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Big Brother 19 – Friday Afternoon Feeds


Before I begin today, I want to say how proud I am that you guys raised over $800 toward the Hurricane Harvey charity that was set up for this site. When I set up the campaign, I was a bit taken back by the $500 default amount thinking there was no way we could reach that, so I set it to $100. Then $250. Then back to $500. Then up to $750!  If I wasn’t out all day, there would have been a chance to hit $1k in under a week. Absolutely amazing. Readers here make our jobs fun and I cannot thank you enough!

Moving on, it’s time for some Big Brother talk…

I’m going to bitch a little about Christmas. It’s nothing major and nothing I haven’t said before, but last night was yet another example of why they should have removed her from the game after her injury.  This is nothing personal against her. Condescending attitude and nightmare laugh aside, I don’t have many problems with her (though she should count her blessings she got an incredibly nice edit last night that didn’t show just how crazy she looked during the fight with Kevin). However, last night she won the HoH by default! In the words of Raven… “are you shitting me??” It was the running competition where you hold your mark until you see a word and somehow she won.  The only way I can see this happening is if every single person got a DQ each round which automatically handed it to her. I am really curious how this happened, so I can’t wait for Sunday night to show this in detail. How was she able to hold the pose to not get herself DQ’d immediately?  Why was she cleared for a running comp to begin with?


Today could be an interesting day on the feeds because there are no more backdoor plans this season. Sure, you can keep your target off the block and hope to hell they don’t win the PoV which gives them the opportunity to not only save themselves but pull another target off, but that’s just stupid. Everyone is playing in the veto comp this week so the target should almost certainly be nominated. The big question will be if they’re nominated with a pawn or a second option.  The target this week is Jason then Alex (due to Jason’s connection with Kevin giving him two allies).  Alex volunteered to be a pawn next to Kevin because she thinks he’s the target but that would mean leaving Jason off the block and risking him winning PoV and saving Alex. Christmas can do that, but seeing as it’s always Paul’s HoH, he’s smarter than that.

There is a good chance I am going into the city tonight but I should be around to post the nominations and dumb temptation should anyone use it this week.


  • 12:15 pm – Jason and Kevin are in the bedroom talking.
    • Christmas is upstairs and Raven (who is wearing Matt’s shirt) joined her.  I wonder if she’s going to be a GinaMarie with Nick’s hat
  • 1:00 pm – Paul and Raven are talking in the HoH room
    • They are talking about Alex a bit.  The ego on her.  There is only one person in the house who can have an ego that big!
    • Paul is working it like he and Raven are together (not in that way).
    • Paul says Alex sucks up to people in her goodbye messages…. the guy who asked for a vote
    • He points out how Alex sat back and let Jason take all the heat for the nominations/veto
    • Raven tells him how Alex threw away Kevin’s slop (he knows all this)
    • He goes along with it and says “Wow, Kevin probably believes it because you guys blew up on him”.. again, Paul knows the truth about everything
    • Paul talks about how he got Kevin to throw the HoH comp. He apparently got Alex to throw it as well.  These people are so stupid
  • 1:30 pm – Paul goes downstairs to start bashing Raven to Alex.   You can’t make this up
    • Then they start making fun of Kevin
    • Alex thinks Christmas is putting up her and Kevin since she volunteered to be a pawn
  • 2:30 pm – Raven is in the HoH practicing her GPA
  • 4:20 pm – Still not a lot going on. No noms yet. Paul and Christmas are in the HoH talking
  • 9:00 PM – Still on road but Jason and Alex have been nominated.

Check back for updates


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  1. Renee

    Wahoo, great job on the hurricane relief fund! Have we heard from Ann? I am concerned. She and I private messaged, but the last I heard from her was Wednesday. Keep her in your prayers!

    • Tinkerbell

      Steve, It’s so exciting about our donations from here. Thanks so much for doing the research for us. Greatly appreciated. Have fun in the city.

      Renee, I’m very concerned about Ann as well. My prayers continue for her and her family, and everyone affected by the horrible storm. The images and coverage on TV are heartbreaking.

      • Renee

        I told Ann I realize that none of us here “really” know each other, but we have become our own dysfunction online family 🙂 You are correct, the images are heartbreaking.

      • Avatar

        We launched a cargo airplane today out of Memphis. Jammed with supplies needed down in the Houston area. Go FedEx!

