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Big Brother 19 Friday Feed Updates – Nominations


It’s Friday afternoon on the Paul show!  Today, Paul is going to nominate two people who will likely not bother campaigning. They may or may not win veto, but it’s irrelevant because the person going home at the end of the week is just one less person in the way for Paul to win this season.

I know I sound blah about the situation, but it’s hard not to be. As much as Paul in having a pretty damn good season at controlling the newbies, it’s extremely frustrating to see these people all just be happy to make jury. I’m tired of people being cast who are models and actors who just want to stay in the house long enough to boost their Instagram followers. Perhaps it’s time for BB to simultaneously increase the reward prize while start casting people who have less than x amount of followers on social media in addition to considering scrapping jury altogether. The BBOTT cast had people who really, really wanted and needed that money and they played like it.  Between that and the lack of jury, they tried to win. Nobody was playing for second place, playing for jury, or playing for the cameras (well, Jason was playing for cameras but he shouldn’t have been on the show).

Here seems to be the order of people who want to win it all this season…

  1. Paul
  2. Christmas (maybe?)

And to his credit, Paul put the jury seed in their heads. He made it sound like the most luxurious vacation they will ever have with massages, unlimited alcohol, pool time, etc.  Most of it was likely exaggerated considering Paul spent 0 time in the jury house, but the newbies ate it up.  When someone (Jess?) questioned how Paul would know all of this, the other newbies shot her down and said he probably heard from other cast members how great jury is.  This made people like Matt, Cody, Jessica, etc all just happy to get to the jury house.

Enough ranting, here are some updates

(note – I am going out for a bit tonight, so I may not get noms in until later depending on when they do them.  The plan is for Paul to flush out Jessica’s Hex and see what happens.  What will likely happen is nothing. He’ll nominate them, and she’ll do nothing until Thursday night when she stops the eviction. At that point the house will probably learn that she really only had one week of that safety, so she’d better hope she wins HoH because she’ll be right back up on that block)


  • 10:00 am – Josh is dancing around and playing it up for the cameras.  Matt is taking about a boring of a shower as you’d expect a guy like Matt to take.
    • I’m pretty sure Matt can make the most fun thing in the world seem boring as hell
  • 10:30 am – Feeds return after being down for 10ish minutes.
    • It appears they clued the house in on the latest twist for the next 3 weeks
  • 11:40 am – Christmas asks a few people around the room if they’re competing for this new challenge.
    • Jason is, Alex is, Josh and Christmas aren’t.
  • 12:40 pm – Feeds have been down for 30ish minutes. It is likely the temptation competition.
    • I am leaving in an hour to head out for a bit, so you’re going to have to get the results later or through the comment section!

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  1. AIO_7

    ” * The plan is for Paul to flush out Jessica’s Hex and see what happens.”

    Please, please, please Paul do this. Paul needs to put up both Jess and Grod. Please don’t fall for a back door. With both on the block, the (CBS awarded} Hex has to be used.

    • strwar1

      Exactly AIO 7 Paul needs to call out Jessica’s bullshit on the temptation and I want to see her face the moment realizes that it’s not what she says it is! Come On Paul!! Do It!!

      • Avatar

        She is fully aware what it is and how it’s used… i’m sure the producers explained it all to her when they awarded it to her. It’s so funny how so many get upset with Jess for trying to bluff and play the game… but you love Paul who is being handed this year’s win by CBS from start to finish. Do you watch this show for game play and for those who are at least there to play the game… or do you all genuinely like it when they bring back a loser from a past season and enjoy it when 3/4 of the cast drools over that past losing player and act like complete cult figures and don’t play the game? Cody is odd as hell… and Jess has her moments… but at least in addition to Paul, those 2 are trying to actually play the game. The rest of the house is there to join the Paul Instagram Fan Club.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Steve thanks for the update. I was watching the feeds last night and it really hit me how arrogant Paul has become. He was just ordering people around like servants! Christmas had just gotten into the HOH room and he basically ordered her to go right back downstairs and “send” Elaina up after he was done talking “to” Alex. With her crutches hobbling out getting the door by herself I would have thought SHE of all people would have said WTF?!?
    He didn’t talk “to” anyone rather AT them telling his plans and why he’s the greatest E V E R!!!
    Hey Paul… NEVER CARED :-p
    Hoping someone in there wakes the blank up!!!!
    Ps. Steve, still thinking and praying good things for your Daddy-o!!! GOOD thoughts!!!

    • AIO_7

      I see your point, Juli, but for me, for now, there are other fish to fry before Paul.

    • Avatar

      I’m not a big fan of Paul either, but he can only order people around if they allow him to, and that’s unfortunate. If he wins this game, that will be exactly why, because they let him. I think Jess should follow her instincts more and listen to Cody less. She’s a good player, and his influence is not in her favor. I understand why she wanted to get rid of the ass, but I think she may have made a mistake not aiming for the head. She needs to be a little more logical, and less emotional. For for now, Paul and his cult have too much power. Sigh lol.

      • Avatar

        Hahaha, I am with LindsayB on this one. I honestly don’t think production is fixing Big Brother. Sorry LindsayB, I am not #teampaul, but I think his progress so far is because he is an influential person who has happened on a group of people looking to follow. It’s because Cody made one huge mistake that turned the house against him. It’s because Kevin accepted the first temptation that allowed Paul back into the house lol. Also, I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to think American would not vote for Jessica to be offered the last temptation. She is strong both physically and mentally, and is more composed and articulate than Cody. I understand some people may not like Jessica, and that’s okay, but these are traits you can’t deny her, and I believe that’s why America voted for her. If however, production has had an influenced in any of the ways mentioned, I have been completely duped lol.

      • AIO_7

        “If however, production has had an influenced in any of the ways mentioned, I have been completely duped lol.”

        You don’t say.

    • Avatar

      He’s always ordered people around only some of us notice it sooner than others. That’s why his brainwashed followers don’t realize how he was GIVEN the bracelets the first week to decide who was safe (basically an undeserved HOH of sorts) and then GIVEN three weeks of safety (like what America votes for actually happens – see Jess getting the hex. You can’t think that was the first time America’s vote was swept under the carpet). He won another comp. because the whole house gave him their tickets to participate. With that comp. he had more chances than anyone else so wasnt that unfair to the few who had to compete evenly? He actually had to battle with Cody one on one and lost and right away the cult followers said it was unfair because Cody got to do a different maze right before Paul had to do it. I could go on but the thumbs down parade started after the first few sentences.

      • LindsayB

        Here we go again with the ridiculous conspiracy theories….

      • AIO_7

        ” (like what America votes for actually happens – see Jess getting the hex. You can’t think that was the first time America’s vote was swept under the carpet).”

        Hear, hear, on that point!

      • AIO_7

        Here we go again with the ridiculous [gullible] theories….


      • Avatar

        I really liked Paul and Victor last season (don’t everyone jump on me) so I started out really liking him again but….
        and we all know everything said before “but” is bulls&!$ any GOT fans?!?)
        This season he’s forgotten this is supposed to be fun?!? Where’s the fun Paul, I’m watching feeds and it’s like they hired Paul to play Paul 2.0 and he’s just not fun 🙁

      • Avatar

        I don’t think there were any theories in that post. All those things were true.

        Bracelets deciding who was safe for the week, check

        Three weeks of safety, check

        House gave him their tickets in the Candy Crush game (coincidently the same night HE was actually ON Candy Crush following BB), ah, check

        Played Cody, even up, and lost and the followers cried foul due to Cody having played the game just before Paul got to, check

      • Avatar

        Paul gets the three weeks of safety and it’s because America loves him, Jessica gets America’s vote for the hex and it’s fixed all of a sudden. What happened? Of course when Jessica got it, I believe the poll on this site showed her with a 2% chance of getting the hex temptation so that is a red flag but if one result can be adjusted why can’t they adjust two…or more?

      • AIO_7

        Antsal, some people just want to “believe’. No way America voted the Hex (an award) for Jessica. I also think Production assisted Christmas when she was on the block against Jillian. We know Production assisted Christmas when she horse played, broke her foot, and got to stay in the house.

