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Alex speaking with the real HoH

Big Brother 19 Busy Friday Feed Updates

Alex speaking with the real HoH

As you are aware by now, Alex won the HoH with the endurance competition.  She was up there with Elena and Jason before cutting some deals for their safety.  They dropped, she won.  While it’s completely stupid to make deals in light of last season (?) when James went back on his word of safety, Elena and Jason were probably ready to fall and it’s never a bad idea to at least try for safety even though it’s not a guarantee.


That said, it probably will be a guarantee this week because Alex wants to make a power move. By ‘power move’ she means nominating her target against Jessica this week which right now is Dominique and having a backup plan if Dom wins PoV.  In reality it will likely be Jessica walking out the door because Alex doesn’t have the sway in the house to actually get votes to go a specific way.  She is putting Jessica up because the house wants Jess up, and that means the house is almost certainly going to evict Jess unless something drastic happens with someone else.

It’s kind of disappointing to see Alex basically be the puppet of Paul after talking a big game, but maybe she’ll surprise us (she won’t). This will almost certainly be Paul’s week once again and Alex will just do whatever he tells her to do.

Big day today.  Nominations, Den of Temptation (Alex should win), and Christmas may be coming back.  Stay tuned for updates…

  • 9:50 am – The house is slowly getting up for the day
  • 10:45 am – Josh, Ramses, and Jason are doing some whispers in the storage room
    • Josh says moving forward he is sticking with Jason and Alex (note – Ramses isn’t currently in room)
    • Josh is worried about the two showmances
    • Josh wants Alex to trust her, but Jason is saying he flipped 30 minutes before the vote so it will be hard for him to gain trust
  • 11:05 am – Jason is talking to Ramses about what Alex is going to do
    • They are worried because they’re not sure what she’s going to do and worried because Paul has been up her ass
    • Jason says he is going to go upstairs and hang out
    • Jason heads upstairs and Alex tells him that she trusts Matt and Raven (uh oh)
    • Alex wants the final 6 to be her, Jason, Paul, Kevin, didn’t say other two.  So basically both sides are in favor of bringing Paul to the end and giving him the win
    • Alex says she wants to have people in her alliance who are scared to look bad on TV.  Then mentions Paul as part of that crew. Jesus these people are dumb
  • 11:25 am – Kevin joins the HoH crew
    • Kevin is re-telling how he told Paul “aint it funny how you tell a joke in here that aint even funny and everyone is laughing?”
    • Kevin told Paul his jokes aren’t funny, but people laugh
    • Kevin also mentions the Houdini thing again about how he had a disagreement over his death.  Kevin said it was via ulcer, Paul said he drowned doing a trick.  I guess one of the house kiss-asses told Paul he’s right.  Kevin said he bets when they leave the house they’ll see he (K) was right… and he isn’t.  That said,  he’s much closer to being right than Paul (it was his appendix)
    • But Kevin does add to it and said that he was punched in the stomach which burst his spleen.  Very close, but I guess it was his appendix after being punched.  Either way I’d say Kevin was right
  • 11:30 am – Kevin is joking about Josh and how crazy he’s been
    • Josh apparently likes to get real close to people when he talks
  • 11:50 am – Dom is talking to Alex and saying she is nervous because she’s heard she and Mark were targets
  • 12:50 pm – Jason and Jess are out of their toad outfits
  • 1:10 pm – Paul is telling a group how Kevin just like kicked open the shower door nude and said he didn’t give a shit lol. He’s crazy
    • Dom, Paul, Mark, and Ramses move into the HoH room to talk
    • Dom immediately starts in on Ramses saying he is talking about her and is wondering why
    • Ramses is defending himself because Dom went up to him and said “Your friend Jillian was targeting me” and he took that as a threat on him
    • She asked him about a banner that flew over and Ramses said it said something about ‘Mark and Dom’.
    • She is grilling him hard looking for him to spill something she thinks he said
    • It went back and forth for a bit with Dom really accusing Ramses of going after her.
    • They talk about production and feeds go down
  • 1:45 pm – Ramses heads into the HoH room with Alex
    • He asks her if he’s safe, and she says ‘this week’, at least with her
    • Ramses points out how the only person he talked about Dom with was Alex and Jason
  • 2:15 pm – A lot of people having side conversations. Some game related, some not.
    • Mark and Jess have made up and are talking normally.  She told him how Cody whispered about being his girlfriend
    • Alex is still talking to Ramses upstairs
  • 4:15 pm – Woah, just zonked.  I need more sleep.
    • Anyway, Christmas is back and she has a walker! No tennis balls on it, though.
    • Meanwhile, Paul is talking privately with Matt and Raven and telling them how he’s backing away right now because there is a big quabble with Ramses and Dom  (I think he’s setting up the votes against Dom)
  • 4:50 pm – Alex has been catching Christmas up on the house
    • Alex has been a super frustrating HoH because she has been following the rule that you’re not supposed to say who you’re nominating.
    • Every conversation she has to say she’s nominating two people and dances around who they are. Just say it. Everyone else does.
    • That rule is like ‘no singing’.  People still do it. You’re not going to get kicked out for letting it slip who you’re voting for.  Stop being cryptic!
  • 5:00 pm – Alex to DR, hopefully noms incoming
  • 5:15 pm – Matt is talking to Christmas in the bathroom
    • They are talking about the 3 mystery votes for Ramses (she was one)
    • Christmas said she heard some weird questions during the show.  This is referring to Dom’s show the other night
    • Matt said that Dom dug at Ramses more than he was comfortable with regarding his sexuality.  Matt was very uncomfortable
    • She also dug in on him about the $25k
  • 5:25 pm – Time for noms!  Going to start a new thread since this one is long


