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Big Brother 19 – Eviction And HoH Spoilers (Rumored, But Likely)


I believe this is the third time this season that the feeds were down for an extended period which I kind of hate, but that’s just what they do. During those periods, people have been evicted and/or competitions have happened which left us in the dark until they aired the episode on CBS. Luckily, there has been a pretty reliable leak this season who has been right every time they made a spoiler post during this period so I see no reason to start doubting them now.

Seeing as the results are exactly as I expected, I’ll save you the agony of waiting another 9 or so hours until the episode…

Alex was evicted from the Big Brother house. Josh apparently broke the tie as Paul once again tried to secure a jury vote by forcing the tie. Production hyping up Josh potentially breaking free from Paul was just that – hype. I never actually believed he would and think the only time he may end up doing that is if he has to choose between him and Christmas… even then there is still a legit 50/50 shot at him taking Paul  (Christmas is about 70/30 taking Paul)


The final 4 HoH was played and Paul decided to finally win won because he needs more of a resume builder. Despite being pseudo-HoH roughly 9 times this season, this is only Paul’s 3rd official win and first since week 5. That is around the time he realized he was in pretty good shape all around and started throwing every single one  (including twice when he got the entire house to throw the HoH comp to his person of choosing).

Now that he has nothing to lose, expect Paul to play at 100% and keep his fate in his hands.  He is going to nominate Kevin and either Josh or Christmas, but the important part is the PoV competition which will also likely go to Paul.  The only way for Kevin to not be evicted next is if he wins the PoV competition which is almost a guarantee not to happen. I mean it could happen, but Tom Brady can pull up to my house in a limo today and ask if we want to play catch, but we all know that’s not really going to happen. He’d probably take an Uber hybrid, not a limo.

So with that, Paul has guaranteed himself a spot in the final 3 and also guaranteed that he will have never stepped foot inside the jury house in the roughly 191 days he has been inside the Big Brother house over the last two seasons.  He has also avoided the nomination chair the entire season, but he has to word that right because some people count him as being nominated when Cody did it but he was saved from his twist (remember when someone recently said Kevin was the only person to not be nominated this year?)

Yes, this season has been full of bad players, but that is still a pretty damn nice resume.

Update – Josh and Kevin have been nominated.



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  1. AIO_7

    * ” Josh apparently broke the tie as Paul once again tried to secure a jury vote by forcing the tie”…

    I hope Slosh picks up on this (yet another) dick move by Paul.

  2. Alda

    I just read on another site that Christmas works for Paul’s mom.Does anyone know if there’s any truth to that?

  3. Avatar

    If I were Paul, I would want Kevin and Christmas for the final three and Christmas for the final two. Josh is the only player left right now that is even a remote threat of winning the $500K.

  4. Avatar

    As much as I dislike Alex and am glad to hear of her eviction, I believe that Josh made a strategic mistake with his tiebreaker vote. With that vote, he probably secured first place for Paul, second place for Christmas, and his own eviction this week. If he had saved Alex, she might have won HoH this week and Kevin/Christmas would have been her targets.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      If Josh had saved Alex, that means Kevin would’ve been evicted and couldn’t have been one of her targets this week. She might have tried to target Paul this week instead, but there’s a good chance Paul would’ve won the veto, leaving either Christmas or Josh to be evicted. Let’s say Paul chose to evict Christmas– that leaves a F3 of Alex, Paul, and Josh. No matter which of those two Josh faces off against in F2, he would lose. Josh needed to get rid of both Alex and Paul in order to have any shot of winning the game, so getting rid of Alex this week was probably his best move. Now he just has to hope against all odds he can win the final HOH competition so he can take out Paul as well.

  5. Avatar

    Makes me wonder if Xmas is the little burrito he speaks of…they sure enjoy spooning

  6. Avatar

    If the Christmas knew Paul prior to the game and knew that Paul would be coming back this season and CBS rigged the show for Paul to win then GOODBYE Big Brother.

