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Big Brother 19 – Live Eviction Thread


Sorry about the late post. Just got in from a very long day working.  Going to just jump right into updates!


  • Quick highlights from the last few days
  • Time to watch Matt make a complete asshole out of himself
    • Alex says she’s about to put on her boxing gloves… to throw Jason under the bus
    • Matt’s random attack on Jason for hiding in the storage room
    • Now it’s time for the other fights
    • Paul makes fun of Kevin for sucking up to Matt for jury votes. Paul. The guy who asked Elena for a jury vote in his goodbye message
    • Christmas got a very generous edit during that fight
  • Jury house
    • Elena says they’re playing Big Paul
    • Cody asks Mark if he was right from the start. He says yes
  • Back to the show
    • Matt’s statement – Thanks blah blah, he wants to be friends with everyone
    • Raven – Blah blah blah, GP, blah blah
  • Votes
    • Alex – Matt
    • Kevin – Matt
    • Paul – Matt
    • Christmas – Matt
    • Josh – Matt
    • Penalty Vote – Matt
  • Julie talks about how he threw away his game for a woman he just met
  • Matt says Paul and Raven are the best players in the house
  • Pathetic goodbye messages
  • HoH time
    • HoH competition may run late since it hasn’t started yet. Possible egg one?
    • Backyard covered in plastic.  The HoH has been rained out!
    • Wow crazy
    • Time for tacos

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  1. hogwild

    I can offically say i dislike Matt and Raven more now than I did 15 minutes ago.

    • Mello_One

      Matt is definitely as DELUSIONAL as Raven is?! Raven Playing the “Best” Game as Good as Paul, & Deserves to WIN?! Hahahahahahah!!!

    • Avatar

      I think u meant to say watch Matt make ANOTHER asshole out of himself ! Another episode of loudmouth Josh picking fights then crying, surprise, can’t stand the dude. Raven making no sense. Xmas editing again yelling at ppl so we don’t see the bitch she really is. Paul get that stupid duck off around ur waist. Grow the heck up. Matt thinking Raven could win (me rolling on the floor) Jason getting yelled at from everyone for not using the Veto ?? It’s his HOH he van do whatever he dam well pleases ! Worst season EVER ! No one deserves to win excel Kevin or Jason (for at least making a move all by himself

  2. HappyHippo

    If they were my children I would drop them off at the fire station.

  3. HappyHippo

    This argument over the first day of winter swimming made me so incredibly mad.

  4. HappyHippo

    Josh yells and then cries, I’m so confused!

    • LindsayB

      It’s what the boy does.

    • hogwild

      Thanks for the segway into the other pair I’m disliking more and more Josh and Christmas first Josh enough with the going after people then running off and crying like baby when they come back at you either grow a set of balls and deal with it like a man or try keeping that big mouth of yours shut. Now Christmas not every fight that takes place in that house concerns you try minding your own dam business sometime and for god sakes stop babying Josh she does everything but blow his noes and wipe his ass for him. Ok I will save the Jason and Alex rant for another night.

    • NKogNeeTow

      HH, that’s what a bitch-baby does, or as I like to now call him, Cry-Baby. Anybody that cries that much after talking so much crap, should have the crap slapped out of him. It’s getting old now.

      The way I look at it, I’ve been in 2 alliances in this season. One with Linds: Team Paul, and one with Mell: Team Josh. I’m pretty much done with both Paul and Josh (not Mell and Linds though…lol). As of right now (and who knows, this could all change by 9/20), the ONLY one I want to win now is Kevin. As for the rest of the house, I’m not prejudice, I hate them all equally.

  5. Avatar

    Xmas has so much time to think about the mental part of the game because she doesn’t have to worry about doing any physical comps.

  6. caRyn

    Raven is wearing Matt’s orange shirt.