      • Avatar

        AI, I understand production has always had to nudge people along sometimes and help them get to conclusions but it just seems very one sided this season. Maybe the other hg’s just aren’t picking up what production is putting down and Paul obviously does? I think back to last season when we never got a clear shot week one of Glenn slipping off that palm tree and Corey being safe. That always bothered me but I guess they figured Corey was more interesting than Glenn would be. Later in the season as Corey walk aimlessly through the house dreaming of Christmas (the holy day, not the BB19 player) and looked like a complete airhead and then all of a sudden made a brilliant game move later on it shocked me. There is no way you can have it both ways. Agreed on Jessica not getting America’s vote to get the hex but it can’t be that much of a reach to think, dare I say, that Paul was also given that break. Also, Christmas should of had to leave the house. We’ll see how far she gets. I understand she is injured, and it sucks, and she appeared to be a great competitor but you wonder what lengths another player may go to not get evicted due to pity. Setting a bad precedent for future BB’s.

      • Avatar

        Juli…I am with you. I loved Paul and Victor last year and was super stoked when he walked back in this year! I am team Paul all the way. He is playing a great game. I do believe, though, production is really helping him along. As well, they pulled that Hex for Jess. Don’t think America would have really voted to give it to her. Sad…but true! Just the same…it kept him in the game long enough to get a better position and more alliances.

      • LindsayB

        Omg. Polls don’t mean shit. People wanted Cody back. That’s why Jess started getting votes. Why shouldn’t xmas be able to continue to play? Her injury doesn’t hurt anyone but her. It’s her choice and she chose to stay. Believe whatever you want. I guess I just don’t understand why you bother to watch if you’re so convinced production has the whole thing rigged. The reason Paul is doing so well is because he’s smarter than everyone in the house combined. He’s outplaying them, plain and simple. Can it be boring to watch one person run the show all season? Sure, but crying “rigged” all season is just plain petty.

      • LindsayB

        Some people want to believe? Really? Conspiracy theories = fairytales. I don’t believe in that, I believe in reality.
        If this is so rigged for Paul why hasn’t production pulled a new temptation out of their asses that only people who’s names end in A-U-L are eligible for that can cancel out another temptation? Isn’t that how it works in fairytale land?

      • Avatar

        People wanted Cody back because he is the only one (along with Jessica) in the house not convinced that Jury means you win the game. He actually wants the 500K and doesn’t think Paul is a famous person who ass he has to kiss. FYI – He’s not. Paul skated through the first 4 weeks doing nothing on his own. All power was given to him, not earned. In order to win a comp the other hg’s had to give him their tickets so he could have more chances than anyone else. When he had to play one on one vs. someone (Cody) he lost. Now he is having everyone do his dirty work and ordering them around more than ever, that’s not being a good player that is taking advantage of people who have no idea how to play the game and don’t care because all they want is that weekly paycheck and to get into jury where they can party for a few more weeks. He is a bully in a classroom full of disillusioned wannabe’s. There is no credit to be given for that, only pity for those housepets he is leading around by their leashes. If he were to pass around the kool-aid not only would they drink it they would ask for seconds if he told them to. They should have a comp where they show 25 unknown former BB hg’s and see if anyone can identify them in the house. Just to show them that most of them will be forgotten very soon after the season finale. Maybe then the 500K will seem like a worthwhile reward and they will get off their asses and try to win the money for themselves and not Paul.

      • Avatar

        Also, never once did I use the word “rigged” if it is my comments you are referring to. I am stating what I see, as everyone else does on here and if it is being interpreted as being “rigged” then so be it. I have outlined truth, twice now, and not any type of fairytales. Let me know if anything I have said isn’t true or can be interpreted that way. I continue to watch the show because I have watched from the beginning and usually hg’s wake up by now and begin to play. My point is that I have never seen such a bunch of people who could care less about winning. That make for some boring tv but I’m hoping something changes. Perhaps a temptation where only people with 4 letters in their name can win, oh wait that would include Cody and Matt, we’ll have to go with people who’s name end with A-U-L, good idea. Even then none of the followers would cry foul.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, I don’t see why Christmas being in the house is an issue. Like you said, it was her choice, and she has accepted that she cannot take part in or win any competition that is physical in nature. That would be like denying entry to anyone based on a physical disability, be it chronic or acute. I understand the inaugural season of big brother was completely different than the one that exists today, but wasn’t Eddie an amputee who was chosen as one of the ten house guests who eventually one the first season? Not giving Christmas the choice to continue on in the game, could be viewed as a discriminatory act. That’s possibly why she was given the choice.

      • LindsayB

        Keep on believing/creating fairytales if that makes the fact that Paul is outplaying everyone in the house an easier pill to swallow.

      • AIO_7

        “As well, they pulled that Hex for Jess. Don’t think America would have really voted to give it to her.”

        Speak it, Tango!

      • Avatar

        As far as the house guests go, I would like to ask them if they have ever watched a season of big brother in their lives. New or returning, following someone so blindly, especially without question is something you don’t do if you want to win. The American meatball mentioned loyalty last night, unfortunately, loyalty does not necessarily guarantee victory. The house guests really have to start playing this game, and stop playing Paul’s game.

      • Avatar

        I don’t know about Cody wanting the 500k though. He said last night, screw the 500, 000, that all he wants is to see Josh walk through the doors and be booed. His head is not in the game, his mind is on revenge. He is too impulsive and unwilling to compromise. It is, and continues to be his downfall.

      • Avatar

        Out playing is giving a bit too much credit is my point. Is he the most knowlegeable player in the house, most likely. But that just speaks to how poor this cast has looked thus far. It reminds me of Kramer on Seinfeld being unbeatable in karate class only to find out he was beating on a room full of 10 year olds.

      • LindsayB

        He is absolutely outplaying them…. partly because he’s the only really playing. All the other HGs are complete idiots. That’s not Paul’s fault tho, he’s working with what he has and he has a house full of dipshits. I loved that Cody made it back in the house just because he seemed like he wanted to step up and play. He’s just as bad as the rest of them tho. Instead of Paul being his puppet master it’s Jessica’s vag that’s pulling the strings. Either way, nobody is really going for the $$ besides Paul. I would love to see a big shake up, some power moves, anything…. even if it’s to Paul’s demise just because I love watching people play hard. Doesn’t look like anybody is smart enough to actually make anything happen so in the meantime I’ll enjoy sitting back and watching Paul play every single one of them.

      • Mel

        After 5 hours of this debate, what have we learned? Some people think Paul has gotten an unfair advantage and some people don’t. Oh yeah, and Lindsay loves Paul. Did I miss anything?

  3. AIO_7

    Raven and MattRess were smooching in the storage room. Her hair, tightly bunned; his shirt, the orange Texas tank. His Band Aid, still attached to his right bicep.

  4. Avatar

    Thank you so much for the updates. I’ve watched big brother since season3. I love it. I really want Pay out so that they can really play the game. I did like him last year, and this year it’s worse. Keep. US updated. Thanks again

  5. AIO_7

    Right now Cowpoke is wearing a red polo shirt with Whistle-Nut written across the back of the up turned collar. O, and a black cowboy hat with jeans.

  6. Avatar

    Since Paul is HOH, will he get to “pick” all of the players for the veto comp like he did last time or does everyone get to pick for themselves like when anyone else was HOH?

    • AIO_7

      I should think that it would be a typical Veto pick.

      • Colby

        Only 6 play veto, so there will only be 2 others picked if there are 3 people on the block. So Paul probably will do the draw since everyone would not be able to.

      • Avatar

        The two that he nominates should get to pick out of the box for themselves. To see Paul pull HG choice, Alex and Matt out of the box will make me scratch my head yet again.

      • Colby

        antsal, I agree that would be the fair way to do it. But I don’t think that is what they did before. I could be wrong.

  7. Shivani33

    Alex and Jason want to play in the temptation comp, while Paul was saying to Mark that it’s up to him if he wants to compete. Heh heh.

