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Big Brother 19 – Live Double Eviction Updates!


Good evening, everyone!  A reminder once again that the feeds will be down tonight and tomorrow until likely 11pm – 12am. This is because there is a special episode on tomorrow night which I assume is going to be something weird like the concert episode or something unimportant (sorry, CBS).

Tonight is the double eviction and we already know one of the evicted people.  Despite the best efforts by CBS to act like Elena may go home again (second week in a row they tried), there was never any doubt who was going home this week. Cody finally tried to play the game a little, and it was fun to watch, but far too little too late for him. His season was over the second he went against The Chosen One (Paul) which to this day was a good move on his part. I said it earlier in the season and I’ll say it again. It was fairly dumb of him not to tell his closest allies (Mark and Elena), but trying to backdoor Paul as soon as he could was the best move this season by anyone.  Sure, he should have expected production to gift Paul some safety early on, but strategically it was the best move to make. It’s just his social game sucks so when it blew up, he couldn’t control the fire.

Paul’s social game is by far superior to Cody and really anyone in the house, so he was able to flip it all to his favor by luring over Matt and Raven pretty damn easy. This was all while he was slowly earning the trust and eventually recruiting the floaters like Josh and Christmas to his army of minions.  I’ve said this again as well – Paul is having a great season even if you factor in how bad these players are. They’re mostly this bad because Paul did the smart thing and immediately started bragging about how amazing jury was. Matt and others just saw a nice paid vacation ahead of them so they followed the path of least resistance to get to that point.  Had Paul not hyped up jury (a place he’s never been) to the newbies, they may have put up more of a fight early on.


This is just a little analysis on the early season as tonight opens a new chapter in the season. Cody will be gone and there is a huge chance Mark will be as well if he or Elena doesn’t win HoH. Once that happens, there will be almost no traces of the early uprising against Paul and the house will either be forced to turn on each other or sit there and get picked off one by one. This second half will see just how good Paul actually is because if he doesn’t tread lightly, he can quickly lose the support of Alex and Jason which brings along Kevin and splits the house in half. Despite her early acts as puppet to Paul, I believe that Alex has the biggest potential to shake up the game moving forward.

Time for updates!

  • Julie says only 5 weeks left in the season. Nooo. That means winter really is coming
  • Time for the show to pretend Elena may go home
    • They quickly show some post-veto highlights. I guess they have to show Elena/Josh and Alex/Cody fight
    • Josh tells the DR he’s so happy the house is mad at Elena
  • It’s already time for the vote
  • Big shout out to Matt M for the donation!  Thank you, thank you!
  • Speeches
    • Elena gives another weird poetic speech but stumbles over her words
    • Josh gives some shoutouts. Says Alex and Jason played a dirty game. He says they went after Matt, Raven, and Paul.  Alex and Jason give thumbs down.  Man I wish I could watch the feeds after this
  • Votes
    • Paul – Cody
    • Mark – Cody
    • Kevin – Cody
    • Josh – Cody
    • Raven – Cody
    • Jason – Cody
    • Christmas – Cody
  • Cody is evicted.  He walks over the table and leaves without saying anything to anyone. Was awesome. We need more Cody in this house.
  • HoH time!
    • Shuffle board competition.  Players face off against each other
    • Winner picks two players to face off
    • Round 1 – Matt v Josh – Josh wins
    • Round 2 – Mark v Elena – Mark wins
    • Round 3 – Josh v Christmas – Christmas wins
    • Round 4 – Raven v Mark – Mark wins
    • Round 5 – Christmas v Kevin – Christmas wins
    • Round 6 – Mark v Jason – Jason wins
    • Round 7 – Christmas vs Paul – Christmas wins
    • Round 8 – Christmas vs Jason – Jason wins
    • Jason wins HoH!
  • Paul immediately goes into the apple room with Jason so he can listen in on any conversation.
  • He tells Jason to not listen to what Cody said on the way out
  • Nominations….
    • Mark and Elena
    • Jason rambles on about not trusting Mark
    • He tells Elena that she’s on the block because she took the money from Alex
  • PoV time …..
    • 3 puzzles
    • Jason and Mark in the lead
    • Mark wins PoV!
  • Mark uses the veto on himself
  • Jason re-noms Matt
  • Final speech…
    • Elena doesn’t have anything to say. Shout out to her mom and tells her to get her dogs teeth cleaned
    • Matt gives a dumb speech
  • Votes
    • Raven – Elena
    • Alex – Elena
    • Mark – Matt
    • Josh – Elena
    • Paul – Elena
    • Christmas – Elena
    • Kevin – Elena

Check back…


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  1. Patrick

    Positive thoughts to Mark. You can do it.

  2. Rita

    After hearing Paul telling Alex and Jason about Kevin winning the $25K I really hope he stops saying how loyal he is and stops questioning anyone of the HGs loyalty.
    I know, I’m dreaming.