      • Ann

        Good evening my loves, im still hanging in there but I was so sick yesterday from the heat, the pterodactyl size mosquitoes stinging like bees while they try to suck your blood, my stomach hurting & dealing with the runs. I tried to very careful about food & water but I don’t know, maybe I slipped up somewhere, probably from the gas station food. I know I know that’s a not so smart thing to do but when you get hungry, your mind will trick you into believing anything.
        The gigantic fans have been running to dry my floors & now that noise is stuck in my head. Still no power in half of my house so that means no A/C, no lights or power in my kitchen or garage.
        Street lights dangling if they’re still there so we run on the stop sign system (only one vehicle at a time), if you come to train tracks there is nothing to warn of a train coming, no lights & no long bars that go down & no flashing lights.
        We are still under curfew & water restrictions while flood waters continue to rise in some parts of town. Very few businesses open. My youngest son works for UPS & he finally got to go to work at 4. 97% of businesses that called workers in are for clean-up. Hospitals still closed, massive clean-up in every direction.
        Some of my children were able to go home this morning….Hallelujah Halla Back because I was ready for them to go. Lol
        I wish I knew how to take pictures & put them on here so I could show you guys what I’m talking about.

        I just saw Julie’s shirt, sweater or whatever in the hell she had on. There’s an ostrich or 2 somewhere missing their tale feathers. I haven’t been able to catch up but I’m hoping to soon.
        I’m getting help from FEMA & my house insurance.

        Thank you all & I love & miss you all!!!

      • LindsayB

        Ann!!!! What about that damn tree??

      • Avatar

        Hang in there Ann.

      • HappyHippo

        Who thumbs down that? Wow.

      • feltso gudinya

        3 people who hate themselves…..that’s why thumbs down should be ignored……

      • Tinkerbell

        @ann Hey there Chickadee, Yay, you are here !! Hands clapping. Thanks so much for checking in. We can all breathe a little better now. We care about you lots, and want you to be okay. I know there’s no way you can really be okay with what you are going through – but we are here for you. I wish we could be near to physically help you with what is ahead, but we are definitely here for moral support, and a caring shoulder for you to lean on. Lifting you up in prayer, friendship, and love.

      • HappyHippo

        Feltso….your back! Welcome:)

      • feltso gudinya

        summer’s over, i’m back to teaching and that means i am busy grading papers and updating lesson plans most evenings…i’ll be gone again this weekend…off early tomorrow morning to key west with my wife for holiday weekend…

      • Tinkerbell

        @feltso-gudinya Thank you for checking in so we know you are okay. You and your wife have a fun-n-safe weekend in the Keys. No grading papers over the weekend. Your students can wait until later to find out that they failed their assignments/exams.

    • Tinkerbell

      Renee, Absolutely!

      • Ann

        @Hobie-Lynne, you & all of my BB family have done more than you could ever know by just being here for me, checking on me, well wishes & beautiful prayers. When I pray every night & every morning, I Thank Our Heavenly Father for my new friends.

    • LindsayB

      I can see when I click on my friends list that she’s checking in here and there. Looks like she was on a few hours ago. Based on some of the things she’s said, I think it’s probably too hard emotionally to type out what she’s dealing with but still keeps up to have a bit of relief from reality. She’s probably busy hunting down whoever left their tree on her front step and is making them take it back home.

      • Renee

        LOL, you are right! I also think she needs to conserve her battery because she has been on generator for days. Ann, if you check in, we are all thinking of you. Give your neighbor a pass on the tree – this time 🙂

      • Ann

        You’re absolutely right Lindsay, I do check in on my family here because I need to laugh & have some good thoughts here & there.
        I have to tell you I sit & cry because I want to be in on my BB family conversations but my head is all over the place. Please don’t think I’m being selfish, I’m just a little sad.
        I do Love & miss you all so much. Who would have thought a bunch of strangers that you have never seen, dont know & are thousands of miles away would turn out to be your closets friends.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Ann, we love you and miss you so much too. Honey, I’m sure I can speak for the majority of us all when I say none us of would EVER think you’re being selfish. You have way too much going on right now! Take care of you and your family and just remember that we’re all thinking about you and sending your lots of love and warm wishes. I think of you everyday. I know it’s hard to believe right now, but you’ll come out of this stronger than ever. Hang in there dear. 🙂

      • HappyHippo

        Glad you’re ok Ann!