  8. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Jessica keeps telling Cody if she uses her temptation it will be a reset week

  9. Shivani33

    Copying Julie’s remarks about the new complication: ” It’s called the Temptation Competition. And for the next 3 weeks before nomimations, the houseguests will be tempted to participate in this challenge. And, for the first time in Big Brother history, the houseguests will get to choose whether or not they want to compete. The winner of this competition will be safe for the week. But, like all temptations, participating comes with a consequence. The houseguest who finishes last automatically go on the block as a third nominee.”

    • AIO_7

      Thanks for clarifying that, Shiv..

      • Shivani33

        I tend to tune out when announcements are made and go back later to look it over. Even Jason said “remember Roadkill?” It does look like the HoH might have to think again if someone he or she wanted to nominate plays this comp and wins or loses, since there will have to be 3 nominees. It’s nothing new, except for the houseguests having a choice about it.

        And by the way, the feeds last night were like summer camp with the kids and Paul as the camp counsellor. It led me into hibernation.

      • NKogNeeTow

        lol Shi, I was wondering what happened to you.

    • Avatar

      So if my math is correct, (depending on Jessica using her power) if someone goes home this week (or two next week in a double eviction) That will leave us with 8 total hg’s three weeks from now (also the final week of the temptation). If that is the case and we have three noms plus the HOH then everyone will play in the veto that week. Should be interesting if Christmas is still in the house and what limitations she might have for that comp.

    • Avatar

      So anyone that knows Paul is putting up Jessica and Cody it wouldn’t make sense for them to play in this temptation… and the 3rd nominee will get lucky if Jess uses halting hex and won’t get evicted either… if she wins veto would she halt the eviction for Cody? Did she come to win 500k? That’s the only good twist I see happening this week at all!!
      Did anyone at CBS think all these twists through? Doesn’t seem like it to me! NO consequences for any temptations have really affected this game and it’s just been an excuse to hand some power to “someone “only and no one in this house is stopping long enough to really think things through.

      • Avatar

        oops I forgot poor Cameron! Kevin won 25k with no fallout to him personally (why did the entire house let that go like it was no BIG deal) and Cameron got the boot!

      • Colby

        If one wins safety the other one could still go on the block. But if either of them then wins veto, they are both safe for the week and she won’t have to use the temptation.

        The $25K was just a way to get Paul in the house, and everyone doesn’t know Kevin won it. And now Paul has told everyone that Ram won it, so he will be exposed as a liar if he now tries to use that against Kevin.

  10. AIO_7

    Porker Lips Elana talking to Big Boy Baby Face in the red room…”They (not sure who she means) can come and suck my dick if they want to.” After some more ranting by her, Baby Face asks her…”Why are you so pissed off?”

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  12. Shivani33

    “…will automatically go on the block.” Missed a word. Then Julie went on to say for us to tune in Sunday when the houseguests will learn about the temptation, but as seen on the feeds, the houseguests are yapping about it already. Cody is sitting back and saying that for the next 2 weeks, this temptation contest won’t matter. My God. Is it possible? Did Cody say something intelligent!?!

  13. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Icy and Jessica are still trying to have the housepets believe they are safe for the next two weeks. They don’t want them to know it’s a one and done….the only way they will find that out I s to force her into using it…..she continues to believe she can threaten Paul with it without telling him what it is….

  14. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    So basically this twist is the roadkill comp…..only difference is the winner does not pick the third nom…..

  15. danmtruth

    Cody wants Jess to go to Paul and tell him that putting them on the block is a waste of an HOH jess does not want to The thing is she HAS told the whole house they have this power to be safe so why the need to talk to Paul When he just got done undermining YOUR HOH week
    Paul will put one or both up No word from BB Paul will feel vindicated that he flush out the lie Who cares about the 3 nom this week Yard boss Kevin has it right nothing is going to happen He is not in jeopardy of being put up so,,,,, forget-about-it Come eviction night Paul sitting smugly knowing he got Cody once more Just waiting for the vote to see if anyone beside Jess votes to save Cody Nice easy week for him ,,,, Than Jess stands recites the hex Halts the eviction vote Julie comes back and tells the HG to get ready for the new HOH and Paul you cant play Paul playing chess thought he box Cody in for checkmate Cody still playing checkers Jumps Paul ‘s pieces and is safe
    The only remaing question is will production let the lie / half truth /alternative fact ,,, stand Or does Julie say that it’s a one time power

    • Shivani33

      Lovers’ quarrel featuring Jessica and Cody arguing about how she operates. She told him that she was done with their conversation and that he was stressing her out. She said that Cody wants her to tell Paul everything and she disagrees with Cody’s “reasoning.” She thinks ahead more than Cody, who wants to control what she says and does. Already Cody burps and farts at her, doesn’t like the high arch of her eyebrow fashion and wants them to have a home with one dinner plate. From the moment these two started their romance, I’ve said “run, Jessica, run!” She can’t run out of patience with him fast enough, but seems stuck in their crap. He’s right that her eyebrows have been fashioned too, too pointy, but even a clock is right once a day. Break it up.

      • Avatar

        Jessica need’s to get rid of Pennywise (Cody). He’s burned everyone of her advantages last week and now wants tell her how and when to use her HH!

        On her own, Jess has a good shot at winning the 500K!

        Pennywise needs to pack his shit, get in his clown car, and go join the nearest carnival or circus! Take the Mario Bros, Matt and Mark, with you!

      • AIO_7

        Shiv., I think Jessica is right, but I wish she would take Grod’s advice.

      • Avatar

        Hobie love your view!

  16. Avatar

    Can someone please clarify the situation with Jessica’s temptation for me? I know that production can’t spill the beans on it and it’s up to the recepient whether or not they want to tell anyone, but now that Jess did choose to tell everyone, can production clarify the exact details for the other houseguests? Everyone (including Paul) keeps saying you can’t lie about it but we all know that Jess wasn’t completely honest (or doesn’t understand it fully herself) so I guess I’m asking, is she going to get away with misleading everyone or can the rest of the house (specifically the HOH) get clarification from production? It seems unfair that Paul would have to make his noms based on a lie. If he knew the exact truth about her temptation, he would likely nominate someone other than Cody or Jess so that his HOH isn’t a complete waste. If Jess had not said anything about what she had and Paul’s week went to waste, then owell, that’s BB. But for them to allow that to happen based on untruths seems wrong.

    • danmtruth

      This game is built on LIES Should production step in and say “Paul you are wrong Ramses did not win the 25K” That’s lying about a temptation People need to get off this dead horse As I said on Thur if they want AFTER jess use it they can say it was a one time hex if they want or let it ride and raise the paranoia

      • Avatar

        Yep. If Cody or Jess was smart and knew about the “Ramses got the 25K trick” they could have said that Megan took it and that’s why she was ok to exit the house on her own. It’s not like she could defend herself just as Ramses can’t now. Hindsight, I know.

      • Avatar

        I get that the game is built on lies and I have no issue with people lying to win. However, this is one situation where there is an actual rule that says you can’t lie about this. That’s the only reason I feel production should clarify because she is breaking a rule. Paul is only speculating that Ramses won the money so it isn’t a lie. He is clueless to the fact that Kevin has it. Plus the winner of the 25K has not chosen to make an open announcement about it like Jess has. If she had just kept her mouth shut, production would have no need to say anything and her and Cody would be sitting pretty this week. But instead she reacted like a little baby because the vote didn’t go her way and blabbed and in doing so, broke a rule. I’m not even sayint production should make an open annoucement to everyone about it. I was just wondering if Paul were to ask them about it (which I think he will if he hasn’t already) do they now have to clarify that she lied?

      • Shivani33

        @Dani Paul does know who took the $25,000. Kevin told Paul right away, and so far, the two of them have kept this secret between them. Paul is playing with peoples’ heads by encouraging them to think that Ramses took the money.

      • Avatar

        Oh ok, my mistake on that then. I didn’t know Kevin told him. I missed that I guess.

