Sorry about the late start today. I had a dentist appointment this morning – fun.

Today is the veto ceremony and it could be a pretty game changing day – under normal circumstances and a normal cast. Matt won the power of veto and he’s on the block. Normally, that’s it. Matt saves himself and since he’s a 3rd nominee, Elena and Jason remain on the block with no replacement. Of course, this is Matt we’re talking about. The guy nobody cares about who is merely playing to make it to veto so he doesn’t really care about being a pawn or being sent home. This means he has no problem remaining on the block to save Jason so Alex can swap him for Cody.  Sad, but so is Matt.


That doesn’t mean Cody has given up hope as he has been making pitches to Alex and Jason who have been doing a great job humoring him.  He is suggesting when this happens, Alex re-nom Raven instead of Cody and everyone vote out Matt.  I’m sure he had no help from the DR on that idea *wink*. That said, it’s irrelevant because I’m fairly confident Alex is going to nominate Cody when this happens.  That doesn’t mean Cody’s game is lost, it just means he has a few days to convince a few more people to vote out Matt.  This should make for a fun week of watching Cody actually play the game, and who knows, it may work, but don’t get your hopes up if you’re a Cody fan. The biggest thing this is going to do is make for better TV and give people who don’t watch the feeds hope.

Alright, I’m going to jump right in…..

  • 10:30 am – Cody is talking to Jason who is listening along and thinks it’s a great idea (he doesn’t)
    • Cody then wakes Elena up like it’s Christmas morning to tell her
    • Elena tells him that she’ll end up being voted out under his situation of Raven being on the block
    • Cody says the votes will be him, Mark, Jason, and Kevin voting to get Matt out.  They only have Christmas, Paul, and Josh to vote the other way
    • Again, great plan in theory, but not with this cast
  • 10:45 am – Jason went upstairs and joined in the conversation with Christmas, Paul, Matt, and Raven about Kevin
    • It’s kind of sad seeing Jason shit on Kevin considering how close they’ve been all year.  He’s not really ‘shitting on’ but he’s been joining in on people who call Kevin sketchy
    • He also re-told the group about the conversation with Cody.
    • Getting Matt out would be great TV, so it sucks that this doesn’t appear to happen. Seriously, who needs Matt?
  • Huge shout out to Jesus for the donation!  I love you guys
  • 11:20 am – Feeds down for veto meeting
  • 12:15 pm – Feeds back, everything went as expected. Jason safe, Cody up
    • The sewing circle (Jason, Alex, Paul, and Christmas) are up in the HoH room trashing Kevin then the talk turns to bitching about Cody when Kevin enters
    • Paul then talks about how Cody was fake and being friends with him the last few days… bro, you did the same thing to him for jury votes
    • You’re also doing the same thing when you talk shit about Kevin then act like his bff when he’s around.  This house is pathetic
  • 12:45 pm – Kevin leaves and Alex immediately starts trashing him for being a liar
    • Paul is going to ‘put him in check’
    • Paul says if he wins HoH he is going to call out Mark and ‘draw the line in the sand’.  Spoiler alert – he won’t. Paul is full of shit
    • So basically, the sewing circle are prepping Kevin to be out after Mark and Elena so the smear campaign is underway. Seeing as that’s at least a week until that happens, be prepared for a lot of people trashing the guy who is generally well liked by many fans.
    • I can’t wait to see their faces when Kevin or Cody win AFP.
  • 1:25 pm – Josh is in the HoH room talking about how his group of Paul’s minions are ‘underdogs’
  • 1:30 pm – Mark is outside tanning with his pants out ass up (wear sunglasses)
    • Matt comes up in the HoH room complaining that he can’t tan because of that.
  • 1:35 pm – Mark got the key and picks right!  He’s out of havenot.  Paul said he was going to pick the other one had Mark not done it
  • 1:50 pm – Paul is ranting to Elena about Cody
    • He’s upset because Cody was campaigning. Seriously.  He’s a ‘dickhead’ for trying to stay in the game
  • 2:45 pm – Paul has been talking to Jason for a bit about general game
    • Paul mentions he’s going to ‘sick Josh on him’ (Mark)…  Poor Josh. So clueless
  • 4:15 pm – Raven randomly yells to production that she’s still in the house. She hasn’t been to the DR in 2 days
    • Umm Raven, nobody cares about your opinion on the week? You are Matt are less exciting than Corey last season
    • If you want air time, have your boyfriend actually make a damn move rather than whatever Paul wants him to do. Make a splash in the game
    • Meanwhile, Alex comes in to bring hot dogs and Paul whispers something to her about Jason wanting to get Matt out and keep Cody.
    • Alex says she’ll return
  • 4:22 pm – Paul, Christmas and the boring duo are in the apple room talking about the audacity Mark had to try to make a move
    • They are completely blown away that Mark asked Jason if they’re good to vote Matt out
    • Matt can’t believe how bad of a player Mark is ….. bahahaha
  • 4:45 pm – The group goes into the HoH room and Jason clears it up
    • Josh has been running around telling people that Mark wanted to get Matt out but the reality is Mark was just asking about votes.  Despite this, Paul is going to pretend Mark said this and use it against Mark
    • Paul gives Josh permission to harass Mark again once Cody is gone
    • Paul says when he breaks off from Christmas, he is going to be rude (he won’t)
  • 5:00 pm – Josh asks if he can unleash on Mark again.  The HoH is egging him on but telling him not yet

Check back for updates