      • ShoeLover


        It’s always a relief seeing your post pop up in the thread and i breathe little easier knowing you are going to be okay. We are a family here on BBJ. I pray for easy days a smile around your heart. I wish there was more I could do to help. The devastation down there is heart breaking. Sending comforting prayers for you, your family and everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey.

      • feltso gudinya

        love u ann….running out of house as we speak..we r late for dinner with kids and grandbabies…..talk later….

      • Ann

        That tree was dragged out by the street because the city is picking up downed trees & limbs for the next 4-5 weeks. The dolly is still here too. Lol

  2. Helen

    Raven has already let everyone know she is moving up to the HOH after noms….LMAO……hope Groundhog Day has a great week!!!! After all she is a comp beast,all players DQ’d giving her the win by default!! She deserves a week with Raven

  3. AIO_7

    ” (though she (Christmas) should count her blessings she got an incredibly nice edit last night that didn’t show just how crazy she looked during the fight with Kevin)”

    Christmas is getting the Florence Nightingale edit for everything.

    • Renee

      They have to give her that editing, they were here drug distributor for the whole season.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I get that they can’t show everything due to time constraints, but it would have only taken a short 5-second clip of her shrieking at him about utter nonsense for viewers to get the gist of how that argument went down. They clearly wanted to make her look more rational than she really is.

      • ShoeLover

        Or even her words on BBAD talking about Raven and how it makes her want to be an evil person. Her example are her voices in her head… “Christmas, let’s kill her”

        Yeah we have some real winners this year!!

        But I will be a forever BB fan!!

  4. Renee

    The tree lit up earlier and no one took an apple. Is it out of play now or does it light more than once?

  5. Avatar

    Pretty simple, if they really wanted the apple temptations picked they would have put a $10,000 apple up there with the others. Most, if not all, would have told Paul to pound sand and go for the 10k.That might have made the past week or so a bit interesting.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Yeah it is kinda weird how the producers seem to have just let this whole apple thing go. In the past they’ve usually gone out of their way to ensure that their stupid twists actually come to fruition. I can’t remember who said this (maybe Rachel Reilly?), but I remember a former HG saying that the producers basically harassed her into opening Pandora’s box even though she really didn’t want to. The producers must’ve not been that interested in seeing this apple twist play out.

    • LindsayB

      Good point antsal

    • HappyHippo

      It really does frustrate me how they try to make out Kevin to have won “so much” already and it’s like it’s a game.,,..that’s The whole reason you left family and friends…to win money. I really hope BB shys away from heavily “folllowed” people like y’all say and actual people like the beginning seasons that actually knew 500K would make a huge difference in their life!

  6. Tinkerbell

    Prison Girl Bitch Face……….playground bully, gutter garbage.

    Matt, you’re 33 years old. Grow up. Tie your shoes. You’re a legend in your brainless head only.

  7. Avatar

    Well I am officially off Team Jason due Joke #3 about Rape. Sexual deviant jokes like this are a bad sign and nothing I can defend or will accept.

    I cannot stand Alex but Jason has disappointed me with his unfunny and serious offensive rape jokes. Once again Production disappoints but not taking disciplinary action. I guess they condone this type of behavior.

    I hope Team Kevin wins the show but we all know this is Paul’s game to win or at least Production has put the fix in.

    • LindsayB

      What is production supposed to do? The whole point of this is for these people to have no interaction or influence with the outside world (except for xmas). If they step in to tell jason or anyone that what they are saying is being received poorly on the outside world then they are breaking their own rules. Where would the line be on when they step in or not? That kind of influence would tarnish so many aspects of the game. The person getting tipped off would then change their behavior or speak about it with other HGs which would change their behavior, which would change how they play and could result in changing the whole outcome. That’s just inside the house. Let’s take it to how it changes things outside. What if you missed all this drama cuz production cut to fish and reprimanded jason on telling bad jokes? You would still be a fan. You would still vote for him to have an advantage if that came up. You would still vote for him to be AFP.

      We and production have to just let these people show us who they are. BB isn’t condoning anything. They are letting the game be played the way it’s supposed to be, without tips from the outside. It sucks to have to see ugly stuff sometimes but that’s also what we’ve signed up for when we choose to watch a show with this premise.

