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Big Brother 19 – HoH Results


Good evening, everyone!  This isn’t going to be a live update thread because I am dead tired, but I wanted to share the HoH results with you

The feeds returned around 8:30 and Christmas was wearing the key around her neck.

How?  No clue. Maybe they all threw it to her or maybe it was a trivia style. Who knows and who cares.  What matters is that Jason and Alex may actually be the targets this week which will be absolutely hilarious to see. I think because of their whole “keep the peace” bullshit routine, it’s possible Kevin is a nom at some point, but I can’t see how Paul will let her waste an HoH on Kevin when Jason and Alex are clear threats moving forward. In fact, when the feeds returned, Paul was already in the bedroom with Kevin just telling him to relax this week, don’t get worked up, don’t take anything seriously. This sounds like they’re going to sneak out Jason if they can but he won’t know until Monday.


Why Jason and not Alex? Good question.  It does make sense from a numbers perspective as Jason has Alex and Kevin but the former two don’t have other.  Getting rid of Jason removes a person with 2 people supporting him and a physical threat to boot.  If Jason wins veto, Alex will likely be second choice, but for now Jason better pack his bags.

I would feel a bit sad for Jason to get screwed after making a loyal move, but that kind of went out the window with the way he will talk shit about anyone not in the room – including Kevin. Then of course joking about having sex with Kevin’s wife while he tied down his kids to watch didn’t help.

What this means in the end?

  • We are guaranteed to have Josh, Paul, Jason, and Raven survive this eviction
  • Christmas will gain even more of an ego which leaves little room in the house for that much ego by everyone
  • Josh is going to continue to be obnoxious as hell
  • 2/3rds of the axis of evil laughs remain in the house and will for another eviction (I can’t say week because next week is a double)

I don’t expect a ton of game to happen – or fights – for at least a day or two, so I’m heading to bed and I’ll have a live update thread going tomorrow!


What do you think of Christmas winning the power?


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  1. Avatar

    During the week, they all talked about throwing it to Josh or Christmas because, as Paul “put it” for the sheep to feed upon… They would be bold enough to put up Alex and Jason.

  2. hogwild

    How big of a moron do you have to be to throw an HOH comp this late in the game? Seeing these peoples reaction when they watch the season later and realize how stupid they were would be far more entertaining than anything that has happened this season.

  3. Renee

    Really hoping the tactic of bullying and isolating whomever they want out discontinues.

  4. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    It’s going to be a fun week watching Alex and Jason think they’re safe and bulletproof!

    • Helen

      I have a bad feeling it will be Kool papa going out the door….Jason is already talking about taking an apple and I would bet if he does it will be second veto that he gets

      • Sassy

        What does second veto mean? He automatically has a veto to use or there are two competitions? Does the second veto override the first?

  5. Colby

    I hope Kevin picks an apple and wins the veto or some other form of safety so he can’t be the re-nom if one of the others win veto. Or is that still an option this week?

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Julie said this is the last week for the tree of temptation. I’m not exactly sure what the options for the apples are, but there aren’t many good ones there. If he picks one, I hope he gets lucky!

      • Helen

        One is eliminate 2 eviction votes…another is for a second veto… is you can’t compete in next HOH and last is bounty on your head…the HOH would get 5k if that person is evicted

    • Colby

      I also hope there is no HN this week so they can’t do that to him again.

  6. NKogNeeTow

    I wonder how the game would change if when they had the HOH Comp, the 2 in last place became the nominees? At least that would knock out the favoritism.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I did just laugh when Gnomey did that dance by himself in the bedroom….still wish someone would cut that goddamn beard off while he sleeps though.

  8. Mel

    Alex has already mentioned terrorizing Kevin, Josh and Paul have volunteered to be Have Nots and Raven told Christmas that she was sleeping in the HOH room after the nominations.
    How was Xmas even cleared for that comp? Bizarre…
    Good night guys.

