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Big Brother 19 – Alex’s List Of Accomplishments

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Not much is going on in the house, so there is only one thing to really talk about and that is the 180 of Alex from horrible human to sad victim because she realizes she’s out of the game and has a new focus…

America’s Favorite!

Now, hold back from laughing for a few. She made her case for it at around 10 pm on the feeds, and it was very compelling (not really). Between her new found bible sessions, she took a few minutes to make a plea asking for AFP. Why? Because she won competitions!  That’s right. Alex apparently doesn’t understand what the word ‘favorite’ means because it certainly doesn’t mean ‘best competitor’. She would know that being the superfan she pretends to be though, right?  Look at some of the recent AFP…

  • Victor – He was a beast, but a very likable beast
  • James – Mediocre in comps
  • Donny – Terrible in comps
  • Elissa – Far worse in comps than her sister. Only won because of her sister
  • Frank – Another likable beast

Even counting Elissa, one thing those people have in common is they’re all pretty good people.  Let’s look at a list of Alex’s lowlight reel that she can use for her submission for AFP…  (via reddit)

  • “If I’m only going to get second place, I am going to make that motherfucker’s (Kevin’s) life miserable”
    • This was part of her anti-Kevin crusade that took up the last month or so. You’ll find many quotes relating to Kevin here…
    • “We should have a roundtable and lay into him (Kevin). Everyone gets a turn”
    • “Aww poor Kevin. So old, so senile and so hungry.”
    • “He (Kevin) is exactly a predator if you watch one of those murder shows. He is a murderer”
    • “He (Kevin) can see the weakness. That’s what child molesters do. They se which kids aren’t going to tell”
    • “I told Kevin that his skin looks leathery and he looks like he has got premature aging”
    • “I said his (Kevin’s) skin looked leathery and he is going to get cancer. He was not happy”
    • If he (Kevin) says anything about his clothes or questions, be like “she thinks you have dementia. She wants to help you”
    • “I’m going to tell him (Kevin) straight up “America is going to fucking hate you, so go hide””
  • She mocked Kevin for not eating well while on slop.  A side note to this is that she threw away his slop because she knew he didn’t know how to make it, then got mad at Jason for helping him re-make a batch
  • She wanted everyone to go to bed the night Kevin was getting off slop so he would be forced to eat alone at midnight
  • She blew up on Mark over the pillows just for fun which was part of his summer of abuse
  • She told Cody he can have her cereal then blew up on him in front of everyone when he did
  • Earlier in the season, she made fun of Christmas for having ‘daddy issues’ which explained why she (Christmas) was all over Kevin and Jason. Both married men.  To be fair, that part may be true
  • She called Jessica a ‘sexual predator’ (a very serious accusation) because the house was far too playful early in the season and Jessica liked to poke people in the butt
  • She laughed along with Jason when he joked about raping Kevin’s wife
    • Side note – She was so offended by Jessica because she claimed she had a family member raped and killed. That is the reason she called Jess a predator. Notice the lack of offense she took to Jason’s joke

Yes, this is the player who wants to win America’s Favorite. What do you think? Should they even bother holding a vote, or should they just give her the prize right now?

PoV meeting later today. I’m unsure if Alex will cause any drama when she fully accepts her new ‘ride or die’ is choosing the latter. She had a long night to stew over it with a lot of grumblings how Paul was a ‘counterfeit’, but as of right now doesn’t appear to want to blow his game up for some reason.  I’ll post an update later to see how that goes.



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