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Big Brother 18 Afternoon Updates 8/9

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.00.33 PM
Probably wondering if James did something to it.

Good afternoon! I’m Brianna, and I’ll be helping out during the afternoons and at night while Steve is on vacation. This morning, we’ve already seen Michelle lightly campaigning to James to use the 2 votes in her favor. Among other things, she stated that she wouldn’t mind seeing Natalie, James, or Bridgette (yes, Bridgette) win BB18, and that she doesn’t understand why no one sees Paulie or Nicole as a threat. Look for that to get back to King Paulie later today!


Here are the updates:

  • 12:00pm – James and Nicole are in the bathroom, while Natalie, Paulie, and Corey are talking about random things outside.
    • James is telling Nicole how he can tell Natalie is acting weird around him, and Nicole says she can tell when Corey is doing the same.
    • Victor now has his HOH camera in the backyard, and Natalie is taking pictures of him with his boys
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.14.51 PM
      “But first, let us take a selfie”
  • 12:30pm – Paulie and Victor took a picture of Nicole as she walked out of the bathroom and are now laughing at her face in the picture.
    • Michelle and Bridgette are sunbathing in the backyard, talking about sand and wake boarding
    • Victor is lurking around with the camera, still taking unsuspecting photos of people
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.35.55 PM
    • Pool time for Paulie and Victor, with Natalie taking action shots of the two
    • Nicole is talking to Michelle about BB15, specifically Helen, along with Michigan festivals that they’ve been to
    • Paulie and Victor keep attempting to take the perfect underwater shot
  • 1:00pm – All cameras in the backyard. There’s not much happening, just casual talk
    • Is it that time already?
      Is it that time already?
    • Natalie and Paulie are talking about how Calvin Klein should have their models act goofy and not so serious all the time.. this is what I have to work with right now folks
    • Bridgette and Natalie are planning revenge on James. Apparently he froze Nat’s flip flops in pink water yesterday, so they tell America they’re going to put green paint in his loofah. Sounds like they’re about to do something to his flip flops too
    • They put something (not sure what yet) in his shampoo and Big Brother told them to “Stop that” haha
  • 1:30pm – King Paulie suggests that they help Bridgette do rehab stuff. Oh boy
    • Paulie, Corey, and Nicole are in the backyard talking about how Paul is in the good graces of Day and Michelle (sounds like they’re still on board to send Michelle to jury)
    • All cameras on the kitchen now. Bridgette and Victor are telling stories
    • The backyard crew is talking about Michelle’s comment at the veto meeting (reminder: she made some snide comment to Paulie about winning a couple vetos)
  • 2:00pm – Small group in the kitchen talking about random things, Z is finally up doing her makeup in the bathroom
    • James is talking to Z in the bathroom. He’s saying that his 2 votes thing probably won’t matter
    • Meanwhile, Michelle is talking to Nat and Bridgette in the backyard about why they should keep her
    • Michelle: “I thought that Victor would’ve put him (Paulie) up as vengeance.” This just shows how masterfully Paulie has Derricked the house
    • Michelle says if she gets evicted, she’s going to “blow up their games as she walks out the door.” I’m assuming she’s talking about Paulie
    • Talk has shifted to the Kardashians since Paulie and Corey are playing pool in the backyard.
  • 2:30pm – Big Brother just announced indoor lockdown. They’re wondering if the backyard will be closed till Thursday
    • Paul has finally emerged from one of the bedrooms.. The house is about to get 10x louder
    • Nat and Bridgette whispering in the bathroom about how Corey volunteered to have his vote cancelled
    • Looks like Paul is having some nose ring issues. That’s about all that’s going on right now.
    • Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 5.54.49 PM
  • 3:00pm – Natalie now has Paulie doing a blackhead remover nose thing
    • Side note: I’m not sure what this “D Hey” thing is that they keep saying, but it’s incredibly annoying
    • Backyard lockdown over. Some playing pool, most are cooking in the kitchen
  • 3:30pm – They seem to be having some pool tournament in the backyard, while Z and Bridgette are still in the kitchen cooking
  • 4:00pm – Bridgette- “Are you okay with Nicole?” Michelle- “Not anymore.” Ok then
    • The boys are still playing pool in the backyard.
    • Michelle is continuing on her rant about Nicole, and Bridgette says that Paulie is intimidated by strong women. She also says that she looks for him to go after Paul and Victor soon.
    • It’s really interesting to me how Michelle is so nice to Bridgette once she needs her vote to stay.. I bet if M stayed and wasn’t on the block next week, she would be trashing B nonstop again.
    • Oh great, time for a “Friendship Talk” in the Safari room featuring Michelle, Bridgette, and Pablo (the duck inflatable that Paul’s been wearing around). Newsflash Paul: the live feeders don’t care.
    • Meanwhile in the backyard:
    • This is worse than watching paint dry...
      This is like watching paint dry…
    • Now we have 2 cameras on Nicole and Corey arguing about noodles and food in the HOH, and 2 on friendship time where Michelle is talking about getting a cyst removed from her face
    • Not much going on in the house at the moment

