Alex speaking with the real HoH

As you are aware by now, Alex won the HoH with the endurance competition.  She was up there with Elena and Jason before cutting some deals for their safety.  They dropped, she won.  While it’s completely stupid to make deals in light of last season (?) when James went back on his word of safety, Elena and Jason were probably ready to fall and it’s never a bad idea to at least try for safety even though it’s not a guarantee.

That said, it probably will be a guarantee this week because Alex wants to make a power move. By ‘power move’ she means nominating her target against Jessica this week which right now is Dominique and having a backup plan if Dom wins PoV.  In reality it will likely be Jessica walking out the door because Alex doesn’t have the sway in the house to actually get votes to go a specific way.  She is putting Jessica up because the house wants Jess up, and that means the house is almost certainly going to evict Jess unless something drastic happens with someone else.


It’s kind of disappointing to see Alex basically be the puppet of Paul after talking a big game, but maybe she’ll surprise us (she won’t). This will almost certainly be Paul’s week once again and Alex will just do whatever he tells her to do.

Big day today.  Nominations, Den of Temptation (Alex should win), and Christmas may be coming back.  Stay tuned for updates…

  • 9:50 am – The house is slowly getting up for the day
  • 10:45 am – Josh, Ramses, and Jason are doing some whispers in the storage room
    • Josh says moving forward he is sticking with Jason and Alex (note – Ramses isn’t currently in room)
    • Josh is worried about the two showmances
    • Josh wants Alex to trust her, but Jason is saying he flipped 30 minutes before the vote so it will be hard for him to gain trust
  • 11:05 am – Jason is talking to Ramses about what Alex is going to do
    • They are worried because they’re not sure what she’s going to do and worried because Paul has been up her ass
    • Jason says he is going to go upstairs and hang out
    • Jason heads upstairs and Alex tells him that she trusts Matt and Raven (uh oh)
    • Alex wants the final 6 to be her, Jason, Paul, Kevin, didn’t say other two.  So basically both sides are in favor of bringing Paul to the end and giving him the win
    • Alex says she wants to have people in her alliance who are scared to look bad on TV.  Then mentions Paul as part of that crew. Jesus these people are dumb
  • 11:25 am – Kevin joins the HoH crew
    • Kevin is re-telling how he told Paul “aint it funny how you tell a joke in here that aint even funny and everyone is laughing?”
    • Kevin told Paul his jokes aren’t funny, but people laugh
    • Kevin also mentions the Houdini thing again about how he had a disagreement over his death.  Kevin said it was via ulcer, Paul said he drowned doing a trick.  I guess one of the house kiss-asses told Paul he’s right.  Kevin said he bets when they leave the house they’ll see he (K) was right… and he isn’t.  That said,  he’s much closer to being right than Paul (it was his appendix)
    • But Kevin does add to it and said that he was punched in the stomach which burst his spleen.  Very close, but I guess it was his appendix after being punched.  Either way I’d say Kevin was right
  • 11:30 am – Kevin is joking about Josh and how crazy he’s been
    • Josh apparently likes to get real close to people when he talks
  • 11:50 am – Dom is talking to Alex and saying she is nervous because she’s heard she and Mark were targets
  • 12:50 pm – Jason and Jess are out of their toad outfits
  • 1:10 pm – Paul is telling a group how Kevin just like kicked open the shower door nude and said he didn’t give a shit lol. He’s crazy
    • Dom, Paul, Mark, and Ramses move into the HoH room to talk
    • Dom immediately starts in on Ramses saying he is talking about her and is wondering why
    • Ramses is defending himself because Dom went up to him and said “Your friend Jillian was targeting me” and he took that as a threat on him
    • She asked him about a banner that flew over and Ramses said it said something about ‘Mark and Dom’.
    • She is grilling him hard looking for him to spill something she thinks he said
    • It went back and forth for a bit with Dom really accusing Ramses of going after her.
    • They talk about production and feeds go down
  • 1:45 pm – Ramses heads into the HoH room with Alex
    • He asks her if he’s safe, and she says ‘this week’, at least with her
    • Ramses points out how the only person he talked about Dom with was Alex and Jason
  • 2:15 pm – A lot of people having side conversations. Some game related, some not.
    • Mark and Jess have made up and are talking normally.  She told him how Cody whispered about being his girlfriend
    • Alex is still talking to Ramses upstairs
  • 4:15 pm – Woah, just zonked.  I need more sleep.
    • Anyway, Christmas is back and she has a walker! No tennis balls on it, though.
    • Meanwhile, Paul is talking privately with Matt and Raven and telling them how he’s backing away right now because there is a big quabble with Ramses and Dom  (I think he’s setting up the votes against Dom)
  • 4:50 pm – Alex has been catching Christmas up on the house
    • Alex has been a super frustrating HoH because she has been following the rule that you’re not supposed to say who you’re nominating.
    • Every conversation she has to say she’s nominating two people and dances around who they are. Just say it. Everyone else does.
    • That rule is like ‘no singing’.  People still do it. You’re not going to get kicked out for letting it slip who you’re voting for.  Stop being cryptic!
  • 5:00 pm – Alex to DR, hopefully noms incoming
  • 5:15 pm – Matt is talking to Christmas in the bathroom
    • They are talking about the 3 mystery votes for Ramses (she was one)
    • Christmas said she heard some weird questions during the show.  This is referring to Dom’s show the other night
    • Matt said that Dom dug at Ramses more than he was comfortable with regarding his sexuality.  Matt was very uncomfortable
    • She also dug in on him about the $25k
  • 5:25 pm – Time for noms!  Going to start a new thread since this one is long


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