Ok, I came home late from the dance thing, but I’m all caught up with Big Brother and ready to go.  Before I begin blogging tonight I want to talk briefly about the episode on CBS tonight since I couldn’t officially live blog it.

  • Cody is officially in Monte-land. He’s gone. He’s going to fall for Jessica just like Monte did to Morgan and it will be game over for him.
  • Josh is officially a lunatic.  What in the world was up with him randomly going after Megan?  Jesus. His behavior was day 55 stuff, not day 2.
    • Side note – His talk with her later on would have been the perfect time to try a secret alliance that nobody in the house would ever expect
  • Mark is running around with a dislocated finger and still finishing the comp. He can play for me any day.  That said, he’s still no Kryssie who finished the competition last season with blood everywhere from her scraped up hand.

Alright, as I’m writing this, 20 minutes to go.  Be sure to join the live feeds and join the public chat “Big Brother Junkies”. I’ll be hanging around there a lot this summer!


Feed updates!

  • 10:00pm – We’re live!!!!
    • First image we see is Cody cuddling with Jessica.  He moves quick.
    • Meanwhile, the silver fox is hanging with Raven on the couch all in the HoH room.
    • Sounds like Alex is on the block with Jillian.  it’s possible someone saved Megan, but it’s more likely she won the PoV
    • Meanwhile crazy Josh is chatting with his bff Paul
  • 10:15pm – The house realizes they’re live
    • Breaking – Megan’s picture is gray on the memory wall. She either was kicked or self-evicted
    • Christmas and Raven are talking about how upset Cody was that Alex was put on the block
    • I guess something happened in the house today. She went into the DR and 3 hours and gone. They are not happy with that
    • Sounds like Megan spread some lie about Jessica which could have been pretty damaging to her personal life (not confirmed)
  • 10:45pm – Paul is up in the HoH room talking about how crazy and creepy Josh has been
    • Paul’s impression of Josh
  • 11:30pm – So Jillian, Alex, Ramses are still in an alliance and they’re trying to keep Josh contained.  I still need to find more about Megan, but tomorrow.  Very tired!

Updates tomorrow!  Join the live feeds!