That’s it for me today! Steve will be taking over in a little bit!



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  1. AIO_7

    Thanks for the updates, Briannal.

    P.S. I hope Mary Ann dumps James. Maybe James and Buzz Lightyear can hook up.

  2. Avatar
    chuck (2 comments)

    Michelle has some nerve sucking up to Bridgette after everything she has said about her behind her back and the way she has acted out towards her. Can I get an AMEN?

  3. Shivani33

    Thursday being the fast-moving DE, along with 2 HoH comps, is hard for anyone in the house to completely control. There’s so little time allowed to reach agreements and no time for the flip-flopping that’s been going on this Season. After the first eviction of Michelle, Julie has to open Michelle’s envelope to see whether she has the Return Ticket. The rest of the night is going to be the best BB 18 has given us all summer. I do wonder if James will play to win one of these back-to-back HoH comps or stick to his big game plan of doing nothing. Some of the guys have wanted to evict Victor (if possible) in the second half of the DE. Nicole has been actively campaigning against Paul. This could help her or hurt her. And of course, no one openly says a word about Paulie and his Napoleon complex. This is going to be the kind of BOOM! BOOM! fun that I love the most about Big Brother.

    • caRyn

      Paulie will have a quick chat with the winner of each comp and tell them what it is they are to do. If it goes any differently on Thursday I would be surprised.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I doubt it Shi. Knowing The Godfather, he’ll inform the house before the DE, as to who to put up depending on who wins. He won’t take the chance of letting the DE out of his control. I’m still hoping that someone, anyone will put him up if he doesn’t win HOH. But today, Bunyon told Gidget that it’s to early to go against the house right now. Guess he figures to wait until it gets down to the F5 before making a move. And earlier, James told Zzz and Nat the same thing.


  4. danmtruth

    congrats Briannal on your post Thanks for picking up the slack and adding your flair
    is it me or does everyone want to team up with Paulie When i hear HG talk and they still don’t think Paulie is running the house
    Maybe production should shut down the back yard for one day Tell the HG they need to clean the Hot tub Tell the Hg this is because of Paulie I’m sure the frat boys would get a good laugh Better yet have Paulie put in isolation for 24 hours No contact with any HG

