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Let's party!

Big Brother 19 – Finale Party!

Let’s party!

Three months later, here we are. The last blog post for the Big Brother 19 season. Before I start on this, I want to remind everyone that Big Brother Celebrity Edition is coming this winter which likely means we can expect it around Jan or Feb.  It’s possible they’ll do it in November as well, but I don’t see a start date of any time in December and October may be too soon. Unlike BBOTT, they’re going to be airing this on CBS, so I have no doubt they’re going to tear the house apart and try to make it look different. Last fall they basically just put the people in the same exact house except for a few small changes.


To summarize – Expect the celebrity edition during sweeps months which will be either November or February (I still think November would be too soon. I’d bank on Feb)

To get information, be sure to follow me on the social media places…  Facebook and Twitter are good for updates.  You can also follow me on snapchat at stevebsfan but that is more about me and less about Big Brother.

Alright, here we go. Big Brother Paul is about to come to an end and it couldn’t come soon enough. That disappoints me because I really love the show. I really love blogging it, analyzing it, and making fun of it. Paul did a great job at ruining the season for me, but I give him credit for it. He systematically sucked all the fun out of the season by having everyone gang up on a new person every week rather than give people the chance to sway the house against him. Boring for feeds, boring for blogging, but terrific strategy. I can be personally annoyed about the way the season went down but still respect what Paul was able to do. Yes, 95% of these people are bad players and any half decent person would have rocked them, but I’m not into hypotheticals right now. The reality is – Paul did rock them.  Dan may have, Dr. Will may have, and Derrick may have, but we’ll never know. We do know that Paul was in complete command of the house no more than two weeks into the season (if not sooner) and didn’t let go of it. It’s an impressive feat and probably the most dominating performance I have blogged short of what Derrick did in his season.


With all that said, I really hope someone like Kevin, Cody, or Jessica win America’s Favorite this year just so we can get a brief reaction of people like Alex who actually thought they had a chance and spent all summer bullying those people. I also wonder if Kevin’s kids are going to charge the stage when she sets foot on it.

There is only 30 minutes to go until the finale begins, so I’m going to stop rambling.  I will add my closing remarks now just so I don’t forget by the end of the show.


  • Here we go!
  • We get to start with highlights of the season for awhile
    • Showing the remainder of the HoH competition
    • Paul wins round 1. Josh only hung around for 40 minutes
    • Round 2 was a cool competition that Josh is doing terrible at yet still wins
    • Josh wins by 7 minutes
  • Commercial break
    • Jury roundtable
    • Cody says Kevin will probably come in because he’s the most likable
    • Mark and Matt are fighting already
    • Mark is back at making fun of Raven for being a puppetmaster
    • Alex asks why Kevin didn’t yell at Paul. He says he’s not that type of person
    • They all trash Josh’s game, but versus Paul, they start complimenting him
    • Cody says Christmas got the cripple pass lol
    • They say her best game move was getting injured
  • Commercial break
    • Final HoH time
    • Most points after 8 questions
    • Round 1 – Paul 1-0
    • Round 2 – Tied
    • Round 3 – Tied
    • Round 4 – Josh 3-2
    • Round 5 – Josh 3-2
    • Round 6 – Josh 3-2
    • Round 7 – Josh 4-2
    • Round 8 – Josh wins!  Wow…..
  • Time to see who goes to the final 2
    • Josh takes Paul to the finals.  He’s going to be really sad when he sees how little the jury respects Christmas
  • Time for some questions
    • The jury is shocked Josh took Paul.
  • Elena asks why Paul’s bullying was needed
    • Paul denies it and just says he mediated everything
  • Matt tells Josh that he doesn’t have a strategy, so what is it
    • Josh tells him that he’s a superfan and he aligned with Paul. Paul points to himself
  • Alex asks about his fake friendship
    • Paul says he tried to get friendship with everyone but they turned their back on him
  • Cody says that Josh played a bigger game for Paul
    • Josh gives some weird reply about not being a threat
  • Jason asks why Paul lied to jury members
    • Paul says he did everything he said and rambles on about people throwing comps
  • Mark asks why Josh fought with people but then cried. Why did he keep doing it
    • Josh says his game was to expose games, but he felt bad about it
  • Commercial break
    • Final speech time
    • Paul rattles off what he has done so far this year and it’s a pretty impressive speech, but he had one last year as well.
    • Josh brags about how he aligned himself with Paul and Christmas. He is drawing a blank but continues and says everyone underestimated him
  • Up next, the other 5 people that you forgot about
  • Time for votes!
    • Christmas – Paul
    • Kevin – Paul
    • Alex – Josh
    • Raven – Paul
    • Jason – Josh
    • Matt – Paul
    • Mark – Josh
    • Elena – Josh
    • Cody – Josh wins Big Brother 19.  Wow
  • Cody wins America’s Favorite

Thank you all once again for coming back this summer. Thank you for the support with my father’s battle with cancer, thank you for the donations, and thank you for the laughs. I may not reply to a lot of comments but I do read a bunch and you all are seriously fantastic and make this site what it is. I’d love to take credit for the success of this site, but it’s all on you guys and your wonderful commentary throughout the season.  Time for me to go put my wrists on ice for a few months.


side note – as I mentioned above, I wrote the ending before the show began. This may not be my last post this season if Christmas or Josh win because I will certainly be ranting about that. 


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  1. AIO_7

    Let’s get this party started.

  2. Tinkerbell

    Awwwww, Steve…..Thank you so much for everything. Three cheers, standing ovation, hip-hip-hooray.

    Oh my goodness, I did not know about your Father’s battle with cancer. I’m so very sorry to hear this. Sending my prayers, love, support and encouragement across the many miles.

    Get your wrists rested up…..and ready for your herd, us, to return. Maybe Crossfit Christmas can give you some good tips for your wrists. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Thank You, SteveBeans.

    • Ann

      @HobieGirl, cannot just sit here listening to 12/25 voice.
      I hate Ravens voice & her laugh makes me wanna sqeezy her damn throat til she shut up.

      Christmas gets no sympathy at all for her.

  3. strwar1

    I have a feeling Paul will win! Because I just know.

  4. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Oh yeah! I’m here for the party!


  5. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I’d also like to thank BB for giving my avatar a shout out for the first round of the competition, LOL!

  6. g8trgirl

    Mell…Julie looks stunning tonight!