  7. Avatar

    I had to turn show off-sorry but I can already tell that they aren’t going to show Matt being a total jerk and not playing by the rules. Ugh I don’t even care about this stupid show anymore

  8. Avatar

    I had so much much hope that they would expel him for blatantly breaking all the have no rules – and giving America a vote – can’t even believe this “show”

  9. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    OMFG!!!! Seriously, why the FUCK is Josh crying right now? Because HE just bitched out Kevin for NO fucking reason? He reminds of a 4 yr old right now that is throwing one of those fake ass tantrums and is fake crying with no tears. You guys know what I’m talking about! After watching him attack Kevin and then storm out into the yard going boo hoo hoo and Christmas following saying “come on, come sit with me in the corner, it’s OK!”, I could feel my face getting hot! Ugh!!

  10. g8trgirl

    Nice to see Cody being human.

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  12. Avatar

    I am hating football right now…..grrrrr Chiefs. I want to see BB eviction and watch Raven’s mascara run!

  13. LindsayB

    It’s funny watching Elena call everyone out on playing big Paul instead of big brother. She had herself firmly planted up his ass and only came out of it because he shit her out.

  14. g8trgirl

    WTH is Passover wearing?

  15. Avatar

    Even Julie chuckled when telling Matt about the vote penalty. #Bigggjokkkeeee

  16. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Matt receives the weakest round of applause of any evicted houseguest so far this season. Let’s see if anyone will beat his record…

  17. Avatar

    Worst season EVER!! I have followed them all! They are a bunch of bullies!! I don’t even mind the Paul mind control any more.

    • caRyn

      Welcome! And I agree.

      • Avatar

        I think everyone agrees how terrible the bullying has been this year. It’s been heartbreaking for the victims. Not many people could stand up to that happening to them . Either everyone is yelling at them and telling them how bad they are or completely ignoring them. Isolation is very hard to live with. But those of you who are team Paul must admit that he has instigated all of the bullying while staying out of it or soothing the victims as if he had no part of it. Some may say this is good game play but actually this is a person at his worst!! Paul is the reason for all the bullying. Then he says Kevin is tiring to get jury votes when he talks to victims when actually Kevin talks to them because he knows the bullying is wrong and is trying to make the victims feel less isolated. But even if you don’t actively take part in the bullying if you don’t speak up when it’s going on you are just as guilty.

  18. HappyHippo

    “Anyone who watches the show…knows she’s amazing!”
    Actually no….hence #RavenSTFU

  19. HappyHippo

    Made it 72 days without a fight?!
    In what world??

  20. g8trgirl

    Boy, Matt is sure going to feel crap when he finds out the truth about her.

  21. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    WTF is Matt talking about? Raven is the strongest strategic player in the game along with Paul?? What game has he been watching??? She must have really put it on him this summer…

  22. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    Raven is getting a Raven tattoo, barf!



  23. Lynn

    So I know Julie’s fashions are someone else’s gig, but I have to comment on those sleeves. Ugliest top I think I’ve seen in a long time.

  24. Avatar

    Long time time follower, first time poster. I know he had zero game, but just how right was Cody? 1st alliance was Matt, Raven, Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena. He wanted to take out Paul and then Xmas. Everyone was pissed that he didn’t discuss the strategy with them and they all turned on him thanks to Paul.. Now look at the evictions. Jessica, Cody, Elena, Mark and now Matt. Yeah, Cody wasn’t a very social player… But he was definitely right.

  25. Wendy

    I think sothing is mentally wrong with Matt… was he not in the same house we are watching?

  26. Avatar

    OMG! What a frikin idiot. He bought the stories hook line and sinker. He is going to feel like a complete douche when he learns the real Raven and her inbred family after the show is over. His family is going to do an intervention!

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  28. LindsayB

    Wow. Just wow. They made the whole rule breaking/penalty vote thing a big joke. They actually played into how great matt is for giving his game to Raven. I had really hoped for more from BB. Oh well. It’s still my guilty pleasure and I’ll still watch it. I guess the best punishment of all for matt is when he finds out that he threw an amazing opportunity away for a con artist.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      He won’t believe she’s a con-artist, even with all the evidence staring him in the face.

