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My Finale Random Thoughts


Alright, I said my last post was my last post for the season, but I have to talk about the finale last night. I wanted to post more during my live thread but my laptop was about a billion degrees by the second hour (it’s old) and I couldn’t take it any longer.

First, let’s get into some highlights of the episode…

  • Once again they showed there needs to be cameras inside the jury house. By the final 4 of every season, the feeds are painful to watch while all the fun happens in jury. The reaction by Cody when Raven started talking about her surgeries was priceless.
  • Speaking of Cody, what the hell? I am going to just assume he made some random statement months ago where he said he’d never vote for Paul in the final 2. I want to bash him more for the weird vote but that’s Cody being Cody. Stuff like that is why this season was remotely entertaining so I can’t complain too much about that.
  • During the backyard interviews (which were hilarious finally. Will needs to do them yearly), Christmas said Josh’s decision did factor into her vote. Seriously? The same girl who basically rolled over and died the last week is suddenly acting bitter because Josh didn’t take her? In her ‘poor me’ routine, she told Josh and Paul that they should take each other because they earned it, and now she’s casting votes because she’s butthurt?  Congrats, Christmas. By casting your bitter vote, you helped stabbed your crush further in the heart because it probably wouldn’t be as painful to lose 6-3 than another 5-4 year.
  • That said, it shouldn’t have been so close but I vastly underestimated just how bitter Alex would remain. I’ve posted before how I felt Paul was screwing himself toward the end of the season and even predicted people like Mark and Elena would vote Josh despite their tension. Where I went wrong was not realizing such a terrible person like Alex would remain bitter at being backstabbed.  My problem is I thought her stupidity and blind worship of Paul would be stronger than her butthurt. I was wrong.
  • What the hell was up with those jury answers in the final HoH?  It’s irrelevant because Josh and Paul went to the final 2 anyway, but did anyone else do extremely poorly playing at home?  I should have figured something strange was about to happen when it’s clear nobody could actually get a good read on the jury.
  • It was a bit sad when Paul didn’t really want to leave the house after he lost. It took him a bit to come out, and I’m sure it didn’t help when he stepped out to see Nicole and Victor together. Dude had a bad night.

Alright, enough with the notes. I want to say that yes, Paul did indeed get screwed, but a big reality is that he did indeed have very poor jury management so it wasn’t a complete robbery. I forgot which post it was, but I said Josh may actually have a chance at winning this a few weeks back, and that was mostly because Paul was still playing some weird victim role after he sliced their throats while Josh owned up to what he did. While the idea of being able to remain neutral and be a part of every alliance was impressive, he had to know it was going to screw him in the end because that was his biggest concern when he had the house gang up on Jessica. Ironically, he told Josh that Jessica had to go because she would be bitter and vote in a pair with Cody against him. Did Paul think the other couples were immune to bitterness or voting as a pair? He really should have followed his own advice and had better jury management. It may or may not have changed the outcome of the finale, but he certainly wouldn’t have looked as pathetic when he was shocked they were pissed at him.


Once again making a call to Survivor, I had serious “Amanda Kimmel” vibes going on with Paul last night. During her season of “Fans vs Favorites” she played a similar game as Paul where she really was behind a lot of the moves that went on that season, but also when it came to the victim routine after. I forgot who it was (Eliza?) who called Amanda out on that during her questioning when she asked why Amanda would keep looking over at the jury with the bambi eyes during evictions. This was definitely something I noticed that season and sure enough, she was called out on it in the end. Paul made the same mistake this season by refusing to own up to his game.

A jury may be pissed and bitter about being voted out, but one thing that stings even worse is when you continue to lie to their faces when they were out of the game. Paul had a few chances to own up to his game during the questions but continued to lie and actually blame the jury for not really understanding his moves. While they are pretty bad players and pretty dumb, you can’t just openly insult their intelligence and expect nothing bad to come of that.

To anyone who may make it on a future season and gets to read this, remember this – own up to your game. It may be easier to play the victim, but these people are still adults and would rather hear the truth no matter how painful it is. If you can’t own up to the game you played at the end of the season, don’t play that type of game.


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  1. Avatar

    Steve have enjoyed your analysis and posts throughout the season, this form room by far is one of the best out there there are a lot of good people on here who have a wide range of differing opinions and this form allows them to express it and helps make my big brother viewing season that much more fun.

    Paul definitely was the best player of the season but your analysis on his mismanagement of jury was things that for me add up to not being one of the best of all time. Because he had quite a few weeks to wake up and do something about the jury that he helped Assemble as he controlled their ouster throughout the season.

    You manipulated played and thought-out things far better than most in that house however you promise too much friendship to too many people, and once they saw the he was not really about friendship as they were walking up to front door his fate was sealed.

    Alex finally made a big move in the game by going against Paul and how’s Alex went so did Jason. And I always felt that Cody was never on board with voting for Paul to win any amount of money let alone $500K.

    • pkcable

      I second that emotion!

      Paul was smart and played a great game, BUT he made a couple key mistakes that cost him the game. I felt he should have a evicted Josh over Kevin, also he should have come clean and admitted every thing, just like Derrick did in his season. The ultimate floater Kevin next to him, I think it would have been a layup!

    • Avatar

      Yesterday’s thread is too long, and I keep getting stuck. I answered one of your remarks near the top.

      As far as my comment goes about Raven having good points on why Paul should win, and you thinking otherwise: When she asked who here was fooled ( I think and is out ) because of Paul, and they all acknowledged it ( except Cody) then that’s a pretty good indicator that he played a better game than all of them.

      Yes, she was a bit of a crazy compulsive liar, but she did make a valid point there.

      • Houseguest Doug

        And Raven has any power of influence because????

      • Avatar

        I didn’t say she had the power to influence. I said she had a valid point.

      • Avatar

        She did have a valid point and several others but I think that was also one of Paul’s mistakes. He relied on Raven to be his advocate without realizing how much the other HG’s did not care for her (or realizing the impact that would have). I think some of what we saw was people’s response to her.

        I agree that it would have been a better move on Paul’s part to keep Kevin over Josh.

        And one of the things I didn’t understand all season was the way people continued to pick on/instigate shit with the people who were halfway out the door. At that point it just didn’t make sense to me. And I’ve heard at least two or three Josh votes talk about it as the basis for their vote. From their perspective, it was one thing to lie when it was part of the game but at that point it went beyond that. I know a lot of people say “bitter jury” but that is a valid point and one of the biggest things that left a bad taste in my mouth throughout the season so I get it.

        I have to add a few things – I’m shocked at how well some of the HGs expressed themselves in their post show interviews (not the ones with Dr. Will but some of the others) including Paul. I’ve noticed that his accent is really different and he sounds so much more sane/human. It’s too bad he didn’t bring that persona to the house (maybe the one you all saw in season 18?) because he came off as much more likable. He also said he intends to do fundraising for Raven. When the interviewer asked if he thought all of the stuff she said was true, Paul said no, but I do believe she needs another pacemaker and that he wanted to help. When the interviewer mentioned that a lot of the stuff has been fact checked as not true, Paul said he would definitely be looking into it but if that turns out to be true he was still on board to help but if it didn’t, obviously he’d reconsider. I thought that was a very gracious answer and had I seen that side of Paul I would have been routing for him.

        Jason has already discussed his comments with Kevin and apologized and Kevin was very gracious (as expected).

        Now, I have to say, I feel like the results laid up too neatly and just like I think production had a hand in a lot of other things, I feel like they had a hand in this too. It all wrapped itself up with a nice bow – lol. How exactly did that happen??!

      • Avatar

        Hillary, I have really been appreciating your posts, and of course, this one is no exception.

        Glad you found your way to the board, you are a breath of fresh air.

      • Avatar

        Oh, and one last thing – we were completely robbed of everyone’s reaction to Cody winning AFP. The cameramen on duty for that should be fired. Missed opportunity. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thank you @dmc I’ve really enjoyed it. I am already wondering what I will do with all of my extra free time! I have LOVED this whole board. Nothing else even compares. So many smart and FUNNY/WITTY comments regardless of whose team they were on! I loved every minute of it (except when it got nasty, not down for that and don’t want to have to wade past that to get to the good stuff)!

  2. Avatar

    I called this ages ago. Why?
    1. Cody. Whenever he mentioned Paul his stare changed slightly… It was a look that said that he was never going to vote for Paul, no matter what. And to have him lose to Josh…the person Paul considered to be the most, weak minded and easy to control…well, the embarrassment Cody would feel it would bring to Paul would be the perfect payback. Plus I believe in poetic justice. You cannot treat people like that and not expect blow back. He was a jerk and he hid it for a while, but his calling Josh a coward for outplaying him in his goodbye messages revealed his true personality. (BTW…he played himself by needlessly lying in his goodbye messages…As Jason said last night, Did you not realize we would talk and compare notes in the jury house?
    His reactions last night proved it was not just him being in “the game.” I have zero respect for him. He actually assumed he was entitled to their vote.
    Jason…his vote should have come as no surprise. He was incensed when he left the house. He was ready to punch someone….and even Julie had to tell him to take a deep breath. Then when he found out he blamed Alex for his eviction (for which he felt truly awful about) and that Paul set it up so he would??? Paul was NEVER getting his vote…EVER. The night they showed Alex entering the house, he even said, we cannot give that guy the money. And when you looked at Mark and Elena they were in agreement. I think once Jason explained to Alex why he was mad, she became influenced by Jason.
    Jason picked up on Josh’s goodbye message more than any of the others….and it would be him that influenced the others…I am sure of it.
    Alex… Boys, boys, boys…when will you ever learn? Don’t look so shocked. HELL HATH NO WRATH LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED. And with some women this is true…and Alex was clearly that type of woman from day one and everyone should have been able to see that from day one.
    I called it ages ago, because it was right there, all the time.
    Kevin, as usual, was chill and classy at all time. Now that they are back in the real world, Kevin will realize how much of the true winner of this season he really is. As Kevin’s wife said…realizing how much people loved him will be worth more to him than any amount of money (but he is also going to be hurt when he sees how they all trashed him and what was said about him behind his back.)
    Now is when the rubber hits the road for a lot of these HG.

    • Houseguest Doug

      Opps I forgot to thank Steve. Steve thank you so much for providing everyone with this platform and it has been great but for me I need to sign off and go back to just watching the episodes as they happen sometimes when they pull back the curtain and you see the Wizard is not all it is cracked up to be. Best of luck to you and the members.

    • Avatar

      Just as just about everyone said, as bad as it was in the house with all the bullying all season, which was instigated by Paul, I think he might have still won the game had he just owned up to it at the end. I could tell that all the bullying, really bothered Elana, mark and Kevin when it was occurring, and that was before it happened to them . It started with Jessica and Cody. I think mark and Kevin even said something about not liking it at the time, but everyone, including them, didn’t do anything to stop it. Kevin tried to make up for it by being nice to the victims, and he got in trouble for that. They knew if they openly objected, the mob would turn on them. I’ve been saying all season, as many of u know, this bullying was beyond the pale and uncalled for. It didn’t further anyone’s game. We can now say, that it’s all over, that in fact, it came to bite Paul in the butt, and probably kept him from winning. I believe mark and Elana gave Josh their votes because of it. My opinion, but they seemed to have said that. I got bombasted and criticized by a few here, for saying the bullying was going too far and was morally wrong. There has to be a limit in how far a person can go to win, whatever the prize or goal is. If someone can say that bullying like this is ok to win money, I think those people, to me, are ok with bullying, and to me that is morally wrong. That’s just my opinion. And obviously, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

      That said, to get to a lighter subject, I read that Julie said, Cody won AFP by a very large margin. I think she said it was no where close. That was interesting. My vote came down between Cody and Kevin. Kevin was funny, and entertaining, and did try and make victims feel better and tried to be truthful with them. But he played no game whatsoever. He just did what Paul said without questions. He knew the bullying was wrong and didn’t like it and didn’t partake, but said nothing, which made him a part of it. Kevin was just there. Cody did fight hard, made the biggest play in the game, which didn’t work out because of safety, and played himself, which was part of his downfall. Everyone knew where Cody stood and he was true to himself. That’s why he got my votes, there was no other option. And actually, if I couldn’t have voted for those two, Jason would have probably been next. He did a lot of stuff he didn’t feel good about abut did go against the mob several times, which was probably the cause of his downfall.

      so another season gone now. Hope to see no more vets. Would like to see have nots done away with and go back to food competitions. It was fun when people in house had only certain things to eat and food was not unlimited. Also, let’s go back to taking only people who put in applications for the game. No more recruiting people. Half of them know nothing about the game. Only take people who apply. Production stay out of recruitment. Thanks to Steve and mells updates. They r great and NK for update posts because so many, like me, don’t get the feeds or get bbad!!

      • AIO_7

        “If someone can say that bullying like this is ok to win money, I think those people, to me, are ok with bullying, and to me that is morally wrong. That’s just my opinion. And obviously, I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

        Sometimes a “game” is not just a game.

  3. Mel

    Great summary Steve! I knew there was a chance but honestly didn’t see that one coming so congrats to Josh. Most of the jury dislikes Josh so am I crazy to think an argument can be made for some of the jury not voting bitter? I completely agree with Steve that if you don’t have a way to fix it in the end, don’t play such a nasty game. I said as recently as yesterday the Paul deserved to win because he played the best game. I stand corrected and not only by the 5-4 vote. Just like last year, Paul played a cutthroat game but he dropped the ball at the end. There was a moment before the votes were counted and I still thought Josh was going to lose that I realized he had also done enough to earn the win. It was during the clips of Josh telling the jury the truth and Paul’s reaction to it. He kept shaking his head no to the jury as if to convince them what they were hearing wasn’t true and then told Josh it was a cowardly move. It was a cowardly move to be sitting there shaking your head when the votes had already been placed. you have to get through the game without promising everyone everything or if you’re going to, have a plan to get out of it at the end. I was wrong on several of my predictions but in one area I was right. I predicted Paul would stick with his planned speech and do nothing to make amends and explain why he had to do what he did. He thought he did by saying he’d had to play alone but the jury knew that was a lie.

    Cody did make a comment while in the house about voting for Paul but he also made a comment with the jury about Josh owning what he did. He may have said without us knowing it that he would vote for the person who owned up to their game at the finale. That could be what he meant by keeping his word. Jason isn’t a good player but he made a good point in his interview when asked who gets to decide how far is too far and Jason said “we do.” I think they were explaining Paul’s lies poorly and the degree Paul was lying isn’t what they meant because several things were said about how badly Paul was talking about them behind their backs. I don’t think how much Paul lied is a problem because it is BB. They had time to discuss how personal and below the belt things had gone. That’s whaI think they meant by the “degree of his lies” that were unnecessary. I think it’s why Kevin was temporarily convinced not to vote for Paul but after being alone and hotel for a couple of days, went back to his original plan. He mentioned that in his interview Those things were unnecessary and we discussed it at length here.

    During Dr. Will’s interviews, I didn’t mind the smoke he was blowing up some of their butts because he was being sarcastic, especially with Raven. I did expect better questions but he was working for CBS after all. He’s a better BB player than interviewer, that’s for sure. I’m hoping I can catch some of the interviews Ika did last night and I’m hoping she asked the stuff that we really want to know.

    By the time the show and the interviews were over, it was too late for me to get on here last night. I hate I missed that and if anyone’s back on here today, I wanted to say how much fun I’ve had with all you guys once again. You’re all a blast and I couldn’t imagine experienceing BB without the BBJ family. Hopefully, I’ll catch up with most of you this winter.

    • caRyn

      Thanks for everything this season, Mel.
      I agree about the “degree of lies”. When Paul wrapped things up in his final comment he was on an agenda about what he did in the game (game moves) to get to the end. His speech was all business. If he had own what he did and maybe apologized and humbled himself about some of the things he said and did to other hg in the BB house his outcome may have been different.

  4. Seattle Kari

    Thank you Steve and Mel!! Go rest!! 🙂

    PS: I know Paul and Victor are/were friends but…did I miss something? Why would he care about Victor being with Nichole?

  5. Avatar

    I was pretty stunned last night, but very happy for Josh, especially when I thought it would have been a guarantee if he had decided to take xmas. Vote out the guy that had 9 comp wins, and keep the player that did very little would have made a lot of sense.

    I think Paul nailed his goodbye speech. To me, it really drove it home why he deserved the win. Josh blew his. He was getting too excited and lost his thought.

    Josh was better answering the jury questions. He was able to answer honestly, and provide examples to support his answers. This is where he looked like he had a great chance.

    Paul’s kept up with the lies in his answers. And, as already mentioned on this thread, Jason indicted how jury compare notes. So, as they were listening to the replies to the questions from both finalists, they knew who was lying, and who was being straight with them.

    At the end of it, they both played different strategies. Paul played the roll of the obvious leader. Josh played in the background a bit, but front and center enough for his strategy – picking two horses to team up with – for him to get to the end.

    Josh managed he jury better, so I guess he played the more complete game.

    Just like last year’s Super Bowl….you have to play it right to the end.

    • Avatar

      And take a look at Josh’s bio above on how he plannned on playing the game.

      He stayed with that plan right to the end.

