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Congrats To Nicole For Winning Big Brother 18



After having a night to think about it, I am not going to be bitter about this season’s ending. Many years ago, I watched as Russell Hantz got screwed out of winning his first season of Survivor by a very bitter jury. I complained to a Survivor friend, and he pointed out that the social game is part of the game. You can’t just dismiss that because someone else played strategic, but was an asshole in the process.

While Nicole’s social game wasn’t the best, nor was her strategic game, she did play a good season. There, I said it. She did absolutely nothing during the rocky beginning of the season during a period where she should do nothing.  When things started getting serious, she started to step up her game. This is no different than Ian or Dan. Shit, even in the first HoH situation, she didn’t really want HoH, but she knew she needed it, so she took it. If Nicole didn’t make that one little move, or win that comp at all, Glenn stays and a newbie wins HoH potentially flushing out another vet or two. Nicole saved the vets season in the first comp, and that can’t be dismissed as nothing (because we all know, winning the first comp almost always puts a target on your back)

Toward the end of the season, Nicole kept flipping alliances to stay with the one she thought would get her further in the game.  She didn’t simply stay with Natalie, James and Michelle when she knew Michelle pretty much hated her and would stab her in the back the first second she got.  She jumped ship, got rid of a rival, and then road her own boat with Corey the rest of the way.  That’s a smart move, despite how much Michelle simply dismissed that during the jury round table (yes, before her crocodile tears started flowing)


Now, to be fair, Paul’s assholeness didn’t quite cost him the season, as the person he was the biggest asshole to (Michelle) still voted for him. Paul was screwed by a few factors that were pretty much out of his control.  First, Natalie kept to her word that she wanted a female to win, so she voted Nicole. This is surprising because when Nicole was counting votes, she literally said Natalie was a complete lost cause regardless of who she took to jury.  She wasn’t counting on Natalie at all, and I don’t blame her.

Another thing working against Paul was facing off against the vet.  While his speech was moving, and he did fight his way there, Nicole had the target on her back the entire game. Nicole’s history made her good friends with Cody (and she likely knew Paulie as a result), so she pretty much had his vote regardless of who she was sitting next to. The fact that Paulie hooked back up with Z during jury secured her another vote.

The biggest surprise was Da’Vonne, but when you look back at it, Paul can’t really be too surprised. Da’ and Nicole had a rocky relationship, but they were vet-bonded, and Da’ still kind of owed it to Nicole for saving the vets on week 1. Also, Paul completely mishandled Da’Vonne during his HoH week that sent her home.  He promised her safety, then played dumb when she left.  While a good game move to get her out, what Paul did is exactly what he threatened to never hang out with Nicole again for. A few days ago he said that he would be pissed at Nicole if she took James. Not because it’s a bad move, but because she played him all week for almost no reason other than to screw with him (or how he felt).  So, Paul admitted he was going to be bitter at Nicole, and he should have expected Da’ to be bitter at him for his weird HoH week.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have voted for Paul to win, but playing devil’s advocate, it is not really that surprising that Nicole won.  She may not have played as hard as Paul, but she played just as smart, and played the jury just a tad better than Paul did.  So, congrats to Nicole. Much like Ian, you were the second best player in the season, but you were fortunate enough to have the jury go your way.


With that, Big Brother 18 is over, and we’re on to Big Brother: Over the Top!


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  1. AIO_7

    I still think it’s sketch how CBS showed (even highlighted), several times, Da’s apparent disapproval of SNacole and approval of Paul and gestures that would indicate she would vote for him. Then her key is picked last for the “surprise” cliffhanger ending. It’s almost like she was coached.

    • Avatar
      TangoTango (152 comments)

      I totally agree. When they were waiting for the 9th jury member to come out Davonne said “I just hope it’s not Paul”. Perfectly timed and staged. Totally set us up to think she would vote for Paul to win. UGH.
      Made me so mad. I just am not ready to give Nicole credit right now. Paul should have won. But soo soo thankful Victor won AFP.

