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Big Brother 17 – Wednesday Feeds, Still Deciding Votes



Typically at this point in the Big Brother week, we generally know what’s going on. However, there is a pretty difficult decision for the house this week. Both Shelli and Clay are aligned with the same people, both are competitively strong, and both have a fairly similar social game, although Shelli ranks a tad higher. When the week began, Clay gave himself up and conceded to Shelli, but as the week has gone on, two things have happened. 1) Clay clearly has a change of heart, but isn’t actively campaigning against Shelli – only passively and 2) It’s the house’s decision, not Clay’s.

While I believe Shelli will eventually stay simply because she is trying harder, I think it will come down to the wire as their brains are telling them that Shelli is the overall stronger player. They know it’s smarter to vote out Shelli, but just feels more natural to vote out the guy who essentially conceded earlier in the week.

Gameplay talks are already going down as I had a late start to the feeds today, so let’s jump right in:

  • 1:30pm – Liz and Julia are having a half game, half personal talk in the HN room until joined by Vanessa and Austin. Before joining, Liz said she is going to have to let Austin know that she’s just not into him, but she’ll wait for the jury house. Austin came in a few minutes later to let them know they’ll be on slop until tomorrow night at midnight.
  • The girls wonder why they don’t send Shelli out as she quickly threw Austin under the bus.
  • Austin said she dug her own grave this week. She fell off the thing second to last, and sold out her alliance as soon as she could.  Double sell-out
  • Meanwhile, Meg pops in the side room to chat with Shelli and Clay. More on that soon.
  • Vanessa tells the room that Shay made out last night
  • The Meg thing was her wanting to talk about Austin, but Clay and Shelli were clearly agitated to the point where Shelli said ‘I don’t like the energy in the room right now’. Meg left, Clay was upset while Shelli is calming him down.
  • 1:50pm – Austin said Steve needs to step up and win so they are not forced to do all the dirty work.
  • The group has also been randomly tossing around staging Becky for next week to get her out. Kind of random
  • Austin talks about getting out floaters as well because you can’t forget them. They are pesky and eventually break people up (he is probably thinking about him and Liz, but mentions McCrae and Amanda)
  • 2:00pm – Austin’s idea is if Shelli goes out, they smear Becky and make her the next target
  • 2:10pm – Austin pulls in Shelli.
  • Shelli re-tells the Meg conversation and says Meg’s question didn’t even make sense. However, Shelli told Meg that she (Shel) got so duped into throwing someone under the bus, I’m not doing it again. I don’t know what you’re asking now, but I’m not going to throw anyone’s game out the door
  • Shelli is asking why anyone is scared of James since he can’t compete and is out of power tomorrow.
  • 2:30pm – The group is still together on a James bashing session. James is bullying, this isn’t ‘James Brother’, Jackie is the worst because she keeps reminding people how James didn’t use veto.
  • Meg, James, Austin and Vanessa are in the bathroom chatting about random stuff. They are doing the bowling thing again tonight.
  • Conversations have mostly busted up, now people are roaming around the house
  • 3:20pm – Becky is talking with John and said she wants to keep Clay because she thinks Shelli will go running to Vanessa (yes, so will Clay)
  • 4:30pm – Slow house right now. Shay just sulking about and the others hanging out together
  • 6:00pm – Feeds down for midway party. The CBS episode was pretty good. I didn’t see that side of Meg with Clay before.
  • 7:00pm – Party still underway
  • 8:30pm – Feeds are back, Shelli and Clay alone again. Fun stuff
  • And now they’re making out. Wonderful

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  • 9:00pm – The house is getting ready to play their cereal bowling thing, while I’m sure Clay and Shelli will be spending every last moment with each other /puke
  • 9:50pm – Bowling still going on. I can’t take it.  I am off to bed.  To “NKogNeeTow”: Your BBAD recaps are pretty solid and if you want to contribute them to the main page, use the contact form and let me know.

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  1. AIO_7

    I think Austin’s motivation to vote out Clay is because Clay is another buff meat head, and Austin wants to be the only one. To Austin, keeping Shelli is just another chick to admire him.

    • Rita

      I would like to see Julia and Liz go to James and Meg and tell them about being prepared to dump Austin. Cut the biggest head off the three headed monster.