    • caRyn

      I don’t think Paul nailed his goodbye speech. Not with this jury. Maybe if it was a different jury – with hg that were there to play BB. These hg didn’t pay respect to how he played the game because they didn’t play.

    • Avatar

      I thought Josh’s answers to the Jury was far better than Paul’s. Josh came across much more intelligent and thoughtful than I had given him credit for, while Paul’s answers sounded like a punk ass b*tch.

  6. Houseguest Doug

    Today’s Weather Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of MEATBALLS!!!!!

    Dr. Will: “RING…RING”
    Boogie: “Hello?”
    Dr. Will “Hey CBS is going to bring back Paul in an effort to get high ratings and they are going to cast him as a winner”
    Boogie “Really?”
    Dr. Will: “In fact they are going to put him in a house with a bunch of complete morons who will be just happy to make it to Jury House. In fact they will have an epic celebration”
    Boogie: “Sounds uber lame”
    Dr. Will: “Yes, they will give Paul a 3 week free pass and everything and I do mean everything will go his way”
    Boogie: “Sounds like he couldn’t possibly lose”
    Dr. Will: “But he doesn’t count on being run over by a run away MEATBALL…HA HA HA HA HA HA”
    Boogie: “HA HA HA HA HA.. Best player in BB history my a$$”

    Seriously, though I did call it weeks ago that Paul over played and didn’t have to tell as many lies and back stab the people he did to get to final 2. All he had to do was treat Jason and Alex with a tad more respect and he wins the game. He was never going to get Mark, Elena’s or Cody’s vote but Alex vote was there for the taking as she had Jason’s ear. OPPS!

    Bridesmaid again for Paul. Don’t fret I am sure CBS BB Team is meeting right now to discuss a plan to bring him back for BB20…NOT! If he couldn’t win this year with this group of morons and all the advantages he simple cannot close. “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN!!! COOKIES ARE FOR CLOSER’S”

    Clearly Dr. Will’s heart is not into hosting the Jury Q&A maybe Paul can take over that job.

    The look on Paul’s face when the showed how Josh tossed him under the Meatball Bus after the last 6 evictions was priceless. I guess it doesn’t feel good when someone beats you at your own game.

    Alex was not asked a single question by Julie or was even in consideration for AFP. I wonder if she still thinks she is going to cash in on her BB Celeb Status and think people are going to see her as “TIGER” what they saw last night was the real Alex. Bitter and Salty.

    When it comes to Alex I quote Jim Carey as Ace Ventura… “LOSER! LOO WHO A SUR!”

    I notice Raven clinging on to Paul and was quick to latch on to him tight and it was sort of “Matt? Matt who?”

    The tit a tat between Matt & Mark was bad TV. Mark looked like a salty Psycho and Matt is as lame a person as I have ever seen live or on TV. Someone please check him to see if he has a pulse. Too bad he didn’t win AFP he could of used the $25K to get a personality transplant.

    Elena was just plain bitter.

    Jason looked sheepish he knew he was about to face the music with Kevin’s Wife and his own over the Rape Jokes.

    Jessica got way more air time that most of the Jury which must of driven Alex and Raven even crazier then they all ready are.

    Was Ramses and Dominique even there? Talk about no air time.

    Nice to see Jillian the wall flower.

    Where the hell did Paul disappear to once Josh was announced as the winner? I noticed the only one to console him was Raven. I noticed Ms. Joy was hugging the Meatball who she didn’t vote for. So much for her love for Paul. I guess she saw Paul’s GF in the audience and reality set in.

    Speaking of Christmas. Her eviction chat with Julie was the most painful few minutes of TV I have had to sit through. OMG the self congratulations was too much to bear. If I hear her one more time whine about her broken foot I am going to break the other one. Most other shows would have removed her, she got paid recovery time and free medical. SHUT THE HELL UP! She did nothing in the game. The two HOH’s were gifted to her. Apart from befriending the Meatball and cuddling up to the bearded wonder what did she do? Just go back to the fitness industry and look pretty ok there boo boo.

    Cody as AFP I can see that I was a big fan of Cody until I learned about the forfeiting time with his 5 year old daughter to snuggle up with a hooker whom he was willing to toss his entire game for. If CBS wanted to bring back anyone of these morons for BB20 I would rather they pick Cody.

    Congratulations to Josh on winning despite not deserving it but at least Paul didn’t win. Looks good on CBS and caps a crappy BB19 so I guess the end was fitting for the worst season in BB history.

    I have zero interest in BB Celeb. I may or may not watch the start of BB20 not sure yet still have a bad taste in my mouth from BB19. One thing is for certain and this will please some or most of you. I am done with this site and this is my last post.

    While I appreciate the comments and discussions. It has ruined the show for me as I learned too much inside information and drained the fun and suspense out of the show. SO LONG AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.

    • Avatar

      Seriously, though I did call it weeks ago that Paul over played and didn’t have to tell as many lies and back stab the people he did to get to final 2. All he had to do was treat Jason and Alex with a tad more respect and he wins the game. He was never going to get Mark, Elena’s or Cody’s vote but Alex vote was there for the taking as she had Jason’s ear. OPPS!

      So if you knew all along that Paul wasn’t going to win, why were you getting so worked up over the past couple weeks that CBS was handing the win to him ?

      Just curious.

      • Houseguest Doug

        I had hoped for the best meaning Paul being the bridesmaid again but expected the worst. When Josh picked Paul over Christmas I though what a stupid move and I was cussing CBS for what looked like more tampering.

        I wish they made Josh pick right there and then instead of a commercial break giving Paul a chance to get into Josh’s head some more.

        Also, I would love to see the piece DR room visits by Paul and Josh played to the Jury prior to the votes. That would be beautiful.

        Maybe in future seasons CBS can give the Jury 75% of the vote and the home audience can do a LEGIT vote meaning it is managed by an accounting firm can be a vote. I still think Josh wins over Paul just because Paul came off as a lying snake to borrow a line from Dominique or as Josh would say “MEATBALL YOU PLAYED YOURSELF”.

    • Avatar

      I won’t be watching celebrity BB either. I did not even tune in for all of this season after Mark left….I kept up with it here (I did watch jury house on You Tube clip)….I had had enough of the viciousness.
      I had skipped BB18 because after Amanda, Spencer, GinaMarie, Aaryn and then Frankie Grande I was disgusted and took a year off….came back and made it half way, but still followed it along here (because of Kevin whom I really enjoyed.) Thankful for You Tube clips where you can pick and choose.
      Will I watch BB20? Depends on the weather. We had a wet summer so I was indoors more this year.

      • Avatar

        You can be sure that ‘Celebrity’ BB will have no real Celebrities. it will be a bunch of wanna be’s and left overs from MTV’s Real World, The Hills, and a American Idol loosers.

    • AIO_7

      “One thing is for certain and this will please some or most of you. I am done with this site and this is my last post. ”

      Doug: Please reconsider, I’ve enjoyed your well thought out commentary.

    • Avatar

      “Just go back to the fitness industry and look pretty ok there boo boo.”

      Sorry…but I have to give a 10 thumbs down for that sexist comment.
      While I am not a fan of Christmas at all, she HAS done a lot of work and accomplished so much in her field. Much more than just a pretty face.

      Also..if you didn’t want to read about spoilers or hear any “inside information” then why would you continue to come back and keep reading?
      No disrespect but that one is on you.

    • Avatar

      Doug. You said a lot of things I agree with but a lot that I didn’t. You were one who thought Paul was going to win because of CBS. You said that several times. Also Elana did not in anyway to me seem or act bitter. She along with mark, were well aware of the unnecessary bullying and mob treatment that went on in the house and admitted they felt bad about not saying anything about it. They essentially admitted by not speaking up that they were part of it. They thought that went beyond game play, and that’s why they didn’t vote for Paul. They admitted he played game best but they didn’t like the way he played. They both had run ins with Josh, but Josh owned up to it and apologized for his actions, so they were ok with Josh before they left house. Josh also apologized in his speech to jury and owned up to what he had done. Paul didn’t and lied. There was nothing bitter about Elana nor mark. And I don’t get your description of mark at all . He came accross as intelligent and very nice person who also felt bad that he didn’t speak up in house about bad things going on.
      Also, why call julienne a wall flower? Julie never talks to everyone in the finale. If they don’t get called on, it’s not their fault. That goes for Ramses and Dominique also. And Jason in no way looked sheepish. At that point he had no idea that there was any problem with his joke. And it was just a joke and evidently it was brought up after, Jason apologized and Kevin is fine with it. Lastly, calling Jessica a hooker is pitiful. Why would u even say that? Do u have knowledge the rest of us don’t have? I certainly have heard nothing to think she was a hooker. I never heard her say she was a hooker. As far as any juror being bitter, it would have to be Alex and she owned up to it and had pretty good reasons to be bitter. Then, the thing you have mentioned several times about Cody going on show and giving up visitation with daughter. We don’t know anything about that or if other options were made. Winning $50,000 or $500,000 would have helped with him giving more to his daughter. He’s had to go to Afghanistan and Iraq and several other places while in marine Corp and leave her to make money to n his job. This is the same thing. Fathers do this all the time.

      • AIO_7

        “Winning $50,000 or $500,000 would have helped with him giving more to his daughter.”

        True, and, in my opinion, mothers are way more important to/for children.

      • caRyn

        AIO_7, I am not sure about: mothers are way more important to/for children. So much has changed and it seems 50/50 to me. Both parents are equally important. Just my opinion. <- My comments have nothing to do with Cody. I believe Cody knows what is best for his family.

      • AIO_7

        “Both parents are equally important. Just my opinion.”

        True, Caryn, but sometimes there isn’t that choice. I can only speak for my self, but if I was still a child (not saying anything bad about my Dad) and had to choose between the two, I’d have chosen my mother every time.

      • caRyn

        I hear you, AIO_7. I had full custody of my son but I can honestly say that his life would have been just as awesome if his dad had full custody.

    • caRyn

      Raven hanging on Paul and stroking his arm was ugh to say the least. And her facial expressions while doing so?!
      I am not sure that Jason knew at the time that there was an issue with anything he said in the BB house about Kevin and Kevin’s family. Of course Jason knows now.
      I was wondering why Jessica got so much air time. Was it because CBS knew Cody was AFP and because they knew Cody didn’t vote for Paul and Jessica would have? That’s my guess.
      Take care, Houseguest Doug.

  7. Cindy

    I first want to say thank you Steve for another great BB blog season, I love this site. I know this might ruffel a few feathers but the fanale was exactly what i wanted to see happen and made this unbearable season bearable for me. Yes the lying and backstabbing is a part of BB however to watch Paul go through this summer NEVER owning up to his game always putting things on everyone else was ridiculous. I mean even sitting there at the end shaking his head still not owning up to his game made me sick. I’ve never been a Paul fan but this year instilled that further for me. I really feel that had he owned everything before the jury voted he would have had a better shot atleast he could have left with dignity. I was ecstatic to watch him sit there shaking his head mouthing “Not Again” as the last votes were read. The icing on the cake was to add insult to injury and have Cody win AFP, i will admit i voted for Cody mainly because i thought Paul was going to win and i knew he wouldn’t like Cody getting anything. This season was tough to watch at times but last night eased that pain for me. I look forward to connecting with all of you again soon. Thanks for making another BB season a lot of fun.

  8. Avatar

    Ok, this is my first time posting a comment, although I’ve read this blog for like the last four seasons or so and enjoy it. I wanted to give my view of the jury vote. I felt like most that Paul played the best game behind the scenes, hands down. However, the more I thought about it as I watched the finale, the more I realized Josh’s chance of winning was increasing. I think Paul’s biggest mistake was not accepting and admitting his role in any of it. I think if Paul had said “I didn’t mean for the bullying to get out of hand, but my plan was to throw people off so they wouldn’t compete as well” instead of “I didn’t do that, I was a peace keeper” then he would have won. I think it just pissed off the jury, most of which knew Paul was orchestrating everything, for him to say “I didn’t do that at all.” They knew he did, everyone did, even Cody did and he wasn’t in on any of it. That and his continuous talking down and acting better than Josh while they sat there in their seats and the jury watched them. Calling Josh cowardly for his goodbye messages, pointing to himself when Josh said he aligned with strong players, even saying that he “guaranteed himself” to be in final two when he’s not the one that won the final HOH!

    You can chalk it up to a bitter jury, but I also think that Paul, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, played himself. Most big brother players will respect game moves, and if Paul had just said “it was all part of my game and I’m sorry if anyone was offended or hurt” then he would have won. Instead, he said “I didn’t do any of it” when the jury members were part of it and knew he was. It’s like he still thought he had someone to impress besides the Jury.

    Also, I also did horrible playing at home with those HOH questions. I seriously didn’t think Cody would say winning battle back would be his best moment or Elena would say she wished she had defended Paul as well as a lot of the other questions I got wrong. I think I only got 1 right.

    • Avatar

      I completely agree. I remember someone on this blog was annoyed that Paul was being fake in the diary room for the audience. I think jury felt the same on finale night. Finale night is where you treat the jury like a diary room session and expose & explain your game play–fake answers just do not work. While Josh certainly was not the most eloquent speaker, he was genuine and thankful. Paul came off as entitled and fake. I cringed at each of his answers to jury questions. I don’t think this was a matter of a bitter jury. Regardless of how good your game was all season, you have to actually cross the finish line in the BB marathon, and Paul just had no clue where to go in the final steps.

      • caRyn

        keets, I do think the jury was bitter and had every right to be. I also agree that if Paul had listened, recognized, acknowledged and apologized about what the jury members had to say about how they felt that Paul may have received more jury votes. Pride can get in his way.

  9. hogwild

    As others have said and agree with I think Paul lost the game on the Q&A from the jury Josh owned his game Paul didn’t it seemed like Paul was trying to put one over on the jury one last time with his answers and it cost him.

  10. Avatar

    My take on Cody’s vote was that he saw Paul’s season as gifted to him with that three week immunity, whereas Josh had a level playing field like the rest of the house. Cody was gold though, his reaction to winning AFP was priceless and sincere, and that’s why he deserved it, no fake bs there.
    I loved the look on Alex’s face as the read the three names out for AFP and hers wasn’t there. That finale let me know all is right in the world. Not bc Josh was the better player, but bc Paul lost. Will said it right, that Paul was drinking his own Kool-Aid by the end.

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  12. Avatar

    I agree w many of point above. One point that is continuously brought up on here drives me nuts. Cody was 100% right that he should have never brought up how daughter. Flip the coin…If I had a child w someone in Cody’s position I would change the custody arrangements for that one year so my daughter could spend time w her Dad. But maybe Mom has reason not to do this, I won’t judge her either. Bashing a parent and acting like you know the inside scoop about how they are as a parent grates on my nerves.

    • Avatar

      Maybe Cody & his daughter’s mom DID change the parenting schedule to make up the time. How do we know that they did not agree on make up parenting time? Often parents agree & it’s not submitted to the court.

      • Tinkerbell

        @keets I agree. I’ve read quite a few articles about Cody and his daughter, Paisley. Cody loves and adores his daughter, and he is very proud of her. His face lights up when he talks about her. He has a great relationship with Paisley’s Mom as well. It’s obvious they had things worked out before he went on BB19. I saw a picture of Paisley and hwr Mom wearing t-shirts supporting Cody during BB. The houseguests, and general public, have judged and bashed Cody for not talking about his daughter on the air. That is so very unfair. Even though my two children are grown and on their own, I would not have talked about them on air. That would be an intrusion of their privacy, and could cause undue stress. Cody made the right decision in not sharing about Paisley. She is young, and did not need to have her life interrupted with reporters, and any type of backlash pertaining to BB. This is only my opinion. I absolutely do not judge any of the houseguests for sharing about their families. For Cody, it was not an option. He was protecting his young little girl. I respect him for that. As nuts as all of them were, I would not have shared one single private thing with any of them. All of the houseguests were already crucifying Cody……and after finding out that he had a daughter, they were even more vicious. I really liked Kevin, still do, but it was so very wrong of him to tell everyone about Cody’s daughter. Cody trusted Kevin, and shared with him in confidence. Shame on you, Kevin. Just my two cents.

      • Tinkerbell

        Just an FYI for anyone interested. Cody’s little girl, Paisley, with her Mommy.


      • Tinkerbell

        I’m sorry. Just one more. A BB party for Cody. Paisley is being held in the front row, right side. Her Mommy is front center, dark hair.


      • AIO_7

        ” Cody trusted Kevin, and shared with him in confidence. Shame on you, Kevin. Just my two cents.”

        Hobie: In all fairness to Kevin, I’m sure Kevin never dreamed that vipers like Alex, Paul and 12/25 would use Cody’s child as a tool.