      • Avatar

        Paul was still there because of Victor being so strong at coming back. In a normal season without multiple kicked out guests coming back he would have been long gone…. It wasn’t strategy that brought Victor back for Paul it was dumb luck. He played good but not good enough.

      • Avatar
        antsal (6 comments)

        I thought the same thing and then thought of it a different way. Maybe Da meant that she hoped “it wasn’t Paul” because she didn’t want to have to vote against a vet in F2. Picking Nicole over Paul was easier for Da than having to pick Nicole over James or vice versa. When she saw anyone but Paul walk through that door, she knew who she was voting for, the other person. Just a thought. I guess only Da knows for sure. But leave it to BB to thrown a comment out there that leaves us guessing.

    • Avatar
      JustMy2Cents (1 comments)

      But Da’ said a number of times in the jury house throughout the season that while she didn’t love Nicole, she thought she’d played strategically and intelligently. I knew she would vote for Nicole, and Paul had backstabbed her earlier in his HOH reign.

  2. Avatar
    Lynn Gallagher (2 comments)

    Paul lost my vote (if I had one to begin with) when he kept saying that he had to fight his way from being a target. A target is different than being a pawn. Paul was a pawn and he did not have to fight until the end when Nicole had to start fighting also. Victor was the best player this season. After Victor was gone I really did not care who won. Paul just over rated himself to try to get more votes. I am glad that the jury did not believe him, they were there to see the true.

    • Avatar
      antsal (6 comments)

      Paul kept asking to be put up as a pawn so he could have that moment during the finale of telling the jury how he was on the block 6 times and survived. The truth is that if Victor didn’t come back into the house, twice, Paul would have been gone weeks ago.

  3. Avatar
    Megad (1 comments)

    I actually think that Nicole’s game was better than Pauls. She walked in and had a target on her back from day one. She was able to get the first HOH, which doesn’t always make for an easy start to the game. In the first week she struck and hit the one person who was leading the witch hunt against her. She gained the support and trust of the returners, as well as few newbies. She had several alliances that protected her, and even when she was called out for different things she laid low enough that the loud mouths and ego maniacs couldn’t help but go after each other instead of her.

    I also believe that Paul would’ve been out much sooner in the game had it not been for Victor returning TWO times. Let’s face it, Victor always became the “bigger threat” and that shielded him from an earlier eviction. I think it was absolutely magical how she got Michelle out and gained the trust of Paul and Vic. That definitely turned the tides and (in my opinion) was the pivotal move that got her to the end. She didn’t call anyone “the C word” or yell at them when things didn’t go her way. Despite being called a snake and other names, she carried herself with class and rose above the jealous insecurities of Michelle.

    People want to talk about her laying in bed, and her relationship with Corey and blah blah blah. So what?!!!! They all laid in bed and who cares about her summer fling. Get over it. Her game play was on point. She did strategize and make smart decisions. She passed tidbits of information to important people when the time called for it. Her game play has been extremely underrated, and she deserves the money.

  4. Avatar

    I think Davone was impressed by how Nicole manipulated the men in her alliance. I can’t think of a previous female player who had so many male cast members stay loyal that far into the game.
    And when Natalie asked Paul why she should vote for Paul, even though he was not respectful, his answer was something like he said true to his crazy personality. That was a dumb answer, she did not look happy with it and gave impression he did not care about swaying Natalie to be on his side.

  5. Avatar

    Paul and Nichole’s games were both very good and of course they both benefitted from the top competitors Victor and Corey being knocked off. However, Paul had the win in hand, do to his final win streak. But he made his latest and greatest mistake in not choosing the sorely underperforming James to sit next to him as the final two. Paul will rewatch this season and wonder what the hell was I thinking!

  6. Avatar

    Congrats to NIcole! I’ve been on this site for several years. However, this year there was so much Nicole-bashing in such an ugly, hateful way that I finally just stopped reading any comments and quit commenting myself since I didn’t feel like reading the mean replies from her haters. I also saw so much violence in the comments like “I’d like to punch so-n-so in the throat” or “slap that smirk off their face”. This world is so full of violence that people now use it their comments on a site for a TV show. Sad, not funny.