  5. Colby

    I have suspected for quite a while that little Nat Nat is not as naive in this game as she has presented herself to be, especially if it is true that her sister was on a previous season.
    I suspect that feigned ignorance of the game, being adorable, flirty, and nice to everyone is strategy. It has made her not a threat to most, and pleasant to be around, so why evict her?
    I believe initially she intended to be part of a showmance. But then Victor ended up being….well, Victor, and she also realized she was on the ‘wrong side of the house’. She needed a hook up with the other side, so enter nice guy James. (Paulie, Corey, and Frank were already taken.) I do think she really does like James as a friend, but nothing more than a fiend. She has told him not to give up his game for her.
    I think her no drinking and no public affection rules has to do with being a NFL cheerleader (they have to be pretty much squeaky clean, and doing those things on TV could get her banned). But I think it benefits her in this game as well. No drinking = no loose lips that could blow her game. And no public affection rule keeps the guys at arms length, especially if she really does have a boyfriend (but I thought she previously said that she did but they recently broke up).
    She used to say she just wanted to make it to jury and couldn’t wait to go the the jury house. They obliged as she was no threat.
    Now that jury is here, that tune has changed. She is suddenly trying to win things, and doing pretty good at it.
    She rarely ever talks game with anyone but James and he usually does the talking. But I have noticed that every now and then something ‘game savy’ slips out in front of the others, and she is always quick to say ‘now that you have explained it to me’.
    She has not threatened anyone’s game. Zzz and Nicole don’t like her much because she flirts with the guys, but whatever……
    If this is her strategy, good for her! It seems to be working. In fact several of the guys have talked about taking her to final 3.
    I would laugh my butt of if they did that and then she actually made final 2 and won because 1) it is a bitter jury, and 2) the girls would like to see a girl win.

    But I could be totally wrong. Just kinda thinking out loud really.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      I totally agree. I thought I read yesterday tho that she looked up at the camera around midday and said “I have a boyfriend. His name is Josh” or something like that. I don’t mind her game if it’s actually game. I was puzzled by her comment tho and didn’t hear anything else about it.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Very well thought out Colby. It makes a lot of sense.

  6. danmtruth

    Nat has been playing a nice game . She needs to team up with Bridget to work on moving some of the boys out. right now P/P can careless if the girls know they are all on the chomping block Nat or Bridget need to wake up Vic and James to take on P/P The frat boys keep thinking they have all the comps This can changes quickly This is whete Nat can make a move

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      Thursday will be action packed and fast moving , I hope someone….anyone who can grow a pair wins HOH and put up board members ….al they have to say is Paulie/Paul you have won the most …you are the strongest …I can not win over you in the jury….stroke them egos make them fight for their lives.

  7. JD

    Is that a picture of Corey with Paulie on top? Or is Corey dreaming? Or is Paulie dreaming? Um Nicole someone is messing with the father of your dream babies.

  8. JD

    If Bridge thinks they can use Paulie to get Victor and Paul out because THEY are strong then there truly is no hope for this cast. She’s had time to sit back and see who is running this house. How the “friendship” are they all so blind and taken in by him. Paulie’s ego alone rats him out. I wish now I had some of the kool-aid Paulie gave them so I wouldn’t be so frustrated and just go with the house.

  9. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    D hay is for d**k h**d. Another stupid new phrase for these idiots to spout! Who else thinks that James is happy with finishing 5-7 so won’t shake things up with ACP? I don’t get it. You can tell he knows he won’t win they way it’s going now so why not shake it up and worst case is you go to jury…where you’re resigned to going anyway!
    I’m having a hard time with this care pkg crap. I thought Bridgette or Victor (Bridgette might make a move-I didn’t think she would before today and if Vic stayed it might mess up paulie) but if they win it but get out on DE before safety pkg is awarded, it’s useless! I could see either one of them getting out right after michelle goes thursday. If you gage it by some of the popularity polls, I could see bridge having the votes but if she gets kicked out, nicole could have the 2nd most votes and actually be who gets the pkg…my worst nightmare?
    Any good voting strategy out there I need a road map for???

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      I also have trouble with the care package vote ..I think I might vote for KING Pool Piisser …just so he cant win the next one ….and maybe we can paint that target on him ….any other advice is welcomed….

  10. Avatar

    Does anyone know why Paul is wearing that stupid duck floatie ring – just wondering if I missed a comp or something

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      He hosted the veto comp and it was pool or beach themed. He’s had it on since the comp. I wish someone would pop it with something and then scream “friendship, type thing!”

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  12. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    The next care pkg is safety for a week and having to wear a costume. Voting is on cbs sites and I’ve seen other links to it on twitter also.

  13. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    Great recap brianna

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