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Big Brother 19 – Final Post Veto Update Of Season


I’m sure you’re wondering what the title means because there is still some game left to play, but this should be the last time the feeds return from a PoV meeting this season.  Feeds will be going down for the Alex eviction and won’t return until Thursday night (I think. Based on previous seasons). This means we won’t get to see the final 4 veto meeting play out live, not that it will really be exciting. Unless Kevin wins the PoV or HoH by some miracle, he’s leaving next.

But for now, we get to enjoy the suffering of Alex.  Is that bad?  I think it’s bad.  I should enjoy people suffering, but it’s hard not to when she has locked herself away into isolation just a week or two after forcing Kevin into the same thing. She bullied the shit out of the guy and between her and Paul, he wasn’t really able to talk to anyone in the house. Now she is spending the majority of time in the HN room reading the bible which is something I haven’t seen her do all season until she started begging for AFP votes. She’s basically Cody with a bible, except like Kevin, he was basically forced in there when he was isolated by the house. Paul keeps trying to be friendly with her because he “doesn’t kiss ass for jury votes” *wink wink* but she’s not having any of it.

Paul is going to do what he can to earn what little respect he can gain from her while she’s here, but she’s going to be in the jury with a lot of people who realize what Paul has done this season. Her opinion of him is going to be further tainted when she leaves, but I don’t think it matters because the jury is full of idiots who were completely unaware of their surroundings while inside the house until they were blindsided (excluding Cody).



  • 11:50 am – Feeds are back and Alex is in the HN room reading while the axis of evil are up in the HoH room doing their thing – talking shit about people
    • Josh tells the group that Kevin is an insecure man
    • A few minutes later Josh tells the others that he’s getting cuddled by them later on
    • Christmas comes over and puts her head on Paul’s lap.
  • 4:15 pm – Took a break to go out to eat for our anniversary.
    • Josh is doing dishes and Alex is still in the HN reading.
  • 5:10 pm – Alex is reading in one room, Kevin is sitting in silence in another.  Final week is worse than the final week in school. At least in school, you have fun during that week

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  1. Helen

    Now that was weird….
    Turned feeds on and had camera view on Alex in HN room……I thought maybe since she has been such a gremlin this season she would start a shitstorm today……..when out of nowhere Paul gets called to DR and I clearly hear him say in. Very subdued tone…..”I played myself”….

  2. Jannie

    No sympathy whatsoever for Alex.
    She handed her game to the Gnome long ago.
    The only thing that will save the season for me this summer is to have Paul sitting next to ANYONE(but preferable Kevin) and lose…again.

    Yes, he played them all, but I just happen to think he is a horrible, obnoxious person. Kevin would have better use for the money.

    • Helen

      I don’t feel sorry for her either…..she did it to herself

    • Tinkerbell

      @jannie Agreed. I wish we could vote for AMHP, America’s Most Hated Player. Several days ago, Alex to Christmas……”If I don’t like someone, I talk shit about them, then just ignore them.” She really is a Vile Prison Girl. However, Christmas is as well. Two disgusting peas in a pod.

      • AIO_7

        ” I talk shit about them, then just ignore them.” ”

        Did anyone call her out on the contradiction of ignoring someone yet still talking about them?

      • Tinkerbell

        @aio_7 Nope, I haven’t heard a single person call her out When I heard her say that she was talking to Christmas. Christmas was all over it, thought it was great. Morons!

      • Tinkerbell

        Alex reading the Bible – “This is my life. I went from winning $500,000 to reading the Bible.”

        Totally unrelated subject. I don’t understand why Alex has had an unlimited supply of Coke. It doesn’t seem that any of the others had special things unless they won HOH.

      • Jannie

        They really started relaxing the food rules years ago. Now they are a bunch of carb loaded lazy asses.
        Remember when they actually had to compete for food?
        And you got a penalty for breaking the rules?

