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Big Brother 17 – The Weird Logic Of This Season



As I noted yesterday, I won’t be doing a live update thread today or tomorrow. I will be away from the house (family thing), but I will be able to check in at night to see if anything happened and recap each day. 

Yesterday was an extremely slow day inside the Big Brother house. It felt like the feeds were down for most of the day, and when they were up, people were sitting around waiting for the veto competition.

Last night, the house played the ‘OTEV’ veto competition, which typically runs in the evening for some reason (heat?). That means there was plenty of sleeping, and talking about nothing leading up to the competition which really didn’t matter except for two of the people competing.. Becky and John. There was about a 95% chance the veto would not have been used this week had anyone else in the house won it, so it was all about those on the block… and they failed.


Liz ended up winning the veto, giving her complete control over what happens this week.  She can remove one of her nominations and put up a real target (*cough* Vanessa), or leave things the way they are. Early indications are that she’ll be choosing the latter, despite nearly everyone in the house agreeing how big of a target Vanessa is.  For some reason, Liz doesn’t want to be the one to take out Vanessa, which means she’ll move one step closer to winning the season.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m against Vanessa. I’m not. While she may be extremely annoying to listen to on the feeds (she talks a LOT), she is actually a good player and will deserve it should she end up winning the season. The shocking thing is just how obvious it is that she’s running the house, yet Becky was the only one who had the courage to take a shot at her – and now she’s going to be heading to jury this week.

I understand it’s a delicate game at this point because pissing off jury members helps ruin your chance at winning it all (see: Dan in BB14), but when someone has no real tight alliances, yet is physical and smart enough to win HoH, and more than willing to do your dirty work of booting Vanessa… why would you get rid of her? Perhaps someone can clear it up for me in the comments, but this move really makes little sense. Does Liz thing Meg is going to bust out a competition win and then go cutthroat on Vanessa? Steve?  He didn’t during the double eviction week. James? Well, he is a possibility, but he’s also so easily manipulated, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Vanessa convince him to self-evict instead of putting her up.

Not much should be going on today, but I will try to give a recap sometime later tonight.  Watch the feeds here while I’m away!


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  1. Avatar

    If the HG would start a whispering campaign about the backdoor plan being put in action and just send glances Vanessa’s direction, she will catch it and go ballistic on the twins and Austin. LOL Maybe then they’ll get their head out of their behinds and put her up. They have all day and tonight to set it in motion. Oh well, we can always hope.

  2. danmtruth

    This season the many of the house guest are focusing on who they want to stand next too in the final. Instead of thinking first how to get their
    The other thing is having a bigger target in the house than them . This might explain why Vanessa keeps staying. People wanting to hide behind a stronger player
    The twins want someone else to take Vanessa out. Hoping that she won’t talk bad about them in jury house. That’s if she ever is evicted The other problem is Vanessa has made final 2 with so many people. Yet what happens when people start comparing notes . Not everyone can be standing next to Vanessa . That seems the other theme . Everyone wants to stand next to someone who screwed all the others . Who else than Vanessa who has backstabb so many.
    Steve who sat back had very poor social skills to start. As the game moves on . His perceived independent vote sought after . The girls feel it just takes a wink, a nod, and a hug to sway him. At first I think Steve was just hoping to make it to the jury house . Now he sees he can make it to the end . Looking at who he wants to stand next to . More of the games become memory and less physical
    Liz sad to say in a good position . Has a solid block of 3 voting. Hide behind Vanessa for one week than depend her or her 2 partners can pickup a HOH
    Julia same spot as her sister. Not sure if her and her sister will be at a disadvantage when question of what happened during comps come up. Seeing that they were switching out for the first 6 weeks . Don’t think it would take much to get her to dump Austin
    Austin don’t let the act fool you . I think he will be a strong contender in the last few comps. Just how strong his connection with the girls will be important for him
    Than we have the field I’m not sure if anyone else stands out

  3. Avatar

    If that were to happen I promise you would feel an earthquake all over the world due to my fat ass jumping up & down so hard. Lol

  4. Elaine

    The houseguests might want to get the twins and Austin out soon rather than later. At least break up the threesome, probably with Liz, since Austin and Julia are not as tightly aligned. If they stay much longer, the less votes necessary will start to work in their favor. Three votes can be a game-changer towards the end.

    • danmtruth

      Very good point on taking Liz out over Julia it would be a big distraction for Austin Add to that depending on who is left as to if there is anyone for Julia to work with . Not sure she has separated her self enough from her sister

  5. Avatar

    True but at the same time, I would rather see anybody other than vanessa win. Just my opinion.