    • Jannie

      Sadly, Rita, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I was really hoping that when Julia came in that she would be able to break up Austin and Liz. But it looks like Austin has also cast his creepy spell over Julia. As I said before, I can’t wait until they get to the jury house and Austin is constanly bothering her…she deserves it.

      It looks like the Shelli campaign has worked and she will be staying. She just said to the evil twins “how cool would it be for you to turn around and say ‘who’s scared of you now James.” )after the vote).

      And now Shay is all out swapping spit and making out? Gross – last night on BBAD you could hear them going at it in the BY. So much for Shelli’s virtue. She’s a sleazy cougar who is actually betraying Clay by campaigning to stay…big time.

  2. Elaine

    I think one’s vote is very important, even in the BB house. These houseguests throw away their votes like today’s trash. I know I have mentioned “the way the house votes” (or else) as one of my pet peeves, because the vote is one thing that each player can claim as his/her own. I harken back to the earlier casts that did have to campaign, persuade, etc. because they often treated it as if each vote mattered. It is one thing that no other houseguest can prove regarding the others….so after an eviction it is okay for them to mix it up, discuss the conspiracy theories, and if necessary deny, deny, deny. Vanessa encouraged them to vote what will be best for individual games…….if more of them had done that Jason might have stayed.

    • Rita

      Vanessa is trying to say James is bullying the HGs to vote the way he wants but I just don’t see it. I also don’t see how Vanessa can preach about people keeping their word when she is the biggest offender.
      Clay and Shelli are really regretting their decision to evict Jason now which was another Vanessa idea.

      I was liking Vanessa for a while but she has gone overboard now causing drama when it’s not needed. Maybe she caught whatever Audrey had and we’ll see her hiding the HN room soon. Just saying.

    • Avatar

      Yeah I hate how they all decide what “the house” is doing. How is that playing a smart game? Watching Vanessa on tonight’s show, she’s freaking out and crying, and this amuses me. James is my hero! I hope the others work with him. Clay’s little hissyfit was ridiculous. Too much testosterone! And come ON people, it’s Big Brother! People LIE! It’s part of the game. I love how James is not buying any of the crap Shelli and Clay’s crap about how they would NEVER do that to him. Hope Shelli goes home… and maybe we’ll get to see Clay fighting for her the way Brendan did after Rachel was out (This one’s for you, Rachel!!!!)…. oh wait, then they brought her back, remember? Man I hope they don’t do that crap again.

  3. Avatar

    Vanessa is a player ….maybe a overplayer….anyways quick question ….who new about Judas first? …and who did they tell?

  4. danmtruth

    Vanessa and Shelli complaing about James bullying people into how to vote. Really ?? That is there entire game. When they can finely decide who to evict. James said who he was targeting . No Backdoor veto . Just your up fight to get off. Now it’s Shelli telling anyone who will listen how they are James,Meg,and Jackies next big target. Saint Shelli is the only one to protect them . Wow complaing that James does not keep his word .
    My ideal is Jackie wins HOH . Turns around and says start campaigning Vanessa and Shelli you’re up for nomination . Don’t need to worry she will make it official at the nom ceremony . That’s just a dream

    • Avatar

      NO ONE has kept their word in this game. At least James did what he did with some spine and integrity.

      Unlike Vanessa and her crew, who devised a plan to spark an argument with Jeff, just so they had a reason to make him the target, as opposed to Audrey…who they promised was the target.

      Just last week, Austin, their very own alliance member was on the block. Then, they promise everyone he’ll get back-doored. Then, they blindside people when Jason goes up as the replacement.

      Who’s word is worth anything in this house?! So, Clay and Shelli cant play the ‘betrayal’ card now.

  5. Elaine

    Before the “eight” got together I think James and his others insinuated or did mention that it was in each one’s best interest to vote Shelli out (which is what James wants). Towards the end of the meeting, James gave Vanessa permission to vote for Shelli to stay (previous promise, blah, blah, blah). He still hinted that there were enough votes for her to go…only need five. In regards to Rita’s mention of Shay regretting the Jason vote, since Shelli claimed (when confronted), “No I don’t want to backdoor Jason,” and she had stuck with that he would have had the Shay vote, James, Meg, and Jackie (because at that point she wouldn’t have done her typical house vote).