  9. Shivani33

    Watching CBS BB was my first time out of bed for days, and when I saw Julie Chen’s sweater, I thought my fever had spiked again. God help her. There’s no way that she can be such a dim bulb about fashion. She sported the most undesirable top I’ve ever seen her wear. And she has worn some doozies. The reddish fabric could induce an epileptic seizure in a non-epileptic. And WHO in holy hell wants sleeves which make you look like you’re turning into Wolfman!?! Hideous.

    My favorite moment was Kevin’s classic, heartfelt good-bye message to MattRess. ” Matt, take care. Goodbye.” Oh, Kevin. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  10. NKogNeeTow


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  12. NKogNeeTow

    Poor Kevin. Making plans with Cowpie to come and visit him when the show is over. Once he hears what he said about his wife and daughters, he’ll probably get off the plane carrying a baseball bat with 3″ spikes in it.

  13. Mel

    Ok, I know I said good night but do you guys remember at the beginning of the season when we heard that there was a houseguest who had been offered advice from a past winner? They told him “no thanks, I don’t need any advice on how to play Big Brother.”
    A lot of people speculated it was Derek but apparently it was Dan Gheesling that offered the advice and it was offered to….Matt as a favor for a friend.

  14. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    If they want Jason or Alex out, then March Madness needs to nominate them both. There are only 7 players left and 6 will play in veto. This means it is very likely that both Alex and Jason will play in the veto comp and either could very easily win it. If one is up on the block and the other wins veto, there’s no way they’d be stupid enough to not use it (which would make both safe). Enough with this “backdoor” bullsh*t, we’re down to the wire now. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. Grow a pair!

  15. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Apparently Raven came in 2nd place again today in the HOH comp. Time for you guys to get rid of her!!!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      OMG this must be what Hell is like. Alex, Raven, and Christmakwanzakah are all trying to outtalk each other in the kitchen. They’re all competing for Paul’s attention, trying to explain Lasik surgery to him all at once.

      Alex seriously sounds like a 4 year old who talks nonstop and as loudly as possible– she literally has to gasp for air sometimes because she stops speaking so infrequently that she runs out of breath. She also uses the word “like” at least 8-10 times per sentence. Ash Wednesday is the quietest of the group, and clearly annoyed at her inability to make the other two shut up and bow to her as the alpha female. And of course our favorite, Little Miss Munchie, is yelling about how her disgusting mother got her lasik surgery covered by insurance because she’s so deathly ill (I thought their insurance refused to pay for anything?)

      God when will this season be over???

  16. Mimi Ryan

    Josh you are a fricken mess, “why do I get threatened when I call people out?” OMG Listen to yourself you moron. Calling people out is stupid, try doing something like,SMART, LIKE STFU!!!! Big Paul (Game). I’d love to see Alex get booted out of the house. Kevin, we need you to win BB19. Pleeeeasssssssssseeeeeeeee. Watching the end of the episode, I was struck at how few HG’s there are and how the dynamic “MIGHT” change.

    • NKogNeeTow

      He gets threatened because he hasn’t learned how to keep his stupid azz mouth shut. He let the Gnome King talk him right out of the running for AFP and onto everybody’s Sh!t List. Oh well, as Forrest would say “Stupid is as stupid does”.


  17. NKogNeeTow

    Let me start off by saying Paul was cheated out of the win last year. He seems to be the only one playing this year, so for that, he deserves to win this year. BUT…I’m a bitter Juror. I now hope that this year he deserves to lose again (Don’t hate me Linds). I’m so tired of him running around the house every 5 minutes telling everyone what he wants done “But leave my name out of it because if anyone puts me up I’m going home”. If you want to play big man of the house, then own it. If they put you up and vote you out then out you go. You worry about bitter Jurors, but you have all the traits of one. In fact, when you lost last year and Jeff interviewed you after the finale, you were quite bitter about Nicole winning. You might be close to the finish line at the moment, but you never know what might happen at the last minute.