    • Avatar

      Would anyone be surprised if she says that is how she understood it if she gets called on it? Paul should put them both up and flush it out. True he is wasting his HOH, technically in the “no one going home sense” , but if they can’t use it again he will have put them back on an even playing field. When it comes time to vote at the end, that will be one more feather in Paul’s cap that he took the bullet and flushed out Jessica’s hex and got blood on his hands so no one else had to. He still has plenty of friends in the house to get him to the end.

      • Avatar

        Oh I totally agree that either way, Paul will not be in jeopardy over this. You are right, if no one goes him, he still has enough people protecting him that he should be ok. Plus he will spin it to everyone in a way that makes him look like the guy who took one for the team. I just think that if production had made it a rule that you cannot lie about a temptation, Jess should be held accountable for doing so and production should clear it up for, at minimum, the HOH.

    • Mel

      I don’t beleive production had to clarify anything until it’s used. Her telling them about it isn’t the same as when she uses it. I think that’s why they haven’t intervened. The only thing I’m confused about is why she got called into Dr after her conversation with Kevin and told that she couldn’t lie. That’s what I was basing my opinions off of yesterday. I’m starting to think they jumped the gun when they got on to her regarding what she told Kevin and realized later ‘hey wait a minute she hasn’t used it yet so I guess for now, she can lie.’ It’s a little confusing.

  17. Kayla88

    I honestly had high hopes for Matt (before season started) what a let down. And I thought the slightly older cast would be great and more into the game. I like Paul but i do think the season would be much better without him as the cast would have had to form their own things and not be one big ” follow Paul” club

    • Painter1

      Dont count Matt out yet, with all the back and forth stuff going on in the house he could just be laying low for now. In my opinion that would be a good idea.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t think it would be much better without Paul. If we didn’t have him there we would just be watching three couples bone all day while systematically picking off the other side. Having Paul is what stirred everything up to begin with. People picked sides on whether they wanted to go after the vet (Cody) or suck up to the vet (everyone else).

      • Kayla88

        You have a good point showmances likely would be in charge I didn’t think about that. That would be worse I hate showmances haha

      • AIO_7

        Yep, showmances, and then instead of following Paul they would be following Cody.

      • Avatar

        I agree the way things are now, Lindsay.

        However, if would have had the hg’s without Paul, there were possibilities:

        If Christmas had not broken her ankle, she’d be a physical beast with a good head on her shoulders;
        Same with Alex;
        Kevin could be subtly manipulating them all.
        Yes, there would be the couples, but then someone would have stepped up to unite and lead the singles against them.
        I think it would have had the possibilities to be a great season.

        I love the pooch btw !

      • LindsayB

        Thank you dmc. She’s my soulmate. We could totally get lost in an endless vortex with the “what if” conversation.

      • Avatar

        Sweet !

        You are right, we could !!! lol

        Btw…Congratulations on your anniversary day !

      • LindsayB

        My anniversary of what?

  18. Ann

    Hey guys, I’m still hanging around but I hadn’t been on lately because I had nasty spill at my son’s house & I hurt my back. I slipt in some water on the bathroom floor after bathing my 1yr old grandson. These old bones ain’t what they used to be. Lol

    Anyway my friends, what have I missed? My DVR was set to record last night’s show & dammit it didn’t. I see Paul is HOH & Ramses is gone home, what happened in the middle of all of that?

  19. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Twitter gossip…..

    In the past if the hoh’s nons are removed because of the game the current hoh gets to play in the new hoh competition. #No conspiracy

  20. danmtruth

    @kdc4585 / Dani Paul knows Kevin won the 25K he was told a few weeks back Jess did not lie She has the power and can use it any time in the next 2 weeks She just did not say it is a one and done Paul was going after Cody no mater what That is his number 1 enemy If he didn’t he would look weak to his team Now he might have spun a tail of why to go after someone else But it would have sounde weak Than with Jess saying what she did it backed him into a corner How could he not Challenger her and find out if its true

    • NKogNeeTow

      ” Jess did not lie She has the power and can use it any time in the next 2 weeks She just did not say it is a one and done ”

      As much as I love you Dan, again I have to disagree with you. What she said at the end of the Eviction Ceremony was (and this might not be the exact quote, but close)
      “I got the last Temptation and Cody and I are safe for the next few weeks.”
      She mentioned NOTHING about it being a Halting Hex. She only said they were safe, which is not the same.

      • NKogNeeTow

        *Correction: I think she said she got the last temptation and she and Cody were safe for the next few weeks and couldn’t be nominated.

        Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Mel

        I don’t know if she said they can’t be nominated last night on the couch but she has said that. She told Kevin that a couple days ago and I beleive she told Elena the same yesterday.

      • LindsayB

        I think she just said safe for the next few weeks, nothing about being able to be nominated.

        I think.

      • danmtruth

        @nkogneetow I will need to look at my post Not sure i said That Jess said halting hex You are correct they said just enough to get the HG thinking

      • Mel

        She told Kevin she couldn’t be nominated, could change noms, could pick who got the curse and the hoh who tried to nom her would get the curse. That’s when she was called into the Dr an scolded. Maybe if she’s being vague, it’s ok but the way she told Kevin wasn’t.

      • Mel

        She should have been made to tell Kevin that she lied to him. IF he told her about Ramses solely because of what she said, that’s a problem since she was told by production that she couldn’t do it. In this case, she could have been made to unring a bell.

      • Colby

        She said she was given the ability to keep her and Cody safe the next few weeks. She said nothing about nominations.

      • Colby

        She did tell Kevin that on the feeds. But then got called in and told she couldn’t lie. She may have gone back and told Kevin differently and we didn’t see it. But I am pretty sure that what they showed her telling him last night didn’t include anything about noms or being able to replace them. I’m going to go back and watch that part to see.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks Colby!

  21. Shivani33

    Elena is mad at Matt and Raven, plus Paul and Christmas. Paul’s long session of talk talk talking at her last night in his HoH room didn’t soothe her. Again today, she told Mark that she was lied to all of last week and feels furious over it. She wasn’t really wanting to explain it to Mark, but he kept prodding her. Mark is just glad that she’s confiding in him again, desperately glad. But who else can she spew to when she’s so out of sorts? Elena doesn’t like anyone right now. She might not be mad at Jessica, but she doesn’t like or trust Cody. Elena both does and doesn’t want to give everyone else a piece of her mind.

  22. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Are the feeds down a lot this year or did I just get accustomed to BBOTT?

  23. Mel

    Did I miss something or is Jessica just being stupid again? (I was busy at work all day and haven’t had time to check in) Why does she think Paul wants to work with her and Cody and why is she convinced that Paul will put Alex on the Block? Why does she think it’s a good idea for the two of them to skip the voluntary competition? I’ve never liked her but I used to think she had potential to be a gamer. I really think she gets dumber by the day!

  24. danmtruth

    Mell not sure but i think she does not want Cody in the temp contest because she wants the house to think they feel safe because of the Hex Temp So there is no need to try for safety In hope Paul does not want to waste his HOH Paul is going the other direction and claiming he will put them up Sounds like a big game of chicken

