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Big Brother 19 – Alex’s List Of Accomplishments


Not much is going on in the house, so there is only one thing to really talk about and that is the 180 of Alex from horrible human to sad victim because she realizes she’s out of the game and has a new focus…

America’s Favorite!

Now, hold back from laughing for a few. She made her case for it at around 10 pm on the feeds, and it was very compelling (not really). Between her new found bible sessions, she took a few minutes to make a plea asking for AFP. Why? Because she won competitions!  That’s right. Alex apparently doesn’t understand what the word ‘favorite’ means because it certainly doesn’t mean ‘best competitor’. She would know that being the superfan she pretends to be though, right?  Look at some of the recent AFP…

  • Victor – He was a beast, but a very likable beast
  • James – Mediocre in comps
  • Donny – Terrible in comps
  • Elissa – Far worse in comps than her sister. Only won because of her sister
  • Frank – Another likable beast

Even counting Elissa, one thing those people have in common is they’re all pretty good people.  Let’s look at a list of Alex’s lowlight reel that she can use for her submission for AFP…  (via reddit)

  • “If I’m only going to get second place, I am going to make that motherfucker’s (Kevin’s) life miserable”
    • This was part of her anti-Kevin crusade that took up the last month or so. You’ll find many quotes relating to Kevin here…
    • “We should have a roundtable and lay into him (Kevin). Everyone gets a turn”
    • “Aww poor Kevin. So old, so senile and so hungry.”
    • “He (Kevin) is exactly a predator if you watch one of those murder shows. He is a murderer”
    • “He (Kevin) can see the weakness. That’s what child molesters do. They se which kids aren’t going to tell”
    • “I told Kevin that his skin looks leathery and he looks like he has got premature aging”
    • “I said his (Kevin’s) skin looked leathery and he is going to get cancer. He was not happy”
    • If he (Kevin) says anything about his clothes or questions, be like “she thinks you have dementia. She wants to help you”
    • “I’m going to tell him (Kevin) straight up “America is going to fucking hate you, so go hide””
  • She mocked Kevin for not eating well while on slop.  A side note to this is that she threw away his slop because she knew he didn’t know how to make it, then got mad at Jason for helping him re-make a batch
  • She wanted everyone to go to bed the night Kevin was getting off slop so he would be forced to eat alone at midnight
  • She blew up on Mark over the pillows just for fun which was part of his summer of abuse
  • She told Cody he can have her cereal then blew up on him in front of everyone when he did
  • Earlier in the season, she made fun of Christmas for having ‘daddy issues’ which explained why she (Christmas) was all over Kevin and Jason. Both married men.  To be fair, that part may be true
  • She called Jessica a ‘sexual predator’ (a very serious accusation) because the house was far too playful early in the season and Jessica liked to poke people in the butt
  • She laughed along with Jason when he joked about raping Kevin’s wife
    • Side note – She was so offended by Jessica because she claimed she had a family member raped and killed. That is the reason she called Jess a predator. Notice the lack of offense she took to Jason’s joke

Yes, this is the player who wants to win America’s Favorite. What do you think? Should they even bother holding a vote, or should they just give her the prize right now?

PoV meeting later today. I’m unsure if Alex will cause any drama when she fully accepts her new ‘ride or die’ is choosing the latter. She had a long night to stew over it with a lot of grumblings how Paul was a ‘counterfeit’, but as of right now doesn’t appear to want to blow his game up for some reason.  I’ll post an update later to see how that goes.


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  1. AIO_7

    * “Elissa – Far worse in comps than her sister. Only won because of her sister”

    Sort or disagree with this. Elissa was a nice girl, and was brutally tormented by Amanda. In the case of Deputy Alex, her intent was to torment Kevin (for no good reason, and with Paul’s instigation); so it just might have the same effect for Kevin that it probably did for Elissa.

    • AIO_7

      Sort *or* disagree with this.


    • stevebeans

      I don’t disagree with Elissa being tormented. I was referring to her skills at comps which is what Alex seems to think qualifies her. She is a nice girl and all, but boring as hell. Judd would have been AFP that season if not for Rachel’s popularity.

      • AIO_7

        Steve, I think I remember Elissa winning some comps too. She was, I believe, HOH when Amanda was tormenting her.

      • Jannie

        I don’t disagree that Elissa got some pretty crappy treatment in the house, but wasn’t she also getting special treatment from CBS production? Seems to me that was the year that started the “lax” rules for Big Brother…

        I just hope that there are no more relatives or vets, those seasons are always the worst.

