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Big Brother 19 – Overnight Report


I said some time back I needed Alex to be evicted so her game strategy couldn’t be validated and that should happen today although we won’t see it until tomorrow. The downside is, other really terrible game play is going to be rewarded. I’ve been reading Steve’s updates and your comments in recent days but haven’t been motivated to do much else relating to Big Brother. There isn’t any scrambling in the house as there normally would be at this point in the game so I’ve spent most of my free time following the path and destruction of Irma like most people have been. (I’ve been so happy to read comments from people we’re all concerned about just to know they made it through. My heart goes out to all of you.)

We’ve arrived at the point where regret, excuses and justification are about all that’s going on in the house. We know Paul has continued to obsess over his comic and is giving reasons why he’s not the villian. (He doesn’t realize they were being kind to his game with potty mouth because he could have been shown as a dictator, a puppet master or even a dog walker. For someone who spouts he doesn’t care what people think, he sure talks about it alot) Dog walker is the one I really wanted to see- Paul with those stupid suspenders, shorts, goofy socks and the heads of several hg’s on little dog bodies. There could have even been a Cody one except he would be in the background with his leg hiked up, peeing on Paul. I’ve been pretty sure I was never going to be asked to work on BB comic ideas for CBS and after that idea, I’m positive it’s never going happen! Listening to Paul, Josh and Christmas discuss how amazing they are has been almost unbearable. Josh has been realizing he’s made some poor choices when it comes to verbally going after people. He’s realized how much of the dirty work he’s actually done. It’s hard to feel bad for him knowing he’s planning on doing it again to Kevin. I have moments I cheer for him like when Paul told him he had to do it and Josh told him to do it himself. The thing is, we’ve seen this cycle before and we know how it’s going to end. Paul and Christmas will keep encouraging it and Josh will do it. (He’s been sticking to his guns about not making it personal but Paul is pushing how much they need to rattle Kevin so we’ll see) I said a long time ago that I believe it’s the only way Paul knows how to play and using other strategies has never occurred to him because Kevin hasn’t won all season and rattling him is completely unnecessary. Christmas is so full of herself, she appears to only regret that people haven’t realized what a badass she is. We spent the last couple of days listening to Alex and her many regrets. She sees now that she shouldn’t have listened to Paul and should have listened to Dominique and Jason.  I’ve been wondering if she’s replayed specific conversations in her mind. These are the ones when Jason kept arguing, trying to get his point heard and she would shut him down and tell him he was an idiot and stupid. I wonder if she remembers the day she told Jason that Paul couldn’t go against his word because his brand was friendship. I know she remembers specific things Cody said because she’s mentioned them. (I personally loved Paul’s irritation when he talked to Alex about taking Josh to the end and Alex told him “that’s what Cody said you would do.”)

Alex continues to isolate herself, Christmas is looking for any opportunity to rub up on Paul, Kevin’s still being told to lay low, Josh continues to worry about jury votes and Paul is still directing house traffic. Not much happened last night:

  • Josh tried to talk to Alex again but she basically told him to leave her alone. After he left the room, she said that she may have a plan. ??
  • Christmas snuggled with Paul in bed, gave him another back massage and it doesn’t get less creepy to watch. (She’s going to have to live with the clip of her late night confession about her feelings for Paul forever. A 21 year old may be able to blow that off quickly but something tells me she’s going to feel stupid.)
  • Alex told Kevin that he better study and know the days if he plans on winning any of the comps. Kevin repeated this so Paul became paranoid that Alex may help Kevin. I don’t see that happening.
  • Josh and Christmas alternated having conversations with Kevin which he seemed to enjoy. He doesn’t realize this was at Paul’s request to keep him busy so he doesn’t have time to talk or study with Alex.
  • Kevin made a joke telling Christmas she was hot but that he wasn’t hitting on her. He was giving her a compliment but I cringed knowing this is just going to be more ammunition later.
  • Christmas being her usual lovely self said that every time she sees Kevin, she wants to bash his face in a wall.
  • Paul told Alex goodnight but he got no response from her.
  • Christmas went to the doctor again yesterday which is beyond ridiculous at this point but oh well…
  • Josh was sent on errands for water, olives and told to go to the bathroom so Christmas and Paul could have some alone time.
  • Paul is still talking about weed and since it’s legal, they can put it in their carry on to take home. Paul claims to be so worldly so you would think he would be aware that this is a federal crime. Is winning not enough- he needs them all be arrested when the show ends too?