        The good old days…

      • Tinkerbell

        @jannie I remember. Yes, the good ole days. Production needs to take a look back, and bring back some the fun things, including the food comps. Loved that.

      • Tinkerbell

        Alex’s take-away from the Bible this evening……” An eye for an eye. You do shitty stuff, shitty stuff happens to you.” That’s our good girl.

      • Tinkerbell

        Alex in the kitchen eating and talking to herself – “Coke always makes me feel better. I drink 12 Cokes every day. I eat six cans of Campbells chicken noodle soup every day, with a tablespoon of Tobasco in each bowl. I chop the noodles up so I have them in every bite.” Man she eats like a hog. Her chomping and crunching could drive a person to drink. Just now belched loud enough to break a window. Disgusting pig. .

  3. Avatar

    I am trying to find where to vote for (Cody) AFP??? Is that open yet? We all know Paul will be the winner, (and hopefully, the producers will not have to bring him back for another season!!!)… Cody was the only player with guts enough to see through Paul’s bologna from the beginning. When can we vote????!!!!!

    • Helen

      Sorry. Cody didn’t “see” through anything….he just plain didn’t like Paul….

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You’re absolutely right once again Helen. When asked multiple times (during his DR sessions, during his post-eviction interview with Julie, during Dom’s wack ass talk show, etc) Cody always made it clear that his primary reason for targeting Paul was because he “just didn’t like the guy” when he saw him on BB18. The same reason why Cody nominated Megan the first week, the reason he and Jess targeted Josh (one of the weakest players in the game) when Jess was HOH, and the reason they refused to even talk to Josh when he was trying to throw Jess a lifeline and get Elena evicted instead.

        People are free to like whoever they like, but they cannot change the facts. Cody played a personal and emotional game, not a strategic one. He only “saw” through Paul after everyone flipped on him and went to Paul’s side.

      • Avatar

        Cody really wasn’t around long enough to play a strategic game but he made the biggest move in the house all season by putting Paul up the first week. If Paul had not gotten safety for three weeks, he would not be there now. And Cody said many times that he didn’t trust Paul. So he put him up because he didn’t trust him, nor like him. He knew Paul would be a big threat. So he may have been playing emotiotionally, but it was also great game play to pit him up then unfortunately, in my opinion, Paul had in his contract he wouldn’t play this year unless they promised him at least three weeks of safety. And they did and because of that, he’s still there and most likely going to win.

    • Helen

      But the answer to your question is that I believe voting opens Wednesday…..It will be on CBS site when it opens

  4. Mimi Ryan

    AFP for me is BOSTON KEVIN. Garden Gnome – Not for the Win, but for sure 2nd place in my book. Axes of Evil 12/25 – Bllllllllaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, Crybaby Meatball – If someone must win and it’s not KEVIN, than I’ll take this one. Vile Prison Bitch Girl – Jury here you go . . . . . . Good luck.

    • Helen

      If Paul takes either Josh or Christmas I think he will come in 2nd….He has a ch an eviction at 1 st with Kevin only because he has caused so many of the last evicted to hate Kevin….
      As Alex said last night jury is going to look at Josh and be impressed by the way he was able to turn his game around….
      Christmas will have Cody..Mark..Elana..Cowboy and probably Kevin if Paul gets him evicted Thursday

      • AIO_7

        I’d hate seeing 12/25 get the big money. I’d rather it be Slosh.

      • Avatar

        Paul has thought all this through him taking Christmas doesn’t make sense. People might not hate voting for her like they will Josh (cry baby) or Kevin (floater). While she annoyed some she spent a decent amount of time listening to their stories or joking around. She kept positive after the foot indecent and having accident prone/complaining Raven around made her look even better. Wasn’t afraid to own up to her moves when HOH. Paul does seem to understand these people though so he must have a solid plan.

  5. g8trgirl

    Alex deserves what she gets.
    Checking in. Minimal damage here. A small leak in one of the bathrooms. Branches all over the front and back yards, it looks like a war zone. Somehow managed to keep electricity but 1 million have not, mostly in southern Florida. I was very lucky.