  13. danmtruth

    Thank you Steavebeans your wife,Mel, and NKogneto for doing a better job of managing this board Than Paul did in managing his hand pick jury
    All season Paul talk about the mistake of not thinking about the jury till it was to late last season Well his pupil Josh was listening
    Paul was so busy playing his game he never saw the game Josh was playing on him Even after the votes were cast Paul could not let it go He had to call Josh a coward for his GBM No Paul that was you being out played While Paul was worried about getting blood on his hands Josh was hitting him in the face with truth pies Calling him out for being shady Paul never thought that Josh would admit to people that he was being used as a pawn to get people out Forgetting that in admitting to being part of the plan Josh was saying how it was Paul’s plan You got out played player

  14. g8trgirl

    Steve, you pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say. However, I want to add a few tidbits:
    As I said on the previous thread, Paul losing to Cody’s vote was just the icing on the cake to this most miserable of seasons. I laughed so hard I was crying. I truly believe if Paul had owned up to the question Jason asked about pretending and lying to each HG mere hours before they were to be evicted, Paul may have actually won.
    What was up with Death Door hanging all over Paul at the end? Kevin was robbed of AFP; the only reason Cody won was because of Ms. Thang’s campaign. I hope the 2 of them rideal off into the sunset and we never have to see them again.
    As for this board, I haven’t been as vocal as usual as I’ve had a lot going on. I can’t thank all of you enough for your thoughts and prayers while my mom and I went through hurricane Irma. It really meant a lot to me.
    With that said…I’ve been coming to this board for 4 years now. I’ve seen people come and go, disagreements here and there. But never have I seen some of the ugliness that some of you heaped on Lindsey this year. Or anyone else who wasn’t of like mind. You were nothing but a bunch of bullies! As adults, there’s a way to have a DISCUSSION about differing opinions. There’s never a reason to hurl insults.
    Also, yes, the season sacked wind. Yes, production had a huge hand in it. I hated it, swore I wasn’t going to watch anymore, but I kept on watching. It’s my crack; I’m addicted. But many of you wrote diatribes of why you hated it and were never going to watch again, but yet you kept coming back to write more diatribes. To you I say this: LEAVE! GOODBYE! Thanks for stopping by! We do not need the constant negative energy here. Once in a while to bitch, OK. But day after day, it’s a total drag.
    Off my soapbox.
    To my family: NK, DMC, Gérardo, Dan, Mell, Lindsey, Kari, Ann, Mindy, Knees, and of course, Felts…same bat time, same bat channel.
    To the newbies: it has been really enjoyable getting to know you! I hope you will be around next summer.
    And of course Steve who without which all of this would not be possible…continued prayers for your Dad. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us all together. One of these summers we will all get together at your house to watch the finale. Until then, I will follow your antics on snap.
    Go Gators!

    • Avatar

      It’s Miss Thang and it applies to gay men, not women.

      • Jenny

        I beg to differ… per Sir Mix-a-lot, “to the bean-pole dames in the magazines, you ain’t it, Miss Thing”!!!
        definitely refers to women. 🙂
        May have evolved into a drag queen thing, but back in the day it was about a female. (when it comes to females, Cosmo ain’t got nothin’ to do with my selection)
        Okay now I’ve got to go play that song.

    • Avatar

      So very well said. All of it.

      And I really appreciate being part of your family, too G8. That means a lot.

      All the best to you & your mom.

      Not much of a college ball fan, but what the hell,

      GO GATORS !

    • danmtruth

      PERFECTLY said g8trgirl While I did not agree with some of what LindsyB posted or other #teamPaul people It should stay game related Even I admit to getting caught up at times But it was nice of LindsyB to say she was a big girl and was not offend by my comments As we tried to point out our differences To me it always feels better to be bale to defend my point a view against someone smarter than me Felts, lindsy. Helen and so many others
      Apologizes to the moderators for adding to any unnecessary drama That should be the games job not us talking about it
      so yes I should be lurking around During BBCeleberty just to see how much of a train wreck it will be Thats just who i am

    • Avatar

      No doubt Jessica had some influence, but I wouldn’t say he won due to it. The interwebs was full of Cody support, bc he doesn’t like Paul, bc Paul doesnt like him, bc he showed up to play when no one else did, and bc he was no bs. He won people over w his walk out, his “hold that thought” and with what we saw in the jury house. It seemed to start as an F U to Paul but there seem to be a lot more fans chiming in as the voting came to an end.

      • g8trgirl

        I never thought of that perspective. Well put.

      • Avatar

        Zartan, I read last night Julie said voting was not even close this year. Think she said more votes than any other year. Cody won overwhelmingly. It was not even close. I never read anything anyone said about him on Internet, (except here and not meant liked him), I never even cared for Jessica much, I didn’t vote to tick off Paul. I voted because he turned out to be MY FAVORITE PLAYER!!

    • Painter1

      Well said, and I agree with it all.

    • Avatar

      G8 glad to see you are doing well. I will have Saturdays to hold me over until Celebrity BB. And I already know I will be bitching about Tiffany Polard AKA New York. I do have to admit that I was walking around smug all week with the Vols fans avoiding me. I never said a word but if asked I just said It was a hell of a game. 🙂

  15. Avatar

    Does anyone know if you can watch the backyard interviews on CBS? I can’t find them. I do have all access. I thought the night was very interesting. I really wish Kevin would have won Favorite. Just not sure why anyone would want to give a bad player with no personality who was first to jury any money. Kevin was likable and funny and had a personality that was at least watchable. And he made to top four. I don’t get it. That was by far the worst part of the night, besides having to see Jessica again . I just think that girl is gross. And hanging on Cody is like beyond gross to me. But they obviously have fans that think they are great so whatcha gonna do…uuuggg so gross Thanks Steve for such a great site to read. I love it and look forward to the next time. Cheers

  16. Avatar

    When Paul entered the house like he was daddy coming home from the war, I said to myself, “This is gonna suck.” And it did. But I got my reward for watching last night when Paul lost and Cody got AFP. Paul was given way too much camera time, he was in the HOH room sleeping when he wasn’t HOH, he instigated a lot of the hate and animosity. He’s a sleeze and I despise him and I’m glad he lost. I’m a bitter observer. Now on to Survivor where Paul won’t be. At least not this season.

  17. Houseguest Doug

    According to the backyard interviews post show with Dr. Will. Looks like Jessica is living the life that Alex was hoping for. Jessica has two guest spots on Bold and Beautiful and is looking to do a third.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cody & Jessica are on Amazing Race. Nor would it shock me if BB20 features Jessica either as a player or hosting a comp.

    I am sure that gets people on here upset and mashing their teeth.

  18. Avatar

    Paul made a few mistakes last night not owning up to his moves. But I believe most of the damage was done by MAVEN. I believe Marlena or Jalex could have voted for Paul but there was no way they were going to once they saw how vested MAVEN was in him winning even after getting players by Paul.

  19. Bastosko

    Finally!!! Had to create a new account (same profile name) been wanting to comment but never could get on.

    First, Thanks to Steve, Mel and all the others on here for keeping us informed and sharing their opinions. As a BB fan/viewer since Season 1 (Includes signing up for BBOTT) this is the first time that I really didn’t watch the show. The obvious production direction and control of how things went until the end, left a very bad taste in my mouth. Will I not watch again, nope because hopefully certain production members will be fired for always trying to stick to a formula for ratings (always have to set up showmances, everybody has to be pretty, most looking to create a stepping stone to be famous) and they will hire new staff to better screen candidates, try to go back to the original experiment concept of people in a house with no agendas or other entertainment. The tag line expect the unexpected is no longer even true. The hamsters know what is going to happen, we know what will happen and usually the day it will. When the hamsters start saying “Oh this is a DE this time”, well that isn’t unexpected anymore. I still remember when they had no washer dryer, no pool, no pool table, had to earn food, punishment for rule violation was usually hunger or eviction. Now, as I stated before, most are looking at being a “Star” and everything is freely provided.

    Sorry the rambling and ranting, but this has been building since the OTT last year. They get to bring smokes, sleep all the time, don’t participate, well the show is becoming as scripted as The Osbournes.

    Something to chew on, Celebrity BB could (and I shudder to think) be BB “celebrities” ie, Rachael, Dr. Will, Evil Dick (yeah I know, he can’t come back), I think you get my drift. Maybe this is their new expect the unexpected, you think D list we think our world.

    • Avatar

      I too loved it when they had to earn food and we could vote for what the have-nots were going to be eating like octopus brains and lettuce!

      Also miss the days when they would actually be punished for breaking the rules unlike Matt blatantly eating his precious cereal even though he wanted to go home.

      Lastly..when the jurors came out for the finale, Matt’s applause was noticeably the most quiet..loved that!

  20. Alda

    What has bothered me the most is Cody winning AFP.He was not a likeable person.He said he hated everyone in the house.He said he would rather go home then to jury.When he was in jury he wanted to escape! He didn’t want to be in the jury discussions.When he won,he never thanked America for voting for him.He just started making out with his bimbo! Yea,he was a real favorite! Sickening.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think anybody expected a different reaction out of him and that’s what people liked about him. I voted for Kevin but had no problem with Cody winning. Either one is a nice FU to the HG’s from America. You can see it on there faces when they finally figured out they were on one of the worst seasons of BB history.

    • Sassy

      For most of the reasons you stated, I voted for Cody. He was NO BS! I thought he was funny and real! In any other season, he probably would not have been my favorite. But in a season where everyone is as despicable as they were this season, he was by far my favorite player!

    • Avatar

      Alda, they always announce AFP at the very end of show and they never get to say anything. They showed Cody and u could tell he was very shocked. He blushed and smiled. Cody was honest and owned what he said and did. No lying, stabbing ppl in back. He was himself the entire time. He was himself and owned it, and obviously the very great majority of voters liked that. I did!! Kevin was funny but never played the game for a single second. He was just there.

      • Alda

        Trudy,what did Donny do his season to win AFP? He was social and likeable,just like Kevin.Sorry,I saw nothing likeable in Cody to ever say he was a “favorite.”

      • Avatar

        Alda, Donnie knew everything that was going on in game. I voted for him also and he won big. I’m not criticizing what u felt about Kevin. But you were talking about why anyone considered him a favorite. I just told you several reasons why. And he won by very big margin, so majority of people thought like I do. You also criticized him for not thanking America and I told you they don’t give them a chance. He didn’t hate everyone in the house!! He didn’t care for most of them but either did I or most others. So to repeat your words “yes he was a real favorite” not sickening. I respect you not liking him, but you are in the minority in that.

    • caRyn

      Alda, I wanted Kevin to win AFP. I didn’t care for Cody’s BB game – strategy or social. I feel that Cody won AFP because he went against Paul (and there are a lot of Paul haters inside and outside the BB house) and he was the only hg to do so. I also feel that Cody won AFP because he was no nonsense.

  21. JadedMage

    This last season just basically annoyed the crap out of me…Between crazy Raven and nasty Alex and bipolar Christmas, this was just a train wreck waiting to happen.

    Paul played the game the way it is supposed to be played. These people should not be going into the house to find a bestie or boyfriend/girlfriend, they are there to play and win a half million bucks!!! WTF? In a lot of ways I kind of side with Cody on that, it’s a competition, not a school playground or popularity contest. And talk about bitter over privileged brats! Most of them voted for Josh because Paul eventually hurt their snowflake feelings (and I am really not a fan of that word but it totally fits this).

    I also take umbrage about them not casting more older players. 20 something year olds barely know how to balance a checkbook let alone know how to be manipulating people, be charming or diplomatic.

    I also think Xmas should have never been allowed to continue when she broke her foot, let her come back next year…

    Paul was screwed once again…BB is becoming a mockery of itself…

    On a lighter note…

    How about that celebrity BB this winter? wonder who and how long it will last? whats the Grand Prize?

  22. danmtruth

    AFP turned more into a screw you Paul and most of the other HG vote Along with Jessica’s campaigning than anything else
    I understand the time constraints But why not let Dominique talk ? Her eviction was one of the bigger turning points
    Xmas embarrassed her self with that lame useless question at the end Nothing to do with game play It came across to me like she was 11 asking her friend why she should vote him class president
    At had to sting Paul to see His old friend Victor with the women he felt stole his win last year Nichole
    Sorry felt like Dr Will came off as a cross between a 14 year old girl at a fan fest and a 20 year old frat boy at his first kegger
    Did I underestimate Josh all season His best explanation was advice his dad gave him Make other people think they are getting the better end of the deal
    Julie was well put together last night
    Raven hanging on to Paul was sicking Just wish I could have seen there reaction when Cody was named AFP
    Kevin looking as sharp as Julie And as confused at the end of the vote Not sure how many plates to set up for Thanksgiving

  23. Sassy

    Thanks Steve for allowing us a space to vent and talk game with others. I have really enjoyed this site and the banter between the junkies. I loved the blogs from both you and Mel.

    I did not watch much of the last 3 or 4 weeks, only the episode with the jury and the finale. I completely stopped watching the feeds. This was an awful season but the finale was HILARIOUS!!! The only thing that could have made it better would have been for Josh to boot Paul and keep Xmas. I would have loved to see him go home empty handed, but then I would have missed his reactions to the question about Bullying, and Josh’s farewell speeches. He was SHOCKED that Josh thought a little outside the box and his feeling of betrayal seemed to stab him in the heart!

    I hear a lot of people say that Paul “should” have won. He had the most comp wins, controlled the house, etc… But that is not how the game is played. It is a social experiment, and many of the people that are bitter are the ones that repeatedly pointed that out throughout the season. People were not getting evicted for being lazy and not winning, they were getting evicted for being a threat. The game is NOT only about the competitions, so why should you get to win solely because of them? Why should the end be any different then the rest of the season? I thought it was a fitting ending with Paul narcissistic personality shining through.

    I will be back for Celebrity BB and BB20 (maybe 21, if celebrity BB is considered 20…) next summer. I love the game, but have no issue cutting it off when it goes past my threshold of tolerance. I have hopes that CBS will pick a better cast for the summer and leave the Vets at home.

    It was great talking with you all, and I look forward to Feb, when we get together again!

  24. Avatar

    In the end the right people won what was deserved. Josh won because Paul underestimated him. Josh goodbye messages were paramount in final plea to the jury to win. Paul’s self entitled only vet to never hit the block because “I had three weeks of safety” got him right to second place. Christmas walked away with nothing just like she did in the game…nothing! A lot people may feel Alex voted bitterly but I think it was her failing Jason is why she chose not to go with Paul. I commend her for voting the way she felt was best and giving Paul his just desserts.
    As for AFP, I rooted for Kevin to win but glad Cody got it over any of the remaining houseguests. Whether people will admit, Cody was the only one playing for the prize and not star struck by Paul the vet.

  25. Gerardo for AFP

    The more I think about it, the more I see that Josh was absolutely right when he said everyone underestimated him (including me) this season. Josh has always been very perceptive about the game and the other HGs (I would say that was one of his biggest strengths in the game), and being around these people 24/7 he clearly had a good read on what factors his fellow HGs would base their jury votes on. Which was why he made the game-winning decision to start exposing Paul in his goodbye messages. Like many of the commenters here, I always thought that was quite clever of him, but now I realize that it was actually a stroke of brilliance on his part. I think Josh realized he couldn’t out-strategize Paul, but since Josh was cruising to F2 anyway he didn’t need to. Josh didn’t have to try to beat Paul at his own game– he could just beat him at the jury management game.

    I’m not sure if any of the jury members were swayed by the fact that Josh won the final HOH (most, if not all, of them likely had their minds made up already), but it certainly swayed my opinion. Josh proved last night that he was no slouch when it came to competitions (something he had been showing in recent weeks anyway, like when he hung in to the end with Paul on the F4 veto comp), and more importantly he showed that he was capable of getting HIMSELF to the end, not just being dragged along by Paul. Paul controlled the house this summer and I definitely think he played the stronger game, but I also think Paul was so hyperfocused on correcting the mistakes that cost him the grand prize last year that he ended up “over-correcting” and pissing the jury off yet again. Josh was smart enough to recognize and exploit this weakness, and I give him all the credit in the world for that. Although Josh annoys me about 70 percent of the time, I’ve always had a soft spot for him. I think he’s a good kid who has a LOT of growing up to do, and I think he started some of the process in front of our eyes this summer. Congrats Josh on your surprise victory last night, and all the best to you and your familia in Miami!

    • caRyn

      Paul was focused on correcting the mistakes from last year. Had it been his choice he wouldn’t have taken Christmas to F2 because he wouldn’t want a jury member to vote for Christmas just because she is a female. If he had a season 3 what would he change? What will he learn from his second season?

  26. jimbo

    I’m sick of hearing the “bitter” jury thing. Guess what? Jury management IS a HUGE part of the game, too….not just a random thing that happens because some people are more bitter than others. In both Survivor and BB, you need to manage the jury. Paul didn’t manage the jury well at all, he fumbled that task, and he lost. Period. It is part of the game, a very important part of the game, and if you don’t handle that aspect of the game — you lose! Paul lost! He deserved to lose, too, because of this. Paul is an arrogant, egotistical, bullying jerk, and the jury finally made ONE RIGHT DECISION this season by, finally, seeing that.

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  28. hogwild

    Instead of doing the backyard interviews on the feeds should CBS do a one hour reunion show on the network like survivor does?

  29. Mello_One

    To all my Big Brother Junkies…May God shine his face upon you! Even though the Season had its ups & downs, it landed in a Good Space.

    I, as always enjoyed the daily Commentary on this Message Board, & the many, many, great Bloggers who come to this Page, the Regulars, & the Drive By’s! The Bottom line is that Steve has created a Forum where ALL of us feel Connected to each other.