  3. hogwild

    I would like to think Alex or someone would turn this house on it’s ear but I’m by no means confident that will happen as has been pointed by myself and other’s this group seems content to just make jurry and be the runners up.

  4. strwar1

    Who all thinks after Cody is evicted.Mark will be evicted next? I think he is next if Paul gets HOH or somebody else that has him in their crosshairs.

  5. Wendy

    Ravens make up is better tonight.

  6. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Not even a goodbye to Mark, Elena, or Kevin? #ByeCody #ByeFelicia

    • Avatar

      Mark didn’t deserve a goodbye he didn’t even vote for Matt

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Mark was one of the few people who always kind to Cody in the house. I’m sure he would’ve voted to save Cody if he thought it would’ve made a difference (and wouldn’t make the already huge target on his back even huger). Cody is 32 years old, he could’ve acted a bit more mature and said at least goodbye to the people who were decent to him.

      • Avatar

        There are only 2 people in that house who have acted mature since the very beginning, and one of those have already been evicted. You may not like Cody, but he is in line with everyone else in there.

      • Avatar

        Did you not notice that no one stood up when Cody was called out? They didn’t plan to be nice I good byes!! So he was right in just getting up and walking out. Plus as he said, he doesn’t care at all for any in the house and I don’t blame him. What a terrible bunch. I didn’t like Paul last year but admired his honesty and loyalty. This year I think he has shown his real self. He’s a mean and nasty bully. There is something off about him and I question his sexuality which is really none of my business nor do I care . But be honest with yourself

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Trudy, what I did get tickled about is that he told Julie straight up that he hated all those people. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • Avatar

      Well now lets get into it and see how Paul can keep control over the herd. He’s gonna be running around like a crack addict who lost his pipe.

    • Mel

      I bet he told them earlier in the day because only telling those three goodbye would just make their targets even bigger and give the house more ammunition. It’s the way Jessica did it too.

  7. Avatar

    Love or hate him I will miss Cody

  8. Avatar

    I hope Josh or Jason win HOH and take out either Mark or Elena!

  9. hogwild

    Love the way Cody left threw some lies out there and walked across the table and out the door without a goodbye, good luck, or kiss my ass to any of them just on major FU to all of them.

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  11. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Why didn’t Jason throw this to Christmas? I feel
    Awful that he doesn’t get the letter from his family.

  12. Avatar

    Good decision making Paul..umm I mean Jason.

  13. g8trgirl

    Was there a point that Paul was chosen last to play for HOH?

  14. Lynn

    Josh needed to be smacked for a acting like a junior high bully. “Byuuuuuuh” in Mark’s face. These guys are terrible.

    • kneeless

      At first I didn’t like Josh, then he kinda wormed his way in, now I am so over him!

      • Avatar

        Josh has an intelligence problem. He has none. I believe he is socially “special”. Bullies badly and if anyone fights back he cries and says he’s being bullied. What a wises!!

    • ingodog

      Because he’s asshole (Josh that is)

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      YES Lynn! I saw that, but it happened so quick that I wasn’t quite sure who Josh was talking to. I even watched it back several times but I still couldn’t make it out. After reading your comment, I see now. That was SO uncalled for. I don’t know why Josh has to be like that. Supposedly he and Mark called a truce for whatever dumb reason they were fighting for. And Cody and Jessica are out of the house now, so there’s clearly NO reason for him to continue acting like a damn loon.

  15. danmtruth

    Throw to Xmas this HOH you have a stronger player in the next HOH comp

  16. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Jason *facepalm* please just stop talking and make your nominations. This is too much cringe for one speech.

  17. danmtruth

    does that xtream unitard now have extream brown stains in it ?

  18. g8trgirl

    Jason finally speaks and he kinda sounds like an idiot.

  19. hogwild

    What a bullshit nomination speech by Jason just admit the truth Jason neither you or anyone else in that house has the balls to make a decision that is not Paul approved.

  20. danmtruth

    outside of Kevin who would you want to spend time with And not to pound on them

  21. Avatar

    I would say Xmas but she might try to hump me

  22. Avatar

    Whooohooo Mark! And no hand job from Elana!

  23. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Mark, you better not use that POV on Elena!

  24. danmtruth

    Does Paul even chance to go up as a pawn or is it Kevin so they can send a MESSAGE to get in line

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  26. g8trgirl

    Cody and Elena at the jury house alone for a week?
    Me. Thang will be going nuts!

  27. kneeless

    Unless Mark wins HOH, they will have another week to gang up on him.

  28. Mel

    Matt and Raven still useless.

  29. Avatar

    Well Elana is going home and I suppose raven will be the pawn

  30. Avatar

    Oh well no… it was Mattress.

  31. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I feel good that my speculation department finally panned out with Mattress as replacement nom, haha!

  32. Mel

    Hopefully for Jason Paul knew what he was going to say in his speech. Otherwise, it sounded kind of like Jason let Paul know that he considered flipping over to Cody and Mark. When you add Cody’s parting speech to the mix, I wonder if it will create a little paranoia with Paul.