    • Avatar

      BB needs to enforce the rules because this has become an every season thing. And speaking of rules if Matt can eat all he wants why cant Kevin have a damn cookie after Alex threw out the only food he was allowed to have any damn way!

      • LindsayB

        She threw away the cooked slop. He and Jason just made more. She pulled a dick move but he wasn’t in danger of starving.

      • Avatar

        Why can’t they stuff her in a hefty bag and throw her out?

      • HappyHippo

        Exactly. They didn’t do anything to Matt. Might as well do away with have nots, what’s the point? It’s not enforced…… can’t stand Matt!!!!!!!! Sorry.

      • HappyHippo

        Such a dick move. What if he had thrown away all….dare I say…..COCA COLA!

      • LO1004

        The crap they’re doing to each other is legit the mean spirited, revenge stuff I would pull on my annoying siblings when we were 12.

        I get they’re bored, but keep your mitts to yourself.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Alex is such a dirty little bitch for throwing out that slop. I hate her. Kinda convenient that her last name is Ow. It should be Yuck though.

    • Avatar

      Especially since the show is loosly based on 1984 with Big Brotger is watching you.

      Nobody in the book wanted to go against BB, as they feared the consequences of being caught.

  29. HappyHippo

    What?! No HOH? Rain? Whyyyyyyyyy

  30. Avatar

    Come on Kevin! Please win one for us when the rain stops!

  31. HappyHippo

    First time ever rain delay?! Come on!

  32. HappyHippo

    Well she got her screen time……#RavenSTFU

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      What kind of BS is this?? So, not only do we not get to see the HOH comp due to rain delay, but now Julie is going to torture us by making us listen to Raven??? What the hell did we ever do to Julie to deserve this???


      • HappyHippo

        I know!! I need a drink….

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        We didn’t appreciate her feaux GoT dragon sleeve top for all its hideous glory.

      • Mello_One

        Hey y’all its not Raining in California, it has been very HOT Here?! What is Up with BB doing this??? To Stretch Out the Drama of the HOH Comp???

        And Come On Kevin, Win one for Boston!

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Does BB seriously think that NO viewers live in CA where this shit is taking place? Why would they come up with “rain” BS story? They’re making me really angry. They won’t like me when I’m angry.

  33. Avatar
    Morgana (810 comments)

    The fact that Jason got off in edits for his “rape joke” is sickening. He honestly should have been removed from the show. I have ZERO respect for CBS left, absolutely none. And so help me, if Jason wins AFP, I won’t watch again.

    • HappyHippo

      I honestly think Kevin will…..at least I’m hoping….

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Hopefully, I just cannot watch how Jason came away from tonight’s show so clean, but his comment is the most heinous.

    • Avatar

      Big brother is basically a family show, they are not going to air anything that negative ever, nor should they.

      I think most people are going way overboard with their disgust and hateful comments toward the players.

      I choose to forgive and give them the benefit of the doubt. They are in a unique experience and the atmosphere is established there. It will get worse. In the end, we are all god’s children.

  34. HappyHippo

    He is trying to make gumpy a thing….it won’t be

  35. Avatar

    The edit on those goodbye messages was seriously clunky.

  36. Avatar

    Noticed that there was no talk of Matt visiting Arkansas. I believe Raven is never going to bring him there unless absolutely necessary. I think she plans on following Matt wherever he is.

  37. HappyHippo

    Any idea on the comp…I couldn’t tell…

  38. kneeless

    Well, this episode is as much of a letdown as the entire season. I was liking that the audience was pretty cool toward Matt, no laughing at any of his responses to Julie. Thank God Ma- is gone, now I’don’t like to get rid of -ven.

  39. HappyHippo

    Alex currently hitting cowboy, does she think it’s cute??

  40. Avatar

    Even Mother Nature is in tears over this season. #hohraindelay

  41. kneeless

    I find it funny how on eviction night, they just love everyone in the house.