    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I agree that this is annoying as hell to watch NK, but if these morons are going to willingly do all Paul’s dirty work, why shouldn’t he keep letting them do it? If they’re going to allow him to get away with never being on the block, why should he volunteer to be the pawn? Josh straight up told Yom Kippur the other day that he sees what Paul is doing (playing all sides, keeping things smooth with jury members) yet no one plans to do anything about it. I’d love to see someone take Paul on, but I can’t blame him for taking advantage of their weaknesses and using them to further his chances at the $500K.

      The only way I can see Paul not making it to the end at this point is if someone like Kevin or Jason makes it to F4 and wins POV (and is therefore the sole vote to evict that week). And even Kevin and Jason seem to think Paul is on their side, but they MAY be smart enough to take him out if they get that type of chance. Other than that, he’s going to keep steamrolling these fools, and rightfully so. These people are all pitiful.

      • LindsayB

        Exactly G!! He is and has played every single one of them like a fiddle. While I do like Kevin as a person, the only person who has played a game worthy of the win is Paul.

      • Avatar

        Can’t thumb down reality people! It’s the truth. Paul is a tool, but barring some out of body experience by any of the other HGs, Paul wins and deserves to win.

      • LindsayB

        It’s ok Wayne. Some people don’t like reality. Look at Raven… She’s allergic to it.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    As odd as it might sound, I agree with everything you said. I still don’t want him to win, even though I know he deserves to. I’m just mad at everybody G. I’m mad at him for doing it to them. I’m mad at them for letting him do it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch till the end. And will be back next year too…lol

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I still had a tiny shred of hope left up until this past week, when I realized that even Kevin is still buying Paul’s BS hook, line, and sinker. In the back of my mind I always thought (or maybe just hoped) that the two older guys of the house were too “wise” to truly buy what Paul was selling and that they were just waiting for the right time to strike. Now it’s clear to me that neither of them have any intention to go after Paul (except MAYBE if they make it to F3 or F4). Unless something weird happens over the next couple weeks, I’m pretty much already in “Congrats, Paul…well played” mode.

    • Avatar

      I agree with everything you both have said. It makes me sad that they’ve done this to “the game”. Things that have gone to far for me – production not really penalizing Matt for breaking the rules and every single one of them throwing the comp. They’ve done it several times this year and I would think that would have to annoy production because of the footage they need, money they spend on building the sets and the time that goes into it. I straddle the line between being really annoyed about it and then the other side which is thinking – well, this is an experiment in how people react and this is how they are reacting – good, bad or indifferent. I do think it’s weak.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    BitchBaby just said that if he gets sent to the JH he’ll be so mad he’ll want to fight Cody. Cody would rabbit-punch his azz out in 1.02 seconds. And I want to watch.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Everyone is in the kitchen talking. They’re back to ignoring Kevin again.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Her silly ass is at it again. She just made up her bed to look like she’s in it and she’s planning to jump out in the dark and scare somebody. Since she likes to hide under a pile of sheets, I’d just wish for once, she would fall asleep under that there and someone would walk in the room and KICK that pile laying on the floor.

    I’d like to see:
    The Gremlin get face punched.
    The Corpse Bride get throat punched.
    National Ding Dong Day get mouth punched.
    BitchBaby get gut punched.
    The Gnome King get nut punched.
    Cowpie get head punched.

    Yeah, I know. I’m having a moment.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Has everyone lost interest except you and I G?

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Does Kevin know anybody besides thieves and bank robbers?

    National Ding Dong Day must be spending the night in the DR.

    • Sassy

      As much as he talks about these people, you would think the houseguest would be a little cautious about what they do to him. IF he really knows people like this, they could make their lives miserable when they get out of the house.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Thank God! She finally got that damn room.

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  26. NKogNeeTow

    Why does everybody have to be present for them to open the door to the HOH? The only thing that changes is the basket.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin isn’t interested, but The Corpse Bride is eyeing the snacks.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    The Corpse Bride is going through the basket faster than the HOH.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Now TCB is going through the HOH refrigerator and freezer.