  6. Avatar

    Danmtruth, your ideal dream is also mine. That would be so perfect. I would fall to pieces laughing. I can’t stand either one of them.

  7. Avatar

    Vote Shelli out. She wins comps, plays a solid social game, and has a hand in every eviction.

    People in the house will probably see Clay as the bigger target because he has muscles.

    Either way, I’m cool with slashing the 2-headed monster.

    James is officially my favorite right now.

  8. Avatar

    I want to feel bad for Shelli and Clay but I don’t like some of the things they did from jump. They turned on Day and ever since then, they’ve rubbed me the wrong way.

  9. Avatar


    Meg has the hots for Clay.

    She’s peeing on her territory even before Shell is out.


  10. Avatar

    Five minutes into the show and I’m already gagging watching those two!

    WTF is up with Meg and Clay? I thought she was going to wrap her boobs around his face! 😉 Clay was hating every second of it. lol

    • Avatar

      he did just about put his face into one of her boobs…lol.. poor Meg, I don’t think he’s into her. At least not until after Shelli is out and he gets lonely, then we’ll see. that would be effing hilarious if they hooked up. Well, to everyone but Shelli. She probably wouldn’t find the humor in it.

    • Avatar

      Jenny, this is going to add a whole new dimension to tomorrow night’s eviction. I’ll be watching Meg’s reaction to see what she does if it’s Clay walking out. Now that I see how much she has the hots for him it would be pretty interesting to see what develops if Clay stays and Shelli goes home.

    • NKogNeeTow

      This brings Rainbow Brites reaction all into perspective at the pre-meeting the other night. No matter what James and Jackie said, Meg was still defending Clay and telling them how much she didn’t think he should be voted out and should stay. But she never actually gave a valid reason why.

  11. Avatar

    Shelli will stay in the house. If John, Becky, Austin, Liz, and Julia would get their heads out of their butt and THINK it would turn out differently. Pretty positive Meg can’t win an HOH and Jackie is doubtful. They will be picked off one by one in the next few weeks. Totally boring season with this bunch of minions.

  12. danmtruth

    Is it wrong of me for enjoying the tears and pain of Shelli & Clay
    Rob that did not look like Clay was that upset with the drunk lap dance from Meg . Johny Mack was great

    • Avatar

      I was joking! He was loving every second of it! I think he shed more real tears with Meg than he did with Shelli!

    • Jannie

      I’m right there with you dan. Seriously, these people have known each other for six weeks and they act like one’s going off to the electric chair. I am embarrassed for them, they look like fools.

    • Avatar

      I would LOVE to see shelli go out th door!! I’d LOVE to see horny young Clay have some connection with Meg since she showed how she really feels with some alcohol in her system. Hope she has much more to drink and goes after him. That was just TOOOOOO good to see. He certainly wasn’t pushing her away and then whispered, let’s just keep this between us. how funny! Love the reaction John had watching the two of them. it would be funny if he let it slip to Shelli. would love to see an explosion from her and maybe it would seal the deal and she would be gone for sure! I want her gone!

  13. Avatar

    Clay is a young man playing around. He seems to me to be interested in Megs offer to get him drunk in New York. However, he has a willing playmate in Shelli. It’s going to be interesting to see if this “relationship “will continue.

  14. Avatar

    Actually Danmtruth, if I would’ve had to watch much more of Clay standing there sulking like a 5 yr old, I would’ve reached through the tv & snatched him by the ear & sat him in timeout. And if Shelli would’ve had to flush out any more of those fake crocodile tears, her head would’ve shrunk. I’ll bet u she was one of the little ms rich bitch mean girls in school. Can u imagine if she had seen Clay with his face buried in Meg’s boobs what would’ve happened. Shelli would be lying & scheming so Meg could be targeted next. Omg & if Shelli goes home & Clay starts a showmance with one of the other girls. Nobody would be safe from her (Shelli) wrath when they got out of that house. Lol

    • Elaine

      Think about what a great interview that would be with Shelli at the end if boy toy stays and showmances…er…scandalmances other women to stay in the game…lol.