  7. AIO_7

    They previewed all the shomances but they didn’t show Paul and 12/25. Then I got to thinking, Paul got all that ‘action’ from 12/25 and didn’t even have to kiss her. Maybe that doesn’t qualify as a showmance.

  8. hogwild

    Why do I suspect celebrity Big Brother is likely going to be a combination of D-List stars and people from other reality shows the word celebrity does not have the same luster it used to in my humble opinion.

  9. Avatar

    Okay…can I just say that 12/25 is soooo scripted it is beyind pathetic! Arrrgghh!

  10. Tinkerbell

    “Celebrities” at the finale tonight. Jessica’s pose is no surprise. Shes’s trying to expose one of the things she is so obsessed with……a**holes. What a chick.


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  12. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)


  13. Tinkerbell

    Any sign of Scammer’s terminal Mama yet?

    • Tinkerbell

      Will be interesting to see if her MAMA will be there. She has caused so much turmoil on social media and has tnreatened people saying anything about her precious little baby girl. Also, it’s obvious Raven doesn’t want her sick Mama to be there. She didn’t even want her picture to be shown on tv.

  14. AIO_7

    They just showed Paul’s parents in the audience; I still like them.

  15. Avatar

    Why does xmas need to win to buy her mother a cabin ? She is pretty successful already.

    • AIO_7

      Public relations.

    • Avatar

      You were saying something earlier when I mentioned that I was watching to see Paul lose, Josh win, and Cody or Kevin to win AFP?!

      • Avatar

        eYeah, , good call

      • Avatar

        But, this was one of my posts from Monday…..

        If the hg’s hear all of their goodbye messages, then, after all season of hoping for a flip, but saying that Paul should win, I am now asking myself should Josh win ?

        Think about it:

        Although after a while Paul had everyone believing that he was working with each of them respectively, Josh & Xmas also believed that they were final 3 together. It may have just worked out this way, but they believed it, and here they are in the final 3.

        So, if the jury members hear all of the goodbye messages to them, then: Both Paul and Josh have continued to play the game all the way to the goodbye messages, and, assuming that they are final 2, will have to continue to play it out.

        But the difference is: Paul in his messages has been saying: ‘so sorry, I couldn’t protect you, somebody else wanted you out. No matter how I tried etc….’

        Josh on the other hand has blatantly said: ‘ I’m in a final 3 with Paul & Christmas, and we decided that you had to go’

        The difference in those messages is now huge. If Paul is telling everyone that he couldn’t save them ( even if it’s bs), and Josh is saying that they were targeted, then they could possibly believe that Josh was the stronger player. Paul couldn’t save the hg because Josh wouldn’t let him. Josh is calling the shots. He is running the show. And although we thought we were in an alliance with Paul, it turns out that there was a three person alliance, just like Josh said. They might be convinced that it was Josh that has beaten them, not Paul.

        Additionally, Paul knew going in that he had to play better than last year to win. He had all year to strategize. But if Josh is a fan of the game, he would have brought strategy in as well. Maybe to lay on the emotions really thick. Maybe he can cry at the snap of a finger, and use those emotions in his favor. Maybe he wanted to go in there being a bit of loud mouth bully. Maybe he played it better than we have given him credit for, even if all along things were going the way Paul has called it.

        So when they go to jury, Paul is going t have to convince them that he was really in control, after telling them in the goodbye messages that it wasn’t his fault that they were evicted. While Josh will be able to provide facts of what has happened in the house, and to be able to point to the 3 person alliance that he has warned them about. They might just be more receptive to his version of his perceived truth, than to Paul’s continued lies.

  16. Gerardo for AFP


  17. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)


  18. Gerardo for AFP

    Elena: “Paul, got rid of everyone who was a threat to him and could have challenged his position in the game!”
    Me: “Umm, sounds like a pretty good strategy to me…”


  19. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Dr. Will’s eye roll for this jury is one of the best parts of this whole season!

  20. Tinkerbell

    Not on for me yet. I can just imagine seeing all of “those” people again, just reminds us of how irritating they were. Hahaha.

  21. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    And Dr. Will calling them all out is epic! You’re all sore losers! Yes!

    • AIO_7

      Pretty good jury discussion.

    • Tinkerbell

      I can’t see it yet……. but just for those things alone, Dr. Will is now my favorite.

    • Avatar

      Sore losers??? There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed in the name of winning. YOu can lie, blindside but at some point have some loyalties, allow the people you lie to and definitely your supposed allies some dignity, not make them feel like total idiots and losers (even if they are). Josh did that for people, Paul did not. Josh’s answers to the questions were spot on..they all did underestimate him and his strategy obviously worked. Paul lied his way through most of his answers. His confessionals said it all, did he go in there and say, I really care about….but I need to do this for my family, NOPE… It was all me, me me. Arrogance led to his downfall and the look on his face when Cody got the fan favorite was the icing on the cake.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Speaking of sore losers….Did anyone else notice how Paul acted towards Josh, when they were sitting on the sofa and Julie asked them a few questions before they went to commercial. Paul was telling her his strategy, then Josh told her his. She then said they were going to break and when they returned, each would be asked questions from the Jury, then give their final speeches before the vote. After Josh said his piece and as Julie was taking us into commercial, Josh reached over and touched Paul’s hand and Paul snatched it away and looked at Josh kind of annoyed.

        Then while Josh was giving his speech, he was saying how he had always been a superfan and everyone underestimated him. Paul was PISSED! I think it was because Paul just automatically assumed by sitting next to Josh, he had it in the bag. But once he heard Josh’s speech, he realized that he might not have a slam dunk after all.

      • AIO_7

        NiK: This whole night has been upside down. I thought Slosh blew his speech, and that the Gnome nailed his.

      • Avatar

        NEE: The look on Paul’s face when they played the video of Josh’s goodbye messages, was pretty funny. But being the poor sport, he called Josh a coward for making those messages. Really ? A coward for making great game moves ? That was lousy to see.

  22. AIO_7

    “I’ve had eight surgeries”


  23. Edsel

    Jason didn’t break Christmas’s foot. It was an accident due to actions she participated in.

  24. Avatar

    Raven had good points on why Paul should win.

  25. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)


    I’m going to love seeing Jason’s face when he gets out of the house and realizes he’s the most despised player of all time. I’d also like to see Kevin’s family walk up and smack the heck outa him!