    I have suspected for a long-time that all reality TV is not really reality and a lot of stuff is staged and or rigged. After all the Networks need to produce a TV show and they need it to flow a certain way. The bottom line for any TV show is to get ratings. Low ratings means no show and a loss of jobs. No producer or director wants a flop on his or her resume so they do what they need to do to boost ratings.

    I find this story seems like a planted story but I can see some truth in it. I just wonder why CBS felt it necessary to give Paul $500K unless they messed up something last year and need to make amends.

    Now I sure a contract Lawyer would be able to way through all this stuff but I think the contestants that were on the show might have a law suit case against CBS. Depends I guess what was written in the contracts they signed to be on the show.

    If this story proves to be true. My days of watching Big Brother are over. So much for all the noise about this being a social experiment. CBS has duped the public and the show is a sham.

    You can bet NBC and ABC will be exposing this little nugget and CBS will get raked over the coals. TMZ will love this story, along with Entertainment Tonight and you can bet the late night Talk Shows will be all over CBS for this.

    I hope this is a fake news story for Big Brother and CBS sake.

    It does make sense that they would cast this group of losers and everything going Paul’s way from Day 1.

    3 week Free Pass “Voted on by the public” Show me the actual results of that poll. Publish the unedited results. I bet you there is no way in hell CBS would ever publish that. Or maybe they don’t even tabulate the results they all ready know who they are giving the prize to.

    Also, to boost ratings they rigged a contest that they knew Cody would win and Jessica just happen to get the power of the HEX prior to him coming back.

    When you add up all the clues it all makes sense.

    Shame on CBS if this is proven to be factual.

    • Helen

      I have been scolded by a few for saying this but this year in particular the outcome of this season has been predetermined…
      So many odd things have popped up this year I decided to do a little research……here is the result…
      This is a response from the FCC after complaints were filed in season 8……yes. Season 8:

      Thanks for contacting the FCC via the online inquiry form, with your inquiry (designated IC Number: 07-W13271938), regarding the ‘reality’ show ‘Big Brother.’ We will close your inquiry IC Number: 07-W13271938 with this response:
      Section 73.1216 of the Commission’s rules governs the broadcast of licensee-conducted contests, Le., a contest conducted by an FCC-licensed station in which a prize is offered ‘to members of the public.’ Since the show ‘Big Brother’ is conducted by a network programmer (vs. an FCC-licensed station) and does not offer a prize to members of the public, it is not regulated by the FCC.
      A “game show” in which ‘selected contestants’ (vs. ‘members of the public’) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice. However ‘Big Brother’ does not appear to meet the definition of a “game show.” Rather, it is a ‘for entertainment only’ program, somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure, predetermined.

  7. AIO_7

    “3 week Free Pass “Voted on by the public” Show me the actual results of that poll. Publish the unedited results.”

    I’ve always wondered if there was an independent audit of the votes for BB. I’ve also always doubted it.

    • Avatar

      But if it is not a game show they may not need to prove anything. Americas partication could be pretend and just part of the entertainment experience based on what is being posted today.

    • Avatar

      It was the Same doggone way last Season for Nicole! Remember the so called “Care Packages” that were voted on by supposedly us last Season???

      The Week that Nicole received the SAFE WEEK, everyone to a person that I have spoken to told me that they all voted for VICTOR!!! Nicole was going home that week, & she is the HG that received the SAFE-TARD, & a week of Safety from us!!! But hardly anyone I know on the Messages Boards, & Friends Voted for her?!

      • Avatar

        Mello, everyone you talked to said they voted for victor, but I was one who voted for Nicole. People on this web site, on the majority, didn’t like Nicole, but if you went to other sites and looked at polls all over the web, Nicole was quite popular. Most people votes for the care packages saving their favorite for near the end. When Nicole got that, many had already received packages. And there was still much game left when she got that so many other chances to send her home after that and it didn’t happen I didn’t vote for anything this year? Did we know before hand what the prize would be? I don’t remember before hand knowing there was a THREE WEEK SAFETY prize. Getting that the first week by Paul I believe was production. I don’t think production rigs AFP, usually one of top favs win. Everyone was afraid Frankie would win because of his sister and production, but he didn’t. Production interferes but we have no idea how much.