  25. Mel

    Am I the only one who thinks Jessica THINKS she’s working alongside Paul? Im not talking about an alliance or anything but if you go back and listen to her conversations, it’s as if she thinks he’s not really against her. The only reason this amazes me is because she and Cody are the only 2 people Paul isn’t running a con on. He doesn’t talk game with them, there are no fake deals and he doesn’t spend time with them. Yet, she is still convinced that she can sway Paul if she talks to him. She thinks Paul still wants to work with Cody. (Like he ever did!) She still thinks Paul may want to get Josh out this week to keep him from being in jury. She also thinks she can talk to Paul and get him to use the veto on Cody if he goes otb. ??????
    Jessica was better off to keep her mouth shut about the hex but she’s too cocky to do that. I understand she would like to be able to save the hex and use it on the 4th eviction but I’d like to have a 3 day weekend every week. Wanting it isn’t going to make it possible. I agree with Cody on this one. (Never thought I’d say that) Since she already opened her big mouth, she should go to Paul and tell him what it is. There’s no guarantee he will believe her but if he did, he doesn’t want his hoh wasted. He’d rather the next persons hoh be wasted. He’s also more apt to beleive the truth than the BS she’s trying to sell. (Paul would also figure out quickly that if Cody or Jessica wins hoh next week, her hex would be almost useless) She wants to wait and see what happens with noms. Cody can’t get her to see that if she waits, she’s probably going to have to use it anyway. If Jessica thinks she can get Paul, as hoh to use the veto (the one he hasn’t won yet) on Cody, even tho Paul would be the person putting him otb. then she certainly could get him to go after his 2nd best targets this week instead of them. She told Cody she didn’t want to go to Paul because she wanted him to come to her this week. THAT’S her reason. It isn’t even because she’s worried that it may not work.
    It’s also stupid that she doesn’t want to show her hex hand and play in the comp today. Let’s weigh the options, shall we? On 1 hand, she can not play so she can act like she doesn’t need safety which will get Paul to call her bluff. On the other hand, she and Cody have a shot at safety this week by playing and another shot at winning veto if one of them comes in last. Does it matter if you’re the 3rd nom when you’re already going to be the 1st and 2nd nom?

  26. Avatar

    Did any find out that Kevin let Jessica know Ramses was probably going home? I know Jessica told Cody but didn’t hear anything else about it. Thanks.

    • NKogNeeTow

      So far, no one else knows he told her. Can’t wait till they find out he betrayed them, to see what happens.

      And Welcome to the Board! 🙂

      • Ann

        Wow, Paul is not going to let that one slide when he finds out. That means he’s going to try to get Kevin out & hes going to tell Kevin’s secret. Maybe Kevin has already thought that far ahead or figured he’ll cross that bridge when he comes to it.

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  28. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Well Mell. I know I’m going to catch hell from dan on this but Jessica has been called into DR twice now (at least) about her temptation …..the second time is after she announced on national tv about being safe for a couple of weeks…..since then she has told Cody when she uses it it will be a reset week…..she was telling Cody earlier that she does not want Paul to know because that will give him a week to get ready for the same HOH he just won…and she does not want that, ,
    Now it is being argued on twitter and elsewhere whether it will or won’t be a reset week …Jessica is stating that is what is going to happen when she activates the hex…..

    • Mel

      It isn’t a reset week unless they’re pulling a fast one like they did last year with Corey’s carepkg. Stopping an eviction is very different because Paul wouldn’t be eligible to play in hoh. He could play in a reset.

  29. danmtruth

    Mell the only way that makes scenes is if takes out Alex But Paul wont If it’s not Cody it will be in order Elena than Mark He could spin a tale of getting Elena out Raven would like to see her go Alex would like to see Elena out Not saying it’s a good plan As we all know HG like to find a leader for a while Thinking they can get the big threat out latter Paul has those “secret” final deals He had Kevin talking Alex and Jason up Giving them dreams of final 4 Alex thinks she has a final 3 with Paul and Jason let the best person win at the end Yet i bet Paul has spun this same tail to Matt & Raven This way he can sit back and let them take out jurors Paul only wants HOH if he thinks there might be a problem In other words he did not trust his minions with this task

  30. Shivani33

    One thing about the temptation comp being voluntary is that someone could keep it a secret from everyone else and just show up to play it unannounced. That could be a bit of a strategic surprise used to upset other players. Maybe not with this bunch, who talk things to death, though at least most were good at hiding that Ramses was going.

    Jessica is a strong competitor. She tends to assume that she can get what she wants out of Paul, Kevin, etc. by using her “charming sexiness.” She guesses wrong about that, especially because she isn’t seen singularly at all. It’s Cody & Jessica, the couple, the poops in the doghouse.She’s back to not circulating enough since Cody’s return. It keeps her strategic concepts way off base.

    These BB19 players use a lot of talk and not so much action. For Kevin, talking makes for some pretty good action. Christmas plays better than most, even with her scooter, etc. Paul is…Paul! Whether you love him or not, he works harder than anyone else and communicates the most with every single player. I love the guy. But I’m looking forward to when he has a lot more opposition. So far, it’s been much too easy, and that does get tedious. I want to see him on the block and how he can finesse his way out of it.

  31. Mel

    Paul’s plan A can stop the eviction and his plan B can’t be put otb.

  32. Colby

    Jason lost.

  33. danmtruth

    First Helen we have a week to see how this plays out Still despite the DR call out it has been by my bad math 21 hours since she made this statement (9 PM last night 6 Pm now ) and no house announcement does not seem that production is that upset.
    Marks win puts a bit of crimp in Pauls plans Also who will be the third on the block

  34. danmtruth

    first i forgot in last post @helen still love ya still respect ya still like reading your ideas Your right more often than not
    This is the fun part of this temptation now Jason up But why would you want to play this if you don’t think you are in trouble So why did Jason play ? Ego ?
    Still like Jess speech Thur night put Paul in a interesting spot

  35. danmtruth

    So it was the Paulet’s against Mark and they lost Next up is Josh back on the block to fight for the POV Why do they make it so hard So now Raven is whispering in Paul’s ear to put Jessica up Paul is still talking about backdooring Elena Again why make it so hard why do they still insist on the backdoor
    Here we thought this was going to be a slow week Who better than Paul to be in the middle Than at the end if Jess or Cody are on the block BOOM the hex and it all goes away Last question would Jess be dumb enough ( I know answering my own question ) that she would use the hex to save Elena BOOM my mind blown

  36. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Everyone keeps saying Paul is wasting his HOH……no…he’s actually forcing that temptation to be used ….neither jess or Cody will be safe after this week unless they earn safety …..

    • jimbo

      Nothing wasted IMO. There was no way that Paul was not going to put up Cody and Jess, Temptation or not. He definitely was aiming for them, so the Hex definitely saved them this week, no doubts. To say he put them up only because they had the Temptation is wrong. So, there was no forcing anything — it was happening regardless.

  37. danmtruth

    just for you @helen Jessica says she hopes that Paul as a vet understands that she can’t make up that she has powers if she doesn’t.
    thats why production is not intervening

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      No. She can’t make up that she has a power….she can’t lie about what that power does…..she can tell anyone ahe wants she has it and what it does. Or just that she has it…….what she can’t do is lie about what it does or does not do

  38. Mel

    Elena saying that she shouldn’t be a pawn because she’s Paul’s closest person is funny. Can’t these people see, if your the closest…you would NEVER be the pawn!

  39. Mel

    When Josh is making more sense than you are…your game sucks…Mark!

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Messi is having a good old time eavesdropping on the convo between Josh and WIR in the other room.

    Josh just told WIR that if he f*cks with him, he’s going to burn his f*cking bed.
    He told WIR he’s going to hide his protein and continue to f*ck with him and continue to torture him.
    WIR tells him do what he’s got to do. Josh says, “in fact I think I’ll start now”.
    WIR says, not now, he’s not in the mood.
    Josh goes in the kitchen and grabs the pots and pans, bangs them 3x and sings his song, then puts them away.

    • Avatar

      Yikes !

      This is the kind of crap Jessica has to look forward to if they end up staying together after the show.

      If he acts this way now, I can only imagine how horribly he would treat her if he didn’t get his way.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Dm, it’s not Cody, it’s Josh messing with Mark…lol

      • Ann

        Why can’t Josh just leave it alone & let it go already? Is there something more to this thing he has against Mark? Why cause so much negative attention to himself? All that pot banging early in the morning & late at night would piss me off to no end even if it wasn’t meant for me. Talk about childish. There’s a fight brewing there.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      For what it’s worth, I do think Mark legitimately feels bad about what happened between him and Josh. And he also told Josh he’s not proud of the way he treated Dom the week she was evicted, and even the way he flipped on Cody and Jess. Mark is playing a terrible game, but I don’t think he’s a terrible person.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t think mark is a terrible person either but he is weak. Being weak makes you do stupid things. He’s just pathetic.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Yes, he’s definitely weak Lindsay. And I think that’s why he felt he could sort of take out his frustrations on Josh, because he perceived that Josh was weak as well.