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  1. Seattle Kari

    I’m going to preface this by saying I do not mean this as any kind of a put down in any way shape or form. Does Josh seem a little bit slow to the rest of you? Like he just doesn’t get it? (My husband is a little bit slow so just seems a little familiar…)

    • AIO_7

      Josh + slow = Slosh.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t think slow would be the right word. Regardless of how you set that up, someone will be offended so I’d steer clear. Lol. I do think he is EXTREMELY immature both mentally and emotionally. I’m guessing he was brought up in a very sheltered way… maybe without enough kids his own age to help shape the ins and outs of social interactions. He was probably told he was great at everything instead of learning how to deal with the ups and downs of successes vs failures and challenges. He seems to “get” some things, he just has no idea how to interact, process, or communicate.

      • AIO_7

        Why even bring it up? The “slow” thing was obvious to everyone from the get-go. Having said that, Slosh has grown on me a little bit.

      • Avatar

        You’ll make a great mother, Lindsay..

      • LindsayB

        At the risk of sounding like Raven, I won’t ever be a mother. Good, bad, or otherwise.

      • Mimi Ryan

        I agree on the lack of emotional and intellectual maturity department. He is very sheltered and is probably very over whelmed in this environment.

      • Avatar

        lol. That doesn’t overly sound Raven.

      • LindsayB

        Dmc, she actually did say that. Lol. Kevin was saying how a women is the most beautiful when she’s pregnant. It was a very nice, light conversation until she said, but I’ll never get to be pregnant. Totally killed the mood.

      • Avatar

        Okay, I understand your first reply better.

        In any case, my comment was genuine. So in the event you have one of those happy accidents, your baby will be in good hands !

      • LindsayB

        Thank you. It’s medically impossible. I can tell you though that I have the most well rounded Rottweiler on the face of the earth. She doesn’t get treats for just participating. She has do the right work and is very well socialized. Lol She got all my maternal awesomeness.

      • Avatar then your Rottweiler is the lucky one !

    • Avatar

      Very immature, but I must say I was a bit impressed with his time on the airport race.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      He makes rash decisions and doesn’t think through all the consequences of his actions, like when he took the golden apple, but I would definitely not say he’s “slow.”

    • Avatar

      I’ve been debating if I should comment on Josh, and after reading the previous comments, I think I will. I have no interest in his intelligence, maturity, or which special education class Big Brother hauled this guy from, but I do believe that anyone who serves their country, protecting those who call it home, deserve respect. I certainly do not agree with how Cody and Megan played, but Josh labeling them as a loser, and a snake respectfully, is not only vile, but highly disrespectful and unwarranted.