    • Avatar

      Did you see Shelli’s face when Clay was switching with Jackie and he said, “I love you Jackie, but I’m going to have to switch.” You could nearly see steam coming out of Shelli’s eyes. LOL They have both been acting like sulky, spoiled brats. Why me? Why us? It’s just not fair. I fast forward through them every time they are on.

  15. danmtruth

    Tears that he could have had Meg than move on to Shelli . Players got to play just kidding
    It was fun to watch how James set out a target and did not change. That is what Vanessa and the sick sense could not understand . That’s why all there effort to turn James did not work . In the sick sense world all it took was a little paranoia to get them to change the target. A little lie here or their. Mostly that they heard someone was planing on making a move on someone. All the time forgetting they had the numbers.

    • Avatar

      James is the man. Not one of the others had the guts to follow through like James did. Shelli & Clay were fine as long as they were the ones twisting the knife in someones back. But as soon as they were on the receiving end of that knife, they lied, tattled, threw people under the bus & squeezed out a few fake tears but James saw through it all & stuck to his guns.

  16. Avatar

    I want to see Austin creeping around after Liz in the jury house. She’s leading him on & using him right now but how is he going to take it when she tells him that she’s not into him. She may be writing a check that her ass cant cash.

  17. Jannie

    It’s just a shame that James couldn’t have hooked up with smarter players. But then again, if he had been with Vanessa and Shay from the start he probably would not be as likable. Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa. I really try and like her and think she is a gamer, and then she pulls out the bat crap crazy. Why did she INITIATE the deal in the HOH last night when she knows she can’t back it up??

    Last night Meg did make the brilliant observation that Vanessa is really the one who needs to go next. Now if she could just put forth a little effort to win an HOH. And watching her with Clay on CBS tonight, well I just don’t know what to say about that…except that Meg should not drink any more alcohol in the house.

    James’ only hope is for Jackie to win the next HOH, Meg is pathetic.

  18. Alda

    I thought Meg was going to profess her eternal love to Clay.What the heck!Johnny Mack’s face was priceless.Lol.I just pray they send Shelli home.There are no real loyalties this season and that is a big problem.I’m afraid James will be going to jury next week.Vanessa is going to win the money and that irks me.Remember she already made $4.5 million in poker winnings.

  19. Avatar

    You can vote and rate how much you like each HG on jokers every day. It’s so funny because Vanessa, Austin, Shelly, Clay, Liz, and Julia are on the bottom! Even Jace and Audrey score higher every day than they do.
    Would love to listen to HG opinions AFTER they watch the entire show. It will also be interesting to see which HG are chosen to be on B&B this year.

    • Jannie

      James was worried the other night that America might be mad at him for splitting up the sweethearts.
      Oh, James, if you only knew how happy we all are – it will probably get you voted “America’s Player.”

  20. Avatar

    Am i the only one that notices Austin following Lizia EVERY where she goes? I mean it’s annoying BB she tell him over the speaker “Austin Please stop following Liz she’s not into you!”.

    • Avatar

      Omg, that would be so funny. Big brother would have to shut the show down because Austin is already bat sh*t crazy. Did u hear Liz & Julia talking about how bad Austin’s hair smells?

    • Avatar

      No, when did they say that?

    • NKogNeeTow

      On BBAD the other night, Crazy Eyes, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were sitting in the bedroom talking. Suddenly Liz said sullenly “Austin will come looking for me in 5 minutes”….and she looked a cross between depressed and annoyed. And no sooner had she said it, he walked in and just flopped down on the bed. It was hilarious! Serves her right. If she really wants to get rid of him, all she has to do is stick under her sister and the 2 of them ignore him. His little dirty feelings will be hurt but he might finally go away.

    • Elaine

      I am irritated that Austin walks around acting as if he has so much control because the Austwins are three….yes count them, three votes. HOH break them apart……please!! Julia’s whining is driving me to drink (which I already do now and again). Austin is just creepy….although as long as she is in the game, Liz will allow his creepy moves. It was ick factor when Clay and Shelli were hugging in the bathroom, and Austin said something to the effect how sad it was for them to be broken apart while he gets to be with Liz in jury…..dude, she is not that into you and won’t be when jury hits. I am thinking that cameras in jury might be more exciting at some point…lol.

