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Big Brother 17 – Veto Meeting Blogging!



Yesterday was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother house, so for the most part, I took a break from the feeds.  I watched for a few hours, but I needed a re-charge.  One can only take James and Austin repeating ‘brass tacts’ over and over while Austin acts like a 3rd grader who has a crush. To summarize Saturday night and what I watched on Sunday, Austin and Liz have had a weird thing going where she wanted him to shave his beard and he wanted something in return. They sent messengers back and forth which eventually ended in a hammock date I couldn’t stomach watching.

Today is the big day. It’s the day Vanessa realizes ‘Oh shit, things just got real’ and will likely go into freakout mode until she settles down to plot a way to remain in the house over Shelli. Seeing as Becky only needs 4 votes and basically has Jackie, James, Meg and John, Vanessa has a big hill to climb. (note: Becky can – and may – replace Shelli with Vanessa, but the outcome will be the same).

There are still a few hours before the meeting, but I figured I would start a thread now so I’m ready for it…


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  • 7:50am – The house is still sleeping.
  • 10:00am – The house is up and about.  Becky told Austin about the plan to backdoor Vanessa and he’s worried she’ll blow up his game.
  • Austin said he’s going to pretend he didn’t know. We’ll see how long that lasts.  I say 5 minutes into a conversation with Vanessa
  • They talk about using the buddy system after noms so Vanessa can’t corner people
  • 10:22am – Feeds go down, likely for PoV

Plug: If you want to watch Vanessa’s reaction to the nomination. Join the live feeds now. Free trial

  • 11:00am – Feeds still down, I don’t expect them to be down much longer.
  • 11:02am – Feeds back, Vanessa talking to Shelli in bedroom
  • Vanessa to Shelli “I hope you didn’t know this beforehand, otherwise it would be deep betrayal”
  • James, John, Meg and Jackie are outside. Vanessa, Shelli and Steve are in the bedroom. Vanessa said she knew it was a blindside because the last time production woke them up early, it was a blindside. She said they want to prevent people from changing their mind. Don’t worry, Van, Becky was going to do this even if the meeting was 8pm
  • Vanessa starts grilling Shelli once again. Shelli said ‘Vanessa, this is very much upsetting me’. I guess Becky said something during her speech that tipped off Vanessa

Note: My post this morning, I had a complete brain fart. For some reason I wrote it as Becky had PoV and she had the choice. Oops.