There’s been so much campaigning for America’s favorite player already this year, it feels like an election. Unless something drastically changes, I’m predicting Cody and Kevin as the top two with either Josh or Jessica as third. I usually vote for the person I think played a really good game if they aren’t in the top 2 and if they are in the final 2, I vote for the person I enjoyed the most as a person. I don’t like bitter jurys and think the best player should win the game but AFP is for “favorite” player. Of course, your favorite may be due to their likability or it could be because of the game they played. (no one but Paul played this year so I guess that’s out)  I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way for voting so I’m only sharing the information that I’ve been seeing. I’m not urging anyone to vote for a particular person. Jessica and her fans quickly figured out that splitting the vote between Cody and Jessica was a bad move. There’s been a huge social media push for Jessica fans to vote for Cody and she’s putting that out there too. I’m also reading a lot of chatter from people who don’t like Cody and Jessica but will vote for Cody in an attempt to send a message to CBS since Cody didn’t join the herd of sheep. It isn’t going to accomplish anything and if CBS wants to cast 10 versions of Paul next season, they will.

I understand voting for Cody if you are a fan of him going against the vet and not being afraid to make game moves. If I voted for Cody, that’s the reason I’d do it. His game was a nightmare but I enjoyed watching him try to go against the house mentality of puppets. At times, I was amused by his cold stares and the jokes over his stability.  I was entertained when he walked across the coffee table and told Paul to “hold that thought.” In all honesty, I enjoyed watching Cody attempt to play the game way more than Kevin.  In the beginning, I thought I was watching Kevin play the game but in a subtle way. I started to realize that Kevin wasn’t laying low out of strategy, he was laying low because he had no strategy. He’s literally done everything Paul told him to do just like most of the house. I didn’t want to admit this for a while because I really like Kevin. I enjoyed Cody’s game attempt more but I enjoyed Kevin as a person. Kevin is still (by far) my favorite houseguest and since the best player will probably win the game, it frees me up to vote for Kevin for AFP. I hope Kevin wins it and takes home more than the second place winner but I won’t be heartbroken if Cody gets the votes. The only thing that really irritates me about the Cody and Jessica fans are the ones who are rewriting history and acting like they were amazing players who got robbed. Let’s face it, they sucked and that’s why I said I enjoyed watching Cody “attempt” to play the game. Jessica talks a lot of trash on social media about Paul’s minions but I think she needs to remember what she did with her HOH. There’s a clip on Twitter and it’s about 2 minutes of different house guests, at different times saying how they trust Paul. Jessica is in this clip multiple times. Steve may have some kind of an update for you later but I’m assuming that’s going to be determined



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    Great post Mell!!! You touched on a lot of great points!
    I loved the part about Christmas going to regret her little confession regarding her feelings for Paul. HA!!

    I just read this on another site:
    “Paul – I am not cuddling her because I need it. I am trying to console her. She is 11 years older than me. I don’t want my girl to think something otherwise. Josh – its like we’re brothers and sisters. Paul – exactly. I don’t want my girl to trip out and think I am trying to get with Christmas. I am already tripping that she doesn’t like me any more, I don’t need her to think I am trying to get with Christmas.”

    First of all..why in the world does she need consoling??!!?? Puhlease!

    I can tell you one thing for sure..if Paul was truly so concerned about “his girl” back home then he shouldn’t be sharing a bed with Halloween, much LESS cuddling and canoodling with her…but I think it’s freaking hilarious that he has no romantic idealizations about her but that her heart “flutters” evertime he is near.
    Blechhh..that made me sick just to type that!

    Last quick thought and that is Alex has become as delusional as Raven with her thoughts that she deserves ANYTHING after all of her vile actions towards other houseguests, especially Kevin.
    Her praying and begging for AFP is one of the most comical things I have her seen!!

    • AIO_7

      “I can tell you one thing for sure..if Paul was truly so concerned about “his girl” back home then he shouldn’t be sharing a bed with Halloween,”

      It’s very possible that Paul has no girl back home. He lies about his personal life….. a lot.