  6. Tinkerbell

    Okay, I’ve been trying to keep eep my mouth , but that’s not working. Prefacing with, I’m not judging Alex. Just what’s on my mind. The entire season Alex has made fun of anyone reading ing the Bible. The people I remember….Cody, Mark, Elena. She has been reading the Bible 1-2 days now, locked away, non-stop. Perfectly fine. Maybe it will help, but her behavior shows who-what she really is. While she is holding and reading the Bible, and holding and saying the rosary beads,,,,,her foul mind and mouth spew…….MF, go to GF fu**in’ hell, oh my God you GD asshole, JC you pu**y, etc. Poor choice of words and thoughts while you are reading the Bible, rosary beads, and asking God to grant AFP, money, and fame. Not my call of course, maybe it will happpen. Alex, you are a pathetic person. I pity you, but I will never feel sorry for you, never. Same thoughts for Christmas, except she isn’t finding religion in the BB house. Miss Christmas Not Joy, I pity you as well. Two heartless people. Self-centered, no consciences, selfish, mean and vicious. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ with it. Please remember to throw rice, not rocks.

    • Tinkerbell

      Wow, sorry for all of the typos. I’m still looking for a good proofer.

    • Avatar

      Hobie Unfortunately your last few sentences describe most of the people in the house this year. Lol. I feel like I’m watching the movie THE PIED PIPER. We have had seasons in the past where we have had someone like that in a season, but usually it’s only one. Amanda, Frankie, red headed gay guy( I’m not attacking gay guys or red heads but that describes him in a way everyone will know who I mean, this is not a personal attack!! What was his name? All I remember is RAT?) but this season most of the hg can be described that way. It’s been hard to watch. To back up a little, the post where someone mentioned several non final three and another poster didn’t remember any of them? How can anyone ever forget chicken George? Or Marcellus, who made the biggest mistake in bb history??

  7. Avatar

    Let’s hope that Alex gets booed when she walks out of the BB house. No one in the history of BB has ever deserved it more.

  8. Avatar

    Isn’t it funny that these people keep doing the things they made fun of other people for doing

  9. Tinkerbell

    It’s probably just me, but I’m really tired of seeing “fish” so often. I don’t remember live feeds being as chopped and interrupted as this season. So irritating. Constantly blaring with loud music. It seems they can’t go five minutes without going to fish. .

    • Renee

      As much as people pay for the live feeds, they could definitely change up the fish and the music. I have hated that clip of music for years, and definitely too loud. I wish they would post updates on whether or not any of the animals are being adopted. At least that is doing something good while they manipulate the game, lol!

      • Tinkerbell

        @renee I agree. They could do a much better job of all of that. It seems like the feeds are in and out constantly. More so than other seasons. I was so irritated last night. Trying to listen to conversations, and I swear it went to fish every 2-3 minutes. Stop it! Yes, the loud music, stop it! I have the feeds on a lot, high volume to hear what they are saying due to their whispering, chomping on food, etc. Then it goes to fish and blasts us out. Another thing CBS…..you are making millions, give them high tech mics so we don’t have listen to sloppy eating, opening/closing food, block out the background noise. We only need to hear what they are saying.

  10. Helen

    Might be more of a challenge for Paul in these final comps with Christmas walking again……lol

  11. Yael Sara

    Paul, You bug… But I will agree with you, Blue Dog Beer Tavern does have good burgers. I used to live up the street. It’s small, but great place to watch games if you get a seat.

  12. Tinkerbell

    Could be my imagination. Since Christmas returned from her doctor appointment a little bit ago, something is differnt. She is pretty quiet, and I don’t think she has cussed one time. Yes, I’m suspicious. There’s no way she can be away from the house for that many appointments, and for hours at a time, without not getting tipped off about things. I think she was gone 5-6 hours today.