  • Vanessa said Becky made a huge mistake and is going to campaign so hard against her in jury. Yet, Vanessa has been throwing around the word ‘bully’ so freely this season?  If Becky gets you out, tip your hat and vote for her. It was a smart move.  If Vanessa does that, she’s bitter and a poor game player
  • 11:30am – It’s still setting in for Vanessa. “She got me… shit”
  • Austin and the whiners enter the room to explain their talk with Becky. They are claiming ignorance, and to be fair, they have been. Austin only knew of it moments before the meeting.
  • Becky has picked a side. She is calling her alliance ‘her group’.
  • Vanessa said she’s going to fight, but she won’t mention Shelli.  Good luck with that
  • Austin leaves to go find Steve
  • Austin chats with Steve for awhile and they agree they need to win HoH otherwise it’s going to be Steve and Shelli on the block together
  • 11:50am – Vanessa goes to find Becky and asks her why she was put up.
  • Becky is saying she was upset that Vanessa forced her hand while in a group.
  • Then Becky just gets up and walks away.
    Talk to the back
    Talk to the back
  • Vanessa calls her a ‘cold hearted person’ and bursts into tears
  • Now Vanessa is talking to Becky’s group in the HN room
  • Vanessa says she has dirt on Becky and James will be the first to know and Jackie will be the second.
  • Vanessa spills that Becky wanted an alliance with her and Shelli
  • Apparently Becky was going to put James on the block last week if she had the chance.
  • exit Vanessa
  • Jackie is now telling James that they convinced Becky that James didn’t throw the competition when he was supposed to, so she threw his name out there. That is why she was upset at  him
  • 12:15pm – Becky comes in and re-tells the Vanessa conversation
  • 12:40pm – Whiners are talking to each other. They are saying Vanessa is dead in the water. Let her go and worry about themselves
  • Becky and Meg are up in the HoH room talking about going outside. Shelli is outside chatting with John.
  • 1:00pm – House died down. Nap time for me
  • 3:00pm – Nap over. Vanessa is in the bathroom with Shelli ranting about Becky.  This is going to be a long week for her
  • Vanessa is apparently re-hashing her talk with Becky where she said Becky raged and got red-faced (she didn’t).
  • Note – I’ve been told it’s not ‘brass tacts’, so I looked it up. The correct term is ‘brass tacks’. Either way, it’s annoying when they say it every other word
  • 3:30pm – Vanessa is talking to Austin and is asking to see if he can work James for a vote.  He thinks they’ll all vote together, which Vanessa thinks is stupid.
  • Vanessa thinks James or Meg have no reason to go after Vanessa. What about when Vanessa sent Jason out?
  • Austin and Liz are alone talking about Vanessa and how she’s now quoting the bible.
  • 4:15pm – Shelli, Austin and the whiners are outside chatting about game, the direction of the house.  They say how James move was awful (putting Shelli and Clay up) and cost him his dignity.
  • 4:45pm – Team James are in the kitchen and they think Steve will probably be on their side.
  • 5:15pm – Austin, James, Meg and Jackie are in the kitchen general chat, while Shelli and the whiners are by the hot tub
  • Shelli is raging because James has been wearing Clay’s shirts
  • 6:00pm – Most of the girls are talking by the hot tub while Austin is working out. Vanessa is awol right now.
  • 8:10pm – Watched some TV, I’m back. I see Vanessa is campaigning like Audrey
  • 8:45pm – Becky is re-telling the ‘argument’ with Vanessa once again
  • The house had a big discussion on ‘brass tacks’ and how to spell it. Glad I’m not alone
  • 9:40pm – The house is sitting around eating and I think I’m going to watch some TV before bed. Updates tomorrow!

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    how can becky replace shelli with vanessa when steve is the one that has the POV? he would have to be the one to pull shelli down.

  2. Avatar

    Steve had better pull himself down & let VaNutti go up.
    DR might wanna give some thought to giving Vanutti a double dose of her meds before the veto meeting to calm her down because she is going to explode when her name is called as replacement nom. Will she pull an Audrey & go into hibernation or will her jaws start flapping & eyes start jerking into overdrive after the meeting?

    • Avatar

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!! if she isn’t on meds now, then she will be for sure later on today. I wonder if she is like that in real life or just on the show, becuase I could live with her if she was like that in real life.

  3. Avatar

    I’m still not convinced that all will go according to plan. Now Steve is considering not using the veto! That’s the problem with back dooring someone. You allow someone else to control your plan. Jackie and Meg were discussing sharing what’s going to happen with the Austwins in advance and then convinced Becky she should??? Austin will immediately run to Vanessa with the info. Those two twits are going to blow this plan right up.

    • Avatar

      Does he (Steve) really think he’s that safe to pull a Marcellus? I hate the very thought of that. I know that things change down to the last second but I was thinking more in the lines of VaNutti going up & then pulling some crap to get the votes to stay & get Shelli evicted. Don’t get me wrong because I do not want VaNutti to stay. I don’t like Shelli either but I think she’s weak without Vanessa.

  4. Avatar

    I like Steve, but he better use that veto. He claims to be former ivy league, so put those book smarts to good use.

    My main pet peeve with those who think they are so much smarter than the rest (such as Van), is underestimating others’ abilities.

    • Avatar

      Put yourself in Steve’s shoes, and think about how to get to the end.

      He has an alliance on one side of him, being the rest of the sixth sense.

      He has James, Jackie, Meg, Becky & J
      possibly Johnny on the other side, and he is somewhere in the middle.

      It would be really easy for him to go to Vanessa, and say: ‘I think you are the target this week, so I am not using the veto’ That will gain him an ally in Vanessa, and will get him in with the 6th sense as part of the alliance, instead of just being an outsider.

      The way it stands right now, he is alone. Screw up Becky’s plans, and he can go far.

      I think it would be his best option.

    • Avatar

      Hmmmm. very very good points…Cant wait to find out how it all goes down. Good week with the POV and DE on Thursday!!!!!