      • LindsayB

        Cody dished out a load of hatefulness to Josh. If you’re gonna dish it you need to take it. Being in the military doesn’t make you exempt from needing to treat people with respect. I’d rather have Cody in the house than Josh any day of the week. I have zero respect for Josh. Cody’s service doesn’t give him clearance to be a complete dick to people and not get an equal response.

      • Mel

        He served his country but has bragged on feeds about how many people he’s killed. He’s also called Josh many disgusting things. I appreciate his service to our country but it isn’t a free pass to get respect when he isn’t giving it.

      • ElaineB

        No matter what their backgrounds, one thing the HGs have in common is that they are all players in the game of BB.

      • Painter1

        To get respect one must give respect. Cody showed none to Josh after he was taken down from the castle.

      • Avatar

        Within the confines of the game, absolutely. As I said, I do not like how Cody played the game. I don’t like how he treated his housemates including Josh, and I don’t like how he expected everyone within his alliance to follow his decisions blindly. There are many things that Josh could have said to Cody, but calling him a loser was going too far. There are people who put their lives on the line everyday for what they believe in, to protect a way of life, to protect life, and regardless of what they have to do to ensure this, or their personalities, there are some lines that should not be crossed.

      • LindsayB

        Then Cody shouldn’t have crossed them first.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think you are getting what I’m trying to say, so forget it. Take care. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        I mean seriously tho, would it have been ok for Josh to call anyone else in the house a loser as long as they weren’t in the military? No. The world doesn’t work like that. You get the respect you give. You treat people a certain way, they’ll treat you a certain way. Nothing makes you exempt from that. Nothing.

      • Avatar

        Chris, they are in the BB house. Josh shouldn’t need to care about the service that Cody had given. If he ( or any other player ) were to do so, that would weaken their game.

      • Avatar

        I hope this doesn’t sound insulting, but I think it’s a little presumptuous for you to say how the world works, or in this case doesn’t. There are over 7 billion people in this world, most of whom with their own ideas on how this world should be. Some of these ideas are drastically different, which is why war has plagued man since it has become a viable option to resolve conflict. These conflicts can be international, within one nation, a police riot, or a fist fight. It doesn’t mean that one idea is right and the other is wrong, there are just two opposing viewpoints fighting for survival. I may not necessarily agree with what you’re saying, but I do respect it. Again, I never said that Cody’s service should exempt him in this way, I did in fact say that there are many other things Josh could have said to him besides calling him a loser. He could have told him to go f^^k himself, he could have told him that 3 years ago he watched paint dry, and that was more exciting than talking to Cody. I just don’t think the loser comment was the best choice. Hahaha, that’s the best I can explain my opinion. Again, take care and enjoy the rest of the season!

      • LindsayB

        Yes, our opinions differ. I don’t agree with entitlement. Simple as that. I completely hear what you’re saying. We just don’t agree. I’m sure there’s plenty of things we can agree on. It being ok for Josh to call anyone a loser but Cody isn’t something I can agree with. This is big brother, not world wars. It’s ok for us to disagree.

  2. Avatar

    im gonna lose so much respect for alex if she does this,especially if she gets the den of temptation.i would put mark and matt and if any got veto i put raven,securing the other guy going home and thats it.jessica will go home unless she or jason wins veto…its time for big moves,people.

    • AIO_7

      I can wait on big moves. I’d like to be sure that Grody and JessA are never in the house together again.

    • Avatar

      Well, why don’t you put yourself in Alex’s shoes? If she decides to make a big move this week, Paul will still have another week of safety and Alex will be very vulnerable. I she manages to get the temptation, then I don’t think she has an excuse.

      • LindsayB

        Isn’t the temptation something along the lines of preventing he comeback person from coming back? Not sure how that really affects her nomination choices. Unless I’m missing something??

      • Mel

        Isn’t this Paul’s last week of safety? Codys hoh, Paul’s hoh and now Alex?