      • Avatar

        Don’t get me started on Saloon Door. She’s an embarrassment. There’s no garuntee she hasn’t been influenced during her field trips.

      • LindsayB

        Ok. I don’t get it. Where did you get “saloon door”? I pride myself on being able to keep up with all the genius nicknames we have on here but I’m at a loss with saloon door. What did I miss? Should I feel stupid?

      • WhereisPablo

        I agree completely. It is ugly and unpleasant, but unfortunately, that is the nature of some people. I know mine is not a popular opinion, but I have not been able to stand Kevin or Jason from week 1. My first impressions were pretty accurate. I thought Jason was a nasty jerk, Raven was playing to the camera from the second she stepped in the door (before she announced any of her conditions, diseases, ailment and malfunctions), Kevin was sneaky, lazy and terribly annoying, Alex loved the game but too hyper to execute well, Super Bowl Sunday was arrogant, Jessica was faux everything, Cody was disturbed, Mark was pitifully silly and so on. I really wanted to like Elana and Dominique, but those were 2 I misjudged—blech. I know not what to think of Josh,it is fluid week to week. I loved Paul last year and am a little less enthusiastic this year, but still would like to see him win. I don’t think production has helped or hurt him. Being the only former player, he had to have a degree of safety starting out or there would be no point going in. Kwanzaa has had ridiculous advantages in my opinion and Matt is not worth mentioning. Again, these are unpopular opinions from what I read, but there are people who do not love Kevin and think Paul deserves the win…so far. The ugly actions and words of any of the HGs are their problems to face when they go home. I would not want production altering any of that.

      • Avatar

        What does a Saloon Door do? It swings both ways.

      • LindsayB

        So yes, I should feel stupid for not getting that one. I’m sorry. Please don’t judge me. I’ll do better next time.

        Valerie, thank you for all that. It’s ok to not have everyone agree. I agree that I thought there was something off about Kevin but I decided that I enjoy watching him. He does bring a different element to the house and I appreciate that. Paul has had to work much harder this season so I miss the lighter side of him we had last year. The fact that he has had to have a different style of manipulating people this year makes me appreciate him on a different level.

      • Avatar

        Hi, long time lurker here (years). This is my first post here lol.
        I can see what you are saying Valerie, completly but I don’t agree with some of it. This year BB has been over the top in a negative way. I stopped DVR’ing this show after a month and I have watched every season since season 1. I read Steve’s blog only now.
        What is going on is outright bullying and imo it is not entertaining at all. These people are not funny and not entertaining. This show is not fun to watch. CBS is pomoting hate and discord. Why isn’t this the fun show, with funny/smart people all trying to win the final prize? Nobody seems to be focused on winning, they are all focused on whining. And all the talk about being happy to make it to jury? Really? Like CBS did you hire a bunch of actors this season?
        I dont know what this show is but it is not the big brother show that I know and love. 🙁
        Sorry I had to vent. I have been wanting to for awhile since this is such a sh** show. Plus it is really hot where I live today.

      • Avatar

        There will be a quiz at the end of every thread! Lol. No worries Rock Star.

  8. Tinkerbell

    Raven, Sweetie……please give it up. You love the cameras – they/we do not love you. You cannot dance. Please dance out of our sight, in the shower.

  9. Avatar

    Public service announcement:

    Ladies and gentlemen of the forum. Hurricane Irma is barreling towards the USA. We don’t know exactly where it will make landfall. If you have family anywhere within its projected path, please implore them to board up, pack up and get hell out. There is only 5-7 days max before it potentially hits. I’ve already made arrangements for family down in Florida to travel to me in Memphis to stay and ride it out. I hope the events of gulf coast of Texas will wake people up to the fact that Mother Nature doesn’t fuck around. Plan, prepare and fight for survival. It’s the reactionary response that sees the most devastation.

    Please, please implore family to get out. Homes can be rebuilt. A human life cannot.

  10. kneeless

    Of those, left in the house, Kevin is my favorite. Raven & Alex are the 2 I can hardly look at or listen to anymore.And, of those 2 I absolutely cannot stand ANYTHING about Raven. I do not want her to even come in 2nd & win the 50k. It is horrible of me but I would really love to see the reactions of these fools when they get out.