      Wouldn’t it be great to send both twins out on Thursday?! I’d jump for joy.

  5. g8trgirl

    As much as I want to see Vanessa go, and believe me, I do, once she’s out of the house don’t you think the atmosphere in the house will go back to boring again? If nothing else, she, along with Heckle and Jeckle provided some very intense entertainment, albeit mean from time to time. Just sayin’.

    • Avatar

      Hopefully not. I hope Sixth Sense is revealed and that should stir some stuff up. And if it does get boring, maybe Van will win a spot back in.

    • Jannie

      What James and Becky did by going back on their words is just as bad as anything the sixth sense did – they just “seem” to be nicer people. I have found all of the members of the Six annoying so their moves maybe just seem worse.
      But that’s the way you play Big Brother.

      And yes, g8, could you imagine a final four with Meg, Steve, Becky, and James??

  6. Avatar

    So I just read on Jokers, that Steve was talking to himself in the backyard. Seems he is angry at Vanessa. Maybe he’s heard that Van has trashed his gameplay.

    Wouldn’t be surprised because when Van doesn’t understand a player’s moves, apparently they have no gameplay.

    “Steve to himself: Vanessa, you should respect the game I’m playing because I beat you at your own game and you should respect that.

    Steve to himself: I’m really nervous that I’m playing both sides too much.

    Steve in BY: My mom would kill me if I didn’t use the veto ….. Vanessa, you’ve been lying to me for a very long time

  7. Jannie

    Steve is a superfan – I really don’t think he is stupid enough to NOT use the Veto.

    I don’t think Vanessa will explode when she is nominated. But I do think they would be smarter to get Shelli out. You could make a deal with Vanessa(James/Meg/Jackie), but you know that the minute Shelli wins James/Jackie/Meg, will be on the block and one of them will be going to Jury.
    And about Becky? Sorry, I still don’t like her – it’s gutsy what she is doing, but she is no better than any other scheming, lying BB player. if you all really think about it, most of us like James, Meg, Jackie, JMac and Becky(at the moment). But James went back on his word to Shelli on the wall, and now Becky has gone back on her word in the HOH room last week that none of the eight of them would be on the block. So really, both sides are playing dirty, lying games. I think that the James group is just more likable.

    Somewhere in Mass, Jason is laughing his ass off…

    • Avatar

      I hope Vanessa does not stay because she will continue bullying & threatening everybody because they’re not doing as she says & not playing for themselves. She acts like they’re supposed to just take her word as gospel & go with it & how dare you not follow my orders. Get rid of Vanessa while they have the opportunity or oooh baby, they had better watch out. She will pick them all off one by one.

    • Avatar

      It’s all true.

      It is just that, I think that they think that Vanessa is more of a controlling player. Shelli is obviously manipulative, which is why they want her to go next, but Vanessa comes across as being the overall strategist

      May I use the phrase of the season for a moment ? ‘at the end of the day ‘ at least either Vanessa or Shelli will be going home. It’s a victory for the havenots, and I am with you, the likeable side.

    • AIO_7

      James didn’t, technically, go back on his word to Shelli while on the wall. After she laid out her terms all I heard James say was “OK, OK, no back door”.

    • Jannie

      Ann – yes, Vanessa is very controlling but I am enjoying watching her NOT be able to control it anymore. It’s making her crazy, and if she leaves, I won’t get to watch her freak out anymore 🙂
      Plus I just can’t take anymore of Shelli’s perky one minute, bawling the next behavior.

      I just seriously think that Vanessa knows that her game is falling apart, she also knows that Shelli, Austin, and the evil twins are throwing her under the bus. It would be a perfect time for the James group to save her and pull her to their side and send Shelli home. We all know for a fact that the minute Shelli gets HOH(and she will) James will be gone. He betrayed her on the wall and she’s not going to forget that. She would also be able to manipulate the twins into getting rid of James, That’s three people out for James if Shelli stays.

      Becky played both sides up until now, James/Meg/Jackie owe her no loyalty. If you remember…Becky knew about the Jason blindside – and said nothing.

  8. Avatar

    Do you know what time the veto meeting is today? I just need some idea of the VaNutti freakout as she’s put on the block or if Steve is crazy enough to pull a Marcellus & not use that veto.