      • Avatar

        Oh, then I think Alex really doesn’t have an excuse. And I thought the temptation stops an eviction from happening.

      • Avatar

        The temptation Alex will get will be the stop an eviction one.

      • LindsayB

        So what temptation was Julie talking about last night that would potentially stop a player from coming back in the house?

      • John

        I think they are going to bribe them to not go back in… Like a temptation to turn down a chance to replay the game.

  3. Avatar

    What do you think? If Jess goes out this week will Cody fight to get back in? Will Jess? Or will they both throw it so they can start “happily ever after” together?

  4. AIO_7

    I’m surprised there is a pre-jury battle back, but since there is I wouldn’t mind seeing Cameron get back in or even Jillian.
    By the way, I brought it up almost a week ago that Cameron should be represented at the top of this page.

  5. Mel

    Alex kept saying that she needed to figure out who voted for Ramses last night. I don’t understand why she’s so worried about discovering who betrayed an alliance that she’s not even really in!

    • AIO_7

      Looks like Paul’s strategy to throw a wrench in the final vote is bearing fruit.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I don’t think it’s so much of that Mell…..everyone was supposedly on the same page to get Cody out….they all knew Jessica would be a vote….but that leaves two votes unaccounted for…to those that were “in” on the plan,two people are being dishonest with everyone,so it’s a matter of who do you really trust….Paul knew about Kevin but that was planned and between Kevin and Paul. Unless Christmas told someone else,hers was a third “surprise “vote

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I’m surprised HGs still fall for this “phantom vote” nonsense. The extra vote(s) to evict Ramses is meaningless, so why would Alex waste her time trying to play Sherlock Holmes now? It’s obvious that whoever voted to evict Ramses only did so to stir up paranoia (or at best as a sympathy vote for Cody, which Alex should know is highly unlikely). The person would have obviously known that they didn’t have the votes to save Cody, so it’s not like the extra vote indicates some secret alliance or effort that Alex should be concerned about right now.

      The “phantom vote” has become such a tired trick in the BB house yet somehow the HGs keep eating it up. Alex needs to just focus on making good decisions for her game this week and forget about the BS.

      • Shivani33

        We’ve seen Alex and Jason trying to figure out how much they can trust Kevin. Paul keeps being adamant that Kevin didn’t vote for Ramses, while Paul arranged Kevin’s vote for Ramses. So the mist is created to fog up the who do you trust aspect of the game. You’re right that it’s a waste of time to get hung up on this. Paul figured that the third Ramses vote came from Christmas and fell for adding to his doubts about Christmas. As if it matters! The answer is almost always the same. Who do you trust in Big Brother? No f**king body but yourself. Unless you’re Derrick and captured a Califiore to lie down and die for you and a pickup truck.

      • AIO_7

        ” Unless you’re Derrick and captured a Califiore to lie down and die for you and a pickup truck.”

        That is classic. Shiv..

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Exactly Shivani, you stated it perfectly! It doesn’t matter who voted for Ramses, because whoever it was, their objective was to get HGs to do exactly what Paul and Alex are doing now– turning into a paranoid mess, distracted from more important game matters, and questioning people they thought they could trust. And these people take the bait every time.

    • ElaineB

      As silly as it seems, I am glad for some of these ‘let’s screw with everyone’s minds’ votes. In the past seasons, especially early on, no one took any chances, so there were all those unanimous house votes. Yawn!

  6. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I hate to rain on Kevin’s parade of absolute knowledge but Houdini did not die of a ruptured spleen…..he dined fro peritonitis from a ruptured appendix…..

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Died from

    • Avatar

      Honestly Helen, most if not familiarized with the healthcare field will not understand the pathophysiology behind peritonitis secondary to his ruptured spleen. You and I because of our nursing background but Kevin probably he knows more because he’s older. My grandfather is the same way, he so set in his ways. lol

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Sometimes I forget that medical terminology can almost be like a foreign language if your not in the health care field…..I do it all the time with my family and they look at me like …could you please speak English! My idea of a joke was to tell my husband,years ago before we were married that he probably had pinworms because his butt cheek itched…..dear lord he was freakin out…..poor guy….I’m amazed after that he still married me. Lol.

