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Big Brother 19 – Cody Makes Last Minute Push


Sorry about the late start today. I had a dentist appointment this morning – fun.

Today is the veto ceremony and it could be a pretty game changing day – under normal circumstances and a normal cast. Matt won the power of veto and he’s on the block. Normally, that’s it. Matt saves himself and since he’s a 3rd nominee, Elena and Jason remain on the block with no replacement. Of course, this is Matt we’re talking about. The guy nobody cares about who is merely playing to make it to veto so he doesn’t really care about being a pawn or being sent home. This means he has no problem remaining on the block to save Jason so Alex can swap him for Cody.  Sad, but so is Matt.

That doesn’t mean Cody has given up hope as he has been making pitches to Alex and Jason who have been doing a great job humoring him.  He is suggesting when this happens, Alex re-nom Raven instead of Cody and everyone vote out Matt.  I’m sure he had no help from the DR on that idea *wink*. That said, it’s irrelevant because I’m fairly confident Alex is going to nominate Cody when this happens.  That doesn’t mean Cody’s game is lost, it just means he has a few days to convince a few more people to vote out Matt.  This should make for a fun week of watching Cody actually play the game, and who knows, it may work, but don’t get your hopes up if you’re a Cody fan. The biggest thing this is going to do is make for better TV and give people who don’t watch the feeds hope.


Alright, I’m going to jump right in…..

  • 10:30 am – Cody is talking to Jason who is listening along and thinks it’s a great idea (he doesn’t)
    • Cody then wakes Elena up like it’s Christmas morning to tell her
    • Elena tells him that she’ll end up being voted out under his situation of Raven being on the block
    • Cody says the votes will be him, Mark, Jason, and Kevin voting to get Matt out.  They only have Christmas, Paul, and Josh to vote the other way
    • Again, great plan in theory, but not with this cast
  • 10:45 am – Jason went upstairs and joined in the conversation with Christmas, Paul, Matt, and Raven about Kevin
    • It’s kind of sad seeing Jason shit on Kevin considering how close they’ve been all year.  He’s not really ‘shitting on’ but he’s been joining in on people who call Kevin sketchy
    • He also re-told the group about the conversation with Cody.
    • Getting Matt out would be great TV, so it sucks that this doesn’t appear to happen. Seriously, who needs Matt?
  • Huge shout out to Jesus for the donation!  I love you guys
  • 11:20 am – Feeds down for veto meeting
  • 12:15 pm – Feeds back, everything went as expected. Jason safe, Cody up
    • The sewing circle (Jason, Alex, Paul, and Christmas) are up in the HoH room trashing Kevin then the talk turns to bitching about Cody when Kevin enters
    • Paul then talks about how Cody was fake and being friends with him the last few days… bro, you did the same thing to him for jury votes
    • You’re also doing the same thing when you talk shit about Kevin then act like his bff when he’s around.  This house is pathetic
  • 12:45 pm – Kevin leaves and Alex immediately starts trashing him for being a liar
    • Paul is going to ‘put him in check’
    • Paul says if he wins HoH he is going to call out Mark and ‘draw the line in the sand’.  Spoiler alert – he won’t. Paul is full of shit
    • So basically, the sewing circle are prepping Kevin to be out after Mark and Elena so the smear campaign is underway. Seeing as that’s at least a week until that happens, be prepared for a lot of people trashing the guy who is generally well liked by many fans.
    • I can’t wait to see their faces when Kevin or Cody win AFP.
  • 1:25 pm – Josh is in the HoH room talking about how his group of Paul’s minions are ‘underdogs’
  • 1:30 pm – Mark is outside tanning with his pants out ass up (wear sunglasses)
    • Matt comes up in the HoH room complaining that he can’t tan because of that.
  • 1:35 pm – Mark got the key and picks right!  He’s out of havenot.  Paul said he was going to pick the other one had Mark not done it
  • 1:50 pm – Paul is ranting to Elena about Cody
    • He’s upset because Cody was campaigning. Seriously.  He’s a ‘dickhead’ for trying to stay in the game
  • 2:45 pm – Paul has been talking to Jason for a bit about general game
    • Paul mentions he’s going to ‘sick Josh on him’ (Mark)…  Poor Josh. So clueless
  • 4:15 pm – Raven randomly yells to production that she’s still in the house. She hasn’t been to the DR in 2 days
    • Umm Raven, nobody cares about your opinion on the week? You are Matt are less exciting than Corey last season
    • If you want air time, have your boyfriend actually make a damn move rather than whatever Paul wants him to do. Make a splash in the game
    • Meanwhile, Alex comes in to bring hot dogs and Paul whispers something to her about Jason wanting to get Matt out and keep Cody.
    • Alex says she’ll return
  • 4:22 pm – Paul, Christmas and the boring duo are in the apple room talking about the audacity Mark had to try to make a move
    • They are completely blown away that Mark asked Jason if they’re good to vote Matt out
    • Matt can’t believe how bad of a player Mark is ….. bahahaha
  • 4:45 pm – The group goes into the HoH room and Jason clears it up
    • Josh has been running around telling people that Mark wanted to get Matt out but the reality is Mark was just asking about votes.  Despite this, Paul is going to pretend Mark said this and use it against Mark
    • Paul gives Josh permission to harass Mark again once Cody is gone
    • Paul says when he breaks off from Christmas, he is going to be rude (he won’t)
  • 5:00 pm – Josh asks if he can unleash on Mark again.  The HoH is egging him on but telling him not yet