      • AIO_7

        Mello and Trudy: Believe it or not, I can agree with both of your comments. That’s part of what draws us to BB, there is intrigue either way we look at it.

      • Avatar

        This is not the “only” Website that I Visit when it comes to Big Brother…LOL?! I visit several, and everyone said they voted for Victor to receive Safety for a week! Just like Victor Won AFP overwhelmingly, I believe he also got Safety Care Package overwhelmingly.

      • Avatar

        Mello. I was talking mostly about the polls. Everyone I visited had different results. Like I said, no one knows if production interfered or not but basing who won that care package on everyone you talked to is not a very scientific decision. If you talked to 100 people what is that against millions who voted. Lots of people were ticked because they figured victor already got his care package by getting back in the game.

    • NKogNeeTow

      You and Helen have been skeptical during the entire season AI. Starting to sound like you were right.

  8. Avatar

    “Or maybe they don’t even tabulate the results they all ready know who they are giving the prize to” I have always believed this to be true. Not for Big Brother just reality shows in general. Even on American Idol they dedicated a certain amount of phone lines for Clay Aiken and a certain amount for Ruben Studdard. Both 6 or 12 lines I believe. Clay’s lines were overwhelmed but they only counted the votes that got through. If you called one of the 6 or 12 lines dedicated to Clay you got a busy signal. The Ruben lines were open and calculating every call because they all got through. The actual call load coming into Clay’s lines were double the ones coming in for Ruben. But Ruben registered “more calls” due to this crappy setup and was announced the winner.

    Why bother voting if they are just going to do what they want anyway? Even for AFP. Voting for things has always been a joke. Unless Price Waterhouse is holding an envelope it looks too easy to rig.

    It surprises me that Xmas would say this to Josh. Why would she? It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s true but why bring it up? Unless that is another thing that Paul wants to spring on the hg’s as a “fooled ya” kinda thing as he is getting handed the check.

  9. Avatar

    Like I said if this story is true. Then Big Brother is dead to me. I know a certain portion of all “Reality TV” is scripted or manipulated to a certain degree due to it is still a TV Show and it is all about viewership.

    American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother enter the reality show here are all edited and scripted to a certain extent. Producers determine what is shown and what is not. Seems the only reality TV show that seems to be unscripted is “Alone” but that only appeals to a limited audience.

    The writing was on the wall this Season and I think CBS dropped the ball big time. If they were hoping to keep up the appearance that this game was on the level.

    Paul has a 3 week pass to start the game. Everything and I do mean everything has gone his way. He has never been on the block. People throwing comps not once but multiple times over the course the the season. The HOH that Christmas won with the race was the worst thing I have ever seen in all the years of watching various reality shows. It was bad acting and so pathetic as a competitor it made my stomach turn.

    I know understand why the house guest celebrated so hard when they made Jury. I guess those that make Jury get a major bonus from CBS so that was the only thing they were playing for since Paul was the Golden Child to win the $500K.

    Here is how BB players get paid..


    Other tell tale signs this game is rigged or edited so the network gets you to view what they want you to…

    BB19 opted to paint Alex as the playful strong competitor and the female version of James. Instead of showing what a nasty piece of work she really is.

    They opted to paint Christmas as Ms. America instead of showing her real personality. If it turns out she all ready knew Paul prior to entering the game and knew he was not only going to be in the game but guaranteed to win it? I am sorry but that is fraud.

    They didn’t show any of the 3 nasty Rape Jokes that Jason spewed instead showed him as this great soft hearted Dad with the “Aw Shucks attitude”

    They made Josh the village idiot and court jester.

    The list goes on.