        I hadn’t really realized that about Mark until I saw him groveling and basically pleading with Elena to pay him some attention the other night. It was so pitiful that I ALMOST felt bad about enjoying it so thoroughly.

      • Ann

        Funny the dumbass feels bad after he’s done whatever horrible thing he’s feeling bad for & especially when that person just might have a chance to come back & toss his goofy ass up on the block. NO SYMPATHY HERE!!!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        See Ann! This is exactly why we needed you back!!! LOL

      • Mel

        I think he’s gotten worse because he’s been on slop too. It’s been about 2 weeks and he has another one to go.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I second that G 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep Mell. Food deprivation can make you go crazy. And since he’s health conscience, that makes it equally bad for him. Then add in that he has to sleep on a bed of nails. That alone would have me hunting rabbit in the house.

  41. kneeless

    So thankful for all you regulars & newbies. I have been on vacation & pretty much out of the loop. Glad I can rely on my BBJ family to keep me up on things. Next week I will be back!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Knees, I’m jealous….I have no vacation plans so far :-/

      Where are you on vacation, and hope you’re having fun 🙂

      • kneeless

        A lake vacation in MN. My dad is 84 & his family has been coming to the same lake, same resort for 79 years!
        My dad is also a BB fan so I have been trying to keep him up on what’s going on.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    AI: Jason…..red shirt now.

  43. kneeless

    Have they had noms yet?

  44. danmtruth

    i@nkogneetow is that Star Trek red shirt

  45. NKogNeeTow

    The male Bed Bug is telling the female Bed Bug that the only way they’re going to stay in the house is if each of them win HOH every other week.

    She tells him that she doesn’t want to go home and be separated from him and can’t wait till they’re together when they get home. *Do they live near each other?*

    She says that if they survive till Thurs without going on the block, they they have a good shot and can run the game.

    She says they need at least 6 more days of being logical.

    He tells her that so far the way he’s played has kept them there.

    She says that it’s possible that her name could be on the Memory Wall tonight. That it’s even possible that it could be her, him and Jason.

    She says that if both of them are up, she might have to use the Hex.

    She says “Hello, don’t come after us. You’re not going to win this one”

    She wants a double eviction. She says there are 2 many people in this house. She says they (the 2 of them), have literally been first string.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Jason/Kevin having a convo in the HN Room:

    Jason: “Never know what might happen or how to plan because of the twist. Without the twist everything would be boring. Without the twist, everything would go in Paul’s favor. Well everything is.”

    Kevin quickly changes the subject and starts asking Jason about where he lives.

    Jason tells Kevin that he cried this morning (it’s Holly’s birthday). He says he did it under the covers.

    Fish, then Feeds return to the Rose Room with the Bed Bugs….they are expressing their admiration for each other.

    He tells her they should probably breed. She says they should start now. *Insert gag here*

  47. NKogNeeTow

    WIR is wearing a yellow tutu, yellow shorts and yellow leg warmers. Not his best look.

  48. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    For you dan…….

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      The Halting Hex is separate from the HOH and the rules of the HOH. She will be eligible to play the week after it is used unless she is already HOH. Paul will be ineligible to play in the next HOH just as it would have been without the Hex.

  49. Shivani33

    Waiting for noms. Elena said that she’s 100% sure that she’s going up and told Mark not to hug her when she gets nominated. Jason put himself on the block by needlessly playing and losing the temptation comp. Paul saying that the nom ceremony is going to make the house nuts and he guarantees there will be great feeds tonight! He also told Alex that Kevin, Christmas and Josh are weak and are good to be picked off when it’s the time to get rid of them. Alex believing and lapping up every word. Ha ha!

  50. NKogNeeTow

    Rose Room: DMW/MattRess

    MattRess: “Does Jessica really have any alliance in this game besides Cody”?

    DMW: “Mark, Elena”

    DMW: “I really wouldn’t mind Cody and Jess being in the house for another week to get Elena out”.

    MattRess: “I’d rather be in the house with Cody and Jess than Elena”.

    They proceed to bash Elena.

    *For the record, although I don’t care for WIR and Elena, I don’t think they are actually with Grody’s side of the house. I think WIR really likes them and thinks they are his friends and Hot Lips aren’t attached to them at all and just goes around them because he does….but that’s just my opinion.*

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Puppies…..What the hell have they done now?

  52. danmtruth

    And i bet Paul is telling Raven and Matt Alex Jasson are next to go Telling Josh Alex Raven Matt need to be taken out
    This nom will be all showman Paul crowning moment He gets to be center stage all eyes on him When he nominate Cody and Jess can’t stop it Paul will gloat Wont he be surprised come Thur

  53. Mel

    Well, while we wait…

    Ravens go fund me that was started by a “fan” or so they say, has stopped taking donations. All Ravens acts have been removed or set to private and so has her mothers.
    Rumor: People are contacting Arkansas AG inquiring about go fund me refunds.

    2nd rumor:Victor and Nicole may be dating.

  54. danmtruth

    Mell our supper investigative reporter Where do you get this info

  55. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Well I see Grossica are PISSED. I guess that means their bluff has officially been called.

  56. LindsayB

    Looks like Cody and Jessica are on the block.

    Paul just kicked Cody out of the HOH room and called him an emotional pussy. It’s awesome. If you have the feeds turn them on now.

  57. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Josh is having the time of his life right now! Lol

  58. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know how to rewind. But I just hit Live Feeds. Now Josh and Mark are getting into it.

  59. kneeless

    Well, we’ll just turned on the feeds. Trouble in paradise?

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Looks like Mark is taking up for his other Butt Buddy, Cody. Josh is asking him why he’s getting involved in it. I’m wondering the same thing.

    Daggone it, I’m sorry I missed the good stuff.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    See, now I’m afraid Josh is going to talk himself into a fight and get his butt kicked out. He needs to just chill.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    The thing that pisses me off is if punches are thrown, we’ll get puppies again.

    But Josh DOES need to back off though.

    Am I a bad person for saying that it’s still entertaining to watch?

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is talking to Messi now….Why

    Oh oh, Josh just got the pans out again…..

    And now…..fish…..

  64. NKogNeeTow

    I’m starting to hate seafood.

    Hope when Feeds comes back, Josh is still in the house…lol

  65. Avatar
    Kevin (137 comments)

    If the nominations are tru, good job Paul. What people don’t seem to grasp is that not nominating is extending the hex. One week of protection becomes two, then three. It is not a wasted HOH drawing out the hex. A wasted HOH is NOT drawing it out. So they pull themselves off the block, big deal.

    What we’ll find out next HOH is if production is trying to keenthe drama going by ensuring Cody or Jess win next week. Do you honestly think any of the other HG’s including mark and elana will not put them back on the block next week. Elana finally clued in. Her game is toast unless she breaks up the showmance. Her showmance is virtually dead. I see her gravitating towards the other side as soon as Cody and jess are split and mark is gone. She needs mark gone.

    Raven is a manipulative little girl. I’m sure she learned that from her momma. The cashing in on her medical conditions outside the house is is disappointing.

    Kevin is about a week from having his game implode.

    Jason is comic relief with not hope of winning.

    Mark is a disgusting hog who is setting himself up for failure outside the house.

    Paul will only go as far as his minions allow him.

    Josh is the perfect person to take to the end. An idiot who is playing it to the hilt.

    Christmas is currently a non threat. She doesn’t need the money. She can only improve her brand when she leaves.

    Alex is the clear favorite to win so far. A good balance of game play and comp skills. If any of the HG’s other than Paul would wake the hell up, they’d see it.

  66. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Thank you Paul! This is the best night of my life!!!

  67. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Cody is telling Mark that if he wins veto he’ll pull Jessica down and tell her not to use the hex. Great idea Cody DOOOO ITTTTT!!!!

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Mark is now talking to his Butthole Buddy.

    Grody is telling him that if he wins the Veto, he’ll pull Messi off and keep himself up because he’s not winning anyway.