  42. Avatar

    Julie done everything but hold Matt hand. I couldn’t believe it. I have seen here be very curt with others before.And the 1st half was the Matt and Raven show. What is CBS thinking ????????? I don’t understand this show anymore.

  43. hogwild

    On a lighter note what the hell was with that top Julie was wearing? Those sleeves would be a shoplifters dream.

  44. LindsayB

    Why are we having to watch a video of Julie’s wardrobe right now???

    Oh wait. Those are puppies.

  45. Avatar

    Welcome to the evolution of BB going forward. Rules? Fuck the rules. Not to be crued but what just happened tonight will resonate in all future seasons. All ya have to do is suck some serious stick or emotionally mindfuck someone with self esteem issues and you’ll ensure someone takes a bullet for ya and leave thinking your the greatest thing since s’mores cereal.

    Those two deserve each other. Hopefully they’ll be living in a doublewide trailer next to the train tracks in some backwoods hick town with 6 kids under the age of 10 living off WIC and shopping at the goodwill store.

    I apologize if I offended anyone.

    Rant over…..

    • kneeless

      But Wayne, you forgot, poor, poor Raven can’t have chillins cause she’s got 543 terminal illnesses.

    • Avatar

      I’ll believe that when I see her shriveled up ovaries in a mason jar on top of the fridge in her trailer. If she has the disease and her mother has the disease then how was it possible for her mother to crap her out of that nasty womb. More to the point why does she keep saying that there’s an 80% percent chance that her kids will have it if she can’t have kids.

      • Wendy

        When Matt finds out how horrible of a person raven really is he will be blinded by the fact he has never had so much sex In his entire life
        That he will think is was all good game
        Play on Ravens part and they will live happily ever after. Sick!

    • Avatar

      Raven took a page out of the Rachel handbook.

  46. Mello_One

    What in the Heck is going on??? It is NOT Raining in California?! In Fact it is Hot as hell in the state of California, tomorrow its going to be 115 degrees in NorCal, & SoCal is usually Hotter?!?!

  47. LO1004

    Matt: I think Raven’s one of the best players in this game

    Julie: why would you think that?


    Matt’s got jokes. Dummy

  48. HappyHippo

    Alright guys. East coast time. I gotta go to bed. Look forward to the updates I’ll wake up to. Please oh please let Kevin pull out a miracle,

  49. Alda

    Julie said next week is double eviction.That should prove interesting.

  50. Lynn

    Why are the feeds down?

  51. Mel

    They wanted to thro the hoh to Xmas and she won’t be able to do it. Haha

  52. Avatar

    After clip of Mark’s hug-a-thon eviction exit I liked Elena’s joke about maybe having to evict Mark from jury house if he didn’t fit in.

  53. monkicorn

    Tnx for all the updates…due to football the show wont air where i am till the early am…..i could watch online but why bother? I like the play by play here better, its more authentic:p you guys are awesome! And @ann1 i have been thinking and praying for you and all in texas!!!

  54. Yael Sara

    Rained out. I’m confused. It’s not raining… I don’t see rain clouds in sight (I’m 15 miles approx from the big brother house). It’s that damn asteroid!!

  55. Mel

    I want Xmas to compete and do it on that scooter just for laughs.

  56. Avatar

    I’m sorry, friends. I only have a minute and I haven’t had the pleasure and honor of reading all your amazing, insightful and funny posts. I can’t wait to read tomorrow! But I wanted to share a couple thoughts.

    1. Let’s talk about the biggest scandal of this season, Julie’s wardrobe. I legit love Julie, but WTF is going on with her outfits?! Earlier this season, she was dressed like a carwaah. Tonight’s sweater was brought to us by the “Roadkill Collection by Julie Chen.” Please Julie … I implore you, your tailored, classic style. Your sleeves tonight made me wonder if you skinned a muppet.

    2. My fiancée (I’m 50, but why not?) watches the show. I don’t tell him much about what I read on here because he doesn’t like to have things spoiled. I respect that. But, when Matt talked about Raven getting her first tattoo, he said “Oh God, now we are going to have to hear about Raven getting Hep C.” I almost peed my pants considering how little he knows about her because he only watches the show.