    If this story is true and I suspect certain elements are then this show is no better than the WWE and nothing more than a glorified Soap Opera and I am no longer a fan.

  10. Avatar

    I have sent this link… http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2017/big-brother-19-spoilers-christmas-abbott-worked-for-paul-abrahamians-mom-knew-paul-before-game-bb19-rigged-for-paul-to-win/

    To TMZ and the National Enquirer and various other Big Brother fan sites…

    We will soon learn is this is real or fake. If it is real BB is finished

  11. LynnD

    Thank you so much again for these updates. We have our power back but still no cable or wifi. Hopefully soon. Please keep us updated tonight

  12. Avatar

    ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’ People will speculate and make accusations and scream conspiracy but in the end, the results will be the same. The off season will be the same. The publicity will be the same. Off season interviews will be the same and we will all be back here next season to scream, stomp our feet and create new theories. There might be a few less people on here or there may be a lot more on here. Viewership won’t drop even slightly…

    We seem to be wasting a lot of needless energy on something that will not change…. the cycle will repeat itself…

    • LindsayB

      You are such a breath of fresh air….

      • Avatar

        LOL @LindsayB – I saw this somewhere else and I think it pretty much sums up how I feel…Is it wrong to both hope Paul wins and hope he loses? I just want to be entertained and see some game play. I don’t really care who wins.

      • Avatar

        I’m much more….. so much more… breath me in and feel refreshed and young again…. That may be the scotch talking…. or I’m punch drunk on Axe Body spray…

    • Painter1

      Wow when nothing goes on in the BB house you can really tell. It’s an entertaining TV show that most of us have enjoyed for 19 seasons and people want to shut it down because it’s rigged? OK!?!?!

      • Avatar

        I don’t think it should be shut down but I will probably stop watching. It is so obvious this season that Production wants Paul to win. Too obvious in my opinion, which made the show boring and stupid. The competitions at least have always been fun to watch but not this season….

    • Avatar

      Maybe they will bring Paul back to defend his title. No one has even won bb twice, let alone in back to back seasons!

    • Avatar

      Wayne, bitching about the game means people are watching it!!by the way, did you realize you plagiarized your first sentence? Lol. If you did it was really funny and if you didn’t, it was still entertaining. Did anyone else catch it??im pretty political so maybe that’s why I noticed it.
      I started watching bb season 1 because it was summer and there was nothing else on but reruns. We all thought it was pretty stupid at first but the more we watched and got to know the people, the more we got into it. For last several years if something else is on we just skip bb. And we don’t have dvr.

  13. Avatar

    So Josh and Kevin are on the block…… Hmmmm….. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Josh/Kevin won the POV and pulled themselves off and then voted Xmas out? That would make me all warm and tingly inside…. I mean there is a 50% chance one of them wins POV and a 66% chance that Xmas goes home….

  14. Helen

    Look at the bright side….we have had Kevin tell us funny stories all summer (made me laugh a few times) …..he comes out with about 40,027 dollars….pretty much a second place win……

  15. Avatar

    I would be interested to know how the $500K actually gets paid out. I read that the winner doesn’t get the full $500K due taxes and the pay out is at the Network desecration. Also, if you win AFP you don’t get the stipend. Translation they don’t allow you to double dip. So Kevin would get the $25K he won on day 1 and $50K for AFP for a total of $75K. He doesn’t collect the $9K stipend.


    I know on America’s Got Talent the Million Dollar prize is paid out over 40 years. Or you can take a lump sum payment of 25% of that. The big prize is to be on the tour and the show in Las Vegas that is where you make your hay.


    Survivor… Every player receives a prize for participating on Survivor depending on how long he or she lasts in the game. In most seasons, the runner-up receives $100,000, and third place wins $85,000. All other players receive money on a sliding scale, though specific amounts have rarely been made public.

    • Avatar

      AFP gets $25k. And I think they also get stipend. 1st and 2nd don’t get stipend!! They take out for taxes before you get your money. I didn’t know survivor got any money except the winner and Americas favorite.

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