  21. Avatar

    If I was Clay’s mom, I would slap him so hard on the back of his head he’d feel it in the front for saying he’d give up his chance to stay in the game for a woman he just met yesterday. That idiot has known that heffer all of 5 minutes & is ready to give up everything for her. If he gets to stay & Meg lest him bury his face in her boobs again, he would jump right in.

  22. Jannie

    So I was just reading on the BB Network that Dr Demento and his evil twins as well as Becky have all discussed sending Shelli home. And it’s because they think that Shelli is just too close to Vanessa and they are dangerous together.
    Dreams can come true!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      From their lips to God’s ears!

    • Avatar

      She is just so positive that her little poopyhead is going home & she’s staying. I think I want Shelli gone as much as I did Audrey.
      Please tell me I’m not the only one who is seriouly annoyed with the twin’s whinning when she talks? WTF, is something wrong with her? I’m not sure but I think its Liz (the one whoring herself out to the jolly smelly giant.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Something that James said during the CBS show that I really loved. When talking about back dooring someone, he said he was “always taught to use the front door. You only use the back when you lose your key”. I LOVE IT!

    • Renee

      I agree with how creepy it is that Shelly is attracted to someone that looks so much like her brother. But it is equally creepy that Clay has heard her say this and it didn’t freak him out. If I ever had a man trying to make a move on me and at the same time be saying OMG you look exactly like my sister, I would have to say WTF???? and walk away.

  24. danmtruth

    This might be the first vote where we don’t know what the out come will be.
    Remember a few seasons back when production back off on the amount of alchole the house guest could have. If I remember correctly it was after the knife incident in the kitchen . Two guest using a knife for foreplay. The producers were under fire because. People were saying the free alchole was loosening the players up too much. They have slowly started to bring it back in . It looks like once more peoples true nature came out with a few drinks.
    Fun to see all the people joining in again . Some great observation . It took a while but this season has now started to get interesting. Thanks to Jassons eviction some players have started to look around to see what is going on.
    Ann if you were Clays mom I hope he would have better sense than to hook up with Shelli. Again he can be Shelli’s brother twin. It’s just creepy that Shelli wants to be with her younger brother.

    Jannie I go back and forth with Liz and Austin. I just don’t like the him or Judas ,Dr Demento,,Svengoule, or what other persona he wish to adopt. Liz says she is playing him . Yet it seems the two deserve each other with how shallow they are. Julia just goes happily along . They both seem to hate all the other women in the show because they want all the men to look at only them
    Mouse a reunion show after the players get to see what was shown . Would make for some fun watching. See what they feel after seeing what the fans think . In fact during the show one week they should bost the fan voting results . See how much that effects them

  25. Elaine

    Okay what is wrong with this picture? On BBAD when the twins are asking if they should dress the same, the houseguests they ask are each giving an individual vote. Yet when it comes to something important like eviction, each one acts like “individual votes, what are those?…we are going with house.” Eeeesh!

  26. Avatar

    Shelli acts more like a mother than a love interest. She is very demanding. I want her out and I want to see ‘May’ begin 😉 (Meg,Clay)
    they were REALLY liking eachother. So much so we ALL sat shocked like deer in headlights in front of the t.v. haha Clay says “don’t tell anyone about this” yeah cuz you’re NOT on tv Clay and Shelli will NEVER see what you just did. Seriously she is the verbally abusive type of girl. Yelling about James and calling him ‘little man’. I have special words for girls like her.

    • Avatar

      I’m not so sure I want Clay with Meg because I dont want him to hurt her. Maybe he’s really only sniffing after Shelli’s butt so hard because she’s a much older woman & he has yet to conquer that. Maybe being with an older orange sea hag is on his bucket list.

    • Avatar

      Can’t u just see Shelli stomping around crying, throwing things & screaming, swearing to get even with Meg for holding a gun to Clay’s head forcing him to lay his whole face in her (Meg) boobs. Lol

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Ok Steve, I’ve got you 😉 I can only give you what’s on BBAD, I don’t have the live feed. Here is what happened on BBAD, hope I haven’t left anything out….