      • Avatar

        It’s even more possible that xmas only wants to “get with Paul” because “girls like her” only want something they can’t have. It’s like going into a bar with a wedding ring on. It’s like a magnet for “those types of girls”. Guys Xmas got close to Kevin-married, Jason (her backyard riding toy) – married, Paul – girlfriend. Guys Xmas didn’t get “cuddly” with in the house – Cody, Ramses, Matt, Mark, Josh and a few hours of Cameron. All were single with no attachments entering the house. Not that any were her “type” except she almost popped out of her chair when “The Silver Fox” Matt walked in but didn’t pursue him. I guess her and Alex had the same strategy, get close to a guy but not in a showmance kinda way.

      • Avatar

        A10. I agree. Never thought he had a girl back home. I think he acts asexual. He’s so into himself!!

      • AIO_7

        ” I think he [Paul] acts asexual.”

        That’s why he and Alex might make a great couple.

        ” He’s so into himself!!”

        Not really. I think he looks in the mirror and sees a potty mouthed insecure runt.

      • kneeless

        I don’t understand Paul & XMas sharing a bed, there are certainly enough beds in the house for each person to sleep alone. Even if she needs comforting (that’s so hard to write) they don’t need to spend the entire night wrapped up in each other.

    • Avatar

      @mell @shan64 OK HOW did I miss that Xmas actually had a late night confessional that she liked Paul? I know we’ve been speculating and I know that it looks that way but I had NO IDEA she actually admitted it! OMG!! Did.not.know.this! Can someone recap for me? I don’t have the feeds. When did she say this? So she really is putting Paul before Josh. OK, I’m going to need a moment to process this! LOL

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    I was on Team Cody until it was revealed the only time he gets to spend with his Daughter is the Summer. So he made a personal choice to play a game that takes all summer and for go seeing his Daughter. Not a choice I an support or respect. I get the lure of $500K but your kids are only young once and time you miss is time you never get back. Money is not more important than family.

    Kevin as far as I can tell is the only one with any integrity. Now I know this Big Brother more over Big Liar but I think he gets a bad rap for not winning any comps. There are a couple of Comps he could have won but he was bound by his word to Puppet Master Paul to throw them. To me that is still game play. You may call him a floater but for being the “Old Guy” in the house he has made if further than any Older person ever and he has played a smart social game. He also doesn’t get caught in the Christmas / Josh bullshit stir the pot tactic.

    Paul has played the game as well as anyone can play it. Problem for him might be he played too well and the Jury House has caught on to his act. He has more blood on his hands than he seems to know.

    Alex is just plain annoying. She is the female version of James. Alex has copied James moves and it comes across as unoriginal and uninteresting. She has said a lot of stupid stuff especially in front of the person she wants to hide the info from. Alex was so far up Paul’s backside she couldn’t see he was going to turn on her and throw her under the bus. Bad game play.

    Christmas needs to be careful but fear it may all ready be too late. Christmas is about her self brand. She runs her own Fitness business and maybe the Celeb status of playing BB19 will help her. She has exposed her Character flaws that will hurt her brand. They way she is sex hungry for Paul is nothing more than natural hormones kicked in she is on horny over drive. Outside of this house I doubt she would look at someone like Paul twice.

    Josh needs to get some serious mental counseling boy is not mentally stable. I have never seen someone cry so much in my life. He is clearly bipolar and he goes from one emotion to the next in a flick of a switch.

    Don’t get me started on the wing nut Raven. She is 50 cards short of a full deck. I was a big fan of Jason and happy for his news of the baby and is relationship with his Son is awesome. However, the Rape Jokes are not cool bro. He needs to have some therapy to weed that demon out of his soul. Certainly, don’t want to be passing that stuff onto your kids or ever hope his kids get wind of what Daddy said. I am sure he owes his Wife and Family a major apology for his Jokes not to mention Kevin’s family.

    Matt is a loser. Sorry girls I know you think he is hot but he very lame and a loser.

    Mark needs some time in a therapy chair as well. Something off about that boy. For a big dude he has trouble with his emotions.

    Not sure how this game is going to affect Elena’s radio career. It may help I guess and give her Celeb status.

    Jessica comes across as very high-maintenance. I think Cody should look past her big breasts and really see what he would be getting himself into. VIP Hostess? Is that code for working at a Strip Bar or a job where she has to flirt to get tips? If so Cody is not sound mentally to handle that. Relationship is doomed.

    Ramses, WHO?