  33. danmtruth

    lets see if Paul can work his majick split up a real showmance send out Matt the pawn But we all know it will be 6 – 1

  34. hogwild

    Wow does not even have the guts to nominate Paul as pawn on a vote when everyone knows Elena is gone sad just sad.

  35. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Please let the next HoH put up Raven, pretty please!

  36. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    I do feel sorry for Mark; we all know Elena doesn’t actually care about it, but he’s just her puppy. It’s sad.

  37. kneeless

    Josh voted out his “5th grade crush.” Yup, just verifies what we thought, .Josh is a middle schooler!

  38. NKogNeeTow

    I have only 2 wishes tonight.

    1. That they leave Kevin alone.

    2. That this show can be over so I can take my ass to bed at a halfway decent hour tonight.

  39. kneeless

    Hope Mark wins HOH!

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Lips is telling Julie that the BB house is not a good place to explore a relationship in. But it seems like a good place for dry humping?

  41. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Elena, “I do like him, but…” Gheesh Elena, just be honest… You’re not into him.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    No more screen time for Elena….AHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Peace Out Girl Scout

    • g8trgirl

      Did it look to you like she waved to the cameras a bit much and smiled so much she was talking thru her teeth?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Gates, yep. But at least we won’t have to watch her watch herself in the mirror anymore….or hike up her cut to short shirts up to show her underboobs…or pull her shirts tighter and start conversations about her nipples….or dry hump WIR then offer to jerk him off…or empty ice cubes into the food…or stay up later than anyone else in the house so she can get more on-air time….or pucker up those wax lips at the camera….or pull WIR close with one hand while pushing him away with the other….or pretend to read the Bible then pretend to explain it to WIR…or pull Paul’s head into her lap and stoke his hair trying to win brownie points….or…Oh, you get the picture.

      • g8trgirl

        Nk, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you weren’t fond of Lips, huh?

      • NKogNeeTow

        What gave it away?

  43. Avatar

    Oh God Derrick…..I need to go puke now. 🙁

  44. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)



    Seriously, enough of the stupid, asinine temptations!

  45. hogwild

    Depending on if Mark wins HOH these people have one more week of being able to stay in the game without having a brain or a backbone.

  46. danmtruth

    What gutless people I HATE HATE those votes i’m sadden to vote out who ever BS they are not going to see this till after the game and after the vote

  47. Avatar

    Well off to bed 5:30 comes early. Good night BB family. #endurethestupid

  48. Avatar

    Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been away for a little bit, I just moved in for college and had a bunch of orientation crap. I want to thank everyone for keeping me updated since I won’t have live feeds starting next week (rip) and I can only watch the cbs episodes whenever they air on the app or website(also rip). So thank you everyone for keeping me informed on what’s going on in the house! I will say this has been the worst DE episode that I’ve read(rip) since I didn’t get to actually witness it. Codys exit looked hilarious(I saw a clip on twitter) but I’m actually sad that Elena was evicted because I really wanted them to get out alex(I’d prefer Paul but they need to take away his actually good at comp minions), so I can only hope that mark wins this next HoH. And I would also like to point out that people want to vote jess for AFP, but if any prejuror should be AFP it should be my girl Dom, I might be in the minority of likeing her, but she will forever be my queen!

  49. McCoy

    Some of you whine and complain about how mean and rude the HGs are but I’ve never seen people act the way you all do on here. You all are worse than them. The HGs don’t have fake names and the computer screen to hide behind like you all do. You’re all sad, sad excuses.

  50. Alda

    So glad to see Lips gone! Hope she enjoys that five grand.I’m looking forward to seeing Derrick tomorrow night.Now,we’ll have to wait and see what this new twist is going to be.

  51. McCoy

    So Mr. Moderator… why did you delete my messages?

  52. KelBel

    A puzzle veto comp in which a rodeo clown takes the early lead…. With dumb and dumber never making it past the first puzzle. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      “With dumb and dumber never making it past the first puzzle.”

      LMAO. AND don’t forget the “jock” won the puzzle comp. I think they’ve all seriously underestimated Mark. I’m hoping now that Elena is gone and Mark’s back is against the wall (and he knows for sure where he stands), he’s going to go all out and get bloody this week.

      • Avatar

        Pretty sure I’ve seen this movie before starring Jessica and Cody. But, I’m sure the Matt and Raven romance will turn out differently …. NOT!

  53. Shivani33

    Three females left, six men. Sheesh. Tonight has been the second BB19 evening when I’ve been hit in the heart by how attached I am to Kevin.

  54. Mel

    So do you think Derrek is there to host the HOH comp? Could he be there to give them some advice? In my best case scenario, production is sick of how it’s going too so they send Derrick in to tell them to wake the f*ck up! I know romr his Twitter, he’s not impressed at all this season with anyone. I take that back. He did say that it sucks because the only person trying to play got evicted when Jessica left. Probably wishful thinking, he’s probably just hosting a comp. It’s still stupid to lose feeds for 24 hours so Derrek can stop by.