  26. Avatar

    I want to try out for BB20 so badly, but I can’t afford to miss work for 3 months and don’t know if my job will be held for me when I return.

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  28. g8trgirl

    I don’t think that roundtable was scripted. Especially the part where they all rolled their eyes when #STFU_RAVEN mentioned her surgeries.

  29. Avatar

    Why does Christmas have a crutch tonight?? She’s been walking without one lately, but all of a sudden tonight she has it. Our only hope is that Josh wins this challenge and sends Paul out the door! How glorious would that be?!?

  30. HappyHippo

    I just wanted to pop in and say
    All I could think about during that dr will segment!

  31. AIO_7

    GO SLOSH !!!!!

  32. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Oh snap, Josh cannot win this, please no!

  33. HappyHippo

    Don’t take Paul!!

  34. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Whelp, Paul is screwed!

    Josh pulling off that unplanned victory, nice job man.

  35. Gerardo for AFP

    WOW!!!! Good for you Josh!!!!

  36. Colby

    I think Paul threw it. He knows Josh will take him and he doesn’t want to evict Xmas because he wants her vote. I hope Josh boots him.

  37. g8trgirl

    Holy Shit!!! Go Josh Go!
    What now?????

  38. Avatar

    Come on Josh. Take Xmas

  39. hogwild

    Am I the only one who thinks for reasons I can’t begin to explain Paul threw that? I don’t like Paul but he’s not that dumb I mean hell I got all but one of those right.

  40. Avatar

    Paul didn’t throw it. He knows he has Xmas vote no matter what

  41. Alda

    What the hell.Who would have thought two months ago that Josh would be the final HOH?????????

  42. ingodog

    It’s been fun! See ya !

  43. Avatar

    Take Christmas, josh!!!

  44. Painter1

    The meatball does it .

  45. Tinkerbell

    Wow, what the heck?! Holey Moley. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

  46. HappyHippo

    What a freakin moron!!

  47. Tinkerbell

    Come on East Coasters……keep the news coming. Thanks so much.

  48. AIO_7

    MARCELLUS !!!!!!

  49. Gerardo for AFP

    Welp, Josh you blew it once again buddy. Enjoy your 50K.

  50. Colby

    He is an idiot.

  51. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Josh is seriously a DUMBASS! Seriously, you’re a DUMBASS!

  52. hogwild

    And the idiot just gave away a half million dollars.

  53. Avatar

    Holy shit is he stupid.

  54. g8trgirl

    Josh is counting on bitter jury.

  55. Edsel

    Unbelievable. Paul was shitting bricks there for a minute, though. I’m sure he thought he was going to be evicted.

  56. Gerardo for AFP

    “Kill ’em with kindness”??? When exactly did you do that Nightmare??? This bitch is nuts.


  57. Tinkerbell

    MEAT HEAD……..you don’t even deserve Meatball. Take your whatever it is after taxes….and go away. You were our last hope for any change-up this season. Grab your few pennies, and take your Stockholm Syndrome self home. Just wow! Your big buddy is already laughing all the way to the bank. Sucker!

    • HappyHippo

      I just told my husband Stockholm syndrome all the way! Even Christmas told Julie that she thought josh made the right decision! WTF?!

      • Tinkerbell

        She’s a dumb a**. Nobody ever accused her of having a brain. I still think they have promised her a secure spot on BB20. Otherwise, she would have gone down fighting like there was no tomorrow. She is Hell on wheels.

      • HappyHippo

        Please don’t bring her back! No more vets especially insane ones!

    • Gerardo for AFP

      *sigh* what a joke. After watching Paul manipulate everyone in the house all summer, catching on to all of his tricks, Josh still let Paul get into his head and convince him that he has a better chance against Paul than Nightmare. And then he has Nightmare there basically using her last plea speech to convince Josh to evict her and take Paul to F2. Got to hand it to Paul, he really played these fools.

  58. Avatar

    I would have killed to see Paul talking to Julie. Thanks for ruining my dreams and your own Josh.

  59. Avatar

    I can’t believe josh picked Paul!! Never mind, yes I can!!

  60. HappyHippo

    I freakin love Kevin

  61. Tinkerbell

    Not sure I can even watch now when it comes on out here. Just a continuation of the same ole crap we watched all season.

  62. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Seriously, Josh deserves to lose for evicting Christmas.

    It sounds like the jury is equally pissed at Josh too.

  63. HappyHippo

    Omg their faces when they told him josh actually won and CHOSE Paul….dying! LMAO

  64. Gerardo for AFP

    You can tell from everyone’s reactions that they would’ve probably voted for Josh to win if he had evicted Paul.

  65. LindsayB

    Yay!! Paul and Josh in the F2!!! Of course paul has earned the win but I’d be happy if Josh had the money too.

  66. AIO_7

    Josh is even blowing his speech.

    • HappyHippo

      Hid how smart he was…dying!

    • Gerardo for AFP

      He should’ve said he was just acting like a big, overly emotional lunatic so that no one would take him seriously as a competitor and a threat to win the game. And how that helped him turn his game around since he was one of the biggest targets early on in the game. And he should’ve mentioned how he used Paul and Christmas to get to the end but was secretly blowing up Paul’s game to the jury to ruin his jury management strategy (I’m not sure the jury has connected those dots yet).

  67. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Damn Paul, at least own your shit!

    • HappyHippo

      He’s completely denying the bullying orchestrating..

      • Avatar

        This made me furious. Did anyone else notice that Paul was trying to blame everyone else and take no responsibility for being a bully? Oh please! I loved his face when he realized Josh was blowing him up to the HG in his farewell speeches. Paul actually yanked his hand out of Josh’s for a few minutes. I do think Paul worked hard this whole season but I think he way overplayed this and played way too dirty, he just doesn’t see it. Like he could understand being pottymouth,. Please. Just own it? I could have respected that at least. Did anyone else catch Paul saying “I” when he meant to say “you”. I thought he made a couple of goofs and the truth poured forth…..I made the moves and protected “you” when “I” needed to/you. I will also say Paul is going to need some serious debreafing time after this is all over….he was barely holding it together there at the end

  68. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Worst jury answers ever


  69. Jannie

    I done know guys, Josh sounded much more sincere than Paul during jury questioning.
    And alot of the questions were aimed at Paul’s nasty strategy.
    Maybe Josh can pull this off?!?!