    Grody just told WIR that the best thing for the girl’s games is to just ditch them and play for themselves.

    WIR is saying that he took the pans from Josh and Josh sh!t on himself.

    WIR says that while it all was going on, Elena was just sitting there laughing at him and didn’t take up for him. He says f*ck that.

    Grody says he doesn’t really give a sh!t anymore.

    WIR says he’s not living like this all summer.

    WIR is pissed because Josh said Elena could do so much better and she just sat there laughing.

  69. Avatar

    Shit is hitting the fan in big brother house Paul put up jess and Cody !!!!! Cody got in joshes face josh started banging the pans together last thing I same before it went off the air was mark going after josh OMG

  70. LindsayB

    Jessica to Paul: everyone has let me down in this house, including Cody.

    Paul thinks things are gonna come to blows between Mark, Josh, and Cody. He’s telling her that Cody is basically dragging her down.

  71. Alda

    If it’s going to happen i hope they wait till BBAD so I get to see the fight!

  72. kneeless

    Watching feeds, Paul & Jess talking. I am more of a Paul fan & def not a huge Jess fan but do love it when Jess gives it right back to Paul! Wish I had some of Gerado’s popcorn!

  73. NKogNeeTow

    Dammit, I don’t want Paul to give Messi good advice. I want both her and her co-Bed Bug G-O-N-E-!

    • Ann

      Me too. How stupid would he feel if she beat him & won the $500K because of advice he gave her? He’d feel like kicking his own ass. Paul had better not be that ignorant no matter how thick Jess spreads the shit on. He had better have his own agenda.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        I don’t think she’s win if she made it to final two because she is so disliked.

  74. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Good lord. Jessica is laying it on thick with Paul…….b***h get outta here. If you and Cody are safe. Great. You got nothing to be Larping about…your just pissed you gotta use your hex. Get over yourself

  75. NKogNeeTow

    I can’t wait for the conversation between Hot Lips and WIR tonight. This ought to be EPIC! Josh stuck the knife in, Elena will twist it then stomp on it. It will be sad to see. But we will watch.

  76. NKogNeeTow

    Paul says he’s going “Josh” on Cody all week…..ahahaha

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  78. kneeless

    Oh, apparently poor Raven is scared with all this ‘fighting.’

    • Ann

      Poor Raven my ass. Turn the subject to intergalactic gastric stomach box & I’ll bet you won’t be saying poor Raven. Lol She won’t shut the hell up for the rest of the night.

  79. NKogNeeTow

    Elena tells Messi that she’s sorry, but at least she is safe this week.

    Messi just looks at her.

  80. Shivani33

    Dynamite!!! Paul was so right about the feeds going ablaze after the noms. And Joshy is such a big help. I love his kind of crazy on the feeds. Mark is a putz to let himself take it seriously. If he’d laugh instead, Josh would laugh with him. Jessica’s dick measuring contest remark about Cody vs. Paul was hilarious.

  81. NKogNeeTow

    Elena is back at the Gestapo again.

  82. NKogNeeTow

    Paul just said that Cody has “little man syndrome”…lol

    One thing I will say about Josh. He might be crazy as hell, but nothing he said was a lie.

  83. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Alex is so happy with how things are going she’s literally downstairs doing a ballerina dance LOL. Alex somehow knows what the hex is and she explains to Jason and Kevin that this week “won’t count” and they’ll have to do it over. Kevin puts his head in his hands in exasperation– “you mean we’re gonna be on day 44 and only 4 people will have been evicted? This game is never gonna end!”

  84. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin is in the Storage Room telling Jason and Alex that Grody is laying in his bed crying.

  85. LindsayB

    Cody was in a bedroom by himself. Jessica walks in and lays down, Cody gets up and leaves the room. He goes to the HN room, Kevin follows and Cody is about to cry. He’s saying he’s gonna tell Jess to not use her hex so he can just go home cuz he’s ruining her game.

  86. LindsayB

    Paul’s gonna go full Josh on Cody to try to get him to swing on him. Josh jumped on that train and wants to do the same with mark.

  87. Mel

    The best thing about Mark and Josh tonight was that when Mark jumped up, he was wearing a tutu. Props to Pod Boss too for being willing (2x now) to step in between them. Josh would drive me crazy but Mark’s such an ass. He bragged to Cody that Josh flinched when he grabbed the pan and raised it up. Well, yeah!! It’s a f*ck ing FRYING PAN so who wouldn’t.

    I hope Jessica is kicking herself now. Paul sort of confirmed what we were discussing today. Her secretiveness gave him almost no choice but to call her bluff and if she had told him, he probably would have went after someone else. Paul doesn’t want a wasted hoh. He would let someone else waste one. She could have saved it for next week possibly.
    Why anyone would say this year is boring or they hate this cast is beyond me. They may not all be the best gamers we’ve ever seen but they sure are keeping us alert. Just because Paul is running shit or someone’s favorite isn’t doing well doesn’t mean it isn’t entertaining. This is fantastic!

  88. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Paul is planning to torment Cody all week until he snaps, punches Paul, and self-evicted

    Josh loves this plan and remarks that Mark must’ve thought he would back down when he get in his face. Josh isn’t afraid of getting hit– he’s been “knocked out, blacked out for 3 days straight before…” Jason says “oh I believe that!” LMAO!

  89. LindsayB

    Josh is going crazy!!

    Josh screaming at the top of his lungs: Meatballs I wanna play!!! Cody why are you crying??!!??!! (At Paul’s suggestion) You wanna play?? Welcome to hell!!

    Alex: I love chaos

  90. NKogNeeTow


    Alex is dancing around in a tutu like one of those things in a music box.

    Kevin told Paul about Cody and Jessica crying.

    Paul told Josh to ramp it up and drive Cody crazy.

    Josh has gotten his musical equipment out again and is singing and yelling his head off.

    Jason is sitting around laughing his ass off.

    Josh is yelling that they should get refunds on their personalities because their personality sucks.

    Ladies and Gentleman…..This Is Bigggggggggg Brother!

  91. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    OMG this is a complete sh*t show. Now Paul just told Josh to turn up the torment. He’s in the kitchen clanging pans again and yelling at Cody to stop crying. “You wanted to get me out of this house and you FAILED!!!”

  92. NKogNeeTow

    I’m going to be embarrassed about this tomorrow, but I just laughed at Josh so hard that I just peed on myself.

    Don’t judge….

  93. LindsayB

    We have fish. Oh shit.

  94. LindsayB

    Jessica to Paul: im talking to someone in a tutu!! I want someone to punch me in the face.

    Paul: we could arrange that

  95. NKogNeeTow

    Awww….Poor Messi is crying. Paul offered to let her shower upstairs. She tells him she just wants someone to punch her in the face right now. He laughs and says he can make that happen….lol

  96. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Jessica: “Where am I right now? I’m talking to a man in a tutu” (Oh did I mention Paul is wearing a tutu right now?)
    Paul: “You entered a crazy house baby”
    Jessica: “I want someone to punch ME in the face”
    Paul: “Hey, we can make that happen…”

  97. NKogNeeTow

    Alex just said we need a blood sacrafice…..LOL

  98. LindsayB

    Alex is now singing along with the circus music. This is the best night of feeds ever.

  99. NKogNeeTow

    MattRess/DMW/Elena in the HOH Room watching the entire house in the kitchen dancing around and acting crazy. MattRess is cracking up BIG TIME! It’s funny as hell watching them on the HOH TV

    MattRess ask Elena: “You quit your job for this”? Then he starts laughing again.

  100. LindsayB

    Paul thinks Mark is getting kicked out by production right now in the DR for putting his hands on him when he took the pans. Josh is begging prod to let Mark back in so he can torment him.

  101. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is telling them that Mark may not be coming back because of the pans. Josh said no, he didn’t touch him, Mark touched the pans. Josh then yells to Production that Mark didn’t touch him, he only touched the pans.

  102. Shivani33

    The best that could happen is that Jessica sees the light at the end of her ovarian tunnel and lets Cody be evicted.