  30. Avatar

    Ladies and Gentlemen for the forum, there has been an extreme amount of posts that have disparaged and humiliated Raven and her family. Well……….

    Here’s some more….

    When Saloon Door was hugging TCB after the eviction, possible thoughts running through each of their minds:

    Saloon Door – Oh baby, mamma’s gotta get me some of this.
    TCB – You feel like more of a man than S’mores Cereal

    Saloon Door – You smell like prison sex
    TCB – What’s sex?

    Saloon Door – Bitch, I’m gonna do things to you…. you don’t know!
    TCB – Is that Old Spice you’re wearing, I like my man wearing that!

    Saloon Door – So soft, so squishy….
    TCB – Is that your hand up my ass?

    Saloon Door – I can feel your heart beating…..
    TCB – I hope she can’t feel my pacemaker alarm going off….

    Saloon Door – You’re my bitch now….
    TCB – I hope she wins HOH, I need vagisil….

    Saloon Door – I finally get to be the hot dog instead of the bun……
    TCB – Our nipples touch, they’re the same height, that means we’re besties…..

  31. Avatar

    Cody looked so cute in the jury house. You go babe!

  32. Avatar

    Josh swears he’s “calling people out” but in reality he’s a loudmouth that shouts over people when they try to argue back and then runs off crying like a 2 year old girl (no disrespect to 2 year old girls)! It makes me cringe every time. He’s always worried about people disrespecting him in front of his family. Uhhhhh you’re doing that to yourself jacka$$.

    When will production step in and start handling the bullying and theft that goes on? I love turmoil on BB but the total disregard for rules and the lack of punishment/penalties?

    Sorry for the rant. I feel a little better now….

    One final thought. How much did you love Kevin’s goodbye message to Matt? “Matt, take care. Goodbye”. LOL! Some of those house guests should be nervous when Kevin gets out and finds out what they said about his family.

  33. Alda

    If someone ever took Raven to the final two thinking they would be a shoe-in for the 500.000K,could Matt ever sway the jury to give it to DMW because she is at death’s door? As stupid as this bunch is,I think it could happen.

  34. Helen

    Remember several weeks ago the talk about Paul’s HOH letter and it seemed to be coded?
    Christmas also had some pretty strange things in hers…
    Talk about friendship…..dying dog….dr ram catcher
    The following dates. 7/14 (a Friday)
    8/12 was mentioned twice and also that school started on that day….8/12 was a saturday

  35. Renee

    I would have voted Raven out. She was better at the comps than Matt (even if that isn’t saying much). Plus, they both obviously were wanting Raven to stay and he was being an ass all week. Would have been sweet justice to do the opposite of what they wanted. Plus, so what, he received 1 penalty vote and was able to take hot showers, sleep in a real bed and have sex all week and ate whatever he wanted. 1 penalty vote is nothing if you don’t care if you are being voted out.

    I wish they would not have allowed him to go to the jury house, but, with the CBS editing, they helped to make Kevin look like the problem, instead of the truth. I don’t get it.

    • Avatar

      The more we complain, the more we watch… negative press = higher ratings… Sitcoms die out because of complaints… Reality shows thrive on it.

      • Renee

        Great point @Wayne I never thought of it that way. Growing up my brother always did everything he could to get on my mother’s nerves until she would scream at him. She would explain to me that he only did it for attention; it didn’t matter if it was good or bad attention as long as he got attention.

    • Helen

      Makes you really wonder if anything you see on MSM is real or fake….at least it does me!!
      We now know why HOH comp was not shown last night….a running comp that Christmas was miraculously cleared to participate in…
      Not one step was taken…no running by anyone. Christmas won by default…..
      So we had “rain” and blocked feeds so a good enough edit is made to show to prime time to make it look not too fake!
      Since Paul has the next two HOH planned out…Raven to take out Alex then the following week josh to take out Raven why even bother to hold an HOH comp?
      The funniest part is gonna be taking josh and Christmas to final 3……..if josh wins that last comp Paul will be “clipped ” because josh will take his girl Christmas……

    • Avatar

      @renee I was really confused by the editing. They made Kevin look really bad. I was surprised that’s the spin they put on it but when they didn’t call Matt out for breaking the rules and gave Raven so much air time recently (after not giving her any) I realized they saw that as a plus for them somehow. I also would have voted Raven out as the stronger competitor.