    • kneeless

      I’don’t like to see Derek light a fire under them & get them to strategize better. I think you may be right, Mell, he’said probably there to host the HOH. But, does that warrant no feeds? Time will tell.

    • Shivani33

      Mell, I keep trying to picture the logistics involved if Derrick comes to offer advice. Would Paul be locked in a broom closet?

      • Mel

        Wait, Paul will end up getting the entire house to verbally assault Derrick and Mark will go nap while he’s there since he will have a temporary break from it all. Josh will be screaming that Derrick isn’t loyal, Raven will start barking at him, Matt can throw a few fruit loops at him and Alex will circle him trying to bite his ankles. Paul will sit back and pretend he doesn’t know why his cast members are behaving this way.

      • Avatar

        if Paul got locked in the room closet because Derrick is hosting the HOH, Mark would definitely win the comp, no matter what it is. Why? Because all the other HGs would just stand there waiting for directions from Paul. Without him there, they would have no idea who should throw it, who should win it, or who should be nominated. But , alas, none of them would leave him alone long enough for anyone to actually lock him in the closet. Or, they would all climb in with him. #lemings

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Derek is a cop isn’t he? Maybe he’s coming in to bust Raven and yard her out in cuffs for all of her rip off scams and production is setting up a “special” comp just for Raven….her prize is a one way ticket with Derek to the county jail

    • Avatar

      Season 16 is the one they had to (were told to) watch so I wonder if that will factor in.

  55. McCoy

    I love BB and have been a fan for 15 years. I’d never go on there though. The scrutiny and ridicule that these people face from sites like this and other social media.. Its not right or fair. Let me come out you on live TV 24/7 and see if you don’t act a little funny.

    • danmtruth

      @therealmccoy /McCoy that is part of what happens when you sign up for Very few people are prepared for what happens on the show or on these sites It has been mention how shocked many of the HG are when they leave the house and see the reaction to them
      I like to watch and see how people work or play each other in the house See if they can understand what and who to believe I will admit to having strong opinions of HG Not all that nice at times It’s a night at the coliseum They put themselves out their I will comment
      So why are you here?

      • McCoy

        To be a voice for the HGs since they can’t exactly defend themselves. And to talk about BB. It’s easy for someone to talk when they are sitting on a computer but let me put you(not you but in general) in a glass house and see what the reaction is.

      • NKogNeeTow

        What I would LOVE to see is a Reunion Show. To catch up with former HG and see how their lives changed after the show….how or if it affected them how they were viewed….what they learned about themselves…..stuff like that.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mc, we are all just armchair quarterbacks. We watch, form our own opinions then say what we would or wouldn’t do. Talk about all the silly and smart moves the HG make. The advantage we have is that they only see things from room to room (so to speak), whereas we see everything. We have knowledge about each of them that they don’t. We get caught up in their lives and we sit here and play Zeus (figuratively). We are in the catbird seat. Yes, we do it all in fun. But you have to remember, the reputations of the HG aren’t ones we make for them, it’s what they are making themselves. After the show is over, people won’t remember what we say here, but they will remember what the HG did here.

      • McCoy

        That would be a good show Red

      • McCoy

        And furthermore I agree if that’s all people did. But a lot of people personally attack and make fun of the people. I get it, it’s what they signed up for. But does that make it okay to be so hateful?

    • Mel

      Oh I would probably act like a complete moron but 2Id go in thinking I had a solid strategy. I also believe in my heart that many of my acquired friends on this site would cheer me on whilel simultaneously making fun of me. Gerardo, I would at least expect a couple of “Ride or Die” comments from you as you were making fun of how I was talking, what I was wearing and my stupid game move that I thought was genius. Lol

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        “Gerardo, I would at least expect a couple of “Ride or Die” comments from you as you were making fun of how I was talking, what I was wearing and my stupid game move that I thought was genius.”

        Well of course! What do you think Ride or Dies are for?!

      • NKogNeeTow

        As long as you wear your little Helmet Of Protection, you’re good with me. I’d vote for you…lol 😛

      • Mel

        I’d definitely bring the helmet because I would feel left out if I didn’t have an accessory that you guys could make fun of like the cat ears.

  56. Avatar

    Paul’s and Kevin’s game are the EXACT SAME to win $500,000.
    1)They makes everyone be their friend so that everyone seems like they can trust them.
    2)They never get into any arguments so that they are not even considered targets.
    3)They Never win ANYTHING so that they don’t have power to evict anyone so that when that person goes to jury, it’s a lot easier to vote for them. (It looks like Paul throws them too)
    4)And lastly they even had a conversation in the apple room alone together were they LIED the WHOLE time to each other lmaooo.
    Please thumbs up if everything is accurate.