    Quick Refresher Course:
    James = James the LionHearted
    Meg = Rainbow Brite
    Vanessa = Crazy Eyes
    Jackie = Woody Woodpecker
    Steve = RainMan
    John = Goofy
    Clay = Heckle
    Shelli = Jeckle
    Becky = Harriett the Spy
    Austin = Asstin or Dirty Hairy
    Liz = Tweedle Dum
    Julia = Tweedle Dee
    or Julia and Liz = Dumb and Dumber
    or Liz, Julia, Asstin = The 3 Stooges aka Larry, Moe and Curly

    Tweedle Dum and Dee are droning on about wearing braces and headgear. Goofy (John) and Rainbow Brite (Meg) and the twins are in the bathroom discussing the advantages of dentistry. Asstin is wandering around the bathroom pretending to clean his teeth (but really trying to stay close to Liz because he’s afraid she’ll evaporate into thin air if he’s not watching).

    Heckle (Clay) and Jeckle (Shelli) are in the bedroom talking about sleeping through the rest of the game and maybe no one will nominate them because they’ll forget they are there. She’s digging through her suitcase looking for something (hopefully her plane ticket). They’re making jokes about their eviction now (probably because each is pretty confident the other 1 is going home). Heckle is not in the mood for bowling (probably afraid someone will mistake his head for a ball and roll him).

    Back in the bathroom, Woody Woodpecker (Jackie) ask Julia how long was her hair before she cut it. She replies “Its like Becky’s height” (it’s LENGTH Dumbazz). She says her hair was thicker but now it’s thin. Woody says “yeah, Da was on it. She said 1 had thicker hair”. Julia says “She (Da) must have twins in her family”… Does she realize that recognizing the difference between thick and thin hair doesn’t require having twins in one’s family?

    Bowling Time….Can’t remember who’s on who’s team but the players are James the LionHearted, Asstin, Tweedle Dum and Dee, Rainbow Brite, Woody, Goofy and Rainman. Heckle and Jeckle have joined the group. Heckle rolls once, Jeckle seems to have disappeared again. Crazy Eyes seems to be the only one missing. The house seem to be in good spirits tonight….Okay this is boring….no game talk or talking about each other.

    Jackie is having trouble bowling in her armor. She announces she is getting nekkid for the next game (Please God No). Crazy Eyes has now joined the group.

    Heckle and Jeckle are in the bathroom. He’s taking a shower while she talks to him about her brother that looks like him. He’s some sort of actor and he’s “so good looking and perfect”. They seem to be having a carefree time (I still think it’s because each think they are staying).

    Crazy Eyes is just standing there in the background, looking like she just ate a bad egg….She’s making Steve look like a social butterfly. She just schlepped off somewhere….

    Heckle and Jeckle are still in the bathroom. He’s flossing (John would be so proud) and she’s doing nails. They share the tender story of how they knew they’d get to know each other better when they first met (Awww… insert big kitten eyes). jeckle says that it’s cute but embarrassing that they’ll be able to go back and watch all these moments (again….que the kitten eyes again), and that they should watch them together. She also says that they’ve never said 1 bad thing about each other. She smiles and tells him “like when you were scampering and scheming against her and saying he didn’t care about her and would throw her to the wolves for his top 2 with his boys” (she worked that dig in like a like a pro). He starts mumbling an bumbling trying to clean it up (the boy back peddles like a clown on a unicycle). Kind of sounds like they are both trying to feel each other out (Could there really be some doubt about their loyalty to each other???…Nah, this is Big Brother house. Nothing like that could happen here :-). She wonders why she hasn’t been called to the DR yet. She says she’ll “Be like, bye bye Clay. Hope it’s me in here. Bye, bye.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Don’t know what happened….it cut off in the middle of my report..

      Hope it’s me in here. Bye, bye. And if I’m out the door, see you later”. They both laugh. (She’s serious as a heart attack).

      Bowling still going on in the kitchen. …

      Back in the bathroom, Heckle and Jeckle are planning on meeting in a bar somewhere and pretending like they never met (what do you want to bet that the one who gets kicked out will wish they never had).