      • Avatar

        @Helen I’m the same way with my husband. I rarely talk about my job with him. When he gives me this look I just shut up. lol

  7. Mimi Ryan

    Ok, I don’t see where Paul would win BB19 here. Why? Because he is a vet of the game, but not a winner. Why, why would anyone sitting next to him believe he needs to win this. I wouldn’t surrender my game to him, when clearly, I’m in this to win this. These people were talking about getting to jury, day 1, I guess they summed up their ability to win this as not being very good. Paul is entertaining, but a winner, not yet.

  8. Avatar

    Cool beans Steve Beans,thanks for your time and effort on keeping us updated on what’s going on in BB house, no time to get feeds this season, running back and forth from Philly(health reasons).I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and perspectives on the game.I was never a Paul fan last year, but I do think he deserved to win over Nicole(bitter jury), if this house doesn’t wake up Paul will waltz right in to the final 3,after watching last nights show I hope Cody wins the battle back just to shake things up and of course add some much needed drama!!Hope everyone has great summer.Thanks for letting me share.

  9. Avatar

    Elaina should’ve taken the HOH for this win. Now Alex is using the vote mishap as a way to take a number from the other side. Elaina and her group don’t even realize it. Jason is really thinking long term, get one of their strong players out but Alex wants to play it safe. Nonetheless Elaina should have taken this win for her team, now they have to suffer the consequences. Paul is playing a good game, everyone trust him entirely not realizing he’s only playing for himself.

  10. Alda

    What time will they do nominations?

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  12. Shivani33

    Alex and Paul talked by themselves, and he agreed with her (so far) nomination plans. Alex and Jason want to work with Paul, at least for now. Nevertheless, Paul didn’t tell Alex who she ought to nominate. She already has a backdoor nominee in mind , too. If Alex stays with her current ideas, all of her targets are women. No surprise here.

    She said to Paul that her nominees will be Jessica and Dominique. She is going with the House sentiment about putting Jessica on the block. But Alex is more set upon evicting Dom. Her plan is that Jessica get saved, one way or another. Her backdoor plan, as she told Paul, is Christmas. Last time I checked, Alex hadn’t revealed all of this to anyone except Paul. Jason was informed of part of the plan but not all of it. Alex struggles to explain her thinking to Jason and knows that he can’t keep his mouth shut with others. He knows about Jessica and Dom for nominees. That wasn’t easy for him to swallow.

  13. danmtruth

    we need to reshuffle the deck to see who is with who
    most are once more playing for jury house so alliances are fluid It seems even the showmances /couples are not playing the same end game
    we have been asking for older more mature HG Well we got more 30 somethings but they seem lacking in the maturity and life wisdom
    totally agree about Josh immaturity He seems to have some mood changes He is also one of those over the type-kind of people Always trying to be larger than life It was interesting listening to Jason trying to help Josh to grow up Saying he cant keep making wild bets than not following thru He makes bold statement than not back it up It seems Ramses also led a bit of a sheltered life but is better dealing with people

  14. Mel

    I just don’t get the way Alex thinks. Jason may not know much about BB but in my opinion he has way better instincts than Alex. He and Kevin both know that Alex is at the bottom of the totem pole and they’re basically sitting around waiting for their turn to be evicted. Alex is so worried about Jason hurting her game. I’m starting to think it’s the other way around.

    • Shivani33

      I think that Alex wants some of the same things to happen as Jason wants. Jason wanted big moves now. Alex is afraid to “pull a Cody.” Those were her exact words. She wants to be able to survive the next several evictions without her being one of those evictions. She seems to believe that she can do that by designing her HoH to “chip away at the periphery,” as Steve Beans so aptly put it. Maybe she’s doing her best for now. I don’t think she’s under any illusions about her semi-outsider position. When she gets handed the temptation on top of her HoH, maybe she’ll decide something new and get more guts with such a golden opportunity. (?) I’d be pleased if Dom gets evicted. I like Christmas, but it would be expedient to let her go because of her injury. It’d be kinda nice if Christmas could take Raven along with her as a nurse companion. Hahaha!