      • Avatar

        Elissa won lots of comps, if I remember correctly, I think she won the wall conpetition. I don’t think there was anything boring about her. She was nothing like Rachael. They went after her and she ignored them, not believing that there were really people that acted like Amanda and her crew. She didn’t bend to their level and because of that, they thought she felt she was better than them (which she was) she was too classy for that show. They personally attacked her because she married an older rich man and even attacked her young son. She deserved AFP. Judd was a jerk when he came back after being kicked off

  2. LO1004

    I can’t wait until she finds out how America really views her. I wish I could print this blog and paste it to her face.

  3. Avatar

    Trust me Alex has ZERO shot at winning AFP. This award will go to Kevin despite the fact he has been a floater extraordinaire.

    Alex has not shown well on TV apart from flaunting her big chest she is not as pretty as the other girls nor is her personality as charming. I know the edits are trying to show her as being playful. But it comes across as being the female version of James all she has to do is wear some camo and speak with a southern accent and she is a clone of James. (Been there done that not original).

    She has played a terrible game saying things when it is the worst timing especially when the house guest she wants to get rid of is standing right there. She has blindly followed Paul and it has not led to her being sent home by Paul. (She got played).

    Kevin is loved and she spends her time spewing venom at him. (Not smart if you want to win AFP)

    She puts up Raven and Kevin? Two who had nothing to do with Jason going home instead of Josh, Paul and or Christmas? (DUMB game play).

    Alex is also delusional. “People are going to call me Tiger?” What America actually thinks of her and what she has in her mind are worlds apart and she will find that out when the game comes to an end and she watches the show back as I am sure all contestants do.

    She also thinks she is going to cash in on fame from the show. This dream will end soon enough for her when the phone doesn’t ring.

    Alex may have been good in physical competitions and she got also got screwed over by Paul. But she has no shot at AFP. That is more of a popularity contest then a measure of game play.

    • LO1004

      I’m not really sure why everyone keeps saying Alex got screwed over by Paul. Alex made it clear that Jason was her ride or die, not Paul. So the reality is, Paul was smart enough to take the shot first.

      • Avatar

        @LO1004 Alex and Paul had an “alliance”. But either way, if she looks at it objectively, she will be most angry with herself that she got played. Jason pointed all of this out to her and she bought into the “friendship” thing so hard that she didn’t listen and browbeat him into not trusting his instinct. It’s not only her fault she lost but she’s partially to blame for Jason losing too and she knows that.

      • Avatar

        @hilaryl I can’t wait for Holiday Grinch to experience the same

      • LO1004

        @hilaryl absolutely. I’m just saying one of them was bound to break that alliance, it’s just that Paul beat her to it. And to be honest, in that last week Jason was in the house, Alex distanced herself from him pretty well, so Jason’s red flags should’ve been waving all over the place.

      • Avatar

        @martymar – Same here. I want them all to experience it. It’s funny how when the shoe is on the other foot that same behavior is unacceptable and unethical.

        @LO1004 Gotcha! Yes, I mean at the end of the day, unless you are playing solely for friendship, winning gets in the way! LOL.

      • Avatar

        I am pretty certain she told Jason if it came down to him or Paul she would take Paul. That keeping Paula’s friendship so she made it to end of game was most important thing to her. But maybe I have become delusional too.

      • Avatar

        True. But she always considered herself Team Paul so she’ll share in his victory, not in his money mind you, just the team win.

    • Avatar

      @ Houseguest Doug “She also thinks she is going to cash in on fame from the show. This dream will end soon enough for her when the phone doesn’t ring.”

      Will she be remembered as we remember 5th place finishers: Jee Choe, Karen Ganci, Eric Stein, Renny Martyn, Ragan Fox, Kalia Booker, Jenn Arroyo and Judd Daugherty or these 5th place finishers Chicken George (2x), Bunky, Marcellas, Howie Gordon, Natalie Cunial, Jeff Schroeder, Frankie Grande, Austin Matelson and Victor Arroyo. It looks to be 50/50 on the “Do you remember ___________ on Big Brother” game? How much money they make on that name is another story.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Wow, you really put things into perspective with this post. I legitimately do not remember half the people on this list.

      • Avatar

        Thanks @Geraldo I always think of the people who believe they will be famous once they leave the house and have a “Where Are They Now” thing going on in my head about certain people. Having never missed an episode in 19 seasons, it amazes me how I only remember a handful of people every season, final 5 contestants included apparently.

      • Avatar

        Only people I remember from that list is Howie Gordon due to he was funny and sold Light-sabres for a living. Everyone knows who Jeff Schroeder is I would put him in the All-Star catagory. Frankie is famous due to his sister. As for the rest I would know them to run them over with my car.