      Back to the kitchen. Game over. James’ team won. Asstin is making a whey drink (all that protein stuff and he STILL can’t win anything). I’m watching to see what Meg did with the Chex she was using to keep score (put it back in the box maybe?). And does she ever stop eating !?!?!? I wouldn’t bet against her or James in a hot dog or pie eating contest.

      Goofy and RainMan straighten up the living room. Liz is washing the dishes, Meg and Julia are cleaning the counters. They try to think of another game to play. Julia is bored and wants something to do.

      They must have gotten a cae with their faces on it because Julia says someone needs to eat Audrey’s face off the cake. Rainbow Brite, Tweedle Dum and Dee think the losers (bowling) should do it. Asstin says he would do it on a dare if he wasn’t afraid of the spirits. He thinks it would be better if someone got to throw it in someone’s face, like Steve (poor RainMan, as if being socially ackward wasn’t bad enough). Then he decides that it needs to be saved.

      Dumb and Dumber are still cleaning the kitchen. This is a big change from the group last year. They had that house looking like a zoo cage.

      Back in the bedroom, Harriett is telling RainMan that she was going to keep Shelli but up until last night she realized that if they got Clay out of the game, Shelli would win (QUE THE ANGELS, GLORY HALLELULA(sp)! ….Enter The 3 Stooges….Harriett and RainMan stop talking game (DRATS!).

      Liz has a “serious question”…If they don’t have to dress in athletic gear tomorrow, can they (the twins) dress in the same outfit?…(Really??? This is serious?). RainMan and Asstin say No. Julia and Becky say Yes. Julia is upset and says they brought all those matching twin outfits so why not? Julia says it’s open for discussion (they have a serious vote coming up tomorrow and THIS is what they choose to discuss in depth….seriously?). They take a vote. Beck says they should embrace the fact that “twins are so cool to have on the show”. Tweedle Dum and Dee agree and Julia says “Let’s do it” (with all the enthusiasm of a cheerleader). She says they never dress alike in real life. They decide on the green dresses but the only problem is 1 has khaki shoes and the other has khaki and black shoes (someone PLEASE grab the gun from my hand). They ask Meg if she thinks they should wear the same dresses. Meg says no. They plead their case to Meg as to why they should (because they never get to do it in real life). Meg says they shouldn’t because they have their own identities. RainMan changes his vote to yes, but only if this is the only time they’ll ever do it. Asstin still says no (I think he’s afraid that if they do, he won’t be able to tell them apart and might start stalking the wrong one). Liz starts to pull out all the matching dresses. The debate continues. Jackie chimes in that if they are sitting next to each other on the couch, then yes. If they’re not, then no. Julia is determined to dress as twins for the Eviction Ceremony….I still can’t believer that fashion is the biggest thing on their minds the night before eviction.

      Cut to the bathroom. Heckle and Jeckle are discussing why they have secluded themselves from the rest of the house. She says its because they want to be together and don’t want to mingle and be “fake” (I’m surprised that when that word comes out of her mouth, her tongue doesn’t pop out and slap her in the face). She says they’re feeling hurt by people. She thinks that the house treats people on the block different and it’s very ackward (duh). She says even Becky and Steve are talking to them less. She feels that everybody else is talking to Steve more. John comes in and Clay whispers something about him to Shelli, but he mumbles so much I can’t make out what he said. I’ve decided that if Clay leaves, I’ll change Shelli’s name from Jeckle to Jackal. If Shelli leaves, I’ll change Clay’s name from Heckle to Mumbles (Dick Tracy character).

      Shelli says that with John, they need to proceed with caution. Clay mumbles something about you get paranoid when you trust somebody (FOR GOD SAKES MAN, OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TALK!).

      Back in La Maison du Fashion….Liz is still pulling out clothes for the group to vote on….commercial…. THANK GOD!
      Crany e
      Back from commercial….Still pulling out clothes that “Mama” sent them. Crazy Eyes has now joined the group (she was in the DR for what seems like forever). The discussion between Tweedle Dum and Dee, Harriett and Crazy Eyes, is about how their Moms shop for them. Harriett says her mother can’t shop for her because she would only send her track suits (probably because she “runs” her mouth so much). Crazy Eyes says her Mom is a good shopper for her. Now they are talking about stores they like to shop in (use your imagination and watch me vigorously bang my head against the wall…. how did that hole get there?).