  57. danmtruth

    @hogwild good point about Paul not trusting these people to go up as a pawn Why do it when you have a fool like Matt begging to be used So does Raven treat her man to a three hole night for him
    Game play you have :
    Alex the caffeinated chipmunk The self proclaimed queen of Petty ,, something to be so proud of
    Jason After you thought speeches could not get any worse than Elena Hold his beer here comes no-nut
    Josh can he be any more of a jerk,a#s, c#nt,low life, waste of human flesh , Brain dead who ever is
    reminds him when to breath please stop ,,,, but i love the meatball ,,,, NOT
    Raven you phony con artiest just do the world a favor and die
    Matt that’s your game play sit on the block as Paul’s Pawn
    Xmas thought the meds had kicked in and you almost spoke the truth and voted for Matt
    Kevin Not sure if you were playing a character but your days seemed to be numbered
    Mark stay strong your going to need to win veto comps from here on

  58. McCoy

    Speaking of the game itself. No one seems to be talking about how Mark has won like 5 of the last 7 comps.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Oh yes, Mark is a comp monster. It’s funny because a few weeks they all thought Mark was a joke when it came to comps. Guess he was just laying low until he needed to win.

    • kneeless

      That is one of the reasons they were going to take him out before Elena. They realize he has been winning & boasting it out when he needs to. I would like to see him win this HOH & see if he could shake things up a bit.

      • Avatar

        Would love love love for mark to win and put up Alex and Paul!!!

      • Sassy

        Putting Paul OTB, would not shake anything up, the other person would just concede the loss and go to jury, but Alex v. Scooter v. Josh, they may dish on each other, which would split the alliance, but Paul can manage 2 teams at once. Each will feel they are the most important.

  59. kneeless

    We have all heard Raven proclaim, since going into the house, that its gastroparesis awareness month. That was said in June, July & now August. FYI, August actually is GP Awareness month.

  60. McCoy

    I think that Jason’s Nomination speech was very much from the heart. He had no clue he was going to win and didn’t have time to come up with something rehearsed. Jason earned my respect tonight by being real and not playing it up for the cameras. He stood up for Alex and told Mark that he couldn’t trust him.

  61. kneeless

    I really can’ t figure out Matt & Raven’s strategy. Are they throwing comps, because they feel secure enough. Do they really believe they are final 3 with Paul? I don’t get it.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I actually think they just suck at life.

    • Avatar

      Forget about floating, they have been on a 6 week cruise and it will continue for at least 2 more weeks wile the house concentrates on Mark and Kevin.

      Raven met Paul at a meet and greet before the show ever started, and she has been as loyal to him even more than Alex who showed some resistance to Paul early on. Matt is in a showmance with her, so they are and have been two solid, unquestioning pawns, stooges, and votes whenever needed.

      That’s why they are cruising this season. BB production naturally gave Paul an edge with this kind of casting (a fan you met at a meet n greet), and Ravatt has just reaped the rewards of a sloppy but well calculated casting this season.

  62. danmtruth

    Jushua only part of that is true

    1)They makes everyone be their friend so that everyone seems like they can trust them.
    # true for both of them
    2)They never get into any arguments so that they are not even considered targets.
    # Paul pick arguments to help set up targets like Vanessa did Look at Dom and the snake
    keeping the argument going with Jess & Cody
    3)They Never win ANYTHING so that they don’t have power to evict anyone so that when that person
    goes to jury, it’s a lot easier to vote for them. (It looks like Paul throws them too)
    #Paul has won HOH and yes both Paul and Kevin have thrown HOH comp
    4)And lastly they even had a conversation in the apple room alone together were they LIED the WHOLE time to each other lmaooo.
    #Jushua who hasn’t lied part of the game

  63. Tinkerbell

    Bb19 you suck eggs. Worst cast ever!

  64. Avatar

    – Boss Paul will commence operation Marvin this week.
    – Alex will fold Jason up and return him to her back pocket.
    – Matt & Raven after the quick briefing are headed to their cruise ship down to the Caymans.
    – xmas will try and be relevant in a game where she is just an illusion.
    – The hitman Josh will be waiting and ready to pounce whenever so ordered.
    – We as fans will continue to drudge through another uneventful, cringe-worthy awful week of BB19.

    8 Friendship rings really paying off.

  65. Avatar

    Maybe I missed something here but do we know why the feeds are down for 24 hours (I don’t have the feeds but enjoy BBAD and getting updates here). I’m confused. Julie said Derrick is stopping by but why would that close the feeds for 24 hours rather than just the few hours he is there? Julie made is seem like Derrick would be on the special Friday episode but isn’t that show pre-recorded? I think I’m rambling now but I’m just confused. Not sure if everyone is in the dark or if I just missed something LOL. Anyone?

  66. hogwild

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m going to have to be pretty well buzzed to get through any of these remaining shows.

    • Mel

      When we all start having an abnormal amount of typos that’s when we’ll know we’ve all started drinking heavily to get through the season. Well more than usual because I have a lot anyway.

  67. Avatar

    im sorry this seasons comps suck Paul runs everything just giveit to him this season has been nothing but floaters wanting jury so sad.