  103. LindsayB

    Why is there no camera on Cody right now to see his reaction to all this?

  104. NKogNeeTow

    Okay as entertaining as this is, I don’t think that Paul should have sent Josh to the HOH after Mark. There are to many weapons in the house to let it go to far.

  105. danmtruth

    Paul is getting Jess over to his side He is telling her how good her game was without Cody He is hopping that someone takes Jess off the block Leaving Cody alone Jess is fed up with Cody trashing her game And does not use the hex good by Cody for good Oh and Alex and Xmas be careful Paul might have found a NEW #1
    Yes I will hand it to Paul all bases are covered

  106. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Elena: I quit my job for this.
    Raven: I missed my mom’s surgery for this. Sorry mom.


  107. NKogNeeTow

    WIR is sitting in the HOH breathing hard and blank staring. Think it’s only a matter of time before he blows?

  108. NKogNeeTow

    Look at the way Elena is watching Xmas and Paul sharing popcorn. She does not look like the happy camper.

  109. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Well Paul called this right…before noms he told us watch the feeds tonight cause after nom ceremony shits gonna go down…..lmao

  110. LindsayB

    Paul says Cody had a small dick complex. Mark is just sitting there listening to all of it. The storm is a brewin.

  111. NKogNeeTow

    Grody’s out of the DR……Le bon temp rolle (Okay, I know I spelled that wrong..lol)

  112. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    And they are all hiding away in the HOH. ……..these people are too much!!!

  113. NKogNeeTow

    I think the happiest person in the house right now is Alex.

  114. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    All the floaters hanging out in HOH…you know. The ones that don’t want to win anything but get taken to the end by someone else!! Yeah. Matt Raven elana Mark.

  115. NKogNeeTow

    Why is Elena’s shirt on backwards?

  116. LindsayB

    Paul is reeling Elena back in. Telling her to get far away from Mark.

  117. NKogNeeTow

    Production told Josh to STOP. Paul asked him stop what. Josh said everything.

  118. Zach

    I just spent the last 45 minutes reading the comments. Bes. Time. Ever.

  119. danmtruth

    Paul loves the chaos and all the confusion it’s causing
    Josh yelling at mark for hiding behind Cody what has he been doing behind Paul and Xmas

  120. NKogNeeTow

    Josh is telling them what Production said to him. He starts to tell them and we get what else….Fish

    I did catch Josh and Jason saying that the rules say you can’t bait someone.

  121. NKogNeeTow

    WIR just sent for Elena. I’m hoping that she won’t go, just to see what he’ll do.

  122. NKogNeeTow

    There goes Messi telling Xmas that everybody let her down this week…..Boo Freakin Hoo

  123. NKogNeeTow

    She’s whining to Xmas that because people don’t like Cody, SHE gets offered up for sacrifice.

    Meanwhile, upstairs….WIR is pouring out his heart to Elena. He’s talking about being bullied as a kid. I’m just curious, why did this NOT bother him when he started bullying Josh….BEFORE Josh started to fight back. Things that make you go Hmmmm…..

    • Zach

      I was bullied as a kid, I was overweight unathletic and a bit of a sissy. Then I got tired of the bullshit, started working out, hit a growth spurt and didn’t take anyone’s lip anymore. Mark is a very insecure man. And I say that with sympathy, not humor.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I was bullied as a girl because I was scrawny. But as I got older and started to develop more, I just decided to hell with them and kept moving. Once I took on a new attitude, neither things nor people no longer bothered me. Some things you just can’t carry with you for the rest of your life.

    • LindsayB

      Uh huh. Elena is telling him that her associating with him is killing her game. She’s turned it around to make all this about her and has somehow decided that she’s probably the one going home Thursday. Ummmmm…. what?

      • Zach

        She’s equal parts narcissist and crazy clever. If she wasn’t such a sloot I’d probably be pretty attracted to her. What can I say.. #TheCrazyOnesAreFun

      • LindsayB


      • Zach

        Don’t worry, ride or dies are way higher on the totem pole than the slooty sloots. You got nothing to be worried about 😉 lol

      • danmtruth

        @nkogneetow that is a hard thing to go thru Scares from childhood run deep It’s hard to think you went thru that from reading your post They are from a strong proud intelligent person I even forgive you for your Josh love Thanks for being confident enough to share

  124. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Lordy, I’ve got the TV on POP and the puter on the Feeds and I don’t know WHO to listen to. H-E-L-P!

  125. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    OMG Mark, please stop! Elena hates you! How many times does she have to make that clear to you? Go buy yourself some dignity.

  126. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Why do Christmas and Elena feel the need to kiss these peoples azz? Mark is the Pillsbury dough boy and Jessica is a phony egotistical sloot …..let them wallow in their pools of self pity

  127. LindsayB

    Production killed the party. Now everyone is playing psychologist. Boring. I’m going to bed.

  128. danmtruth

    Xmas is still trying to drive the point that all of Jess problems are Cody Jess is giving it back to stop saying it’s just a game and don’t take it personally Yet she is ALWAYS lied to
    Paul says Cody is to emotional and takes thing so personal that it’s just a game Turn that around we have Josh crying talking about being disrespected I’m back to driving my kids yelling and punching all three claiming the other threw the first punch I don’t care Same with Josh and Mark Cody and Josh all sides feel the other side started it Than Paul says we need to act like adults NO thats the last thing Paul wants He wants the house to keep being childish He needs people to hold grudges To have Mark mad and focused on Josh Alex mad at Jess and Cody
    Sounding like Jess and Cody are dead Jess knows Cody has killed her game So Thur will be interesting Just what Paul needs Aftef this week the only showmance left might be Matt & Raven what were the odds

  129. Painter1

    man this has been some of THE BEST reading in years. The whole house is going loco. Why tho is Cody and Jess so concerned that they are up OTB when she has the idol makes no sense. She acted all smug telling the house about it now……..

    • NKogNeeTow

      ” she has the idol”…..Let me guess, Survivor fan?

      Yep Painter, by morning, this might be the longest thread yet…lol

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      Lol cause she wanted her and Cody to be safe another week!! Now she has to use it…..big bad Paul ….now the sky is going to fall because you Paul, made it so I HAVE to use it!! BTFO. Pull your own self off the block and don’t use it then……are those victim noises we are hearing medusa?

  130. Zach

    If Paul somehow gets Jessica to turn on Cody and help evict him this week. That would be the icing on the cake for most dominant game play ever. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I think Paul is killing it and like him as a player, he isn’t the best BB player ever. But has anyone ever dominated the way he has this season? He’s been bold and brash and anyone who has attempted to knock him down has gone home. It’s pretty impressive.

  131. NKogNeeTow

    Nooooo….Don’t leave us Linds. Things may pick up. I’m fine with the craziness as long as no one gets physically hurt.

  132. NKogNeeTow

    I’m tired of watching Xmas/Messi AND Elena/WIR. I wish they would put the cams on another room.

  133. NKogNeeTow

    Holy Sh!t! Messi just told Xmas the Hex….the TRUTH!

  134. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is now telling WIR about how Grody attacked his character. All these men in the house are always crying about someone attacking their character. NONE of them have any character. That’s one of the requisites for the BB House…lol

  135. NKogNeeTow

    I’ve been trying to wash dishes for over 3 hours…lol. I think I’ll do it now, while I wait for some more hell to break loose. Keep commenting guys. Reading this board is as much fun as watching the show.

    Be back in a little bit.

  136. danmtruth

    Can Mark just shut up get him out of this game was his plan to whine and cry to the final ?

  137. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    When Mark won safety this afternoon, I thought to myself “well Mark has been having a sh*tty week, but looks like things may be turning around for him…”. I have never been so wrong in my life.

  138. danmtruth

    Sorry Paul I don’t see Cody crying
    by the way I tell my kids when faced with an As#hole just walk away Hate to say Elena said it you cant argue with an irrational person
    Now Elena is having Cody dump mark for her

  139. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    NEW THREAD ALERT GUYS! Meet you over there!

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