      End of BBAD (and not a minute to soon….”Must save the brains I have left” (said in my best robotic voice).

      Nite Folks! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Wow ! What a great way to start the day. Breakfast & and quite the entertaining recap.

      You have a gift that legends are made of.

      Thanks for the laughs, and have a great day.


  28. Renee

    Did anyone else notice how bossy Shelli was with Clay when he was yelling at James. She came out of the back room snapping her fingers demanding “Clay stop in now” “Stop it” I was just waiting for her to say “Down Boy” like someone does when they are correcting their dog.

  29. danmtruth

    NKogNeeTow I can’t stop laughing. You need to be on TV. Would love to watch a show with your commentary like Mystery Science Theater . You need to be on a show interviewing the eliminated house guest
    Rene and Wowzer you hit it on the head with Shelli acting like a mom with Clay. The fact she admits that Clay reminds her of her brother brings it into another level of ichy! What can you say about a women desperately trying to hang onto her youth all the while hunting a younger man who reminds her of her brother who is fighting his feelings for a women who might be his cousin but wait mom has found even a younger man will she end up breast feed and dipper her new boy toy all this and much much more Will the twins figure out what to wear will Austin be able to tell the twins apart will he ever stop preening for the cameras ( run on sentence said in movie phone guys voice)
    Tonight should be fun

    • NKogNeeTow

      My Dearest Dan, the only way I’d like to be on TV with those band of misfits, is if I could do a Reunion show (Housewives style). I would just hold on tightly to my cards and my chair and sit back and let them go at it. That would be hilarious to see them all tell how they REALLY feel about each other and their game play…or lack there of…lol

      Gladys Kravitz, signing out….. 😉

  30. Avatar

    If Shelli does not go home I dont know what I’m going to do. She has tap danced on my last nerve to the point of wanting to scream. The girl is so fake & phony that her smile makes me cringe. Please big brother Gods send Shelli home & make her & her dogs have to sit back & watch Clay & Meg grope each other on tv. Turn that fake ass smile into a frown like at the veto meeting when Clay told Becky he loved her.
    Someone should tell Liz about her irritating, annoying whinning. There’s no need for Austin to hunt her down when she’s out of his sight. All he has to do is listen for that deep whine. I wonder if Liz told Austin to clip & shave that chunk of hair off of his chin would he do it. He has the creepiest smile. Didnt he say he had a girlfriend back home? He probably left her chained up in his basement. Liz better watch out because I’m sure he has enough room & chains down there for her too.
    I love, love, love to hear Johnnymac talk. I cant understand a lot of it but he is funny. Poor little James is in deep doodoo if Jackie or Meg dont win HO which is grim. James is still the man.. Steve, well Steve, uhmm, he needs to go home because he is no Ian Terry. Becky needs to hop her ass on the next thing smoking & take her floating behind home too.
    Vanessa’s crazy eyes make me dizzy as hell.
    Just please send shelli the sea hag home.

    • danmtruth

      Ann I worry for you because one thing the sic sense does well .Is doing the dumb thing ! No reason the vote should be close but it will. Austin you are a target for Shelli . It was saving you that got her in this problem. Vanessa you have blood on your hands . Own it and deal with it who cares. Rain man you are everyone’s easy target . No one will fight to keep you . Everyone looks at you as expendable . Shelli just sees you as a shield to deflect blame . It’s a shorter list of who hasn’t thrown you under the bus

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ann, Crazy Eyes’ eyes do kind of have a hypnotic effect on you. They move back and forth like she’s trying to hypnotize you ….rofl

  31. Alda

    My dad was a handsome guy.He was a 5 lettermen in high school,then served in the US Coast Guard.He ended up as a boat captain when he left the service.He would always have a beautiful tan from his days on the sea.He had a head full of almost black hair.My friends would swoon over him as did their moms when they were in school with him.Never,and I mean never did he stand in front of the mirror admiring himself,fooling with his hair,putting on lotions,shaving his chest or armpits.He took a shower,shaved,splashed on some after shave and was out the door!!

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