  9. danmtruth

    I believe Stevebeans was just Ta
    King about who the target would be. If Steve does not use the veto . Just send Shelli out. By telling Austin Becky does two things. One is try to gain his trust. Showing him she trust him enough with this info. Two seeing if it gets back to Vavessa . Than she knows it came from Austin or the twins. Now she knows she can’t trust them
    If they can pull off the blindside Backdoor Vanessa face will be priceless. The face Vanessa gave when Becky said no more deals. No more alliances was priceless.
    Hate to be the second evicted house guest and be in jury house for a week with just Vanessa

  10. AIO_7

    Assuming that Vanessa and Shelli are on the block, it’s going to be soooo sweet watching those two (slyly) campaign against each other for the rest of the week.

    • Avatar

      Vanessa’s mouth is going to run a mile a minute & I will bet my last dime she stages one of her public arguments to try to make Shelli the bigger target.

    • Renee

      Her game play surprises me. I’ve watched her on the poker circuit and she is so calm, cool and collected. I have no clue how she can be that low key and be a millionaire because of it but then be so out of control verbally in this game.

    • Sweet Bee

      Isolation will do that to people. And she’s letting her emotions get the best of her. She’s got a crush on Shelli.

    • Avatar

      @ Renee: She could be full of meds when she plays poker. She has said that production messed up her meds schedule the other day.

      If she hs the, why not use them to look really calm playing poker. Stupid her though….if I was a poker player playing against her, I would be asking her about her meds during tournament. She has just exposed her very own weakness.

  11. Avatar

    Any of you ladies notice the cute nicely groomed facial hair Jmac has grown out? When he, Jason & the twins were in the singing group he commented on how he liked how the chinstrap he had to wear as part of his costume made him look. Now he’s grown out his own. I think its cute.

  12. Avatar

    AIO 7, I thought I was the only one who noticed Meg is never her lipstick. I have never seen her without it.
    Steve is kind of scary. After watching him last night on the show, I just don’t know about him. Is he ok?
    Vanessa spraying that disinfectant in her hair was almost as priceless as the look on her face when Becky shut her down on her deal making crap. You could have bought her for a dime.
    Im ready to jab daggers in my ears every time those daggone twins start to talk & whine in their deep mans voice.

  13. Avatar

    Omg, Vanutti is on the block. Someone please tell me how it went.

  14. danmtruth

    Meg learned from Frankie she needs a gimmick .

  15. Avatar

    Renee, I did notice that. I thought she would’ve made a mad dash for the shower to wash that out of her hair. I keep rewinding last nights show on that part & her getting shut down by Becky.
    She is a special kind of stupid for saying she’s going to the jury house campaigning against the others for evicting her. HELLO, this a part of the game. Everybody has the same goal of winning but sooner or later all but the f2 will be evicted. She’s just pissed because she’s not as smart as she thought. We all know how loyal she was to everyone. NOT

  16. Avatar

    I commend Becky for picking a side, but when will she STOP REPORTING BACK TO SHELLI?! This week could have been for the purposes of “managing” Shelli and her reaction, but either shut your mouth with her, or tell her what she wants to hear!

    • Avatar

      Becky had better hope her telling Shelli everything doesn’t come back to bite her.

    • Sweet Bee

      I kinda think it’s smart for Becky to be friendly with Shelli. Shelli is a tough competitor and the only person Shelli is gunning for is James not Becky. Becky was able to put shelli on the block for show to keep the rest of the house happy while also keeping Shelli as an alli. The only person who is technically going to be gunning for Becky is Steve. Even if Steve won HOH (not likely), Steve puts Becky on the block, who would be next to her? Would the house even go along with what Steve wants? (again not likely) I honestly think Becky is sitting pretty. She’s put herself in a good spot. I think that if Austin or one of the twins won HOH they would target someone like Jackie, or Shelli. Why? Because they’re stupid.

  17. Avatar

    That was a good idea of using the buddy system when Vanessa’s around. I like that Becky just got up and left her. That’s what people need to start doing, if not using the buddy system.