    NK, you are our “Ride Or Die” with your Updates
    Mel, you are the L to my O, your articles were a great addition.
    Ann, G8trgirl, Felts, and all BBJ In areas where Mother Nature took her wrath out. “Keep Your Heads Up”
    AIO_7, TY always for your up to date Photos of what’s going on in the House.
    Cyn, Girl don’t be a Stranger during Big Brother Celebrity!
    Shivani, Ritchie, Hogwild, HobbieGirl, Houseguest Doug, Gerrardo DMC, KariB -Go Seahawks, Helen, Trudy,
    Lindsey -My NorCal Buddy & to all I might have missed, Excellent Commentary this Season, even when we all
    did not always agree…lol

    And finally Steve, TY for another Awesome Season!!! And Please give Us an Edit button for BB 20! Until we meet again Mi Familia, in the winter for BBC, have an Awesome Fall Season.

  30. Alda

    Josh said in an interview today that he will be donating some of the money to people that have suffered from the hurricane in Florida.Nice gesture,Josh.

    • Avatar

      That’s nice! I was duped by Josh, I watched Robs podcast interview of him after the show and he is smarter than I thought. He came into house prepared w ideas. Didn’t just leave those goodbye messages as a last minute game move. Had modeled his jury management based on what he had seen from past seasons. Speaking in the house would have hurt his game in the last few weeks so decided to use goodbye messages as a way to make amends w messages as Derrick had done in the past.

  31. g8trgirl

    All the backyard interviews are on you tube. But, guess who doesn’t have one (unless someone hid it)?
    #STFURAVEN. Hmmmmm….makes you wonder if maybe mama bear was there and scooped her up before anyone could ask her questions?

  32. Avatar

    Mark and Raven didn’t do Paul any favors in the jury house.

  33. Avatar

    This was not so much an issue of “jury management” as it was an issue of how Paul played the game. Paul was the puppet master. He controlled every nomination and every vote in that house. That kind of approach builds a lot of resentment.

  34. ElaineB

    Since I couldn’t take Paul anymore, I bailed out of the episodes, the feeds, and commenting. I did continue to read comments from my favorite folks here, and was thoroughly entertained. NK, I wish I could take credit for a “pox” on Paul, but fortunately his own narcissistic self was his downfall. Wheeeee! I know you and a few others were rooting for Josh early on, so congrats if “your boy” won! Thanks again to Steve, for giving us this forum, and Mel, for her additional insight. Mel, I know I missed the story regarding where your other “L” went, but whether one or two “L”s, your editorials were the BESSST (with three “S”s!) #TeamRavenSTFU…..forever, and thanks to Gerardo for all the great hashtags. I was impressed by Josh and the way he answered the questions. His DR sessions, with Paul mentioned…always, was well-played. For a guy who was an emotional roller-coaster, banged pots and pans, and got in others’ faces, the fact that he stayed in the game and made it to F2 was terrific! Paul blended into the woodwork, and directed his little village of Minions. Okay, “Pox” on them for taking all that crap from him! Josh is smarter and more cagey than others gave him credit for, and he did deserve the win! WTG Josh! Paul calling him a coward was……pathetic. I hoped Paul would be evicted sooner, but having him called out by the other HGS and then LOSE, was the icing on the BB cake this season! I wish you all good health and happiness until we meet here again….Cheers! *clink*

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Elaine, you have to come back for “Celebrity” Big Brother in the winter! I’m sure there will be PLENTY of “celebs” who will be in need of a good pox or two. You’ll be poxed out!

      • ElaineB

        I may just have to be here, just to check in on all my fave ‘troublemakers’ for the site. You continue to cheer me with your comments Gerardo, and it is always a pleasure to be here. As long as Paul will not be considered a ‘celebrity’ (LOL) I may be here for the party. Luv yas…..and I will be getting my ‘pox’ machine ready…..just in case. *winik*

      • ElaineB

        Lol don’t know what a *winik* is……*wink* (much better).

  35. Shivani33

    The best backyard interviews for me are Rob Cesternino’s on Rob Has A Podcast RHAP. He spent about 12 minutes with every single houseguest and had really good questions ready, plus some viewer questions for everyone, too. Cody warmed up to him and revealed more than usual! Jessica and Cody interviewed together with Rob, and so did Elena and Mark. I loved Mark and Elena’s answers and remarks.

    Raven got some good humored, barely veiled warnings about what could be coming her way. She preened, talked too loudly and completely missed Rob’s hints. It was awfully funny. Matt was equally clueless but didn’t interview with Raven. Dominique had a blast with Rob. Did she get to say “I told you so!”? You bet!!! I was mad that she didn’t get any camera time on the official BB finale. Several houseguests were skipped over, possibly due to time constraints, but it disappointed me. I like everyone to get the chance to speak. Kevin invited Rob to Thansgiving on the spot and gave a marvelous interview. Josh expressed himself very coherently and well, and Paul was calmer, more “reachable.” It was fun to get to know Jillian a little more. Ramses has a new gig lined up already on a show on MTV, called Sequestered (?) and had lots to say, very animated.

    If you have room for more BB19 chats, these can be found at Rob Has A Podcast, Big Brother 19 Finale Backyard Interviews. The interviews are set up so that you can skip over anyone who you don’t feel like hearing, but I listened to everyone.

  36. Seattle Kari

    Once I heard that Josh actually won, I knew I needed to watch the show to see Paul’s reaction. Absolutely hilarious!!!

  37. Avatar

    I was glad to see Julie call out Paul on his behaviour on finale night. Calling him rude for his reaction when he found out about Josh’s goodbye messages. She was not impressed by his reaction toward Josh.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Julie also made another interesting point during her interview with Rob– she said she felt that the final nail in Paul’s coffin was when he started making faces and being disrespectful towards Josh when he was answering some of the jury’s questions and giving his last plea. I noticed that too and found that quite rude of Paul, but I hadn’t considered that it could have actually hurt his chances to win. But Julie feels that since several jurors were already looking for an excuse to not vote for Paul and there he was behaving like a “brat” and being disrespectful to his opponent, that may have been what put Josh over the top.

      I have a feeling that all of the jurors’ minds were made up before the show even started. But I definitely think it was not a wise idea for Paul to openly mock Josh during his last plea, when most of the jury was already mad at him for being arrogant and making “fools” out of them.

  38. Avatar

    After listening to several different backyard interviews, I had a couple of follow up thoughts:

    Jason said his most embarrassing moment was breaking Xmas’ foot, not how he handled his fight with Matt. He seemed really confused by the interviewers question. But wasn’t this one of the comp questions that Paul got wrong? There was another interview where the HG was asked about their question in the comp and they seemed equally confused.

    Alex really doubled down on her hate for Kevin and said he was really mean and sexist toward her in the house from day one. I did not see or pick up on any of that behavior from Kevin.

    When Paul was asked if he met Raven before the house, he mentioned he met her and posed for a picture at a show in her town (nothing about the video of her in his house or wherever that video was from). When Raven was later asked, she made it sound like they were more acquainted than just posing for a picture. Given her predisposition to exaggerate, it’s hard to say what is true but I oddly believed Raven in this instance.

    Paul and Christmas both denied having met prior to the house. The person doing the interview did not specifically ask if Christmas had worked for Paul’s mom. Paul did say he knew of her because of her being well-known in the CrossFit community and she said she knew of him from BB but that was the extent of it.

    Cody said that he made a deal with someone to vote for Josh (or not Paul). I couldn’t hear his response very well. If I understood him correctly, he said that person would have to say who it was with and what the deal was.

    • AIO_7

      “Cody said that he made a deal with someone to vote for Josh (or not Paul).”

      I’m just glad he did…saved the season.

    • Shivani33

      Hi, Hilary. Here are a few points about Cody’s vote. The people who Cody related to the most in the house and jury had a shared idea that they didn’t want to vote for Paul. In some ways, there was a group decision made.

      Also, at the finale as the votes were coming to a conclusion, Cody and Alex looked at each other and shared a quick and distinct smile. Alex had by then become the most vociferous anti-Paul rep. It does fit with her characteristics to be blunt and hyperactive about stating her opinions, whether she changes them or not. She went through the biggest changes over Paul. I think that she felt very badly about “misguiding” Jason and about playing Paul’s game moves blindly for him. It was clear that those cuts were deep. Even with the concensus amongst Mark, Elena, Jason and even Cody not to reward Paul, I think Alex was the one with whom Cody came to a flat-out agreement not to vote for Paul. He always had a soft spot for her as a strong competitor. And Alex wouldn’t have been hesitant to speak her mind to Cody and to make a jurors’ agreement.

      • g8trgirl

        I agree. While others were mad at Paul, including Alex, I think she was very hurt by him when she found out he had been calling her names.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        “I think that she felt very badly about “misguiding” Jason and about playing Paul’s game moves blindly for him.”

        I hadn’t thought about this point, but now that you mention it, I’d bet this is the biggest reason why Alex voted for Josh. Not only did she feel bad about misguiding Jason, but I think Alex was pissed that Paul nearly cost her the friendship she built with Jason.

      • Avatar

        @shivani33 I wrote the longest reply to your post yesterday and it didn’t post 🙁

        A couple of things I said that I remember

        – Alex makes the most sense as to whom the other person was that Cody made a deal with
        – a group decision was consistent with the group think mentality in the house.
        – I think Alex’s vote was based more on her sense of betrayal as a friend than that Paul didn’t take her to F2. The fact that he said things that weren’t nice behind her back that weren’t based on gameplay seems to have been the tipping point for her since she thought they were really friends. Ironic since she slashed everyone behind their back.
        – I definitely also think her vote for Josh was a way to confirm to Jason that she was not part of his eviction and sort of an apology to him.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      “Alex really doubled down on her hate for Kevin and said he was really mean and sexist toward her in the house from day one.”

      Alex is full of shit, I dare her to name ONE example of Kevin being sexist towards her. Meanwhile she spent the entire summer berating and beating the shit out of her “ride or die”. What a POS.

      • Tinkerbell

        She is nothing but a bit** bully. To me she will always be Vile Prison Girl. She has not one single redeeming quality. I’ve obviously watched too many Locked Up episodes. She is EXACTLY like those chicks doing hard time. Vicious, mean, nasty……no morals or conscience whatsoever.

      • Avatar

        @gerardo – the interviewer replied with a comment to her like the receipts are all there on the feeds (as in that shit didn’t happen). I was struck by how delusional she was. But in a way, that also goes back to how under Paul’s influence these people were. He would plant seeds and they would run with it or it would validate their biases. (And I am not blaming Paul for this, this is on each of them).

      • Avatar

        Hobie. Have you watched “wentworth”?

      • Tinkerbell

        @trudy I haven’t watched Wentworth, but I will sure check it out. Thank You. Another reality series I watched is 60 Days In, on A & E. There are three seasons, beginning in 2016. I haven’t watched the last season yet. I just happened to come a across it one time when I was channel flipping. I’m worse than any guy alive with the remote. Ha. They put seven people, volunteers, in real jails for 60 days. The real inmates don’t know the volunteers are imposters. I binge watched the first season, and was freaked out for days. It’s very interesting, and scary.

      • Avatar

        Hobie. Wentworth not reality show but female prison. Something I didn’t think I’d like, but ended really enjoying it. I love binge watching shows.

      • Tinkerbell

        Thank you, Trudy. I will definitely watch Wentworth. Since you told me about it, I have watched some of the trailers. I love to binge watch as well……then when I’ve finished I don’t like it…..like now with BB being over.

    • Avatar

      I don’t recall if Josh got that one about Jason wrong as well. But that’s an interesting point, Hilary.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I just rewatched the finale today– Jason said his most embarrassing moment was not being able to handle himself in a fight with Matt. Both Paul and Josh got it wrong– they thought he would say it was breaking Nightmare’s foot. But I knew that answer was wrong even when I watched it live because I know Jason doesn’t feel that he actually “broke” her foot (and neither do I).

  39. Tinkerbell

    I’m sure everyone has seen this…….but just in case. Josh on The Talk yesterday. Also, a quick shot of his Mom and sister in the audience. I’m glad Josh won.


  40. AIO_7

    I just wonder what the F2 final vote would have been had Josh taken 12/25. Any thoughts?

    • Gerardo for AFP

      I think Josh would’ve beaten Nightmare in the finals. Contrary to what Josh thought, I don’t think many of the jurors liked or respected Nightmare. And most of them said during the roundtable that they respected the fact that at least Josh took action this summer, while Nightmare did nothing (except break her foot). Combine that with the fact that Josh would’ve been the one to finally eliminate their archenemy Paul, and I think that would have been enough to put him over the top.

  41. Tinkerbell

    AIO, I’ve thought about that so much…..before and after the vote. My stomach knots up! I go back and forth, so I’m not sure what I think would have happened. My first thought was that it would have been Christmas. However, I think many of them would have considered her to be a floater because of her foot. I’m interested to see what people think.

  42. Tinkerbell

    Okay, I’m just going to say it……..I’M SOOO LOST. I’ve never been a smoker, but now I feel sorry for people trying to quit. Haha

    I don’t like most of these people, but I miss some of them. One of the things that made me laugh this season was when Paul talked about Raven’s supposed inverted spine. He cracked me up every time he talked about it. Funny stuff.


  43. Tinkerbell

    I’m sorry……well kind of sorry. Just one more. I need a fix, so I need to share with my friends….You. Last one, I promise. It’s funny.


    • Gerardo for AFP

      Don’t apologize Hobie, I’m glad you (and some others) are still here! Please keep posting away! I’m going through major BB withdrawals right now. I feel like there is so much more to say and analyze now with that surprise ending. It’s a shame we couldn’t have that kind of excitement earlier in the summer!

      • Tinkerbell

        Gerardo, I second everything you said. I’m going a little crazy……..even crazier than usual. I’m all over YouTube watching clips. This was my least favorite cast of players, but I’m having more than usual withdrawal symptoms. What the heck?! Makes not one bit of sense. BB offers mental counseling for the houseguests……..what about us. Especially live feeders living with those knuckleheads 24/7. I’m going to go write
        H E L P in the sand.

  44. Gerardo for AFP

    So I was rewatching the finale episode (yes I need help), and when Nightmare cast her vote she said “this is 100 percent a game move”. Then later in her backyard interviews she claimed she voted for Paul because Josh broke his word to her (to take her to F2). Well which is it Nightmare? She is such a stupid liar, we all know the truth. She could not have cared less about Josh “breaking his word” to take her to F2– she voted for Paul because she’s pitifully in love with him (which she didn’t even deny when the interviewer asked her). Please, oh please BB do NOT bring this Nightmare back next season!!!


    • Colby

      Gerardo (R2, L0) lol
      I plan to go back and watch at least parts of it. I’m sure we are not the only ones.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        LOL thanks for remembering the (R2, L0) part Colby haha! Yes, I just feel like watching it back with the knowledge of what ultimately happened, I caught so many things I didn’t catch when I watched it live! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

      • Tinkerbell

        Gerardo, Yay………I’m singing the Hallelujah Chorus. I know you, and everyone else, wish you could hear me singing. I have no idea why every dog within two square miles are howling.

    • Tinkerbell

      Gerardo……YES, don’t ever, ever, bring that Nightmare of a nightmare back.

      How I’m going to miss your # names :((

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Don’t worry Hobie, I’m sure I’ll be back with plenty more hashtags for our “celebs” in the winter edition!


  45. danmtruth

    the Rob podcast backyard interviews were fun Just for the eye roll interview with Raven She had no idea how he was mocking her How foolish she looked
    Alex still MsPetty about Kevin for no reason He kept questioning and calling bs on what she was saying
    Paul STILL cant understand WHERE’S YOUR PUPPET MASTER KNOW !!! It might help to watch the game and know the GBM hold a lot of weight with jurors Something JOSH understood
    All these people think they will get called backed
    Xmas would have been out early if not for the broken foot Her beast mode would have failed her

    • Colby

      I agree they all thought they would get called back. Did you see how excited some of them got when Julie announced the Celebrity BB? It was the first they heard it and I think they probably thought they would be on it.
      They will get a dose of reality once they get on social media and see how people really felt about them.

    • Avatar

      I like Rob but I thought that was wrong. It was very funny, just wrong too. Raven had no idea she was being made fun of. Every year, every person thinks they are being called back. Even the ones who were an early out. Nobody should come back from this season except maybe Christmas (just to see how she plays without being injured) and Jessica without her bf (because of her popularity/likeability).

  46. Avatar

    has anyone read Paul’s post on his Instagram? Thoughts? Wondering from the people here who watch the feeds, did Paul actually thank Cody for his service multiple times?