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  12. Helen

    Paul tells Josh he’s not allowed to touch Trejo without his permission –

    Per plan saying Trejo is what Paul josh and Christmas decided was the code word to start a fight

  13. kneeless

    Annie, Annie, are you OK? I realize you have better things to do & may have limited phone charge. Just praying you & your family are doing as well as you can do. Think of you often.

  14. HappyHippo

    Did Raven win HOH….live feeders would be lead to believe

  15. Helen

    Oh come on BB….just do the nom ceremony and get the stupid thing over…it’s time for some yelling and screaming

  16. kneeless

    I wish someone would have picked an apple. At least there would have been something going on.

  17. Helen

    Did they ever announce that it was out of play or are they still waiting? You would think after 4 hours they would get the hint no one wants it!

  18. Avatar

    I bet all of the past players of BB are shaking their heads and wishing they had this cast the year they were a part of the show. I don’t think I have ever seen a cast so comfortable and willing to give away power with such few players left. This is truly the dumbest cast ever–and there should be no winner this season because there was no game-play this season. I am guessing that any cast member that finished in the top 10 of any past season could have won this season because this cast is truly like a bunch of naive children taking candy from the creepy guy in the panel van.

  19. kneeless

    I read that Jessica is going to be on The Bold & the Beautiful. She is filming next week, 9/5, according to the article.

  20. hogwild

    As I said yesterday how big of an idiot do you have to be to throw an HOH comp this late in the game if that is in fact what happened and it sure seems to be. It’s like making it to day 30 on survivor and saying I’m going to throw this immunity challenge and just take it on faith they won’t vote me out. Personally I would have told them ok I will throw it but I want to be the last person up there with Christmas then I would have hauled ass down there and took it.

    • kneeless

      It is especially idiotic when Alex, Raven & Josh are fans of the show. They definitely should know better. And Raven, crying off her 53 lbs of make-up because she was lied to & people were disloyal. She knows that’s what happens, checks are bounced, on the regular, in the BB house.

      • Avatar

        Some past winners threw competitions regularly. These people actually think they are playing it smart and Paul’s approval all they need to feel good. Sad gameplay.

  21. AIO_7

    If this is the final 3 then I *sigh* hope Slosh wins the big money.


  22. Avatar

    This season is so mind numbing

  23. Helen

    Josh is starting in on Kevin…so it’s another week of kick Kevin around so they all can make Alex and Jason comfortable OTB. I despise these people and can’t wait till the karma train hits them head on and runs over their asses

  24. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Steve: “Raven is in the HoH practicing her GPA”

    LMAO, brilliant!

  25. AIO_7

    Kevin comes in the HOH, breaks up Paul and Holiday’s scheming; so Paul leaves. (Kevin only has 8 hours left as a have not)


  26. kneeless

    I wish they would get rid of the floaties, that is so BB18!

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  28. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    O.M.F.G. You guys…please click on the link I’m posting. This made my Friday and my whole damn weekend. I’m laughing so hard right now, I can’t fucking breathe and I seriously just peed my pants a little bit! This is just too damn much for me to handle right now! Shit…I know guys are gonna love this…you’re welcome in advance. 🙂



    • kneeless

      That’s hilarious!

    • LindsayB

      Oh. My. God. Started slow but then. But then!!! That was amazing. I drew Apple Jacks on paper and ate them. I ate trees. Bark.
      Spot on Raven impression. Perfection.

      Thank you.

    • Tinkerbell

      I.Love.Him !! He is my favorite. Always sooooo hilarious!!

    • ShoeLover


      I L♡VE WIL with one L!!!!

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Me too ShoeLover! I am subscribed to his channel so I get all his new stuff, but this really took the cake! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing and watched it over and over again I know like 10 times! Love him!!!

    • Ann

      @Misty, you better stop. That was too funny & need to laugh as much as possible.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        That’s good for you Ann! Laughter is the best medicine! I wish I could find a gazillion more things to make you laugh!! 🙂

    • Avatar

      Thank you, that was great!!! I wish he would replace Raven on the show. I loved the apple jacks comment too and ‘I was eleventeen years old’ is just stupid enough for her to say.

    • Avatar

      I’m glad he was able to continue with the saga after his injury.

    • Avatar

      Long time reader, first time poster. Just want to say thank you to Misty for posting this video. I’m dying! So, so much more entertaining than the actual show!