    Dominique plays the stereo type role of the angry African American. Can we please show a well adjusted smart African American and stop with the stereo type. It has grown old. There are a lot of highly intelligent and well adjusted African Americans that deserve better representation of who they are. Stop with the ghetto attitude girls.

    Jillian… Where do I start….That girl has a grocery list of issues.

    Megan I feel bad for. She was bullied and harassed and production did nothing. If she didn’t have mental issues heading into the show she sure has them now after that disgusting display put on by Alex, Jessica, Cody, Josh et al. Very shameful behavior and I hope when the watch the show back they are ashamed of themselves for treating someone that way. Megan never really got a chance to show if she can play or not. Hard to watch someone get bullied that nasty to the point they quit the game.

    This whole season has been about picking a target they using bully tactics to get rid of them. I hope production looks back at this and sees this is not a good recipe for long-term success of the show.

    I can honestly say this has been the worst Cast in 19 seasons. The show is clearly on a down swing if they are resorting to a Celeb version. My hunch is BB20 will be the last season.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I don’t like Cody at all, and I definitely understand your point about him missing out on valuable time he can’t get back. However, just to defend him a little bit, perhaps he was thinking that coming onto BB might help create economic opportunities that could enable him to spend more time with her and provide more for her in the future? Although, if that’s the case I wish he would’ve kept his focus in the house instead of messing up his chance at the grand prize for a showmance. But he is one of the more popular HGs this season (as is Jessica), so he will likely get a number of opportunities post-BB that would enable him to see his daughter more often and provide a better future for her (assuming that was his motivation in coming on the show).

      • Avatar

        I was thinking the same thing about Cody as you. And I’ve already determined in my mind that if he is game and he and Jessica stay together, they can parlay this into a decent amount of money/opportunities. I think they are a stronger draw together, as a couple, than individually. I feel pretty sure that they will show up on another show together. I don’t know that I’ll vote for him as AFP (if I even vote) but it would be between him and Kevin for me.

        I actually think the show helps Elena even though she didn’t come off that great. That’s the kind of notoriety that she can use in her niche. I think she’ll come out better.

        I’m torn between whether this hurts Xmas or not because I just don’t think it matters so much in her field. I do think that she’s vile and I would never follow her or buy from her but I’m not really her target market.

        I think Jason will have some opportunities despite his comments because overall he seems like a decent person and people will forgive his comments. I also think this because Jason isn’t aiming too high. He’ll be content having a bump from the show without expecting to much.

        Ramses is so young and he’s been active on twitter and I think he’ll be just fine and enjoy the attention he receives.

        Josh will have a meltdown when he comes out and may face some criticisms but he actually stands to grow the most out of this experience out of all of the house guests. I think it’s fairly obvious that he’s been extremely sheltered and is a big time momma’s boy. He can go either way but with a little guidance I think he’ll turn out OK.

        Kevin will be fine. He’s going to have some great bar stories and will get lots of interviews after the show. He has a nice family and will be okay no matter what.

        Don’t care enough about the others to guess what will happen to them.

      • Mel

        I’m with you Hilary. Realistically, even the ones who have some problems and bad press afterwards will have it for a couple of weeks until people move on to the next big scandal. Depending on where Josh’s family’s house was located, he may come home two more pressing issues than big brother.

      • Avatar

        TOTALLY agree!!
        Spot on analogy!!

    • LindsayB

      Matt lost any bit of hotness I saw in him within the first week. Personality goes further than looks for me. The dude is gross now.

    • kneeless

      Pretty much ‘spot on’ HGDoug. If BB/CBS/Whomever doesn’t make some changes, there won’t be many seasons left. As abhorrent as this cast is, I put BB Production at the top of the list of losers. BB was originally supposed to be riffed off the the Orwell Big Brother. I think the show has gotten so far off any Orwellian track, it is hard to figure out who BB is. Is it production, I don’t think so because they have little control on what the HGs do. This season BB appears to be Paul because everyone runs to Paul with whatever is going on. I think CBS/Production really needs to rethink the BB brand and revamp things, drastically, if they want to salvage the show. I have watched since episode 1 & I think this is the first season I have missed some episodes. It is also the first season I have disliked so much of the cast and I really do not care who wins. It is also the first season I am glad for the season to end. I will watch this final week but I have pretty much checked out.