    • ChiKelz

      Ann; it would be one heck of an earthquake…between your “fat ass”(Your words) and my fat ass jumping, it may be the “mother of all quakes”! LOL!! All kidding aside, I don’t like Vanessa! Honestly, I think I dislike her the most because of her “honesty and ethical” bullshit! I appreciate a clean honest game, but she prides herself on “calling someone out” for being a liar when she is the biggest culprit!!! She exemplifies the true definition of hypocrisy! I would be cheering for her if she wasn’t playing in such a manipulative way. I stated this the first few weeks of the season; it has been a difficult cast for me to commit. The cast is underwhelming and not playing strategically. All this “vote with the house” and no one having a mind of their own… I feel like we are watching a bunch of grown people at summer camp. You would never guess they are fighting for $500K! Granted that’s not a lot of money, but it could change a person’s life! I lost interest when Austin started crying to stay off the block, (REALLY!) I was pissed that Clay went home instead of Shelly, and I stopped watching when they decided to send Shelly to jury instead of Vanessa! Needless to say, I have been watching the CBS shows, but I haven’t been watching the feeds, BBAD or really following up on here because I have been sooooo frustrated with the strategy or lack there of with this group! At this point I’m still hoping Johnny Mack and Steve will be the final 2! Everyone have a great week!

  6. Elaine

    Vanessa has over-played most of her hands. I didn’t think she would be so intense given her profession as a poker player. Though I know little about it, the players seem like they have to be calm, patience, have good ability to read people, and confidence. Vanessa has shown little of many of those traits. Last season you could really see where Derrick’s skills were used being a police officer/undercover officer. Vanessa has disappointed.

  7. danmtruth

    Elaine I can’t agree with you more. It also shows the lack of game play from players who claim to be big fans. How do you not see these things . You would think going in it would be what you would be on gourd for After last season and the job Derrick did again how do you not see it?
    My dear friend Ann don’t hurt yourself ChiKelz I need you off that ledge . We still have a player coming back in 2 weeks James and Steve I still blame you for day 57 . Putting us all in this position

  8. Avatar

    If Liz got voted out, Austin would be so distraught he would want to to be evicted too. He wouldn’t want to stay in the house without her. He’s a big weiny baby.
    I don’t like Steve either. He thinks he’s Ian Terry but not by a long shot.
    I stopped watching the live feeds & BBAD too. It’s just not worth it anymore. I watch the CBS shows & read jokers & junkies but Im ready to give those up too.

  9. Avatar

    ChiKelz, I agree with you totally except I just don’t care for Steve’s game play. I really can’t help but think that there’s something way off about that kid.
    Vanessa is a liar, has no integrity or honesty & is a big ass baby cry when nobody does as she says. She thinks she’s above everyone else. What makes her thinks she’s intitled. They seriously need to get out. After tonight it will be my last night.

    • ChiKelz

      Ann, I didn’t say Steve wasn’t nuttier than a fruitcake! LOL I like Johnny Mack and I have “soft spot” for Steve’s “social awkwardness”! LOL James and Becky are okay too, depending on my mood. The rest of them I can’t stand. Meg needs to go home not even to jury. I don’t find her “I’m stupid and not good at any comps babble” cute at all! Ugh! Between Austin pawing all over Liz and that AWFUL voice of the twins with dragging out everything they say makes me nuts! I can’t stand it! LOL

  10. Sweet Bee

    I can’t believe it’s come down to this. I can’t even decide which houseguest I dislike more. I will try to put them in order from most annoying to least annoying.

    ·Liz- dumb, vain, heartless

    ·Vanessa- talks too much

    ·Steve- Van’s puppet, a super fan who has been playing super low key/ dumb

    ·Austin- love striken idiot creep (enough said)

    ·Julia- season’s biggest floater, absolutely pointless (for more info, reread Liz)

    ·Meg- season’s second biggest floater, cries too much, is friends with Frankie Grande

    ·Johnny Mac- has been on the block more than anyone, has won more POVs than anyone (i think), more likable than the other houseguest.

    ·James- the reason he’s my second choice is because I feel like his game has been manipulated by other people this entire time, even back when he got Jace out week 1, but still more likable than most the other houseguest!

    I didn’t think I’d ever feel this way, but I’m kinda hoping Shelli comes back into the game and targets Vanessa. That would be entertaining.

    • Sweet Bee

      Oops, I forgot about Becky.

      ·Becky- I am pretty sure she will be going to jury house this week, but if for some reason she doesn’t I hope she does do well, I think her social game hasn’t been great but I do like her, but like you’ve notice I tend to forget about her.

