out the first chance he gets. Looks like it’s going to be another endurance comp and he asked Steve to throw it to him to win. This is getting better all the time. Hopefully it buys James some time until he can compete for HOH again. I used to like Vanessa in the beginning from watching her play poker. Now I realize she’s nuttier than a three-balled tom cat.

  5. Avatar

    Man, this season is getting good. I can’t remember the last time something like this happened on an eviction day. And now Johnny Mac wants to target Vanessa? YES

  6. Avatar

    Well at least taking out the BOTB shook the game up and made everyone on edge about going home. NOW THIS IS BIG BROTHER…

  7. danmtruth

    If John wins he needs to scrap the Backdoor and be like james and put crazy eyes Vanessa straight up no pawns
    Now the game can get on full swing

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