      • LindsayB

        I don’t see how Kevin was made to look bad at all. They even showed Alex in the DR saying she was gonna try to get the house to dislike Kevin. They showed that he didn’t have ill intent with the swimming comment. They showed that everyone has their undies in a bundle cuz he makes a point to be friendly with whoever is getting evicted next. How does any of that correlate to Kevin being made to look bad? What did I miss?

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB it was more in the way they sort of made him look paranoid/crazy shuffling around, pacing and walking in circles. Not so much in what he said. There was something odd about it to me – that sort of fit into the narrative of what Alex is always saying about him being old. I missed the part with Alex in the DR saying that though so maybe that offset what I saw. I don’t think the fact that he makes friends with everyone who leaves is a bad thing at all. To me, that is really smart since it’s the last thing they will remember. And even if Kevin looked bad, he still comes out miles ahead of everyone else.

  36. Avatar

    What the game desperately needs are whole house comps that either make their lives easier or more difficult depending on how they perform. Not just a little easier or more difficult but very significantly. This does several things. It discourages the eliminate the best competitor strategy or at least makes them think twice. It also forces them to interact with each other. The most boring part of this season is the voluntary self isolation.

  37. Avatar

    My guess is the HOH comp was thrown to Christmas by the insistence of Paul. It is clear he needs to break up the Alex / Jason duo.

    I am sure Paul knows if he goes to final 2 with Jason he will be the bridesmaid again. I lost a lot of respect for Jason with the raping of Kevin’s Wife comment. I am certain his Wife is mortified and embarrassed and I am positive Jason will need to do some serious apologizing to not only Kevin’s family but to his own when the game is over.

    We have all said things we regret and this is one of those that I am sure Jason will be very embarrassed and ashamed of at the end of the day. At some point production needs to step in and pull him aside and let him know the ramification of his words. This story is out all over the media now and I am sure BB is under fire from the Media for Jason’s comments.

    I liked Cody up until he let everyone know he forfeited the summer with his Daughter to play Big Brother. I could never choose playing a game over my kids. He only gets her in the summer as I am sure most of his time is spent here there and everywhere with the Marines.

    I know all reality shows due the selection based on who they think will show well on TV but some more thought needs to be given to not allowing people with young family’s and such to play games like BB and Survivor it is very selfish and unfair to the family’s to be away that long for a chance at some money. Money comes and goes but family is forever and kids grow up quick and once they grow up if you have missed it you miss it you don’t get a second chance.

    It seems this season is all about Paul for some reason BB felt it was necessary to give him a second chance and production has gone out of their way to ensure he has the best chance possible of winning the season. The surround cast is the most non-intelligent and uninteresting cast they have ever had on the show.

    I am a little taken a back by Production not stepping in to end the bullying that goes on in the house. With all the efforts being made about anti bullying and body shaming and such BB has only encouraged or condoned the behavior of the Cast this season.

    I am also disappointed that production has NOT enforced their rules. They allow blatant disregard of the have not rules and bullying and physical violence has existed and Production has not done a thing about it. In the past other cast members have been removed to rule violation not sure why this year they don’t seem to act on anything. A penalty vote against Matt was all but useless. They need to be a little more heavy handed than that.

    Well that is my rant.

    • Avatar

      If Jason applogizes I do not think he will mean it at all. This guy thinks there is nothing wrong w telling rape jokes considering we are now on #3, he told Alex the last one which she repeated in clip below. I think his being a cowboy makes people think better of him for some crazy reason.

  38. Tinkerbell

    Bb19, snoozer. Just let them sleep all the time.

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