    • AIO_7

      While I agree with your assessments, Sweet Bee, I believe if Shelli comes back in she will blend right back in with the Sixth Sense.
      I’m pulling for Becky to get back in, and either her or JM to win. I’d settle for Lipstick Meg, but I’m down on her and James after they blew up Becky’s game.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree with your assessment SB, however I prefer Becky to come back in if she gets the boot this week as AIO 7 said. I’m having a difficult time rooting for James and Meg after totally screwing up Becky’s plan to get Van out.

  11. Avatar

    I just got back from two weeks in the future. Some of you will be happy that Austin goes home on August 27th.

  12. danmtruth

    Sweet Bee are you a mind reader ? You scare me I need to put another layer of tinfoil on my hat ,,,,,, nothing wrong with anything you say thanks for putting it out their

  13. Avatar

    Forgot Meg is friends with Frankie. I HATE Frankie. HATE him. Ew.
    I wish BBAD would show more of Johnny. He gets almost no air time. Is he napping during BBAD? Where is he?

  14. Avatar

    V hugging meg just about made me puke.

  15. Alda

    Puke is the word! Steve is so close to his mother.Well,if I was his mother I would be so upset with him lining up with those scumbags! It was disgusting how the twins and Vanessa were hugging him and treating him like an infant!!I hope they will all be happy when Crazy Eyes wins the $$$$$.JohnnyMac is a gentleman,Becky is a lady,James is a veteran and Meg,well,she’s just a nice kid.That other group is just hard core!

  16. Avatar

    I’ve been in disbelief since 8:00 Thursday and it keeps getting worse! I think the twins got on the show just because of the fact they are twins! They have no clue what they are even doing! If she was gonna put two people on the block for no reasons, she should have just drawn skittles! At this point in the game, how can you not sit and think about just a little bit of strategy! Dumb! I’m just shaking my head at all of them. They may as well just call it and hand Vanessa the check. She sure has earned it by controlling all of these people. Poor Becky is trying to tell them and they are too scared to do anything, and dumb enough to boot her out! Unbelievable! I’ll stop now or I’ll go on all night!

  17. Avatar

    I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of weirdos and whiners on BB. I’m quickly losing interest because I’m having a hard time liking anyone. It seems the producers went with the Island of Misfit Toys season.

  18. Avatar

    Liz’s memory’s on a roll now. She tells Austin about Vanessa admitting to throwing the comp even though JMac was still in it.Liz: “Liar! She’s so fake.” Austin wonders if she wanted JMac to take him out. Liz says she claimed not to know that JMac was still in the comp. But It’s sketchy that she just remembered to tell them this days later….from Jokers
    maybe the start of something good.

  19. Avatar

    8:07 PM Van: “I’ve been reading the f*cking Bible, which is boring as sh*t!”

    Just read this on Jokers! Feel free to thumbs down my post! I’ll be the first!

    • ChiKelz

      WOW! I’m not surprised. What is wrong with these people?!!!! When a person shows you who they are …believe them! She has been putting her character and integrity on display for the past 2 months. At some point, someone other than Becky need to take notice!!!

  20. Avatar

    I just returned from two weeks in the future. Some of you will be happy to know that Austin is in the Jury as of August 27th.

  21. Avatar

    Pretty much anyone next to Vanessa is screwed in the end except maybe Austin or James(based on competition wins); The twins now that both are in the game need to distance themselves and play their own games not each other’s game. So I would say unless Steve, Meg, James, John, or Becky start getting some guts and not be afraid to win some serious competitions and kick out Austin and Vanessa they are hosed. Keep the twins around until those 2 are gone. Once the 4 Jurors play to see who reenters if it’s Jackie let her coast any of the others turn around and re-evict them quick. Or if Liz doesn’t have the guts to put either of them as a replacement nominee then I would say evict Becky she’s the less likely person to reenter and go after her and if she does stay in jury then she won’t be as mad if Twins even survive to the end which is highly unlikely not as a pair anyway. Twins are a throwaway vote.

  22. Elaine

    Whoever re-enters out of the four jury, evict them quickly. There is no one left that I am rooting for from jury to come back in the house. Am hoping it won’t be Jackie, with her constant primping and posing, annoying laugh….and let’s not forget the “house vote” (or else). Am looking forward to getting past that “jury person in” to see what the final group will look like.

  23. Avatar

    Liz is making the right move this week. The sixth sense alliance is alive and well. Liz, Julia, Austin, and Vanessa could very well be the final four players in the game. Sure, Vanessa is the strongest of that group but that doesn’t mean she will automatically make it to the final two.

  24. danmtruth

    If CBS wanted to bring back the BB takeover big time . My I suggest when bringing the evicted house guest back to play there way back into the game . Have it also for HOH . Yes only the evicted house guest gets to play for HOH . This assures them of one ,ore week int the game. Plus a great twist

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