    • Tinkerbell

      Janene, I probably can’t answer your question with 100% accuracy. I was glued to feeds almost constantly…….that’s why I’m happy for some sleep now. Haha. Paul, and most of the gang bashed Cody constantly about everything, and a lot about if he really served in the military…..behind his back. It made me furious. Anyone who has served is not going to lie…….it’s way too easy to find out the truth. Cody served our country very proudly. Six years in the Air Force, four years in the Marine Corps……including Iraq and Afghanistan. I didn’t hear or see every single second nd of BB. For me, I didn’t ever hear Paul thank Cody directly for his service. Paul didnt believe Cody, so it probably didn’t happen. One time when they were all bashing Cody……after he was was evicted, they were again questioning Cody’s military service. At that time Paul did say – If he did serve, I’m thankful for his service. That’s the only thing I did hear. Maybe someone else knows more. Only my opinion, but if Paul never thanked Cody personally……it doesn’t count, it doesnt matter. Only speaking for myself, but when I am in the presence of active military, or our Veterans – I don’t let them out of my sight without thanking them. I have that honor every day because I’m from a military family, and my beautiful city was built around the Navy and Marine Corps. Sorry for my ramble. When it concerns our courageous military, every branch, I have to talk :)).

    • Tinkerbell

      For anyone who hasn’t seen this yet…..Cody’s offical USMC photo.


      • Gerardo for AFP

        Yep, that’s Cody alright. Scary stare and all, lol.

      • Tinkerbell

        Gerardo, For sure. Now defending Cody – this is how all of the Marine Corps pictures are. Stern, scary, no smile. People are sick of me saying this…..but here I go. Military has been my life. 16 Veterans in my family. Was married to a Marine. Worked at MCRD many years. It’s one, of only two, Marine training bases in the U.S. San Diego and Perris Island. Be prepared for your pop quiz. Ahahaha. Sorry for blabbering.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Definitely Hobie, nothing wrong with his pic at all. He just has a particularly intense stare in general, even in real life. I would recognize it anywhere lol.

      • Avatar

        Gerardo, every Marine Corps picture you will see the Stoney stare. You will never see a smile. These men are a special breed. They are the first to be sent into any trouble, and therefore always in the most danger. These are very serious men. They look at life differently. Once a Marine, you are always a Marine. This is different than other services. When Marines are deployed out of country, they can rarely take their families, unlike the other services. That’s because as a Marine, you could be deployed to a troubled or war zone at any time without notice. That would leave their families alone in foreign countries to fend for themselves. That’s why in the house, we saw what everyone called the Cody stare so often that he was criticized for. That gaze is the norm for a Marine.

  47. Tinkerbell

    Awwww, I love this. I found this clip when cruising the Internet for BB follow-ups. Remember during Kevin’s exit interview with Julie, he mentioned Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw? Someone put this sweet video together. I love it. I miss Kevin’s bedtime gangster stories, told with his cool Boston accent. Love and miss you classy guy.


  48. hogwild

    I read today Jessica and Cody are going to be on amazing race don’t know if anyone else saw that or even cares but thouight I would share it.

  49. Colby

    Steve, Melinda, Mel, and NK,
    Thank you all for keeping this forum going for all of us to enjoy.
    Hated this season, but loved the finale.
    Paul – karma is a bitch! LOL

  50. Tinkerbell

    To all of our “hurricane familia” – Thinking of you and I pray you are getting your lives back together every day. Josh….thank for the “familia.”

  51. danmtruth

    HobieGirl Thanks for the great photo of Kevin and Jason with there wives It seems like they worked things out Kevin i’m sure gave Jason a chance to explain himself From what i heatd Jasons wife was not happy And did a lot of work to try to put out the rape story fire She took responsibility Did not try to brush it off as just a joke or boy talk
    It would amaze me to hear Paul trying to say that he thanked Cody for his service I know the two had some talks before Cody was evicted the second time No matter because as was pointed out After Cody’s eviction to the jury house It was still a go to conversation Trashing Cody after he left

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Kevin’s wife and children seem lovely. I’ve also seen pics of his daughters hanging out with Josh at the wrap party. Doesn’t seem like any of them harbor any animosity (take notes Alex)… I’m sure they’re just happy to all be back together again and proud of their father for representing himself and his family so well on national TV (in the midst of insanity no less).

      • Tinkerbell

        Gerardo and danmtruth, I love seeing all of them together as well. Love Kevin’s family. I agree, Jason’s wife didn’t waste any time whatsoever in trying to do damage control for Jason’s loose lips. I hope so much that when Kevin actually watches the season, that he isn’t crushed by the things Jason, and most of them, said behind his back. It will always bother me picturing him sitting on his bed for hours, and days. I’m so glad he has such a loving and supportive family.

  52. Tinkerbell

    Just in case anyone is interested. Some of the peeps entering the wrap party. Cody is even smiling and going with the flow. I have to say I love the flag on the left sleeve of his t-shirt.


    • Gerardo for AFP

      I love how all the comments are dragging Nightmare lol. I agree– why is she there with Josh? Shouldn’t she be there with her man Paul?? You know, the guy she voted for to win $500K over Josh??? She is such a fraud.


    • Tinkerbell

      I’m sorry. It’s waaaaayyyyy to long, and very boring. My four take-a-ways are……..Cody smiled. Terminal Girl dressed like what she is, a sl*t. Elana is very Marilyn Monroe-esk. Nightmare isn’t letting Josh out of her evil sight. He has $500,000 to help her. She is trying to undo all of her evilness by hanging out with the winner…..and she needs to “snuggle” with him next. What a douche she is.

      • AIO_7

        ” Elana is very Marilyn Monroe-esk.”

        I’ll have to watch all of it a little later on, but I must say I’ve always liked the shade of Elena’s hair.

  53. Gerardo for AFP

    One more note about Nightmare and then I’ll TRY to leave her alone (although I can’t promise you anything). Rewatching her eviction interview with Julie reminded me of how out of touch with reality this woman is. All that fake crying and pretending to be so “proud” of Josh, and saying how she “killed everyone with kindness” and held herself with “integrity and dignity” was vomit-inducing yet oddly hilarious. It is so satisfying to think that she’s getting a major reality check right now– I’m sure she was shocked not to be among the top 3 vote getters in the AFP prize and now she’s finding out exactly why. She started the season off as one of the most popular HGs and finished at the bottom of the heap.


    P.S. Speaking of delusional b*tches, I also read that our dear, sweet Little Miss Munchie has now discovered that she’s not America’s sweetheart as she thought and has “responded” to the severe ridicule and backlash regarding her multitudes of tall tales. Her response is basically that it’s fine if people don’t believe her, because she went on BB to educate and inspire people, not to use her multitudes of terminal illnesses to gain sympathy… She also denies ever saying her mother was in MENSA…

    P.P.S. MattRess has also commented on the allegations and says he believes every word Raven said in the BB house was the truth…

    • Tinkerbell

      You can talk about Nightmare as much as you like, and anytime you want to. It’s always welcomed for sure. You are absolutely not to get any resistance on here. Everything you said is so perfect, and so true. She is probably going to wilt even more as the days go by, and she realizes even more what an idiotic moron she was…….for millions to see. I saw a video clip of our Dead Girl Walking talking about those things. She is the head Ditz in LaLaLand. I seriously don’t think she will ever own up to her lies, and will continue to spread her manure to anyone who is ignorant enough to listen. Matt, he deserves everything coming his way for being just downright stupid – and for staying with that moron. They do deserve each other. May Mr. and Miss Arkansassy live in perfect peace fishin’ together down at the pond. When she walked out on stage the other night, I swelled with pride. She had her Toddlers and Tiaras walk down so perfectly. To complete her T and T look….she had the 15 pounds of make-up, 60 pounds of matted red weave, 10″ fake eyelashes, 12″ hooker heels, and last but not least……her beautiful forcing-them-out pouty lips – with bright red lipsticks to enhance them even more. That’s our girl. May she never show up on tv again, ever. Never hesitate to critique. As BB Junkies, it is our sworn duty to do so.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Thanks Hobie 😉 By the way, was Arkanskanky’s twitter always private? Because it sure is now! Lol, I’m loving watching the HGs find out how hated they are way too much…

    • Avatar

      @gerardo I haven’t seen Raven’s post, post show interviews (after the backyard interviews) so that is a rabbit hole I’ll have to go down next but I have noticed she doesn’t back down even when caught red handed. She doubles down.

      I have noticed that Xmas’ instagram feed has steered away from Paul. She mentions her friendship with Josh a lot more than Paul but really seems to be back on brand. Her comments on her feed seem sanitized but there are a lot of comments from fans of hers so someone bought in.

  54. Tinkerbell

    Gerardo, Terminal Girl’s twitter was not private in the beginning. I started following it the first week of the season. I don’t know when it was made private, but it has been a while. At least six weeks, seems like much longer. Hey you sweet little girl, it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing she can do about every video on the Internet, blogs/twitters, all of the magazine/newspaper articles, and the CBS season recordings. This is my prediction for Terminal. As the days go by and she sees the things about her, not one single good word, she is going to crash and burn. To try to cover herself, I feel sure she is going to fake who knows what, be in the hospital, so she can prove to everyone once and for all, that she is going to die. I know I sound harsh, but unfortunately, when I talk about Raven, I’ve hewrd this all before. A sister, of a friend of mine, has Munchausen’s. They are all the same. They know what they are doing. They are attention wh*res. It’s so maddening. It goes on and on…..day in, day out.

  55. Tinkerbell

    For people who miss Kevin, this is good. In this video Kevin’s daughter is asking questions that people are sending. I won’t comment on all of it. You’re welcome :)))

    Just a few things. His daughter asks who he will stay in touch with. Kevin’s response – Ramses, Josh, and maybe a couple of others.

    Are you bitter or mad? Kevin’s response – Since being out of the house I have found out so much that went on, that I didn’t know about. I don’t know how I feel. It’s a lot to find out in the last 36 hours. (Me…….Sweet Kevin, its only the tip of the iceberg…..and none of it is good. Bless his heart.)

    A few other comments from Kevin. These weren’t all made at the same time.
    * There are probably two people I will never talk to again. (Me……..That’s a lot coming from Kevin, because he is loving, forgiving, and kind.)

    * Things that take place inside of the house can be expected, its BB. But when you take it outside of he house, and it includes your family, it is not okay.

    * It feels so good to have hugs from my family.

    * I spent the last month alone. ( Me……..That will forever haunt me. It was so wrong. It was so unnecessary, and so uncalled for. In BB everyone is playing against each other, that’s how the game is played. However, in all of BB I don’t recall a houseguest where everyone excluded one person, and caused them to isolate themself. It was pathetic.)

    Kevin said he would watch BB in the winter when the weather is bad. I fear that for him. He is not his joyful self now, and he only knows a few things. When he watches episodes, and reads about BB, he is going to be crushed. It was bad enough for him in the house……but it will be completely devastating when he sees the extent of what went on. I hate it for him. He is tender hearted, did nothing mean, and he is going to suffer. He won’t ever be able to unsee or unhear any of it…..


    • Gerardo for AFP

      Aww I absolutely adore Kevin. I enjoyed listening to what he had to say, even though he seems a bit sad after learning some of what was going on in the house summer unbeknownst to him. I’m assuming those two people he’s referring to are Jason and Alex? It sucks because I think Kevin genuinely cared about Jason a lot, and I know it must’ve really hurt him to find out what was being said behind his back. I wish Jason could’ve been more of a “leader” in the house (especially since he was the 2nd oldest person there), but instead he chose to follow vile creatures like Alex. I hope Jason learns something valuable from this experience.

      Anyway, I love the fact that Kevin loves Josh and Ramses, and I love the fact that I’m invited for Thanksgiving even more!

      • Avatar

        I would think it would be Alex and Raven or Matt. Jason I think he really liked and Jason went against the entire house for Kevin. I don’t think the rape joke will bother Kevin that much. Jason joining in all the talk behind his back would probably bother him more. Had Jason not joined in he would have become the next target as happened when he bucked Paul by not putting Kevin on block. I really liked Kevin also, and you know how I felt about the bullying he got. But Kevin also was involved in much of the plans to bully Cody/ Jessica. He didn’t think it was right, but he didn’t say anything about it, so he was part of it. Like Elana and mark. They were the three inactive participants, all the others were actively involved. Elana and mark have accepted and said they regretted their part by not speaking up. We need to see what Kevin has to say about it. Probably too early for him yet as he was not that long with jury to learn things. We know he didn’t agree or like it, because he told us, but we haven’t heard anything from him outside house yet. I depend on y’all for news as I don’t read the interviews, tweets etc.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Did Raven and Matt say nasty things about Kevin in the house too? It’s quite possible they did and I missed it because I tried to ignore them both as much as possible lol. The reason I thought Kevin may have been referring to Jason was because the one thing Kevin kept saying was that he didn’t understand why people had to cross the line of bringing people’s families and lives outside the BB house into it.

        I agree that Kevin was aware of some of the “bullying” plans but he never really participated in any of them and he often expressed his displeasure with those tactics when he’d have one-on-one conversations with some of the HGs he trusted. Jason, as you mentioned, went much further by actually joining in and participating in some of the mean-spirited bashing. I do agree with your point though– although I can understand not wanting to speak up too loudly against the mob (for fear of becoming the next target), ultimately everyone was complicit (to some extent) by not speaking up and just watching it happen. I’m glad Elena and Mark have accepted their responsibility and I honestly hope that all of them reflect on their time in the BB house and confront some ugly truths about their behavior. I don’t think any of them are bad people (well, I don’t know about Alex and Raven…) but they displayed some very bad behavior at times.

  56. Tinkerbell

    P.S. I’m going to Kevin’s house for Thanksgiving. You guys are invited too.

  57. caRyn

    I want to start by saying thank you to all of the BBJ team members. I appreciate you and your hard work. I also appreciate everyone that comments and expresses their thoughts.
    I agree with Trudy that Kevin was pleasant to the hg that were being evicted. The other hg said Kevin was being nice for jury votes. Paul said that as well which means Paul knew in the BB house that jury votes were important yet he didn’t do anything to ensure he received them. Paul said Josh was cowardly for telling the hg about their alliance in his goodbye message. I think Paul was pissed he hadn’t thought about doing it himself and got outplayed with that move. It could be said that Paul was cowardly for having the other hg “get blood on their hands” while he acted innocent of what was going on. Paul and other hg did take things a step too far with personal attacks. Of course jury members were salty because they didn’t see the point.

  58. danmtruth

    just some great post ! Fun to read a lot to think about
    Kevin is the real deal I agree he was hurt by what he found out about Jason Yet I think he can forgive him Alex is a different story She lived up to her PETTY name I’m sure he felt he could relate to the HG as he does to his kids Yet he could not connect to Alex More because she just would not let him I always thought she felt threaten by By how close Jason and Kevin were getting The funny thing is it was not game related for Kevin
    watching that clip of going into the restaurant Is a welcome to the life you wanted
    How Jess & Cody did not bitch slap the guy who kept talking about butt poking
    Give Cody credit he seemed at ease putting Jess out front and standing in the background
    As much of a BB fan i am There is no way I would care about an autograph from any of them I never understood why people would PAY for an autograph All those leaches shoving things for them to sign so they can sell them on e-bay Just sick
    How interesting the “big names are station in front of the sponsor backdrop Dom, Ramses, Jillen take photos in front of a dumpster
    Past BB HG trying to stay relevant
    Austin was not happy to take question about the twins
    Are distress pants still a thing ? Whats next acid wash ?
    Xmas how old are you ? You can be proud of your body But do you think you can wear something beside Glorified sweatpants

  59. Gerardo for AFP

    By the way, I read an interview Allison Grodner (Executive Producer of Big Brother) did with another website, and apparently she’s doubling down on her resolve to keep casting vets every season. She claims that most viewers enjoy having a mix of newbies and vets and she feels it makes each season “dramatic and interesting”. This woman is insane, CBS please get rid of her!!!

  60. danmtruth

    In what universe is she living in ? So this means we will be seeing Xmas They better give her 6 weeks of impunity She will need it

    • Gerardo for AFP

      I have no idea Dan. Even most Paul fans agree that the season was boring for the most part because he steamrolled everyone all the way to the end. Alex always said the reason why she trusted Paul so much was because she’d seen the way he played last year (some of the others made similar comments). Others were simply star struck and fame hungry and knew that Paul was one of the most popular HGs from BB18, so they latched onto him. A newbie simply wouldn’t have this advantage.

      The interviewer even brought up the same fact that Mel mentioned in her post a few weeks ago–that every season in which vets were brought into the house, one of those vets made it to F2. But Grodner, of course, sidestepped the question. The bottom line is nothing is going to change until CBS gets some new blood in the production room. This moron Grodner is stuck in her ways.

  61. Shivani33

    A bit of gossip, perhaps! Paul had a barbecue at home. Someone sent Evil Dick a photo taken during this occasion. The guests who attended were Raven, Matt, Kevin and Christmas, the 4 who voted for Paul. Also, Elena said that she and Mark hadn’t heard about the barbecue….

    Jessica posted a photo on Instagram from the wrap party of her and Cody kissing. Next to them, Elena and Mark were kissing, too. Comically, Cody and Mark had an arm around each other, seated beside one another while making out with their gfs.

