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Big Brother 17 Week 3 Nomination Feed Updates



How the mighty have fallen.

James won the dreaded first Big Brother HoH competition, and he is now fighting for his life in the game.  Winning week 1 is dangerous for many reasons, and one of them being the first person to shoot an arrow in the house. People do not forget it, especially seeing as the person is HoH for usually two weeks (remember, they enter the house about a week prior to the first episode).

This week, Austin and/or Vanessa will be the HoH, but it won’t matter which one because they’ve been working together since the beginning. This is absolutely bad news for the guy who got out Austin’s early ally, but also bad news for other guys in the house who are perceived as threats (like Jeff).


As it stands right now, John/James will be going up with John again throwing the BotB against Jeff/Meg.  The feeds will be going down any minute to do the ceremony, so we will have confirmation as soon as they return and update this thread!

  • 11:30am – Feeds still down for the nomination ceremony
  • 11:53am – Feeds back up, getting nominations shortly
  • Austin nominated Jason and Meg
  • Vanessa nominated James and John
  • Austin is telling Jason and Meg that ‘Audrey’ is the target – she’s not
  • John is telling Vanessa he will throw the Botb competition.  One of these times it is going to come back to bite him
  • 12:30pm – Vanessa is still going over the ‘throw BotB’ plan with John
  • Feeds are on Liz chatting with Vanessa and Austin about Jeff constantly harassing her about possibly being a twin or not. He apparently keeps questioning her on random stuff when he sees her.  Vanessa tells her not to worry, he only has 5 more days in the house
  • 2:00pm – Long time between update. Not much happening except people anticipating, worrying about battle of the block and the week to come.  Austin and Vanessa put some cards down on the table with these noms, so now the worrying begins.
  • Apparently Audrey told Jason that she was the vote for Day, who then ran and told Vanessa. However, Audrey denied it to Vanessa
  • Vanessa is also 95% sure that Audrey is a psychic outside the house
  • Austin has a crush on Liz (not Julia), so Vanessa is telling Liz she needs to confront the situation. Liz isn’t too interested in him, and isn’t very impressed that he said he had a girlfriend when he came in (doubtful he still does)
  • 2:50pm – Feeds down, likely for botb
  • 3:45pm – Feeds are still down.  This idle time is making me nervous about the flight. Come on feeds, come back
  • 5:00pm – Still down for the BotB
  • 5:30pm – Still down
  • 6:30pm – Long competition, feeds still down
  • 6:45pm – Feeds back, looks like John successfully threw the competition once again
  • James and John remain on the block.  Barring PoV, James is going home.  The only situation that could mess things up is if Jeff wins, and uses on James, but he won’t. He won’t want to risk Jackie being the replacement.
  • Audrey and Shelli are in the pantry talking when Clay comes in. Shelli is clearly buzzed from the alcohol at the competition. Audrey is a little flirty with him, but also says she thought he was gay when she first met him
  • I guess Paris Hilton was part of the competition. Glad she recovered from her “prank”.. or maybe someone who they nicknamed Paris Hilton
  • 7:10pm – Jeff’s investigating skills for Liz is checking out the size of her ass.
  • Meg is apologizing to James for acting crazy earlier. She was upset about being nominated, but she’s clearly relaxed now
  • James: Big Brother 17 is all new comps, well sort of.  (By all new comps, he means all the same comps?)  He highlighted the spelling comp as the big change because now you spell with score rather than longest.  Big difference lol
  • With that, I am taking a small break for a bit

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    These people confuse me! I thought Jeff was going to be Austin’s target. They all talk at the same time and so fast and whisper so much, it’s hard to understand what they are saying.

  2. danmtruth

    So James and Jason are target plan 1 With Jeff being the backup plan to evict ? So once more Audrey plays the keep me as no one likes me. This seems to get her thru till next week again John keeps playing this pawn game Is it me or do there seem to be a lot of smaller alliance that change week to week

    • Avatar

      Their alliances change sometimes multiple times in a week. It is hard for me to keep up with who is aligned with who. And every time they do make an alliance, the whole naming thing is such a chore, by the time they come up with a name, its over lol.

  3. CLangley

    Don’t they know the longer they keep Audrey the more chances she has of actually getting people to work with her? She can always use the “nobody likes me” as a defensive move to keep people from knowing someone else is really working with her behind the scenes. Plus it’s putting targets on all of their backs by keeping her over some of the others they keep nominating. I thought for sure it would be her or Jeff going out this week with Austin and Vanessa knowing he’s giving Liz/Julia a hard time.

  4. Avatar

    It is still so early in the game. I wouldn’t get into much a twist over Audrey squeaking by this past week and next week. With so many bodies in the house, somebody has to go. I think everyone has her number, and eventually time will catch up with her. Despite what DA said while speaking with Julie, I don’t see her making it to the final two.

  5. Avatar

    First time posting on here, but my third year reading your blog Steve and I just wanted to say what an awesome job you do! I look forward to hearing about your experience at the live eviction with Julie, how exciting :D. Don’t fret about traveling, nothing to worry about.

  6. danmtruth

    Will Audrey be like Jacosta and Victoria Always a bigger target instead of her? The big difference she plants seeds of mistrust and let the players own paranoia amp it up. She has been smart in voting for the evicted house guest so there is always the question of who did not vote with the house . On the outside we see this but the people in the house want to out think what’s going on . They are always ready to believe someone is plotting against them. The Clay Shelie thing is wearing thin on the house Clay thinks to much of himself as a great mastermind . James and Jasson are together because they feel like they are outsiders Not sure just how solid an ally is Meg Austin is still trying to repair his standing since the first week seems to have hooked up with Liz/Julie and Van. Steve is desperate to team up with someone Knows the game and will be very strong in mental games plus holds his own on most physical games. Jef is just not being given a chance to fit in has done nothing on challenges Now Jackie is truly this years Victoria can you see her winning any comp . Becky is trying to stay in the background good at comp just wonder how much she will trust ClayShelie after they did not live up and eliminate Audrey

  7. Avatar

    Why do people pay for live feeds that are supposed to be 24/7, but have been shut down 3 hours for the competition?