  70. g8trgirl

    Paul and Josh are so full of shit their eyes are brown.

    • LindsayB

      They both need to say whatever they think will get them a vote. It’s game til the very end. Honestly, everyone gobbled up everything paul fed them the entire season so I don’t know why he would think that’s changed. They can all “own” whatever after the check is signed.

  71. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)


    Please just #STFU

  72. Avatar

    The look on Paul’s face when the bullying question was asked was priceless!

  73. HappyHippo

    Probably a stupid question but if this is live how are you not seeing it on the west coast hobie?

  74. Avatar

    If Josh was smart, he would tell jury that Paul admitted that he wanted to bully everyone.

  75. Avatar

    Paul still blowing smoke up people’s butt!! Could he have told any more lies in answered? Unfortunately, I think he has the votes. Elena only one with decent question!!

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  77. Avatar

    Paul mad at josh!!!

  78. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Finally Paul owning some of his crap!

  79. AIO_7

    Paul gave a good speech. Slosh is blowing his.

  80. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    The jury is getting pissed at Josh’s speech. He basically called them all idiots.

  81. Mello_One

    Steve Beans, we all love Big Brother Junkies, & you! Each & everyone of us on BBJ care, & love each other like a Family, thank you for recreating this Wonderful Awesome Message Board! ~ Mello_One

  82. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Cody and Elena voted for Josh.

    Matt & Raven clearly voted for Paul.

    Alex voted for Josh.

    This is nuts!

    • Gerardo for AFP

      I was just about to say I think Alex must’ve voted for Josh, since she said she voted for the person who stabbed her in the front, not the back.

      • HappyHippo

        Yes I think so too since Paul told her she was getting evicted…”stabbed in front”

      • Avatar

        I think that is the only thing Alex has said all season I liked……because it was true and that strategy, to me, was a clear indicator of who played the best. It’s one thing to stab me in the back,,,,but to stab in the front and still get the vote, I was, however, very disappointed in how much of a sore loser Alex was and the fact she couldn’t even hide it. I mean she hide the fact she has scales for an entire season but couldn’t control her emotions at the end? She was just humiliated she threw away Jason’s game because of her stupid trust in Paul and couldn’t accept her responsibility in the action, What’s the matter with everyone that they can’t see or accept responsibility?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I was annoyed with spider monkey Alex when the Jurors were talking to Will and she got that dig in by saying Kevin was still counterfeit. She’s such a classy POS.

    • Avatar

      What makes you think Cody and Elena voted for Josh?

    • Avatar

      Alex’s speech was epic tbh. I’ve never heard someone say something like that for the keys.

  83. Tinkerbell

    How can Josh keep being the biggest loser in BB19…..blowing it at every turn. He deserves to lose.

  84. Avatar

    I don’t think Alex voted for Paul

  85. g8trgirl

    They haven’t shown Josh’s famillia. I hope they’re ok.

  86. Gerardo for AFP

    Dominique looks GORGEOUS tonight!

  87. AIO_7

    Jessica telling it like it is.

    • Avatar

      Very honest. True fan of the game.

      • Avatar

        But she was that same bad player that couldn’t see the forest for the tree; thus why she was ousted and had no vote. But other jury members picked her slack and made the right decision because Human factors or lack there of in Paul’s game always plays a major role with the jury 🙂

  88. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)


    I cannot stand her.

  89. LindsayB

    Don’t like Jessica but like what she had to say.

  90. HappyHippo

    Playing DR clips of how everyone trusts Paul! Hilarious! Morons!

  91. LindsayB

    Love the I trust Paul segment.

  92. g8trgirl

    Omgosh! I love this! They get to see what morons they are.

  93. Tinkerbell

    I can’t keep up with you guys……LOVING all of the comments. I will have fun reading all of them later tonight. THANKS!

  94. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    This jury is going to look and feel like morons after this “I trust Paul” clip and giving the $500K to Josh.

  95. AIO_7

    Slosh is trying to be a cheaper version of Paul.

  96. HappyHippo

    Who do you think won?
    And AFP?

  97. Avatar

    Ohhhhh Thank You Julie for not even ackowleding Raven!!! She was sooo hoping Julie would tall to her about the showmances…nothing..nada..zip!!!

    It helped me feel better at least, since I’ve been sitting here cussing out whoever let Raven sit in the front row!

  98. AIO_7

    I’m pretty sure Cody voted for Paul.

  99. Colby

    LMAO at them showing Josh GB messages. Paul is pissed and a little nervous now because his jury handling got blown..

  100. g8trgirl

    Best episode of the entire season.

  101. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Cody is the deciding vote, OMG!

  102. AIO_7

    LOVE IT !!!!!!

  103. Jenny


  104. Avatar


  105. Gerardo for AFP

    OMG!!!!! Ok Josh, I’m sorry please forgive me!!!!

  106. LindsayB

    Wow. Didn’t see that coming. Paul definitely earned it but Josh’s family needs it.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, right! Jurors only voted because they wanted to give money to Josh’s family. Assholes shouldn’t win and even a crybaby is a better alternative!

      • Avatar

        If you go by that logic, they should have cancelled the season then…. Paul lost it during the Q&A… He tap danced and Cody flipped his vote…

      • LindsayB

        You do realize that the jurors have no idea about the hurricanes right? They voted based on their thoughts and emotions.

      • Avatar

        If Paul answered their questions differently and owned how he controlled Each of them then I think at least one of them, probably Elena, would have voted for Paul. Paul gave his best points after the vote was already in when discussing clips.

    • Avatar

      @Lindsayb This was seen many weeks ago, Paul not winning. Had too many cracks in his game that were self inflicted. Unfortunately teh record books will show that he did not earn the win, because the jury went another direction!

      • LindsayB

        Actually, most people saw Paul winning whether they liked him or not. Him not getting the votes doesn’t mean he didn’t play harder than Josh. Josh made a couple of good decisions and the jury rewarded him for it.

  107. g8trgirl

    It’s gonna come down to Cody!!

  108. Jenny

    Josh may not have played the best game but it makes me SO happy that Paul came in 2nd again. LMAO

    SO hope Kevin gets AFP but if it’s Cody that will still be awesome

  109. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I cannot even with this season. These idiot jurors literally gave the win to a crying, sniveling bully.