    I am trying to keep from being sarcastic about the tall, pushy female bodyguard-type handler who accompanied St. Valentine’s Day Massacre from the car through the crowd and into the wrap party. Josh and his sister came with X-rated mas(s) too. Josh didn’t get to pose for pictures w/o Xmas glued to his hip, and the bodyguard-handler didn’t seem to want them to stop for any autographs or photos at all. She just wanted to hustle HallowLimp straight into the venue. Josh wasn’t the star. Guess who took over that positon? If this is who Grodner brings back to play again, ugh-a bugga-boo.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Uh oh sounds like someone’s salty! What happened to “it’s all a game, no hard feelings” Paul? Whatever, I’m sure none of the jurors are crying over not being invited to his wack BBQ. And for the record, I don’t hate Paul– I’m just anti-“vet”. And I also have a soft spot for Josh and was happy to see him win. He figured out the one weakness in Paul’s game and brilliantly jumped all over it. Not to mention, watching Josh pull out that narrow victory was by far the most exciting moment of the season!

      As for Nightmare, #ByeBitch. Please go away and stay there! I actually think I have more respect for Raven than I do for Nightmare on Fraud Street. At least Raven stands behind her lies. Nightmare wasted no time flip flopping and backpedaling when she left the house and found out whose side the viewers were on.

      • Alda

        Gerardo,I was thinking the same thing about Nightmare.The way she was hanging on Josh,one would think they were a couple.

    • Tinkerbell

      This morning I saw a picture of the four of them at the barbecue. GROSS! I will try to find it. Hate it that Kevin is in the picture with those four morons.

      I saw that blond bodyguard/girlfriend of Nightmare. Such a joke. So right, Nightmare was hanging on to, and tugging at Josh…..would not allow him to be unattached to her hip. I yakked when they posed for pictures. She looked up at him like she couldn’t wait to hop in the sack, and she could not have gotten any closer to him with her sweet little hand on his tummy. B*tch wad. She was going to be front and center no matter what.

      If Grodner is so determined to bring the UNWANTED former players…..let’s throw her butt in the house. Be sure to bring back the most ruthless and crude players for her to play house with.

  62. Tinkerbell

    Interesting……..as soon as Alex had access to her twitter, it mysteriously disappeared. I saw her old twitter account, full of negative comments. She either deleted her old account, or she is deleting the negative comments before she “finds” her old account, and can publish it again.


    • Gerardo for AFP

      HAHAHAHA this is wonderful, I love it!!!

    • Shivani33

      Alex looked like she wore a bikini coverup to the wrap party instead of a dress. Boobs out and uptilted, and her black and white schmatta was so short that if she’d lifted her arm to wave to anyone, the whole world would’ve seen whether or not she went commando.

      • Tinkerbell

        Shivani, She looked ridiculous. I felt so embarassed for her. She has no filters, and no sense of anything. I wish I felt as good about myself, as she does herself. Not making fun of her body, but she gained a ton of weight in the past three months, and looked pretty pudgy in her legs. Too much weight for the Fredericks of Hollywood outfit she had on. Nothing wrong with the weight she gained – but chick, do not continue wear the same clothes you wore 20 pounds ago. She has no class, but she should at least try. Guess Matt likes the hooker look. She ate everything in sight, and out of sight, in her three months in the house. She even devoured the HOH snacks like there was no to tomorrow. So embarassing and awkward. It’s all right there on the tapes, recorded forever.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Alex said in one of her backyard interviews that she didn’t really bring any dresses into the house because she came to compete. Unfortunately, she ended up throwing comps and playing herself instead…

      • Tinkerbell

        @gerardo. @shivani33 I’m such a dunce. When I wrote about the clothing, I was referencing Raven’s black almost-nothing-left-to-the-imagination after party outfit. I saw Alex’s name, but I wrote about Raven. I guess they could be interchangeable. Both are morons, and deess like trash. I blame it on too much BB……which I am missing. Yes, Alex’s did look like a bikini cover-up. Perfect become Alex is going to become rich and famous designing bikinis……because she said so.

      • Tinkerbell

        Gerardo and Shivani, I wrote a comment about Alex’s outfit, but it’s waiting for moderation. I didn’t say anything bad, just had your @ names on it. Anyhow, I was saying that my comment was about Raven’s after party outfit. I messed up, again. Sorry for the confusion…..I confused myself and wanted to bring you guys along.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Hobie, don’t worry, I can see how you could easily make that mistake. Pretty much any of my comments regarding Alex, Nightmare, and Raven are interchangeable. They’re pretty much the same vile person in three different bodies. Like the opposite of the Holy Trinity.

  63. danmtruth

    No Josh at Paul’s?!? Not surprising My question is for Paul’s family I hope the checked into the Raven rumors Just to protect Paul Not to mention his “brand”
    Still like Kevin and his family
    After watching those post about the after party Who want’s to be a professional reality star All those leaches pulling on you
    Food network planing on doing Thanksgiving at Kevins this year ?I would watch Cool Kevin Talk Time Sorry Dom you lost the interview chair to The Yard Boss

    • Tinkerbell

      I would love-love if the Food Network did the great big Thanksgiving for Kevin, in Boston. That would be spectacular, and a chance for them to cash in on Kevin’s fun popularity. Win-win. I would also love if Kevin could be on a weekly show. He can sit and talk for hours. None of it is forced. He is just himself, which is fabulous. Very quick witted and never at a loss for subjects to talk about. Love him, and really miss his stories.

      • Tinkerbell

        I agree. I hope Paul’s family has followed all of the Raven garbage. She does not need to be enabled further with Paul’s support, or the support of anyone. She has made her bed for years, time to lay in her own self-created squalor. She is nothing but a fraud, time to face the music……and stop playing on the sympathy and kindness of innocent people. The government needs to intercede as well. She has duped so many, and she has done so many illegal things. Raven, go away.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Well I do know that Josh went home to Miami pretty quickly after the finale. So it’s possible that Josh was invited but just couldn’t make it. But I’m sure Josh is too busy enjoying his $500K and being reunited with his family to be too worried about Paul’s BBQ anyway.

      • Tinkerbell

        I love that Josh went back to Florida. It proves even more how important his family is to him, as well as his beautiful city that is reeling from Irma. Bless your sweet heart, Josh. I’m so glad you won BB19. You are going to do good things in your life, and I feel you are going to use your money wisely.

  64. Tinkerbell

    Terminal has two accounts. One of of them changed to restricted early in the season. The other account was just updated as well.


  65. danmtruth

    Terminal girl is feeling all the love(?) of the fans What about Matt accounts If your any kind of a friend how do you let him make a fool of himself

  66. Tinkerbell

    I think most people do not like Cody…..but he is honest. I respect honesty…I like Cody.


  67. caRyn

    This season could have ‘actually’ played out so differently. What if this same cast all had a redo next year knowing what they know now? I think we would see what we should have seen this season.

  68. danmtruth

    HobieGirl is it me or does Cody come across as much more likable now Perhaps has learned not to take himself so seriously
    Watching these HG in the post interviews So many are expressing how they would like to do other shows. Yet it goes back to that Q-rating Or how much the public likes and reckoning them How much will it sting Alex to see Jess, Cody, Mark, Elena, and Kevin move on to more opportunities
    Josh as the winner will get some call outs for shows Jason should get a bit of a bump Even Ramses i heard has an offer from MTV
    I just wonder the back lash at Xmas and her speaking engagements

    • Tinkerbell

      Danmtruth, I liked Cody from the beginning, so I’m probably not a good one to critique him. On his after show interview I think he was the same person he has always been. Because of the interview we had more time to see him smile and chuckle. He still voiced several times that he “didn’t care”. Also, when given several what-if scenarios, he wouldn’t commit to any of them. I loved when he said he would rather cut off his hand than be chained to Alex. I think he still sincerely doesn’t understand why he went on the show, and seriously doesn’t care about any of it. I know he is happy about Jessica. I hope he doesn’t get his heart broken. No matter what, he is, and will be okay. He is a proud Marine…..and I’m proud of him. He is able to take everything as it comes, and deals with it then. It’s who he is, it’s how he has been trained.

      Alex is already burning with her twitter. She has been busy deleting and changing multiple accounts all day long…..I love it. I don’t know how she can keep track of what she is doing…..guess it’s the gamer in her. She can’t juggle her deception forever though. She will be even more ticked about Jessica, Cody…..and especially to see how much Kevin is loved. She is nothing but a vicious little piss ant. It’s who she really is. 3-4 weeks ago in the house Alex told Christmas it’s how she is on the outside. She said…..If I don’t like someone I cause Hell for them…..then ignore them. Little creep. Hopefully karma is starting to Jaws away at her bitter butt.

      I will be so happy if Ramses is able to create lasting employment for himself. I always liked him. He is a sweet guy, kind and caring. I can’t wait to see pictures of him with Kevin at Thanksgiving.

      I think Josh will do some meets, but probably not forever. This past year that was all Paul did. Josh has real visions and dreams for the future. I don’t feel he is going to waste a lot of time in the public. He is family and work oriented.

      Whatever happens to Jason, I do not care! He showed who he really is in the house. I would not be able to forgive the terrible things he said. He has no filter. That theme carried through every single story he ever told about himself. I pity his wife to be stuck with that loser. That guy has a terrible temper as well. Many times during the season I could see it in his face. The night he was evicted, everyone got to see his temper. If he could have gone back into the house, he would have ripped some heads off. He is a fighter….and a physical one as well. I wouldn’t attend a single show of his……even if someone paid to fly me around the world to see him.

      Paul better find something to sustain his income. His traveling days for BB are over, as they should be. He has his band, and clothing, but I don’t feel that even those two things together can secure his s future. I’m not bashing Paul, just what I think.

      I wish we could see Kevin as a guest on some of the big talk shows. He is real, relevant, funny, and a natural. I already miss listening to him talk, and his stories. Being from the West, I don’t hear Boston accents. I love it. I loved Boston Rob as well. I would love to listen to them having a conversation. Both of them are great.

      Christmas deserves every bit of backlash she receives. She is nothing but a liar, and low life. Go away loser.

      I talk toooooo much.

  69. Tinkerbell

    Kevin. Video with one of his daughters, and a niece. Just a little before BB19.


  70. Tinkerbell

    Are.You.Kidding?!?! Don’t go away mad…….Just Go Away!! SHE posted this 15 minutes ago. Trolling for something, anything.


  71. Tinkerbell

    Gerardo, I know, right!! I was going to add the “shittin’ me” part too…….but I’m too nice for that. I crack myself up.

    By the way, Because you said that, I might not be speaking to you for a little while. I’m not feeling very delighted.

  72. Tinkerbell

    Recent photo of two of the losers. Terminal’s 50 pounds of red weave are starting to look even more matted. Did not think that was possible.


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  74. danmtruth

    Kevin is just comfortable with who he is
    I defended Cody a bit early on Even then I said he was just tightly wound I was not sure how he would handle being in Jess world He seemed fine in the clips I saw More than happy to let Jess be in the spot light If they go on Amazing Race it will be interesting how that will effect them Not many couples go thru THAT much time together with cameras following your every move Good luck with that
    I hope the best for Josh People don’t understand that money does not last long
    I hate hate hate fake people like Paul and Xmas Saying how they want to give money to there parents Xmas mention buying her mom a cabin in Texas Well Xmas the publish exercise book motivational speaking personal trainer gym owner Why not use that money to buy the cabin now ? As for Paul the manchild with the 25K bed skulls that are worth big coin, all his special guitars his one of a kind art, All things he talk about How he lives at home his clothing store is in a building his parents own no rent paid As for “his” band funny they keep playing dates even when Pauls not around Don’t worry about Paul he will keep doing meet and greats Keep trying to milk his time in the spot light You can’t shame a man who is shameless His ego wont accept that he made a mistake

    • AIO_7

      I believe very little of what Paul says about his personal life. He is a fabulist, much like Raven. I do believe that he still lives at home, though.

      a person who composes or relates fables.
      a liar, especially a person who invents elaborate, dishonest stories

      • Tinkerbell

        Right on!!!

      • Tinkerbell

        Seriously, when he was making up stories as he went along……I thought he and Raven must have been hatched from the same egg.

      • AIO_7

        I saw it on BBAD about 2 nights before finale, he, 12/25 and Josh were in the showmance room in one bed. Josh was trying to go to sleep. Paul is telling a story about his band on the road and in some run down haunted hotel with a bath room where 4 people had been murdered…..blah, blah, blah. You might have seen it; I could tell he was making every word of it up as he went along.

      • Tinkerbell

        I did see that. Every time he told his big tales, they grew bigger with every swntence out of his mouth. Pretty pitiful! I also don’t think it is HIS band. I could be wrong. From everything I have read, and on YouTube, it seems that he is a PART of the band…..guitar, not the owner. He would always talk about Coachella, touring all over, etc…..but he would always say he wasn’t sure about dates, and places.

  75. Leah-Ann

    I’ve been keeping up with these comments (love them), and I have to say, it baffles the hell out of me that these people are still spending so much time together. Something tells me it’s for their “brand” they’re all trying to build, but what about their family & friends they haven’t seen in 92+ days?! As a mom, I’d be livid if my kid didn’t come home first.

    • caRyn

      Agree, Leah-Ann. I also think that is why Christmas was hanging on so tight to Josh. Because Josh was the winner and would be photographed more, Christmas wanted in the pictures for the exposure for her brand. It isn’t because she sincerely likes Josh. Also, Paul laid it on think about hg being famous after the show so they want their 15 minutes of fame.

  76. Shivani33

    I hope that Paul will get out of L.A. and off of the BB rollercoaster. Go live in a walking town and settle into Harvard for graduate school. It’s beautiful there! He has a sharp, expansive mind, and I’d love to see him deepen himself with more academics. “I have a dream” for the kid. LOL!

  77. Avatar

    Cody is going live on Instagram tomorrow at 3pm pacific time. He’s answering questions so it should be interesting. I’ll be signing on for the free entertainment.

  78. danmtruth

    Yet they had the nerve to question Kevin about the truth of his stories I’m sure Paul’s stories about how his bed is so expensive but they got it for pennies on the dollar It can fit 8people Yes great word about Paul fabulist Every thing had to be the best most expensive

  79. Tinkerbell

    First picture – Cody and his daughter, 2012/2013.

    Second picture – 2016 – Daughter, Paisley, age 4, and her Mommy.


  80. Gerardo for AFP

    So I’ve heard a lot about BB Canada but have never seen it. But recently I became aware of a former BB Canada houseguest named Ika Wong (who apparently was Josh’s biggest fan all season long), so I went to check her out. I couldn’t find any full episodes but I found a montage of clips from the most recent season and WOW that show looks CRAZY! It seems like there is a lot of drama and every evicted HG looks blindsided when they find out the vote (very few unanimous votes too). They even curse during the live show! Makes me wish I lived in Canada lol.

    • Tinkerbell

      Yesterday I was checking out Ika Wong as well. Great minds! I apologize for insulting you like that. Anyhow, when I was watching her with Josh I kept wondering about their obvious connection. I also saw a picture of her with Josh’s Mom and sister. I was on the search. Haha. I watched some of her clips, and checked out her Instagram. BB Canada definitely looks “lively.” Many people have said it’s fun to watch. I would like the blindsides…….shows they are at least playing the game. If I remember correctly, Houseguest Doug is Canadian. I don’t think he is here any longer. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on BBCan.

      • Avatar

        As a Canadian I prefer BBCan. Plus I get to vote 🙂

      • AIO_7

        , Houseguest Doug is Canadian. I don’t think he is here any longer. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on BBCan.

        Something tells me that Houseguest Doug will be back. Passion like his doesn’t just go away. We’ve all been rash about quitting BB.

    • Avatar

      I watch BB Can (and I like being Canadian)

    • danmtruth

      I love looking on youtube for BBCanada They seem a lot more original Some crazy things go on Check them out

  81. danmtruth

    They also have Mildred the Moose I think they call her Just so much fun

    • ericawesome

      Close! It’s Marsha the moose 😉 It was pretty funny actually that the person who does her voice was brought in the house in one competition that the house guest couldn’t move as a tourist guide with other people.

      Last season of BBCAN was pretty great, a good mix of returning and new players, some fan favorites and some that ended pretty petty. Try to find Neda’s eviction. It was pretty priceless, I honestly thought the same thing would happen to Paul this year.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Neda’s eviction was one of the clips I saw in the montage and it was hilarious! What I love about BBCan (from what I can tell from the clips anyway) is that they let the audience pretty much do whatever they want. The audience cheered loudly after every HG cast their vote to evict Neda, which added to the hilarity in my opinion. In the US version the audience is much more subdued, which I think is because they’re discouraged by Production from making any noise when the HGs can hear.

        Also, I didn’t know who Neda was when I first saw the clip so I went and found a montage from her original season. She exemplifies why most players should not return to the game as vets. She seemed to be one of the most beloved and legendary HGs in the history of BBCan and then she came back and ruined all that this year. She should have just enjoyed her legacy and found something else to do.

      • ericawesome

        The people voted her to have the safety until jury because she was so liked…But that got in her head and then here personality changed completely. I think she was still bitter about finishing third in her season when her showmance decided not to bring her to final two. He probably made the right choice because she would’ve won.

        If you have the chance to watch the old season they’re all pretty good, the first season ended really weirdly and the phrase ‘Don’t do a Topaz’ was coined in BBCAN history.

        To me the Neda elimination and hearing all the fans boo her and her not understanding why was ALMOST as good as seeing Paul ready to vomit when the votes were 4-4!