  18. Avatar

    I wonder why they called Vanessa to DR. Maybe to medicate her? By the time Becky & the others are done turning their backs & not listening to Vanessa tell them how loyal she’s been, how much integrity she has & how she’s had everyone’s back, DR had better have somebody ready with a dart gun ready to take Vanessa down cause she is losing it.

  19. Avatar

    Who do you guys think will be going out on DE?

  20. Avatar

    Just here to say that it’s “Brass Tax”.

  21. Colby

    Listening to Vanessa talk about herself this afternoon is cracking me up. She has said she is smart, honest, loyal, has integrity, and has too much class to blow up about being nominated (and then blew up about 5 minutes later).
    I think she thinks she is hiding a halo under those hats. LOL

  22. danmtruth

    Did they not promo DE at the end of Sun show? Am I on melds ?
    Just can’t see why people keep pointing at JMack as a target .
    Does Meg put the red lipstick on with an extra wide magic marker. Hate to be cruel but it looks like a baboons but Tone it down girl
    Is Jackie ever going to stop wearing her armor outfit? She looks good in it but she acts like it gives her special powers.
    Are the twins auditioning to be extras as pool girls at a Veges hotel . Just lay around and get Austin to run around for them
    I bet James has stolen the photos of Shellis mom and Becky in the bikini Such the little perv
    Vanessa twisted understanding of the words integerty, and loyalty is perfect. She throws these words out like she is a supper hero defending others. So who will she try to draw into a fight with this week . Watch her go out with a whimper

    • Avatar

      You maade choke & cry at the same time, I’ve got spasms in my side. Everytime I see someone with thick lined red lipstick, Im going to think of a baboons ass & Meg. Too funny!!!

  23. Avatar

    Vanessa knows she’s no longer controlling the house & she can’t stand it. “Boo hoo hoo, Becky is being mean to her & won’t let her be the boss anymore.” Get over it.
    I hope she’s not the jury member that get to come back into the game.

  24. Avatar

    I hope Becky & the group don’t get too comfortable & get sloppy because if the others get back into power again it won’t be a good thing. They can’t count on Meg winning anything to help them out so they need to be really careful.

    • Painter1

      True, OVERCONFIDENCE got Clay and now Vanessa.

    • Avatar

      Dear Painter 1,
      Comparing Clay to Vanessa is like comparing the Raiders to the Seahawks. I know I’m sending this post after the fact. Or just b4 actually. But I’ve been saying this since day 1. Look at her pic and tap. I posted that Vanessa is a sick poker player and will use it to her advantage. Who wouldn’t rite?! She is a Pro. And it shows now. Clay……well. no

  25. Avatar

    Vanessa to Shelli, “I’m not going to campaign against you.” Walks out the door and has been campaigning ever since. LOL She keeps on hounding Austin and it may be an 8-0 vote to evict her. Not sure the twins are in the same game as everyone else. Everything they are attributing to James, Meg, Jackie, and Becky are things they and the non-sense tribe did.

  26. Alda

    I won’t miss Vanessa’s stupid hat or those black pants with the suspenders hanging down anymore.She wears them almost everyday.I guess they are an “integral”part of her wardrobe.Something people with integrity wear!This will definitely be the best week so far!!

  27. Avatar

    Hopefully whoever Vanessa tries to campaign to in the jury house will shut her down just like Becky because they all see what that nutcase has done to everybody.
    Shelli going through James clothes looking for a shirt that’s supposed to belong Clay has pissed me all the way off. Who the hell does she think she is going through someone’s belongings? Why didnt she just ask James for the damn shirt? Austin told her he has seen them both wearing that shirt & it could belong to James. The seahag said the shirt has James juice on it & it doesn’t smell like Clay anymore. I hope James finds out what that heffer did & tell her that it’s not his juice she smells on that shirt, it’s Meg & Clay juice.

  28. Avatar

    Anyone else want to see the twins nominated together for the DE? In my book would make sense because they represent a threat seeing as how they will always vote together and cover for each other. They are the only “true” alliance in the house and if James, Meg, or Jackie wins the second HoH, this would really shake things up.

    Think about the emotions involved – which would completely throw the rest of the house not in on it for a loop. And when one is sent packing if it is Liz, Austin’s game would be messed up as would Julia’s.

