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Cody and Jessica Get Engaged!


TMZ is reporting that the couple virtually nobody gave a chance to not only remained together but got engaged!

Cody and Jessica met inside the Big Brother house and the connection was fairly instant. They had a few small hiccups throughout the season, but it was very clear that Cody completely loved the girl, and apparently, she really loved him back. This makes me think back to the time when the girls pulled Jessica aside to tell her about some ridiculous alliance that Cody made on the first few days of the season. How he said he would get rid of Jessica for the sake of the alliance or some shit. I forgot who instigated that fight, but I want to say Alex just because she was a completely awful person that season.

Jessica, acting like an adult, let what Cody said on the first few days of the season slide and that little (and very pointless) fight was squashed. Thinking back, I am still embarrassed for the people in that house because of how petty they all were. The dumbmance between Raven and Matt. The weirdmance between Elena and Mark. What a mess.


Cody and Jessica quickly became some of the favorite players of the season after they were bullied and berated by the entire house but stood there and took it rather than lashing back like they could have. Cody won America’s Favorite Player and the two were sent off to play The Amazing Race where they are still in it with a chance to win it all.

Congrats to the couple and I wish them the very best in life!


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  1. AIO_7

    “:Congrats to the couple and I wish them the very best in life!”

    Hear, hear !

  2. hogwild

    Pretty cool they are second Amazing Race couple on this season to get engaged Lucas and Brittany also got engaged during the show best of luck to both couples.

  3. hogwild

    The fact they are now engaged makes me think they might be the AR winners.

  4. Mel

    Marissa-“can I just say one thing?”
    Ross-“better than anyone I know”

    He thinks she talks too much too. Now Shannon is saying she isn’t going to the finale. I was giving her some time for this to be temporary but, nope, she’s just butt hurt and a brat.

    • LindsayB

      Shannon is the biggest disappointment of the season by far. I think most of the HGs have surpassed our expectations- either with game play or entertainment value. Shannon is an emotionally unstable brat. Brandy isn’t super stable, but at least she owns her shit. Side note about brandy: her books are actually entertaining. Good, quick reads… great to take on a plane. She was at my local bookstore doing a signing so I went there. She was so sweet, patient, and gracious with everyone there. I enjoyed watching her on RHOBH. She knew she was in the train wreck role and she played it up. Since she’s left the show, people have had to pull story lines from thin air. This season the big storyline is Dorit being late to a lunch with Teddy. I get that brandy is polarizing but at least she provided entertainment. I was happy to learn she was on here and have enjoyed watching her.

      • Mel

        I couldn’t stand her on rhobh but yes, I’d rather have her back than Dorit. Regardless, I really like BB Brandi. Very pleasant surprise! Like you said, most of them have been. I keep saying she and Ari are so srtaightforward, theyre BB gangster. I haven’t seen that much complaining about this season and haven’t understood it when I have. To each their own I guess.

  5. Mel

    Who thinks the voting is going to be something major?

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