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Cody, alone, thinking on the hammock.


  2. Avatar

    I think Cody might have gotten futher with “his” plan, especially with Jason, if he suggested putting Christmas up. No- she is not a competition threat, but neither have some of the past evicted houseguests. Just thoughts….

    • Mello_One

      It’s Pathetic that these people can’t see the Forrest for the Trees…Smdh?! They are not gonna Budge for Cody, and this might be the “only” chance they have to make a Big Move!!! And the way that Paul is reacting, he ALSO KNOWS that this is the Time for a BIG MOVE to Eventually get him Out?!

      But Alas the Minions are Far too Scared to do it. This is “not” been a Good Season of BB, and the Majority of the HG have been very Disappointing, due to One Veteran being inserted into the House.

      • Avatar

        I was so pumped watching Cody talk game last night! But Alex turning around and telling everyone just killed me. At least keep it to yourself overnight. And really think about what he is saying. Ugh. Back to the regularly scheduled Paul show. And I am a Paul fan. I just want him to at least have to fight for his win. At this point the 500k has become a runner up prize for him from his last season…

      • kneeless

        I wish production would ‘hint’ to Paul that Cody’s plan, or some version of, would be greatly appreciated by us fans. I can’t believe Alex. She claims to be a fan but her strategy is about as good as Matt’s. These idiots are so blind if production doesn’t do some prodding the rest of the season will be blah

      • kneeless

        So many of these idiots repeat or retell the same story, in a matter of minutes than my 85 yr old father (who rarely repeats himself compared to many his age).

      • Ann

        Wouldn’t they go from being under Paul’s spell to being under Cody’s corrupt leadership if they jumped ship now? They’ve already seen that the man is unstable. That would be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire because Cody is some kind of crazy.

      • Avatar

        But at least with Cody staying they would have a chance at the end and lets face it, they might only keep “Unstable” Cody for a little while anyway while “Unbeatable unless we get him out soon” Paul is probably there until the lights go out.

      • Avatar

        Ann, yes in a way it would be going from fire to frying pan. I see what you’re saying. But I think what it comes down to and why everyone is calling the HGs idiots for keeping Paul in is that no one can win $500,000 against fire (Paul), but they could win against the frying pan (Cody). So why not jump Paul’s ship so that they have a better chance of winning at the end with Cody?

        Because, idiots.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I agree Angie, I think Cody’s campaigning has been too “Paul-centric” and too long-term oriented (and this is a very short-sighted group of HGs). He needs to understand that the others are far too enamored with Paul for that to be a good tactic right now. He should focus his energy on convincing them that someone else is a bigger threat THIS WEEK and needs to go home before him. It’s going to take more time to wake everyone up and shift their focus towards the end game. For now, he’s got to secure his safety for the immediate future so he can survive long enough to shake things up.

  3. Avatar

    Cody you can do it!! Win me that money!!