  29. Avatar

    Vanessa is having a pitty party, she is so defeated. Becky was so mean to her, yelled at her & lied to her. Vanessa has saved everybody, hasnt lied has been sooo loyal & just can’t understand. Ooh Puhleeez. She has the shades on & is hybernating, all she needs is the Audrey blanket. You got back what you dished out. It hurts to be knocked down off that high horse. KARMA came for a visit.
    James noticed his shirt is gone.
    I think Austin washed his hair.

  30. Clangley

    What drives me insane is Meg constantly looking at her hair and running her hand through it like it’s totally making a difference in how it looks. I mean come on she has a haircut like a 6 yr old little girl who’s Mom didn’t know how to cut bangs. Most of her cut is bangs, no matter what she does its going to look the same.
    Now on to ducklips Jackie, does she have to make that crazy face every single time she sees her reflection?? Lol I’m glad the house flipped to them but some of their quirks make me roll my eyes bc it seems like it’s all the time.

    • Avatar

      Meg wants to be Taylor Swift with the blonde hair and red lips, but she is more of a Bridget Jones. I do think she’s a cute girl, though. She has baby-fine hair — there’s only so much you can do with that texture.

    • Avatar

      Yep. I have baby fine hair too. Unless you curl it with large magnetic rollers, it can be blah. But Meg is cute with the cut. Not everyone could pull that off. I did notice she always wears red lips, but I remember when I was that age, I did the same thing. Sometimes when you find something, you stick with it.

      I hope Meg surprises everyone and wins a comp.

  31. Avatar

    Vanessa is a hot mess tonight. Watching BBAD and she’s just a wreck. Did she not understand the show when she signed on? People lie. People back-stab. It’s a freaking game! I’ve pretty much lost respect for her after tonight. No dignity whatsoever.
    Regarding the “meds” she takes… I take meds to control my mood, and they allow me to function on a normal spectrum of emotion. I still get upset, I still have feelings, but they are reasonable for the circumstances now. I am grateful for the medical advances that allow me to live a “normal” life. Without them I don’t know if I could even hold a job. From my own experience, I don’t think that someone being on meds they NEED gives them an unfair advantage, any more than being someone without mental illness does. I wish I could trust my brain to function appropriately without medication but I can’t. I’ve been to some very dark places and wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Vanessa clearly has issues but to suggest she is using medication for an unfair advantage is just insulting.

    • Avatar

      Yes, Vanessa is a mess tonight. She’s working my nerves. Steve seems to be feeling sorry for her.

    • Jannie

      According to Rita, she(Vanessa) has said several times that she takes meds for OCD. That is a legit diagnoses and it’s pretty obvious she has that and maybe some anxiety issues.
      OCD is probably beneficial playing poker, but it has not worked out well for her playing Big Brother.

  32. Clangley

    Yep she’s definitely a very cute girl but running her fingers in her hair constantly drives me nuts. Lol

    • Avatar

      I don’t know what makes Vanessa think she’s so special. What about the others that were evicted at her hands? Her & Audrey are the only ones so far who have lost their whole damn minds after getting backdoored.Vanessa backstabbed & twisted that knife in so many peoples backs, now she can’t handle being on the receiving end of that knife.

    • Colby

      Ann, I think that she actually does not believe she did anything wrong because she created drama to try to justify everything she has done to others. But I think everything was only justified in her own mind.

  33. Painter1

    Think if Vanessa had not pushed to save Shelli she might still be in and ok position. Her constant freaking out didn’t help to. Love watching her lose it and question everyone around her. If I was Steve I would have gotten up and left her after being interrogated and basically being called a liar on BBAD.

  34. Clangley

    Yep she’s all about the truth yet still deflects her own agendas instead of owning up to them.

  35. Avatar

    Shelli and vanessa and the rest of the 6th sense alliance are so entitled! Shellis speech last week is that she doesnt deserve this? Why didnt she? I honestly liked them all at 1st, then you get to see who they really are, and it is so disappointing! That is what is so good about big brother, you get to see the ugly side of pretty people, and all people, really. We are all so different, yet alike in many ways. I also like this website because many of you say what I am thinking about the hg’s.

  36. Avatar

    Omg, the Vanessa pitty party has just started again.

  37. g8trgirl

    Rumor has it the hg’s are flipping and are now going to vote out Shelli. Anyone see/heard that?