      • Avatar

        Like most, I have watched all BB seasons as well. At first I thought maybe this crap is getting to me because I am getting old LOL. This season I watched the first couple of weeks then completely stopped and only go to this blog for updates. This is the worst season ever, not even fun to watch. All the degrading crap, getting into peoples faces trying to break them and everything else. Nothing was fun or competitive about this season. It is a house of a bunch of losers and incompetent people with the exception of Kevin all of them lack integrity and overall just being a nice person.
        This whole Paul thing was stupid too. Who gets to come back to the house and get three FREE weeks! I will be pissed if Paul wins, that is certain.

    • Jay H

      Mark probably does need a therapy chair, but the dude lost both his parents. You get a pass being a little emotionally unbalanced with me if you were orphaned.
      My opinion, his grandparents seemed to do a really good job. Of all the younger people that you really got to know in the house, I felt he(Mark) was the kindest, most genuine of the lot.

    • ChiKelz

      @houseguestdoug I liked your opinions on the houseguests. They were entertaining, but one in particular stood out. Your synopsis on Dominique. For starters, I was not a fan of hers, yet I felt like I should have been. She is from Tuskegee, AL and I’m an alumni of Tuskegee University, although I’m from Chicago originally. I did not like her superiority complex, and the way she talked to people in a condescending way. She appeared very phony to me and her tv show was boring.

      As a “highly intelligent, well adjusted, African American” lady, I find the labels and stereotype of “ghetto attitude” and “angry African American” offensive and not a true description of Dominique. When there was confrontation, she seemed poised and controlled and professional. Granted, I do not watch the feeds so there may be things that went on I did not witness. When she knew she was being evicted, she read her bible and isolated herself. Oh, sounds like someone else…Alex! At the battle back, she was friendly, she hugged and chatted with all the other evictees. I never saw anything that was remotely close to being classified as being “angry” or “ghetto”! What I did see was her defending herself to Paul and others and refusing to be lead, submissive or a door mat like the others; hence, her being evicted. Don’t get me wrong, you are entitled to feel or see things anyway that you want. I am a CEO of a company I founded and I’m labeled a “bitch” in meetings, I’m intimidating because I have expectations, and I’m a bully because I expect the expectations to be met and I won’t take no for an answer. Sounds like Dominique. I’m just asking that you be careful and not blame CBS for the labeling and stereotyping. Is it CBS or is it you? Just asking? What you demonstrated to me is that you have never been in the presence of a “ghetto” person or been scorned by and “angry African American” because you would be referring to Dominique as anything else, but the above! Just some food for thought!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I was not a fan of Dom, but she was FAR from “ghetto” and “angry”. She was actually very poised, intelligent, articulate, and successful in my opinion. In that way, I felt she was a fantastic representative of people of color. My only gripe with her was the superiority complexity she often displayed (which @chikelz mentioned), and the fact that she didn’t really fight for her spot in the game when she was on the block. But ghetto and angry, she most certainly was NOT.

      • AIO_7

        ” What you demonstrated to me is that you have never been in the presence of a “ghetto” person or been scorned by and “angry African American” because you would be referring to Dominique as anything else, but the above! Just some food for thought!”


      • Mel

        Well said Geraedo. I wanted to like Dom because she was so mature and poised. (Not the typical BB hg) My biggest issue was the riddle talking. Even when she tried to help herself, she did it in riddles so no one even knew what she meant. She’s probably a classy lady in her life outside the house. She’s gloating on Twitter every time someone gets evicted that she tried to warn and that’s been a little funny.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oops, I meant to say superiority complex not “complexity”. Like a true BB Junkie, I’m checking the board when I’m supposed to be working, and apparently typing way too fast lol.

      • Ann

        Chik, that was very well said.

      • kneeless

        I was not a big fan of Dom’s but she was not an ABW by any stretch. In fact, to bring race into any of these HGs personalities is irrelevant. I will qualify my comment to HGDoug was regarding the remaining folks. In fact, regarding Mark, I kind of had a soft spot for him. I think he & probably Ramses are the 2 who I liked the most & would have enjoyed seeing them play, under different circumstances.

      • Avatar

        @chikelz well said. I don’t think I could have addresses that type of ignorance as maturely as you displayed. It’s clear that many people still in this country denounce AA’s as being ghetto, loud, uneducated, etc. His stereotypical commentary of Dom says so. Because one thing we can all agree, she was none of those characteristics. But now you understand why I always support the one POC usually casted because of the typical ghetto stigma that is placed on them before they’re actually settled in.
        I’m not surprised that you were the one who even noticed. But I’m glad you addressed it first. Hope you’re having a great week so far and who are you rooting for of the remaining in the house??