  4. AIO_7

    Matt, yet again wearing his orange Texas tee-shirt. If he’s not tonguing his mustache he is fingering it.


  5. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Josh is outside begging someone named “Delilah” to go out with him since Elena won’t give him any play. It took me almost 10 minutes to figure out that Josh has been talking to the rubber swan floaty in the pool all this time.

  6. AIO_7

    A cute Rabbits break from the feeds.


  7. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Steve, I think Jason is only playing along with the “shitting on” Kevin just to hide how close he and Kevin are. For the most part, Jason has been defending Kevin (but in a subtle way). Every time Jason says something negative about Kevin, he almost immediately follows it up with something like “but I don’t think he’s being shady” or “that’s just how Kevin is” or “but I still think Kevin has our back”. For what it’s worth, Josh has also been defending Kevin pretty consistently.

    • Sassy

      Jason knows Kevin is shady and he tells Alex about ALL of their conversations. He may like the guy personally, but will follow the house when it is Kevin’s time to go.

  8. Avatar

    This is the lamest bunch of guests ever. Paul is clearly running the show and none of them see it as long as they’re not the target they will do whatever Paul tells them.

    If they were smart and really wanted to win Matt would use the Veto on Jason and then Alex could put up Paul as the replacement nom and vote him out and say goodbye to the biggest player in the game. That would be the all time greatest Big Brother move in history. But Alex talks a big game but doesn’t have the stones to do it.

    Cody is no longer a factor. He is not liked or trusted by the other House Guests so he is the perfect person to take to the end and bring him into your fold and let him win comp after comp and get all the blood on his hands to get out the people you want out of the house.

    When it comes to vote day he will not get a vote so it pretty much guarantees a win.

    All the House Guests should know by now if you take Paul to the end then why play out the rest of the game. Just hand him the check for $500K now and save us all the trouble.

    Cody’s plan to take out Matt is a good one. He is a lame ass player would does whatever Paul asks just to stay in the house.

    Personally I would love to see Kevin win it all. He is just floating by week to week and not drawing anyone’s attention other than Jason.

    I was shocked and kind of disgusted about the over celebration to make Jury. I’m sorry I thought the idea was to win the game not the consultation prize of Jury House. I guess for me it is all or nothing. No one remembers who finished in Jury house they only remember the winner.

    Don’t believe me name the last 5 finalists for the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL championships. Bet you can’t but I’m sure you know who won all those Championships.

    In the words of Ricky Bobby…. “If you’re not first your last”

    • AIO_7

      “Personally I would love to see Kevin win it all. He is just floating by week to week and not drawing anyone’s attention other than Jason.”

      Well, to be fair, Kevin has gotten a lot of attention from Christmas.

    • Avatar

      It would be funny to see the zingbot come into the house and ask Paul if it can be in a final two with him just like everybody else. ZING! They’ll never do it and only the people watching at home would get it and/or think it’s funny.

  9. AIO_7

    Long break in the feeds. Must be Veto ceremony.

  10. danmtruth

    Paul hearing all the Kevin talk might pull out the 25K card on Kevin Tell the bobbelheads Kevin JUST told him In hopes of getting friendship from Paul But Paul HAD to tell the troops this because he is all about honesty
    Some one mention earlier how Cameron had to wear glasses Even tho he does not need them to help make him look nerdy Raven & Josh were talking about the memory wall How many of the picture did not look like the people Production step in to stop them as they talk about the photo shoot
    Production has a big hand in crafting the look and feel of HG look & background story Donny was told not to cut his beard and they limited his wardrobe to keep him country simple Kevin has one of the bigger wardrobe than most of any of the females That’s why I say Raven has flip the script on production With the sick girl act They had a season with supranational temptations all set Along with a self proclaimed ghostbuster girl Only to have her turn into Death Door Dolly

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  12. Sassy

    There is NO plan Cody could have come up with that would have worked. These people are on vacation, not playing a game. The only game play is to pick a person to be the weekly outcast and mentally torment them for the week until they leave. They will never believe that could be them next week, until it is.

  13. Avatar

    I am so frustrated with these houseguests. How do you guys enjoy watching the feeds? I think I would go insane

    • Ann

      Exactly why I got rid of the feeds after the free week. I try to watch BBAD but if it doesn’t hold my attention I either fall asleep or change the channel. I like to read the comments.

