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How much farther will "Big Meech" go in the game?

Big Brother 18: Overnight Recap, 8/22

Good morning, everyone!  Eenie-meanie-mienie-moe, which houseguest up might go? (had to channel Yoda to rhyme)  Tonight was just a bit less boring than last night but it last longer.  I guess it evens out in the end.  Of note tonight is Prankster James is back in play.  I think it’s great how he still has fun in the house.  It seems like Michelle may be coming around to the fact that Paul is a bully.  I had thread-specific pictures to add but I couldn’t get them to load.  I will keep trying and update when I get them to work.



  • 8:00 p.m. –
    • Safari: Paul, Vic, Michelle, & Nat – All discussing same old, same old -> someone coming back.
    • HoH:  James – Pranking Nat by hiding her flip flops & water bottle
  • 8:30 p.m. –
    • Safari:  Paul, Vic, Michelle, & Nat – Talking about Jozea.  Michelle obsessed with what he thought & said about her.  She says she is going to go back and watch the feeds from the first week just to see what he said about her.  Talking about care packages.  They move on to the other favorite topic -> how they got nominated, and then full circle to Vic telling them, “Guys, I really do think someone’s coming back.”
    •  Living room:  James & Nat – Nat on her way to say good night to James in bumper cars and he jumps out from behind a sofa and scares her.  She says she is never talking to him again.
  • 9:00 p.m. –
    • HoH:  Nat, James, Vic & Paul – Vaseline on HoH and refrigerator doors and talking about pranking.  Vic said he put some on the DR door handle but there could be more.  James rushes out to do that because the next person to go in is Nicole.
    • DR:  James loads up the door handle and door with Vaseline.  (she screams “James” when she goes in DR)
  • 10:30 p.m. –
    • HoH:  James, Nat, & Michelle – Nat saying she doesn’t like how Paul is overbearing -> making her study and telling her who to put on the block but he did nothing when she was on the block.  (I did not like that group study because I knew it was only benefit Paul.  I would have told him to get the f*ck out long before, though.)  Michelle is actually coming around on Paul because he keeps trying to make her put up Corey as replacement nom.  Random strategy convo, final 2’s & 3’s.
  • 1:45 a.m. –
    • Backyard:  James & Nat – Talking about possible nominations, including Michelle putting James on the block.  He gets nervous and Nat tries to calm him down.  He says he will let her lead “for once”.  They say Michelle wants to put up Nicole but Paul wants her to put up Corey.  Nat says Michelle realizes Nicole might not be best for her game but she wants to do it to spite Paul now.
  • 3:25 a.m. –
    • London:  Nicole & Corey – Movement under the covers….you know, movement… (“Tonight’s the night we’ll make history” just popped into my head for some reason)
  • 3:50 a.m. –
    • HoH:  James, Nat, Paul, Michelle, & Vic – Nicole comes in and says she has to say to James that she won’t buy him a gift and leaves.  James gets called to DR.  When he comes back, he has to say the same thing.  Everyone thinks its sketch and James tries to explain it.  They seem to believe him.  Vic talks about the law they made against cheating in game shows.  (The law is about “fixing” a game show, which would generally apply to CBS & its affiliates trying to sway the outcome.  This came out of the game show scandal on “21” in the 1950’s.  Quiz Show is an excellent movie and does a very good job of recounting the scandal.  That being said, I don’t think there is a part of that law that says contestants can’t make a deal.)
  • 5:30 a.m. –
    • HoH:  Michelle & Nat – Talking about putting Nicole up.  Nat asks Michelle if she doesn’t think it’s strange that the guys are campaigning so hard for it not to be Nicole.  They talk about things Nicole.  They decide by the eenie-meanie method to put her up.  This is so weird!  After discussing some possible scenarios, they decide to sleep on it.  Nat tells Michelle that James will listen to her in the end.



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  1. Avatar
    sunshine (25 comments)

    James had said on camera he would gift Nicole, Nat and Corey a share of his winnings “maybe $l0k” each. This is against the CBS rules and I bet it would be against California State law as a version of fixing the contest. I couldn’t believe my ears when he said it on camera and I knew production would come down on him.