      • ChiKelz

        @Cyn, I’m rooting for anyone other than Paul and Christmas. Josh has grown on me slightly and I wouldn’t be upset if Kevin won.

      • Avatar

        Excellent Commentary, & Well Said! Good to read you again ChiKelz.

      • Avatar

        @cyn I think I read that Doug said he was from Canada. Not that it matters except that he’s not from this country. So your comment “it’s clear that many people in this country…..his stereotypical commentary says people in this country denounce AA…” So really to blame people in the USA does not apply in this situation. I have no idea if it is common in Canada to stereotype AA in this way but you jumped the gun blaming attitudes of ppl in the USA for this stereotyping. Dom was not getto or an angry black woman. She was a little nutty and off the wall but she seemed like an honest and upfront very religious woman. I do think her talking in tongues may have put hg off some. I don’t know if ppl who are not from the south have ever been around that.

      • Avatar

        Being Canadian and growing up in a mostly white suburban sleepy town where nothing really happens. I can honestly say I have not been exposed to the level of racism towards African Americans / Canadians.

        I don’t really understand the hate towards someone based on their skin color I would rather judge the person as they are not who they supposed to be or have them fit into my box.

        I guess I worded it badly I was more or less trying to get CBS to show Black people in a better light. Not always pick ones with attitude that feed into the stereo type.

        I have many black friends and know a lot of black people and none of them talk that way and most are far more intelligent than myself and more articulate.

        USA has a nasty race problem and having a African American on the show that shows attitude and uses Ebonics and ghetto speak is deeming and unneeded.

        CBS has no issue finding intelligent White people to play why can they not cast a black person who shows class, pride and is able to have a conversation without using slang or rap type of speaking. Is I guess what I am trying to say.

        I would just like to see blacks portrayed in a better light.

        I long for the day when we can just have PEOPLE playing a game and not define them by race, sexuality or creed.

      • Avatar

        @trudy being Canadian has nothing to do with his ignorance commentary Dom fitting into the typical ghetto and loud AA casted. Because who has viewed the show, know that is furthest from the truth. I’ve actually visited Victoria, BC and know that their were plenty of diversity present so you mentioning him being Canadian is irrelevant. I understand you feel you have to justify what he was CLEARLY insinuating but it was false and very ignorant on his part. As for you, sorry you felt irritated with her passion for Jesus Christ but that’s your problem not mine or hers. I personally was a bit more irritated by some of the vile nasty and bullying tactics used by the white houseguests. You see how what I just mention can come across. I’m so sick of person nit picking what ever black persob does to be “angry and loud” as if they are not allowed to react to the environment in which they are in. But every nonblack person in the house is free to behave anyway they want with, “it’s just a game, they’re playing a game”. Not accepting what commented as okay nor will I accept you justifying it as okay. Have a BLESSED day, Trudy 🙂

    • Avatar

      1. Why did you bring Dominique’s race into this?
      2. Dominique is educated.
      3. She was only angry when she felt like Paul was going behind her back. And she was 100% right to feel that way.
      4. She’s soooo far from being ghetto. But since she’s black she gets the “ghetto” label. Nice racism.

      • Avatar

        Are you shocked? You didn’t know all the AA’s casted are ghetto and loud? The most asinine comment I’ve ever come across on this blog. That just boils my blood right now.

      • Avatar

        Agreed. She was frustrated, as any of us would be. Plus, you could tell by the way she held herself and spoke she was anything but ghetto.

    • Jay H

      Other than copying a few of James pranks(that BB went out of there way to throw in the episode to humanize her) and being Asian, I don’t see the comparison.
      James essentially had no strategy, he barely won competitions, major floater, but was incredibly nice, fun loving and treated most with respect.
      Alex is a strong competitor, she had a bad strategy, but she spent A LOT of time focusing on moves. She’s also a complete evil creep.
      Neither had a great game, but I’d drink a beer with James and probably not piss on Alex if she was on fire.