    • Ann

      I don’t think Kevin is going anywhere soon because as far as they all know, he hasn’t done anything, doesn’t know much about the game so therefore he’s no threat to anyone. That’s what they think.
      I’m willing to bet Kevin is a super fan. There’s more to him than we know & I can’t wait to find out.

      • Mel

        Kevin know quite a bit about this game. He’s given that away too many times. He may get busted tho because Xmas knows how he voted I think.

  15. danmtruth

    maybe Dom is part psychic or the other HG are just bad at being QUIT In any case she figured real fast she was a target Perhaps some distrust of Paul by Dom ?
    paranoia has always been a staple on BB This season add people who think they know it all Thats not even counting the self proclaimed master of the game Paul I hope some of his people remember Paul saying he miss the jury house experience and send him their

  16. Shivani33

    Christmas is back.

  17. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I’m sorry but production really needs to pull Christmas……it’s a tough break (excuse the pun) but it is what it is…
    she really can’t compete and is going to be depending on the others for help even though it’s small things
    No one is going to want to put her up because they probably feel like all will perceive them to be an azzhat
    How is that f air to anyone
    Sorry BB ….you are wrong on this one

    • Alda

      I agree Helen.She has 10 broken bones,plus some other injuries to that foot.No way can she compete.Plus,is she on pain meds? I feel bad too,but she needs to go home and take care of herself.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t mind that she’s still in. I think it adds a new element to this social experiment that we haven’t seen yet. She’s active enough in the social aspect of the game so I think she’ll rub people the wrong way or become too much of a threat to someone and will end up on the block. My only concern is about her history with addiction. I don’t know any details on it but didn’t she have a thing with pills? If she is in fact in recovery I would hate to see her fall back into a dark place. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about the addiction stuff. I’d hate to just be sharing gossip on that subject.

      • Mel

        I only heard one of the women saying it. I believe it was Alex but I’m not sure. Xmas may have said it herself but I never heard her talk about it. I would imagine if that is an issue, she has a better chance of coming out okay with that while being in the Big Brother house than at home.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think she mentioned it to Mark the day they were in the BY and he was crying about the way he had treated her.

    • Shivani33

      I think Christmas will be evicted soon. Sometimes I’ve wondered if she’s been kept in with such tough medical stuff to avoid any potential lawsuit. Well, if production is reluctant to remove her, for whatever reasons, then the houseguests better get on it. I like her, hope she can come back and play if she wants to when she is able to function better. No offense, but Christmas needs lots of help right now, and the Big Brother gameshow/reality show isn’t meant to be an after-care hospice. Christmas is going through too much right now to be a viable competitor.

      • NKogNeeTow

        But what would she sue for? Because she got hurt on their show? I would think that would/could be dismissed without merit because she jumped on No-Nuts’ back on her own. It’s not like Production instructed her to do it.

        I was all for Xmas staying until she voted to keep Cody. I expected it from Messica. Kevin’s vote was planned by Paul to create dissension in the house (which it did). What Paul didn’t count on was a 3rd vote to keep Cody. Now both sides of the house no longer has to suspect, they KNOW there is a rat in the house. What’s so funny is, even after they suspect Kevin, they turn right around and dismiss it.

    • ElaineB

      I agree Helen, but for now she is staying. It will be interesting to see how it will play out, as the days and weeks move on, the effect on the HGs…..tell themselves, just get her to jury.

  18. Avatar

    As Shivani said, Christmas is back. Said she had a bad post-op experience. She starts crying when everyone asks her about the future of her foot and said the Dr.’s said it will take a full year to heal, then arthritis will set in and she will have to have another surgery.
    Spends a long time talking with Jason, telling him not to feel bad about what happened, that everything happens for a reason and God is opening doors for her.
    Christmas then turns the conversation to gameplay and Jason tells her about Dom’s talkshow and Cody saying that 2 other people (not jess) knew about his plan.
    Christmas asks if her name was brought up and Jason never says yes or no only that they were all up until 5:00 a.m. .
    Christmas thinks she needs to go and talk to Alex to find out who she is putting up.
    What I found a little comical is that Christmas actually thinks that Alex will tell her who she nominating even though Jason said she won’t even tell him!
    I can’t wait to see how she reacts when everyone starts asking her or talking about did she vote for Ramses or not.
    I’m just is she going to get up and down the stairs all of the time? Will the guys be carrying her around? What if one of them gets hurt (hurt back etc.) while doing so?
    One thing is for sure..Raven can kiss her sympathy party over her 5 little stiches buh-bye!