  2. Avatar

    Paul is my favorite player! I hope he’ll win! Friendship time with Paul rules. Lol

  3. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    Watching BBAD last night James said to Nat”Just ask her about that when you’re in the jury house.” I think he was referring to Bridgette about something she had said about Nat.But,what stuck with me was James saying when YOU’RE in the jury house.

    • AIO_7

      I’m sick of those two, may they both wind up in jury.

    • Mel

      This may have happened 2 nights ago and not last night. (Crap runs together) Did you notice when James was explaining how final comps and final 3 would play out to Natalie, he used nicole as the example? He said something like “that’s when we just tell nicole, sorry you’ve got to go.” I think that was a slip for sure. It’s not as big a deal now that Nat isn’t dying to get Nicole out but Nicole is not in her final 3 plans either.

      • Avatar

        @Mell, I caught that too. I was thinking that little weasel is counting his chickens waaayy before they hatch, who in the hell told him he has the game in the bag? I hope he loses & then Ratcole, Nat & Corey come after his ass for their share he promised them on national television. I’ll bet it wont be that $500k like hes claiming.

  4. danmtruth

    This whole ” gifting ” talk is odd to me Production calls Nichole and James in the DR . After they both come out and talk on camera about not doing it Yet next weeks ACP is all about bribing someone to change there vote So whats the deal? Than in the last week you have had both Nat and Michelle saying how in there DR sessions That production have been ” hinting ” how much it would help their game If they worked with Nichole and Corey . We all have commented how some HG get favorable edits for shows in past seasons. How this year ypu very rarely saw Paulie doing the douchbag things he did on live feeds. So production has tried to influence the game As for sharing or gifting money after the show. This was one of the things that was said of Survive a few years back . That the final 2 cut a deal to split the winnings As for the game show laws remember CBS does not own the show . Plus they can claim it is a scripted show Just like pro wrestling claims it’s entertainment not a sporting event I read where DeMolle the parent company of BB . Got in trouble with it’s Aussie version as production was suggesting how house guest should interact with each other Also their audience call in voting was part of the game. Some of those vote totals were called into question
    As for game play Many have ask for an all girl alliance. Well it has now happen with Nat & Big Meech It also is looking like James and Nichole have some sort of vets deal going on . James for the last few weeks keeps defending Nichole And Nichole seems more worried about keeping James than Corey

    • Alda
      Alda (1849 comments)

      Nicole said if she wins she’ll buy Corey a gift,not give him money because he doesn’t need the money.I’ve heard that several times now.Corey is rich.

      • Mel

        Did you hear the story about the condo his parents bought for him to live in his senior year of high school? They apparently live 30-40 minute drive from school and with early morning practices, it was more convenient. The condo was almost across the street from the school. Don’t get me wrong, we had the same problem when my son was in high school. 5:00 am practice sucks when you don’t live close but having the desire or money to get him “his own place” was never option. Extra coffee is what’s in most people’s budget!

      • caRyn

        I did hear Corey talk about his condo.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        I think he called it his dad’s condo but he just started staying there because it was easier. No idea why his dad had it though.

  5. Beez
    Beez (31 comments)

    I would like to see a final three with Paul, Victor, and Michelle. I think Paul and Victor are the only two that deserve it. Michelle would be strictly for entertainment purposes, because she is so unpredictable. Nicory, are very annoying and insignificant. The worse on the show is Nat, and James. The start of the season and I really liked both of them, as the season progressed they have hit my LAST nerve. They are both very insecure, she is always worrying about who’s talking about her. Had she not tried to have a showmances with so many of the guys they wouldn’t have so much to say about her. She is very attractive but her insecurities about little things will be her demise. James,James,James he is always saying America loves him. No, no,and no. His first season his pranks were funny, now they’re really annoying. Every time I look around he and Nat are talking to America. Please just play the game!!! I want Natalie to stop being so fake, and I just want to shampoo James greasy hair! Ugh!!!