    3. I was disappointed that Matt got applause, but I look forward to him learning the truth. #twit

    Goodnight, my loves!

  57. LO1004

    I want Josh to win HOH so he can annoy everyone. Put Jason and Kevin up, backdoor Alex, and send her ass to jury. Let her be on the losing end of Codys wrath.

  58. KelBel

    Watching Matt confirm to Julie that he’s that stupid was almost embarrassing to watch. I’d pay good money to see the look on his face when he reads/hears about who his precious ride or die really is. And I’m sure if he has any friends they cannot wait to give him the biggest ton of shit about who he threw away 500k for!
    So, who will the mob target this week? Hoping they give Kevin a week off from their torment!

    • Avatar

      I was surprised when Jason described so accurately how the house uses a mob mentality to pick on each other. Did Kevin or Mark point that out to him at some point? I did not think Jason was aware of how things truly go down in the house.

  59. jimbo

    So, in the DR, because it is private, HGs true feelings and self are shown. And, of course, Paul comes out as a hypocritical, arrogant jerk (surprise, surprise) when he angrily SLAMS Kevin for “playing nice for jury votes,” when that is what Paul does ALL THE TIME! At least compliment Kevin, Paul. He’s trying, like you. Instead you lambast him. JERK. Cody for Americas Favorite Player because he saw the true Paul the FIRST week.

  60. kneeless

    Gotta say, watching the puppies play is more interesting than watching the housepets.

  61. Helen

    Weather conditions for Los Angeles, California, United States on Thu, 31 Aug 2017 07:00 PM PDT: Mostly Sunny (37°C, 98°F)

  62. Avatar

    Jessica, Raven and Elaina their claim to fame in BB was being a human docking station for Cody, Matt and Mark!
    Oh and they kept the mattresses warm! lol

  63. Avatar

    One of the season 9 cast members said the highlight of Season 19 will be when the hg’s finally find out they all used Matt’s c-m rag.

  64. Mel

    So if it’s ready set go comp and it’s down to Alex and Paul, does he still throw it and who does he have her target? Xmas is out, don’t see Kevin and Josh winning and I think Raven will choke.

  65. Mel

    It’s not the comp I thought if Xmas won

  66. Helen

    I think either josh or Paul won. Not sure

  67. Helen

    How did Christmas win a sprint comp?

  68. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Kevin said something to Paul about how he “jumped off first” because he trusts Paul. If Kevin threw this HOH comp I’m gonna kick his ass!

  69. Avatar

    Is the comp over? Anyone with feeds know?

  70. Avatar

    Yay someone besides Alex won. I hope they take her out this week. I really can’t stand her hateful attitude. Instead they’ll probably take Kevin out which is stupid.

  71. Alda

    Christmas is HOH

  72. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    **Side note…someone called Suckster & Sucksterfriend are having fucking coronaries over on the Reality of Raven thread.

  73. Avatar

    Was Matt booed by the audience?

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      No, he wasn’t booed, but his cheers weren’t nearly as loud as they’ve been for the others that have walked out, and they only lasted until got to his chair. Very unimpressive. Haha!!

  74. Avatar

    So I was not able to watch the live show last night on my phone thanks to the nfl games I guess. All I can say is wow…Matt finally has had a voice right when he is leaving the house. Like its been said before he is just as delusional as Raven. Just wow…..and Jason well he just dug a whole and if Raven does happen to actually start playing the game which I think is not going to happen well lets just say that Jason has a huge target and now Alex will be as soon as Christmas lets it be known that she was the second vote to Raven. All in all Paul’s plan to rule the house continues and nobody cares to do anything about it. So aggravating…HG’S DO EVERYONE A FAVOR AND GROW A PAIR!!!! Anyway I know that everyone already knows everything I just said but I don’t have many people that I know that watch the show and had to let my thoughts out lol.

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