    If Kevin doesn’t win AFP, I’m seriously never watching BB again. I’ll actually get a lot of my life back this way.

    • Avatar

      Welp then I guess this is goodbye.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      I’m not watching this show again. I give no f*cks if that makes me bitter. I’ve watched this show since season 1. CBS literally failed this season. Mark and Josh should have been removed for fighting. Josh should have been removed for bullying. Jason should have been removed for saying he was going to RAPE Kevin’s wife while he forced his daughters to watch. Christmas should have been removed for saying she was going to mirder families. Jess & all of them poking each other in the ass should have been removed for sexual harassment. Paul doesn’t get a pass for his poor behavior either.

      Cody is a bigoted jerk who uses the R word and fat-shames others. Jason is equally as disgusting for his actions mentioned above. The fact that those two were in the top 3 for AFP is HORRIFIC.

      Kevin losing AFP to those reprehensible creatures has pushed me over the line with this show, and I won’t watch again, period. I’m pretty damn strong willed like that.

      Have a nice night, toodles!

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Canada does have a pretty awesome president, but I’m really more of an Australia type 😉

    • Avatar

      NK, feel free to delete this post anytime you want….. but….

      “You can change that lame, profane, avatar now. He’s a loser.”

      You want to talk about avatars? Her Paul avatar is pretty damn genuine because he basically flipped off the entire house and finished second.

    • Avatar

      Please tell me you did not just type, Canada has a pretty awesome President. We have a Prime Minister!!!!!!!!!!!

      Also one cannot just come to Canada. We have immigration laws.
      PS…Australia has a Prime Minister too. (MalcolmTurnbull)

    • Avatar

      USA has a great president or maybe I will say better than the alternative. We don’t have prime ministers!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Come on guys. You were doing so well. I didn’t delete any of the comments, I did however edit them so they weren’t so vicious. The season is over. Let’s not end it on a sour note between us, especially over people we don’t even know, either in the BB house or on the Board.

      AI, stop baiting. You’re better than that. Linds, stop taking the bait. You’re better than that. Wayne, stop putting yourself in the middle. It only makes matters worse.

      There was a time when Lindsay and Wayne were constantly at each other’s throats. They hashed it out in private and became each other’s best allies. I wish AI and Lindsay would try to talk in private to see if they can’t come to some sort of truce. You don’t have to become the best of friends, but don’t let a game that we only watch and not participate in make you mortal enemies.

      *Climbing down off of my soapbox now. I like all 3 of you very much. Please stop* 🙂

    • LindsayB

      NK, I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I’ve offered to speak privately with AI twice today and have been refused. I don’t want to hash out the same shit constantly but I’m also not going to be insulted and not defend myself.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Kill the political talk please. That’s for another site 😉

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      My bad on the Prime Minister oversight.

    • AIO_7

      “NK, I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I’ve offered to speak privately with AI twice today and have been refused.”

      Lindsay, if I remember correctly we were getting along just fine until your buddy tried to insult me with the crayon quip. That was the original name calling/dig. I’m fairly sure NiK picked up on that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Okay guys. Go to your respective corners please. If you can’t get along, just try to ignore each other.

    • AIO_7

      O.K., NiK. Nighty night.

    • Avatar

      NK, I’ll leave you with this thought…. Please either delete my posts entirely or let them stand, don’t ever edit my posts again. A moderator moderates but doesn’t influence. Editing my post is editing my thoughts…

      AIO 7 – The so called “dig” was a generalized one that everyone thought was funny except you. What did you do? You called me a couple of direct names. You wanna come at me, go for it but I won’t sit back and take it. If you want to remember correctly, the offer to message privately was during that thread, not after the crayon quip… You refused…. But we can’t be certain because NK selectively “moderated” that thread but left your public refusal to message privately and by doing so removed an contextual meaning to the thread…

      I’ve enjoyed posting in here and will continue to do so, I have been told many times from 99.9% of the members in here that they enjoy my humor. It’s the .01% of the hypocritical people in here that get butt hurt, there’s probably a lesson in there. I will ignore the above mentioned individual and anything he has to say in here going forward, it’s all irrelevant noise to me anyway…

    • LindsayB

      AI, you remember incorrectly. You attached your emotions to my words and started an argument with me. I asked if you would continue the conversation privately so we could clear up anything you were misunderstanding. You declined and continued to be hateful. Wayne then added his two cents and you decided to respond with name calling. Then, on this new thread you decided to address me and reignite an argument that was based on you reading what you wanted to read vs the actual words I wrote. The offer was made again to speak privately. You refused. You resorted to more name calling. Now you are trying to blame this whole thing on Wayne. Stop trying to rewrite history. Own the fact that you were an ass. I’ll own that I was an ass right back to you. Own the fact that you tried to start shit with me. I’ll own that I answered.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Wayne, reading your last post, you’re correct. I should have just deleted the entire comment. And since we’re on the “don’t ever’s”, in the future, “don’t ever” interject yourself into other posters disagreements, making matters worse. Now that we’ve both been warned…

      I’m glad you enjoy posting, and although your comments are humorous, your percentage isn’t nearly as high as you may think. I have constantly asked, almost begged that any PERSONAL attacks or fights either be taken private, to not subject the rest of us to it, or just ignore the person’s comments. This site is about Big Brother, it’s not for politics, or religion, or to be used as a sparring ring. Anyone who can’t remember that, well, maybe this isn’t the right place for them. I will thank you for deciding to no longer engage and to ignore comments from certain posters in the future.

      Have a great winter and hope to see you back for Celebrity BB.

  110. Tinkerbell

    Oh my gosh, you guys! HOLY MACARONI, I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH NOW.

    • HappyHippo

      Enjoy it! His face….priceless!!!

    • Avatar

      Hobie. Even knowing results it was really worth watching. Elanas question was the best. Alex comment when voting was great. Actually Jessica was great. Connor was good. Paul acting so innocent and continuing to lie at that time probably lost it for him. When jury asks the questions that is the time to come clean. He didn’t and they knew. Think he lost Cody then and maybe Jason. Josh screwed his speech but after Paul’s bullshit, it didn’t matter. You need to watch Alex closely the whole time. Cody looked like all he wanted to do was run to Jessica. He said they had warned him many times not to do that. They were both glowing!!! Who knows what will happen with them, but I wish them the best. Codys true personality came out and he was great.