  6. Mel

    Was I the only one who thought James was wierd last night during the convo he had with Nat about Venezuela? When she was talking about the murders, muggings, kidnappings and crime rate, it seemed like he was trying to make it something sexy about Natalie. (Like she was Rambo with lipstick and heels) Maybe he wasn’t taking her seriously but it was as if they were having two different conversations. Even when she was saying she was ok going there, she didn’t minimize it and said she knew to travel smart and avoid certain things. He just kept going back to how hot and sex it was.

    • AIO_7

      I heard it Mell; I agree with your take and also saw it as Nat. giving Lames a stiff arm by basically telling Lames that he wasn’t going to get to follow her around after the game.

    • Shivani33

      @Mell So true. There’s a whole world inside Natalie that she knows James doesn’t get. Whenever she tries to approach it with him, he’s not up to it. These things take time to be understood between people. There are things about him that she doesn’t understand, either. For now, they don’t look compatible as a couple. He wishes for a big romance, and I don’t feel that’s what she can give him.

      • Mel

        I don’t either. They remind me of dating in high school when you attend a very small school. Sometimes who you like isn’t a good choice…it’s just a lack of options. Even if it was sincere right now, once they’re out of that house, they would annoy the hell out of each other.

      • AIO_7

        Mell: I don’t think Nat would/could ever “annoy” Lames. The other way around, yes.

      • Mel

        AIO7, I think you have a point there. He would happily be her man servant.

    • caRyn

      James for the longest time – his rule #2 with Natalie – was she was not allowed to talk game. That went on until just before Paulie left. Are you kidding me?! Natalie is in the BB house and can’t talk game with James. The only person she was talking to at the time. I can’t believe she didn’t pop off at him then. Smh. Dysfunctional.

      • Mel

        I remember seeing a strange conversation they had about that. You’re right. If I remember, he was almost scolding her for trying to take game and letting her know that it was not wise to do it or some stupid crap.

      • caRyn

        Yes. The only person she was talking to was him. He wasn’t kidding. I thought – What country do we live in?! That is when I was pissed at James. People need someone to talk to – especially cooped up in that house.

  7. danmtruth

    No matter what happens with the renom the eviction is James choice . Unless something crazy happens Paul comes off the block Nichole or Corey go up That leaves a voting block of Paul, Corey James So Paul and Nichole/Corey who ever is on the block cancels each others vote Now we are down to Spineless James He alone will send someone out No hiding behind this is what the house wants
    Add to that if they vote Vic out He and Paulie will be odd’s on fav to reenter the game

  8. Shivani33

    I do wonder whether Michelle has a plan in mind and is moving in that direction when she talks about nominating Nicole. She can be very frank and warrior-like when she decides to put someone’s game on blast. If her real goal is to protect Victor, she has to get Natalie to want the same thing. Natalie is the only one who can convince James, as the swing vote, not to vote against Victor. It would be so easy to blow up and expose Nicole, first to Natalie and then openly to everyone else. People have all seen Nicole in action (and inaction) and are aware that she was the self-appointed tattletale against all of the other women during Paulie’s reign. Other than that conniving, what has she done? She has devoted herself to one person and has belonged on a different show, not BB. How about putting her where she belongs? Conehead in Paradise. Or the gal from Ubly does The Bachelor? Let’s just say that her nice girl facade is full of holes ready to deflate.

    Bring on the psychological warfare. Here’s betting that Natalie would secretly love it. And no more showmance for Jamesey unless he complies.What is there to lose by going this way? Corey the nebbish will probably win against Victor.Maybe when you’ve got nothing left to lose, it’s a very good time to lose Nicole. This is something best done by another woman. I’m gonna call Housekeeping and see if Maid Michelle can bat out a a big clump in the game, that human dust bunny, aka Nicole. Keep Victor.

  9. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    How about when James said he would move to Venezuela.What about his daughter?He told Nat he would follow his girl!Nat said she wasn’t moving there,just wants to visit!!