  68. Avatar

    I had such high hopes for alex smh

  69. Avatar

    BB production has seen to Paul winning the $500K, what I suspect they didn’t imagine was how horrible things would be this late into the season. That’s why production must implement another temptation to try and benefit Marvin, because the other sides (Team Paul) domination continues unopposed, barring a temptation miracle.

  70. Avatar

    Been out all night since the show ended… do we know anything about the HoH comp yet?

  71. Avatar

    I need to vent a little here. I’ve never commented on any of these threads in all 19 seasons of Big Brother I have watched and I am HUGE fan. Anyways, I need to vent to people who actually watch the show like I do!
    One, I do not like Paul on a personal level at all. I cant stand him, but he deserves to win the game. He is literally thee only one in that house not playing just to make it to jury or following what someone else says to do. Sadly, he’s not even manipulative or skillfully convincing anyone to do things, these people are just idiots who will do what ever he says.
    Next, Josh. I actually think I dislike him more than anyone I have ever disliked in a reality TV show before. He walks around like he owns the house, is big and bad, and is a great player. He’s thee worst. He couldn’t be further up Paul’s A**. I honestly wonder if Paul is sometimes uncomfortable (like physically) with how far up his butt Josh is. He literally holds a grudge because Elaina doesn’t like him. It’s insane.
    Christmas can’t be more full of herself, and that’s all I will say about her because I really don’t want to give her more attention than she already wants.
    Raven and Matt, you suck at Big Brother, you’re wasting everyones time, and I’m sad that you guys got to have this experience over people who actually really wanted to play the game and be there.
    Alex, you had a a chance. You started out so strong, you’ve won competitions, and you have had a social game. Then you jumped on the Paul train. Now you are worthless as well.
    I’m just literally so angry at these people. I would give anything to go into that house and play against Paul. I would literally give up anything to take him out. He thinks he’s a good player, but in reality he got put in a house with thee worst cast in history of Big Brother.
    Thanks for letting me vent a little 🙂

  72. Tinkerbell

    I could have never dreamed this, but I just cancelled my live feeds. At the end of the show tonight, and after watching the “leftovers” in the house, I just can’t do it. I will not be watching on regular tv either because that is not their true colors. The people left are my least favorites. I’ve never had such strong distaste for any BB contestants. I cannot tolerate any of them. I’m so disappointed because I love BB and haven’t missed any of it since it began in July of 2000. Hopefully BB20 will be a good cast, and great entertainment. On the sunny side, I won’t be staying up all day and night. I’m sleep deprived. Hahaha

    • Avatar

      Your pain is well understood. BB production would say they got it right because ratings are up. But a closer look into those ratings especially the bigger weeks reveals it was Jessica and Cody’s 1st eviction, buyback, and last week when they both tried to survive being on the block. Other than that, the ratings are slightly under or over comparing weeks from last year.

      This seasons craptastic madness really boils down to will Paul ever be put up and booted out. There can be no other climatic moments really.

      Season 16 was a good rated season (Derrick L. / Winner), so to boost ratings you bring back a popular player for the larger landscape (fans) of Big Brother, which Paul is not a part of. He wasn’t even the favorite on last years BB season.

      If Paul’s game was so phenomenal, you wouldn’t need to keep implementing yet another sad twist just to help out the targets who are up next for eviction; thus keep ratings up.

      Outside of this blog which just happens to have a few very loyal Paul fans, he is getting slaughtered with the much larger BB fan base outside of this realm.

      • Tinkerbell

        Ritchie, Great commentary. Thank you. I’ve heard the following throughout my life. I have no idea where it began. It’s just my opinion, but I think the following applies to the majority of the “characters” this season –
        “If I could buy them for what they’re worth, and sell them for what they think they’re worth, I would be the wealthiest person on earth.”

  73. Yael Sara

    I know there was no plan for jury buy back – but I really hope production finds a way to get Cody back in the house and Paul out, since it is so rigged anyway

    • Russell James Yost

      I hope that doesn’t happen.

      I am not a Cody fan nor am I really a Paul fan, but since week 2 of BB everyone has wanted Cody out of the game and anyone that is remotely attached to him becomes a target. You put him back in the game and then everyone will continue to gang up on him. He sucks at this game and lacks any social game. What makes you think he could ever get Paul out? Sometimes the dislike of Paul makes people delusional. Cody was not a strong player and did not have the ability to do anything. He could not even successfully get that tool Josh out during Jess’s HOH but he is going to get Paul out?

      I want to see what happens these next couple weeks with the two turds out the door. If Mark wins I bet he will put Alex and Paul on the block.

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  75. Avatar

    Why didn’t Mark pick Paul and Jason? That was stupid, wasn’t he trying for HOH? It’s funny how when his butt is on the line he wins but NEVER won anything to help Elana his Ride or Die! Hmmm?!?

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Good point Juli, that could’ve changed everything (if Mark had chosen Paul and Jason to compete against each other instead of Josh and Yom Kippur). I guess maybe in the heat of the moment Mark just wasn’t thinking.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I was surprised Mark didn’t put Paul up with someone. But like Ger said, he was probably flustered under the pressure.