      • Tinkerbell

        Thank you for the run-down. I appreciate it. Watching now……I love it. Side note – I have loved Cody from the beginning. I am so thankful people got to see a sifferent side to him before the season was over. I was married to a Marine for a very long time, and worked at MCRD, San Diego, a very long time. Marines deal with things differently, shows emotions differently in various situations, that is how they are trained. They are strong, they are courageous. Anyhow, way off subject. I’m so afraid Jessica is going to crush Cody’s heart. It’s only a matter of time. Thank You :)))

      • Avatar

        Hobie. I also married a marine. We were in for 8 years. And they are taught not to show their emotions. We were always on east coast which as great cause we’re from Bama!!! Roll tide!!

      • Tinkerbell

        @trudy Semper Fi, fellow Marine wife :))). San Diego native here. Thank you for your husband’s service.

      • Avatar

        Hobie. Long long time ago!!! We were married 50 years this past March!!

      • Tinkerbell

        Trudy, Once a Marine……always a Marine. Congratulations on your 50 years. That is absolutely spectacular!

  111. Avatar

    Pardon my French, but what dumdums. Paul should’ve had that.

  112. Avatar

    Paul knew when Cody was the deciding vote. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride.

  113. HappyHippo

    Wow. I cannot believe it!

  114. Avatar

    I don’t respect Cody’s vote. BUT

    Very happy for Josh, like Lindsay said…his family in Florida.

    • Avatar

      dmc and Lindsay, Please stop acting like Josh should or could win because of his family in Florida. He won because Paul was an asshole and he was just a crybaby! An asshole chooses to be one…..a crybaby can’t always help it. I’ll take the crybaby everytime! #paulassholejoshcrybaby

      • LindsayB

        Hey Lindy. The jurors don’t know about the hurricanes. My personal feelings on it is that I’m not mad at Josh having the money because of the hurricanes. Get it straight.

      • Avatar

        Lindy. AMEN GIRL!! plus you don’t give the money to someone because they need it. Most of them need it.

      • LindsayB

        Again. He jurors didn’t do it cuz he needs it. THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT THE HURRICANES!!! I said I wasn’t mad at Josh winning the money because I think his family needs it. Jesus Christ.

      • Avatar

        Lindy, there was recently this thing, hurricane Irma. Josh’s family lived right near the path. So, since Josh won, I am happy for him, to be able to help put the family’s lives back in order.

        It has nothing to do why he won, but a reason for any decent human being to feel good about it.

    • Avatar

      Understandable that you don’t respect Cody’s vote. But for some of us like myself, his vote is well respected and he showed that Paul’s friendship (laced with superficial advantages of safety and such) or lack there of, really has no place in being rewarded half a million dollars.

  115. Avatar


  116. Avatar

    Called this last week…..I said Cody, Alex, Jason, Mark and Eleana would never vote for Paul…that Cody’s hatred of Paul was stronger than his lack of respect of Josh….I could see it a mile off.

    • Avatar

      Browning. I really think Paul though he had it when it was down to Cody. When Cody said about not going back on his word, I thought that had something to do with what he said when evicted about Paul only one playing game. Does anything know what he meant about keeping his word??

  117. Tinkerbell

    Ohhhhhh, I wish we could have our live feeds for backyard and anything else tonight.

  118. Avatar

    I am on West Coast and can’t wait to see Pauls expression when he realizes he lost.

  119. Avatar

    I thought Paul was going to pass out while waiting on Cody’s (obvious) vote.
    No disrespect to all of you that wanted Paul to win, and while Josh isn’t my first choice, I am very happy.
    Like people said, Paul overplayed this year..it was just too much, it really was.
    Okay..WHAT is up with Raven hanging all over Paul?

  120. AIO_7

    Josh is a come back story in so many ways.

  121. HappyHippo

    Lost by one vote each time

  122. Avatar

    If Paul had not of lied during the jury questioning he probably would’ve won. He did not own up to the dirty game he played. Own it, you would’ve won.

  123. Avatar

    Raven is about to cry

  124. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Nope, America has failed us again.

    I’m done with this show. DONE.

  125. g8trgirl

    He won by Cody’s vote. How poetic is that shit? I can’t stop laughing.

  126. Lynn

    Hahahahahahaha. Poetic justice!!!!

  127. Avatar

    DOWN GOES FRAZIER!!!!!!!!!! DOWN GOES FRAZIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. ElaineB

    Wow! Congrats Josh! I am sooo glad that Paul was denied the win. Wheee! I thought Josh had so blown it when he took Paul to F2, but the jurors came through…..good job!

  129. hogwild

    Well Paul pulled a Hillary Clinton and lost something he should not have lost don’t like Josh any better than Paul but congrats to him shocked Cody voted Josh Cody wins AFP perfect end to Pauls night. Well it’s been fun shooting the shit with everyone about this season not sure if I will mess with celebrity BB if I don’t so long for now and you guys next summer be safe everyone.

  130. Edsel

    The backyard interviews will be on the live feeds, right?

  131. Avatar

    Paul calling Josh a coward because of his goodbye messages shows just what a jerk he is. He played you boo boo. You are just mad he wrecked your jury management plan.That is not being a coward….that is called outsmarting your lying goodbye messages, Paul is NOT a gracious loser. He is mad. He is a poor sport.

    • Avatar

      Josh’s goodbye messages confirmed and solidified his answers during the Q&A…. They were the same… he had a F3 alliance with Paul and Xmas…. Paul calling him a coward was actually the opposite…. Josh owned up to his decisions via the goodbye messages… Paul never did…. As someone else said…. Very Poor Jury Management.

      • Avatar

        @wayne “Very Poor Jury Management” I agree with you. Great players don’t make these kinds of mistakes. They always have the end-game in site. But Paul only had Final 2 in sight, not the actual winning of that $500K check.

        Although I did watch this on CBS, Josh’s win can be verified by other national media outlets (TMZ as an example)!

    • Avatar

      I thought the same thing when he said that about Josh.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Yeah I didn’t get that either. Wouldn’t that also make Paul a coward for every thing he said behind his so-called “allies” backs in the game. But the reality is, whether it was cowardly or not, it was probably Josh’s smartest game move and likely a big part of what won him $500K. I’d happily be a coward for half a million!