    • Mel

      That got me too. I get he doesn’t want to try to use having a kid for the game but that’s not what I pick up on. He nevers hardly mentions her. Everyone is different I guess but he doesn’t act like he has strong attachments to anyone or anything. Maybe he just isn’t someone who talks about family and stuff. I don’t know.

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      Alda I think James was just trying to get Nat to say she wanted a relationship. He’s been doing it the whole time but she hasn’t. Also I think he was just saying after the show when she goes home he wants to go meet her family. Personally I think the birth mom of James’ daughter maybe is pulling her away from the whole reality thing. He talked about his daughter all the time last year and even had her baby blanket with him. So it just seems a little off. Plus someone asked him about his daughter and when he sees her, he kinda hemmed and hawed around for a minute before he said he has to fly to go see her.

      • Mel

        I missed that I guess. I hope they’re just keeping her away from the reality tv stuff instead of me thinking that he doesn’t care.

    • Avatar

      The jackass was saying his daughter lives 17hrs away from him & hd sees her I think he said every 2 months cause its a 17hr drive. Yet that he wants to move further away from all the way to Venezuela? Maybe go yo Venezuela to visit when he’s not visiting his daughter in North Carolina. Who the hell knows with Lames.

  10. Mel

    Random tidbits from last night:
    *I already mentioned convo with James/nat about venezuela. Worth mentioning that sadly, it may be the 1st time Nat isn’t blowing something out of proportion.
    *Michelle seems to think cory as a nom is smarter (like it matters) but wants nicole up anyway just because she wants to do it.
    *James /Nat plan does seem to be (at the moment) to take out vic, have cory take out paul, then they take out cory. James finally admitted to nat after that, she and Michelle would have to take out Nicole because he can’t do it. (He still want nicole in 3 spot-nat wants michelle)
    *nicole and james visibly upset by DR making them explain about gifting money. Vic, paul, Michelle thinks very sketchy. Nat chimed in but she already knew about the convo james had with nicole. He told her.
    *Nicole thinks DR shouldn’t do that since it can effect someone’s game. (Didn’t notice her bothered when nat told her production wanted her to work with nicole-just sayin’)
    *James very sure no one is coming back from jury
    *Pau isl very sure acp is gonna be huge
    *michelle is very sure it isn’t and Paul should stop arguing about it since she knows more as a super fan.

    • caRyn

      On BBAD James brings up how his pranks pissed off Victor back before Victor was evicted. That was when the guys were all working together. Frank told James that Victor said if they can throw the comp let’s backdoor James. That is when James turned on Victor to get Victor out.

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  12. caRyn

    How can anyone inside or outside the BB house keep up with or believe any final deals that are made?! I am tired of hearing about F2 or F3. It is all, in the moment, talk. Period.

  13. Avatar
    Fran Wills (5 comments)

    So if BB Production is influencing the game; they probably want Vic out so the battle back will be worth watching; Paulie vs. Vic.

  14. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    I don’t see the difference between James saying he would buy the house guests a gift and the care package someone will receive this week. I mean seriously you can’t say I’ll buy you a gift but you can say ” Hey I got five thousand dollars to bribe you with. ” Isn’t that the same thing? That’s truly crazy.

    • WV_Lady

      I could be totally wrong on this, but I don’t think the $5k is for James to offer to anyone (as a bribe). I’m thinking that he’ll have to read this in private, and that the deal will be that he’ll get the $5k if he manages to bribe someone (in another way) to do something (change their planned vote, or something like that). They’ve had challenges like that before…

      • Avatar
        Fran (5 comments)

        CBS website says and I quote: “The winner gets $5K to bribe one Houseguest! Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.”

  15. caRyn

    Truth be told…Did Natalie really win HOH? We were told Corey buzzed in a few minutes after from the episode.

  16. Avatar
    Susan B (27 comments)

    Someone above mentioned Corey does not need the money. Why?
    Also, it’s always bothered me that Paulie and Corey had such a strong connection from the beginning when I never heard them talk game one on one. Have the rumors been confirmed that Corey’s roommate was a past Big Brother contestant? If so, my suspicions are Corey and Paulie knew each other before entering the house and had a plan in place that Corey would lay low and float to the end with Paulie. Paulie would make the moves and Corey would be his “Cody” for 50 grand. That fell apart when Paulie”s shirt couldn’t fit over his head anymore. Can anyone confirm or negate this theory?