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Hey, no problem LoMgn! I’m glad that video made you laugh. Trust me, it made me hoot and holler too! As I admitted before, it actually really did make me pee my pants just a tiny bit from laughing so hard. I just couldn’t even control it. I couldn’t stop laughing to save my life.
        Let’s see, Crystal Meth Ronald McDonald, making Apple Jacks out of paper and eating them..I ate trees. Bark. Woof., getting run over by the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile, being eleventeen years old when it happened, being pregnant 18 times, having phantom babies, having alien babies, her alien baby killing her aunt Barb for killing her mom’s 2nd husband my running over him with a plastic tractor. Then Cody’s eyes and voice! And Cowpie & Matt!!!!!
        Shit, I’m starting to laugh again…I gotta stop now!!
        Anywho…I’m glad you enjoyed it!! 🙂

    • Mimi Ryan

      Misty, you made this? OMG you RULE!!!! That was a great deal of work and it is great.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        @micheler96..No, no, no…I didn’t make it, Wil Heuser made it. He was on BB in season 14 I think (ya’ll correct me if I’m wrong, I really can’t remember things!). But, he does this every season. He does parodies of each episode and he plays every character AND Julie. Mostly they’re all funny, but this one just struck me as especially hilarious because of all the Raven stuff! AND, we’ve been ragging on Raven so much lately, it just came out at the perfect time. You should subscribe to Wil, he’ll have you laughing every week!!

  29. Helen

    Now. That was funny!!!

  30. Tinkerbell

    @feltso-gudinya Hey guy, I just saw you waaaayyyy back up there in the thread. We have missed you. Please don’t get all conceited and stuck-up just because we miss you.

    • Tinkerbell

      Thumbs down about Feltso?? Really?! Laughing my bahoncos off. People are so awesome. Bwahahaha. Guess we should not give them the attention they want. Still laughing so hard. However, Thumbs down regarding the hurricanes IS off-limits.

    • feltso gudinya

      i miss u guys too, but i teach six advanced history/english classes a day and oversee independent study lab one or two periods a day….when i get home there is still plenty of work to do….these students r giving it there all…who am i not to do the same….don’t worry about thumbs down…”living well is the best revenge”…i have always prospered in life and unfortunately that rubs a certain type of people the wrong way…

      • feltso gudinya

        i spelled their wrong…thank god we don’t use our real names…..every one i know would ride me like a box car….obviously it’s time for bed…and i have a five hour drive in the morning, (which my wife loves because she has my undivided attention)……

  31. Tinkerbell

    I just love it when Raven is sleeping. Actually, when all of them are sleeping.

  32. Avatar

    Well every year I think (hope) BB will be better or more improved from the previous year and this time is no exception. But as badly as this season has gone, they should just stop everything and hand Paul his check and be done with it. I’m with most of you who feel that Christmas should have been medically removed from the game, no different from other reality “tv/games” like Survivor or Amazing Race. She’s been cruising the whole season…totally unfair to the other HGs. With Paul, what KoolAid has he given everyone?!!! Doesn’t anyone have a brain? And the extreme bullying this season is horrible. I hope there are repercussions for some of those people when they get out…will some of them lose their job due to their behavior? They should. America’s Favorite Player? Kevin, for putting up with all the crap and for trying to remain sane in that nut house.

  33. Avatar

    Hi lovelies!

    I’m way behind here, so maybe this has been discussed. I couldn’t figure out why Cody and Jessica are still such hot topics of conversation in the house. It was bothering me, but not because I like Cody. Just because it seemed like overkill. Why continue to demonize them when they are gone?

    Then, it dawned on me …. Paul is aware that he is surrounded by followers and that Cody is the only other leader. As people get evicted, Paul loses direct control over them since he isn’t in jury to manage things. So, I think Paul is trying to orchestrate how people react to and interact with Cody in jury so that Cody has less of a chance of convincing them not to vote for Paul to win.

    I truly believe Paul is trying to run both houses … one of them in absentia. It’s pretty ballsy and he may have this crew so brainwashed that it works.

    • Helen

      This is how brainwashed he has them

      4:29 PM- Think of it as a viewer. The 3 underdogs (Christmas, Paul, and Josh) , he “genuinely”( Pauls word) thinks one of the 3 are getting AFPbecause the “homies” love it. He continues, “This is boys”. The 3 have been completing tasks. It is dope and if they all 3 get to the end, it is pretty cool. They say they have played well and you don’t have to lie to get to the end. Alex lies and will lie to your face. (This is Paul and Christmas in HOH) -am

  34. Helen

    Nomination time…lets see how happy everyone is when feeds come back!!