  132. Avatar

    Just my opinion but Paul lost it during the Q&A….. Josh’s answers backed up his game play…. Paul’s answers were wishy-washy at best and he tap danced… Think what you want of Cody but I think he flipped his vote after hearing the answers….

    • Tinkerbell

      Looks like Paul, Josh, and Christmas won’t be touring the world together. They have been planning it for two weeks.

    • hogwild

      I think your spot on Wayne Josh owned his game Paul kept trying B.S. everyone that’s what turned it for Josh.

    • hogwild

      I was surprised Paul did that bad with the Q&A given that he had been there before.

      • Avatar

        It was the first time during the game he wasn’t able to pivot. He answered the Q&A saying he didn’t have the numbers and did what the house wanted but his speech was that he was in total control and made all of the decisions. His insincerity was his downfall. I learned a long time ago that sometimes the delivery isn’t as important as the message. Josh proved that again last night. His delivery was clunky but he was sincere and honest. Paul often comes off as much older than he is but last night his youth really showed. He’s at that age where he thinks he knows it all and just doesn’t. I am curious how many of the jury members changed their vote on the spot. I hope we find out.

        I was really disappointed by Paul’s behavior and words toward Josh as they sat there waiting for the results. I know a lot was on the line so I’ll give him a pass but if he cares to know why and how he ended up losing two seasons in a row, that’s a good place to start.

    • Avatar

      @wayne I think Cody was true to his word since the day Paul walked in the house. He never liked him and was not onboard with friendship. It also illustrates how Paul was not one of the greatest players of all times. A truly great player who mind you has already had practice in this (last years final 2) f2 speech, would have been much more eloquent and responsible in his presentation to the jury. But just as his arrogance blinded him from the real truth of cracks in his game long ago, that same arrogance couldn’t own up to his poor quality of mobbing gameplay that he orchestrated this season.

  133. Tinkerbell

    Yaaayyyy, I get to watch now. Can’t wait. After tonight, I can’t wait to follow social media and newspapers to see reactions of the houseguests when they see how much they are disliked. If anyone is on-line here, maybe we can post links to keep up with how our least favorites are faring in the real world, with all of their new knowledge.

  134. Jannie

    Josh DID pull it off!!
    And it was Cody’s vote than made Yosemite Sam a bridesmaid again.
    As the kid in the movie 16 Candles said…

  135. Lynn

    Aaaannnnnndddddddd my man Cody is America’s favorite. Finally! All is right in BB 19 world!

  136. feltso gudinya

    “ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID” does it again…….i hate to say i told u so….but i did…many times………..

  137. Avatar

    Thank you Elena, Jason, Alex, Mark, and Cody! What a satisfying ending. Final vote coming down to Cody was awesome. Paul’s face after losing 5-4 again was classic. Raven holding Paul’s arm and rubbing it onstage was pathetic. Then Cody winning AFP was the last in your face of the season to Paul, Matt, Raven, and Christmas. Remember Paul- second place is the first loser

    • Avatar

      agree 100%. Maybe this season will stop the trend in reality shows that you can cross any line just to win. The housewives shows, while not a techinical competition have been going through this type of thing too. Making up serious lies about the other women that affect their families and businesses. Luckily Bravo and the women have taken so much heat over this, some have been fired or changed their behaviors so they don’t lose fans. Just like real life, you can only step over heads to get up the ladder, you can’t crush whole bodies.

  138. Avatar

    I am so livid right now. Those jurors are so stupid. Paul deserved that by a long shot! I can’t even with stupid people. Cody, AFP? Are you kidding me? That should have been Kevin for sure. I am so disappointed. Bitter jurors suck worse than anything. Its a damn game and Paul played the best game and he got robbed, again.

    • Avatar

      All Paul had to do is own his game. He didn’t….. he danced and Cody flipped…

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Cody said he wasn’t voting for Paul in jury, so he didn’t flip. I didn’t think he would be so petty though.

      • Avatar

        Certainly not what a great player would have done!

      • Avatar

        @vc137fe as pissed as I am I can agree that Paul should have been more honest and taken the full credit for the amazing puppetry he did in that house. If they weren’t so stupid he would have won but then again, if they weren’t so stupid Paul would have been gone as soon as his safety was over. I’m just really disappointed.

    • jimbo

      AFP Cody would have axed Paul from the show week one had CBS not given Paul three weeks of safety. CBS knew Paul would win that Safety Temptation in the first few days of the show because America knew him because he played before.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      I agree with you. Paul played the best game and was robbed. I have also said repeatedly that I liked Paul’s game much more last season.

    • Avatar

      I think Paul overplayed it near the end of the season. I also think Cody was going to vote for Paul and flipped after the questions and speeches. Paul overplayed that, too, and danced when he should have just proudly owned what he did. Paul’s problem was that he was convinced that since he had outwitted them all season, they would be too impressed with his game play or still too dumb to vote against him. He apparently didn’t understand that people too stupid to figure him out for three months would be too stupid to admire his strategy and would vote with emotion and bitterness.

    • Alda

      That’s how I feel too.Also Cody winning AFP was laughable! He didn’t even thank America.He just started making out with his little bleep on the stage.Kevin was a gentleman and should have won .That’s the mentality of p[eople today.Sad!

    • Avatar

      Jenny. The jury didn’t vote for AFP. America and the fans did. So they didn’t think Kevin deserved to win. Jurors were just like America. They don’t like the way Paul played the game. Most of America felt the same way. Everyone knew AFP was down to Kevin or Cody.

  139. Avatar

    Okay… interesting dynamic after the results…. Raven is latched on to Paul’s arm, Xmas is latched onto Josh’s arm…. Cody and Jessica are gettin’ freaky on the side… Cereal boy is a bystander in back…

  140. Seattle Kari

    maybe I’m going to have to watch the episode after all just to see the expression on Paul’s face. And Alex’s. Hopefully Alex made a good expression when she didn’t win America’s favorite.

    Hopefully Josh will use the money to help a lot of his friends and family because of the hurricane. Something tells me that he will.

  141. jimbo

    The champagne is pouring! I blasted and dubbed Paul as Cult Leader Paul (comparing him to Jim Jones and Charlie Manson) and called it out as Big Bully since the first weeks in this blog. I ripped “the couples” alliance for stupidly abandoning Cody just because he correctly tried to get out Paul, and foolishly running to Paul’s side. I said they would live to regret that decision — they did. I wanted Cody to win AFP to stick Paul in the eye — he did! I wanted Paul to lose to Josh because losing to such a lousy, bullying crybaby would be more embarrassing to his huge arrogant ego than losing to Nicole — and he did! Good times.