    Thanks for being such a great big-brother-analyst, Steve. I will continue to be interested in what you have to say. WAY TO GO, NICOLE!

    • Avatar
      Aiden (99 comments)

      It’s alright, Vic. I saw a lot of it too on this site, but trust me when I say they meant know harm. I think all them agreed that Nicole deserved to win the game, just not as much as Paul.

      • Avatar
        Jude (17 comments)

        Oh, my … meant no harm … like a shark frenzy … meant no harm. Yet you gotta love the controversy that was just short of a conflict.
        …am Pissed to see it end…

      • Avatar
        franko (692 comments)

        Aiden, I was NOT a huge Nicole fan this season and was hoping that Paul would win BUT she did win and I’m happy for her. I hope she uses the money wisely. She was on The Talk yesterday and said something about getting a financial advisor cause she didn’t know what to do with that much money. That’s a very smart thing for her, I hope she does and multiplies the money.
        You and I may not always agree but I hope I haven’t offended you during the season. It’s never my intentions to ever do that. As Paul would say “FRIENDSHIP!”.
        Sorry, could resist that. lol

  7. Gerardo for AFP

    I was really rooting for Paul, and I’m disappointed that neither he nor Vic could pull out the win this season. However, I’ve been saying for weeks that Nicole came on very strong in the second half of the season, and I knew she would be tough to beat if Paul took her to F2. My biggest concern was James winning, since I was worried that future players might try to emulate his style of gameplay (i.e. no gameplay) if he was crowned the winner. I think Paul felt the same way (he said so during one of his last DR sessions), and was willing to take a big risk (which ultimately cost him $450K) to ensure that a weak player did not take home the grand prize. Much respect to Paul for that.

    So although Nicole is pretty unpopular on this blog, I take a great deal of consolation in knowing that someone who actually played the game ultimately won, and that neither of my “boys” Paul and Vic went home empty handed.

    Well, BB18 is officially over. That was a crazy ride, but I’m excited that I may be able to get my BB fix with this new Over The Top season. Hope it doesn’t disappoint! Thanks @stevebeans for all that you do, and I’ll see you next week!

  8. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    Nicole’s win is flawed by her vet status and jury votes that went her way because of BB relationships she had outside of this season.
    Nicole is no Derrek. I’d actually compare her more to game to Amanda’s and think it’s a little pathetic when a woman’s “strategy ” is primarily hooking up
    I can’t really celebrate Nicole’s win as a tribute to being the first female winner since Rachel when both Nicole and Rachel couldn’t win it in one season. There hasn’t been a female one-and-done BB winner in 12 years so I’m unimpressed.
    Due to social media, BB friendships outside the house and other advantages, I hope vets never play with newbies again and if they do, newbies must make it their primary mission to get them out first. Save the vets for all stars.

  9. Avatar
    Jimbo (2 comments)

    Can’t believe that no one faulted Paul for taking Nichole over James.
    Winning against James would have been a slam dunk. By taking Nicole he deserves to come in second.

    And no more talk about the fact that James and Nicole had a pregame deal to split the winnings? Where are the people spreading that rumor now??

    • Avatar
      DingDong (92 comments)

      True-Paul had the better chance to win against James. But high-5 to James for recognizing Nicole threw him under the bus by tattling to Paul but voting for Paul anyway even though Paul picked Nic over him.
      Rumors of pregame deals and coaching/advice amongst vets is why I don’t want to see vets play noobs again. Vets taint the game.

    • caRyn

      I don’t know if Nicole and James had a F2 deal or not. Nicole didn’t have the option to take James to F2. The speech Paul gave to James for the reason he picked Nicole over him told James what James needed to know. Nicole told Paul what James had said in case she did not win the final HOH. Had Paul not revealed to James what Nicole said, James would have voted for Nicole. Once Paul took Nicole to F2, if there was a F2 deal with Nicole and James the deal was void. James could vote either way.