    • Avatar

      Because he wants to be socially accepted by the majority (Paul n company). If you put Paul up, you risk being in an unfavorable light and the house ganging up on you. Is he really cut out to take on the entire house for say 2 to 3 more weeks if he should continue to win POV’s or an HOH?

      He high fives, and hugs these people and even joked with Jason about how close each other were at the end of the POV competition last night. It doesn’t matter that Jason bus rolled you and put you up, just as long as everybody smiles, hugs, cheek kisses, and glad hands him, is all that matters it seems for Mark.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I have to agree with you on this one Ritchie. I think it’s crazy how they have to turn around and make nice with people who just tried to kick you out of the house. I understand it, but I also think it’s crazy that one has to go through those lengths to stay in the house.

  76. Avatar

    Did you all see the glimpse of Matt working on his puzzle?! BAHAHAHA! I wouldn’t trust him to flip my burgers. That guy is a straight up idiot. My toddler could’ve done better than Matt.

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      I did, Stemmie! Him & Raven both!

      • Avatar

        And then they both laughed about it when they were in the house and gave each other a high five. At least they know they suck at life.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        LOL! I saw that too! Laughed my ass off about it! Like, they really just high fived each other because they’re both dumb as hell. Yay. Her momma must be so proud of her genius deathly ill virgin daughter.

  77. Avatar

    Isn’t it time for an endurance comp?!? Hoping Mark gets this HoH. He deserves a sanctuary and a morale boost.

  78. Colby

    Maybe they are actually doing a triple eviction tonight to make up for the Hex week. And then the HOH comp with Derrick. That might explain why they are keeping the feeds down.
    If not, they are going to have to do two more doubles, or a double and a fast forward (two in one week) to get the number down to 3 in 5 weeks.

  79. Russell James Yost

    I am curious about Christmas. I know her popularity around here has waned over the past few weeks due to her engagement with the drama, but I think she may be in a good position to knock Paul out, if she can last a little bit longer.

    This is just a theory. I know Christmas is a minion for Paul right now, but out of everyone still left in the game she is a competitor. With only one leg she has competed well and has come close to becoming HOH. I don’t think she is afraid to make big decisions and I also think that she knows her leg will only get her so far. If she were to knock out Paul and then make it to the final two that is what she could use on her resume. That is basically the only thing that Steve accomplished when he knocked out Vanessa.

    I think Paul has shifted his game again and is going to hide in the background while the other HGs eat each other alive.

    • Avatar

      Christmas is an illusion and continues to have 0 comps wins in this game. When she gave up her only advantage in the game to play somebody elses game (Pauls) in getting Jessica out (even though she was going out anyway), that pretty much summed how ineffective she has, and will continue to be at this game.

    • Lynn

      Does anyone find it strange that there have been so many HOH competitions in a row that a person with one leg was able to competent in? Is that different from past seasons (so many non physical ones bunched together like that) ?

  80. jimbo

    Loved Cody’s exit. Hopefully he gets America’s favorite. It’s early to be out, so that’s tough, but the anti-Paul wave that is slowly growing into a tidal wave helps him, since he was the only one who balled up to him. Plus, Cody started growing on people — he was the usual type that signs up for BB, and I think people liked it (after they watched it a while). And, personally, I never like the schmoozy kiss-asses….not my type.

  81. Avatar

    Yes Cody! I say yes. Better get me a big diamond

  82. Avatar

    If Christmas wins HOH are they going to change the veto comp so she can play? I all fairness, if she had won shuffleboard last night could she have hopped down the line and around the puzzles to win that comp? At some point you have to think this foot thing is going to be her downfall. If she makes it much further, the BB20 cast will be falling all over the place knowing they will get protected and not to have to compete on an even level. I’ve said it before, its a shame she got hurt (badly hurt it appears) and I know it was her choice to stay and I can respect that but if these hg’s feel guilty about putting her out they might as well give her the money now, at least 2nd place.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t think we have to worry about anybody giving her any money…second place or otherwise. Xmas isn’t that well liked and she’s not that good of a player either. She screams, yells, stares people down, speaks to them in condescending tones, starts false fights, jumps into other people’s fights, starts lies to stir things up. Basically she’s trying to be a combination of Paul and Alex and neither personality is working for her.

      • Avatar

        I agree. I was only saying if the hg’s are going to cater to her and protect her they may never get her out. As the ducks keep dropping (like 2 last night), and if their next targets are gone (Mark, Kevin, possibly Raven and Matt). Paul will be left with Alex, Cowboy, Josh and Xmas). She just keeps floating (rolling?) along and might be in the final 5 before we know it where anything can happen. If Paul gets this final 5 he can convince the others (Josh and Xmas) that Cowboy and Alex are like a “couple”, as everyone knows and Cowboy has to go to break them up. That leaves the final 4 and Xmas is still standing (figuratively). I understand anything can happen but this plan laid out isn’t too far fetched is it? Paul would be left with 3 loyal people who will fight it out for top 3. One who can’t compete physically, one who can’t compete mentally and one who is content with getting to lose to Paul in final 2.