    • ElaineB

      I love it! The one aspect of the game that Paul couldn’t control, even though he tried, was how the HGs vote. I am still surprised that it turned out the way it did, but after watching Josh and his answers, I am glad it worked out for him to win. For all those that screamed all season that this was Paul’s to lose, it was….and he did!

  142. Avatar

    I didn’t like any of the final 3. Based on pure game play, Paul probably should have won, but he got outplayed by Josh when it mattered-particularly with those goodbye messages to Jason and Alex. And Paul’s behavior when he found out what Josh did made me happy he lost. After the way he played and manipulated everyone, he had no right to act betrayed and hurt by Josh. I personally would have preferred to see Kevin win AFP, but I did enjoy seeing the other HGs and their shock when Cody won-and for who the top three for that matter. All in all, still disappointed with the season, but the show tonight was fun to watch.

  143. Avatar

    hahahahahahahaahaa I do love a bitter jury!!! Paul is a two-time loser and got outsmarted when Josh left secret messages to jury members. And Cody casting the final nail in Paul’s coffin was perfect… and to make a really horrible season that much better was Cody winning AFP was epic!!!! Rot in hell Paul!

  144. Avatar

    What was cool, was that Paul and Josh were both counting jury votes.

    When it was 4-2 Paul, and went to 4-3, they both knew that Josh would win.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      What makes this even more poetic is that Jessica said that she would’ve voted for Paul if she had made it to jury. And the main reason why Jess wasn’t in jury was because PAUL wanted her out before Cody. So if Jess was telling the truth about her vote, that means the only reason Paul didn’t win was because he chose to put in Cody in jury instead of Jessica.

      • Avatar

        Great point !

      • Avatar

        Very true. She even told Cody several times in the house she would vote for Paul to win in it came down to it.

      • danmtruth

        Even more of a burn All he talk about was managing the jury He knew he was in trouble when he saw those GBM from Josh Making him look like a FOOL in his GBM Paul looked crush when Marks vote went to Josh He was counting on that vote
        The only thing that CBS miss on the show was showing Paul and Ravens face when Cody won

      • Avatar

        That point is excellent my friend. And is the perfect illustration as to why a great player would have never made that mistake. A player who is mediocre or slightly above average can and does make such a fatal mistake such as Paul did.

        The other part of your point which is spot on was the fact that Jessica’s departure was how many weeks ago? Paul’s fate was sealed then and many knew his days even if making to final two as he did, were numbered!

      • Avatar

        Good poetic point Gerardo!

      • HappyHippo

        So so true. Great point

    • Avatar

      Dmc. I don’t think that’s true at all. I truly think Paul thought he had one even when it came down to Cody. You could see it on n his face!! I think Josh was surprised at every vote he got!! Esp mark. Cody and Elana!!

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I do think Paul started freaking out when Elena tied the vote at 4-4 and it came down to Cody. Paul started shaking his head and groaning “noooooo” because I think he had a feeling it was over at that point.

      • Avatar

        Trudy, Mark and Elena are joined at the hip. And Cody hated Paul.

        When it went to 4-3 , Josh puts his hand over his face, he knows. he is winning, and Paul shook his head in disbelief

  145. Avatar

    I love you bloggers! You’re way more entertaining than the show. Perfect justice. Josh who had no business winning wins and Cody who had no business getting AFP gets it. Priceless. That made the season for me. I’m sorry, but despite how well Paul played, he was an obnoxious, despicable little prick and I’m happy when folks like him don’t get their way.

    • Avatar

      Paul should have won! If he would have just owned his game like Josh did, he would have…. The montage they played after the votes of his DR room stuff only confirmed that he didn’t own his game during the Q&A and that he felt they were all idiots… When he watches it all back he will realize a few things:

      Josh is a lot smarter than he gave him credit – josh’s comments to the live feed cameras outlined his distrust for Paul but played the F3 angle pretty darn good.

      All of Paul’s goodbye messages were attempts at deflecting culpability.

      He should have owned his game during the Q&A…

      • Avatar

        That montage summed up just how much the Jury wasn’t buying that friendship nonsense.Paul was done way before this F2 vote. As the mobbing boss, he inflicted so much b.s. friendship damage on each evicted houseguest that they made the right choice in not rewarding him for friendship with $500K.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jim, glad you had fun here. Hope to see you back next season! 🙂

  146. Avatar

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at the after party…. Who thinks Raven will get bitch slapped by Alex, Alena or Jessica?

  147. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    @stevebeans Can you please blog Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead?!?!? Please! I love this blog, but I seriously can’t with this show anymore.

  148. McCoy

    Was anyone really surprised? The jury was full of cry baby bitches.. They’ve shown how immature and childish they were all season, this was just the final move in a series of bad moves in a HORRIBLE season. I will say the one surprise was Cody voting for Josh. All you heard Cody talk about was how him and Paul were the two alpha males. Well Cody, I guess you ended up being a little bitch like the rest of them huh?

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Pot meet kettle.

    • McCoy

      I’m not even a Paul fan. He took part in the shittyness as well. But the dude was a returning player, who won 9 comps and was not OTB one single time. I judge BB on game play not how shitty a person is. Paul deserves shitty person of the year, actually they all were shitty. But he also was the best player by far.

    • ElaineB

      Best move all season. For once each juror made his/her own decision, and Paul wasn’t able to be in the jury house to tell each of them what to do. Wish there had been more of that during the game, but it all worked out great.

    • Avatar

      Cody is an Alpha male who clearly saw no need to give another Alpha male his due in the form of $500K. As the jury house re-watched how each member got evicted week to week, Cody gave the other Alpha Male his due by repeatedly saying there is Paul just running the whole house. That’s all he needed to do, not help the guy cash out a $500K check!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Lindy, Morgana….McCoy has just as much right to his opinion as you have yours. 🙂

  149. Mimi Ryan

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, Cody had the last word and it was Garden Gnome Paul, you are #2, yet again. Damn, now that is a great game play and a great play move. The Jury decided to let Cody have it, especially since 12/25 wasn’t an option. Josh you are a Meat Ball and now that you’ve won your BB19 $500K. As a Wiener he doesn’t even care about anything after that.