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Big Brother 18 – Friday Recap

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I will say, for the first full day of the live feeds this season on Big Brother 18, it was a bit underwhelming. Partially because most of the day was spent in anticipation of the veto drawing, and then veto competition, but also because the vets have not only locked the house down, but have done so in a pretty slick way. Jozea is running around having mini meetings with the newbies trying to pump them up, but he’s met with a severe lack of interest and enthusiasm. He claims the house is theirs, but little does he know a big chunk of the people in the meeting are more loyal to the ‘other side’ than they are his. Needless to say, considering Paul won the power of veto, there is a almost certain chance Jozea will be the first person talking to Julie this summer.

Now, speaking of the vets having control, it is quite fascinating that despite Paul’s cheerleading about getting rid of them all first, they have gained complete loyalty from a few newbies, even outside of the sibling-connection of Tiffany and Paulie. Michelle has been playing a mole for them, Zakiyah has become real tight, and Corey has been getting closer and closer to Nicole. On top of that, I believe James has the newbies convinced he’s more on their side, because I seem to remember him being in their meeting last night when Jozea was saying how much power they had (not guaranteed, however. Sometimes I listen to feeds while I do other stuff on computer, and that was one of those times).

With all that said, the tension pot is certainly brewing, and I’m not talking about small awkward conversations like Corey calling something ‘gay’ with Jozea lightly grilling him on the meaning of that. I’m talking there are signs of a full scale house meltdown brewing, and I expect it may happen this week. Once Jozea, Paul and Victor realize they actually don’t have the numbers, reality will set in for them that they’re not winning this game, so they’re going to try to go out swinging. None of those three seem levelheaded enough to adapt to their new reality, so they will likely be the next three males to leave the house. No, not next three people, but next three males. Corey made it a point that they can’t just keep evicting males, which could leave them open to a blindside from a secret female alliance. Assuming that group retains power, I expect Jozea, Bronte, Victor, Natalie and Paul to be the next few evicted. Possibly in that order.


I will be out for the afternoon, so there will be no live update thread until later on tonight. If you’re wondering what is going on in the house today, sign up for the feeds. You get a week free and it’s only $6/month after that.


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  1. Avatar

    I hope it goes as you’re predicting Stevebeans! I love the 8 person alliance! (Can’t think of the name they gave it)

  2. danmtruth

    When this first vote comes in it should be interesting to see the faces of some people How quickly will Bonte try to switch ? Victor im sure will claim to be part of the power group. Saying he was the one who went to Nichole first about Jozea plan to run the vets out. Was not Zakiyah in on the first day with Paul and Jozea on the whole oust the vet plan ? Times change fast
    We must remember James and his team are still safe this weak from elimination I think Was that not the reward? Safety the first two weeks?
    Pauile is playing like his brother and trying to have his own harem. Doing the big flirt tease with Zak, Bridget, and Tiffiney that I have seen so far
    Nice to see Lady Day keep her cool and no confrontation Just wonder how long she can keep it in around Paul. He is pushing WAY to hard

  3. Avatar

    That picture is freaking me out! Viffany is giving me ptsd flashbacks from last summer!

  4. Elaine

    Jozea and Paul are still my choices to go. Paulie is trying to be too Cody-like and it is awkward. I do like Day this year and Frank. I am a bit irritated that Nicole was a choice to come back in since she had two chances during her season. Not rooting for her as much. James will be the go-between, but hopefully he stays on the winning side this time.

  5. Avatar

    The newbies are playing too hard too fast.
    What makes Jozea think he rules the newbies? That poor idiot is delusional, arrogant & just plain stupid. He has to go.
    99% of Paul’s vocabulary is swear words & the majority of that is the “f” word.
    Bronte’s squeeky little voice is as bad fingernails dragging across a chaulkboard. I dont dislike her but her voice drives me nuts.

  6. Jenny M

    Corey was telling a story on BBAD about his friend taking a girl out, expecting to get laid right after, and she made him take her to dinner AND a movie, and then when they finally came back from the date she actually had the nerve to laugh at the guy and leave without putting out! If I missed some part of his story that makes him not being a total pig, please fill me in. Between Corey and Vic, not sure who is sleazier.

  7. Jenny M


    The comments on twitter about Jozea calling himself the messiah are hilarious. My favorite: “he’s the messiah of asshats”.

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