  14. Seattle Kari

    I realize it’s a game but I am so sick of the double standard bullshit. I hope Paul sees a lot of what was written about him that’s negative after work. Then again notice if he weighs he isn’t going to give a shit.


  15. Shivani33

    Expect the expected. Matt removed Cowboy from the block and Cody was nominated.

      • Shivani33

        MattRess has said that he has watched only one Season of BB and that was after BB gave it to him to watch in sequester. It was Season 16, the Derrick show. You could say that he was a minion in training. Maybe he’s biding his time, will give up folding clean towels on the kitchen floor and get strategic, try to win the half-million. Hahaha.

    • Sassy

      This years motto is expect the expected…

    • Avatar

      @Sassy I remember saying that after they gave Paul the first 3 weeks off and the hg’s gave him his first HOH win with the roll the ball in the hole tickets. It’s like someone else said a while back, “It’s like watching a scripted show sometimes”

      • Sassy

        Well they need to write a better script and new writers!

      • Ann

        It was because Cody & Jess were such major assholes & they treated people like shit. Jess thought everybody was beneath her. If they had treated people right the game would probably be played in a totally different way.

      • Sassy

        Everyone in the house thinks that way. They all “think” other are beneath them. Scooter, Elena, and #RavenSTFU are constantly talking about how great they are and they are somebody important in the outside world. Scooter refers to herself as famous… No one is innocent in how they treat people inside the house, this is an awful group of people.

  16. Alda

    Now,if Cody had said let’s get Elena out,would that have changed anything? Alex could have pushed for that.But,Cody is too close to her and Mark to cause waves.

    • Sassy

      Nope, Paul would never have allowed it, Cody is a bigger threat to him than Elena. Cody’s best chance would have been to try to create doubt in Matt’s mind, get him to use the veto on himself, and Matt, Raven, Mark, Kevin, and Cody vote out Cowboy. Not that I think for a second he could flip MAVEN, they have a solid (or so they think) final 3 with Paul.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I think if Cody would’ve just left Paul’s name out of it and focused on highlighting why Elena is more dangerous and needs to go immediately, he could’ve had a shot (maybe a long shot, but a shot nonetheless). Once he put Paul’s name into his campaigning, it was over.

        Having said that, I do think you’re right that Paul would’ve most likely never wavered from wanting Cody out this week (and with good reason). He knows Cody is a threat to him personally and he has to get him out now while he doesn’t have a chance to save himself. Still, I would’ve liked to see Cody try a tactic that was a little more crafty and “game savvy”. The straight forward “anti-Paul” approach has failed Cody time and time again this season. Might as well switch it up and try the sneak attack instead.

  17. Avatar

    I wanted to note that Paul got all upset with Jessica “world peace” and Cody “I have no statement” disrespecting the game, but I think it should be noted that Matts not using the Veto on himself when he’s on the block is much more of a disrespect of the game, than not giving a speech when there is ZERO chance Paul would use the veto on you…..just my opinion

    • Avatar

      I would like to side note in response to the next post….I don’t ever like my own posts….it’s really dumb…..even dumber than matt….which is hard to get to…..just putting that out there….

    • Avatar

      Oh I misread that she was referring to the random thumbs down brigade…..disregard

    • Sassy

      I think they have all disrespected the game over and over again. They do not follow the rules. Production has to talk to them numerous times about not napping during the day, keeping lights on, coming to the diary room, changing batteries etc… They are not playing for the 500K, that is what is MOST disrespectful to the game! They are playing for 2d at best and I don’t think some of them even care about that. These people are the worst!

  18. Seattle Kari

    What the hell, I’ll put on another post to help those that hit the thumbs down for absolutely no reason other than to get themselves off, a little help with their play.

    Have fun children.

    This does not who click thumbs down for a valid reason. 😉

  19. Seattle Kari

    * does not include those, that should have said.

  20. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Little Miss Raven is upset because she went outside and offered Cody some of her nasty ass chicken tacos and he said “no thank you”. Umm, am I missing something? Is there a more polite way to decline salmonella poisoning?