  35. Alda

    Kevin told Jason his monthly bills are between $10,000 and $11,000 a month! Whoa!

  36. kneeless

    Has anyone heard from or seen any posts from franko/frank lately?

  37. Ann

    Awwawawawawawawawawawawawawawaw, these damn gigantic mosquitoes are like pterodactyls attacking. These things are huge & they don’t quit coming after you.

  38. Ann

    Felts, I want to PM you but I don’t know how to friendship request.

    • feltso gudinya

      i’m not connected with social media…no facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc…none..nada…and, a married man should not accept friendship requests from beautiful young ladies…lol…

      • Ann

        I meant no disrespect to you or your wife Felts, just had some questions & didn’t want make myself look too stupid. You’re a teacher & obviously very smart. I don’t have facebook or any of that other social media stuff either & don’t know how to use it. I meant the friend request on our BB site to get private messages. I wasn’t disrespecting you or the Mrs. A lucky Mrs. she is though.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        I gotta agree with Ann, Felts. Do you realize how happy every wife in this world would be if their husbands would have the attitude that you have toward social media? 🙂

  39. Ann

    My battery is dying so I’ll check in later.

  40. Helen

    Interesting……I thought using production as a game strategy was a no no

    Grodner: Matt broke the Have Not rule in order to make sure he was the one evicted instead of Raven. It was his strategy to use this specific rule violation to further Raven in the game. He was actually hoping to have more penalty votes against him. He followed all other rules of the house and Big Brother during the week so it was determined the vote was appropriate. As is, the penalties for breaking the Have Not rules could cost you the game, especially if you are not on the block and receive a penalty nomination. Matt’s goal of sacrificing himself for Raven is unique and, I would predict, a rare occurrence.

    • kneeless

      Grodner doesn’t appear to want to ever be the bad one when it comes to these fools. She doesn’t seem to want to ever pissed off anyone except the fans. Overall, production has become very lax enforcing rules.

  41. Avatar

    Is it just me or does everything about Christmas make other ill too? Her smile makes me sick, her voice makes me sick, her hair makes me sick, her laugh makes me sick… ugh why couldn’t she have gone in week 1.

  42. Mel

    Alex and Jason otb

  43. KelBel

    Anyone else notice that Raven appears to have grown herself a new body part? Just add hermaphrodite to her list…third photo in this post featuring her back & …… Ok ok maybe it’s a chair leg. Or is it?

  44. Avatar

    I hope all is well for Elena & Cody’s family, they are both from Texas & don’t even know about the storm

  45. caRyn

    I would love to see a season of an all male cast on BB. Alpha types. For example: Victor, Derrick, Boogie, Evel Dick, Cody and so on. Add Paul, Josh and Paulie to that mix and see what happens.

  46. caRyn

    I would like Kevin to win and Paul to come in second again. A lot would have to happen in order for Kevin to win but I sure hope he does. I also hope Kevin will be the AFP winner.

  47. Avatar

    Ann, I don’t know you as I am new here, but glad you & your family are safe, many prayers to you

  48. Alda

    Kevin was told to chill,and that he is safe.So why did he tell Jason he better win POV?He said you or Alex are leaving.Why would he do that????

    • Avatar

      Kevin wants Jason to know that if the nominations stay the same Kevin can’t save him so he has to win veto to stay. And that Kevin is not the one voting him out. So when Jason goes to jury, he will know that Kevin voted to keep him and everyone else in the house with a vote this week voted out Jason. That might be one more jury vote if Kevin makes F2. What Kevin might not realize is that if Jason pulls himself off, Kevin will possibly/probably go up.

      • Alda

        Exactly what I meant.If he stirs the pot,he’s going to be on the block sooner then later.

      • Avatar

        Paul had planned on taking Kevin out earlier but since he doesn’t win and is not popular in the house Paul keeps pushing him down list of threats. Alex may have helped Kevin’s game while trying to tear him down. She will HATE it if she goes out before him.