    • Helen

      Give her time….she can’t hide her true self for long

    • LO1004

      I think it’s bc of Paul. He’s been moping around for the past couple of hours bc of the guilt trip he got from Alex. So I think she’s playing good wife and making sure he’s ok.

    • Tinkerbell

      I’m watching the close-up of her face on the live feeds. She is watching Paul and Josh play chess. Something is definitely up. She isn’t talking, laughing……no cussing, and that is usually every other word. F and MF are her favorites. I don’t know, but if they tipped her off because of her negative feedback on social media, that could be what’s wrong. She has dedinitely killed her very own self. Also, maybe they gave her meds at her doctor appointment today.

  13. Helen

    Well….there goes another jury vote Mr. Wonderful….

    Alex went into the HN room with soup & an apple, and said, ‘You know who was right? Dominique. Paul is a snake.’ Said she shoulda listened.

  14. Shivani33

    Our house held through Irma and we’re all alive! Tired. No power or water yet. But lots of love.

  15. danmtruth

    Paul can careless he is not mopping around He is just fishing around for pity from the duo of dunce On cue they come running to try to make there leader feel good

    • Mimi Ryan

      Well stated. Paul’s “acting” (albeit, not Oscar/Emmy awarding), that’s because us out here in BBJ Blog World can see all of gaming. These Village Idiots (12/25 for sure right now) need to see the reality. Do you “trust Paul” so much that the game is his? Just like they did the 2nd go round for Rachel, who I still believe was handed $500K because she was so awful, she couldn’t get a job after her season. Hum, having just said that, what will happen to the Village Idiots when they go out to reality, really? Prison Girl’s need for “revenge” isn’t a good thing. She can do what she will, but, revenge isn’t worth it. It’s a fricken game and terrorizing peeps, she’s got issues with isn’t fricken game play, it’s vile.

    • Avatar

      It may have already been stated but the way they obey his every command makes me believe Josh would never have kept Jessica and gone after Elaine, like he was saying when he was previously HoH. Paul would have cracked down on that and Sad Clown would have caved and his Tuff Talk game would remain the same, just talk.

  16. Jannie

    G8trgirl and Shivani,
    So glad to hear you all are safe and with minimal damage. Somebody upstairs was really watching out for the SW coast. The surge did not amount to nearly what the had predicted. My in laws survived in the nursing home(Ft Myers) although even the generator went out at some point .
    Has anyone heard from Caryn? She’s in Bradenton.

    I hope BoBo gives Alex the same speech he gave Cowboy in the DR after eviction. Although at this point it’s probably hopeless…she is so under the Roamin’ Gnome’s spell that she is not even mad at him for not using the Veto.

    Idiots, all of them.

  17. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I have a little hope that Josh is going to defy Paul’s orders to antagonize Kevin this week. Earlier tonight, apparently Paul caught Alex whispering something to Kevin– according to Kevin, Alex was coaching Kevin on studying the dates for the upcoming HOH and veto comps. Paul was, of course, #Pissed when he heard this and he told Kevin that Alex is probably trying to trick Kevin because she hates him (I’m not sure if she was or not).

    A few minutes later, Paul relays this information to Josh and tells Josh that he needs to study the dates because he HAS to win (I’m assuming they’re referring to the veto comp, because Josh is ineligible to play in the next HOH comp). He then tells Josh he needs to gas Alex up (I’m getting sick of this phrase) and ask her what she’s been whispering to Kevin about. Josh agrees to do as Paul commands– but when Josh walks into the HN room, instead of gassing Alex up, he tells her he just wanted to check on her and make sure she’s ok. Alex tells him she’s ok and she’s just checked out of the game, and Josh simply walks out of the room.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Thank you for the update. Perhaps the Village Idiots have realized the only game they are playing is Paul’s. Paul might actually realize he’s vulnerable at this stage seeing as to how he’s gotten some exposure. His terrible acting, Josh realizing he’s acting, 12/25 was out and about and came back all subdued (probably not drug induced), Alex is now isolating. Kevin, he trusts Paul, but Alex is trying to help Kevin (based on what is said here). I pray Kevin, pulls out all the stops and gets out in front of this season now.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Let’s hope so Michele. Paul just got done once again hammering into Josh’s head that he needs to blow up on Kevin tomorrow. Paul and The Nightmare then immediately went right downstairs and started having a “lovely” conversation with Kevin. Kevin tells them how much he’s missed hanging out with them and they just smile and act as if nothing is wrong. It’s almost scary how fraudulent these people can be.

