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Big Brother 18 – New Twist Revealed

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Good morning, Junkies! This is the first overnight recap, and while the house was fairly slow, we did learn about yet another new twist to the season. It sounds like they’re forgoing not only Battle of the Block competition, but also a HaveNot comp this year, and instead replacing it with a comp where the winner secretly nominates a third person for eviction. Some keen eyed feed watchers did notice they replaced the nomination chairs with a couch, and speculated a 3rd nominee, well, they’re right!


It is unsure exactly who won the competition, but it does sound a lot like Nicole. It also sounds like she secretly nominated Paul for the third eviction. Based on her pretty poor choice to nominate Paulie, I half expected to see James on the block as another pawn, but apparently whoever had this power (Nicole?) did another weird decision and put another strong person on the block that may help sink Paulie even further. If it was indeed Nicole, I’m going to give her first HoH a big F.

The Power of Veto has yet to be played, and I expect that to happen today. My guess is also the HoH will simply choose HN’s this season instead of the competition. Or perhaps for the first few weeks (until teams break up), the losing team from HoH competitions will be havenots. I still have no interest in havenots, and think they’re a weird and pretty useless part of the game, so if I forget to mention who is selected, that’s why. It may be fun if the HoH actually starts using the power for their advantage and keeping strong people as havenots, but they have been playing fair the last few seasons, and I don’t expect that to change this year.


Finally, I was able to try out the new live blogging app that I bought. While it looks nice and all, I agree with others that it is confusing to read the updates in reverse order. So, unless I think of something else, I will probably stick with that live blogging app during the live episodes (where I’m trying to do 10 things at once), and keep the old format for standard live feed updates through the rest of the week.

Speaking of which, I will be putting out a live feed thread shortly. I have a bunch of plans this weekend, so I’ll do my best to keep you guys informed.  Don’t worry, I didn’t pack my summer with plans, it just happened that a bunch of things fell on the same weekend. So updates may be spotty the next few days, but you will get them!


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  1. Gee three nominees…..exactly what I suggested they do last season. Glad they listened to me!! lol 🙂

  2. Best twist in a long time. I especially love that its a secret nomination.

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