I believe this is the third time this season that the feeds were down for an extended period which I kind of hate, but that’s just what they do. During those periods, people have been evicted and/or competitions have happened which left us in the dark until they aired the episode on CBS. Luckily, there has been a pretty reliable leak this season who has been right every time they made a spoiler post during this period so I see no reason to start doubting them now.

Seeing as the results are exactly as I expected, I’ll save you the agony of waiting another 9 or so hours until the episode…


Alex was evicted from the Big Brother house. Josh apparently broke the tie as Paul once again tried to secure a jury vote by forcing the tie. Production hyping up Josh potentially breaking free from Paul was just that – hype. I never actually believed he would and think the only time he may end up doing that is if he has to choose between him and Christmas… even then there is still a legit 50/50 shot at him taking Paul  (Christmas is about 70/30 taking Paul)

The final 4 HoH was played and Paul decided to finally win won because he needs more of a resume builder. Despite being pseudo-HoH roughly 9 times this season, this is only Paul’s 3rd official win and first since week 5. That is around the time he realized he was in pretty good shape all around and started throwing every single one  (including twice when he got the entire house to throw the HoH comp to his person of choosing).

Now that he has nothing to lose, expect Paul to play at 100% and keep his fate in his hands.  He is going to nominate Kevin and either Josh or Christmas, but the important part is the PoV competition which will also likely go to Paul.  The only way for Kevin to not be evicted next is if he wins the PoV competition which is almost a guarantee not to happen. I mean it could happen, but Tom Brady can pull up to my house in a limo today and ask if we want to play catch, but we all know that’s not really going to happen. He’d probably take an Uber hybrid, not a limo.

So with that, Paul has guaranteed himself a spot in the final 3 and also guaranteed that he will have never stepped foot inside the jury house in the roughly 191 days he has been inside the Big Brother house over the last two seasons.  He has also avoided the nomination chair the entire season, but he has to word that right because some people count him as being nominated when Cody did it but he was saved from his twist (remember when someone recently said Kevin was the only person to not be nominated this year?)

Yes, this season has been full of bad players, but that is still a pretty damn nice resume.

Update – Josh and Kevin have been nominated.