  82. Summer

    My boy came in second AGAIN! That being said I’m good if he is a host but not interested in a round three. He is played out as far as I am concerned. Big THANK YOU to BBJ staff & FYI NK I heart you.

  83. AIO_7

    US Weekly: Josh was surprised with what his nemesis Cody did after the finale
    09/25/17 10:08 AM
    Edit Reply Quote

    “It was so crazy. He came up to me and shook my hand and congratulated me. I was not expecting that and he said, ‘I apologize. It was just a part of the game.’ I apologized too and he then went to my family and said, ‘I apologize. It was just a game move and just a show. If I hurt you guys I’m so sorry,’” Martinez exclusively tells Us Weekly. “That was huge. As a man I really respected that and it meant a lot. Even though we’re not friends and we probably won’t talk after this, I really appreciated that and it meant a lot to me.”

    • Gerardo for AFP

      I was just reading this article a few minutes ago! I’m glad to hear Cody/Jess and Josh patched things up. They really have no reason to dislike each other outside the house, and that was big of Cody to apologize to Josh and his family.

    • danmtruth

      nice to hear that Cody did that Also that Josh accepted it and recognized what a genuine act it was
      My apologize to mistaking Marsha the moose It is fun to watch the BBCan seasons Just started on season 5 now Perhaps a co-production between the US /Can teams I have read that Paul has done things in Can Maybe a 8 /Can Vs 8/US players done Canada style

  84. AIO_7

    “A fan on Reddit said he bumped into Maven at a gay bar (Bar Ten), and a drunk Raven told him that she and Matt were invited back for Celebrity BB.”
    09/24/17 06:07 PM


  85. danmtruth

    I find it hard to believe that CBS would want ANYTHING to do with those two As you said I have not read of ANY support for them

  86. Gerardo for AFP

    Hey everyone (well those of us who are still in denial about BB being over and in need of another fix), I got some more BB tea for you! Apparently there’s a new trending topic all over Twitter exposing one of the BB19 houseguests…and it’s NOT Raven! Move over Little Miss Munchie, the #ElenaExposedParty is the new rave!

    I’m still investigating but from what I can tell someone has dug up racist and homophobic tweets Elena sent out a few years back during her time as a radio personality. Not sure if this is a newsworthy story yet, but I’m desperately in BB withdrawal mode and not ready to let go just yet… I’ll keep you posted!

    • ericawesome

      Let us know! I’m also in withdraws…Personally I think it’s kind of cheap to go that far back into someone personal life, hard to know the context of the situation and etc. I hope it won’t turn out to be some kind of Hulk Hogan fiasco.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Hey everyone! So here’s what I’ve been able to piece together from my investigation into the #ElenaExposedParty:

        **Elena’s twitter was private while she was in the BB house, which is why people are only now discovering the tweets in question.
        **The tweets that seem to generating the most outrage are ones in which she used the “N” word, made jokes regarding racial stereotypes, and there was also one rape “joke”.
        **Other objectionable tweets include several in which Elena appears to be “fat shaming” women and she also made a joke about domestic violence (specifically she made a joke suggesting that Chris Brown’s actions towards Rihanna were warranted).
        **Most of the tweets I have seen are from 2012 and 2013, although there was one tweet from May 2017 in which she makes a joke about “building a wall” (making reference to immigration).
        **There are also many people taking issue with her political affiliation, which I personally find irrelevant.
        **Her supporters point out that most of the tweets in question are 3-4 (and in some cases even 5) years old, and that people can change. They also point out that all of the tweets appear to be poor attempts at making humor, as opposed to being malicious in intent.
        **Her detractors point out that regardless of the timeline and her intent, the “jokes” are inexcusable. They also point out that Elena has not apologized or expressed any remorse, and has in fact been “liking” tweets of her fans that excuse and make light of her past tweets (which her detractors claim is evidence that Elena has not “changed”).
        **Detractors have also pointed out what they view as Elena’s hypocrisy– Elena herself was very overweight in the past, yet proceeded to “fat shame” others following her weight loss surgery. She also voted against Paul on finale night due to his unwillingness to “own his actions” and express remorse, yet she is currently doing the exact same thing regarding her tweets.
        **Gina Marie Zimmerman chimed in and sent out a tweet of support for Elena and bashing Elena’s “haters” (which Elena “liked”). As I’m sure you can imagine, Gina Marie’s support did NOT help Elena’s case…
        **Elena sent out a tweet denying claims that she is racist, noting that her ex-boyfriend was half-black (once again, this did NOT help her case).

        More to come as this story continues to develop. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming (#RavenSTFU)!

      • AIO_7

        Thanks for that, Gerardo.

  87. Avatar

    I’ve gone back and forth on Elena all season and had finally settled on liking her. She’s been really fun and engaging in her post game interviews and seems to be having fun. I will be super disappointed if those tweets are hers. Some are stupid and forgivable but others are inexcusable.

    • AIO_7

      Being in a showmance hurt Elena with me; same with Mark. Outside of that I don’t/didn’t have much of a problem with either of them. I also always felt that Elena was, probably, smarter than anyone else in the BB19 house.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      From what I can tell, the tweets are definitely hers (she doesn’t deny it and even Mark had addressed the situation). I will say this– I am a person of color and an immigrant, and I couldn’t possibly care less about what Elena thinks about me today or 3 years ago (she definitely wouldn’t want to hear what I think of her). But what really does bother me is the whole rape “joke” thing (why do these people seem to think rape is a laughing matter?), and the fact that she refuses to just take responsibility for exercising poor judgment, apologize, and move on.

      I certainly understand being young and dumb and making bad decisions (fortunately there was no such thing as social media when I was in my early 20s). But the fact of the matter is, she said it, it was wrong, and people were offended/hurt. Why not just acknowledge your mistake and apologize? Some people will accept your apology, others will be done with you no matter what. And that’s okay, life happens. To me, she’s letting her fragile ego cloud her judgment and this is snowballing into a much bigger issue than it needs to be.

      • Tinkerbell

        Beautifully said, Gerardo. I agree completely. Elena….acknowledge the “so wrong” things you said……and apologize, with complete sincerity. Moving forward……keep your ugly thoughts to yourself. Do not speak.

  88. AIO_7

    I’m not sure who wrote this about the BB19 after party, but I thought it was a pretty good report. If you have already read it, I apologize for being redundant.

    “Well, to begin with, my wife and I have been attending these after parties for several seasons now, which is just an event that is totally out of the norm for our real life, but seen as a nice way to end the BB season. We’ll typically sit quietly and just observe, and on occasion interact with the HG’s.

    This year’s cast were in attendance, but we did miss seeing some and found out afterwards they were there. The night started out by standing next to Matt and Raven in line at the bar for our first drink purchase. Matt actually started up a small conversation with me , and I considered mentioning the surprise that he showed up with Raven considering money was on that he would dump Raven by then, but thought that would be totally tacky on my part. I did notice he allowed Raven to pick up the tab on their drinks.

    Jason was having a great time! He really does seem like a fun guy. He spent a lot of time on the dance floor interacting with the fans. Felt a little bad for his wife that could be seen standing near him in the background and looking a little ignored. Kevin was out there, as well, and seemed to be having a good time. His family was there and got the impression they’re use to partying together.

    Mark and Elana showed up together and appeared to be having a great time. We happened to be leaving the party at the same time, so we took the opportunity to say Hi. Met Elana’s mom and surprised at how young she looks. Commented on how they could be sister’s, which I’m not sure if that insulted Elana or just complimented her mom. Mark was very gracious and humble. Really seemed like a nice guy.

    Ramses, Jillian and Dominique arrived together. Ramses spent some time on the dance floor and seemed like a really nice kid. It appeared like a lot of guys were hitting on him, so thinking his love life should be improving soon. Didn’t see much fan interaction from Jillian and Dom, and they seemed to be hanging mostly in the VIP area.

    Josh drew a big crowd, which is typical when the season winner shows up. It was definitely his night and wonder if this will all go to his head. Despite his win, I still think he was just Paul’s goat.

    HG’s that were there but we didn’t see (assume they stayed in the VIP area and didn’t mingle much with the crowd): Jess and Cody. Really disappointed that we weren’t able to at least say Hi. Saw a video of their arrival and glad to see they took some time signing autographs and pictures with fans. Xmas apparently arrived with Josh. Again saw a video of their arrival. I’m guessing it was Xmas that had a little gal in tow with the job of keeping them away from the “paparazzi”. Seemed kind of ridiculous to me since these folks aren’t really big time celebrities. In the video, it showed this little gal dragging Josh and Xmas out of their car by hand to make sure they didn’t have to sign any autographs or take any photos. Josh kind of messed with that plan and did stop for a couple of pics, and you could tell Xmas was irritated with it. These “paparazzi” are really just autograph scalpers, that have a bunch of pre-printed photos to get signed. I’m sure we’ll see a bunch for sale on eBay soon. This video left me with the impression that Xmas thinks she’s a lot more famous than she really is. Never did see Alex, but apparently she was there.

    Paul was a no show, and wondered if he was embarrassed over the loss or possibly afraid of a possible conflict/altercation with the other HG’s or the fans. Not surprised to read he had a private party with a select few HG’s (Maven, Xmas, and Kevin). To me, it’s just indicative that he still wants to control things and only interact with people that thought he was an okay guy.

    This year there seemed to be less former house guests in attendance. Amber (BB16) was there and seemed to be having a good time. Funny, we follow her Instagram, and my wife made the comment that we typically see a pic of Amber’s butt almost daily. Jace (BB17) just strikes me as a cocky SOB and was hoping people still recognized him, although he spent a lot of time telling people who he was (he has short hair now). Austin (also BB17) was there but spent all of his time in the VIP area. Another BB17 player, Jackie, showed up and I did say Hi. She was very cordial. Morgan and Alex (BBOTT) spent a lot of time mingling, and after seeing them in person, I just don’t get how people in the house didn’t catch on that they were sisters. We were really surprised to see Erika (BB4 and All-Stars) there with her hubby(?) in tow. She looked a little out of place, so we made a point of fawning over her and asking if she stayed in touch with Jack. They had spoken last week. Seemed a little awkward when we saw her introduce herself to Jason, who obviously had no idea who she was, but Jason gave her a big hug afterwards. Rachel and Brendon were there. Nice that Rachel has hosted these parties for the last few years. Rachel’s sister, Elisa (BB15), was also there and seemed to want to compete with her sister as to who could wear a more glittery outfit. We did see Jason Roy, but typically try to avoid him.

    That’s it. I’m sure there were others that I left off the list, but didn’t see or just didn’t recognize them. This did seem to be a younger crowd this year, which made us stand out even more.”

    • AIO_7

      ” This video left me with the impression that Xmas thinks she’s a lot more famous than she really is. Never did see Alex,”


      “Paul was a no show, ….. To me, it’s just indicative that he still wants to control things and only interact with people that thought he was an okay guy.”


      “We did see Jason Roy, but typically try to avoid him.”

      LOL! Good ol’ Skidmark.

      • Tinkerbell

        The final three – Christmas is a loser in every way. Paul has shown his true colors since losing…..he has mysteriously disappeared. Josh seems to be the only normal person in the final three….and the only one with a real life outside of BB. He wanted to go home, and he hasn’t spoken a lot. The right person won BB

      • Tinkerbell

        P.S. When I have time, several things I found out about Christmas. Some pictures as well.

      • AIO_7

        I’ll wait.

  89. Alda

    CBS just confirmed that Cody and Jessica will be on Amazing Race.Why??? Hopefully,they’ll be out quickly.

    • AIO_7

      Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are heading to the starting line in New York to race for $1 million.

      “The Amazing Race is adding another Big Brother couple to its roster.

      Showmance duo and fan favorites Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are moving from the Big Brother house to the Amazing Race starting line.

      It will be a live event, as CBS is inviting fans of the duo (otherwise known as Jody) to witness them take off at Washington Square Park (Fifth Avenue and Waverly Place) in New York on Sunday, Oct. 1. The public start will begin at 11:30 a.m. and as of now Jessica and Cody are the only names being revealed for The Amazing Race’s upcoming 30th season.”

      From: The Hollywood Reporter

  90. danmtruth

    Sorry Alda I for one am looking forward to seeing how they will do Just give them a chance

  91. AIO_7

    Josh is a Star !!!!

    “Josh Martinez, the newly-crowned winner of BIG BROTHER 19, announced on social media that he’ll be making an appearance on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. “Surprise! I’ll be serving up meatballs on @BandB_CBS!!” Martinez tweeted. “Watch 10/24 as I represent @CBSBigBrother! #BB19 #Team Meatball #BoldandBeautiful” Martinez follows in the footsteps of his on-screen nemesis this season, Jessica Graf, who appeared on B&B as Il Giardino hostess Jody.”

    From: Soap Opera Digest


    • Tinkerbell

      Yaaayyy for Josh. That is so great. I wish they could let him be himself. He’s a funny guy. I for sure wish they would let him dance. Yes, I miss his silly dancing.

      I’m so happy Jessica and Cody are going to be on AR. It will be fun to watch them. Another reason I’m happy they are on AR…..to poo-poo in the faces of those other losers. People in particular who campaigned to be on AR…..Dead Girl Walking and her Enabler. Nightmare. Vile Prison Girl…and she wanted her Cowboy to be with her. I think Elena and Mark mentioned it…..not sure about Paul. So sorry guys, no go for any of you.

      I would have been okay with Elena and Mark until the garbage that spewed from Elena. Hey Chickadee, you cannot talk about race/racial slurs, rape, fat shame, domestic violence. I don’t care how long ago it was that you spoke/wrote the things you did…..they are not acceptable, ever! Who do you think you are anyhow! I used to kind of like Elena, but not any longer. Under no circumstances should she have ever voiced her ugly thoughts, ever! No excuses. If she would have accepted responsibility, and sincerely apologized, people might have forgiven her a little. She has not. She also talked about political affiliation. That flub-up didn’t nt bother me, but she shouldn’t have talked about that either. Many people are offended. Elena, what color of duct tape would you like for your larger than life fake lips?!

      Survivor to tonight – Hoooorrrayyy.

  92. Tinkerbell

    Hey you two big nothing-burgers. Quit mucking up my beautiful city, and the wonderful blue Pacific. Go back to where you came from. P.S. Losers, Interesting that both of you have comments turned off on Instagram. Funny stuff!


    • danmtruth

      How can you be so cruel She might have gotten hit by a wave that could damage her pacemaker stomach Or the sun could have burnt her skin Or a anyone of her pernicious eggs could be effected by seagull crap landing in her mouth that is always open Can we hope she just gets pulled out to sea by a strong surf undertow

  93. Tinkerbell

    America’s Sweerheart. VPG………I’m one of your haters – so you’re welcome.


  94. Edsel

    Kevin was on Boston KISS 108 this morning and a video is available on Facebook. I think they enjoyed having Kevin there. I want a voicemail from Kevin! 🙂


  95. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Guys! I’m so stinkin late for my end of the season goodbyes, it’s embarrassing. Although I’m “late” for our goodbye party, I’m going to try to make up for it now.

    Steve and his beautiful sidekick Melinda, Thank You for entrusting me with your board. I love you two so much! Also a big thank you for adding Mel and Derrick to your writing team. We look forward to reading a lot more from them in the future.

    Mel (with sometimes 2 L’s), our own Special Investigator wearing her little Helmet of Protection (and the cutest damn avatar on the entire World Wide Web), MUCH love and respect girl. YOU ROCK!

    Helen, our Chief of The Bureau of Speculation and her assistant Dan, keep digging up those facts! Shine the light guys, SHINE THE LIGHT!

    My Gerardo, Mel’s ride or die and my late night partner in crime. You never fail to make me laugh…especially when you’re “spilling the tea”! Luv you much!

    Shivani, my other late night partner in crime. You and Gerardo give me someone to talk to during the long nights of watching those crazy people locked in that house. Always look forward to your comments.

    G8, Shoes, DMC, always love “seeing” you guys.

    Annie, I hope by the time the new season starts up, everything is back to normal in your household. I understand why you couldn’t comment as much this season, and I missed you so much.

    Knees and Mello, you know you’re close to my heart, whether we agree on the HG or not. 😛

    BBBon and Ryn, you didn’t comment as much this season and I missed you. Even if it’s a crap season, I still enjoy reading what you have to say.

    Elaine, I know you were disheartened with the season, but please try to hang in there with us for the next one. Nobody can cast a pox like you can. It cracks me up everytime you do it.

    Lindsay, AI, Wayne and Trudy, at the beginning of the season, I thought Felts had me dancing, but you four really kept me on my toes. Still love the hell out of all of you though and you’d better bring your little asses back here next season. Now let’s say it together…”I will use my inner voice” (private messages). 😛

    Felts, I hope everything is getting back to normal in your neck of the woods and you’re not corrupting young minds to badly. I look forward to your sarcasm and sardonic wit. See you next season!

    Summer, I heart you right back! 🙂

    Hobie, you’ve come a long way from the shy little thing that didn’t want to comment because of the thumbs down. Once you got started, there was no stopping you. I thank you for keeping the board going (almost single handedly sometimes), whenever the board got really slow. See you next season and again, welcome to the board!