  8. jimbo

    Random thoughts: TMZ reported that the Paris Hilton prank was fake and that Hilton knew the whole time. surprise surprise. Paris Hilton would be the type to try to be on BB if she wasn’t famous. Im surprised there doesn’t seem much worry about getting rid of the twins — and obviously unbreakable alliance of two. Id say throw them out, but, like Jeff, I need to study their butts, too, to make SURE they are twins. Very important.

  9. jimbo

    One more random thought: Isn’t it lovely listening to people eat potato chips or anything else crunchy on the live feeds?

  10. Rita

    It’s official. I do NOT like Austin. Originally I found him annoying but now I find him to be a douchebag just like his friend Jace.

    Am I the only person watching the feeds that still likes Jeff? Tonight we saw him talking to Austin at around 7:00 and I was lost. It seemed to me Jeff was baiting Austin but I see Jeff lost a lot of “fans” because of the things he said.

    Steve, if you ever get on BB do NOT drink alcohol.

  11. Avatar

    Well thus far the “Really Big Twist” have been HUGE FLOPS….The Twin Twist…meh?! And of course Da’Vonne’s twist was a big old ‘FAT BELLY FLOP,” so much for the season of Twist, & Take Overs…Smdh?! We wait all year for Big Brother, and this is what we get, sooo disappointing! These HG are boring, predictable, & stale.

  12. ShoeLover

    PRIPS to Steve Beans and his witty blog! Hands down, the best thing I have seen for this BB season so far is the mentioning of Jeff using Ass Size for Liz and her sister! LOL!! Hilarious!!! I can say that Jeff’s investigation idea is really bold and typical hound dogish, but it isn’t going to work. I am an Identical twin and we pretty much look the same in the bahtooty. Anyhoo, thanks for the laughter and the smile on my face!!

  13. Avatar

    So far I’m just NOT enjoying this season AT ALL. I know it’s only been two weeks BUT I just cannot get invested in ANY of these people. There’s only one thing that has caught my eye as an interest…….does Clay ever wash his feet?? lol I’ve noticed on every show when he’s lying around and you can see the bottoms of his feet….THEY ARE FILTHY!!! Just an observation, but all I can think is ewwww and he crawls in the beds all the time with his nasty feet. Hahahehe
    OT, NOT seeing some of the folks who were on here last season. Just a note, as the season was ending I was in hospital in Sept, very sick. It got worse, almost bled to death internally in Oct before it was caught. Long story but I MADE IT, YET AGAIN!! Some people on here were so kind last year, just wanted to thank them.
    Now……..where YOU guys??

    • kneeless

      Franko, great to see you back. Was thinking about you and remembering how sick you were. I feared the worst since I hadn’t seen you here yet. Sorry folks for the non-BB chat.
      BB related, I am having a hard time deciding who to “latch” on to this season! I still wish they would have a season with some “older” houseguests.

  14. danmtruth

    Glad to hear you are doing so well Franco Yes I have seen Wille from last year post a few things Funny how last year we complained about Derick running the house . Sad to say the only person who seems to be trying to do that this season is Audrey. And she is just all over the place Yet it seems to be working I hear people saying it will catch up with her but who will step up? Steve is a strong game player but seems to lack the social skillsThe cool kids Clay,Sbelie, Jeff, just look at him as a geek to use Hope to see more people step up to make moves rather than let others dictate Becky do you feel the least bit betrayed by ClayShellie for not sticking to the plan to get Audrey out ?

    • Avatar

      Danmtruth, thank you. Good to hear from you. I am doing but I’m NOT doing too well. I am EXTREMELY weak.
      Now to the game, this crew this year are all extremely young, well relatively young and I just don’t like most of them. it’s also getting to be very boring each year with the token gay men, they are all so feminine. at least this yearhe’s not groping all the men on the show!they also need some older players even though some of them don’t go far. also, why is it that all the skate board dudes seem to be the first ones out the door every year?all these fantastic twists they keep saying are going to make the game better do nothing but make it more confusing, harder to watch and are actually boring.but then that’s just my opinion and I’m sticking to it for now. Lol

  15. Avatar

    Trying to decide who I like this season has been an uphill battle!

  16. danmtruth

    Franco that’s to bad about your health sad to hear.
    The selection committee did not do use any favors. . More care was given to looks than anything . Any long time fan of BB can name most of these players and who the represent Last year one of the complaints was how young most of the cast was . So this year they put in a few 30 year olds like this is a big change. How’s this for a twist 12 house guest 3 each from the 20’s,’30s, 40’s and 50 year olds

  17. g8trgirl

    Hi Franko,
    So glad to see you back. I remember how ill you were last fall and I was worried too.
    I’m so disappointed in this season, I canceled my subscription to the live feeds. There’s never anything exciting going on as everything is so predictable. I will rely on Steve and BBAD to keep me current. I will say that although John is screeching loud sometimes, I find him the most entertaining.

  18. Avatar

    I still don’t know who to root for, who I like the most this season. It seems to change every few days. I do like Vanessa though. I am not a big fan of the throw the comp idea or that they keep asking John to do it. I thought for sure I read that Vanessa was not going to put up John as a pawn but then did it anyway so maybe I read wrong.

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