  19. jimbo

    Of course with Cody gone, it has turned into Paul’s house and his cult followers. There is no threat to Paul. The only person who saw it is gone. Funny to see how The Couples fare now — this was their decision to trust “friendship” Paul instead of Cody.

  20. Mel

    It took Raven all of 5 minutes to talk about her near death toe experience to Xmas.

    Paul’s hoh is going great! He ordered Alex to have a talk with Xmas about her vote and she followed his instructions beautifully. He’s even putting Dom otb…oh wait, Alex is doing that!

    • ElaineB

      True point Mell about Paul. He has been on feeds telling more than one person ‘how this game is played’. Hope at some point the HGs get weary of all of his condescending words….oh I mean, helpful advice.

  21. LindsayB

    Omg. Alex and xmas are talking. Xmas is saying she can still compete and be a good team player. Alex: yeah, it’s like I told people I wasn’t going to vote out Raven because of her foot.

    Um. Seriously? Why are people comparing the two foot injuries??

  22. Mel

    Consistent theme this year: “Vote how I want even tho I can’t tell you who you’re voting out yet.”

  23. Avatar

    Shoutout to g8 – hope you had a great week !

  24. danmtruth

    This is build as a social experiment With everything that went down the last two days How much of a disadvantage does this put her in Part of the story is what did Cory say to her Than look at all she miss The Dom show with all that was and wasn’t said So now Xmass will be trying to make decisions on second and third person info Were did she get the idea to vote for Ramses ? The logical vote was to evict Cody

    • LindsayB

      Most of the decisions made in the house are based off of second and third hand info. It’s all about what everyone says about each other and how they share conversations and gossip not face to face.

    • Colby

      I think she and Paul planned her vote for Ram, just like he told Kevin to do. And now Paul has used it to plant doubts and distrust among the others.

      • Mel

        I don’t know Colby, he was awfully obsessive last night about trying to figure out who it was instead of diffusing it. He wanted Jason framed for the vote. 2 votes doesn’t really help him because he had no way of knowing that he would have the Dom/Mark opportunity at the time Xmas left the house.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        That’s what I think too……..

  25. Shivani33

    Jessica got an acting job. Alex instructed her to act surprised and “salty” when Jessica gets nominated. Did anyone see Jessica today saying that she has swiped her guy “clients'” credit/debit cards to give herself better tips? Watch your mouth, gurrll!

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s just stupid. All Alex had to do is nominate her without telling her. She would have been salty anyway. These people must really be trying to leave a lasting impression on TV. They keep over emphasizing/dramatizing everything.

  26. Mel

    I was on the fence about Christmas but for everyone who felt she should have to leave may just be proven right. Christmas trying to find out who voted second because she sang she may be able to figure out who voted for Ramses. My guess is she heard Julie say ‘that’s three votes for Ramses’ before her video/call was disconnected.

    • Shivani33

      Mell carrying this further, now Alex knows that the first 3 people who voted are the ones who voted for Ramses.

      • Mel

        Did xmas say that to her? I missed that.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Not good for Kevin since Jessica went first….Kevin went second and Christmas outed herself because she was number three…..although housepets don’t know that Julie announced that after Christmas vote at commercial

      • Mel

        Right, Xmas could always lie about what Julie said to cover her own vote but still bust Kevin.

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  28. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Who voted next after Christmas?

  29. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Oh crap. After Christmas was Raven. So. HG. Will be against Kevin and Raven. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!

  30. danmtruth

    these people are not our Helen they get 1+1 and they look at Paul for the answer

  31. danmtruth

    Jessica giving us in sigh into how to make extra non taxable cash as a entertainment hostess

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