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Big Brother 19 – Jason In The Middle


First off, I want to apologize for the unusually slow updates this weekend. Long story short, I’ve been testing out driving for Uber and wanted to know if it’s worth it before committing to it for the winter. I figured I’d take a generally slow period to try it out and this weekend seemed perfect considering the veto meant next to nothing.  That said, now that I feel pretty good about Uber, I’m going to cut back on that and focus on the blog more until the end of the BB season and then I can focus on that.  Impossible to juggle both, and Big Brother Junkies always comes first!  (note – I will still probably do that on other slow periods like Thursday and Saturday afternoons but other than that I’m cutting back)

Now that I’ve made my decision, it’s time to see if Jason can do the same about his situation. After winning the veto yesterday, he holds all the power in how the rest of the week goes. Right now the house – Alex included – wants him to use the veto and put Kevin on the block.  Alex really doesn’t care, but she is forced to care because Paul cares and he’s running around making it seem like the Matt/Raven vote is going to be the make or break between winning and losing. That was the same argument he had with Cody and Jessica being in the jury together which is odd considering the three showmances were together long before that point. Did he not realize or care that Mark/Elena and Matt/Raven would probably vote the same?  Is it because he feels confident he can win their votes but knew he had zero chance at winning Cody’s vote?

The other strange part of this is why Paul suddenly cares so much about Raven and Matt being upset at Jason should he decide to not use the veto.  He and Christmas have been hounding Jason to nominate Kevin, but Jason doesn’t see the point and wants to just keep noms the same. As mentioned, Paul has been using the jury excuse, but Jason needs to stop and realize that Paul doesn’t give a shit about Jason’s jury votes. Why would he? Paul wants Kevin up on the block so they can get him out because they know how close he is with Jason and therefore Alex by proxy. At this point in the game, a 3 person alliance is pretty damn strong especially when two of those three are really good competitors.  At 7 people (After this week), that is half the house even if they don’t win HoH (3+3 plus HoH tiebreaker).


Jason now not only has Paul and Christmas hounding him, but his own ally Alex who has been conned into believing Matt and Raven are vital to her winning the season. As stupid of a move it is, I can somewhat understand Alex’s concern because she’s connected to Jason and feels if she does make it to the final 2, she wants to win their votes. Once again, Jason needs to see the big picture because why would Alex care so much if she’s planning on taking Jason?  Matt and Raven are forced to vote for either of the two, so wouldn’t it be better for them to hate Jason over her?  It’s clear that Alex is planning for life without Jason which is smart of her to do but should be a major red flag for Jason.

This entire situation is a confusing shit show, but his decision during the double eviction means nothing compared to this. If he appeases the house and nominates Kevin, he’s done.  If he stands his ground, I’ll have earned a little respect back that I lost when he wasted that prime opportunity to strike at the real power of the house (Paul) during the double.

I’ll have a live update thread today and a post by Mell that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned!


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  1. Avatar

    PLEASE let Jason stand his ground!!!
    Of course I would give anything for him to go ahead and get Raven out.

    And then there is this..I TRULY can not take another ailment! #STFURaven

    8:30 PM BBT – Raven now says she has to get her knees replaced because she has “rough kneecap syndrome.”

  2. AIO_7

    ” Right now the house – Alex included – wants him to use the veto and put Kevin on the block.”

    ” If he stands his ground, I’ll have earned a little respect back that I lost when he wasted that prime opportunity to strike at the real power of the house (Paul) during the double.”

    And to beat all, RATT, while alone in the showmance room last night, agreed that if they stayed in the house that their target was Cowpoke and Alex, primarily Cowpoke. Then they giggled and kissed.

    If Cowpoke removes either Raven or Matt then that is tantamount to a Marcellus.

  3. Avatar

    Jason grow a pair and nominate Paul! Tell him it is his turn to play the pawn! He’s used that excuse for everybody else. If Alex starts her motor mouth tell her she can take Paul’s place in the chair. I’m sure that will slow down her mouthometer. If someone would spill the beans about all of Paul’s side deals and they would start comparing notes they could turn the game around. This is becoming the all star season when Janelle and whats her name finally realized they were being played. I feel that this crowd is to damn dumb to figure it out . On another note Ann I am glad that you and your family made it thru and are safe. You had more people than you know pulling for you! Our local red cross in northeast TN has already sent some volunteers that way and have more leaving out today with water, food, and supplies. I know that includes some chainsaws. Ann the tree will be gone soon. Again I am glad that you and your family are OK. Now I will shut my trap and do my only day off chores.