  49. Avatar

    This has probably already been discussed but Christmas’ mail mentions her boot so was written somewhat recently. I thought someone here mentioned all letters now have to be written prior feeds starting? I guess that is not a set rule??

  50. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Once again, the same recurring pattern that has characterized Alex and Jason’s alliance repeats itself. Jason has 100 percent figured out what’s going on this week– why else, he reasons, would All Hallows’ Eve nominate both of them this week unless she wanted to make sure one of them stays on the block? Jason realizes that there really is no more “backdoor” at this point (since almost everyone will play in veto anyway) and he also realizes that Groundhog Day is using the same tactic that he used with Matt/Raven last week (making her nominees feel safe and that she has another target during her nom speech). Alex, true to form, tells Jason he is being ridiculous and is just “freaking out”. God she is such a numbskull.

    • kneeless

      It would have been interesting to see Jason’s game without deputy dog. She is so hell bent on tearing Kevin & everyone else down she can’t focus on anything else. She is the one who kept preaching not to trust anyone, even her. Maybe she should take her own advice.

  51. danmtruth

    If Paul is in the final 2 There is no one that can beat Paul He has the votes in his pocket If people are not trash talking someone They are talking about how Paul deserves to win if not them What looser
    LindseyB you are 1000000% correct about production They cannot be telling HG what the outside world thinks of them As it is now many think that production influences the HG in game play
    Gronder’s answers about Matt was as week as this cast
    With just 4 votes this week Veto does not mean much Even if Jason or Alex win no matter who the renom is Unless it is Paul which he will never let happen There will always be a solid 2vote With Xmas as the tie breaker
    once more Paul will want Jason out To much independent thought

  52. Tinkerbell

    JASON STFU !!!! Talking about Josh’s Mom again. I hate that guy!! Someone was talking about the grapes being hard. Jason said……”Like your Mom’s titties, Josh.” Josh told him to stop, Jason responded …..You know you’ve seen them.
    He said other raunchy things tonight as well. Go away you little bastard! You ARE vile, you ARE a creeper!! Your poor wife! I would be gone when he gets back to Iowa. He is foul!

  53. Ann

    I need to get something off of my chest really quick because my feelings are so hurt.
    My sister & her husband came back to town & Thank God her house was untouched by Harvey. While she was gone she asked to go out & check on her house, check on her son’s apt & without hesitation I did it. I can’t drive anymore because of seizures but I had my children driving me around. Her house is in the country a little closer to town than my children’s houses are to me.
    Anyway, it’s so hot & damp in my house that I asked my sister if I could spend the night at her house. This was her answer, “well,, let me ask my husband because we haven’t put things up yet that are still put away in the bedrooms from the storm & we don’t allow anyone to sleep on couches.” She said she would call me back. To be honest, i don’t think I would’ve went after she said that. Still, my phone never rang last night & I know this because i spent most of the night in the car trying to get air & charge my phone. I’m hurt, pissed & I don’t know what else. Why couldn’t she at least say “you can spend the night if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor”? I would gladly have taken that because at least it would be cool & dry. Had it been the other way around, I would not have hesitated & welcomed her & her family with open arms. I only asked to be taken in for the night not bring anyone with me but that’s what I got.
    I don’t mean to complain but I’m just a little hurt & being a big crybaby. Maybe I’m related to Josh. Lol

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Ann, I am SO incredibly sorry you had to go through that, especially with you sister of all people. I will not speak ill of your family, so I will keep my opinion of it to myself. But, I will say that you have every right to feel how you feel and you aren’t being overly sensitive or anything relatively close to how Josh is. This is a very tough, trying time for you, and your family of all people should realize that be bending over backward to help you in any way possible. That’s what families do. They help each other in hard times in any way possible without asking questions. If I was there, I’d give you a great big hug. Hang in there honey. I know we’re all so far away from you, but we all do love you, and we’re all thinking about you constantly. If you ever need to talk, you can always send me a private message. I may not always give the best advice, but I’m a good listener. Sending lots of love your way from VA!! 🙂

  54. Tinkerbell

    Dear Ann, I’m so very-very sorry that happened to you. It would be so hurtful coming from anyone, but it cuts even more deeply when its family. Oh my goodness. So difficult for me to wrap my mind around. You have already been forced to cope with so many things. That is the last thing you needed. I’m so sorry. We are always here to listen, and to send love your way. Lots of prayers for you.

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