  83. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    Jessica did a Instagram Live thing last night after the DE and someone reposted it on YouTube. Someone asked her if Cody got evicted and she said she wasn’t going to ruin it for anyone that hadn’t already watched. Then someone asked what she thought of his eviction speech and she said he should have tailored it a little better BUT his walkout speech made up for it! In the comments someone commented about her doing that, and then below some guy said “are you just now realizing she’s dumber than a sack of bricks?”
    Oh..that was my first good laugh of the day…had to share.
    I’m gonna put the links below. She’s done a few of them since she’s been out. I’ll put them in the order that they’ve been done. She also said that she hasn’t been back to work because she didn’t leave her job on good terms because she didn’t follow proper protocol for taking a leave of absence, so she has to work some things out with HR. What?

  84. Shivani33

    Christmas is scheduled to get a more mobilizing cast on Tuesday, I think. This could make a big difference in how she feels. I don’t know a thing about shuffleboard but found two of her shots reimarkable last night. If her thoughts become more championship oriented, it could make her a very interesting player. I do feel that she’s a kind of true grit character. She’s “been down so long, it looks like up to me” if she can make that turn. It’s too bad that she doesn’t dig Mark much. He could use a ballwrecker.

    • Avatar

      So she has to leave the house… again. I wish they wouldn’t allow that. Like Survivor, if you have to leave the island… you don’t come back.

    • kneeless

      My guess is that even if X-mas gets her boot, next week, she still won’t be able to bear weight. It will be a big improvement for her, personally, to have the cast off & be in a boot but not sure if she will gain that much as far as competing. I may be wrong, we will see.

  85. Avatar

    Write the check to Paul already, giving either Josh, Christmas, Jason or Raven 2nd place. These idiots especially the only 1/2 smart one Alex have no clue, nor cojones to make any moves and is all but pointless.

    The numbers going forward will always be on Paul’s side, either going after Mark, Kevin and the showmance by using Alex, Jason , Josh and Xmas , or use the showmance, josh and xmas to break up his only threat, Alex, Jason and kevin.

  86. kneeless

    IF, and it’s probably a big if, anyone tries to take out Paul, who do you think has the best chance at succeeding? I almost think it may be Christmas or Alex. Alex likes Christmas, much more than before. If, Alex or Christmas decide to go after Paul, Alex can influence Jason & Christmas can get Josh on board. Matt & Raven, I am not putting them in the mix because, they’re Matt & Raven. I’m thinking it has to be Alex or Christmas to pull it off. But, I am not sure they will go after Paul.

    • Avatar

      It IS after all BB and one should always expect the unexpected. However, the numbers Paul has established will always favor him. Matt is loyal to pual, along with Xmas and Josh. Where Matt goes, Raven follows. So Alex, jason and kevin are no threat. Same would go if the opposite occurred and Xmas was the target. Although, that one might be the best shot as Kevin would support Xmas over Alex and that would be the swing vote.

  87. Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Derrick came in and gave them a reality check on what the fans really think of their game play lol, no it won’t happen , but I dare to drea

  88. Avatar

    Hey y’all!

    Ahem….so there is supposedly very real lspoiler alert over on Reddit and I hope and pray with everything I have that it is wrong.

    With that being said…..Christmas won HoH
    (stabs self in eyeballs with fork)

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      That Reddit account has leaked accurate spoilers all season….so you can grab that fork now because when feeds come back Christmas will be the new HOH

    • Sassy

      It must have been another nonphysical competition… There seems to be a lot of them lately. I can only HOPE she goes on a power trip and wants to make big moves. Unfortunately, the BB motto this year is expect the expected, so they will backdoor Mark.

  89. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Also ….tonight’s “special show” is a clip show with derrick doing some stuff for it……..

  90. Avatar

    If Christmas did win HOH, I guess she puts up Mark but the other plan was to get out Kevin. Xmas and Kevin are buddies so I’m not sure she wants to put Kevin up just because Paul says so. Hey Matt, another one for the team? If Mark wins Veto she’ll be “forced” to put Kevin up which may be when we finally see a line drawn in the BB sand between Paul and his minions.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I think she will put up two pawns in hopes of Mark not getting to play in veto…..the question is who will the two pawns be?

      • Avatar

        All I can say is I hope her HOH backfires on her.
        I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach watching it live and not be able to fast-forward thru this possibly sickening turn of events!

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        I’m kinda hoping she puts up Matt and Raven……….with the hope of backdoor of Mark. Mark gets picked for veto and wins leaving noms the same……

      • Sassy

        Helen – The backdoor has worked well for the group, so I hope that is what she does and it backfires. If Mark wins the veto, he would be smart to make a deal with Matt and take him off the block and let Raven go home! Maybe he could gain an ally that way.

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