    • Sassy



    • Ann

      I just couldn’t sit back & let her keep passing around that half cooked shit without telling her. Nasty hygiene in the kitchen while she’s cooking & then have the nerve to get mad because someone turns that raw slop down.

      • Ann


      • Avatar

        I wonder if she has bad kitchen hygiene and eats uncooked, unhealthy food so she WILL get sick. Maybe it is part of her upbringing so she can go to the doctor more often and get more……wait for it…….attention from everyone. No, not Raven…..That’s probably why Matt eats so much cereal, so he can say he’s full and won’t eat as much of her food. Win or not, I’m sure he at least wants to get out of the house alive!

  21. Avatar

    Does anyone know… do they make the same amount of money in the jury house as the real house?
    This playing for jury is ridiculous! I wish they’d look for players that wanted to win 500k!!!
    If I was Jason’s wife watching I would seriously kick his ass!!! So you took a 3 month vacation… how nice for YOU pal! Kevin’s maybe trying?!? Alex for sure is the biggest disappointment to me… when she came in she talked big and now she’s letting Cody be evicted by Paul on her HOH after Cody multiple times said he’d never evict her!! Big move Alex, seriously if she’d nominated Paul we’d have a real game right now:-)

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      “do they make the same amount of money in the jury house as the real house?”

      I believe so Juli. The only way the HGs make less is if they get evicted pre-jury. If they stick around the whole summer, they all get paid the same stipend (regardless of how many weeks the actually spend in the BB house vs the jury house).

    • ShoeLover

      I wish I would have never known about them being paid at all!! It totally takes away from the fun of the show!!! I remember it used to never be mentioned in past years of the BBAD way back when it was still on Showtime. AND all the talk of how bad they want to win, gave up their job time away from their families….. Whats the point in even playing if you only want to make it to jury???

      C’MON MAN!!

  22. Mello_One

    I said this on a Prior Thread, but I kinda believe that the “Have Not Key” for the Slop Box, might also fit the P.O. Boxes in the HOH also. There has to be some kind of “SPECIAL TEMPTATION in one of those Boxes.”

  23. Avatar

    Dear CBS, Please don’t let Julie say expect the unexpected anymore. THANK YOU

  24. Sassy

    Maybe next season, CBS should offer cash for each competition win, at least for the HoH. That may encourage contestants to try a little harder and mix things up a bit.

  25. Avatar

    Did not like Cody till this week if he played like this from the beginning I think he would have went far in this game. If Megan didn’t leave it would be a hole different game I think Paul would be gone by now I just hope Jason wins Kevin finish in second

    • Sassy

      I don’t think Megan would have done much to change the game. The only real game changers were Kevin taking the money and letting Paul back in and Paul getting 3 weeks of safety. Other than that, Paul has controlled 95% of what is going on in the house. You can’t say good morning without getting his permission first.

      • Avatar

        Paul was getting in the house this season whether Kevin took the money or not. They had already shot the Candy Crush episode with him in it and had the candy crush challenge lined up as a Comp in the house. They would have kept doing temptations until Paul got in. They picked these weak minded hg’s banking on Paul’s return and knew he would be able to control them.

  26. hogwild

    So none of the Big Brother Brog broke away from the collective I would say that was a shock but we all know it’s not. I would like to think the way Paul has been acting like such a dick lately I mean more so than usual would wake these people up but it won’t they will continue to worship Paul right up to the moment he sends them to the jury house and probably even after that.

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  28. kneeless

    They are set on sending Cody home, so why, why do they have to keep talking about him. He sure has captured their attention. I am so sick of Josh parroting Paul.

  29. hogwild

    The only move most of these people have made so far is a bowel movement.

  30. Russell James Yost

    Kevin, Jason, and Alex talking about Raven’s poop streaked bikini bottom. HAHA! Hilarious!

  31. Kayla88

    I thought an older cast would be different instead almost every one is blindly following one of the youngest people in the house. I need something exciting to happen Thursday

  32. Kayla88

    Also does anyone else occasionally go back and read the cast bios and the summaries Steve writes? Such different opinions as the season goes on. They make me laugh sometimes like speculating Raven could be a fan favourite. It’s funny how different most of them are in the house as opposed to the way they initially present themselves

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