  3. ingodog

    I still wouldn’t vote for Jessica, the way she looked her nose down at everyone like she was queen of the world. liked Rames poor kid never had a chance. As for Alex u reap what sow. There is nobody I liked to see win

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    “The only thing that really irritates me about the Cody and Jessica fans are the ones who are rewriting history and acting like they were amazing players who got robbed. Let’s face it, they sucked and that’s why I said I enjoyed watching Cody “attempt” to play the game. Jessica talks a lot of trash on social media about Paul’s minions but I think she needs to remember what she did with her HOH.”

    Preach it Mell! I almost caught the Holy Ghost with this gospel!!

  5. AIO_7

    “Josh and Christmas alternated having conversations with Kevin which he seemed to enjoy. He doesn’t realize this was at Paul’s request to keep him busy so he doesn’t have time to talk or study with Alex.”

    I only got to watch a bit of BBAD last night and was wondering why they were being nice to him.

  6. hogwild

    I would vote for Cody for AFP for the simple fact he at least tried to play the game he played badly but he did play and outside of Paul he’s pretty much the only one who can say that.

  7. Avatar

    I completely agree! Cody was awful at game play, but I found him highly amusing to watch because of it — and his instincts weren’t wrong, he was just SO BAD socially! And I am also annoyed by the “Cody and Jessica were such great players they were robbed” narrative that keeps circulating because it’s simply not true. I’ve liked Kevin as a person and it’s been heartbreaking to watch these people constantly bully and isolate him here toward the end, but I also agree he has NO game. He’s mostly appeared clueless the entire season to what’s real about BB, while being the elder voice of reason on things outside of the house/RL. I’d actually be happy with either of them getting AFP for those reasons. Given the context of this season, I actually wish we could vote for an America’s LEAST favorite player and they got some sort of punishment like wearing a ridiculous costume to the finale vote. Now THAT would be a close race for the “winner”!

    • Mel

      You’re right and we would have some suspense because it would be way too close to call!

    • hogwild

      Paul might win a least favorite player vote as well that would be a first same person winning the game and being the least favorite.

    • Helen

      I sort of feel that Jessica and Cody robbed US, the viewers. Jessica used her hex to save Cody because of “love”….despite the fact that Jessica had actually started to rebuild some relationships in the house…i.e.,elana,Christmas,even Raven….Cody would have gone home that week..not Jessica….she was still safe the next week because of the hex….she was also good at comps……
      It actually did nothing but cause her a chance at 500k because when it comes down to it she and Cody are not together anyway….she’s at home…he’s in jury…..so to me they were not robbed…..we were

      • Ann

        Truth be told Helen, I’m glad the Happy Hooker was evicted & especially before jury because I did not like that girl at all. I would’ve rather Cody had stayed & kept chomping at Paul’s heels making him sweat & stumble scaring the hell out of him not giving him one moments peace.

      • Helen

        Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s gone too…I just think she had a better chance at taking out Paul than Cody…..

  8. Ann

    Think the poor little sick girl has gotten on their nerves at the jury house? Damn I’ll bet her Matt are running around screaming & throwing food. I wish I could’ve heard which accent the sicko used when she arrived at jury.

    • Colby

      I think they mainly did the running around screaming & throwing food thing hoping for more camera time. They thought it was cute. Hopefully the others would tell them to knock it off, they aren’t on camera anymore.

  9. Avatar

    Life after the show…

    Cody & Jessica – Amazing Race
    Paul – Survivor
    Alex – Autograph Signings at the local Walmart for $5 a piece
    Josh – Next President of the USA
    Christmas- Writes a book “How to survive in BB with a broken foot and a shity attitude and think you’re in a showmance”
    Kevin – Holding court at the local pub telling all his stories of being with a pack of idiots for 4 months.
    Raven- Goes to the Moon, Swims across both Oceans, gets hit by lightening 10 times, climbs the World Trade Center, Runs in the Boston Marathon and wins, becomes Forrest Gump female addition all this while sleeping at the local looney bin.
    Jason- Divorce Court day after BB ends, Becomes Father for the 2nd time, spends the rest of his life a Rodeo Clown.
    Matt – Admits he is really 50, Does congenial visits with Raven while she is in the nut house.
    Mark – Gets a guest spot on Eyewitness News Buffalo.
    Elena – Bliks her time on BB and gets bounced from Radio Show to Radio show.
    Ramses – Spend life Tweeting
    Dominique- Who the hell cares
    Jillian – See above
    Megan – Sues BB and the contestants who bullied her. Doesn’t win a dime.