    • Avatar

      Kevin running to Paul with every little thing someone else says to him is making me lose my respect (?) for Kevin.

  18. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul has now relayed to The Nightmare what Alex has been discussing with Kevin. The Nightmare initially calls Alex a f*cking c*nt, then finds a way to blame this all on Kevin. Paul asks her to go talk to Kevin and fish for information, and The Nightmare responds that every time she sees that man she just wants to bash his head in. OMG she is sooooo motivational! No wonder her middle name is “Joy”!!!


  19. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    We’ve spoken a lot about Matt’s cereal obsession, but I’m not sure if anyone has ever brought up Paul’s obsession with crunching and munching the absolute living hell out of dry cereal every chance he gets. He and Josh were just having a conversation about Kevin that I was actually interested in but I finally had to throw in the towel and change feeds. Paul and that damn dry cereal broke me.

    • Tinkerbell

      @gerardo I saw saw that as well……and turned the feeds off. He/they are constant munchers. Makes even crazier than I am already. Next season, please give them high tech mics. We only need to hear them talk, that’s all. No chomping, slurping, opening food. Also production, give us four cameras. I’m tired of watching one person or conversation on all four feeds. Please stop it!

  20. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul is now reprimanding Josh for making jokes about Paul and The Nightmare having a showmance. He says he doesn’t want his girlfriend to get the wrong idea– he’s only cuddling with The Nightmare because he can tell she’s lonely and starved for attention. He would never want to get with The Nightmare, as she’s 11 years older than him. Poor Nightmare… looks like your fantasy of a happily ever after with Paul won’t come true.

    Meanwhile, The Nightmare is downstairs pretending to be a decent human being by engaging in a conversation with Kevin. He asks her about how the next week is going to unfold (HOH comps, how long the HOH will have the room). He also asks how they select which HGs get to appear on “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and tells her about how he couldn’t understand when he was younger that the people in the soap operas were actors and those weren’t their actual lives. Didn’t they have enough problems of their own? Why would they want to pretend to have all these additional problems?

    The Nightmare then explains OTT to Kevin, and they both think Josh will be brought back for OTT in the fall (we of course know that won’t be happening). The Nightmare also mentions that Jason or Raven might be a good fit for OTT (Oh God please NOOOOOOOO).

    • Helen

      Personally I think Paul is the one who is lonely and starved for attention…..he has a need to dominate any and all conversations and interactions…
      If I were his “little burrito” I would run as far and as fast as I could away from this man-child.

      • Avatar

        Someone posted a montage on YouTube of Paul and Xmas throughout the season and in that montage it really looks like they genuinely like each other (not one sided). If she’s falling for him, I can see why because he is definitely putting that vibe out there. He has no boundaries

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Paul and The Nightmare are in bed together and HE just asked her for a “back tickle”. The same “back tickle” he claimed an hour ago that SHE always initiates.

      • Helen

        I have not seen video but I have watched them both throughout the season and while I don’t think Paul is interested in any time of serious long term relationship with Christmas there is no doubt in my mind that he is sexually attracted to her and will more than likely go on a “date” once or twice…..if she were to win the 500 k he seems the type who could get serious till the cash runs out….
        Christmas on the other hand is all in…..