  4. ingodog

    Has anyone heard how Ann is doing down in Texas? I was concerned for her and her family?

  5. Avatar

    Jason has a rodeo background, so he should be used to dealing with bullshit. STAND YOUR GROUND, JASON! It could be just what we need to shake up this season and make it a little more interesting.

    On another note, I have decided that I am going to refer to Christmas as “Hell on Wheels.” I think it is apropos. #NotAFan

  6. Helen

    Poor cowboy!! They will have all day to gang up on him!!
    Wish they would do veto ceremony today!!!

  7. AIO_7

    Last night Raven and Matt (RATT) were close talking and plotting strategy. Raven said that people from the South (I guess like her) always keep their word, how important keeping your word is, and that Cowpoke (not really a Southerner but a cowboy, so almost a Southerner) would keep his “word” (most likely Pauls word) and pull one of them from the block.
    Then in the next breath they agreed that if they won HOH that Alex and Cowpoke were going up, with Cowpoke being the target. Then they giggled and started kissing.

  8. Tinkerbell

    Truthful Tidbits

    * Fidel Castro did not watch one minute of his season, BB18. If he always tells the truth, why is his nose so long….and with a gross infected nose ring. He advises everyone to not Google themselves, and to delete/block people on Twitter who leave negative comments.

    * Kris Kringle now says that Jessica deserved to go to jury. Hey Boo, when did your change of heart happen?!? I just love how you call everyone Boo when you’re beating them to a pulp.

    * Hopalong Cassidy still has teensy weensy kahunas.

    * Kris Kringle doesn’t mind going to jury…except that Cody is there. Heya Kris, you know you want to jump his bones. Oh wait, he’s a guy.

    * Dumb AND Dumber still can’t believe he made it this far. He doesn’t care what happens because he’s looking forward to jury. Anything after this is icing on the cake for him. Guess he is forgetting he won’t be getting any “icing on his cake” if Munch isn’t there. You are such a simple-simple man.

    * I’m pretty sure I saw Kris Kringle and Aileen Wuornos on an episode of Women in Prison last night. They were the leaders of opposing gangs. Aileen Wuornos using the same threats – I’m going to punch you in the face. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to strangle you in your sleep. I’m going to flush your head down the toilet. I’m going to blow your brains out. On the other side of the Pod, Kris Kringle was impressing her cell-maties with her weight lifting prowess, and practicing her tattooing skills. Meanwhile, Heidi Fleiss/Munch was screening the other chick/guys in the pod in search of the perfect hook-ups. Careful Heidi, there is a cell waiting for you in the slammer.

    Telling the truth is exhausting.

  9. Tinkerbell

    200 comments. When do I get my prize?

  10. Tinkerbell

    Steve, Thanks for all you do for us. So happy for you about Uber. Next up – share your True Tales of An Uber Chauffeur.

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  12. hogwild

    Time to see if Whistlenuts has any if he and everyone else in that house still can’t see the biggest threat is Paul they deserve to lose the $500k. Seriusly Jason to quote Woody Harrelsons character from Zombieland it’s time to nutup or shutup backdoor Paul and make the case to rest of these nuts why he needs to go.

  13. Avatar

    Random observations and snark

    1. When Raven exits the house completely “healed”of all her fictitious terminal diseases, unnamed ailments and pesky rough knee syndrome, crazy people will think it’s a miracle and try out for BB in droves to cure themselves of everything from plantar’s warts to whatever disease the Elephant Man had. I can’t take it!.

    2. I am Catholic. I’m not good at it, but I’m Catholic. Even as a non-practicing Catholic, I have to say that I am completely offended by Alex praying and doing rosaries all the time and then turning around and breaking all sorts of commandments and just generally being a terrible person. Why does she think her behavior is ok, especially right after praying?! I mean, it’s okay to swear, worship a false idol (Paul), bully people, etc. Disgusting.

  14. AIO_7

    Is it a bad omen that Kevin is walking alone this morning?

  15. Helen

    Paul is such a weak player that even in his own mind he can’t risk taking anyone but josh or even Raven to F2…….
    The funny part will be when the jury turns on him and gives the money to someone like josh out of spite…..