    • Renee

      yes, I read that on Twitter this morning too. I can’t stand the way Vanessa is acting and I hate when someone who doesn’t need the money wins in the end. Sadly, if they flip, she deserves to win.

  38. Avatar

    OMG They ARE actually thinking of keeping Vanessa! I’m not sure I can take another week of Vanessa.

  39. danmtruth

    The over thinking that was the downfall of the sick sence is now taking over the have nots. Meg,James, and Jackie are worried keeping Shelli she will come after James or Jackie . Crazy but true Add to that they don’t want to tell Becky till after the vote! Thinking they can explain it all to her . Once she hears there reasoning she will be ok with it Sure she will No problem that knife in the back looks good on you . Beside that one thing how did you like the ride in Dallas Mrs. Kennedy Try selling that also

    • g8trgirl

      They’re not going to tell Becky?! Holy hell!

    • Avatar


      Shelli is better at comps than Vanessa.

      So, if you get her out, it’s one less strong player on the other side, giving the havenots a better chance for winning hoh.

    • Avatar

      Well, I guess I’m going to be needing that padded cell & someone to aim that dart gun at me because I just don’t think I can take much more of this crap. Somebody please say it ain’t so. If Vanessa stays, Becky is going to be in deep doo doo because Vanessa is going to come for her with both guns ablazing. Are they afraid to tell Becky because they think she’ll talk them out of keeping Vanessa?

    • Avatar

      Why are they changing their minds now?

    • Avatar

      I guess I can understand both sides reasoning of this mess but someone please make up your mind. All of this going back & forth is killing me.
      What the hell are they thinking wanting to talk to Vanessa about this but not Becky. Vanessa is the biggest bull-shi**er of them all. Of course Vanessa is going to tell them what they want to hear so she can save herself.

  40. Avatar

    Keeping Vanessa over Shelli is a good idea. Vanessa is unraveling and would only be a matter of time until she was taken out. Shelli is a dangerous player and even more so with Clay gone. I actually trust Vanessa more over Shelli.

    By the way, reading comments makes me realize how mean many of you are. Picking on Vanessa and Meg is childish, but that is the internet for you. As if any of us would do better, eh? We’re all experts, right? Just grow up and enjoy the show.

    • Avatar

      Hey there Mr. Perfect Gary, I have said it once or twice & I’ll say it again. If you don’t like what you read all you have to do is scroll past the names of the people who have made comments that you don’t like. Nobody is forcing anybody to read anything.

    • Jannie

      Totally agree, Gary…
      I said this exact thing yesterday on this thread. Why keep Shelli when the first person she is going to go for is James??Next will be Jackie and Meg. If Shelli stays one of them will definitely be headed out the door if she wins HOH. Don’t forget that Becky and Shelli have a pretty strong bond. And she is good, so she could win an HOH during DE.
      Becky has HOHitis – happens a lot where the power goes to their head. She has suddenly come out of her shell, and sits in the back yard talking about herself and her travels – endlessly!! I still don’t like her – she played both sides – when James was HOH Becky ran to Shelli and Clay with every detail.

      James/Meg/Jackie – make a deal with Vanessa.

      Did Becky honor James’ request to send Shelli home last week?? He doesn’t owe Becky a damn thing.

  41. Avatar

    Jannie, you have totally got me sold. I agree with every word you just said 100%.

    • Jannie

      Ann – I know Vanessa is paranoid etc.. but she will go directly after Becky if she stays – Shelli will go for James.

      I’d rather have Becki gone than James.

      Sometimes you gotta play with your head and not your emotions 🙂

  42. Avatar

    If I were the have nots, I would be a little worried this week. The hoh competition for the double eviction has to be something fast. Possibly some kind of memory game. James & Meg have said that they haven’t been studying. I don’t get it. With all the time they have on their hands, you think they could find an hour here or an hour there to be prepared. Not just for little comps like this, but for the final three hoh. Crazy.

    Additionally, they are falling into that false sense of security that Steve is on board with THEM, but really Steve is on board for Steve. He is there just like anyone else to try and win this. He has the brains for memory games. Everyone should be spending more time with him, and try and get a final two deal happening.

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