      • Avatar

        Don’t you think he’d be bitter if she won instead of him? I can see where any chance she had at that date would be dashed if she won. They are both so exhausting to me. I don’t feel like there’s enough air in a room for both of them at the same time.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I agree Hilary, I think Paul is going to be extremely #pissed and salty as hell if The Nightmare (or anyone for that matter) beats him in the end.

        I also think IF he even still has a “little burrito” outside the house, she cannot possibly be happy with these nightly spooning sessions he’s been having with The Nightmare. So, maybe there’s hope for a Paul-Nightmare (PaulMare?) relationship after all.

      • Helen

        Yes hilaryl I think Paul would be very bitter…..so bitter that he would use her till that chunk of change ran out….

    • Avatar

      In beginning of season Paul was saying with Christmas’s looks and money she should not be single at her age, problem must be her personality. Personality thing could very well be true in her case…but 34 and single is not a rarity. Age is a thing w Paul and Alex.

  21. Avatar

    I love Kevin, but sometimes I wish I could reach through the TV & smack the back of his head for constantly telling Paul things. I feel bad for when he finds out all the crappy things these morons have said about him.

  22. Avatar

    So how many former-housemate-stalkers is Paul going to have when they get out? And how’s he going to get rid of them?
    Christmas “I thought you loved me”
    Alex “I want revenge”
    Josh “You said we’d be friends”
    Raven, et al “What should I wear today? What should I eat for lunch? What TV show should I watch?” etc.

  23. Avatar

    I dislike Kevin, his preening, his lotion applications, his messing with his hair (I bet he looks at himself repeatedly in the rear view mirror when he’s driving), the ease with which he’s being duped by Paul, his inability to meaningfully contribute to the game, his dumb questions, his ignorance of common knowledge. He’s a big dud and an example of bad casting by CBS. The fact that he doesn’t trash other HG’s doesn’t make him a “good guy.”

  24. kneeless

    Drives me nuts when he makes his duck lips. But, he is more tolerable than the rest. I am his age & there’should no way I could have put up with all he has with these “kids” & still be sane. He’said not perfect but still my 1st Choice of all these idiots.

    • Renee

      His primping and duck lips are one of the things that I find very humorous. He truly cares about his appearance and hygiene. I don’t think he even realizes he’s doing it. I chalk it up to him being in home (his own home) where the males are outnumbered. I’m sure he sees his daughters primping like that. I can only imagine how much his wife is watching him and rolling her eyes and laughing about it. She’s probably thinking “now everyone gets to see what I see daily”. I know if my husband was on the show, I would crack up laughing watching others have to see his daily habits that drive me nuts, lol. All in all, Kevin is in great shape for someone in his 50’s and cares about his appearance. I know a bunch of men like him, so I find it entertaining.

    • Avatar

      That’s what I keep thinking @kneeless I’m not too much younger than him and I can’t imagine listening or putting up with half of this crap or deferring to Paul as the “leader”. I wouldn’t be asking for permission to do anything. (And I probably would not have made it as far as him or won $500,000, $50,000 or $25,000 – LOL.) I can’t stand watching him act that way but at the same time, it’s working for him so maybe that’s his strategy. And yes, he is still my favorite out of the rest of the HG. But honestly, for me, that’s not saying much. I do enjoy his stories and would love going out to have drinks with him (in a group). I can just imagine laughing the whole time and having a great evening. I wish we were still seeing that side of him.

  25. kneeless

    I think if I ever hear, “you played yourself” or anything about being “gassed” I might just scream!

    • Renee

      They are all desperate to have people pick up on their phrases so they can feel like they are the reason people say things. Just like “friendship”; this year he is having them all say things are “gumpy” and that someone is “counterfeit” hoping it catches on. Remember Caleb tried to say he was the originator of “at the end of the day”. People were saying that long before he was on the show.

  26. Tinkerbell

    @gerardo. @helen. @hilaryl. Here is the montage of Paul and Christmas. I think I posted it two days ago. Enjoy. Ha


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