      • AIO_7

        Keep in mind that GNat told Lames that she would never speak to him again if he sided with SNacole and Borey. That could also have been on Lames mind when he voted for Paul.

      • caRyn

        True. And I think James was surprised when he walked onto the stage and Natalie greeted him with so much excitement. Not because James was evicted but just seeing him. I laughed when Paulie thought James was reaching out to shake his hand and James was reaching out to Natalie.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1403 comments)

        Caryn I wish I had seen that! Might have to watch it back.

  10. Avatar
    dmc (1092 comments)

    That is a great summary after shocking finale, SB.

    Although I pretty much stayed away from the site the entire season as I just didn’t have any time my hands, ( it gets quite addictive to be here) and limited my BB exposure this season to the tv, I must say that t great to know that your sit still here when I need my fix.

    Personally, I am not bitter that Nicole won either. It is just that my perspective of being a tv viewer, made me believe that Paul played the better game.

    Have a nice winter, and hopeful will have more time next spring to get more involved here.

    Best wishes always,


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  12. Jaded

    Seriously Paul should have won.

  13. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1403 comments)

    After much reflection… I realized that the main reason I was anti-Nicole was her relationship with Corey, who I find despicable. CBS didn’t show him telling his “hilarious” stories about drinking, trying to set a goat on fire, the girl who made his friend take her to dinner AND a movie then didn’t put out… I am disgusted by the Corey that I saw on BBAD and have read about from others. So Nicole going all gaga over his looks and claiming she wouldn’t date a guy unless he had a great personality while talking only about how hot she thinks he is… UGH. Add the fact that she was a vet and that Production seemed to be steering the game in her favor just like they did with Rachel, who I can’t stand… and the whiny voice just gets on my last nerve! I really didn’t have anybody to root for until Victor came back and started kicking butt, and he and Paul kind of grew on me, to the point where I was wanting those 2 in the final. So, Nicole, I guess I don’t hate you, I just hate the guy you chose and I hate the show for mixing vets with newbies and the appearance of rigging it to put 2 vets in the final 2… I really wanted Vic to win, he was out, Paul was the closest to Vic left in the house.. whatever, it’s not my money, doesn’t cost me anything for messy bun girl to have that money, good for her. I really hope future seasons will be all newbies, or all vets, but not a mix because it just isn’t fair. Thanks Steve, Melissa, everybody, for giving me a place to talk about the show that none of my friends watch!!!! Franko, I worry about you every year and I am always relieved to see you back, please keep taking care of yourself and best of wishes!!! I’ll probably be back next summer because I just can’t help myself. <3

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Thank you so very much!! I really appreciate your kind thoughtful. I’m doing my best to hang on there. In the last 2 weeks I have seen 4 specialists. I’ve gotten good reports, well, as good as I can get. Pulunary doctor days I may need a lung transplant but that’s way down the road. I’m feeling sorta ok right now. I hope to be around for a while and I’ll be here. I love coming on this blog. Several people have been super kind to me when I’ve been fighting to stay alive and barely made it. The encouragement has meant a lot and lifted my spirits. I know this all has NOTHING to with the game and a few people have griped about my discussing personal stuff. People like you have made me feel it was OK to talk about it.
      THANK YOU!!

      • g8trgrl4life
        g8trgrl4life (1048 comments)

        You better take care of yourself Franko. I can’t imagine a summer without you!

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1403 comments)

        I may not know you in person but you definitely MATTER to me, and clearly to a lot of us! I care more about your well-being than I do about this silly show!

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      g8trgrl4life, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    • Morgana
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Corey is absolutely vile, completely agree. Snacole had to see this, so she’s just pathetic for continuing to support Corey. Sorry Snacole, if you lay down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Jenny M, THANK YOU!!

    • Avatar
      bobo (55 comments)

      The best part of her win is that nobody really seemed to care after 24 hours…and now the new BB is coming so she and Corey are already forgotten.

  14. Avatar
    Curtis McGuire (1 comments)

    They way I look at it, it should have been a 7 person jury. 9 is just too much. Paul wins with a 7 person jury.

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