  10. Avatar

    Cody was stupid..played a crappy game and so did Jessica. What did either of those 2 do besides rick the sheets. Their mind wasn’t on the game..we know where their minds were plus other parts. Paul deserves to win..all this complaining about Paul..sheesh..It’s Big Brother not the boy scouts. I would pick Jason for America’s Favorite Player.

  11. Helen

    Rumor is…Julie Chen announced on The Talk…No AFP this year

  12. Ann

    Is Big Brother coming on tonight?

  13. Helen

    Lololol. Question posed by Heath Lumen,producer and games creator on BB:

    I’m curious if Apple’s FaceID would recongnize someone after they grow a beard, get a black eye etc.

    Anyone think maybe Alex punched Paul out when walking out the door today? Lololol

  14. Mel

    Something I saw on Twitter regarding AFP. Thought it was funny and made sense too.

    If you hate the majority of hg’s- vote for Kevin
    If you hate production- vote Cameron
    If you hate Paul- vote for Cody

  15. Mel

    Does anyone have a time stamp of Paul telling Kevin that Dr. Will is a real doctor, that Will won BB14 and then he played another season after that? Wold love to watch that stupidity myself.

  16. Mel

    I changed my profile and dropped an “L” but it’s still Mell. Also, I sent a couple of friend requests through the profile section. I’m announcing this because I hit “add friend” too soon while it was still loading, the screen changed and I hit “dislike” instead of “add friend”…so if any of you have a new dislike, it may be from me but it was an accident. Sorry!

  17. AIO_7

    I must say that I’m disappointed that Alex has a day or two sawed off from having to be the pariah evictee in the house. If anyone deserves that status it’s her.

    • Mel

      Yes, she actually had it easier than some of the others. I like liars in BB but not hypocrites. When she kept whining about the unfairness of being evicted because she’s a strong competitor, I wondered if she remembered thats why she said that Cody had to go.

  18. Mel

    It seems the feeds will come back on after tomorrow’s episode instead of having to wait until after Thursday’s.

  19. Avatar

    Steve I just finished your entire post. Part about Paul telling them to put weed in their carry on’s. ‘You would think he would be aware this is a federal crime. Is winning not enough- he needs them to all be arrested when the show ends too’.
    So funny, really cracked me up.

  20. Helen

    Eviction should be going on about now…..then the F4 HOH……..

  21. Helen

    Eviction was scheduled to start around 4 pm

  22. Avatar

    I just read on another site that Christmas made a comment about having worked for Paul’s mom, and then the feeds cut??? Did anyone else hear that?

  23. Avatar

    Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Well I’ve been keeping up with the feeds as much as possible. Not shocked by Paul control over the house. I was hoping for Josh to put up Paul during this HOH but I guess he realized he wouldn’t have the numbers. I’d say of the remaining, I hope Kev gets AFP and Josh wins it in the end. Alex was such a huge disappointment overall but she played for Paul and now she going to jury with nothing. Good, she deserves it!

  24. kneeless

    Not sure why we can’t have feeds. It isn’t like it is going to be a shock to see who left. They will tease us, make it look like Josh is making a big move and his biggest move will be running to the ASPR crying his eyes out.

  25. Avatar

    First of all let me just apologize for my comments about Dominique. In know way did I mean them to come off as racist. I went back over my blog and I can see where it would be taken as that and for that I apologize and shame on me.

    I am not racist in fact the point I was trying to make was to move away from portraying African Americans as always having attitude and using Ebonics or doing the finger snap and snap of the neck when they talk.

    I know Dominique is a highly educated Lady and I remember saying to my Wife during the shows first episode. Finally a African American that will not bleed into the stereo type and can show black Men and Women in a better more accurate light.

    No race is more superior than the other. Not sure where some White people think that. My Doctor of 40 years is black and he is the best Doctor around I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

    I guess I should have worded my point a little better. But my main point is I would like to see black people represented in a better light and production to show better clips like they did for Alex, Christmas and Jason.

    I wonder if African American male player made the Rape Jokes like Jason if they would of aired that and not protected him like they did Jason. Or all the venom that has come out of Christmas mouth that was not aired.

    Just want everyone to get a fair shake.

    But once again I apologize from the bottom of my heart if my comments came off as racist. I take full responsibility for that and have to own it.

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