    I know I missed a lot of names, but just know, online, this is my family, as dysfunctional as we may get sometimes and I love and respect you all. We are all works in progress each and every day. Each and every one of you bring something to the board. In fact, besides the Bloggers who write the editorials, you guys make this board!

    For those who will return for “Celebrity” (*cough cough*) BB, I’ll see you soon. To all those who won’t return until the regular season, we’ll be right here….waiting…

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Love you back, NK! I thought you had just dipped out on us without saying goodbye lol. I’m still stalking the board daily in the hopes of more “tea”– I am in denial about the season being over. I’ll definitely see you for “Celebrity” Big Brother in the winter. In the meantime, I’m going to either move to Canada or find a way to watch all 5 seasons of BB Canada online.

      P.S. If the people they’re allegedly casting qualify as “celebrities”, does that mean I can try out Celebrity BB Season 2? I’m pretty sure I’m just as famous as they are…

    • caRyn

      Thank you. This is the only online site I go to and I want to keep it that way. I have a Facebook account but never cared. I like to live up in the real. I want to say that I am thankful that everyone that comments here is safe and healthy and glad we made it with the different obstacles we encountered. As Justin would say, I am thankful, grateful and blessed. Ya dig?

    • Tinkerbell

      Yaayyy, there’s our girl, NK. Thank You :)). I was definitely very shy to write. Then I was overtaken, and possessed, by the BB knuckleheads this summer. I kept saying to myself…..who is this person, and where did she come from. I had no control….or filters. I really am a nice person……just ask me. Bwahahaha. I still can’t believe BB is over – already. Boo Hiss. I have no idea why I didn’t find Junkies before this summer. Darn. Being here enhanced the fun and drama of BB. It has been so much nch fun to be able to hear so many different opinions, and to have someplace to be able to scream, holler, and make fun of houseguests when they messed up…….every day. I have loved being a part of this big beautiful BB family. Such fun – and fun loving people, loving and kind. Thank you, NK, so very much for everything do. You are appreciated. Can’t wait until we are all here together again. I will probably be here still blithering on about BB19. I miss my daily dose, and I can’t stop watching episodes I have recorded, and my favorite clips on YouTube. I’m also stalking them on social media. Someone has to do it. Ahahaha. Thanks again….sending oodles-n-gobs of love and hugs xo

    • ShoeLover

      oh my GOODNESS, you guys are Summer Life!!! And I ain’t saying goodbyes!!!!

      LOVE ALL Y’ALL and SEE Y’ALL SOON!!! !!!

  96. Tinkerbell

    I probably already posted this. Another – just in case. Paul was so puzzled about Raven’s inverted spine. I don’t know how many times this season he said….What does that mean??? Cracks me up every single time.


  97. Tinkerbell

    Oh.My.Gosh. Diary room clips. My all time favorite of the season. I know you guys have seen these, but you need to laugh again. Laughing is good.

    Kevin – I don’t like Matt, I’m just going to leave. I don’t want to be here. I don’t like not one of these people.

    Love Cody’s short-n-honest comments, and his facial expressions…..or lack thereof.

    Love-love-love when Mark is talking and slips into crying. So flippin’ funny. The music adds to the hilarity.

    So funny when Josh just lays down.

    P.S. I’m still going to Kevin’s for Thanksgiving. I’m taking the green bean casserole.


  98. Tinkerbell

    I could be getting ahead of things, but I sense there might be trouble in paradise. About four hours ago Dead Girl Walking posted a picture of herself…….no Enabler by her side. First time ever. She said……”Going home tomorrow. Can’t wait to see family and friends.” Look out Arkansas, your girl is coming home. Roll out the red carpet, bands and parades ready, and doctors, EMTs and ambulances ready to roll. They were going to stay in California at least two weeks, and all season she never talked about wanting to go home. Even said she wants to move to California. Matt posted a photo as well, without her. I will post next.


  99. Tinkerbell

    Matt posted this yesterday. His comment – Leaving in two days. Can’t wait to see my bestie. He posted another picture today, by himself. He said – Last day in California. Matt is the true dedinition of airhead. He and Raven are a perfect match for each other.


  100. Tinkerbell

    Many times this season I called Christmas – the Wicked Witch of the East. I just came across this clip. Hahahaha. It’s perfect. In the BB house she even has that icky witch laugh. Nails on a chalkboard.


    • Gerardo for AFP

      Look at this scumbag trying her hardest to campaign for a spot on BB20 (or Amazing Race, or any show that will have her pitiful ass): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6xxSlahg3g

      *rolls eyes* Go away Nightmare! We’re not buying your “nice girl” act!!!


      • Tinkerbell

        Gerado- Gerado……How could you do this to me?! I thought we were friends. My blood pressure is off the chart, I’m sick to my stomach, I won’t be able to sleep, and I just had an anxiety attack. I did not ever want to see or hear her again. I watched this for you. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. That’s just the kind of friend I am. ;))

        * What a phoney, fake, delusional haggy B*tch. That face, that voice, that haunted voice laugh. Girl, you stink.

        * I don’t want to listen to her poor pitiful story about your foot. It is a neverending saga. Nobody cares, Nightmare.

        * Of course she has never had so much fun or laughed as much as she did in the house. She has no friends.

        * I laughed every time she tried to skate past the questions about Paul. Clearly a sore and very uncomfortable subject for her. Too bad sweetie pie. I don’t really believe they are in touch like she said. I also don’t think there is going to be a road trip with the three of them. Do not see that happening, ever.

        * She said she learned a “few” lessons. I doubt it.

        * Raising money for Texas. A good thing if she does, and it goes to a reputable organization. Also said she is going there for “one day” clean up. Wow, can you spare your precious time. Money and one day, in my eyes are not coming from the goodness of her heart. She is not a charitable person. She is trying to repair the damage she did. Good luck with that.

        * She said she hasn’t watched any of BB yet. I don’t believe her. Every single one of them will watch every minute – probably fast forwarding to get to their special performances.

        * CBS….if you want to redeem yourself, at least a little……please delete her from your minds, and your files. She is a useless misfit, wannabe something. I love BB, AR, and Survivor. Please you cannot ever put her on another show. This summer was one too many times. I cannot imagine her on AR. She would completely demolish her poor partner the first day. She loses her mind if anyone looks cross eyed at her. She is a mean and self-centered person.

        * She refused to sign autographs at the after party. Who do you think you are?!?! You are nothing. Stop with your feeble apologizing. You got caught, so now you apologize. Stop it. You are insulting everyone’s intelligence. I read in several places that she acted like she was a very famous owrson.

        * The blond chick dragging her around at the after party, both inside and out, is Beth – her Rock. Her best “friend.” I found some pictures. It seems that Nightmare has many “friends”. That’s okay for her, not judging ever, just quit being so obnoxious.

        * We don’t care that you were born five days before Christmas, that it was a difficult pregnancy, and how you were named. Not to be mean, but how many times do we have to hear your story. In your mind, everything is about you. Me Me Me, I I I. I also could care less that you and Vile Prison Girl share the same birthday. Interesting that two vile people were born on the very same day. Except for Raven, we know more about Christmas than any other houseguest…..and we don’t want to know.

        * She talked about how crazy and dumb she got while she were in the house. No, that’s who you are. She says if she has another chance she will “unlessh and go full throttle.” Honey boo boo, you already did that.

        I’m sorry for this. I blame Gerardo.

      • Tinkerbell

        Oh my goodness, that’s a chapter. Ridiculous! Wish I could edit or delete. I apologize……….

      • ericawesome

        I’m sure Gerardo won’t mind 😉 I didn’t know about Christmas birthday thing! And I read all and agree with what you’ve said.

        My first time doing them


      • Gerardo for AFP

        Sorry Hobie, but sometimes friends have to endure tribulations together. Listening to Nightmare spew her BS and pretend to be human for 18 minutes definitely qualifies as a tribulation in my book…

      • Tinkerbell

        Gerardo, Sharing tribulations is one thing. Sharing Nightmare’s pompous video goes above and beyond. I’m still traumatized.

    • AIO_7

      Apparently Josh is still a fan of hers.


  101. Tinkerbell

    I’m sorry. Please allow me one more….for tonight anyhow. Just saw this one. Raven, and Frankie – performing to the Fish Music. How I wish they could dance.


    • Avatar

      @hobie you are cracking me up. Thank you, and @gerardo for keeping things going. I spent the whole season wondering how this was going to work out for all of them so I’m totally invested in the post-show updates. Alex did some weird apology/non-apology (but not to Kevin). She’s actually been kind of funny in the posts/pictures I’ve seen – very subtle. Posed with a coke bottle that said Paul while wearing a “not today Satan” tshirt. That was pretty funny. But I think reality is setting in that she did not come off like she thought she did. Josh seems to be having fun. Elena and Mark too. Can’t wait to see what happens with Raven and Matt. Maybe now that the phones still aren’t ringing for the two of them together they will go their separate ways.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh Sweet Baby Jesus….dual seizures. They look like frogs on crack. *face palm*

  102. AIO_7

    First, let me congratulate you on your Big Brother win! How does it feel to finally be out of that house?

    JOSH MARTINEZ: The weird thing is—now that I’m out of the house—I’m constantly looking for my mic. I woke up today and I was like, “Oh, they’re not yelling at me because I’m singing or yelling at me to wake up,” which was weird. I thought I was going to jump out of the Big Brother house and go back to my normal life and go back to everything, but I guess, it’s just the instant notoriety or getting recognized, and things like that—I can’t even go to the grocery store without having people coming up to me, doing the damn song, and trying to take pictures with me. I’m just blessed, man. It’s pretty awesome. I still have to take in everything that happened in, but this is my new life and I’m getting used to it

  103. Tinkerbell

    I found the perfect greeting card to send to Nightmare.


    • AIO_7

      You can see the bags under Josh’s eyes, like he has been going non stop.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        Yes, I think Josh has had a lot of contractually obligated appearances and interviews he’s had to do in LA but unlike everyone else, he didn’t stay in LA for very long after the finale. So he’s been flying back and forth from Miami to LA in order to be able to spend time with his family while also fulfilling his obligations. He’s probably pretty worn out and jet lagged.

  104. Tinkerbell

    Arkansassy suffered some new injuries on her trip home today.


  105. Tinkerbell

    Elena before the thousands of dollars in surgery and make-up. Cute without all of the alterations.


    • AIO_7

      I wonder who the other chicks are?

      • Tinkerbell

        AI, I wasn’t able to find out who the other two girls are. Assuming they are friends. Posting another picture of her…….I hope I get it right this time. I’m nervous! This picture is BF…..Before Fake. Before fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake lips…..and pounds of make-up. She was so much better as her “real” self. As long as it takes her to get ready, I can’t imagine that she ever gets anywhere on time. Early in the season she told several people that she had breast reduction. Wrong. Lie. You can clearly tell from the first picture that she did not need reduction………but paid for a blowing up procedure instead. Ahaha. I saw a new picture of her and Mark several days ago. Her blouse was open clear to her waist. I don’t know how even super glue could hold her in. Elena, it’s not becoming. Everyone knows you have “them”. The guys have already seen them on TV. You can be sexy, without being trash. Leave something to the guys imaginations.


      • Gerardo for AFP

        I think Mark is probably a nice guy, but when Elena rips out his heart and stomps on it, I’m not going to feel sorry for him at all. I can understand being in “lust” with a girl like Elena when you’re young, full of hormones, and cooped up in the BB house with nothing to do. But the fact that he’s trying to start/maintain some type of relationship with this girl outside the house is totally beyond me.

        I feel like the only reason she’s even still talking to him at this point is for attention. Once the BB showmance stans start to lose interest in “Marlena”, she’ll lose interest in Mark. He needs to smarten up.

      • Tinkerbell

        I agree completely, Gerardo. As soon as the 15 minutes of fake fame is over, Mark is in for a big heartbreak. I feel the same about Cody. As soon is AR is over, and Jessica is done with him……she will drop him like a hot potato. He will never fit into her usual lifestyle, and he won’t be able to give her the moon that she demands.

      • AIO_7

        I’ll give Elena a pass…she voted against Paul.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      It took me a moment to figure out which one was Elena. She looks quite different now for sure.

  106. Shivani33

    Josh is interviewed in the latest issue of Ocean Drive, my favorite Miami magazine! Find out where he goes for Cuban coffee every morning and for Sunday brunch, about women chasing him now, what he loved most about Elena and about how he wants to invest in real estate as a house flipper. Bravo, Josh, bravo!

  107. Tinkerbell

    It is “supposedly” 100% positive that Victor is one of the contestants on Amazong Race. He was at JFK in NY with the AR cast and crew. Attached is what was written about a prospective teammate. Have mercy!! Please don’t ruin another of my favorite shows with morons – Cory or Natalie. I cannot bear to see them one more second. Their 15 minutes of pretend fame is way past over. I like Victor, and think he would be a fun contestant. I think DaVonne would be a good partner. She’s pretty darn funny. It will be interesting to watch it all play out. If Cory and Natalie are on……my fast forward will be worn out.


    • Tinkerbell

      DARN IT !!! I’m so sorry…..I posted the wrong thing AGAIN. I am the true moron. I’m so sorry. I need to give you guys a break for a while. Dunce = Me. I will try to find what I intended to post. So sorry……..

  108. Tinkerbell

    I’m so embarrassed. I’m so sorry…….again.


    • Gerardo for AFP

      Love Victor, and that would be awesome to see him compete again. Out of those options Da’Vonne would be my choice for sure. She’s entertaining and she’s also very smart and resourceful, so she might do well on Amazing Race. BB isn’t the game for her– she’s too straightforward and not good at BS’ing people (which is a great trait in real life, terrible in the BB house). Amazing Race might be more her speed.

      I find Cory incredibly boring but if it’s not Da’Vonne, he’s the only other one I wouldn’t mind seeing Victor paired up with. Natalie or Zzzzzzakiyah– no thanks!!!

      • Tinkerbell

        I love Victor as well. He has been my favorite person from all of the seasons. Last season I could tell how much he cared for Nicole. He was a gentleman and stood back and watched that loser Cory. Nicole….what was wrong with you?! I hope Victor and Nicole make it now that they are together. He is so crazy about her.

        I enjoyed Da’Vonne so much. She really made me laugh. I hated that she was evicted so soon last season. I missed her fun humor. Quick witted, and said what she thought. I loved her.

      • Tinkerbell

        Nothing important. I just read that Natalie, Cory, and Victor are going to be on The Challenge, MTV. The person who earlier reported with 100% accuracy about Amazing Race, obviously had their shows crossed. I’ve never heard of The Challenge. Anything on MTV is usually not for me.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I watch The Challenge (I know Helen and a few other BBJ folks watch as well). It’s a very different show for sure– there’s a lot more “drama” and “hooking up” than Big Brother (which isn’t my cup of tea) but I do enjoy the competition aspect of the show. You almost NEVER see contestants “throwing” comps on The Challenge.

        I could see Victor doing well on the show since he’s a comp beast (Cory and Natalie may do ok also in that regard), but I think they’ll all get eaten alive when it comes to the social/political aspect of The Challenge. This ain’t Big Brother– The Challenge contestants LOVE to argue and fight. BB “fights” are extremely tame in comparison. It will be interesting to see how the BB crew cope in such a different, more hostile environment.

  109. Tinkerbell

    For Amazing Race fans – filming begins tomorrow in NYC. The only two confirmed contestants, Cody and Jessica.


  110. Tinkerbell

    I miss you, Kevin. We need more fun-n-cool guys like you. See you on Thanksgiving with green bean casserole for a thousand.


  111. Tinkerbell

    Amazing Race began filming 30 minutes ago in NYC, Washington Park. Cody and Jessica at the starting line, wearing Marine green. Holy smokes the two contestants in the background are tall. Don’t know if it’s true, but on a twitter they said these guys are NBA All-Stars – Cedric and Shaun. I’m so excited for Season 30.


  112. Tinkerbell

    Sorry to all of you losers who campaigned for Amazing Race – Raven, Matt, Christmas, Elena, Paul, and Alex. I would enjoy Mark, but not with Elena. I think it would be fun to watch Victor and Nicole.


  113. Alda

    I heard a rumor that Big Meech was going to be on the Challenge.Any one know anything about that?

  114. danmtruth

    So much going n Great to read everyone’s post
    I hope people give Jess and Cody a chance To see what they will do on this show I think they both might surprise people
    Victor will be a big target on the show I hope he can fight thru it Dont rely care about the other two
    It seems listening to Elena she feels her any job she lost was because someone was better looking It might explain why she keeps getting um upgrades to herself Yes she look nice before she went down this path But she feels she needs to look a certain way to get ahead That her looks and body are the best thing she has to offer Kevin’s for Thanksgiving I make a tasty sweet potato carousal

  115. Tinkerbell

    This is so darn cute. Tonight on Kevin’s twitter he is asking who will be there for Thanksgiving, and how many people each person is bringing. He is seriously inviting everyone. Several days ago I read it is going to be something big. I wonder if the city of Boston might host it, or maybe even the Food Network. I wish I lived close to Boston. It will be a fun celebration of Thanksgiving. I’m happy for Kevin. After all of those lonely hours in the house, he deserves this.

    I miss you guys.


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