    • Jannie

      I bet she’ll be in the BOTTOM three.
      My money’s on Kevin.

  4. Avatar

    As far as the winner of BB 19?

    Paul has played the game of his life and has played BB as well or better than anyone in history this season and 100% deserves to win. However……

    HE WILL NOT. The problem he played too hard and he didn’t factor in Josh tossing him under the bus with his goodbye speech to Jason. He has now let Alex know she is gone as of Wednesday so she now knows he played her all season.

    So when the Jury sits with Dr. Will Kirby Cody, Mark, Elena, Jason, Alex will not vote him to win. Matt & Raven are wild cards as they are so far up Paul’s backside.

    The only shot Paul has at winning is if he is up against Kevin. … Kevin Votes.. Cody, Mark, Elena, Jason
    Paul Votes.. Raven, Matt, Alex (Josh, Christmas)

    Josh vs Paul : Josh – Cody, Mark, Elena, Christmas, Jason, Alex
    Paul vs Christmas: Christmas: Cody, Mark, Elena, Alex, Jason, Josh, Kevin

    My guess is Paul will be bridesmaid again. These are not very smart people but when they all get to Jury House they will crush Paul. They will all compare notes and realized he screwed them all over.

    • AIO_7

      Doug, I so hope you are right.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I just can’t see Paul losing to Josh if they’re F2. Cody has absolutely no respect for Josh as a person or as a player and I can’t imagine him ever voting for him to win $500K. Alex said last night even as she was ranting about Paul being “counterfeit” that he will still have her vote in the end (and I think she’ll likely be able to convince Jason to vote for Paul as well, especially if his only other option is Josh). That leaves Mark, Elena, and Christmas, and I think all three of them would vote for Paul too (Mark fought nonstop with Josh all season and respects Paul, Elena also fought with Josh constantly her last week in the house and had a serious crush on Paul, and Christmas is in love with Paul and thinks he’s one of the best players ever). I think Paul could actually trounce Josh 9-0 if they’re sitting at the end. I agree with what Josh said the other day– his only shot to win is if he can somehow be the person who takes Paul out.

      Christmas would probably get a few votes against Paul, but I still think jurors like Alex and Jason are more likely to vote for Paul– they think he’s the better player and they’re just as mad at Christmas for their evictions as they are at Paul (if not more so). Hell, Christmas would probably use her final speech to plead with the jury to vote for her “boyfriend in her head” Paul to win.

      For me, I see Paul winning in every scenario unless somebody is able to take him out before F2. And that’s looking increasingly less likely each passing day.

  5. AIO_7

    * ” She was so offended by Jessica because she claimed she (Alex) had a family member raped”….

    I suspect someone, maybe an uncle, dabbled her as well. I still find it slightly odd that she never expressed any type of sexual appetite; none. (or none that I ever heard)

  6. Renee

    I still think that there is a huge possibility that Paul will win. Sure, everyone is mad that he got the best of them, but they have been in a luxury atmosphere drinking and partying since being evicted. I realize they were all playing for 500K, but they all openly admitted that they wanted to get to the jury house. That was more on their minds than winning. I think even Cody will vote for Paul because ultimately he would prefer giving it to someone that played for the end goal. Raven was star-struck by Paul; Matt will do whatever Raven wants. If Alex goes, she will convince Jason to vote for Paul – and he bucks, she will hit him until he submits.

  7. Avatar

    I think that the sheep will still vote for Paul in the end, regardless of how he has played each one of them. I wish that they wouldn’t though. I (also) hope that CBS does a better casting next year when choosing HG’s. In hindsight it seems like each of these HG’s have some fairly severe insecurity issues. Is this what CBS was looking for?

  8. Zach

    Jessica absolutely tests the borders of sexual assuault. If guy were to walk around the BB house sticking his fingers into the female competitors crack he would have been tossed from the game and likely convicted of sexual assault. Just because Alex is a dumb yotch doesn’t mean you should downplay the seriousness of unwanted inappropriate touching. People like you are why so many (mostly men) feel entitled to do whatever they want.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I agree Zach. I do think Alex is a hypocrite and an idiot, and I have a feeling that her “predator” comments towards Jessica had more to do with her personal distaste for Jessica than any legitimate concerns that Jessica was violating the other HGs. However, that doesn’t mean that Jessica’s behavior was in any way acceptable. I completely agree that if a male HG had been walking around the house touching female HGs in that manner there would have been major outrage. I also think Jason and whoever else did it later to Josh were equally out of line. All of that behavior is disgusting and it should not be tolerated in the BB house in my opinion.