    • Avatar

      I wouldn’t call Paul a weak player. I think he has mastered the season until now. His plan was to get everyone’s confidence by giving them good info, then gradually start to confuse them. I think he’s done a great job at it.

      Can he finish it ? That’s the big question.

      • LindsayB

        Definitely not weak. If anything, he’s possibly overplaying. Taking strong people to the end is stupid. You want to be against someone you can beat. You have to remember that it isn’t just beating the last person, it’s beating everyone in the house one person at a time. Whether he’s getting strong players out early or late, he’s still beating them.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, that’s right Linds. Like when Derrick (Derek ?) won. His sidekick was pretty loyal, but incredibly stupid that last hoh.

        Assuming Paul wins last hoh, sadly, Raven would be good to sit beside. So would Matt.

        It might come down to who wins more hoh’s to really show that they deserve the win.

  16. AIO_7

    Judas Priest thinks he is cute with his new toy.

  17. Avatar

    This might be Jason last chance to make a move, other than the move to the jury house. If he were to pull Matt off the block and replace him with Paul, that would force Alex’s hand, or more accurately let Jason know for sure that Alex is not #teamcowboy. Matt and Kevin vote to save Raven and Xmas and Josh vote to save Paul that leaves Alex to decide. Raven would go home but cowboy would know gor sure that Alex is a follower with no plans of making her own moves.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Hell’s Bells. Do we have to watch Fidel walk around with his blow-up doll attached the rest of this season too. We did that last year already. I detested Big Meech, but when she grabbed Paul’s blow-up doll, she was my favorite for a fleeting moment. If Aileen Wuornos get ticked at him, she will kill that sucker with a kitchen knife. It will be a scene from Psycho.

  19. AIO_7

    Let’s play….What shirt is Matt wearing now.

  20. AIO_7

    A good sign: Cowpoke walks past those in the kitchen, not saying a word, and joins Kevin in the yard.

  21. Tinkerbell

    I’m back. I know I was missed. Keith Urban just sang Blue Ain’t Your Color to me. Back to our regularly scheduled thread.

  22. Tinkerbell

    Makes me so happy to see the yard bosses walking together. Seems like old times. Feels nice. Come on Cowboy Clown, please don’t let us down.

  23. KelBel

    It just amazes me how these people don’t seem to keep in mind 1 simple rule. Those who talk about others to you will talk about you to others.

  24. AIO_7

    Judas and Slosh concocting some scheme.

  25. Avatar

    Jason had the chance in the double eviction to quickly put up Paul and knock him out of the house in a flash but chickened out and threw Mark under the bus during his speech. Now he could do it again and get rid of the biggest threat in the house Paul, nope wont happen. For some reason the entire house knows its Paul but nobody will put him up…I guess they figure if he goes up Production will protect him, lol….

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  27. kneeless

    I think Jason’s days are numbered no matter what he does. Hoping he leaves noms the same.

  28. Avatar

    Last might/early morning hours Jason told Alex his gut said that people were pushing hard for Kevin to go up because they were planning to vote him out….when Kevin came in, Jason told him he was not putting him up, but leaving the noms the same… ( he does not want to be the one who is responsible for Kevin going out )…So it sounds promising for Kevin.

  29. Tinkerbell

    Summer camp in progress by the pool. Only person in the house is Suzy Homemaker. Maybe there is trouble in paradise. I’ve never seen a man so obsessed with every single hair on his head/face. In the kitchen always putting water on everything and smoothing and primping, while stairing intently into the camera. Same in the bathroom. Never has his tongue in his mouth. Creepy. Strange duck!

    Mean girl always makes fun of how Kevin walks. Her walk is the worst. Flopping her feet and she walks like she has a corn cob up her rear. Even if a person didn’t already know what a b**** she is, her looks tells it all. I swear they picked her up at the gate of a max prison. .

    • Tinkerbell

      Still watching. Something is definitely “up”, and it isn’t him. . His terminally ill bed partner just came in the kitchen. He said something about her getting grease on his favorite shirt. I think that must be it. He is ticked for sure. She went back to the pool. He is cleaning the kitchen like a son of a gun, and not happy. Can’t wait to watch this unfold. Finally something worth watching. Yaaaayyyyy!

      • Tinkerbell

        Wow, lots of deep heavy sighs from him…..and looking at his shirt. I can see a few spots but can’t tell how bad it is. Guess it really is his favorite T. Wonder what sleeping arrangements will be tonight. Could be wrong, but something isn’t right.

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