    • AIO_7

      I’ve heard that Borey’s parents were wealthy. The rest of your suspicions I can’t confirm but they wouldn’t surprise me if true.

      • Avatar
        Susan B (27 comments)


      • Mel

        I got that from some of the things he said on the show about the money. I heard that he may know Clay from last year but I don’t remember at all where I read it or if a houseguest said it.

    • Avatar
      Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

      Pauli and Corey talked game a lot. Especially in the beginning. I don’t know if you watch BBAD or not or have the feeds but they talked on there. A lot of times Corey would stay up till 3 or 4 so he had time late night too.

  17. caRyn

    ACP may not come until after the jury buyback person returns to the BB house.

  18. danmtruth

    @caryn exactly We never see the unedit version . For the ACP do we ever see the vote totals In all the fan polls i see. Meech is in the lower middle or lower half Yet she won this week?!? As they say “very sketch ” Same thing with Nichole she is in the bottom 6 of all HG but she wins supper safety
    In years past we could see the runnong vote totals till just before the show or till the last day than go blank

    • AIO_7

      Yeah, danmtruth, something is sketch about Leech winning that ACP.

    • Mel

      I have noticed on bb network, bb online, bb daily and another one I can’t remember, they do polls every week for who you plan to vote for. These have been accurate with who won every week. Michelle had a big lead and never lost it, although the others got alot closer throughout the week. The strange part for me was that all the comments on those sites really slam Nicole but she wasn’t far behind Bridgette in the polls the week she won. (On these same sites) ??

  19. Mel

    Corey’s on the block…not that’s it probably matters who’s up there.

    • Alda
      Alda (1849 comments)

      I am really surprised at Meech this past week.I thought she would be one to follow her gut,not such a follower.

      • Mel

        James told her last night or this morning that he would probably vote vic out anyway. I think Natalie got her to realize they have a slim chance of getting james to get rid of Corey but probably not nicole. I thought she would put nicole up just to make her nervous even if Michelle knew she was staying. Michelle gave up any power she was going to have this week the moment she didn’t argue with Natalie about targeting Paul this week. Imo

      • Avatar
        Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

        She’s alone in the game. Unlike everyone else. Although she’ll have Paul if Victor goes.

  20. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    Sketch a lot this season!

  21. caRyn

    Their plan is – this week Victor goes and next week Paul goes.

  22. Mel

    It’s a bizarre season when a final 7 game move is all up to James. He’s probably screwed anyway next week. Bridgette will be the only juror coming back who doesn’t want to kick his ass and even she wanted to at one time. I’m not a fan but at least he isn’t acting like he’s at the DMV waiting on his number to be called anymore. Vic is my favorite but if I were James and Natslie, I would get rid of him too. (Minus that tricky jury issue they’re getting ready to have)

  23. Avatar

    Its clear to me that Nat has for quite a while now, friend-zoned James. Does anybody have a problem with her using James to the degree that he keeps calling her his girlfriend and she is not putting him in to check on the reality of their relationship (friends only)? Is she using him?

  24. Avatar
    Kristine (207 comments)

    I was surprised that Michelle won the care package. Makes me wonder if producers fix it. Because all 5 days that I voted all 20 votes each day went to Vic and the sixth day of voting I gave 10 votes to Paul.

    • Mel

      Michelle had such a huge lead in polls ever since she called out Paulie last thursday, I don’t think the others could catch up. I think they got close tho.

    • Avatar
      Pandora (1 comments)

      I voted for Vic too. I know this game is scripted and rigged. I just hoped they would do better then they have in years past. They have failed us again….. I am only still watching because I have put this much time into it…….

  25. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    It’s okay to not like some of the house guests but you don’t have to call them cuss words. I don’t mind cussing, I just think it’s wrong to call someone an ass just because you don’t like them. By the way I like James and his pranks. If it weren’t for them it would be such a boring house.

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