      Bottom line– keep your fingers to yourself (unless you have explicit consent to place them elsewhere).

  9. Helen

    Josh talking to Paul…..We are good people,we have big hearts……I’m going to go off on Kevin and call him old and fat…

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Oh god, did Josh really agree to that? If so, I hope he’s just telling Paul what he wants to hear for now to get him off his back. Josh has proclaimed that he realizes now that Paul just gasses him up to do all his dirty work and that he won’t let Paul get away with that anymore.

    • Avatar

      Exactly @helen! Where in the world are those “big hearts” when they start talking like that? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

      Same thing goes for Alex! She just mentioned (AGAIN) about hoping to get AFP only this time she said thays what she is PRAYING for.

      I’m not going to get into the whole religion aspect and will try to keep this as light as possible but…for her to have done AND said all of the vile and hurtful things that she has, to NOW sit there and ask God that she wins AFP is just.. beyond…comprehension..for me!

      Does she really think that with all she’s done, that if she just lays up in the have-not room, flashing her Bible and rosary beads to the camera, that these actions will make America vote for her??
      This tactic of hers makes me dislike her even more than I already do..if that’s possible.

      As I stated earlier, she should be researching any and EVERY thing the Bible has to say as far as repent and forgiveness!

      Buh-Bye Alex!
      The End & Amen

    • kneeless

      They are sitting pretty, why do they still find it important to “go off” on Kevin? They truly must think he can beat them at a comp if they’re still trying to rattle him. I don’the get it, but I guess we have to consider who we’re dealing with. The 3 stooges at their finest!

  10. Helen

    Q: what-do-you-call-that-sound-uncouth-people-make-by-gurgling-the-snot-in-their-sinuses

    A: Josh

  11. Avatar

    I am voting for Jason for AFP! I disagree about Elissa. She won some comps and wasn’t anywhere annoying as her sister!

  12. danmtruth

    Josh is now telling Paul what a great player he is How he will win this game How if it was not for Paul he would not have made it Oh yah also Xmas
    He did talk about how Paul and Xmas were getting close Paul was it means nothing Paul was just doing it to HELP xmas
    Paul starts on about his girl outside the house Josh is like shes a fool not to see how great of a guy you are Josh told Paul the one thing that might scare him into self evicting **Josh -Paul you have me for life I’m coming out to be with you alot You are my friend for life
    People talk about Cody not fitting in with Jessicas croward What about Pauls groupe of friends and Josh Can’t see that mixing well

  13. Avatar

    This website is more entertaining than the program. There is no HG left that I want to win $ 500 K. I was mostly on Cody’s team because he resisted Paul. Sure, he was a sourpuss but I liked that he came across as genuine. I agree with a lot of posters that CBS paved the way for a Paul win. Three weeks exempt from the hot seat? I also think their casting selected followers. Kevin should have never been cast. He doesn’t know the game and has unwavering trust for Paul is inexplicable. I think a good contestant is one who is naturally skeptical. Don’t these people see Paul “making the rounds?” He injects himself in every situation. He buddies up to everyone. That alone would make me not trust him. Josh is the most pathetic with his crying and proclamations that he “loves everyone” and wants to be their friends. He has some very serious issues to work out throughout his life. Time for the therapy couch, buddy. Alex is a vile person and it’s not an act. That’s the real Alex and anyone who believes that it’s her show persona is naive. The person who suggested Christmas has Stockholm Syndrome is spot on! Her treatment of Josh is reprehensible. Josh talks too much, tells all and you can’t win BB doing that. I suppose the person this season I disliked the most (aside from Matt who was a wasted space in the house) is Raven. The revolving accents. The Southern Charm pretense. The litany of lies. Mensa? Seriously, no one believes that for a second. I hated it when she was interviewed by Julie and said she thought her “story” would bring her success. Your story? You mean your FABRICATION. It was hilarious when Matt during his exit interview suggested that American knows what a great person Raven is. I think the singular biggest mistake of the season is Jess’s HOH when she wasted it and go rid of Ramses who was harmless and would have been her ally. The second mistake was during the second DE when Jason didn’t use his veto and could have taken someone down and put Paul up. If Paul wins, it will be because of the stupidity of the other HGs.

  14. Tinkerbell

    Cougar Extraordinaire – America’s new Sweethearts……as Paul announces he can’t wait to get out and see “his girl.”


  15. pkcable

    I think Kevin will get AFP for SURE! Lovable loser type. Tells great stories, and has a kind of charisma that appeals to the public, or at least to me anyways! He’s got my vote! Alex no way in HELL! None of them really deserve it truth be told. This may be THE worst cast in the history of Big Brother!

  16. Helen

    Alex must have called people out at POV meeting……

  17. Helen

    10:58 AM: Paul says to Josh in HoH: She’s sneaky bro. Did you see that last minute sh*t she throws out? (Assuming speech at Veto Ceremony?)Josh: I’m sorry bud, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

  18. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is upstairs ranting about Jason (I think because Paul mentioned that Jason would vote for Kevin if he made it to F2). The Nightmare says he didn’t even care about breaking her foot and didn’t think her foot was as broken as it actually was. She hopes his balls fall off the next time he’s riding his bull.

    She then says something is seriously wrong with Jason and he has a “screw loose” (that’s pretty rich coming from you of all people Nightmare…)

  19. Tinkerbell

    Hey Desperate Christmas Cougar. While your laying in Paul’s lap right now, don’t cover your head with that blanket. We wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and blast your good name.

  20. Avatar

    There’s no way Alex wins AFP. None. I really wish Kevin would win it, and will be casting my votes his way. He’s the ONLY player all year that I have liked from beginning to end. Some of them were fine in the beginning, but became awful at some point (like Jason), while others were awful in the beginning but became more tolerable (Cody).

    Unfortunately, I think Cody will win it. He seems to have the most vocal/loyal supporters, particularly among the anti-Paul crowd. While I don’t hate Cody, I just don’t really like him nor his gameplay. He seems to get a lot of credit because he recognized Paul’s game earlier than others and tried to take him out, but his method of trying to do it wasn’t very good. As for his social game and entertainment value, he spent most of his time in the house holed up in isolation with Jessica…I just can’t respect that, game-wise or entertainment-wise.

    But anyway, I hope I’m wrong and that Kevin can pull it out. While he definitely wasn’t great at the physical or strategic aspects of the game, he was playing a very good social game up until all the halfway decent people were out of the house and he became a target of vile hate-spewing from Alex/Paul/Christmas. Kevin’s stories were entertaining as hell, he was a good person towards others in the house regardless of alliance, and like I said earlier, remained likable as a person throughout THREE months in the house, despite less than ideal circumstances. Go Kevin!!

    • Avatar

      Kevin is most likable to me personality wise so seems like good AFP. But truthfully the only person who played BB every day they were in the house is Paul. If he is voted out before F2 he should be in the AFP running too because he played almost everyone.

      • Avatar

        Susan, AFP is usually not voted on because they were best player. It’s the person that people like the most. Donny couldn’t play the game at all and didn’t win comps. He was nice to everyone and was just a nice innocent guy. Derrick didn’t fool him at all and that’s why he didn’t stay longer. Everyone knew after only a few feels he would be AFP overwhelmingly.

  21. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul and The Nightmare are now gassing Josh up so he’ll go off on Kevin before the next HOH comp. They’re all discussing how insecure and ego driven Kevin is. They say Kevin always takes shots at others (ex. calling Josh fat) but when they turn the tables on him (ex. when Josh told Kevin he was getting chunky), Kevin goes nuts. Paul says that’s how you get to Kevin– listen to all his BS and pretend you’re buying it, then when the moment is right you flip on him. Paul says Kevin can’t handle the pressure and he will crack, just like he did when Josh called him out about the $25K. *sigh*

    Josh seems to be eating it up but I’m hoping he’s just playing along. I can’t watch any more of this corner one person and attack crap. #OverIt

  22. Helen

    So….Alex will go tomorrow……Kevin will go Thursday….

  23. Helen

    Alex keeps saying she’s bored!! So……..get up and start some chaos then…..why stop now?

  24. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Josh, Paul, and The Nightmare upstairs practicing dates. Paul is doing very well, but Josh tells him he needs to keep practicing so he can be faster with his recall. The Nightmare jumps to her man’s defense and snaps at Josh: “are you seriously scolding him right now?? He’s doing awesome!!!”.


  25. Painter1

    If one thing comes out of this season it could be how to NOT play Big Brother, play your own game not for someone else. Also the games not done yet maybe we will have a Vanessa vs Steve moment and Paul will get had. Whoever does that will win Big Brother for sure.

  26. JadedMage

    she could win america’s most pathetic, hypocritical, ass hole award!

  27. Avatar

    Does anyone know when tonight’s BB will be shown. There is a Hurricane
    Relief program on at 8:00.

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